Thursday, May 15, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 21 - Memorial Day (Discussion)

Hello and welcome back to a very short lived Revolution!  I regret to inform you of a couple things. First, I am still out of town with the newborn so am unable to provide a recap for Revolution this week.  Also, I'm sure you have heard by now that the show has been canceled by NBC and will not return for another season.  There's always hope of a save from Netflix, Hulu or someone else, but due to the lack of buzz around the show I wouldn't count on it.  I still hope to provide some kind of recap for the finale next week.  But for now, I will just have to join you in the discussion below when I get a chance.  See you next week!


Anonymous said...

Next weeks show is labeled a Series Finale, so hopefully they can wrap it up and make sense in doing so.

So, Truman gasing the TX people whom are supposed to help them in fighting CA. Makes me wonder if Truman is a CA agent. Does the Prez have a gas mask??? The way Truman killed his gf makes me think he could kill the patriots Prez--he's much colder than I first thought.

Monroe's son leaving his Dad, hmmm, makes me wonder. Neville???

AS you can tell, I feel some investment in some of these characters, oh well.

They just might be able to kill the nano next ep????

I hope Abrams learns from this failure and doesn't screw up SW. I know you say he isn't actively involved, but his name is on the show and so everyone knows he's attached. I have heard others question him over this and are worried he'll screw up SW. He shares some of the blame here to several anyway. It goes without saying that Kripke's taking a big strike. The thing is this show cost a lot to produce and so with a lot of money comes more than normal responsibility. This failure will hurt the possibility of other big budget shows getting off the ground, while GoT helps. But as you know the outlets and number of eps are very different.


Mike V. said...

Don't have a lot of time to common but I think this is a failure of being on nbc more than anything. It certainly did take time to make their characters interesting which is something network serialized dramas can't afford but they were already at a disadvantage being on the lowest rated network for 10 years now.

The show is being labeled as a series finale but that's probably only because nbc now knows it's cancelled so they can market it as such. There's a good chance the production team knew they weren't getting a 3rd season so there could be some closure. But I wouldn't be surprised if there is some kind of cliffhanger.

I do like though how all of the major characters are in one central location for an epic showdown. Could be a good time.

Certainly seems like Truman is acting on his own and not with the prez. California is a good bet which would seem like a setup for a 3rd season possibly.

As for Star Wars, I think it's in safe hands. This is where Abrams focus is and he has a great supporting team of players around him. I've personally loved the films that he has put out. Mi3, super 8, the 2 treks. And while he was content tearing the original trek to shreds to make his own vision, I think he'll take the sw job with a bit of reverence. He's a huge fan and was never a trek fan before he took the job. He actually made trek more like sw.

All is that he had a great ability to create and establish interesting characters which is already a big advantage over the prequels. I also think the lens flare will be limited to maintain a consistency with eps 1-6 lol

Anonymous said...

LOL, LOL--defending Abrams.

1. The last Trek was only so so. We waited for it to come out on Blueray. For sure not as good as first. The first was good, bought the blueray.
2. NBC true has an input on the failure. But, NBC really stepped up to try a second season which was much better and actually a great show. I think NBC probably asked for the changes that made the show better. They didn't cast Charlie and cause many of the other characters to be unlikeable. Rachel's character for example was never really likeable over the long haul S1, abandoning her kids, killing/torturing some people for questionable reasons, causing the nannites, etc. Monroe not likeable, on and on. Those were because of how it was written.
Just really think about S1 and whose character was truly likeable--Aaron?, Rachel's son? Miles?

Maybe that was the fundamental problem with the show. Starting off with people in bad places (emotionally,physically,etc) after a horrible event and then seeing them redeem themselves--just wasn't a plot that in developing slowly would grab people up front? In some ways Revolution would likely have been something like SW in that a story about making amends, redeeming--like Annakin in 6.
3. BTW, I'm probably in the minority here, but the SW prequels were good overall, to me. The jarjar binks stuff got to be too much. But the third was great in showing the transformation of Skywalker--ultimately what the whole story is about. I think that's the problem, most people think the story is about Luke. While the story in total is really about Annakin and the force. If 4,5 and 6 had more about Annakin, it MIGHT have made 1,2, and 3 more acceptable????, not sure. Supposedly the upcoming 7 will move away from the Skywalker family. Certainly from the casting we know they will be involved at some point though. I expect there will be a girl jedi to take the hero position. Some have said Leia's daughter, but that would continue the Skywalker theme which is not supposed to happen from other comments I've read.


Mike V. said...

LOL LOL on defending George Lucas!!

I liked the prequels too and convinced myself they were good for a long time. The 3rd one was easily the best of them but the dialogue was so painful and the cgi so overwhelming that they don't hold up like the originals do.

If you're referring to characters in revolution when I said Abrams has a reputation for developing good characters I was referring to the movies not television. Again he's barely involved in these shows outside of helping with the concepts.

But yes that was a major issue with revolution and every show that fails. You need to have characters you want to watch on a weekly basis to have a hit that sustains. Hence why LOST lasted and why they focused on them in the end.

And yes Jar Jar is an abomination! Lol I'm all over the place but even though I think the prequels aren't so great I still liked the story he told. These new Star Wars movies are still George's ideas. But they are being executed with limited involvement from him. Last time that happened was The Empire Strikes Back and that was without question the best Star Wars film! Or at least my favorite. Lol

Mike V. said...

Oh and I'm not sure where you're getting your info but I heard the opposite and this Star Wars film will still focus on the skywalker saga. Makes sense since the other 6 did. The non episode Star Wars films coming have a chance to explore other areas of the Star Wars universe. May as well stick with that family and the solo family for these movies.

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah and I respectfully disagree on into darkness. That was a generally well received film that somehow took a turn for the worse with trek fans by the end of summer. There's an interesting article on ew about bob orci taking the directing reins for the 3rd one. Anyway it was no wrath of Kahn but I appreciated the homage. Yeah id probably agree the first reboot was better. That was really well done.

Anonymous said...

SW Trilogy Sequel stuff
You're right, more Skywalker stuff.

So, confirms my thoughts about Skywalker girl jedi being next great hope--at least in my mind--lol. Will it be Luke or Leia's daughter, hmmmm, curious minds want to know--lol--

Honestly though I liked the actor who played Annakin better than the one who played Luke. Remember that Han was a general--lol. I really hope to see Vader flashbacks--lol and Annakin of course in his "force be with you" look.


Mike V. said...

There is still a key female actress not cast yet. But the one that had been cast (Daisy something?) was seated between Harrison ford and Carrie fisher and looks a lot like Natalie Portman. So many have speculated that is Han and Lewis's daughter. But many have speculated Luke will have a son as well. We'll see!

Interesting debate on Hayden vs mark as worse actor. Hamill had gone on to do some great voice acting (renowned Joker in batman animated series). Hayden is a better actor than the prequels give him credit for. Basically every actor involved in he prequels was brought down by the wooden dialogue, directing and 100% Green screens. Lol but Hayden was good in some movies I saw of him after sw.

But I grew up with Luke so he's the one I prefer. And who doesn't love Han Solo? That character type was sorely missed in the prequels.

Anonymous said...

OH Yea, big time missed Solo


Mike V. said...

Damn autocorrect. Han and Lewis sounds like a very progressive take on Star Wars. Lol. Obviously I meant Leia!