Monday, November 30, 2015

TV Discussion: 11/29/2015 - 1/31/2016

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our regular place for discussion of all non-recapped shows.  We'll keep this one up until Walking Dead resumes next year.  See you in the comments!


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Anonymous said...

Gotham-great ep. LOL on Tabitha getting shot an ep ago and now having no effects and of course she got away. Bruce not trusting anyone is realistic given how many have been trying to get him and deceive him. Gordon killing Galavan brought out some ambivalence. Loved the Mr. Freeze ending. I was saying to myself that could be Mr. Freeze when I saw him carrying that weird looking gun. So, what happens with Gordon and Lee now?


Anonymous said...

Legends--So, now we see a much bigger potential terrorist event on the horizon. Lots of interwoven stories too. I like the complicated plots since they actually make sense.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - Yep nice wrap up to the first half and good setup for the 2nd. Of course, Galavan might come back in another form since Dr. Strange has some interest in him?? And Mr. Freeze...good times.

Legends - Still haven't found last week's episode. I may just skip it and watch the new one. lol

Jessica Jones - A little more than halfway through I think. It's been good!

Scandal - Lot of people upset over last week's soapbox episode. Shonda definitely brought her left wing agenda to it and of course used it as a way to break up Fitz and Olivia. lol That show is a mess, but I'll still watch!

Leftovers - Still continues to be the biggest surprise of the year. Lindelof has gotten back to what he does best and that is weaving a great and surprising story together. Being finished with the book material (season 1) has freed him to "LINDELOF" it up! It's been great. Finale next week. Hope it comes back next year.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--so I was trying to figure out who was holding all those bodies of criminals. LOL, zombies on Gotham--that's what I thought the last time we saw that facility. You should love that,lol. I'm not a zombie fan though.

So what's the prognosis with Lee and Gordon?


Mike V. said...

Gotham - I wouldn't say I'm a "zombie" fan but I am a Walking Dead fan. Big difference! lol My wife didn't think she'd like TWD and was hooked from episode 1. Did we see in a previous episode someone was holding the bodies? I must've forgot. But we definitely know who it is now!

Lee/Gordon - I dunno....she seems to stand by him through everything. But, it seems each episode puts a little more strain on their relationship. If Gordon continues to go dark she may feel he's putting their child at risk. Or the child could be what eventually pulls Gordon away from his tendencies to is inner-evil self. We know eventually Gordon will be a stand-up Commish of Gotham so there has to be hope somewhere.

Anonymous said...

New female thor, now new hulk

The thing that leaves me with the totally bad taste with comic books and the associated movies now is that his could have been done without changing the characters themselves so drastically. But instead to have replaced those characters with new ones. I can hear someone say, but the audience likes the current characters, etc--I rest my case--lol


Mike V. said...

Yeah...this definitely has to be fallout from the movie-verse. New characters taking over the reins means "no reboots" just continuations in the films if they decide to adapt it. One day RDJ won't be able to be Iron Man. Will he be recast or will another character take on the mantle? Marvel says they have plans outlined through 2028 for their Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's just insane to think about. It's a big screen soap opera! lol

Anonymous said...

comic books and the associated movies used to have simple stories about good vs evil using fantasy powers, etc. That basic theme served them well for decades. What's happening now has really changed their purpose as stated by those who write them today.

Saw a superman vs batman trailer last night. Interesting when superman pulls off batman's cowl.


Mike V. said...

The batman trailer - it's a teaser of the full trailer coming Wednesday on Kimmel. Still think it looks waaaaaay too dark. A complaint that people are even saying of the Captain America: Civil War trailer.

Yeah with Superhero movies being basically the only blockbusters getting made today each movies tries to invade a different genre, at least in the marvel realm.

Guardians was a comedy/action adventure. Ant-Man was a heist movie. The Avengers movies are saved for the good vs. end of the world evil type missions.

I'm still enjoying them for now, but I can see a near future period where I might be exhausted keeping up with it all. lol

I feel the same way about the inevitability of endless Star Wars. I'm excited right now and can't wait for 12/17...and still hearing nothing but great things (trying to keep my expectations at bay though). But, I can't picture 10 years down the road at what the annual star wars movies will look like. (POST episode IX) Will they keep the Skywalker saga going with 10-12? Or will they just branch offf and do their own stories in a galaxy far far away? And when will Ironman get a hyperdrive installed and travel to Tatooine to meet Chewbacca for a drink at the Cantina? But, I guess we just have to see how things go with the first outing first!

Anonymous said...

LOL on Ironman and Chewbacca at the bar. I'm already there, but of course been watching and reading this stuff for a while longer. For instance, the cafe scene at the end of the last batman with bruce and selena having capucino? together was the best ending of that series, period. Of course "robin" was set up to take over as a caped crusader and so could provide a continuation of the adventure. But, at some point it's only natural that closure is sought by some and not others. Your point about RDJ is a great example. I can't imagine him at 65 being Ironman. Actually I sort of expect ironman to be taken over by anyone except the demo that now exists represented by RDJ.

Guardians is a great example of a show that was great in that it didn't take itself too seriously trying to prove too much.

SW--sadly, I'm still not excited. But, I've never been a big time fan of 21st century Disney either.


Mike V. said...

Well the Nolan Trilogy is a complete story in itself. DC is "REBOOTING" batman again into their new cinematic universe to rival Marvel's. Sure Nolan and David Goyer are involved in this new universe as producer and writer respectively but it's a new story. I don't think Nolan ever expected to start writing Robin movies next. But there was a "hope for the future" for Gotham in that complete story.

In these new cinematic universes, there doesn't seem to be an end date in mind. It's just an ongoing when Affleck hangs up the cape and cowl, then they either need to replace the actor and continue the same story or have a new actor take over. (That's if DC tries to keep up with Marvel for decades to come)

Most Marvel Studio (via Disney) movies are great because they don't take themselves too seriously. But Guardians was definitely a standout.

SW - Well, I also have a 3 year old (will be 4 this month) who is over the moon excited about the doubt thanks to my influence. But that gets me even more excited. The movie could be average at best but I'm gonna be totally into it because of him. That said...I'm all in anyway. It's JJ Abrams. It's Star Wars. It's my favorite stories from childhood combined with one of my favorite storytellers of the modern era.

I think it's good you're keeping expectations very low. Maybe you'll be pleasantly surprised. If not, oh well. It's just a movie!

Anonymous said...

Batman--yea the hope or new crusader is what I'm talking about. Of course Adam West was a several year actor for Batman too-he even made the first movie. And even though she was in those campy shows, Julie Newmar has been the best Catwoman. I don't mind and of course expect the actors and the resultant styles to change over time. I just don't like a total reboot/change/etc in the character itself for pc purposes.

Shield--really, really?--Ward shot Ros and not Coulson, kind of doesn't make sense but necessary for the show. Coulson parachuting to another world was really good. Actually one of the best eps, worth watching. And I'm not a big time fan either. The astronaut will find Coulson and help him.

Have you ever thought this big bad entity from the other world may make it to Earth and Hydra wishes it hadn't brought it back?


Anonymous said...

SW--I remember when SW came out as a prequel and all the excitement. It was great. As you know I still like them a lot. But, they were about a story I already knew and was invested. You see, at the end of SW6 many years ago I knew and explained to my friends that SW was about Annakin really, not Luke, Laura,etc. So those 6 told a story I was invested in. This new trilogy is not something I'm nearly as much invested in given it's very new and different story. It's tie in is mostly due to the force and the generation after Anakin(LUke, etc) only really serving as a bridge to the new story. In a way it skips the Luke/Laura generation in their prime. Of course to work in those older actors there's really not much else that could be done-lol.

If Anakin were to be worked in as was Obie won after his death that would interesting.


Anonymous said...

SW article on prequels and liking them.

To me, it's some of what's in this article and a lot of the Anakin story. To this day you'd be surprised how few people know that the 6 eps are really about Anakin's journey and later of course the Skywalkers. I think if Lucas had taken them in order vs as the order he did the audiences would have a better appreciation for all 6 films and how they work together. The problem for the first three is the last three were viewed as a trilogy. I think it would have been better for the franchise if all 6 were viewed as a whole instead of 2 sets of trilogies.


MJ said...

*** AHS - was behind on three of this show and got them all watched. So Chloe Sevingy turns this kid to save his life from Measles - then just leaves him there to kill people ? Was this to punish the mom for not vaccinating her kid ? Then we have an entire class of kids infected - and they all go home with their parents. By now there should be a zombie apocolypse in LA - which the show is just
conveniently ignoring. Just as they are ignoring that with Chloe and her hubby holed up at the hotel - who is taking care of their other child ? Just saying. Loved Liz Taylor's back story. GaGa's as well - turned by no other then Rudy Valentino - explaining why she still dressed like she stepped off a fashion magazine in the 20's. Is that the same actor playing Valentino as is playing Tristan ? Knew Liz telling the Countess thast she loved tristan would not go well. Didn't get it either - if Liz is not gay and he has not had surgery...How is he having sex with Tristan? Kathy Bates chowing down on those hipsters just kinda cracked me up somehow. Chloe making her husband think he's a nutter is pretty fun. Online everyone pretty much thinks he is the 10 Commandments Killer any way. I was beginning to think we'd never see that baby - they drug that out really well. I didn't get the whole 'ghosts have to find a purpose thing honestly.

Flash - waiting to watch tonight with the Arrow crossover.

Have to get to a meeting. Will be back for more later

Mike V. said...

SW - Oh I remember the prequel excitement as well. And I loved the movies when they came out. Or convinced myself I loved them. But they haven't stood the test of time well. I will read the article you sent though. George had convinced everyone that the story of star wars was about the rise, fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker. But there are quotes from the production of the original star wars of him asking Mark Hamill what he'll be doing when he's in his 60s. lol He did envision doing more sequels after Jedi originally. I'm sure he hadn't flushed them out. But even his recent interviews where he said Disney didn't want to do his treatments...he had ideas of Anakin's grandchildren and how this is a family story. I still think that's where Disney and Abrams are going with it, but just not in the exact way Lucas was looking to do it.

I love your slip of calling them Luke and Laura. General Hospital fan? lol

I'm not sure if you recall in the original Star Wars...but THE FORCE was considered an ancient religion...Han was a non-believer...the Jedi were all but extinct. Episode VII is a callback to that line of thinking. For some reason Luke did not reinstate the Jedi Order....and it's all myth again. I've read some interesting articles on it....and how heroes of WWII are long forgotten....(i.e. people don't really know about Han Solo or Princess leia)...meanwhile Luke is the posterboy of evil for the First Order which may explain why he's nowhere to be found. He might be in hiding.

I think it's safe to say that the EPISODES of Star Wars will continue to deal with the Skywalker Family legacy. Where-as the Anthology series will branch off and eventually explore other avenues. I do hope they go through with bringing Ewan McGreggor back to do a later Obi-Wan movie. (pre-a new hope)...he's the right age!

I think the 6 movies are intended to be viewed as a whole...but the fanbase as dubbed them Original Trilogy and Prequel trilogy. Just as this new one will be called Sequel trilogy. But it's always been referred to as the Star Wars Saga.

Gotta do some work but I'll read that article and write more!

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Yeah...I agree doesn't make sense to not just kill Coulson...but I agree the episode was good!

Anonymous said...

SW. I have seen Lucas's notes on Anakin with dates from the beginning where the 6 ep series was at one time really one story.

After you watch the new movie, ask your friends what the first 6 movies were about.

Oh, I remember very well about the force being an ancient type of religion. It was belittled and it was Darth who stood up for it vs his people. I'm sure something like that will happen in the new movie too. ONe reason I was interested in vs not repelled by the discussion of mitachlorians? in the prequels was the peeling back of the nature of the force.

Luke got his ability to fly from his Dad and the mitachlorian count which in turn allowed the force to flow--lol.


Mike V. said...

SW - I just don't see the need to "OVEREXPLAIN" the force by making it biological. Mystical was much better. And the Clone Wars do a good job of course correcting that a bit with the discovery of the Spiritual Force and Yoda discovering Qui-gon.

The article definitely highlights the good parts of the prequels...(though I contest that Yoda/Dooku fight does not hold up well!)

The wooden dialogue is the roughest part to get past. There's cheesy dialogue in the originals but here it's just rough to listen to and clearly difficult for the actors to portray it realistically. The CGI in Phantom Menace is outdated and doesn't hold up as well as the practical effects from the original trilogy. If you watch the Battle of Naboo and the Battle Droids vs. Gungans it's painfully cartoonish and there are no details to the landscape. Even those beautiful shots of Naboo and Theed (the city where the Queen's palace is) the background are green hills that look uninspired at best. And surprisingly they stand out to me on rewatches.

I'll always love the Obi-Wan/Qui Gon/Darth Maul fight. I was kinda let down by the Anakin/Obi-Wan fight. The end was good...but all the floating on rocks in lava was just a little bizarre. SITH is definitely the best of the 3 but it's still rough around the edges.

George apparently had original manuscripts with ideas for a 12 part saga I think. But it got refined over the years. Eventually he added Episode IV A New hope to the opening credits (after the original premiere) to indicate that we're jumping into the middle of a story. Not necessarily because he planned to tell 3 episodes worth of prequels. He had a backstory about Clone Wars and Anakin Skywalker's fall from grace...and his transformation to Vadar on a lava planet and the emperor saving him. But, I don't think he always envisioned starting the journey of Anakin as a little boy slave with a high jedi blood cell parasite count. lol Most people were looking forward to a trilogy ABOUT the Clone Wars and an older Anakin being trained and tempted by the Dark Side. He probably didn't always see Jedi as priests who couldn't marry either.

I like the story that was told in the end with the prequels...i just don't think the execution was that great. 12 minute pod races, Anakin force flirting with Padme by feeding her floating apples and talking about sand.....surfing on CGI hippos. Or dialogue like ObiWan: The Sith are evil! Anakin: From my point of view the Jedi are evil! Checkmate Obi...checkmate! Anakin: I wish I could just WISH my feelings away! Padme: Hold me like you did by the lake on Naboo Padme: Anakin you're breaking my heart! (and then she dies of said broken heart).

I say all of this, but I would still watch them all again and get past it...because I love Star Wars and am interested in the whole story. But the originals are far greater.....and I think JJ has a good chance to strike the right balance to recapture that feeling that people had when originally seeing Star Wars for the first time. Will it be exactly the same? No. But I'm certainly excited for more star wars!

Mike V. said...

AHS - Missed your comment earlier MJ. I definitely don't participate in too much analysis into this show so I didn't even consider the main guy as the 10 commandments killer. lol makes sense though! I am enjoying this season for what it is though. much better than last season.

Anonymous said...

SW--totally agree that CGI was over the top. But that was also a consequence of the time in which it was made. As far as execution, don't forget many criticized number 6 for being silly. And every single time I watch the trash compactor scene I laugh and point out how fake it was. Especially with the junk floating(ie styrofoam) and the long steel pieces being made of rubber as they would bend accidentally very easily when handled. The BD really shows the fake nature of that scene. That scene didn't ruin the movie for me of course, but needs to be brought up as a fail in special effects if the other fails from other movies are brought up to have some balance in the reviews.

And LOL, really you prefer the spiritual elements of the force vs the biological cause YET you criticise Padme for dying due to spiritual causes.

I'm an engineer and so I much prefer the biological over the spiritual explanations. Of course they work together.

BTW, I love the pod races and don't find them too long at all-lol.

All in all, I think SW 5 was probably the best.


MJ said...

Gotham - Was behind so watched 2 back-to-back. Finally they give Alfred something to do when he takes on Tabitha. Read online that the name of M Malone was not a fake. Nice to see Chibs (SOA) again. Mazouz really did some great acting these last few eps. Did not recognize Hugo Strange but picked up on Mr. Freeze. Didn't like that Gordon allowed Galvan to be beat up and then he kills him. I know this show is handicapped in that we will never see Gordon become commissioner and Wayne Batman - but I'm not believing that Gordon could even become a commissioner at this point as he continually crosses every line he comes across. He now is working with the people in season 1 that he fought against. Lee needs to keep driving and never return.

Leftovers - heard this season was better then the first. Oh well - to omuch to watch.

Batman - by trailer do you mean Batman vs Superman ? Don't know why fans are so excited about that. I don't get it. Batman is a rich person with fighting skills and toys. Superman is an alien with super strength, flies, etc etc. How is this even a thing for them to battle ?

Star Wars - now that I AM excited for. Marvel - getting tired of it already. LOL i don't have tickets yet - the fact that it is the week before Xmas is an issue. We shall see. i want to see with the kids back in school ! I have high hopes too - cause I loved the original 3. Then saw the prequels and thought the acting and dialog was stiff all around. rewatched the originals and came to the realization that that is how Lucas directs them cause they were kinda stiff too. But this time with no Lucas I think it will be just right. Herecy to say it - I know.

Homeland - did they just kill Quinn ?? OMG. And how slick is that Alison ! Loved the whole scene of her in and out of trains - very tense. As was the lead up to Quinn's possible death. I was confused though - who did Alison have sex with while Saul was watching ? Thought it was her handler at first but now have no idea. Surely her plan can't work - I have to think that agents have to have someone in the CIA who knows who yo are using as informants - so to say he's been my informant for 10 years is kinda out there.

AHS - OMG - read that the killer to be revealed tonight. I am totally into this show now - don' tknow why I got so behind.

Mike V. said...

Gotham - I think we're seeing Gordon reach the lowest of the lows before he reforms. I don't think he'll always be going this dark, but it certainly will be a tough path to come back from. Though people were upset with Jack from season 3-5 and loved his redemption arc in season 6 of LOST. I'm not comparing the 2 shows in terms of quality! lol But, you gotta play the long game with these arcs. I liked seeing Chibbs too!

Leftovers - You're missing out! :)

Batman v Superman - It's based on a comic story but also based on the first Man of Steel movie too. Basically this is a young Superman still coming into his own and an old cranky Batman who doesn't really know superman yet. Think Avengers how they didn't get along at first but then came together to become the Avengers. This is the dawn of the Justice League but they don't get along at first. I think batman has a suit he puts on that makes him able to fight against Superman (like it's laced with kryptonite or something)....I think that's how it works in the comic. That all said...I'm not SUPER psyched for this movie but I'll definitely see it. I think by the end of the movie they'll be on the same side.

Star Wars - Lucas only directed A New Hope from the orginals. Empire was easily the best of the 6 and it was written by Lawrence Kasdan (and someone else) and directed by Irvin Kershner. Lucas only came up with the story. Jedi was the same but different director. Kasdan is involved in The Force Awakens and co-wrote with Abrams. The prequels were much more wooden than the original. but they're all a bit cheesy. I have to go back to respond to Richard's comments but yeah...I know Jedi was a little silly too. as a kid I loved the ewoks, now they just look like walking teddy bears. lol But the Luke/Vader/Emperor stuff was awesome.

Homeland - Read too much of your post! lol But I'm totally behind on this season. We may or may not go back to watch!

AHS - nice! I'll be watching tomorrow morning.

Richard, gonna read your comments in full and respond now!

Mike V. said...

SW - I LOVE the trash compactor scene. It's awesome! But yeah the junk did look a little fake. lol I still think it looks more real than the Battle of Naboo! lol Jedi was definitely criticized and it is my least favorite of the originals. There are still more highlights for the movie than things against it. And the dialogue is still much better than "I don't like sand. It's rough, coarse, irritating and it gets everywhere! Not like here. Everything is soft....and smooth" Just like your pick-up lines Anakin!

How did Padme die due to spiritual cases? She most likely died during childbirth but they didn't explain it that way. The droid said "She lost the will to live" lol Granted Anakin did choke her out. But she recovered from that. The Emperor lies and told Vader that he killed her there. Spiritual might not be the best description. It's the mystical element of the force. No one ever asked for the force to be explained scientifically but George brought it up!

Pod races - This is where I bring up that I saw The Phantom Menace 10 times in the theater (11 times if you count the 3D release a few years ago). I am TIRED of the Pod race lol It was cool the first couple times I watched. But then George went ahead and EXTENDED the already long pod race in the video releases.

There's no question that Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie. Even my 3 year old (almost 4) recognizes that! lol Some people don't like it because it ends on a cliffhanger. But, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Saw the Superman vs Batman trailer--pretty good. And Ben Affleck actually seems to be doing a great job. BTW, who's that playing Wonder Woman?


Mike V. said...

BvS - Gail Gadot....I don't know how to spell it. But fans have been in an uproar since she's been cast since she's super skinny. But it looks like she bulked up a little bit. Main consensus about the trailer is it gave away too much. I'm sure they wanted to show it does have a lighter tone than the teasers have previously shown. They shouldn't have shown Batman and Superman teaming up in the trailer or spoiling Doomsday. It was implied they eventually would...and it was known that wonder woman would be in it too. But I guess they need to show these things to hype up the audience that doesn't read about all this stuff. lol I'll still see it regardless....but compared to the Star Wars trailers where they're doing a lot of awesome marketing without revealing's night and day!

AHS - Looks like the theories were right! Makes total sense in hindsight. Good ep!

MJ said...

Flash/Arrow review - I liked the shows but have to say was too much personal stuff on Arrow. And for peeps like me who don't watch Arrow they could have done all that on a non crossover ep. Loved Cisco accidently calling Flash Barry right in front of Kendra and Barry just goes 'dude". Chick with the kid and no apparent husband lived in a pretty nice house for someone who did not cash that 1 million dollar check. I rolled my eyes at Barry's inability to not show Felicity that paternity test. I get why Arrow lied to Felicity - the mom said if he told anyone she'd not let him see the boy - but I just didn't care. Also that Cisco knows better then Hawk Man how Kendra should get her powers back - like he hasn't done it over 200 times ?

Shield - damn ! They killed Rosalind. I like that actress. And really - if Ward could take that shot why not kill Coulsen ? Just saying. But I for one was very shocked by it and how they did it. Ward's brother - knew John Ritter had a son Jason Ritter who was in acting - didn't know about this one. Wonder if Kristen Ritter is from this family as well ? Was any one surprised Coulsen jumped thru that portal ? Didn't think so. Is't Coulsen having to ask everyone about the Ward they knew pretty much saying that Coulsen doesn't have a bead on his own people ? A lot of people moaned about Glenn living in an impossible situation on TWD being so ridiculous - but if Shield doesn't finally kill Ward then that will be beyond ridiculous - though I like his character.

AHS - so the internet rumors were true. John is the killer. At first I thought that was really lame cause it was his investigations of the murder that brought him to the hotel - but the explained that pretty nicely. Surprised it was Donovan who served him up on a platter to March though. Kathy Bates comment about being relieved he knew cause they never knew which John was walking thru the door made me think - if we go back and re-watch will be see her and Liz watching him as he came in - studying him so as to know how to talk with him ?

Homeland - sorry to spoil you. It's been a great season.

Batman vs Superman - ah - did not now kicking off justice league.

SW - Ewoks were less annoying then Jar Jar. LOL I liked the Ewoks back in the day too.

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - You sound like Richard, and I agree with it too. Ward could've shot Coulson. But they still wanted him alive right? So maybe he was still following orders. No surprises on Coulson going through the portal. Any bets Ward will save Fitz on this other planet which will make him a little more ambiguous of whose side he's on?

AHS - that's all on you to rewatch and let me know if you notice anything! lol I knew his partner was gone halfway through his confession. But was a nice touch to the whole serial killer dinner that they had. He was one of them when they were having it!

Homeland - Not your fault! I didn't have to read it! Plus, I won't believe that they'd kill him until I see it. lol

SW - I concur!

Flash/Arrow - I'm recording season 2 of Flash now (missed the first few though) and think I'll try watching 2 seasons this summer if I can. Sounds like it's a good one!

Anonymous said...

LOl on Jarjar vs Ewoks. I wasn't crazy about either and found both annoying. Big screen BD viewing shows the fakeness of the Ewoks too which compares similarly to the over the top CGI Jarjar. One thing I noticed is the improved Storm trooper uniforms of the prequels vs the more plasticy fakey looking original versions. Now I sound like I'm all negative--but I'm NOT. Still like watching all of it.

Shield--as you guys know I reduced my expectations of this show quite some time ago and in some regards watch due to like commenting with you guys. But, this ep was really good. I expected Coulson to jump into the middle of the action but did not realize he had a shot to even get to the portal in time. Once I saw the portal was still open after he jumped, then I figured he would make it. He and the astronaut will form up against the bad guys. And I can see where they will make Ward more acceptable by doing a good deed or two. I think the show needs Ward. I know he's probably 1/3 to 1/2 of why I watch it. And since I've given up on the showing having any semblance of realism I've quit becoming annoyed at the ridiculous targeting and missing of Ward, etc. I keep telling myself to think of it as a comedy(comic)-lol. I also like the Hydra older guy--that actor is pretty good. Totally agree on Ros being taken out, surprised me and I didn't like it. I think the show could have used her on a more regular basis.


Mike V. said...

SW - Clone Trooper vs. Storm Trooper for the record! But they didn't make ONE practical uniform for the prequels. It was all CGI. I could tell the Ewoks looked fake on a 27 inch VHS too! lol

Shield - Realism - well it is a world where superheroes exist! :) The Hydra older guy has been on lots of stuff...but not sure if you made the connection..he was in the first Avengers movie too. There was a scene with a bunch of guys in suits on video screens. He was one of them. Didn't have a name then but he got a name on SHIELD.

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - First Teaser Trailer.

I saw the tweet for an accompanying EW article but don't see it when I go to the site yet. But there's the clip!

Anonymous said...

SW-I do forget to differentiate Clone from Storm Troopers. The Clone troopers were designated storm troopers by Palpatine, so that's why I don't really remember to differentiate since they are in some ways the same.

I recall a couple of troopers in the prequels taking their helmets off, didn't look cgi to me. Yea, cgi was over used in prequels.

GoT--I haven't seen it yet but heard that Jon Snow is prominent.


Mike V. said...

SW - Yeah there might be a couple scenes with them in uniform with masks off. But I think I read there isn't a single scene where a clone trooper uniform is real and not CGI.

Just to clarify once again - Storm Troopers are not CLONES! Eventually the empire hired non-clones to fill in those storm trooper uniforms. The Rebels show makes this clear (and is new canon) some of the infamous clones from the Clone Wars series have returned this series and have aged greatly. The Clone factory is shut down. And...obviously First Order Storm troopers are not clones 30 years after Jedi because Finn, one of the main characters of the new series, starts off as a storm trooper! lol

GoT - There is absolutely no footage but yes Jon Snow is prominent. There is a new quote from Bran.

Mike V. said...

GoT - I meant no "NEW" footage lol

Anonymous said...

SW--LOL--yes the storm troopers after initial years are not clones--But, in the beginning the Storm Troopers were clones--lol. I like keeping that in mind since it was just an edict issued by Palpatine making one the other. Clone Troopers were the original Storm Troopers and both fought the rebels. Again, I don't differentiate that much since they historically were the opposition of the rebels and fought to put the empire into place and keep it into place. But, obviously the clones are not being made now. It would be interesting if they made a comeback though, wouldn't it?

BTW, I met to tell you that I have "only" seen the pod race about 4-5 times--lol. So, it's still new enough to me-lol.

GoT--just saw teaser. So, maybe the last statement has double meaning--book to be issued after show gets started? Obviously Snow figures prominently. Really liked the blue eyes showing up in it too and Bran warging. It does feel like things are coming together even in that short teaser.


Mike V. said...

SW - Yeah well they explained in Rebels that they had chips in their head forcing the clones to act against their will with Order 66. A few of the clones ripped the chips out of their heads and still were working for the "light" side for lack of a better term. But yeah...we're splitting hairs here. They are the precursor to the storm troopers. It would be interesting if the clones made a comeback. In the expanded universe...the Zahn trilogy, the cloning came into play in that story. But I don't know if Disney will adapt that since George has changed so much with the prequels since then. lol

NIce on the pod race!

GoT - Yeah I thought there was double meaning too and it seems to be the consensus with fans. I sure hope that book comes out before though!! No way I'll be able to finish it before the end of season 6 even if it did though!

Anonymous said...

Just bought a bunch of BD of comic book based movies. ONe was The Watchmen--I've seen it before and really liked it--cheap price. Has anyone else seen it? Probably not, since not many did-lol.

SW--one big difference between originals vs now is the market, ie the global footprint vs just US/Europe. I expect that these will be made with that in mind and will possibly change some based upon overall feedback. Lucas had a lot of control and really was interested in doing it his way--at least that's my thought. Disney as a large corp with shareholders will likely have to be more sensitive to global fan reaction. The visibility and money involved with this can't afford negative pub. Disney and others will likely exercise enormous pressure on reviewers to be positive. Lucas didn't have that much power. Disney has the power to really effect the internet too with paid "endorsements"/reviews/comments which don't appear as paid. Lucas wasn't that sophisticated.

It will be sites like yours where honest appraisals will be found.

GoT--LOL on not being able to finish the book. Yea, it kind of makes sense that they are delaying the broadcast to have some coordination with the books release. At this point, I suspect that whichever comes out first is intentional vs as a result of GRRM being slow.


Mike V. said...

Watchmen - I saw it in the theater. IMAX. It was a good one, I agree!

SW - That sounds like a bunch of conspiracy theory talk. So you're going to discredit reviews assuming they're paid off? With movies like this I avoid reviews anyway because I want to make my own judgement. So if you read any reviews prior to 12/18 don't share them here!!! lol I'm probably going to stay off the internet from the night of 12/16 through 9pm 12/17 (i.e. when I'm finished the movie lol)

My appraisal won't be honest!! I convinced myself I loved Phantom Menace for a long time! :) But I get your point and I'm sure I'll be able to pick my nitpicks. lol

GOT - I dunno..HBO has a full slate of shows. It might be intentionally timed due to the books, but it's tough to tell without the inside baseball knowledge. They're premiering a new show called Vinyl (which looks kinda good) and that won't end until by default GoT premieres after that. But they may have chose the vinyl premiere date based on GRRM's schedule. Wouldn't surprise me!

MJ said...

Jessica Jones - watched the first 5 or 6 of them. Liking it alot. Left off where he has bought her childhood home - creepy. Several references to 'the incident' had me laughing. And the kid running down the street in Capt America outfit. Know Luke will show up in some future movie but I'd never heard of him or her. I know the chick playing her friend Trish but can't think why.

Grimm - So much for the secret apartment if Misner can track them down. Laughed out loud of the idea of the Rat King and how many smaller rats combine to make the large one.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--Meisner said he had a tracker on Trubl's motorcycle. But, your point is valid, how did anyone including Trubl find that place? Again, Nick as a grimm was not nearly as BA as you would expect. A good ep overall and more things coming together for the fall finale.

I've been watching Tudor's from HBO. Has anyone ever watched? Not bad historically and a decent production.

BTW, I received a gift of a 30 year old special edition Bonockburn 700th anniversary scotch to celebrate the 1314 battle for Scottish freedom. With that you guys can maybe understand how much I'm into the mid evil time period--lol.


Anonymous said...

Gotham--I meant Grimm--going too fast.


Anonymous said...

I posted here earlier about ESPNs layoffs. REad about Disney, espn,etc. I think this article has merit. I've said it for years--too few people making way too much money. My NFL deal was worth $70K and $3K signing bonus. We used to work part time to help supplement income.

MJ said...

Grimm - ah - forgot about the tracker on the bike. thanks

Nice on that scotch !

MJ said...

Oops - meant to say no on the Tudors. On the whole I actually avoid historical shows as they are usually either done badly or are so incorrect. That is why i don't watch reign or Outlander. I started Vikings for entertainment - intending to ignore all the historical stuff.

Mike V. said...

Jessica Jones - I think I'm 10 eps in now. Definitely a good series. Luke actually has his own series coming in Netflix as well. I hadn't heard of Jessica or Luke but I definitely wiki'd them and their comic stories. lol Killgrave is a good villain. I know the actor was a Dr. Who.

Grimm - Halfway through the ep.

Sports coverage - I'll check out the article. I know ESPN just got rid of Grantland in a final kicking to the curb of Bill Simmons' legacy (he's doing just fine without them lol)

Mike V. said...

Leftovers- Great season with a strong finish. Hopefully it gets renewed! I really recommend catching up on it. Only a 10 episode season.

MJ said...

Leftovers - heard that Lindelof already gave a big hint for Season 3 so I assume it's renewed. Fios + tivo = no on demand.

Dang it - The President gave a speech at 8pm last night ?? That means I have missed 15 mins of several shows. And I'm sure he had nothing new to say about anything. I hate that. Can't they warn us about this ? Isn't this why we have all news channels ? Sigh. Rant over.

Mike V. said...

Leftovers - HBO Go is practically on every streaming device including smart phones and tablets! :-) All you need is a cable subscription logon and you have access to every episode of every show HBO has ever aired.

Yeah I caught that dude's speech and knew I had to extend Once Upon a Time 15 minutes! I did see notifications on twitter or my ABC news app that he was going to speak on Sunday. Once again though, streaming devices would probably help you catch the portions of the episode you miss! :-)

Mike V. said...

HENCE why I can't catch that episode of Legends unless I buy it because whatever channel it's on does not have a streaming app! lol

Anonymous said...

LEgends is on TNT. I thought they streamed, but have never tried. Here's the website for streaming.

Vikings--well that goes back far enough and into a culture where there's not nearly as much written record. So, some things are up for debate. Which makes the historical part ripe for debate. Also on this show they are throwing in some of the mystical stuff for entertainment.

Outlander is to me likely a love story for girls? I quit watching when they had the homo rape scene. I get so tired of tv/movie people trying to shove that down my throat.

Reign--it seemed kind of juvenile but maybe that was the one ep I saw.


Mike V. said...

TNT - Yeah streaming on a computer. I'd like an app on my apple TV or iPad. But I guess I could stream it from my laptop and beam it to the TV if I had to! lol Thanks for the link.

Outlander - I've heard good things about the show but never got around to it. But you description of that scene in particular doesn't make it sound appealing! lol

MJ said...

LOl - be old fashioned and watch it on the TNT website. LOL

I hate watching TV on my tablet. And hooking the laptop to the tv is a pain.

I have no desire to be on twitter or have news alerts - nor should I have to be.

Mike V. said...

Well I was just saying that's how I found out about it, implying that it was announced. I'm sure it was in other places on the internet. Not sure how else you'd want to be notified? I guess it would be nice if TiVo could automatically adjust but that's asking a lot since it's unpredictable how long the President would talk!

Sounds like you don't have a roku, amazon fire tv stick, google chromecast, apple tv or anything of that sort? Even smart TVs have HBO Go I think. (I know Samsungs do) It's a great app because they have so much great content! If I ever go back and watch VEEP, that's what I'll be using.

But yeah...a chromecast or a fire tv stick are like 30 bucks max (and can get them cheaper)...plug that into an HDMI port and you have access to all the on demand you could ever want! Much better than the native cable On Demand too! :)

Anonymous said...

I have two Samsung's one is smart. I have a desktop hooked up via HDMI to one of them since navigating with a mouse and keyboard is a lot quicker sometimes. Just a spare computer looking for something to do so adds flexibility easily. Yea, getting kind of complicated via many options.

I'm looking into an additional wireless speaker system for Christmas.


MJ said...

Marvel - so not only is Gotham looking at Dr Strange - there is a movie for him too? My head is hurting from the bludgeoning of the Marvel onslaught

No - I won't pay more then 1 source to watch tv from. I[m old and crotchety that way. LOL I pay too much to my cable company - not paying for Roku, Chrome or Apple. Never apple !

Jessica Jones - got another couple in - just watched the one where her safe room plan went horribly awry and he got out. Interesting at the very end while he was escaping and he told her to do something and she did not follow his commands. We shall see where that goes. enjoying the show - mildly annoyed when she just won't kill the guy due to some girl who she did not know being in prison - but get that if she did then there would be no show. LOL So just roll with that part.

Mike V. said...

Marvel - ohh yeah..that's a marvel character. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is going to play him in the movie. (didn't click on the link yet)

So I think Marvel's character is a Super Hero named Dr. Strange. In DC, the villain is Hugo Strange. But I think they referred to him as Dr. Strange on Gotham

Streaming devices - You don't have to pay extra. Only one time for the device. Eventually they will probably start offering subscription services and offer opportunities to cut ties with cable. But we're not quite there yet. Some services are offering subscription services. So if you wanted to not pay your cable company for HBO you could go with HBO Now (instead of HBO Go which is free with your cable subscription). HBO Now is a $15 a month all you can eat package. I think most cable subscriptions offer HBO for $20 a month.

But, I think it sounds like you know all that, you don't even want to pay for the device! lol That's why offerings like Chromecast and the Fire TV Stick are nice because they're relatively cheap. But I won't try to convince you anymore!

Jessica Jones - Sounds like you're 1.5 behind me. I am in the middle of episode 11 now. Good point on the ridiculousness of not putting Killgrave out of his misery. lol

Anonymous said...

This ESPN deal is going to be bigger than most realize since it is the big kahuna. It's the most demanded service and charges the cable/satellite companies the most. Other content providers are really subsidising ESPN, ie you're paying as much as $50/month for ESPN and don't even realize it. When ESPN can't demand outrageous fees, we'll see if the cable/satellite providers reduce their prices. NFL network has hurt ESPN and FoxSports 1 and 2 are trying to. So are some others.

Dr. Strange--I'm starting to get super hero comic book movied out--lol. To me, about half or less of them are really good so far. I haven't liked any of the spiderman movies yet.

Legends: Another really good ep except it seemed so full of filler. I mean we could tell from last ep that Martin was going to be working with his "daughter" on protecting some people from a terrorist attack--so why did it take so long to get there. I kind of understand the crazily obsessed FBI dude who committed suicide being a deal. But the bi/homo MI6? handler from the 2001 time period showing all of this background seemed strange. I mean, why do I need to know all of his baggage, he seems such a minor character.


MJ said...

Quantico - interesting episode - but lots of holes. In order for the bomber to feel his plan has worked to frame Alex they have her plead guilty. Then remind her that she has to investigate her team and friends as well as the rest of the class. Duh - if her team and friends are with her they know she is not guilty and only plead guilty to fool the real parties - so if her team/friends are in on it then they know her pleading guilty is false.

Shield/Flash - did not get to either of these.

Mike V. said...

ESPN - Still need to read that article!

Comic Books - There's definitely too many of them. I think overall Marvel Studios' batting average has been pretty solid. It's the other marvel movies that that studio doesn't own that are hit or miss. (i.e. fantastic 4 reboot, the last 2 spidermans - Sony owns the rights and basically made those movies to keep them. The sam Raimi movies were decent and that predated Marvel Stuidos. X-Men is owned by Fox and they're not too bad) Marvel Studios (owned by Disney) is doing a good job of taking relatively unknown characters and creating decent stories.

Then you have DC/Warner Bros trying to compete with their whole giant serialized blockbuster movie story and fast tracking the Justice League by throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the Man of Steel sequel (i.e. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)'s questionable how well it'll work.

Legends - really behind now. missing that episode has thrown me off! And I'm trying to finish Jessica Jones.

Quantico - We finished episode 3 off streaming and I have the rest recorded so maybe it'll go more quickly now!

SHIELD - (SPOILERS!!!!) - I knew once you know who was killed that he would come back as that alien god. It was so obviously set up with the other guy being killed. I don't think they needed that coda scene to SHOCK US. lol Overall it was a good episode. The emotional reunion of everyone worked for me in the end. Powerful for the show that it is. lol

Anonymous said...


Coulson leaving the hand was weak to me but killing Ward seemed strange. So, we didn't see some key things between the worm like hydra coming out and the escape with Coulson. From the ending we can kind of figure it out though. Still leaves room for the writers I guess. Coulson seemed strange but we know about Ward now. Funny, I didn't get caught up in the reunion that much.


Mike V. said...

Wayward pines renewed! Didn't read lol

Anonymous said...

From the EW article on Wayward Pines.

Wayward Pines averaged 9.4 million viewers across all platforms and a 2.2 in adults 18-49, making it the summer’s No. 1 broadcast scripted series in the demo, according to Fox.

So, why did it take so long to announce a S2?

I don't know how much I'll like it without Dillon? But will definitely check it out.


Anonymous said...

SW,funny youtube video on how attack of the clones should have ended.


MJ said...

Shield - finally they kill Ward - though a bit brutal how they did it. But he's back as the thing from the planet ? No one noticed him coming thru the portal ? Ugh ! Pretty silly. And he's ahead of Malick on the road? Malick left before they would have come thru the portal I think. Have to admit that for some reason I did not think that Will was the creature so they fooled me on that one. Loved Coulsen's Tatooine comment. Didn't really understand him leaving his hand behind. I actually was confused by the whole point of the mission - as soon as they arrive Ward only wants Fitz to get them to the exit/return spot? What was the point of going then ? They didn't actually look for the creature. Highly convenient that Ward was right on Fitz the whole time - til they found Will - then he lets them walk all by themselves to plot and plan. LOL

Flash - I know everyone was so excited to see Wally West - yet another speedster. Don't think I'd realized just how many there were !
Looks like Patty won't be in the dark for long - which is good. The whole using magnetism to make all the clocks fly out of houses and into the wormhole thing was pretty out there though. And that all those kids on just those few blocks went to see Santa at the same time and got those fake gifts. The attacking dreidels was too funny though. And just where did Patty get that device she used to hold the Flash in place ?

Wayward - I saw that too. Wasn't a bad show - good for summer viewing. Another sleeper show I love - You're the Worst - got a pick up for next year.

Weather - hard to get into the Chrismas feel around the mid-atlantic. It's 60 degrees ! Going to 65 this weekend. LOL

MJ said...

Supergirl - big twist that I did not get. Han Henshaw in the comics was a shape shifter but was evil. So then when he says at the end that he is J'onn j'onzz (said as John Jones) apparently that was big. LOL Cause JJ is the Martian Manhunter - whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

SW test. I missed 3--lol. I knew 2 of the 3 I missed, just forgot.


Mike V. said...

Wayward - Probably because it was envisioned as a 1 season show and they had to figure out if there was a story to tell. Naturally, the story they came up with is the one we assumed they'd do lol I've heard Your'e the worst is good. I have not watched it!

Weather - I agree MJ! Too warm! My wife and daughter are in NYC today. They should be freezing but I bet they're working on their tans! lol

SHIELD - maybe there was another way off the planet than the portal. I dunno?? I'm stretching I know!

SW - I'll check out the stuff Richard and let you know my quiz results lol

Mike V. said...

Funny on the video. I watched without sound at the end so not sure what I missed lol

As Vader would say about the quiz, "All too easy." :-) 100% :)

MJ said...

SW - new trailer from China. I have to admit - I am getting excited ! ;-D Not excited enought to line up for 10 days for seats like some idiots though.

MJ said...

Quiz seems to be down at this time. Might try it later

Mike V. said...

SW - I saw it on facebook but refuse to watch any more!!! lol I've had my fill and just want the movie now. :) I saw that people are lining up. And because it's not necessary anymore with reserved seats they're doing it for the experience, tradition and for charity! lol

I did grab Rolling Stone's cover story and read it. Really well done!

Jessica Jones - 10 minutes into the finale!

MJ said...

SW - i think there are still some theaters without the reserved seating. the older ones without the recliners.

Jessica Jones - I watched a few more. Lawyer got her cuts from now dead ex. Trisha took the pills ! Just ended the one where Luke's bar gets exploded.

Watching my nieces tonight so def no Jessica Jones for me tonight. LOL

Have a great weekend everyone. Still missing my TWD on sundays.

Mike V. said...

SW - Oh yeah there are plenty, but for the hardcore people that are going to camp out, they're probably going to the theaters where you CAN reserve seats. I know I am! :)

Jessica Jones - Yep, that stuff was pretty intense. I think there's only 2 episodes after that. I just finished the one that immediately follows that ep.

I probably won't finish until Monday so you might finish before me!

Thanks, you have a great wknd too! I'm missing TWD too, but I enjoyed watching the Leftovers ON Sunday this past weekend. Heard it got renewed for a 3rd and final season.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I suspected that was Juliette when they opened the door for her. But, seriously her head was cut off--lol. I guess we'll have to just go for the ride.


MJ said...

Jessica Jones - finished! Will say no more til I know you have seen it

Grimm - Oh my freaking god ! Could not watch last night due to babysitting but dang ! Juliette lives?? Def did not see that coming ! But is it really her? Feel something up with Trubel though. And with previews - finally something with the keys ! Looks great what is coming. I'm worried rating have not been good.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--btw, another complaint on Nick being a weak Grimm. I sometimes think the writers of this show totally miss the point of being a grimm. Originally a grimm was powerful and could takedown the Wessen, etc. That seems to be only reserved for Trubl and Nick's mom, not Nick. So, Nick is such a weakling he has to be saved by Juliette--it's really hard to swallow. They could have reintroduced her in many ways. But to continually show Nick as a weakling is getting old. It's like he's the grimm that wessen should love and definitely not fear.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Halfway through the ep...had to give priority to finishing Jessica Jones. I'll join discussion tomorrow!

Jessica Jones - All done! really good and they set up Luke Cage. I think Rosario Dawson/Claire is a main character in Luke Cage's show. There's more to talk about but I have a meeting.

3 more days of work for the year then Star Wars and Tennessee! :)

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I had it wrong. TRubl shot Juliette with arrows and then she dies. Her comeback seriously hampers the cred of the show.


MJ said...

Grimm - yeah I saw that you said Juliette was beheaded but did not have time to post about it. I do not see Nick as Grimm. Hampers the cred ? I thought it was awesome. That was quite the surprise they pulled off. I think it will go to some very interesting places

Jessica Jones - I was so surprised to see the nurse from Daredevil show up on Jessica Jones. Loved the entire hospital hunting her. Got very nervous when Trish lost those head phones. But finally - she killed kilgrave.

Better Call Saul has a trailer out but I have not seen it yet.

MJ said...

Grimm - meant to say do not see Nick as WEAK Grimm. LOL

MJ said...

SyFy - new show and mini series tonight. The Expanse - that is based on a book series I hear, and three night event for Childhood's End. So much for trying to catch up on stuff. LOL

Mike V. said...

Jessica Jones - I had heard Claire (Rosario Dawson/nurse) is a recurring character throughout all these Netflix series.

BCS - Yeah I haven't seen it either! I will definitely watch it when it comes back, but not sure I'm excited to watch a trailer for it lol

SyFy - Is this the one they have quotes from GRRM praising? I'm sure I should set the DVR for it, but I just have so much stuff to watch still! lol

Mike V. said...

Grimm - I do find it funny that I brought up after the premiere that I found it fishy they didn't show Juliette's body and they kept showing a mysterious door with a monster inside....and I had a funny feeling they may have resurrected her in some form.... Sure they tried to throw us off with Trubel but I still had a sneaking feeling we might be seeing her.

But everyone dismissed my theory just like they dismissed my theory about Ben and his childhood girlfriend being Juliet from LOST! LOL

So, everyone can now praise the king of television for his return to form. :) OBVIOUSLY, I'm kidding but I did call this one! lol

Expanse - I watched the first ep...not bad. I will admit I wasn't paying too close attention to details as I was preoccupied with other things. But it is getting highly praised by GRRM as I mentioned above. He said he's seen the 1st 2 or 3 and they're amazing. We'll see!

Mike V. said...

Grimm - In case anyone was really curious here's what I commented after the premiere. "they're being awfully ambiguous to if Juliette is really dead! And the actress was certainly back for this first episode unless they filmed some stuff at the end of last season! lol Okay, that's all I'll say! "

MJ said...

Grimm - yes - you were pretty suspicious. LOL I didn't think much of it as didn't think Grimm was a show for the mis-direction so it blew me away ! I don't remember you thinking Juliette was his little friend - but I do remember you mentioning his frien alot. And trying to track those outriggers. LOL. I have a friend who was convinced Lori was not dead on TwD. He still jokingly says she is coming back.

SyFy - yeah 6 hours of expanse and 2 hours of the other new show this week alone. SIGH I had hoped to be taping less this week. I had read that GRRM was a fan as well. NYFG were on last night (f is for football - the actual name of team but F is often substituted for other things :-P ) so I watched pretty much nothing.

Legends - got last weeks watched before game - yikes - sending his daughter in. Guess he knows he can't totally get her out of this and he will be her handler. But he also is getting major info about who he is out of it supposedly

Anonymous said...

Legends--a good ep. Interesting to see him as Alex in college dating a girl who has communist sympathizer parents--always convoluted somehow with this show. I just can't get too torn up with the guy killing himself--he was practically nuts/obsessed. Now the background stuff is coming into play with Kate's Uncle, etc.

Grimm--yea I wasn't too surprised when I saw them open the door I knew it was her even with just the shadowing. I just hate it and the fact that she had to save Nick(a weany grimm--lol). If you guys were close enough I'd make you both a bet that Nick won't ever beat the baddest of the bad(hasn't yet) by himself with Juliette and/or Trubl around.


Anonymous said...

SW--saw an interview with Lucas about new movie this morning. He tried to avoid answering the question about what he thinks about it. But was repeatedly pushed. Then finally responded with "he wouldn't have gone in that direction".
Honestly, I like Lucas's films a lot--American Graffiti, Indiana Jones and Star Wars.


Mike V. said...

SW - I watched the streaming red carpet at the premiere and Lucas was a miserable dude on the red carpet. But he has already been quoted saying Disney didn't want to do exactly what he had in mind. But the spirit of what he wanted to do is still there. Lucas was also quoted saying "this is the movie the fans have been waiting for"...but coming from him it seemed to suggest he wouldn't have made a movie for the fans. Granted, you should make a movie for yourself and your vision...but the problem is star wars became a phenomenon much bigger than Lucas himself. And I think Disney gets that.

Indiana Jones was an idea from George but executed by Spielberg. Crystal Skull was pretty awful and it's because all 3 (Ford, Spielberg and Lucas) had to agree on a script. The Frank Darabount script leaked years ago and seemed like it could've been a better movie but rumors were George didn't like it. So we got some watered down Indiana Jones meets aliens movie. It has its moments but definitely not as good as Raiders, Crusade...even Temple of Doom.

Lucas has always been a weird cat, but he was surrounded by people that could make his visions pretty awesome...he lost that on the prequels.

BTW - If you read reviews of the new movie DO NOT POST ABOUT THEM HERE UNTIL AFTER THURSDAY NIGHT! :-) I don't want to know. lol

Grimm - I think before Trubel and Juliette were assisting him he was doing fine on
his own taking out Wesen. I wouldn't consider him weak, but I wouldn't doubt your theory that he doesn't do it alone. but I think that has more to do with the team mentality of the show than the fact that Nick can't do it.

NYFG - Believe it or not I knew what you meant before you explained. :)

Legends - Gotta catch up on that one. Still bitter I lost that episode.

LOST Theories - Annie was her name right? I messed up the theory...I theorized Annie was Jack's ex-wife Sarah. lol Because they made a comment that Juliet looks like her or something like that. Yep, the outriggers was a big deal and Lindelof holds it over us now! I don't blame him after the crap he got for the ending. It was good!!

Anonymous said...

Childhood's End--a miniseries on syfy is really good based on novels by Arthur C Clarke. 2001 was based on them too. great.

Expanse--interesting start. Like it.


Anonymous said...

SW--I was told to buy IMAX several months ago. Maybe I should have since I'm beginning to think it's stock will bump big with SW. I've heard of some people I know going to see it tomorrow night. They think it will be big. Also, they told me there will be 5 movies in 5 years. For some reason I thought it was 6. But to do 2 SW movies to be released in a single year will be interesting to see if saturation occurs. I think IMAX is around 39, so maybe buy now and sell at 43 if you really believe in SW. It was a lot cheaper several months ago though.


Mike V. said...

Sw - of course they said it'll be big. So have I! Lol the deal is a new Star Wars movie every year for the foreseeable future. Episode vii will come out may 2017 40 years to the day of original. Episode Ix may 2019 In between anthology movies. Rogue one December 2016. And young Han film between 8 and 9. Boba fett rumored to be in works. And maybe even a ewan mcgreggor obi wan film.

I'm just as leary (sp) about too much Star Wars but I also like the idea of different filmmakers getting a chance to play in the sandbox. There are an infinite amount of different types of stories that could be told. And they don't have to always deal with the skywalker family.

Mike V. said...

I meant to say ep 8 instead of 7 in the last comment. (May 2017)

Mike V. said...

Legends - forgot I logged on to pass on information. It got officially cancelled. :(

MJ said...

Legends - yeah sorry to hear it was cancelled. I've been liking it alot this year.

SW - am thinking I will also go Imax. I heard 3 new movies for the 3 chapters. Then other movies from Star Wars universe but not necessarily about the characters we've come to know - so not about Luke or Han or their decendents. You're seeing it Friday, right ? Can't wait to hear how you liked it. I'm still waiting til the kiddies are back in school. LOL

MJ said...

SW - here is a non-spoilery bunch of celebrity comments about the movie premier. Not spoilery.

Anonymous said...

Legends--So, it's the second show cancelled this year I like. Oh well. I really like Sean Bean

Childhood's End--speaking of GoT characters, I really like Charles Dance in this miniseries. Second ep was great. Tonight will be the finale. I haven't watched a tv show in quite a while where I was so pulled in.

Expanse--seen 2 eps now. Second ep was not really good to me as it set up so much waffling in defining good/bad. Nuance is ok, but it seems to be setting up a belgian waffle series--lol. We'll see. It also went too slowly. So, we'll get to see the Martians soon. I kind of laughed with the laser pointers on the guns at the end thinking technology must not have progressed much. I really liked the first ep, so will definitely give it more time.


Anonymous said...

SWs comparing box office numbers. 1977 movie looks to still be number 1 in SW franchise, we'll see.


Mike V. said...

SW - Thanks MJ but I'm gonna wait to read it. I don't even want to hear anyone's "I like it" or "I hate it" comments. I want to go in and make up my own mind! lol Unfortunately, it's impossible to filter it out completely.

MJ - I mentioned above what the movies coming out are. Eps 7, 8 and 9 every other between ANTHOLOGY movies. The first is Rogue One which is about the X-Wing fighter squadron that stole the plans for the death star (The 1st one). It's basically a war film...and I'm pretty stoked about that. The other one is the Young Han Solo movie...and it's being written and directed by the guys that did the Lego Movie. There was a Boba Fett film in the works but the director got they pushed that out further. And the rumor mill is swirling about Ewan McGreggor coming back to be Obi Wan for a film...(you know in the years when he's stranded on Tattooine)....but I'd imagine years down the road there could be a one off film about characters we know nothing about that take place in the Star Wars universe.

But with Disney owning the franchise they most certainly have said that there will be 1 new star wars film per year indefinitely. I don't know what they'll do after Episode 9 for the BIG films though. They can't just go into episode 10! There are generations between each trilogy!

Yeah Star Wars (original) is still the highest when adjusted for inflation. I always go to for my box office stats. They have great information. That said...unadjusted I think this one may have the legs to pass Avatar....which I'm still amazed topped Titanic. James Cameron takes his time with his films but somehow he taps into some emotion that makes people HAVE to see his movies! lol

Expanse - I watched the 2nd ep too. It's a hard show to pay attention to while on the treadmill. I am following the gist of what's going on but not fully invested. Oh and the fact that 3 or 4 characters look exactly the same doesn't help! I can't tell who's who!

mj said...

Sw - yup. Marvelizing it.

Supergirl - damn! The let Cat in on the secret. did not see that coming

Anonymous said...

MJ, lol on marvelizing it.

BBT--what a finale!


Mike V. said...

Sw - yup they are marvelizing and have made no secret that's their plan. But just less movies per year than marvel. Marketing will be through the roof on every other avenue though lol

I won't spoil the movie until you guys see it. But it gets my seal of approval! :) there's always things to nitpick but overall jj did a great job!

Going again with Parker today! :)

MJ said...

SW - you went last night ? Thought it was tonight. Read very generic things - like the spirit and emotions remain intact.

MJ said...

Vikings - Richard you have a good news/bad news thing here. They are getting 4 more eps this season - but they are splitting the season. 10 wil air starting 2/18 and the rest 'later in 2016'.

MJ said...

Leslie - hope you are doing ok. Seems like every part of Texas has some bad weather going on.

Mike V. said...

Weather - Hope you're okay too Leslie. I was actually in West Tennessee during that storm system last week. We had a day of horrible weather and had to deal with a Tornado warning. Of course, we were driving around which is the last thing you want to be doing, but we found shelter in a friend's store....thankfully nothing hit that area. But, it has before so people were a little on edge!

Such bizarre weather for the holidays! Hope everyone has been having a great December and has a Happy New Year!

I finished Jessica Jones (not sure if we discussed or not), watching season 2 of The 100 (getting better each ep!), watched the Holiday episode of Black Mirror which was just released to Netflix (jon Hamm....really good!)....can't wait for Netflix to start releasing new eps!

Game of Thrones (high level speak of season 6 with some high level book knowledge) - Looks like we'll be seeing past, present and future this season. Makes total sense with Bran coming back into the fold (not really spoilery...just a storytelling device) , and depending how much of it they do they could slow down the pace a bit for George to catch up. I seriously doubt they'd slow the pace down THAT much. lol That said, I think this will be the season a certain lineage will become clear! GRRM better get that book out soon! Could be wishful thinking but I keep seeing early 2016 when I google rumors. It would make total sense, as we've spoken before, to cash in on that anxious audience for season 6. Peak book sales.

Mike V. said...

Btw anyone want to discuss how they still think force awakens isn't going to do as well as some anticipated? ;-) lol 600 million in 13 days! I'm thinking it might go on to a billion domestically if it keeps up this pace.

Loved the movie btw. Going 3rd time tonight! Sure people have their issues with it and I can argue their points just like I defended lost's ending. No one was expecting a perfect movie but they did a pretty solid job! I'll be ready discuss plot details in January when I'm back in office! Lol

Mike V. said...

Winds of winter - George update. He's not gonna make it before season 6 and is sorry lol.

Anonymous said...

SW, I saw it last night. Ready to discuss. I view it from 2 perspectives, one as a continuation of the story(force, etc) and a stand alone movie. I have to in order to keep any positive attitude about it--lol. My son gave it a 5 as a continuation and I give it a 3 to 4. Basic plot of first 6 movies violated. But as a stand alone, I'd say a 7 to 8. One actor/character in particular I don't like. Actually I'm not sure any of the new characters are compelling for me to watch. My daughter has seen it twice and thought it was a 7.

There really wasn't much competition for it and the weather likely helped it. I know here the weather helped as not much outside activities could happen in the rain.

It's a huge franchise and has big momentum.

I don't want to say too much so not to spoil it for others.


MJ said...

SW - going this friday to see it.

Weather - yeah those tornado sirens get pretty frightening when they get going.

GofT - yeah I read about Bran and all that. And that the book would not be out.

Anonymous said...

GoT--it's like watching a slow moving train wreck with GRRM and he even knows it himself. His books are going to become somewhat irrelavant to most(ie huge TV numbers vs book reader qty). I don't see any major differences in endings since it's already been established how it ends. GRRM could change his mind, but then he'd loose even more credibility. It's really very sad as we've said before.

I wonder if he would have had the 6th book out by now if the TV show deal hadn't been done yet?


Mike V. said...

GoT - Some argue that he may never have written ANY more if the show wasn't there giving the material even more popularity. I agree, it's a trainwreck. I think he'll finish it at some point. I don't think it'll be irrelevant, but it surely won't be as exciting when the show finishes first. Regardless I'm excited for season 6!

SW - Ahhh MJ didn't see yet so we may have to censor our comments just in case! lol Or put ****SPOILER**** warnings. I'm not going to get into the details right now. More meetings today than expected.

I will say that I've seen it 3 times and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sure you're not surprised by that Richard, just as I'm not surprised that you didn't enjoy it! Well you have 2 different viewpoints on it which is interesting. I certainly have input on the whole movie. What I liked, what I thought could've been better. But what I saw it as was a palette cleanser. A reminder of what this franchise could be in comparison to the disappointment that the masses had with the prequels. Even if you enjoyed them, you can agree the masses were disappointed. So yes, they rehashed some old plot lines....which I think was completely intentional. Mirroring between each trilogy was even apparent in the prequels. The cyclical nature of these stories is definitely intentional. But the character beats in between where brand new with new and interesting twists. I loved the new characters. I'm curious to which one you didn't like. I'm guessing Finn. Another hardcore fan I know had a huge issue with Finn as being mainly comic relief with no substance. I don't agree with him. Maybe your issue is with Rey being a "mary sue"...I had to google the term as I'd never heard of it. lol I thought Daisy Ridley was fantastic in the film.

I won't talk about any major plot points in detail but I think everything that happened was essential to bring weight and importance to the new cast that will bring this franchise into the future. And I think it worked REALLY well.

I think if we're looking for some deeper stuff in our Star Wars we'll get into that in episode 8 just like we did with Empire. JJ did the job he was brought on to to do. Get people excited about Star Wars again and the box office proves it. I'm sorry, but the fact that it was raining doesn't bring in the BIGGEST BOX OFFICE numbers of all time! Star Wars does that...and the fact that the general reception is positive is leading to the HUGE numbers. That and inflation. lol But even adjusted for inflation Star Wars is moving up the charts. Should top Avatar this week on domestic unadjusted which is amazing in itself. Adjusted it might climb to 8th or 9th...but who knows. hasn't even opened in China yet which is the #2 market. I expected it to do really well and even challenge Avatar for the #1 spot, but this rapid climb to the top is unprecedented!

GALAVANT - Watched it, loved it. Ratings low as expected. lol

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year everyone!

When are you going to start a new post/date category?

I don't know what a Mary Sue is either--lol. But, Rey's actress was really a bright spot for me. Her character was given some things to do which make zero sense, but I believe that to be a writing issue not a JJ issue.

Finn is the one I have many issues with, both the character and actor. Maybe not liking the actor is unfair since I haven't seen him in anything else, so I'll reevaluate when or if I do see him in something else. I won't go into the reasons until later due to spoilers.

However, Rey is not COMPELLING to pull me in. Just fyi for all 7 movies, my favorite character is Han. Period. I also liked Billy Dee and Liam Neeson. And honestly I liked Padme much better than Leia. It's the only movie where I liked that actress.

Finn and Rey are the only two new characters presented which are to be the "draws" which I think is a mistake by the producers and writers. The original had several "draws". LOL on weather not effecting turnout. Seriously everyone knows weather can be a huge factor. It has been blamed many many times when bad snow storms hit on opening weekend. This opening was given higher than normal temps and lots of rain both helping to move people to the screen vs prevent.

What rating do you give it and what rating do those you know give it?

Avatar, I still can't believe that movie was so big. BTW, from the way you talk sometimes you would think this movie was the biggest of all time--lol.


MJ said...

SW - I'll just start skipping those comments until I have seen it ;-D

Galavant - stopped watching last season but my husband still watching. Heard the opening number was hysterical.

GofT - HBO had to know that this would happen. They could have waited a couple of years to start the show.

TWD - read an article about an actor from 24 Xander Berley going to be on soon - it went on to say who he plays but it meant nothing to me. However he is the one in the books that poisons Glenn's widow. LOL

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah Happy New Year! :)

I think I was thinking if waiting until the Walking Dead resumes in February before posting a new one. But we'll see how things go!

SW - A Mary Sue is apparently a female character who is easily liked by all inside a film and by an audience. She is a jack of all trades and picks up on things easily. I'm sure there's more to it than's really meant to be a negative connotation associated with it. But, I think they did a good job flushing Rey out.

It's hard not to agree that Han is the best character to come out of Star Wars. I would agree with you there too. Lando was great...and Qui Gon was one of the redeeming qualities of the prequels. I liked the idea of Padme in the prequels...but I still think the dialogue and chemistry just wasn't there for her.

I know weather can be a factor in drawing people to the movies...but in THOSE numbers?? There's more to it than just rain! That is my only point.

Avatar IS the #1 domestic box office grosser unadjusted for inflation. That's why I talk about it the way I do. It's also #1 all time global too

When adjusted for inflation (i.e. looking at # of tickets sold), it's still up there but Gone With The Wind is still #1 with Star Wars a close 2nd.

Just looking at some of the charts on that site you'll see how crazy it is that Star Wars TFA is making this kind of money in this span of time.

They timed it well with the holidays. 1 week of crazy grosses before christmas, 1 week between Christmas and new years when many were off from work, and then 3 big weekends. It helped that Christmas and New Year's Day were on Fridays too. People were off and went to the movies.

Coming out of the 1st showing I was asked for an initial rating and I gave it an 8. Maybe it's not that high but that's where I stood on day 1. If Empire is a 10 and Star Wars is a 9.5, then TFA at 8 is pretty good. Jedi at 7/7.5 (knocked a notch for Ewoks lol) SITH - 6.5 TPM - 6 AOTC - 5

I reserve the right to change these ratings at any time...but it's just so you can see where I put it in the scheme of things. Right now I put it a notch above Jedi which I still think is a solid movie. At one point I ranked Sith higher than Jedi but I don't think it holds up too well with the poor dialogue and the dated CGI. TFA using practical effects mixed with CGI will help it hold up better.

Anonymous said...

SW--the production quality including a lot less CGI is one major reason I gave it a 7 to 8 as a stand alone movie and that's close to where you are on it. The 3-4 rating as a part of the SW saga will take some explanation if there is any chance you could understand why.

MJ, I can wait until you see it this weekend to get into spoilery stuff. I would like to hear your input too when details are discussed.

I can see why some say Rey's a Mary Sue then. Particulary with her fight at the end(not goig to be spoilery here)-that was just totally ridiculous and again violated 6 movies worth of canon. But honestly up until that point I thought her character was done pretty well and again I thought the actress(not sure I've ever seen her in anything before?) was pretty good.


Mike V. said...

SW - I see where you're going with your comments then Richard and lots of people have those arguments too. I don't necessarily think it violates canon and it's easier to see on repeat viewings. But I don't want to get into spoilers either until we can all discuss. But just in case MJ, don't read the next few paragraphs. (they're vague in case you glance at a word here or there lol)

I will say that it seems certain characters had force abilities longer than they realized because they had no idea what the force was. And that person was getting stronger as the movie progressed, especially after the interrogation scene with villain when that person turned the tables on the other person.

Also, there were injuries that made that final fight more fair. And we also learned that the villain was not "fully trained" so that person may come back an even stronger foe in the future.

The villain said to his/her master that that other person is strong in the force but untrained...and also said that person gets stronger the more that person is able to try to use those abilities.

Yes, some liberties were's kind of like in season 5 of LOST when crossing the island took half an episode instead of 3 episodes. This person just happens to be strong in the force.....Luke was probably pretty strong in the force too but he had no idea what it was either. And he was using it by the end of A New Hope. Anakin was racing pods as a boy because he could "see things before they happen"....if said character is somehow related to them then it's in the genes! lol

I'd certainly like to have a more open discussion about this though! :-)

Anonymous said...

Annakin was the strongest ever with the force and he needed lots of training. There exists some canon absolutes--or I guess not now after TFA. Of course it can be turned into another comic book deal where nothing before matters or only matters to the extent that the current writers/producers want it to. Every single person I know who is a Star Wars junkie sees the same problems and is not excited about having invested so many years into something only to have it mean a LOT less or nothing.

Your 3rd paragraph second sentence is in itself while used to defend this absurdity does in effect prove the point I am making. "fully trained"--and that's just part of it. There's a whole entire other aspect about the central plot of the first 6 that was thrown into the dump heap. Again, TFA moved the franchise more toward comic book status to me and with those junkies I have discussed. And hey, comic book movies are hot now--lol. And a lot to most of the people watching the movie isn't that deep into it anyway. I know my daughter isn't and she views the movie more as a social event where her friends get together--she's seen it twice and really isn't into Star Wars that much--lol.

Now I know why Lucas said he wouldn't have gone in this direction--since it moves significantly away from at least two key aspects of his canon. I also know now what to expect from Disney and as I write this it all makes sense. Disney and comic books--Lucasfilim and Marvel--lol. Again, I don't blame JJ for these travesties. He seems to have done a good job, better than I expected really.


Mike V. said...

I understand the complaints, but I'd like to hear your arguments in full. I had similar complaints on my first viewing, but I don't really think they're departing from what made the originals successful. They really are just leaving some things a little more mysterious to be flushed out in future episodes. It's the opening of a new trilogy and a whole new franchise for Disney. Some of these questions or uncertainties might be covered in future episodes or even additional text to come. (since all media will be tied to canon going forward)

Honestly, I'm not sure I would've been interested in George's vision of episodes 7-9 after the prequels. Yes, I liked aspects of the prequels but episode 7 was an enjoyable time at the movies...I enjoyed bringing my son. He's excited about star wars and the new characters. Maybe he would've been excited by the prequels but I just can't imagine him being THIS excited. One time he even told me to turn off the Phantom menace (he said turn off this one with Jar Jar and the little boy. Put on the snow one!)

I think we knew they were going to adopt the Avengers model for Star Wars...I wouldn't necessarily say that means they're going to make it into a Comic Book. I'm sure you're talking about the characters acting like super heroes right off the bat.

I could tell you thought JJ did a better job than you expected. He delivered pretty much exactly what I expected and I am pleased. Nothing is ever going to replace my memories of the original trilogy...but this was a fun adventure and I look forward to more.

But yeah I'm interested to hear what else you think they abandoned from the other 6. Obviously the first 6 were (at a macro level) about the rise, fall and redemption of Anakin Skywalker.


We know that this new trilogy is already partly still about the legacy he leaves behind. And we may/should find out in episode 8 that it's more than just the one character.

I guess we'll wait until next Monday to really get into it. lol

MJ said...

new Vikings trailer – looks good !

Making of a Murderer on Netflix ? Any one watch ? Heard it is very good. I have it in my list but have not yet had time to watch.

SW - strange thing - AMC Deptford as well as 2 theaters in Washington Twp have no movies listed for friday so I have not yet got my tickets. Fandango has nothing for the 8th either. It's like no movies are showing at all ? So bizarre. Might just run over to the theater today and get tickets for friday. Even AMC app does not have any showings for friday. So annoying.

Mike V. said...

Making a Murderer - No apparently my wife really wants us to watch. It's just finding the time of course! But I heard it's addicting. I've heard that the defense attorney or prosecution or whatever said the show omitted some key evidence to make the story compelling. lol

SW - That's really weird. Funny that you go to AMC Deptford though. When my parents watch our kids, that's where we've been going too! lol Saw Avengers 2 and Antman there. You know it'll definitely be playing so yeah get those tix!

MJ said...

SW - apparently theaters wait til wednesday to make their schedules with new movies coming out each friday - so that is why I have to wait. Theaters are probably starting to show it a little less often each day too.

Making Murderer - yeah - it's hot show that everyone is talking about. Don't know about not showing evidence but def heard the prosecutor stating not all was told in the documentary.

Anonymous said...

MJ, we saw SWTFA at the big screen theatre here which seats 1000+ easily--OVer 100' screen. It was about half full last Sat for a 4PM showing--more than I thought would be there. So, I'd bet it will still be busy some this weekend.

MIke, you are so funny about JJ vs Lucas. I bet you wish you could own some bad robot stock if it existed. Lucas developed the whole deal and I think he would have had a great VII if he would have been into it. JJ didn't do Star Trek a lot of good. I am assuming he wasn't the one with the "comic book" revisions for TFA.

At the time the prequels were done cgi was a big deal/toy and so was over used by everybody. The second and third wasn't as bad. JJ tremendously over does cgi with one character to the point that it really defeats many important aspects of that character that were present in Lucas's rendition of a character in a similar position. I also consider whether I would buy a BD of a movie I have seen on the big screen. I would not for this movie, but might buy once all three are done depending on how they turn out and the price. You're going to laugh at this, but consider I have John Carter and have rewatched it a few times and think it was a better movie--I suspect saying that may not help my credibility-lol. But hey, I'm not one that usually runs with the pack.

Vikings--I've heard this is going to be a great season. I don't get the Lagertha stuff after a point, we'll see how far they take her vs reality. This writer obviously doesn't get the notion of a shield maiden to include the word merely.


Mike V. said...

Making Murderer - I'm sure the headline was trying to make a pun with LEGAL terminology (i.e. evidence not portrayed)...we probably both saw the same info!

SW - It has nothing to do with JJ vs. Lucas. I loved what Lucas did with the franchise originally. I just don't think he's the right voice for this era of Star Wars. It has gotten bigger than just the movies and Disney is a good enterprise (star TREK pun sorta intended?) to steer the ship. I disagree with your comments on Star Trek. Even if we agree to disagree on Into Darkness I think his "reboot" was fantastic.

CGI was in its INFANCY when the prequels came into existence. George used the prequels as a vehicle to show what can be done with the technology. It was perfected in movies like the Lord of the Rings trilogy where they combined practical locales and effects with the CGI technology. The CGI is only one aspect of what doesn't hold up with the prequels. But all of the green screens definitely contributed to some of the performances. There's only so much you can do with that script too.

I think I had read rumors of what Lucas's ideas for the new trilogy were about. He wanted it to be about Vader's grandchildren....but he wanted to start the trilogy with them really young in their teens. Maybe that's better than a 9 year old boy but how many GOOD teenage actors are there out there that can carry a franchise? JJ and Disney took George's basic ideas for a new trilogy and worked them into their own version of the story.

Not sure if you've read all of George's comments since the movie has premiered...there was a pretty negative interview but it turned out that interview happened before he saw the movie. He has since revised his statements and said he is thrilled with what Disney is doing. Granted...he may still be a little sour that he's not involved but he did sell the franchise to them! (for 4 billion dollars!) Still, it's tough to see your baby continue on without you at the helm.

I have yet to see John Carter...but I will say that was also a Disney made film! lol Regardless...I will be buying this on Blu-ray/digital on the first day available. Even if not just for the movie, I really want to see the "making of" documentaries of what went into reviving the franchise. I'm sure it'll be full of interesting tidbits.

Vikings - Haven't watched the preview but looking forward to the season.

Anonymous said...

Expanse--so I've seen first 4 eps now. Not bad. OPA, Martians, Earthers, Belters(some OPA, some not)--those are the 4 groups I believe, any more or do I have it wrong. Thought it sad the cop didn't want to go after the guy who shot his partner with that bar. Don't know about Fred yet but he seems to have a LOT of inside information and very important.

SW, I can address your 4th paragraph with specifics later. It's one of the key problems with TFA--how it treats Annakin.


Mike V. said...

SW (MJ just safest to not read but I'm still being vague) - Got it. Well they really didn't get into Anakin too much. There's a guiding principle (even in the trailers) for one character. But it could be a misguided principle. I really think Episodes 8 and 9 will flush out both sides of the coin more. Episode 7 was the palette cleanser and they didn't want to get into too many details for fear they might get too political. While a political drama is good, George kinda ruined it for Star Wars with the Trade Federation Tax debates.

They can kind of backdoor their way into politics in future episodes and books while episode 7 laid the groundwork. Same goes for details on certain characters. If you go back and watch A New Hope. There maybe is a few minutes overall of exposition explaining the past. But most of the story is pretty straight forward. It's a civil war, we're rooting for the rebellion...they have to rescue a princess and destroy the death star. Empire and Jedi really flush out the rest story more.

We really don't know what Disney intends to do with its Anthology Series either after the Rogue One, Han Solo movie, Boba Fett movie (maybe).....there will be a new Star Wars movie every year there's plenty of time to tell more stories.

What we do know is that the EPISODES will continue to deal with the Skywalker family. We just don't necessarily fully know how yet.

EXPANSE - I haven't watched since the episodes that first week. Maybe I'll get back to it.

The 100 - Trying to finish season 2 right now. It's been really good as stated previously. But, I'm also glad I'm binging it instead of having watched live.

Fox Comedies - Didn't get to watch ANYTHING last night. Kids were up past midnight. I was not pleased. :)

Idol - Final season starts tonight!! Guess I better put up my "pre-recorded shows" blog post on the Idol blog! lol

Anonymous said...

SW--REALLY?? a palette cleanser--wow that is just hilarious.

Thanks, I needed that laugh.


Mike V. said...

SW - Yes...I brought it up in one of my first comments. In the sense of reminding people what a Star Wars movie could be like as opposed to the mess of the prequels (which you don't agree with....and I used to tell myself I didn't agree with). So I was just referencing back to that without the context. But you're welcome.

Introduce star wars to new fans, nostalgia for old fans. Get everyone invested for the ride ahead. It intentionally left things open for other movies to fill in. But it still works as a beginning, middle and end story on its own too.

I've talked to many parents of kids in the 7/8 year old range and they're OBSESSED with The Force Awakens just like kids were with the original star wars. Right there....mission accomplished. They made a movie for parents to simultaneously enjoy with their children. Even my 4 year old won't stop talking about it.

If episode 7 came out and was another flavor of the prequels, I'm not sure people would be THIS excited about it. So PALETTE cleanser.

So in response to your laughs: "Laugh it up fuzzball." (google it if you don't remember)

Mike V. said...

SW - This post kinda says in a different way what I'm "trying to say here" (trying being the key word). The point is that Episode 7 did its job, but just like I love Empire...I'm really looking forward to Episode 8 to fill in the holes and get weird! lol And I'm definitely excited that Riann Johnson is the writer/director. I loved Looper. And I loved the Ozymandius episode of Breaking Bad (which is rated as the best episode of BB) I actually didn't realize Ryan is writing 9 too with Colin Trevorrow directing (that I knew. He did Jurassic World)

Anonymous said...

Limitless--wow, what a great ep. Bradley Cooper getting more air time than I thought he would. NOT surprised Piper lived, told my wife that I just can't believe he killed her so when we saw she was alive--no big surprise. BUT, not sure she's all innocent either.

No need to look it up, Han is my favorite character, thanks.

TFA at 21st in ticket sales really.

A 7/8 year old being excited is great. And I really like it's something that parents and kids can enjoy together.

Prequels--it really doesn't make sense to lump them all together at a particular level of good or bad--it's kind of intellectually lazy and doesn't reflect the big differences in each. It's like JarJar infected them all. I also believe that when something is said even when not true is said often enough, people come to believe it. We see it out of DC very frequently for many decades now.


Anonymous said...

SW, re prequels--meant to add that almost everybody says ESB is the best which I agree with and that shows intellectual useage. ROTJ was deemed not so good to bad by several for many years. Then JarJar took it's place. In terms of good, I rank order the eps as V, IV and II to begin with. It's a toss up between III ,VI and I(I didn't like JarJar but Liam and the pod race was great). Ep VII to me cannot really be included in the saga at this poit due to many canon problems. But, as a stand alone movie, I would rank it behind VI due to Han, toss up with III and I. Although I love the pod race as we have previously discussed and it had Liam.


Mike V. said...

TFA - 21st...yeah adjusted for inflation that's correct. But it has a chance to still be top 10. It's still a box office phenomenon in this day and age. It still has reached 21st in ticket sales in record time and its run is not complete. But to top Avatar (which isn't really THAT old and prices weren't THAT different) in record time is still really impressive.

I always go to for my box office stats. It has all the records including adjusted for inflation (i.e. ticket sales)

Prequels - I can break them down however you want. Overall though, they're inferior to the originals and time has reflected that. I don't blame Jar Jar for everything. I blame wooden dialogue, extreme focus on technology over chemistry between actors, George getting too big for his britches and surrounding himself by yes men. I always say there are parts of each movie I still enjoy, but not nearly as much as I enjoy the originals. I do enjoy the story of the prequels but it wasn't executed to my liking (or the masses).

I'm surprised you rank 2 that high. Not that I want to conform to the masses but it is generally viewed as the worst these days. But I made up my own mind on that. The love story is very poorly mishandled. The start of the clone war and Obi Wan's Clone investigation story is pretty cool. The lightsaber battle was awesome at the time but now it's kind of a joke in my mind. Dooku was a pointless character too (no offense to the great Christopher Lee...RIP).

I'm excited to discuss the canon problems with you but all in due time! I'm sure I'll agree on some of it but be able to contest some of it. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL on SWII--I can see the questions on the love story. You know how I am about too much drama and so yea, it went too far. But, it was vital to tell the story. Another actor for Annakin could have helped maybe. Those 2 had SOME chemistry. I mean Han and Leia didn't have that much chemistry, certainly not in VII. I think the Chemistry between Padme and Annakin was much better in II than Han and Leia in VII. Han and Leia looked wooden and tired and I don't think just from age in VII. Plus they didn't have much time really.

I agree II was much better toward the beginning. I found Lee to be a great actor and his influence on the movie good. The fact that his character wasn't around long enough is a function of the over arching plot. And Annakin got to show his piloting skills too, that was fun.

Basically, you're at an 8 and I'm at a 7 on VII as a stand alone, so not that far off from each other. And yea, if it weren't for JarJar, I would rank I above II.

Keep this in mind, When VI was done there was a LOT of negative feelings which discouraged Lucas. It took years and a lot of convincing to get him to come back. He took into account the feedback and made changes moving from I to II to III. III was supposed to be over the top dark from the get go. But, I actually thought he went too far sometimes.

Would you rather live in a world with or without Star Wars? If the answer is yes, then be grateful to George. He took a chance and made a movie in 76/77 which worked. He did things not really done before being very RISKY. He tried some things at other times that didn't go as well. It is this very risk taking that is a double edged sword. I personally miss that risk taking vs the politically correct cookie cutter comic book type movies of today.


MJ said...

SW - got my tickets ! Will take me forever to catch up to your comments. LOL

Vikings - I'm excited for it. Have to re-watch the finale that I kept from last year.

Expanse - decent so far. A little confusing with so many groups and sides.

Daredevil is back 3/18 ! Ugh - don't know how I will watch it. Too much coming in March and April

Bates and new show Omen start 3/7. Also new show with Joan Allen starts 3/3. The Americans should be back soon as well as Shameless.

Didn't get to Fox shows either - we'd been rewatching Harry Potters and finished that up last night.

MJ said...

Oh - Expanse had Tyreese from TWD and Limitless had Olivia's daughter from Fringe.

MJ said...

SW - not going to Imax though I wanted to but hate 3D.

Mike V. said...

SW (For MJ's eyes) - Believe it or not, we really haven't said much yet! lol We've censored our thoughts so much that it's all very vague. But I kinda get Richard's impression of the movie and it's pretty much what I'd expect his impression to be. lol

The 3D actually isn't bad with Star Wars. I haven't gone to IMAX (yet) either. I've seen it 2 times in 3D and one standard RPX (Regal's version of IMAX...definitely not imax but a bigger than normal screen)

Expanse - Nice on Tyreese....I certainly was having an issue keeping track of what was going on on that show.

Daredevil - I think that's maybe a month earlier than last season. But I still waited until summer last year to watch. I'm sure I might have to again. We'll see!

Shameless - Back Sunday. Americans I think got pushed later but I could be wrong. Did you see Kerri Russell and Matthew Rhys (on screen couple) are having a baby? I didn't even know she was divorced!

FOX - We watched New Girl and the holiday B99 last night. Too much to catch up on all the time!

Nice on Harry Potter...I really would love to read those again, but just no time. I'm currently reading the Force Awakens novelization. There might be a little extra insight in the book, but not too much. lol

Mike V. said...

SW Grosses - One thing I didn't bring up before with the Adjusted prices and this chart does indicate. Many of the movies ahead of Force Awakens were released MULTIPLE times. Even the original Star Wars was rereleased in theaters. The Special Edition grossed 100 million extra (now adjusted for inflation) because it had 5 minutes of additional footage in 1997. Gone With The Wind was rereleased a zillion times and had much less competition.

So for a first run it is now in 20th place all time and that's ridiculously impressive for this early in its run.

13 movies above it and several movies below it were all rereleased to get its numbers.

And just so we're clear...just recently today it officially became the unadjusted box office domestic champ! Laters Avatar and Titanic! lol And we don't have to bring up again the adjusted for inflation business. It's all known. But this is still an impressive feat in the short timeframe.

Leslie said...

Hey everybody.....Happy New Year!

Making a Murderer - We watched all 10 episodes over the long weekend! Have to admit that it was compelling to watch. It did seem that it was swayed for the defendant, but there were also some things presented that screamed reasonable doubt. Of course, that doesn't mean he's innocent or guilty. I found myself going back and forth. I understand that the producers started shooting after the guy got out after he was exonerated after 18 years with some DNA evidence. They wanted to cover how his life would be after serving that much time for something he didn't do, then this murder happens and the victim was last known to be seen on his property. It's a crazy story! It does give a look into our justice system that is kinda frightening!

Mike V. said...

Got - negotiating 7th and 8th season and premiere date announced for late April

Mike V. said...

Deadwood - finally! Movie in the works.

Mike V. said...

SW - Definitely don't read this link until you've seen the email. It's a Facebook article some dude wrote but I don't think you need to be a Facebook member to see it. Could be wrong. Anyway, it's a response to Huff Post's "40 unforgivable plot holes in TFA" ....i read that original article and thought it was absolutely ridiculous lol But this guy, a filmmaker (i don't know his credentials), put together a fantastic response. It's entertaining, there is profanity but he makes some very logical points. Ones I thought myself but didn't write up a response to the original article lol

Richard, not sure if some of these "plot holes" are on your list. But maybe you'll be interested in reading these counter points. I'm sure I'll be making some of them in my own words next week. :) lol

Mike V. said...

SW - not sure why I said email. I meant don't read until you've seen the movie!! lol

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Leslie,
I'm not watching the Murder stuff, but my daughter is. I can't believe how many are watching it.

What are shows are you watching?

GoT--I'm not crazy about 8 seasons of this though. My energy is loosing focus on it. Partly because of the lack of a new book and also as you know I don't like too much drama and this show's production seems to have more than it needs. I suspect after the new season starts my energy will be building again. But, and I've said this a lot, it needs more than 10 eps to keep my energy up. Vikings has gone to 20 to help with that. Not saying GoT needs 20, but 10 is less than 1/5th of a year. BTW, I hope going to 20 doesn't cause Vikings to stray from reality too much.

SW--I didn't know about the Huff Post article. I will have to check it out and compare to my list. 40 seems a stretch on the face of it. BUT, there are some very large ones. Disney won't care though. But, if those canon violations start being a problem for the junkies then comic con could have a rebellion of sorts. Comic con has been commercialized for a long time now and if the average supporter starts to feel like they're being manipulated on something like this(which I do) then there could be blow back that Disney may not like. OF course they are so big that it's like trying to sue the government--lol. I will read the facebook stuff. BTW, I'm not on facebook


Anonymous said...

SW on facebook post. Sorry, I find it repugnant and low brow coming from someone without intellect just throwing stuff out there. So, I won't read past the 2nd point. I much prefer posting with someone who has the intelligence to form logical arguments and use a vocabulary to match.


Anonymous said...

Blacklist--a good ep. Samar working directly with Red, wonder if that will keep up. OK, so the grave scene was GREAT!


Mike V. said...

SW - Whatever dude.

Mike V. said...

GoT - I don't think I have the strength to argue about the length of the seasons again. While I'd certainly enjoy longer GoT seasons if it were possible, producing 10 episodes with the cost and time involved seems to be all they can do in a year's time frame. You don't agree so we'll just agree to disagree. As for season's really not a surprise. HBO has been saying 8 for awhile now and even D&D were kinda hinting it might be 8 lately. I'm sure they mapped out the remaining stuff they want to do. If they think they have 2 more big story arcs in season 7 and 8, then I'll trust them. I'm pretty sure one of the storylines this season will still be some book 5 stuff. (the greyjoys) But, i'm with you on the book 6/7 not being here. I wish it would be out too, but it will be interesting to not know where this is going at the same time.

SW - Sorry for my gut response to your comment. But it did come off pretty "holier than thou" lol. 40 is definitely a stretch. The guy set out to make a list of 40 for click bait. The article I sent listed those 40 items again with the guy's response. I thought he made some pretty intellectual responses. The profanity was in there for humor...but that's not for everyone. If you want to talk about lack of intellect, look at the 40 plot hole statements. That guy is a middle aged English professor but it certainly doesn't come off that way.

Anonymous said...

MIke on facebook post. Let me clarify as I don't want you to think that my response is about the movie or opinions of the movie. It's his use of foul language and personally demeaning attacks that I find repugnant. There are thousands of sites and one thing I really like about your site is the self policing nature of its' participants.


Anonymous said...

SW,BTW, quickly reviewed the Huff Post 40 criticisms and found that many could be said of most any movie really and we've discussed here about how things happen that don't make sense but serve the narrative purpose,etc. I think some are on target and some are a stretch. I like that someone is willing to cricize the movie too as it will help make the next ones better.

GoT--I hated to bring up the 10 ep deal since we've gone back and forth a 100 times--lol. I said it because it's just another point of frustration--I understand it--like paying taxes--but I don't have to LIKE it. And the delay on the book is frustrating and so those and other frustrations mount. I love the series and a big fan. I thought the show runners said they needed 70 hours to tell the story so going to 80 just makes me wonder if there's some added filler which is even going to be a further divergence from the GRRM books. And yea, I know HBO has been pushing for an extra season for a while now and the show runners not wanting to do it, to stay to their original vision. But, obviously money won. Obviously D&D will do their best and the eps will be good. But again, the books aren't done and so whatever framework they have so far is limited from GRRM. So, by adding more screen time to an outline which was already done but doesn't have the complete story just seems on its' face to be a problem IF the story follows the books. I know the ending should be pretty much the same for the key characters per prior press releases/interviews. I just wonder how many characters will be considered "key" by the end of the series as they continue to diverge-lol.


Anonymous said...

SW--article on Samuel Jackson re TFA. He was great in prequels too.

His point is valid and another "plus for prequels"-lol.


Mike V. said...

SW - I saw that article too. And totally disagree with him. He was not great in the prequels. It's not his fault. Sam wanted to be in it so George created a bland character for him. He was underused in the prequels and could've been great if he was allowed to be SAMUEL JACKSON in Star Wars. (I'm sure being Mace Windu is not what he envisioned when he signed up for Star Wars. But at least George caved and gave him his purple light saber request lol) I did love the choreography in the prequels for the lightsaber fights..especially Phantom Menace but it may have been a little TOO pretty. The lightsaber user(s) in Force Awakens should NOT have been graceful. They never had used one before. I thought the emotional stakes to the fight were more important than anything in episode 7. I was totally bought in at that point of the movie. And rooting them on due to the circumstances of the fight.

Mike V. said...

Sorry Richard...I keep missing all your posts the first time around.

SW - Facebook post - i knew why you wouldn't read it. I was just saying the fact that foul language is used doesn't mean he lacks intelligence. He made a lot of sense. Granted, he didn't have to slam the guy who wrote the original article, but I found it pretty amusing. lol

I agree...the 40 were pretty generic accusations. I really think episode VIII will get into more details about the mysteries laid out in this one. This one was just scratching the surface of the new story. And like I said...A New Hope really didn't get into too much details either. It was made as a 1 and done movie (even if George had bigger plans in mind)....then we saw the story expand from there. We can get into the details on Monday.

GoT - No you don't have to like it. I don't like it either...once the season starts it feels like it's already over (I say that but when I'm recapping that makes it feel longer lol)....but it just makes it that much more of event television.

When you're 30 episodes from the end you may think you have enough, but when you start breaking story you might find you need more. It's tough to really estimate that up front. Plus, now that they're free of the books, they have some wiggle room to explore different territories in their own way but get to the end goal at the appropriate time.

You never know either..D&D might have been very vocal about 7 and done to renegotiate for a big payday for 8. That's done a lot too.

We'll see what happens!

MJ said...


Holy crap ! They killed Han Solo !! I have to process this. Jeez .

MJ said...

OOps was supposed to say SPOILERS

Mike V. said...

It's amazing you were able to stay unspoiled! Lol

We are ready to dive into details Monday! We held off well this week. Lots of vague commentary lol

Mike V. said...

STAR WARS (SPOILERS) - Okay, it's time to discuss folks! I've waited long enough. But, I do better responding to other critiques so I'll wait for Richard's essay. I've seen it 3 times and have processed and mourned the loss of the greatest hero of all time. But, I've also found it completely necessary in solidifying the new cast and giving them motivation for the rest of the trilogy. The last 20 minutes are so fueled with intensity because of that pivotal moment. The 1st time it was hard to concentrate, but the 2nd 2 times I was totally on board with Rey and Finn and their mission at hand. And I believe further reveals in the sequels could make it even more powerful once we know who Rey truly is. Lots of theories...some are more obvious than others.

1.) Luke's Daughter - at first I really wanted it to be is a story of the Skywalkers afterall. Anakin, Luke, Rey....but Leia is also a skywalker and to match up with some non-canon source material they could go with Rey being
2.) Han/Leia's Daugher - Sure, it's weird because there was no acknowledgement of this in the movie. Han definitely looked at her like he was impressed with her. Offered her a job...had a feeling of attachment to her very quickly. But you'd think he would've said something if he knew. There's a chance Leia could've been pregnant with Rey before she split with Han and didn't know. But how old would Ben/Kylo have been when he defected from the New Jedi Order vs. how old he is now? The story in the old expanded universe is that Han and Leia had twin children....the Girl Jana was a Jedi, the boy was Jacen and he turned to the dark side. So they could be paying homage to this story.

I'd really be fine with either of those 2 options but the 2nd one takes more explaining. Leia and Rey may certainly have had a knowing embrace on both sides in the final minutes of the movie and just the audience was kept in the dark. But more on Rey's family and past will come to light in episode 8. The fact that I'm this invested in her character means they did a good job flushing her out. Daisy Ridley was awesome in this movie.

Sure there's arguments to how strong she was off the bat, but that just adds to her mystery. Luke did use the force to blow up a death star and fight off a training ball on the Falcon (which made a cameo in Force Awakens lol)...but Rey was force pulling light sabers and defeating ones strong in the darkside. I'm not really surprised by her light saber skills....she was defending herself pretty well on Jakku...and she seemed pretty force sensitive already on Jakku without knowing that she was. And Kylo brought up in the movie how she's getting stronger the more she tries to use her powers....She was strong enough to foce Kylo out of her mind and read his mind instead. Then she used the Jedi Mind trick on James Bond (i.e. Daniel Craig was in the storm trooper outfit)....some say that was way too soon. Some suggest she might be Obi-Wan's daughter/grand-daughter lol....We know she knew about the legend of Luke Skywalker...and once she AWOKE and knew she had these powers....there's a chance she had heard of the concept of the Jedi Mind trick and tried it out. lol Regardless, I found it to be an awesomely executed scene.

Mike V. said...

SW - continued

There's also the 2nd teaser trailer to consider where Luke says "the force is strong in my family. My father has it, I have it, my sister has it. You have that power too". I guess it doesn't indicate she is HIS daughter as Leia's daughter would be family too. I guess he also could've been speaking about Kylo too.

Anyway...I don't need this to be a shocking twist in episode 8 on the terms of "I am your father" can't surprise with that anymore. It has to be one of these options right??

There's tons to be said about all of the homages to the original trilogy. (and even surprising # of references to the prequels) I don't think it was a complete copy. I think they followed the formula that was used for both Phantom Menace and A New Hope....a nobody plucked from obscurity and thrown into a world much bigger with a destiny ahead of them. And they blew up a bad guy station in the end. But within that formula were many twists on the originals that make it its own movie. And they did really awesome character development and motivating a fan base to care about new people in future installments. JJ did his job well. And I can't wait to see what Rian Johnson does with these characters. He'll make it weird...and weird will be good! lol

Mike V. said...

CREED - Finally saw this yesterday. From a huge Rocky fan....what an awesome movie! I was pretty much bawling from 5 minutes in to the end. It was so well done. Not much else to say because I don't know who saw it!

Mike V. said...

SW Box Office Update - All Time has moved up to 15th surpassing ticket sales for Return of The Jedi and all of its rereleases. Not far from Avatar or Empire Strikes Back and all of their rereleases

Leslie said...

Anybody gonna watch Colony premiering on USA this week? It's from Carlton Cuse and stars Josh Holloway and Rick's wife from TWD. Yep, I'll be recording! :)

Weather - I haven't been visiting the blog as much lately, but life has calmed down now. I was glancing back at the posts for the last couple of weeks and noticed you guys asked about the weather that came through the Dallas area the day after Christmas. It was pretty scary! The worst tornadoes were a little east of me, but I know people who were in the worst of it. Thanks for thinking of me!

CREED - We saw this Thanksgiving weekend! It was really well done! Stallone won the Golden Globe for it last night and thanked his "imaginary friend Rocky Balboa" for being the best friend he's ever had!

Mike V. said...

Colony - I'm recording and want to watch. Will see if I can fit it in! But I sold my wife on it saying Holloway got back his sawyer hair. lol

Weather - Glad you're okay Leslie!

Creed - I watched the globes too! Was happy he won! Totally deserved.

MJ said...

SW - I have to catch up on all the past comments but read the ones from yesterday. Been sick for 2 days with a stomach thing. Ugh. I can['t believe I managed to not hear about that either ! I was blown away. But yeah - I'm ok with it. Def th obvious is that Rey is Luke's daughter - at the very end Leih even looked at her quite tenderly - not like someone she's only met once or twice. Would hate it of she was Han and Leih's kid - that would mean they handled that quite badly.

Ren use of the force to talk the guard (did not kow was Daniel Craig) into releasing her was amusing - and reminded me of Obi Wan in Ep 4 - and lots are saying she is the daughter of Obi Wan - but I don't buy that either. Unlike Anakin he was a rule follower and I doubt he got marreid and had a kid. Or even just had a kid. LOL The other one - which does not seem possible - she's related to Amidala in some way - just cause the actresses look alot alike. But Amidala had no Force and Rey certainly does. Loved loved loved it when the saber went to her instead of Kylo Ren.

I need to IMDB Daisy Ridley - something about her voice is so familiar !

Now for a little negativity - certainly some of the movie was quite repetative. It's one thing to to give an homage and a wink to the past - but when Han and Kylo were fighting on that walk way - my first thought was that if someone loses an arm I will be mad. LOL There were one or two other things that to me were direct rip-offs and I can't remember what now - but they will come to me. Oh yeah - it was almost like blowing up the death Start again. Couldn't come up with something a little different ? Loved seeing the General (It's a trap!) again though.

Over all I was quite happy with the movie.

Colony - yes - sigh - I am going to record yet another show to watch. LOL

Leslie - glad to hear you are ok.

Shamless - haven't watched yet. Heard first ep was good.

Makign a Murderer - OMG what a fascinating documentary. Scary but good.

Mike V. said...

SW - Sorry you've been sick! Hope you're on the mend.

They either handled it badly or there's a valid explanation for the way they acted in ep 7. Even if it was handled badly there is precedent in the series. Luke and Leia kissed in Empire and then in Jedi they're brother and sister. lol I'm rooting for Luke's daughter, but the whole brother/sister vibe worked in the books and could work in the movies. We'll see!

If you watch the Clone Wars series (I know you won't, but it is considered canon now)...Obi-wan had a bit of a romance with a Mandalorian leader (he never acted on it, but said he would've left the Jedi order for her). So some suggest that maybe something came of that. He was alone on Tattooine for many years watching over Luke too. I really hope there's a story there that they can tell one day with Ewan!

That was a great moment when the saber flew by Ren. I even suspected it coming but the rush I got when it happened was awesome (and I think it's a general consensus that there is usually applause in the theater when it happens. Happened in all 3 I went to see lol)

Daisy Ridley is basically an unknown and hasn't done much before The Force Awakens. This is her coming out party!

Negativity - I can list all of the "direct rip offs" if you want. I still say it was following the formula, giving a sense of history repeating itself, mirroring things that have come before and paying homage. There were twists on every single thing they "borrowed/paid tribute to". People had the same complaints when they had to blow up a 2nd Death Star in Jedi.

Let's see:
Rescuing the damsel in distress - She rescued herself.

Finding a weakness in the enemy base and blowing it up - They couldn't blow through the thermal exhaust and were about to call it quits. Han, Chewie, Rey and Finn instead of escaping went to blow it up from the inside leading to the ultimate demise of our beloved hero in a sacrifice for his son.

Rey/Finn/Chewie watching on as Han and Ren talk on a bridge (similar to A New Hope Obiwan/Vader and ESB Luke and Vader) - Total homage. And it was very effective. I cannot explain to you what on earth Rey and Finn were doing up on that ledge. Maybe they were planting explosives...but other than that there is no reason for them to be up at that elevation other than to observe that scene. Unless it was somehow the way out to the woods where they eventually fight Ren.

Droid holds the macguffin for the movie (map to skywalker/death star plans) - I'm fine with this direct homage. Plus, BB8 was awesome!

Hit every climate that was in the original trilogy - Woods (endor/takodana), snow (hoth/starkiller base), sand (Tatooine, Jakku). Well maybe not Dagobah or Cloud City but Cloud City did make an appearance in Rey's force vision.

Mike V. said...

I know there's more but those are the ones that stand out the most to me. I think it was very intentional that they did that. JJ even spoke to it in an interview. They wanted to do a victory lap with the original cast and erase the bad taste many had from the prequels. This was Disney stating, "this is the star wars you want. this is the star wars we're bringing back." They basically are setting the stage for many star wars movies to come and wanted this to feel retro and familiar while developing the new generation of star wars heroes. I think it worked well. I can see why people would have a gripe with it. There's just too many other things to worry about in this world than that. I'm sure people will have the same issue with Creed as it pays homage to Rocky a lot too. It's all about the character development!!! lol

Colony - lol...that's how I feel but you know that.
Shameless - Watched last night but was very tired when I did. It was good of course!
Making Murderer - It's on our list but who knows when we'll get to it.
The 100 - One episode left! Good series!! 2 seasons on Netflix and season 3 starting soon.

MJ said...

SW - Rey - Daisy Ridley - well looked her up - never seen any thing she's done before. It's something about her tone at times - reminds me of the british chick in the Pirates movies I think.

Kenobi - ah - so that's what my nephew meant when he said things changed when I made my argument to him.

Finn/Rey - yep - think they were planting explosives.

Maz is just another Yoda - nothing new there. Though I liked her. Have to admit - I cringed when Ren started talking about being torn - very quickly reminded me of Teenage/young adult Anakin and his whinieness - but it was quick thank goodness. Read alot of peeps thought it was a rip off of New Hope - I wouldn't call it a rip off but it does have some similarities - and some of that is what I probably loved about it.

Blacklist - was really good. Actor who plays Aram was really good - really felt his angst about letting her die in there or letting her out and into the hands of the cabal. Evil of them to kill her oxygen. Loved the chick who came in in the end and they way she handled them all - can't remember who she was - Attorney General or something ? Ressler's turn around was a little quick to 'I believe you' but was ok with it. And they finally mentioned the elephant in the room - she murdered someone in cold blood with no trial or evidence given. Episode really took advantage of 'fringing it' with all the travel Red and Samir got it - but I'll go with that too. Yet again - he truly is a criminal with no concerns except his own - giving those plates to the venezuelans ! Not sure what Red was even paying them off for ?

Still haven't read all the comments you guys got to make all last week. LOL But I will.

iZombie back ! Yay. Still say if you liked Buffy you need to put this on your summer list.

MJ said...

SW - Ok - what the heck is a Mary Sue ? LOL. I'm sure I will read that as I continue. Not even going to weigh in on the box office totals

- don't care. ;-P

I liked Finn just fine FYI. I was ok with Padme - just not all the Japanese type stuff and her stupid outfits. Like the actress in several

other things too. Billy Dee ? Ugh - he is an awful actor. LOL . Rey had all the exxcitment of Luke but was a little less goofier - I

approved. While I always loved Han - his character was pretty derivitive. From my perspective Leih was a rare woman character whith

intelligence and chutzpah in that day an age and in an action movie back then. And SW continued that with Padme and now Rey. I can't say that I liked any of them more then the other though or consider any of them the 'best' character. Aww - I still like the Ewoks ! LOL

I have no issue with Rey acquiring her skills o quickly - she's Luke's daughter for goodness sake ! j/k !
"Every single person I know who is a Star Wars junkie sees the same problems and is not excited

about having invested so many years into something only to have it mean a LOT less or nothing. " - kinda like the numbers in lost.
Just a point - if we'd wasted more screen time training someone who didn't know they had the force then I think we'd have all been whining about yet another repetative piece of the movie. Just saying. We get it now - force is everywhere in everything - some have it strongly and need some training. We didn't need to see that again.

Mike - you hit it on the head for me. This was a fun adventure and a fun movie to watch. I was snarky above about Lost but in all seriousness - when i watch Lost the second time and just went along for the ride instead of trying to figure every little thing - enjoyed it more.

I thought JJ did a fine job with Star Trek though. After that last Indiana Jones I don't trust the Lucas sequels any more.

Anakin ? Did TFA have Anakin related any thing ? Please god - no Boba Fett movie. Nooooooo!

Oh yeah - another call back - a Cantina like location. Which I enjoyed. Ok - you guys have exhausted me !!! But i enjoyed it - the comments.

Mike V. said...

SW - Okay I'll respond to your non catchup comments first. :)
You're referring to Keira Knightly (sp) and yes she has gotten that comparison a lot! Coincidentally, Keira was actually in The Phantom Menace as Queen Amidala's decoy! lol Sophia Coppala was one of her handmaidens too. (I feel like I'm spelling a lot of these names incorrectly!)

Kenobi - Yep, that's probably what he meant! The Clone Wars was actually a decent TV show. I binged it on Netflix last year and am now watching Rebels. The dude running both shows "gets" star wars fandom. And he worked with Lucas on Clone Wars.

Finn/Rey - That makes me feel better that they were actually doing something useful! lol

Maz - Yep that was Lupita Nyungo doing the voice..and she's definitely the new Yoda. But I liked what they were doing with her as well. I thought Kylo Ren was a lot more the whiny one in the final moments of the movie than Rey ever was. But the hero has to be a reluctant hero for it to be a hero's journey! (Of course...Anakin really wasn't a reluctant hero...he was gung ho about it...and maybe that's why he fell to the dark side)

Yeah...I can only handle so much COPYCAT's not a direct rip off of A New Hope. I started to explain why.....Star Wars was a copy of things that came before that too...we've discussed that as well. it's the Hero's Journey. There is a formula! But yeah...the direct comparisons were intentional by the filmmaker and I believe JJ's quote was, "I knew going in we can't please everyone." I agree.
Going to read your other star wars catchup comments now!

Mike V. said...

SW Catchup Comments -
Mary sue - You'll read it in the comments...I hadn't heard the term either...and don't really think it applies in all the negative context that it implies!
I'd be lying if I said I'm not interested in box office grosses, but I know in the long run it doesn't mean much beyond bragging rights. I just find it interesting to read about and study results over time. lol

Well yeah I love Natalie Portman....I liked the character of Padme...but it all comes back to chemistry with other actors, wooden dialogue and favoring technology over actor performances. I liked Finn too. I thought Rey was PERFECT. And it's very exciting that my daughter may be a huge Star Wars fan and have Rey to look up to one day! She already loves singing the song every time it comes on in our house (it comes on a lot lol)

Harrison Ford's reasoning for the reason he wanted to be killed off in Return of the Jedi was because his character wasn't needed going forward. Luke and Leia were important to restoring the Republic and the Jedi Order. He wanted Han to go out in a big way in a blaze of glory. He got his wish 32 years later. But I think it was pretty impactful that he got to live that long in the Star Wars world to have a Dark side using son do it to him! You're totally right about Leia and Padme (though I think Leia was portrayed as a little more useful throughout the trilogy). The difference with Rey is she has come out as THE Protagonist of the story like Luke was.. I can live with the EWOKS...and I loved them as a kid. But they don't hold up well when rewatching Jedi in 2016! lol

EXACTLY on REY!!!! Luke or Leia's would totally make sense that she'd be strong in the force. If she's a Skywalker "the force is strong in my family". What it should do is ADD MYSTERY around why she's so powerful...not the other way around making people skeptical of the movie. It was intended to raise questions and not answer them. That's JJ! lol That's just storytelling too. They knew it was going to be a trilogy. Set the groundwork and get people invested in the future.

Mike V. said...

GREAT POINT on rehashing training when we've seen it in A new Hope and ESB. Granted, I think we'll see some aspect of it in Episode 8 but it will focus on the relationship between Luke and Rey vs what the training actually entails. It's all character driven. It's kind of like the point I made about LOST too. season 5 people were getting around the island pretty quickly vs. the early seasons it took several episodes to get from point A to Point B. We don't want to see that journey again. But of course, it raises criticisms either way.

I did the same thing with my LOST rewatches. Of course I analyzed it to death. I had a popular blog and it was the fun thing to do. But I always first and foremost enjoyed it as a great story. That was the whole reason I had an obsession in the first place! Star Wars is an obsession for me too....but it's more than story (Which I still love)'s something my whole family has been into since the beginning...and we've passed it down to new generations now...and it's something I can share with my kids. Of course, I'm not alone with this as it's a ridiculously successful franchise and you can't escape it anywhere!

Agreed on Star Trek. Agreed on Indy. While he didn't direct he, harrison and spielberg had to agree on a script and an idea. And it was strongly rumored that George was the holdup. Since then Frank Darabount's script for Crystal Skull leaked and supposedly it was much more enjoyable. (I read pieces of it but never the whole thing) Now Disney owns Indy and they want to make another one with Harrison. Maybe it'll be a redemption! We see in the force awakens Ford still has his fast ball. he was great returning to Han Solo after so many years!

Anakin - Well Kylo Ren/ Ben Solo was obsessed with his grandfather Anakin Skywalker...but only as his Darth Vader persona. Leia and Han talk about how Ben has too much Vader in him but still think there is good in him. So yeah...a little bit. As for the prequels it was referenced with the storm troopers. Since FINN defected, Kylo told General Hux that they should return to using Clones....It was mainly an explanation that new Storm troopers are taken from birth and raised/brainwashed to be First Order soldiers. I believe the Star Wars Rebels show also showed that Storm Troopers were not all clones as the Clone Wars era ended either. They even showed an episode with young Empire hopefuls training to be storm troopers.

Cantina - yep...definitely a callback. But think of all the action figure possibilities! (just like the original) lol Also fun fact...the music in that scene was co-composed by JJ Abrams and Lin Manuel Miranda (composer of the new Broadway smash Hamilton - I've been listening to the soundtrack since December and am obsessed!!).....apparently Abrams went to see Hamiton in NYC and Miranda said, "if you need music for a cantina like scene let me know"....Abrams was surprised because he actually did and Miranda dropped everything and they worked in it every day at Lunch via video conference for 2 weeks until they had it. The music is nothing stand outish like the original Cantina scene but I thought it was a fun story (Abrams revealed this on fallon)....and it totally got me to listen to Hamilton and now I will stop at nothing to get the hottest ticket in town!!! lol

So for that alone, I don't care that there was a new Cantina scene! Plus Maz's temple was pretty awesome looking!

Mike V. said...

Sw - oh yeah and it goes without saying that the lightsaber is anakin's that obi wan passed on to Luke where he lost it in cloud city. So that was another anakin reference. :)

Leslie said...

Hey Mike.....a Friends cast reunion or sorts.

Mike V. said...

lol I just saw that too! I'll definitely record it. I thought the SNL 40th thing was a pretty great show. If this is similar I wonder if they'll do live sketches of a lot of stuff Burrows directed....a sketch of new friends material would kill! But, that's probably too much to ask. :)

MJ said...

SW - never realized that was Knightly ! LOL Did I intimate that Rey was whiney ? I did not think that - I only meant Annakin. Another Indy - no Harrison needs to stop the action movies. LOL That ball wasn't that fast in my opinion. Have no idea what Hamilton is. LOL Saw that the Finn actor has some tidbits for Ep VIII - says will be darker. Didn't read it.

Mike V. said...

SW - Maybe you said REN but I thought you meant Rey by what came after! I thought you said someone was whiny but it was over quickly. lol

I thought he sold Han well for this movie but I agree it definitely shouldn't be doing these films anymore! Sounds like he's still interested in another Indy though.

Hamilton - You will! Everyone will. It's a hit on the level of Les Mis, Phantom,'s really good. And historically accurate so schools will probably start doing it too. lol

I read Finn's comments and JJ's commends and Daisy's comments about Episode VIII...nobody is spoiling anything. But I would fully expect 8 to be darker just like Empire was. They're all saying it's really good. JJ has gone as far as saying he's jealous he doesn't get to work on it. (of course he is an executive producer on all of them so he'll be somewhat involved)

MJ said...

SW - yes - Ren was just starting to sound Whiney when he was all 'I'm tired of feeling torn' and I started to see Anakin in him - but it was very brief. LOL

Friends - Don't know that I'd call it a reunion. Think they even said not sure if all will be on stage at same time.

AHS - did not watch finale last night but what a great season it has been.

Mike V. said...

SW - I think whiny characters is a bit of a tradition in Star Wars....I thought Ren was VERY whiny at the end after the big incident. lol But it's all part of his growth and he sold it better than Hayden Christiansen did!

Friends - I read that too. Surely if they're all going to be in the same place they'll at least be on camera together. But, you never know. I read they're doing it for free too outside of the required union minimum that everyone gets. But, I don't think a "reunion" necessarily means that they'd be back together acting in character again. Just the simple fact of seeing the whole cast back together for an interview or SOMETHING is a reunion. If they did anything in character that would just be gravy. lol

AHS - It was a good season...finale was aight. lol

Leslie said...

Friends - Yeah, by reunion I was thinking just having them all on stage for an interview would be fun to watch.

AHS - That's one of those shows I got behind on. I only saw the first couple of episodes, but I have them recorded. I was surprised Lady Gaga got a Golden Globe for it. Do you guys think she deserved it?

Mike V. said...

Friends -

Perry can't be there in person.

I'll comment on globes in a second.

Mike V. said...

AHS - Gaga was better than I thought she'd be but award worthy? I don't know.

The thing about the Globes, which I've learned more each year, is that they're a massive joke and everyone is in on the joke (well mostly everyone, maybe not Lady Gaga). Apparently, the Hollywood Foreign Press (which no one in the industry takes seriously) wines and dines Hollywood elite and if they smile and play along they'll more than likely get the award. There were comments made in some of the acceptance speeches Sunday night that spoke to that.

So the foreign press likes Gaga and she got rewarded.

The thing that still is relevant with the Globes is that it always precedes the Oscars and CAN influence the nominees and eventual winners.

It's also fun for people involved and the viewers because the actors and talent are drinking and start saying inappropriate things. lol

MJ said...

AHS - I agree - Gaga was better then I thought as well. As for award worthy - she was really good. Issue for me is I've never seen her act before so I could not tell if her acting was good or she was kinda playing a version of herself.

Colony - was pretty good.

Movie Cloverfield - remember this one ? JJ doing a sort of sequel to it

Mike V. said...

24 - Fox announced they're bringing it back but with a new lead character. This was pretty much inevitable one day. Especially in our reboot culture! Still a great format.

AHS - Fair point. She's a performer in a stage shows as well. I'm sure there were things for her to learn as far as performing on a TV show, but she did well in the role.

Colony - Didn't watch yet...not sure when I will.

Cloverfield - I'm seeing the headlines as well but did not watch the trailer. lol

MJ said...

Blacklist - so they pretty much said she can't go back to being an agent but will be an asset? Whatever that means. And did I understand that right - Red in now IN the Cabal ? LOL


Was I the only one surprised that in the end his wife is in the Resistance and plans to use the fact that her husband is now working with the shadow gov't to get info for the resistance ? Probably should have seen that coming - but i didn't and enjoyed the twist.

MJ said...

24 - yeah - and no Yvonne Stravinsky (sp?) either. I'll wait and see about this one.

Bates: New trailer - looks awesome.

Americans - finally got a date March 16th

Shameless - watched the finale fr last year and the premier. But not last night's. Seems up to form. LOL Had forgetten what Carl was up to - and his house guest in the premier was hysterical. And Frank telling everyone he loved them - too funny.

Mike V. said...

Colony - We watched...I was tired and fell asleep but my wife is a fan and filled me in on what I missed. Yeah I think that was supposed to be surprising. I certainly didn't expect it. lol I need to watch again to get the full effect.

Shameless - is still working in peak form!

Americans - Yay! Still can't believe the 2 leads are having a child together. lol I didn't know Keri Russell was divorced.

Bates - Nice! I'll have to check it out at some point.

SW - Podcast interview a few days after the movie was released with JJ, Kasdan and Arndt (the writers of the movie. They spoke to the writing decisions made and start off the whole thing about talking about how it was a BRIDGE movie that was intended to feel familiar while introducing new characters. Basically, everything we've discussed. I always love hearing these guys talk. I'm halfway through. Most of the juicy parts were already released as EW articles. lol

(URL is weird but I'm sure it'll take you to the right place)

MJ said...

Americans - never mind divorced - I didn't know they were dating each other. LOL

Mike V. said...

Americans - Yeah exactly, I didn't either. I remember when she was originally promoting the show she was happily married with a child. Apparently, this new romance with Michael Rhys started while filming The Americans and she got divorced!

Leslie said...

Colony - I didn't see that twist coming either!

Second Chance - anyone watch this one?

Blacklist - I stopped watching awhile ago, but I'm curious if they have ever revealed what the connection is between Red and Liz?

Mike V. said...

Second Chance - Not biting on that one! :)

Blacklist - I'm in the same boat as you Leslie. I think we finished season 2, but it was a struggle. From what I recall, they overcomplicated the whole thing. lol But Richard is the main source of intel for Blacklist analysis!

Speaking of....where has Richard been??

Anonymous said...

I've had may hands full with business development and the market. Can't stay long.

1. Colony--I was kind of expecting the wife to be with the resistance once she made that call to a person we did not know, but looking for her husband. Wish they had Juliette in that role. Looks like it could be good.
2. Blacklist--the big deals are Red being in the Cabal and Liz becoming more like Red. Red wants power and so used the FBI to take control. Recall in season 1 how he was teaching Liz that the real power doesn't lie in the elected officials so it's kind of neat how he's gaining power where the true power lies. I predicted Liz becoming more and more like Red as the series progresses. I still think the show is pretty good. Liz can't be an agent since she killed the AG and even the deal she signed admits her guilt, she just gets parolled. FBI agent can't have been a felon, now Liz is a felon.
3.LImitless, still enjoying as the story develops. A fun show and pretty well written.
4.Expanse--Loved seeing the visit in Montana in the snow. LOL on the many Dads for 1 kid. Still liking the show.
5. SW--it's become a Disney property and a bit comical to me. Canon on force and Jedi is sacrificed for expediency. Not really worth saying much about it any more--it is what it is. Saw petition to bring Lucas back for directing--what a waste of time.
6.Grinder--wife and I really like this show--good for relaxing and not having to engage.


Mike V. said...

Glad to see you're okay Richard! Take your time and we'll be here when you are a little more free again!

1. Yeah the call was a bit of a clue.
2. Like I're the expert! :)
3. still haven't watched limitless
4. Fell behind on expanse
5. The petition was ridiculous. You please one side of the spectrum at the expense of the others. I am rewatching the prequels now (in my quest to watch the 6 of my new digital versions lol). They're still pretty rough, but I still enjoy watching them even if there are lots of cringeworthy moments. They're still Star Wars! I figured that was your gripe with Ep VII. I still say there's room for that to be flushed out in future installments. The podcast link I referred to yesterday is full of info from the writers. They approached this like episode IV with the limited amount of information about anything that we knew at that point. We come into this as an outsider with Rey but by the end of the movie she realizes she's in a Star Wars movie (paraphrasing JJ). The questions you need to ask with Rey and her powers is...why is she so powerful so quickly? Probably because she's a skywalker descendent. Obi-wan in ep 1 still had to learn more about the living force. It seems to come naturally to the Skywalkers. Obi-wan had finally mastered it during his battle with Darth Maul, retrieving Qui Gon's lightsaber and taking him down. We see Rey was able to get that lightsaber, and trick a storm trooper after a few tries. We also see Kylo Ren as a VILLAIN in training. He's not fully formed like Vader was. And we see the awful thing he had to do to solidify his decision to go to the dark side. Then Snoke mentions his training has to be completed. He'll come back in episode 8 even more powerful than ever. He was powerful in 7 but he was also injured by Chewie's crossbow (which was checkov's bow in the movie...Han kept referring to how powerful it is and how much he loved it....Ren got shot with it but still fought 2 angry dudes and took one down...the one that is not force sensitive. IT's probably the only reason Rey defeated him)

Anyway we'll probably just continue to disagree. I'm sure everyone will see and it's not a surprise...Star Wars Ep 8 is moving to December. They'll miss the 40th anniversary of the original, but they'll own December for the forseeable future. I kinda like it as a Holiday event!

6 - Love Grinder about 2 behind so we need to catch up!

MJ said...

Grinder - not bad - I like to have a couple of half hour sitcoms for when I just want to not pay attention or am tired and want to not stay up too much longer

Blacklist - No Leslie - still not told us their relationship.

Second Chance - saw the premier. Almost did not watch after such bad reviews. Wasn't bad so far - but not fabulous either. I doubt it will last though.

Flash - Chief Tyrol was on this week !

SW - see they bumped out Ep VIII from July 2017 to December again - they feel that since it had such great box office they want to do a holiday release again. As if it would not have good box office any time of the year. LOL

Mike V. said...

SW - Yeah it's a combination of box office potential, too close to Rogue One this December and script revisions. Standard protocol but they want to give meatier stuff to characters that really resonated with fans in episode VII. i.e. Poe might get a bigger role instead of introducing several new characters. Maybe even Maz Kanata (the new yoda). I think Rey was already planned to be a big component of the trilogy. lol

I'm sure it's just minor updates to the overall script...considering everyone involved is already raving about it.

I'm a little sad they'll miss the 40th anniversary of Star Wars and that it'll be a 7 month longer wait...but 2 years apart feels right.

The 100 returns tonight and I'm caught up!
X-Files this wknd?? I didn't watch the entire series but I'll still watch these 6. I read EW's review of the first 3 eps...apparently the 1st one isn't great but the 3rd one is amazing.

MJ said...

Legends of Tomorrow - was pretty good. They did a great job. Just have to say - Hawkgirls mouth is just a distraction. Irked me on Flash too. Besides the obvious that she has these huge lips that protrude so far out - there is something weird about the corners of her mouth. LOL It's distracting.

Xfiles - yeah I didn't finish it either but will look at it. Heard it was kinda flat - like it's mising something.

Blacklist - The other Reddington is making me miss a show from a few years ago - Medium. I loved that show.

Mike V. said...

Heroes Reborn - Finished it....blah. lol I could've taken it or left it. Still think it was better than the last few seasons but nowhere near season 1.

The 100 - Great premiere...getting rave reviews by ol' Doc Jensen on ew. I concur with him. This show is a lot better than it should be being on the CW. It's flying under the radar but it's not your average teeny bopper CW drama. It's a sprawling epic that just happens to be populated with young adults. But, in this have to really commit to catch up on a show. I watched them here and there on Netflix and caught up just in time for season 3. I guess I won't talk about it too much because no one else here is watching. But it's good!

Colony - We watched last night but I won't admit to paying attention the whole time. I got that Sawyer (yep and I'll still call him that) realized there's a leak but just doesn't know it's Lori (yep her too! I'd use the prison break name but I forget!)

Ex Machina - Heard it's a great's available free on Amazon prime so we may check it out tonight or some time during this snow weekend if the kids allow it!

MJ said...

Ugh - finally dug out. LOL Def got 1 foot but with so much wind and drifting can't tell if we got the 1.5 or not. Definitely ha drifts over 1.5 though.

Angie Tribeca - never heard f it but it was on one of the good shows yu're not watching lists. They reran the 10 half hour shows from season 1 so I taped them. It's pretty funny. A total send up of procedural shows done in the style of the Airplane moves. They are re-running that season 1 again starting tomottow night on TBS if any one is interested

Colony - you get the joke when the twice talked about his pretty hair ? When they were being sterilized to go to the factory it was no coincidence we felt like it was the Nazi gas chambers.

Anonymous said...

Colony--my wife got that joke about the hair too and she wasn't a LOST fan.

XFiles--So, it's almost like the X Files movie in I think 1998 never happened--lol. They both saw the aliens and Mulder saw the ship take off with the aliens inside. But, it seems to be the season to violate canon. Mulder saying, "I want to believe" was an absolute joke played on fans, hard to swallow. Then they try to make it all pallatable with a white wash of--it's alien tech used by humans. That's not what happened in the movie and the "all powerful humans" even talked about it in their meeting. Then, oh wait for it, THERE it is--yea, WELL, the alien tech MAY be actually used by REAL aliens not humans. Also, the political overtones have become practically unpaid political lifting.


Mike V. said...

Snow - I think we got about 3 feet in our area. It was insane! (still is..not even sure how I got to work this morning lol)

Tribeca - heard of it...but didn't know much about it. Thanks for the heads up!

Colony - Yep...definitely heard the hair comment and made the connection. lol

X-Files - I did read reviews of the first episode that were pretty overcritical...I watched the episode with low expectations and found it enjoyable. lol Granted...I was never hugely tied to the mythology but I didn't find them breaking canon, just adding another layer to the conspiracy. I don't think they said that aliens didn't fact...I think they proved that aliens DO exist...but the government has been keeping it under wraps for corporate greed.

And apparently, the theory that was revealed as almost fact has long been held by X-filers...I only say this because our once frequent commenter and X-Files obsessed AUSTARWARS is raving about this episode all over facebook (and he absolutely hated Episode VII if that holds any context lol)

I took the episode at a casual fan level (I've seen the 98 movie a few times, I've seen episodes here and there of the series)...and I thought it set up a premise for these 6 episodes that is worth my time. And Sveta is from The Americans... double bonus. lol

Shameless - Hitting its stride now. This last episode was hysterical in all the right and wrong ways.

Galavant - Still punnily terrific. 2 more left! (well 1 more hour)

Ex Machina - Featured a lot of General Hux (Domnhall Gleeson - SP?) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac). I'm guessing it got overly hyped which impacted my enjoyment. It was still a good movie...but we were also interrupted by our kids a few times too. lol But it's your basic "birth of artificial intelligence" movie with its own take on the subject! Performances were good.

Mike V. said...

X-Files - Doc Jensen's Take...which you might agree with some of it Richard

I'm not disagreeing with the plot contrivances...but I am suggesting it's just 1 of 6 episodes and only establishing the premise of them getting back together to investigate. There's going to be some monster of the week eps in between and then they'll get back to the conspiracy full on in ep 6. Let's judge the whole thing when it's done. I'll just enjoy the ride in the meantime. I've read that ep 3 is an instant classic X-Files ep.

Mike V. said...

X-Files - Chris Carter discusses new conspiracy

Anonymous said...

X Files--I haven't read any reviews. You know me, I tend to do my thinking through before that, don't want to be influenced by others' opinions. Thanks for the links, will check them out later. To be clear on the reason it broke canon. Mulder was asked if he believed in aliens, he said with a look of doubt, "I want to believe". Then all the various conversations about do they or don't they exist between Mulder and Scully afterwards just made matters worse. IF, there hadn't been the X Files movie which was absolutely the wrap for the series, then they would essentially be extending the questions from the series. And so then without the movie, there would not be canon violation. I just saw the last two movies before watching the new series, so the info was fresh in memory. BTW, a portion of the title for the last movie, was--"I want to believe". But that was in reference to God.

Why doesn't AU Starwars comment here anymore?


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