Sunday, February 24, 2019

The Walking Dead: Season 9 Episode 11 - Bounty (Discussion)

Hello friends and welcome back to our Walking Dead coverage!  It’s a busy night on the home front which led to me not getting to the show in time to write a recap.  But, I’m sure there is stuff to discuss so I will leave this here so that we can have our weekly chat!  Apologies for no recap.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

So it was a late night but I finally got to TWD by like 11:45pm lol It was a good episode! Henry is an idiot. Hopeless romantic, yes but an idiot! The baby scene was terrifying. Loved the use of sign language and following Connie? (did I get that right? lol) in her inaudible rescue. Still tough to know if we can trust Lydia. She's putting on a good performance though.

The whole Kingdom story was ridiculous, but a lot of fun. To risk so much over a projector bulb? I know...if you can't LIVE and enjoy living then what's the point? But, getting past the ridiculousness of the mission, the actual execution was one of the more fun moments in TWD history. Whenever Jerry gets prime real estate in an episode we're in for a good time. Getting hyped with the boom box....dropping the bulb. Carol getting into it...all good stuff.

It was tough to tell when in the timeline the main story happened. Obviously the flashback was prior to Jesus dying. But still not far back enough to know what happened to all of these guys to make them stop talking. But then Carl/Zeke talked about getting in touch with Jesus in the present day timeline. so either we were following their story a little behind Hilltop's story or they just don't know he's dead yet. And that could be. It's not like they have cell phones or even walkies anymore. Can't even send a raven with news!

They clearly showed that street sign with the weird symbol on it too. I'm sure it has significance in the comics, but I have no clue what it is yet. I'm sure it's the sign of another group out there!

Anyway, good episode! Guess this can count as my recap! lol

MJ said...

In the Gimple days we'd have not even addressed the Alpha/Lydia thing for another week ! So glad they have sstopped that. I have to admit to being very tired when I watched - also late Mike - but I freaked the hell out when I saw Jesus ! And yeah - projector bulb was beyond ridiculous. But fun LOL And why is Ezekial using that horrible accent again? I feel like I should hate this caharcter - but I don't. Do I remember this right ? They took the Whisperers kid? I have seen online that people are complaining that the 'showdown' ended so peacefully - but we know they will meret again. And what was that weird red thing on the sign ? I believe I read that in the book Carl went to seek out Lydia and the Whisperers - and other followed to rescue him which kicked off the 'war' so it is playing out as the book had it - just not with Carl.

Mike V. said...

Yeah Zeke is way over the top, but in a likable way. lol It shouldn't work but it does. Good point on the gimple days.

Whisperers baby...yeah Grace Under Fire ended up with the baby with her husband. They lost their child and gained a new one.

Oh yeah...the showdown is far from over...they're just laying the tracks. Yeah...the red thing on the sign...that's what I was's probably another group and I'm sure one of our book readers will be able to help us out. lol

That makes sense that Henry is filling in for the Carl role in this story. So, if I was reading the book I would've said CARL is an idiot! lol

MJ said...

LOL on Carl. And Grace under Fire.

So - there are suddenly lots of kiddies around supposedly. Judith is like 9 or 10. That baby that Rick found - and we never saw again should be about 6 or 7. And now Jerry has 3 kids. Michonne has a toddler and Rosita is pregnant. Makes sense I guess - if you building communities then you have to populate them.

Mike V. said...

Yep...makes sense. Also makes for more tension if things get out of hand in any particular situation. I'm sure they're also setting up a massive time jump once all the actors are done with the show and then they can do TWD: The Next Generation. lol

Jason B. said...

That symbol actually isn't in the comics, so it could be related to the Whisperers or something entirely different that also wouldn't have been in the comics. If a group had something to do with whatever big thing happened during the time skip, maybe it's related to them?

We did see Gracie, the baby that Rick saved, in episode 9 for like half a second haha. Aaron has been raising her since the war. In one of the pre-Rick disappearance episodes he had a conversation with Daryl about changing her diaper, and then in episode 9 when he returned to Alexandria with Magna's group, Gracie ran toward him calling him daddy.

Yeah the whole projector bulb search was meant to be in the same timeline as the Hilltop story, since Carol and Dianne had just left the Hilltop recently (Maybe 2-3 days ago? Ezekiel told Dianne that it was good to have her back in this episode). So they have no idea that Jesus is dead yet, and don't know anything about the Whisperers either.

MJ said...

Ah - thanks Jason. Didn't even remember Gracie's name - let alone seeing her.

And thanks on the symbol not being from the comics. Probably a Whisperer thing then.

Ugh - heard they are possibly planning on another spinoff. Not thrilled with that. Not even thrilled with the thought of stand alone movies really. They are pulling an MCU and oversaturating us now

Mike V. said...

interesting on the symbol. I thought for sure that was a shout out. Good call on the time jump. Maybe it's related to that mark we saw on their backs. I forget what that looked like.

Makes sense on same timeline and that they don't know about Jesus.

Heard about another spinoff too....i'm all in on a Rick Movie series on AMC...but another spinoff? nope! I don't really feel MCU is oversaturated. 3 movies a year...maybe the TV stuff is too much. But they are optional viewing (the movies technically are too. They're all pretty much stand alone features...there's just threads that tie them all together) I just don't think TWD has the breadth of content opportunities to have 3 shows on the air at one time. When all is said and done it's just different ways of dealing with the post-apocalyptic world where there are zombies.

Jason B. said...

I think it's possible that Fear is ending with season 5. Someone who knows a bit about what's going on in season 5 said that the world of TWD would get smaller/come together, or something like that haha. I wouldn't mind if they just transfer whatever characters are left at the end of the season 5 to the main show and end it. Especially with so many people leaving the main show, I think it would help to have Morgan and Dwight back along with some others from that show.

But if Fear does end, then the new show would take the place of it rather than add an additional one, which would make sense. Either way, I wonder if the new show will be a completely new story, or if they gave up on that after Fear and it will be an actual spinoff with character(s) from the main show.

Mike V. said...

Makes sense on a merger. I'd be as lost as an Easter Egg with these FTWD characters. lol Although I'm sure they'd find a way to reintroduce them to the TWD crowd.