Sunday, November 18, 2018

TV Discussion: Week of 11/18/2018 - 11/24/2018

Hello fellow TV Addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Good Place - watched the one about Jason's dad and Chidi trying to break up with the woman. Waaaay too much Jason. LOL He is amusing but def my least favorite character. Oh and Eleanor found out that her mom faked her death LOL

Spent some time this weekend watching older movies - and some new. Also went to movies to see Overlord - which was merely ok. Could tell it starred Kurt Russell's son immediately when the guy opened his mouth ! Same eyes too

Watched Solo - which I enjoyed alot. Glover was dead on as Landau and the guy playing Han did a very good job. Enjoyed Emilia Clarke as well. Certainly there wansn't much new in it - but we get to see the story of all the things we have heard about Han - winning the ship, Kessel run, etc.

AHS - never got to write about this one. Did watch it last week but watched both the final two eps back to back. Michael got in the cult and nailed them all ! LOL And robot mom has a gun in her fake arm. All the warlocks are dead too. And for some reason Madison goes back i time the help the Romanovs ? LOL I dunno. But the finale was awesome. We go back to the past and see that Myrtle got spots in the shelter for a few witches and Mallory and Coco get whammied to forget they are witches. Crazy stuff man. And yuck - they buried themselves in the dirt for the apololypse. It's too bad that they have to show the guest credits before the ep cause I'd have loved to be surprised that Marie Leveau and the girl show up. And Cordelia sacrifices herself for Mallory but all the witches are dead ! But we get Mallory running over a younger Michael multiple times. And all the witches are back. And a new anti-christ is born. This was one crazy season.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - Oh man but Jason and his Dad together? SOOOO FUNNY. And the fact that his dad was that other guy that he always talked about. Forget his name. But I kept saying it all night after we watched. Still love every time Jason says BORTLES. Another one coming soon! So, based on this I'm guessing that means you watched the JEREMY BERIMY episode. The first 5-10 minutes of that episode were hilarious!! The commentary on timelines...too funny. Too true of any show that messes with timelines. Loved it!

Funny you said Kurt Russell and Overlord so I just assumed you meant OVERBOARD with Kurt Russell! lol

Solo - exactly...just a fun movie. I loved it! And the Maul reveal at the end was all kinds of crazy. Anyone who has watched Clone Wars (animated show) knows he survived The Phantom Menace slicing in half. But, for others, it really confused people of where on the timeline this movie fell. lol They were setting up a whole STAR WARS UNDERWORLD thing with this movie and could've made more spinoff movies about Emilia Clarke's character, Maul....even the Obi-Wan film could've fallen in here and included Maul. Could still happen, but I think they may gear a lot of this stuff to the Streaming App now. We'll see!

AHS - I finished the season. Did not see the time travel coming at the end...but it worked! lol I actually didn't see the credits with the guest stars in the finale. But it was great to see them show up! I did enjoy this season as well! Was nice to hit back on some older characters. And Coven and Murder House were probably 2 of the best seasons. I liked the 2nd season too, but I know many didn't. (damn aliens! lol)

MJ said...

Good Place - Donkey Don. LOL Yeah that was a twist - that we always thought was a friend. Yes - saw Jeremy Biminy. The showrunner loved lost !

LOL - nope Overlord.

AHS - was the second Asylum ?

Agents Shield - just read renewed for season 7. Which makes me happy since season 6 will have less episodes and coming in Summer so I was nervous for this show. Actor who plays Coulsen not mentioned as cast member for season 7 though.

Mike V. said...

Good Place - YES! Donkey Don! lol loved it. Yep Mike Schur actually met with damon Lindelof when he was coming up with The Good Place to pick his brain. He even told him about the first season twist ending. Damon thought it was awesome. And he even checked in with Schur the week before the finale and asked "are you still doing it?" And he said "YEP!" lol Great stuff. There's a really big LOST homage coming up in the ep from LAST week. You can't miss it. When it started I was like " this a lost homage?" Then the next second it became crystal clear what it was. lol

I really thought this season was going to suffer from a slump with the way it started, but it's getting just as good! Really intrigued to see where it goes next after last week. I'm guessing they won't air an ep on Thanksgiving! lol

AHS - Asylum. yeah that's it.

SHIELD - I saw that. I did read season 7 will be coulsonless. Season 5 was designed to be a series finale....but now they can come back POST SNAP and post Avengers 4 conclusion and tell some more stories. Not exactly sure if Coulsen will be in season 6 or not either. I'm guessing he will. He's also going to be in Captain Marvel as his 90s self. lol They're most likely going to do a Black Widow movie too so no telling if he'll show up in that. (I think it's supposed to take place in the past) And with the Disney streaming service going to do features on Winter Soldier, Falcon, Loki, Scarlett Witch there's no telling who will be doing cameos.

This streaming service is going to sell itself. Who knows? I might eventually ditch Netflix! lol (probably not...but something will have to give)

Mike V. said...

Thrones/Winds of Winter - Man GRRM is really getting honest on his latest press tour about the Fire and Blood book. He is out in the open about the stress Winds of Winter is causing him. Maybe it's therapeutic for him. lol

MJ said...

This is US - two behind now.

Legends - Last week they parodied Scary movies - this week Godzilla and monster movies. Great season so far. Just light and funny entertainment. Love it.

Manifest - Ugh - so Lourdes is gonna get preggers just as Jared decides to go with Michaela. Then Jared will back out on Michaela and stay with Lourdes. I am calling it. LOL. Only part of the show I dislike. Scary to think that people who were told about 'the calling' are dying possibly!
Little Cal was shown saying on the fight back 'don't want to go home and have cancer again' . Are they saying this kid caused the disappearance ? And shouldn't Cal sit with kids his physical age and not his old friends who are older now ? And how are they even in the same school ?

GRRM - I did see a snippet about he can't seem to finish it.