Monday, November 9, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 5 - Now

Hello fellow walkers and welcome back to season 6 of The Walking Dead!  It was another intense episode last night.  But for Zombie Apocalypse standards, it was a pretty LOW KEY episode.  A "getting the pieces in place" episode if you will!  Still plenty went down in Alexandria worth discussing.  Let's dive in now!

Discussion Points

Rick made it back to town and brought a few thousand of his closest friends with him!  Half of the hoard has made it to the Alexandria wall and are surrounding the place 20 deep.  Everyone that was outside the walls has returned except Glenn, Nicholas (who we know has not made it), Abraham, Sasha and Glenn.  Based on the original plan, they all should've returned by now.  Of course, while much of the A-Team was away, Alexandria faced the attack by the wolves and they're still licking their wounds.  Everyone is still questioning Rick's leadership and accusing his responsibility in bringing the wolves/walkers here.  

  • As we know Aaron found his pack on one of the dead wolves a few weeks back.  He took full blame in front of the town for the wolves being in Alexandria.  He also defended Rick's decision to move the herd away from the town indicating that if it wasn't for Rick the WHOLE hoard would've been there.  
  • The Alexandrians created a memorial on the wall for their fallen residents.  At the bottom of the list they wrote Nicholas and Glenn's names.  
  • Maggie was prepping for a trip beyond the wall to find Glenn.  The 2 were separated a couple seasons ago after the prison invasion and they left signs for each other.  Maggie assumed Glenn would do the same this time.  
  • Aaron, feeling the weight of responsibility for the wolves attack, offered to help Maggie get to Glenn (dead or alive).  Aaron guided her to a sewer grate that predated the new Alexandria town and hoped it would get them past the walker hoard.  They stumbled upon some nasty sewer walkers had had a couple close calls.  Aaron fell and injured his head but was able to save Maggie from certain doom, despite her instance that he should go back.  
  • They eventually get to the exit and it's still surrounded by walkers.  Maggie realizes in that moment that it was more important for her to stay safe.   She gives a whole speech about burning Glenn's photo and how she needs to see him again.  She says she has to live with the fact that she wasn't there to help him.  And then she dropped the bomb that we all kinda expected.  She's pregnant!  And of course, that's basically the whole reason Glenn made her stay behind.  
  • Maggie also tells Aaron that he has to live with his baggage too.  
  • When they returned they overlooked the walker hoard before going down to the wall and erasing Glenn and Nicholas's names.   Aaron offered up the name Aaron or Erin for the baby to suggest to Glenn WHEN he gets back.  
  • They sure are giving us hope that we're going to see him alive again aren't they?  It makes me nervous just thinking about it.   Maggie could also "see his face" again as a walker!  And that would just be depressing! 
  • Denise was still struggling with her doctorly duties.  Tara came to check on her and gave her the pep talk she needed.  "You're still here" is basically all that matters in this world.  
  • Denise continued to read her "Gray's Anatomy" book and finally stumbled upon a tip that had her exclaiming "Hot Damn" more than once!   She remove the puss from her patient's infection and all TV signs point to that guy making a recovery! 
  • And of course in thanks to Tara, she got over her fear in this world by going up to her and giving her a big smooch on the lips.  Because, you know, being afraid sucks!  We all saw this coming right??!! 
  • Carl and Dan have an altercation about Enid.  She's missing.  Duh, she said goodbye (or "didn't" say goodbye) both of you!  Anyway, Carl is planning to go after her.  We see teen angst at its best as they get into a shoving match.  Then Dan says he'll tell Rick if Carl leaves the town eventually leading to someone dying.  This is Dan's version of saving Carl in return for Carl saving him during the invasion.
  • Dan went ahead and told Rick anyway, and insisted that he saw Carl with Judith at the house not long ago.  (We didn't see it for ourselves so can we believe that?  I'll just assume we should at this juncture.)   Dan then tells Rick that he's ready to start learning how to defend himself, his brother and his mother.  And Rick obliges by giving him to gun to aim at the walker hoard.  I would think Rick is smarter than actually letting Dan fire that weapon to get those walkers all hot and bothered! 
  • We see Jessie dragging the corpse out of her house and into the graveyard.  Rick stopped her saying we don't bury murderers within the walls.  
  • Later on, Jessie stumbled upon an Alexandrian Walker with the town watching.  She opened the door and took care of the threat.  Then she gave a big speech about how this is the way of the world now and they have to see it to survive.  
  • Then she baked some cookies for Sam and tried to get him to come downstairs.  He refused (must not be as good as Carol's cookies!)  She left him the cookies upstairs anyway.  
  • Rick came to see Jessie in her garage and confessed why he didn't want her burying the bodies. He wanted to wait for Glenn and Darryl and Sasha and Abraham.  It was some pretty weird logic as it has nothing to do with burying one of the wolves!  But, the point of the speech was about "living in the moment".   Rick had heard about Jessie's speech to the town folk.  Jessie wants to be hopeful for a future.  She wants to know there's more.  Rick took this cue as it being time for his move and he went up and got him some smooching action!  
  • Well, obviously we all saw this one coming but I gotta say, they made those 2 work for it!  

  • No getting around it.  Right now Deanna is bat-s### crazy!  She's been through some stuff and she's on some spiritual journey right now.  She's no help to anyone until she gets out of it.  
  • She witnesses her son Spencer stopping the ransacking of the food supplies by the townies.  He gives a pretty inspirational speech, but then turns around and gets some supplies for himself.  Has himself a little drink as a reward to celebrate the end of the world.  Then he blames his mother for everything that has gone down.  The deaths of her husband and Aidan are on her.  
  • Deanna gets down on herself, but then has a moment of inspiration in her office and starts sketching out blueprints of the town and how they could make everything work.  
  • She then took all of the supplies that Spencer stole and was on her way to bring them back.  A walker came after her.  With broken glass from the supplies she went all kinds of crazy on the walker.  Due to her inexperience she kept stabbing everything except the head.  Fortunately for her, Rick was right around the corner and took care of that.  Apparently this was one of the wolves that Carol killed but couldn't find the body afterwards.  
  • Deanna told Rick that she wants to live and it's him who they need to lead them.  Rick wasn't totally sold on that as he told them the people still need her.  But, we all know Rick loves a Ricktatorship!  So we'll see what happens. 
  • Plus, Deanna is still on her journey to crazy town.  At the end of the episode we see her ratting the fence egging the walkers on whilst having a crazy look in her eyes.  She's not out of the woods yet!  
  • Meanwhile, Spencer relieved Rosita from her shift on the wall.  He calls himself lucky while she gives him kudos for stopping the truck driver.  He was still eating crackers from his supply raid.  
  • After Deanna walked by the wall, there was a shot at a hole in the wall with blood coming through.  Was that someone's blood we know?  Or is it just letting us know that there is a hole in the the wall and that the wall will eventually break?  Time will tell! 
That's about all I have for this week.  We did see Rick trying to get in contact with Abraham, Sasha and Darryl which had me guessing we're going to see an episode focused on them soon.  And it looks like that might coming our way next!  We'll get to Glenn's outcome eventually!  And a mid-season finale seems like a good place to do that.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Been away so am quite behind. No way I trust Jessie's son. Beautiful scene with Maggie and Aaron - though we all knew she was preggers. Still say Glenn ain't dead yet - but think they might just kill him off.

Spoiler - link below spoilery as to what may be coming

I love JDM - he was Papa Winchester on Supernatural long before he got famous for being a ghost lover on Greys. LOL Thank god I had quit that show by then. Have heard that this character is like the worst of the worst and that we'd meet him sooner or later - but was surprised it was next year.

MJ said...

Creepy at the end with the wall 'bleeding'. Deanna losing it was kinda hysterical. At first I thought that Wolf was the one Morgan had locked up. Love how now there is a side of town with apartments. I don't think Maggie assumed Glenn would leave signs - Michone told her they expected to see a flare from him if he was in trouble and did not see it. Still say not Aaron's fault. That bag had pics that showed a great town but not the location. Sewer walkers were just nasty ! Yes - would be very depressing to see Glenn as a walker. SIGH. Tara is the luckiest - imagine finding 2 lesbians in the zombie apocolypse. LOL. And Rick and Jessie kissing too - romance is everywhere in Alexandria. But where is Carol ? Sad that Sam is afraid to go downstairs cause now it is different after what happened there. He's been sheltered unlike Carl. Why was rosita crying - that was not clear to me ? Yeah - they will show us Glenn's fate on the finale - I agree. Very concerned with the clip for next weeks ep they showed on Talkng Dead.

Seemed to be all about the women this episode. Deanna, Jessie, and the doctor chick all starting to come into their own in the new world.

Mike V. said...

Welcome back MJ! It's been quiet here since you were gone!

I did see the info about JDM getting cast. He's a great actor in anything he's in. Yeah GHOST Denny was pretty rough. He was in the Watchmen too. Don't know anything about this "iconic" role he's going to play on TWD though. But I'm sure he'll be good.

LOL on Tara...I thought the same thing!! I might have messed up on the Maggie/Glenn signs thing. I thought she did say something that Glenn would've left a sign if he was okay. So she assumes he's not okay.

I agree it wasn't totally Aaron's fault. Are you suggesting it was Enid? It certainly could be. If so, it would be the worst hidden twist ever! lol

good question on Carol. I guess she just wasn't a focus this episode...but you would think she would want to catch up with Rick when he got back.

I think I fell asleep before watching the TD Clip...but if tradition stays consistent, whatever clip they showed was probably misleading! lol

MJ said...

I def have been thinking Enid was colluding with the wolves - seemed like she was leaving right before they struck. But it could also be that they got followed back - but can they follow Daryl and Morgan with being caught ? Hmmm. My only doubt about Enid collusion is that these wolves don't seem like the 'plan it' types. They are more into the craziness of it. But then again - they planned that whole thing with the semi trucks.

Def the clip could be misleading - but I don't know. Our character was looking pretty messed up in it. We shall see.

MJ said...

Feeling a little ripped off that they did not show Rick getting out of that RV - just saying. Probably would have been a cool scene. Also - can't wait to see how Abraham, Sasha and Daryl are going to get thru the herd at the gates to get back into Alexandria. Maybe that sewer drain ?

MJ said...

From the clip for this week on Talking Dead and what I just read about a comicon trailer - uh oh !

Mike V. said...

Enid is definitely shady but I agree I'm not sure she's in cahoots with the wolves. Maybe the wolves tracked HER and not Darryl/Morgan.

I agree on the Rick/RV situation. Maybe there will be a flashback to that since Gimple is all about messing with the linear narrative.

Different than the San Diego ComicCon trailer? I'm going to stay away from this stuff until Sunday! :)