Monday, November 16, 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 6 Episode 6 - Always Accountable

Hello fellow walkers!  We're in the back half of the 1st half of season 6 of The Waking Dead.  We still have people unaccounted for and things are still intense!  This episode focused on Daryl, Abraham and Sasha's attempt to return back to Alexandria after luring half of the herd of walkers 20 miles away.  As you may have guessed, things didn't quite go as planned! It was another solid episode that leaves us with some new mysteries to solve and new villains to fear.  Let's dive in!

Discussion Points
We join in with the crew as they are competing their mission and ready to turn onto route 642 and head home.  Not long after they were getting chased down by an armed crew with cars trying to gun them down.   Sasha and Abraham get separated from Daryl.  


  • Sasha and Abraham were able to take care of their threat by wasting a car with bullets.  They then took refuge in a town by hiding out in some war veteran's house (Correction: Or Insurance Company building.  Thanks MJ!).  
  • Abraham is still trying to get through some stuff.  He was going to blow their cover by taking out walkers in the town and leaving breadcrumbs.  Sasha talked him out of a couple of these desires.  
  • Abraham took the first watch and found a walker hanging off a collapsed fence with an RPG strapped over his shoulder.  And of course, he found box of cigars on this "shopping" trip as well.  Some of Sasha's advice must've sunk in because instead of almost killing himself, he decided to let the RPG go.  And out of "butt steak idiocy" the walker fell through the fence plummeting to the ground leaving the RPG still hanging by a threat.  Nice.  
  • Sasha and Abraham had a heart to heart.  I'm not sure if it was me not paying close attention, but it felt like Abraham was speaking a whole different language the whole episode and Sasha wasn't making a lick of sense with her resolution to Abraham's problems.  But the gist is, Abraham is still trying to find a purpose in this Post-Eugene world.  Alexandria is nice and will provide them safety and security for awhile, but he still sees his death before him.  He turned this all into a pick-up line on Sasha, which totally came out of left field!  He likes Sasha and has let her know.  He also let her know that she likes him too.  If she does, she isn't letting him in on it just yet!  
  • The best line to come out of this storyline and this episode was "Loose ends make my ass itch."  You need to have some demented people on your writing staff to even consider putting words in that order to form a sentence! 
  • Daryl and his trusty bike got chased tried to evade his followers by going off road into the woods. He fell off his bike and injured his arm and fell next to what looked like a charred up biker walker.  The helmet was a dead giveaway! 
  • Now, we all know Daryl's "injury" was just an excuse for him to show off his guns.  No, sillies, he uses a crossbow.  I'm talking about those giant biceps of his that makes Dixon's Vixens swoon! 
  • It's not long before Daryl stumbles into trouble.  He gets captured by a new trio.  2 girls and a blonde dude.  We eventually find out the diabetic girl's name was Tina.  These guys seemed innocent enough but were just trying to survive out in the cruel world.  They mistook Daryl for one of the people they've been running from for awhile.  A group led by some creepy dude named Wayne.  We did not meet Wayne in this episode.  
  • This trio was in search for Patty.  We eventually found out Patty was a gas tanker.  The blonde guy and non-Tina girl, from what I can gather, used to be a part of Wayne's crew.  Tina was from D.C.   They all thought they were trying to win the war on walkers and not just survive.  They had a giant plot to blow up a fuel tanker and lure walkers to it.   The charred bodies and their explanation prove that it was successful.  Walkers were lured to the blaze from surrounding towns and walked right into the flames.   It seems they were on the search for Patty to do the same thing again.   Maybe to the giant herd of walkers that Rick was luring away from Alexandria.   (Hmmm, might be a way to get rid of their problem with the half herd surrounding Alexandria.)  
  • We did see that Wayne's crew have learned some of the same skills that Rick's crew has.  One dude got bit and Wayne, without hesitation, chopped his arm off.  
  • Throughout all of the chattiness and the confrontations with Wayne's group (which blonde and non-Tina have supposedly deserted), Daryl was giving humanity the benefit of the doubt.  He originally found a way to run from them.  But then realized he had Tina's insulin.  He brought it back to them.  Then he helped them evade Wayne.  They eventually stumbled upon some of Tina's old crew or family or friends dead and sealed up.   Blonde dude and non-Tina realized it was them (and Wayne and crew?) that did this.  Tina got too close and became a walker meal!  RIP Tina! 
  • When burying the bodies, Daryl asked Blondie the 3 questions.  His answers seemed pretty legit and he was offering to bring them into Alexandria.  First they just had to find Sasha and Abraham.  They didn't like this plan and turned things on him again.  They took his bike and his crossbow and left him with some bandages to patch himself up.  They legitimately seemed sorry they had to do it but they were just looking out for themselves.  But, you never know in this world if they're working with Wayne or were just playing Daryl the whole time or both.  Anyway, Daryl promised them they would be sorry.   I'm guessing we'll see them again! 
  • Joke was on them though, Daryl found what they couldn't.  Good ol' Patty the tanker!  He started it up and found Sasha and Abraham (sporting the dead military guy's dress uniform).  They started heading towards Alexandria and tried the walkie talkie to get ahold of Rick.  Someone come on the other end and said "HELP!"  
So, when I first heard it, I just assumed it was Rick.  Then there was a giant theory further fueled by Talking Dead that it was Glenn.  Norman Reedus (Daryl) has already gone on record debunking the Glenn theory.  So maybe it's a 3rd party? Maybe we'll find out in next episode or the one after that.  But, after those 2 episodes we go on hiatus until next year!  I feel like I've been saying this since Scott Gimple took over, but I've really been enjoying this season!  And I can't wait until next Sunday to see where they take it next.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Haven't read your write up yet - will do so now.

So - these people attacking Daryl Sasha and Abraham did not appear to be wolves. And the three that Daryl winds up with - they didn't seem like bad people - even after taking Daryl's bike. They are just looking out for themselves - which is the new normal in that world. As the guy said every one had their code. Loved Daryl going back to 'the questions'. Interesting that they set a fire to draw them out of town - that was Glenn and Nicholas's plan too. But Daryl just had to go back with her insulin !

Guessing we just got introduced to the new Big Bad for next season - the character hey just hired Jeffrey Dean Morgan for. That was not JDM's voice but they hadn't cast this guy at this point yet. And they did not show his face.

Interesting Sasha's assessment of Abraham - that now that he has choices he's become restless and reckless. Had to laugh at finding rocket launcher and cigars. Did NOT expect the flirting though. LOL Was kinda creepy actually.

As the three ride back towards Alexandria — Abraham smiling and wearing a military uniform he found in the office — Daryl tries to connect with Rick or Glenn on the radio. At first, he gets no response. Then he hears a muffled voice, and asks for the person on the other end to repeat it.

Ok - so we are all thinking that the voice on the Walkie was Glen - so it probably wasn't ! Besides - Glenn had been with Michonne and I think she had the walkie and that is why he took the flare gun - to signal if he got into trouble.

Never mind - it was not Glenn. Norman reedum interview.

MJ said...

LOl - just starated your recap - you must have been really tired this morning.

Sasha and Abraham get seperated from Glenn ?? LOL And weren't they in an insurance company building and not some guys house ?

Mike V. said...

We were on the same page with the trio Daryl runs into. and Wayne and crew.

I thought that might be the JDM character but wasn't sure either. But the fact they didn't show his face made me think it more.

Yeah...I'm still baffled by Sasha's made no sense to me! The writers may have been smoking something in the writers room for this episode! lol A lot of the episode was tough to figure out what people were talking about. And I'm usually pretty good at figuring out stuff. :) The flirting was definitely creepy.

Definitely wasn't Glenn...and I never thought it was! I guess I missed Daryl calling for Glenn too.

By adding that article link, I see you are doing real time typing too. lol

Mike V. said...

Definitely tired last night AND this morning! :) But yeah..Glenn thing was definitely a typo! Thanks.

MJ said...

Yeah - the Sasha/Abraham conversations were a bit odd. Sasha did agree that she likes him by saying ' you have stuff to work on first' and then he agreed. I took that as yeah she does like him. What an odd couple though. LOL

Very funny on the 'swooning'. I just want him to get his damn hair out of his face. I'm pretty sure the guys name was Wade and not Wayne. Patty was a gas tanker ? I did not get that at all. I thought Patty was a person they were looking for. Who they found was - I thought - some kids one of them used to baby sit.

Didn't watch Talking Dead - too late for me since they have it going on at 11pm for a few weeks. SIGH. Will watch tonight.

Mike V. said...

Fair point on the Sasha retort. Definitely an odd couple!

Maybe it was Wade. I have no idea! lol Patty was definitely the truck Daryl got at the end. License plate said Patty002 or something like that.

Gotcha on the kids. I swear I could not keep track of what anyone was talking about in this episode. It was really weird.

Yeah that new show is on at 10 that I have no desire to watch (into the badlands)

MJ said...

Badlands - me too neither ! ;-D Now it's just annoying me. LOL

What is not adding up to me is that Reedus is saying not Glenn on the walkie - and probably someone in Alexandria. But no one in Alexandria had one of those walkies. Rick and Michonne had probably not gotten back yet when Daryl heard that is my thought. So I think we are being mislead somewhere.

And the lack of Glenn's name in the credits - that is a head scratcher. Remember Lost tried to do that with someone and they were told they couldn't. Or was that in the opposite ? Someone was on the show and they couldn't NOT show the actors name ?

Mike V. said...

Couldn't it have been someone else on a different walkie that was picking up their frequency? Other than that...then yeah something isn't adding up.

LOST always said they HAD to show names in the credits which was tough because then you knew certain people would be in the episode if you recognized the name. I thought with series regulars you had to put their name in the credits. Maybe they could get away with something with Glenn because he was missing for so many episodes this season that he didn't classify as a series regular? But...if he somehow survives and is in the back half of the 16 then you would think they'd need to include him.

Zainab Sher said...

hi again,
I know you said you are liking this season so far but for me it is hit and miss. I feel like order of episodes is very weird. We kept asking for morgan's episode for last 3-4 seasons and finally we got one when frankly most of us were disappointed just to know that we won't see what happened to glenn. I know that is a big surprise but ughh getting impatient lol.

Episode was fine. Little slow but it was strong. Again personally the whole character talk is getting cliched. I mean when I saw Sasha's plan of waiting for Daryl, I went, 'oh shoot they are going to go on about their issues', which they did and it was hit and miss and creepy. Every time 2 characters sit like this in TWD, they come out enlightened which makes me wish to have a character development arc for myself in this world too because when I get cooped up with people, enlightenment aside, I don't even come out slightly amused. Anyways, after all these setting up episodes, I hope for a bigger payout and I have faith in TWD team for that.

And amazing job by make up and vfx people.

Mike V. said...

Hi Zainab - Everyone has their preferences! Personally, I have a lot of patience with this show. I know they're building towards something and can let them put the pieces in place to see where it goes. I defended season 2 while everyone was slamming it too! lol

Good point on the "character talk" moments though. I guess if I was able to see it coming like you did maybe it would annoy me more too! This episode was far from the best of the season, but I still appreciated these characters getting their time on screen. Everyone is split up this first half of the season so they all have to get their episodes. They seem to be doing this every season now. Next half they'll probably all be together again and we'll get a different type of half season. Of course, I'm sure their dynamic will be changed from the last time we saw them all together. (Glenn or no Glenn)

MJ said...

A popular theory is that the guy who took the bike/bow has the walkie.

I read that after Daryl stole the bag and ran with it - he stopped and in the process found the insulin and the walkie was on the ground. So the assumption is that the walkie is in the bag.

Norman said we should pay attention to very small details - think that is one. The other has something to do with the statue he took.

Mike V. said...

Good point on Daryl's walkie. And the statue.

I thought it might be those 2 asking for help as well. But, I guess I dismissed it as a bit too obvious! lol

Zainab Sher said...

Good point Mike.

As per walkie talkie, my first instant thought, after hearing help was that it was a trap. I don't know why. Walkie talkie could have reached the hands of those cowboy guys too so it might be them as well. I can be very very wrong but it sounded like a trap.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, agreed. A trap is definitely one of the possibilities at play! And considering the luck this crew has had...probably more likely than not!