Sunday, February 10, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 2/10/2019 - 2/16/2019

Hello TV Addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Why do you all think Dany and Jon will have a kid ? Thought you are right - why have that conversation if there is no reason for it. Oh ok on Stannis. Cause I was like - he's dead ! LOL

Yeah - Jamie had Northern armor on. So he's either joined them or changed armor to not stand out so much on the journey.

Yeah - don't think Sansa or Arya - Starks were never really in line for the throne.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - I don’t know for sure they will have a kid, but it makes sense. A few seasons back I thought Rickon would eventually be the “hope for the future”...the Stark that would carry on the house name. But the show went and killed him. (Alive still in the books). I think that may be filled with Sansa/Arya though still. What Richard and I are talking about is the name of the whole book series being “A Song of Ice and Fire”. While on the surface it’s Dragons vs. White Walkers. It’s also Jon Snow being a product of Targaryen and Stark. But Richard took it a step further and said that maybe Jon and Dany’s Kid could be it as well. If anything, could be heir to the iron throne. (If Dany doesn’t break the wheel and destroy the throne and what it stands for). Lots of ways this could still go down.

I think Jaime is just fighting for the same cause as Jon and crew. He obviously was opposed to Cersei at the end of 7 (Took him long enough). It’s just showing his character’s growth. Can’t wait to see how he interacts with the Stark family, especially Bran. Even the girls after he promised he would return them safely. (Just got to that episode in season 3)

Only one truly in line for the throne is Jon Snow...but I don’t think he really wants it, even if command suits him. He’s already bent the knee to Dany.

Rewatch: 62 Days Left until Season 8. 40.5 episodes left to watch! (I went from not thinking I could do this to probably finishing early. It helps that my wife has totally gotten sucked into the story. Finally after 7 years lol. Started my MCU rewatch too...that’s gonna be tougher to get through before Captain Marvel...but I’m shooting for End Game to get it done)

MJ said...

Manifest - Poor little Cal. Frightened that him drawing his visions are making them come true. Am I the only one here watching this show ? Sucks that both Michaela and Lourdes are right ! And sadly now that cancer guy will die alone now that his wife is going to jail.

*** Flash - hysterical that Sherloque married the very same person on different earths. It was all very cute. And Barry trying to be a criminal ! LOL But I thought they'd agreed that the 'cure' was only to be given willingly ? Goldface was kinda cool. Iris is an idiot - she knows better then to break into some guys house !

Good luck with finishing both GofT AND MCU stuff. LOL

Mike V. said...

Flash - Yes that was pretty funny. And it's not just anyone that's Kimberly Williams Paisley (aka..the girl from Father of the Bride...aka Country Music Superstar Brad Paisley's wife lol) I read something somewhere that Goldface was more of an interesting villain than Cicada. lol (Who I still can't get past as the dude from singing in Choir in American Pie lol)

Manifest - You might be! I had all intentions of catching up but the episodes are just piling up on the TiVo. :( Do you think it's worth catching up?

Thanks on the luck! Thrones I'm not worried about. MCU could be tougher. I've watched Iron Man, scanned through Incredible Hulk (Ed Norton...really not worth watching but it counts as part of MCU), Iron Man 2, Captain America: First Avenger, and am in the middle of Thor. (btw...watched those backwards but I didn't have Thor yet. I found a deal/method to get them all digitally pretty cheap. lol)

Definitely picking up on some stuff I may have missed or forgotten the first time around. Sometimes after more is revealed you catch things on the rewatches so there is a lot of that. lol

MJ said...

Flash - yes I did know who that actress was. Tho I probably forgot she was married to him as I don't like country music.

Manifest - yes. It's good. Has a Lost vibe in that there is a big mystery they are all trying to figure out. Characters written well - like you hate them for a few eps and then you see their side of it all - which to me = Sawyer = interesting characters.

Passage - clever that Brad built the tree house so he can spy on whats happening around them. Knew Anthony would turn - but damn. And his dreams about that woman who landed him in prison were sad. Agent who lost it said something interesting - are they the subjects of us ? Or something to that effect. And Richards def killed him to shut him up so Brad wouldn't get more info.

MJ said...

Yes - tough to stay on top of any of it any more. Why I am a whole season behind on Vikings (half season I know) and Legion.

Streaming - so now Warner is getting their own service. It's getting insane. I think you are right - eventually the cable companies will sell streaming packages/bundles. So now Friends and Arrowverse stuff will leave Netflix. Honestly - I don't use Netflix to watch old shows so much or movies. I don't have time to watch the old stuff - if I loved it I buy it to own. Same with movies. I mostly watch their original programming. Or to watch shows that I missed (always said BBT eventually).

Mike V. said...

I see Manifest will be done next week. So maybe we'll binge it later. In the meantime we're both (mrs. and I) on season 4 of GoT! lol

Streaming - ugh...yeah it's inevitable. All studios/networks or some combination of both will have their "over the top" apps. But they need to be realistic on what they're charging. If they all charge 12 bucks a month they're going to drive themselves right out of the market. I didn't even think about FRIENDS being part of the WB package. I have the blu-rays and I watch them on Nick nightly, rarely turn on Netflix to do it. But it's all more convenient than putting a disc in! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--Jon/Dany having child

1. Way too much discussion about Dany not being able to have a child and yet the magic in general and the magic resurrecting Jon.
2. There needs to be another generation.
3. Targaryans are known to have some level of incest. I can't think of any T ruler that wasn't a product of some level of incest.
4. They did go to bed together.
5. I've come realize AN interpretation of Tyrions expression when they did is that he became concerned that they might have a child which would be a ruler. Maybe he's concerned he might have to raise the baby, LOL.


Mike V. said...

GoT - Rewatch Update. 60 Days until season 8, 35 Episodes left to rewatch! Just finished The Purple Wedding. (S4)

Just saw some Prop Bets for the final season and one of them is Dany and Jon having a child. lol My comments on your numerical comments.

1. Yep. Agreed.
2. Yep, also agreed.
3. check #3
4. Affirmative. And as I mentioned. Even if that's the last time they ever do, it only takes one time!
5. Yep, he just had general concern for the realm and what's at stake. Did not consider he might think he'll have added responsibility! lol I know it was a joke, but you never know how things will pan out!

All this said, I would also not be surprised if she DOESN'T have children. But yeah they seemed to telegraph too much in season 7 for it to be a coincidence.

MJ said...

Flash - Another decent episode - interesting since it had so little Barry. Cisco's dates were amusing - though silly. The groundhog day of it all wasn't too bad either - but 52 times ? Damn. Took her that many times to realize Cicada's movements were always the same ? the Ian/Stephan thing was cute - like the Watson/Watsoon. And I know someone who's name is Ian with the hard I.

58 days til GofT ! Yay !