Sunday, November 4, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 11/4/2018 - 11/10/2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Camping - watched 1/2 of first ep - done with it. Should have known I would not like it - done by same people behind Girls on HBO

Flash - the meta inhibitor chip makes sense of Nora and her mommy issues. But didn't she say when she first showed herself that she was famous in the future as a speedster ? So how is that when she now says she didn't know til just before coming here that she was ? Meta creating shards - interesting.

Good Place - watched two. Where Michael locks the door to stay on earth. And Eleanor gets a lottery ticket and Tahani her ex beau. Then Michael getting caught trying to go 'reset' again and now they can't earn good points. Interesting twist tho that Eleanor is still being good.

Mike V. said...

Camping - lol...nice Glad I didn't even try!

Flash - yeah the meta technology stuff is interesting. I missed the whole fame thing...I thought she was known as a speedster in the future. lol

Good Place - Tahani's ex beau is the forgotten Hemsworth brother...did you catch that? lol I forget who the actor is but I've seen him in other things. You didn't watch the Jeremy Beremy episode yet did you? I don't want to overhype....but I was caught so offguard by some of the jokes in that one. I was laughing the whole episode. It's a classic.

Daredevil - Finished 4 episodes. It's a decent season so far!

Anonymous said...

Camping--I agree

MJ said...

Good Place - yes ! I did catch that. And yes - I watched Beremy. That was the one where they can't earn points now.

Million Little Things - am behind on this but enjoying it. It's This is Us but about friends instead of family. Hearing the rating not so good though

Ahs - saw last weeks. Sandra Bernhart makes for a perfect Satanic cult leader. this season has really stayed on point - which is unusual. Even seeing what happened to start the apocolypse now.

MJ said...

Manifest - very interesting that Cal is feeling that other guys issues. Is it just this guy or will Cal do that with others too ?

Vince Gilligan is making a movie somehow about Breaking Bad ? Hmmm.

Legends - caught up finally. Watched the witch one - loved the fairy god mother ! Not sure I like Nate staying at the bureau though. Zari going all powers in front of the witches was kinda stupid though. then watched the Punk London one - Queen punking out was hysterical. And that the band was a former nun, a not-Irish guy. And now they have an Amaya-looking prisoner. LOL And interesting on John's little family history.

Supergirl - behind on this. But watched the one about the Steel factory. And as you said - still preaching.