Monday, November 23, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 7 - Heads Up

Hello fellow walkers!  Well, that was quite an episode!  Finally, all the storylines are converging to lead up to a climactic mid-season finale.  There's also been one lingering question that's been weighing on the viewers for several weeks and we finally got our answer.  I probably should've seen the end coming but it left my jaw dropped on the floor! Let's dive in and discuss it!

Discussion Points  


Well is he dead or isn't he? It turns out a theory many had was absolutely correct!  Nicholas fell on top of him and the blood and guts we saw were his.  Glenn crawled under the dumpster and stayed there for a long time.  At least one day and night without water (It was confirmed on Talking Dead that only one day has passed since the beginning of the season at the quarry).  But everyone rest easy for now.  Glenn is alive!   The walker herd finally broke off eventually and he was able to get free.  And who was there to give him some water?  Just a girl going through an identity crisis.  Our favorite JSSer Enid!  
  • Glenn and Enid got off to a rocky start in the episode.  She wanted to help Glenn but she still wants to be on her own.  Glenn refused to give up on her and tracked her down.   
  • While tracking Enid down, Glenn ran into Walker David who got stuck at the fence a few episode back.  He reluctantly put him out of his misery.   
  • So Glenn finally caught up to Enid at a restaurant where she almost got into some trouble with wakers.  He told her he's taking her home with him because that's what Maggie would do.  Enid refuses and even puts a gun on Glenn.  Glenn easily took the gun from her.  Eventually, she reluctantly went with him.  
  • Glenn must've gotten a degree in psychology during his time under the dumpster because he broke down Enid's post apocalyptic mentality to a T! Granted, they've all been going through stuff so maybe it's easy to see the signs.  He understood that she's afraid to stay in one place too long and get attached to people, because she'll only end up losing them again.  He gave a whole speech about honoring the dead by living because they don't get to.  
  • Enid and Glenn stumbled upon some balloons.  Enid thought it would be a good diversion for walkers.  Glenn knew where there was a helium tank and more balloons.  It wasn't made clear in the episode, but during Talking Dead it was explained that this was part of the whole Quarry plan to signal that everything went according to plan and was now safe.  
  • Glenn and Enid make it to Alexandria but have no idea how they're going to get in with the herd of walkers surrounding the place.   Enid has another breakdown and states that the world wants to die.  He also changes his tune about helping Enid just for Maggie.  Awwww they bonded!   

There was lots going down within those walls in this episode.  Mainly, Rick was coming up with a plan to get rid of the walker herd while dealing with his trust issues of the Alexandrians.  But then there were a bunch of one-off storylines for all of the other characters in town.  
  • Morgan spent the episode looking for antibiotics for his secret wolf prisoner.  He went to Denise in confidence but got sidetracked into a discussion with the brain trust of Rick, Carol and Michonne.  They all had figured out that Morgan let some wolves live and they were the wolves that attacked Rick in the RV.  Morgan basically recapped how he changed from a cold blooded killer to a non-killer.  He brought up how he tried to kill Rick, but Rick wouldn't kill him.  Rick said it was because he knew him.  Morgan knows that his philosophy of not killing is not always the best policy, but he wants to stick with it.   He also said he doesn't know what the right thing to do is.  He then started thinking about a chain of events.  Like if he was dead and couldn't have helped Daryl and Aaron, maybe the wolves never would've showed up at Alexandria.  I'm not sure I understood that logic.  They still would've gotten the pictures! 
  • Morgan eventually did talk to Denise and she followed him to his hidden wolf location.  But, they also got a tail in Carol.  She had Judith so she had to drop her off at Jessie's which gave us another whole side story with Carol and Sam.  Carol does give the best life lessons to children. She told her you have to keep killing to not become a monster.  Anyone else thing that advice is going to come into play for good or bad at some point?  
  • Once Carol took care of Judith she went straight to Morgan's prison location and asked him straight up who he has locked up there.  I'm sure with everything going down next week that will all come into play. 
  • Rosita was training the locals (including Jessie) and Eugene how to use a machete.  Eugene was getting scared by the sound of walkers.  Rosita went all crazy on him saying he's a dead man with the way he's acting.  Eugene said he's afraid of dying and Rosita talked about how you should be afraid of living because that's the harder thing to do.  Living with everyone around you dying.  Eventually she drove Eugene off of her training grounds.  But, I'm sure that talk will find its way to inspiring Eugene.  Maybe even as soon as next week! 
  • There was a little bit of comedy in the episode with Gabriel hanging up "prayer circle" flyers and Rick just walking by and ripping it down without saying a word.  I guess we know where Gabriel still stands with Rick!  
  • Rick and Carl trained Ron on shooting a gun.  Ron started saying some weird things like how he wanted to test it by shooting walkers, or a target practice in the center of Alexandria.  Rick and Carl just stared at him until he said the right thing (i.e. can't waste ammo).   He didn't take their advice though.  He raided the supply closet for bullets.  And then by the end of the episode we see him walking behind Carl with the gun pointed at him.  This dude has some issues!  Carl seemed to genuinely want to help Ron be ready to take on an active role with defending Alexandria.  Maybe Ron took it a different way.  
  • Good ole Spencer came up with a "brilliant idea" without telling anyone.  He used a grappling hook and was going to climb his way over the fence on a cable over the walkers and to a car to lure some of the walkers away.  Of course the cable didn't hold and he was then hanging above the herd.  Tara immediately jumped into action to help him by hanging over the wall and shooting walker after walker.   Rick, Alexandrian guy whose name I don't know and Morgan were able to pull Spencer back over.   In the heat of the moment Rick yelled at Tara for helping "THESE PEOPLE" at the expense of her own life.  Ouch!  Tara flipped him off.  Okay, so there were a couple moments of comedy!  Rick eventually apologized to Tara and restated saying she didn't have to do that. Then they were interrupted by Deanna who thanked them both.  Rick indicated he could've let Spencer die and took the opportunity to hop the fence and lure the trucks away.  She asked why he didn't.  He said it was only because Spencer was her son.  That was the wrong answer!  But Deanna looked like she was trying to reform Rick's mindset a bit more than she was angry with the answer he provided.  
  • Deanna was showing signs of getting her positive mindset back.  She showed Rick and Michonne her plans for "NEW Alexandria" once they resolve the walker issue.  She said they WILL rebuild.  
  • Rick and Maggie had a discussion at the lookout.  Maggie has been taking more watches than everyone because she doesn't want to miss Glenn's sign if he gives one.  Rick said they need to start worrying about themselves and the Walker herd situation.  
  • Throughout the episode we see Rick trying to brace the wall panel with the hole in it.  That Alexandrian dude whose name I don't know offered to help him.  He talked about how scary Rick looked when they first showed up with the beard and his attitude that he's seeing things the rest of them aren't.  The man admitted Rick was right to think that way.  He also asked Rick not to give up on them yet.  This, of course, was before the whole Spencer incident.  
  • So while they were bracing this wall up we kept seeing the tall tower falling apart and wood falling over the other side of the fence.   I honestly thought they were trying to show us that Rick was taking wood from that tower to brace the wall.  But, they never showed him doing that.  
  • Then, everything happened.  Glenn and Enid released the bunch of balloons as their signal to the Aleandrians.  The music swelled, Maggie got all excited.  Tears of joy start building up in my eyes.  Maggie ran down to get a better look with Rick.  Everything was going to be okay!!  And then we remembered we're watching The Walking Dead.  That tower started leaning and then fell right into the wall knocking it down.   But hey, at least that braced panel stayed up!!  
WOW!  Jaw. Dropped.  I mean, it totally makes sense as a way to setup the mid-season finale and then switch gears for the next half of the season but I just didn't see it coming!  I guess we always knew these walkers would have to find their way in!  So now we have partially trained Alexandrians, Glenn and Enid on the outside looking in, a wolf in their midst, Eugene scared to die, Sam knowing he needs to kill, Ron already wanting to kill Carl and a herd of walkers making their way into town.   Things are going to be crazy next week folks!  Do we think this is why someone yelled "HELP" in a walkie talkie in last week's episode?  It has to be, right?   All signs point to the whole gang reuniting next week.   I can't wait!  

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and I'll see you right back here next Monday! 


MJ said...

Have to read the recap still but we all knew Glenn was alive ! LOL Love Tara flipping the bird to Rick.

Isn't it convenient that Daryl Sasha and Abraham are on their way back with a fuel truck ? Wonder how many non-dead will be left now that the walkers are entering.

And with all the perimeter checking our folks did in Alexandria no one noticed this whole tower was falling apart ? Really ? LOL

MJ said...

Have to admit - did not occur to me that Enid would be the one to help Glenn. Not that she saved him but at least she gave him some water. Typical of Glenn to pick up that note that guy wrote his wife - too bad the wife killed herself.

Rick is still harsh - we have risked too much for 'them'. Yikes. Though Spencer is an idiot. ;-D And Deanna looks and sounds just a little cray cray ! I don't agree with how Rick thinks - but don't necessarily agree with Morgan either. Guess Michonne is that happy middle between them ?

I know Carol's been MIA lately but there really was no point to her last night - all she did was follow Morgan then be part of the 'meeting' with him.

Rosita seemed a little harsh with Eugene. Guess she's just over him. Nothing surprising about Jessie's son and the Carl thing.

Mike V. said...

Carol - I think it set her up for where she'll be when the action starts next week. Also the one line she gave Sam about killing to not become a monster probably will have repercussions.

Rick is definitely harsh. Even I wanted to flip him off. lol I had my arms up in the air when I saw Spencer going across the cable. I had no idea what possible plan he had in mind. lol Michonne as the happy're probably right!

I think Rosita was trying to harden Eugene up. I don't think she was over him. It was tough love. lol

Maybe not surprising with Ron and Carl, but I really got nervous for Carl last night!

I totally didn't pick up on the fact that that was David's wife that killed herself. And I only remember his name was David from the In Memoriam on Talking Dead lol

Yeah...I thought the same thing (after the recap) about Daryl, Sasha and Abraham coming with their walker problem solution. (the fuel truck!) I wonder if they'll burn Alexandria to the ground and if that happens what will happen to Deeana's state of mind. lol

Yeah, I wondered about the tower too. I wonder if it got damaged in the Wolf attack? I'd have to go back and watch. The wolves were burning things so maybe. And of course, all of this supposedly happened in a day (since the beginning of the season) so maybe they hadn't assessed all of the damage.

I'm trying here! It might be just a plot hole. lol

MJ said...

Good point about Carol and her line to Sam. Also she 'found' Morgan's secret to set up next week.

So they confirmed that one whole day has passed since they attempted to move the herd. So all of Daryl's stuff has been one day as well. Glenn's ordeal was 1 day and 1 night according to Talking Dead.

Laughed when Rick took down the prayer meeting sign. That kid ron is a jerk but Carl was kinda being one too. This can't end well - unless nothing happens due to the walkers about to come in - or until the rest of the season next year. Seeing lots of talk that Ron wants to kill Carl to get back at Rick but I don't agree. I think it's over Enid.

The tower that fell - is this the one the truck ran into ? Didn't someone check it and say it was ok ? I swear I remember that.

MJ said...

Wow - alot of recappers very unhappy Glenn was alive. Calling it a cheap shot. Saying that if he lives in a sutuatio whwere 99 percent of people would not how could we ever trust that they are in peril again. Geez ! it's a show people.

I guess I understand their point - it is pretty silly that he lived thru that - but I'm happy. Dragging it out a month was a little cheesey though. LOL

Mike V. said...

1 Day - Yeah I brought that up in the recap too. Pretty crazy!

I guess Carl was being a jerk. I thought he was trying to be helpful but in that creepy Carl way. lol I assumed it was over Enid too. So maybe her coming back will be just in time to prevent what Ron was planning.

Hmm...maybe it was the truck that ran into the tower. I don't remember anyone saying it's okay. I do remember people on watch in that tower last season. So I don't think it was always worn down.

I don't agree with the recappers. If anything, I started to get scared for ALL of the cast in last night's episode. Thinking...sure they saved Glenn for now, but maybe they'll just kill him anyway next week! lol It is a good point though. We always thought Glenn was one of the untouchables and this kinda proves that he kinda is....but I always thought he was a "little" more expendable than Daryl or Rick. lol We've only seen 7 of 16...a lot can still happen this season!

Leslie said...

Yep, we figured Glenn was alive, but at least we have confirmation finally! I haven't watched Talking Dead yet, but I saw Steven was going to be on it. Figure it will be a good one!

And, we have half the gang on the outside to help save the day now that the wall has come down! I was a little nervous about Carl. I agree with MJ that the other kid's issue with Carl is more about Enid.

It should be an intense mid-season finale! Definitely must-see TV!

Mike V. said...

I forget what I said to suggest I didn't think Ron wanted to kill Carl over Enid. I totally thought that too. All I think I said was I think Carl genuinely wanted to help Ron and wasn't trying to be a's just the way he comes off all cold and calculating. lol