Monday, November 9, 2015

TV Discussion: Week of 11/8/2015 - 11/14/2015

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place for discussion of all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

LOL,LOL,LOL AND MORE LOL--Barbera lived after falling several stories. It's a comedy, right? Lee wants to talk about their relationship, why-lol. Surprised Galvan was exposed so quickly and very glad Tabitha got wounded. So, joker and penguin now together. Why would the envelope contain the info on who killed Bruce's parents when their just going to kill Bruce right away.

Wonder what Silver and Tabitha will do now that Galavan is going to jail. Maybe Selena looks better now.


Mike V. said...

Great video interview segments with lindelof about his early time on lost. I think I've heard all the stories before but always interesting to hear again.

Gonna watch Gotham now

Mike V. said...

Gotham - I would guess Lee wants to discuss their relationship because Gordon went against her wishes and ended up getting her almost killed. He also did kiss his ex fiancé right in front of her. lol

I'm sure Galavan getting caught is part of his master plan. And obviously you meant Riddler and Penguin are now together!

There's nothing saying the envelope did contain the information Bruce wanted. But as long as he got bruce to sign over the company it wouldn't have mattered.

I thought the episode was ok...pretty much up to standard with what they've been delivering. lol

Legends - Halfway through the ep. TOO MUCH TV!!!

The 100 - Started season 2 on Netflix. It's pretty darn good just as I had heard!

Anonymous said...

Gotham-Yea, my comments re Lee were satirical. I don't see Galavan getting arrested as a part of his plan, we'll have to see. I'm waiting for the guy to come back into play who asked Galavan about killing Bruce. That character to me seems to indicate Galavan has a boss, so maybe they could rescue him also.


MJ said...

Homeland - caught up to 2 weeks of show. Can't believe Quinn was willing to just die to save Carrie. Idiot. And then he gets attacked again by a terrorist. Ridiculous that Dar Adal already thinks Saul is working against us just because he talked to the one Israeli guy. Just saying. Knew allison was up to no good - but working with the Russians ? Yikes. Loved the hand off to Durring - i hadn't realized Saul put it in his jacket before even sitting down. LOL

Limitless - what a weird episode. Don't even understand why Naz thought things would go south as she tried to figure out whom at the CIA approved last week's kidnapping. And then she is arrested ? Why ? Because she paid some guy off to release her niece? LOL The only interesting thing in the ep is that Brian reveals his secret stash. Show is usually better then this.

AHS - behind on this one.

Legends - saw the first one. Liking the changes they have made for this year.

MJ said...

Been meaning to ask - anyone going to watch the new Comic show coming ou on Netflix in two weeks ? Can't remember the name - stars Kristen Ritter (Bitch from apartment 23) and is supposed to be a dark show - unlike Flash and Supergirl. I might try to watch it leading into Xmas when stuff is on hiatus.

Anonymous said...

No netflix here.

Limitless--I wasn't that tough on the show. At first I thought she may have signed the approval OR they faked her signature on the approval. So, the kidnap/paying a terrorist twist I thought changed it up some. I think the prob was that she paid the terrorist under the table and didn't tell anyone so it looked bad. So, the romance between the daughter and Brian vs with the girl partner, hmmm. I thought the girl was too young for Brian, but it's not as bad as Shield was-lol. Good call on getting the senator to help out. And the black guy boss was picked by my wife as the bad guy earlier in the ep.


Mike V. said...

Jessica Jones (new Netflix show) - Yeah it'll put it on my list. I'm all about the Marvel properties! lol Kristen Ritter was also JANE on breaking bad.

The Man in High Castle (amazon show) - This is another one I'm hearing great things about. It's based on a Phillip K. Dick story and is basically present day America if we lost world war II. Pilot is already available but haven't watched. Comes out in a couple weeks as well.

MJ said...

Limitless - just seemed an odd ep to me. Like all these random people we've never seen all of a sudden.

Jesica Jones - that's it ! LOL Forgot she was on BB too.

Sleepy - wow they brough the cra cra last night ! I think next week is the mid-season finale. I am not happy ! LOL

Americans - dang it - they are pushing the new season to March ! For that OJ story and some other new show.

Penny Dreadful - they will have Dr Jekyll this coming season.

Quantico - had gotten behind so watched 2 last night. These people have more secrets then any soap ! LOL How the heck they get into the bureau ? Too funny.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Have 10 more minutes of the episode. Watched that and heroes this morning and had to get out. But it certainly was cray! I'm fine with mid-season finales. I have plenty to watch! lol

Americans - booooooo. American Crime Story right? Another Ryan murphy joint.

Quantico - We've watched 3 now I think. I might have fallen asleep watching that 3rd one though. lol The rest are recorded so that'll be easier to go through them.