Monday, May 26, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 5/25/2014 - 5/31/2014

Hello everyone! As always this is a place to discuss all non-recapped shows. Once Game of Thrones is over I'll probably just post a summer discussion thread.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Don't have much time to comment but since I watched last night:

Mad Men - great episode. So proud of Peggy! And don letting her have her moment. Roger finally having a leadership moment. Rip Burt cooper. I always wondered if that would happen on the show.

And of course - totally called the moon landing for mid season finale! So Woodstock for the premiere is now a given right? :-) lol

Sally kissing the nerd instead of the jock was interesting. And smoking that cigarette looked just like her mom.

More to discuss I'm sure. Just my quick thoughts!

Anonymous said...

Madmen---yea a great ep and yes, we did call the Burt exit. No plane crash, even though not my call it would have been interesting. However that relationship is done anyway. The moon landing was a big deal at the time and yes you've been calling for it.

Jim voting for the money at the end is such a typical thing in business.

So as we ALL know when you have bosses, even as a subsidiary, it matters.

Peggy was great. Poor Crane waited too long. I think intentionally that way to compare to what Don did.


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - As I mentioned I was never expecting a plane crash either. It would've been anti-climatic if they didn't actually show it and it would've broken their 7 season format to do so.

Yep...don and megan are done. I thought it was a pretty moving breakup...and I listened to a podcast today mirroring Don's growth to his marriage with Betty ending where he was violent and called her a "WH*RE" lol

It smoke to the musical ending...where the best things in life are free...and maybe Don is moving towards helping his friends and being vulnerable...being more Dick Whitman than Don Draper in the end.

Hopefully there is enough momentum when the show returns that people care about it when it ends. Splitting this final season just wasn't very was a totally different beast than Breaking Bad.

24: Good again...but I still have no idea when they're going to skip some hours. We've seen 5 hours now. and they have to skip 12 of them. I just thought of something...if they move to the East Coast before the end of the day...I wonder what time they'll show on the clock. They've never changed time zones before!! LOL

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Interview with Weiner on the finale and what's to come

Anonymous said...

LOL,LOL,LOL--your comment on breaking up the finale. To me, very similar to 10 ep seasons with very long breaks between.

It had been so long from the last season to this season of Madmen I had actually lost interest. And the eps weren't that good until the last two.

24-haven't seen do to problems with cable being cut--lol. It's repaired now.


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - Season 4-5 was the longest break for Mad Men due to contract negotiations which pretty much had a downstream effect on all other AMC shows. But, the hiatus from last season to this season was a normal length for any 13 episode basic cable show.

I think the problem is, Mad Men has fallen out of the Pop Culture zeitgeist (i hate that word, not sure why lol) so the hiatuses just seem longer....but breaking up this final season in hopes of getting the Breaking Bad "Event television" effect was just dumb. Actually, it's probably more milking their network until they can find a worthy show to replace it...and that search has not been going well.

Anonymous said...

Saw 24, it was good. They've made it pretty clear that this immediate attack will be in a couple hours. So, I'm good with the timeline as it's playing out. Although for them to have got geared up and gone to that country house in about 1/2 hour is crazy. And why aren't there British forces involved in that British house raid???--lol. Typical 24 time problems--cross the Atlantic or a dinner, each could be 1/2 hour. I seriously used to laugh how they could go from one side of LA to the other in about 1/2 hour. A 24 fan has to live in some sort of denial--lol.


Mike V. said...

24 - totally agree on liberties taken with time! I'm still not sure how they're going to skip 12 hours though through this day. And if they're going to be travelling to another country (i.e. US)...what time will they show on the clock? Or perhaps will they add a little timezone abbreviation to the clock?? LOL That might be pretty cool.

The Jack/Audrey reunion was pretty powerful. There is definitely some unfinished personal business there!

Orphan Black (with Game of Thrones references) - 1 episode left and I'll be caught up. Definitely agree it has been really good. So funny that New Daario is on this show too. The guy is all over the place. I like him better here though because he's a brand new character. And I can definitely tell he's a different character than the one he plays on Nashville. Daario is falling flat for me. But, the Daario in the books was much more aggressive and the dude had blue hair!!! lol

Mike V. said...

Orphan Black - All caught up. Nice way to bring Vic back into the fold. Sure, he's ratting out Allison for now, but I'm sure that'll change. And it looks like the chemistry with that clone might be a better fit. lol

Maybe a pretty obvious guess, but I'm going to say that the nerdy guy that is now working with Cosima is some kind of mole/up to no good. Considering Leekie has now been identified as ultimate bad guy (for now), and he supposedly cleared him to work on this stuff, that makes even more sense.

Has there been any answer to why Sarah was able to have a child yet? I just always assumed that she was the original...the one that everyone was cloned from. So maybe this dude she just met is her actual father?? I dunno. I may have missed a detail here or there that would prove that untrue.

Anyway...entertaining season!

MJ said...

Hi everyone ! Been swamped at work. Working this weekend too.

Orphan - New Daario is on ? Is he Kira's dad then? Didn't recognize him. In the book he had blue hair? Too funny.

yeah - this nerdy guy has been trying to find out what Cosima was testing for a while now - which is the perfect cover for a watcher. I was also very surprised to see Vic - and that he's there working for that cop. Helena was hysterical in the bar.

i still have 3 revenges to watch.

Finally caught up on New Girl. Loved them getting stuck in the cabin.

Mike V. said...

Hi MJ! sorry to hear you're so busy!

Orphan - Yep, Kira's dad is New Daario! lol Michael Huisman or whatever. Yeah he was a big brawny dude with a thick blue beard. Just don't read the information in this link, but there's pictures/sketches based on his description in the books. lol

Agreed on nerdy guy. And Helena was hysterical in the bar...and in the car singing and passing gas in the tent. lol

I have ALL revenges to watch! :) We have one more 30 Rock to watch to finally say we watched the series...then we'll move on to something else. (Revenge, TVD, Following, House of Cards....haven't decided yet.)

New Girl - Yeah that was a pretty funny finale!

Mike V. said...

SOA - I'll reserve judgement on this casting lol

Mike V. said...

Ratings System - Interesting move by Nielsen. Maybe they don't think their sampling isn't as effective anymore?

MJ said...

Non-spoiler Revenge - finally watched em. First half of season so-so. second half better. last 3 eps were season 1 good ! Wished I'd watched weeks ago. LOL

Orphan - never even recognized him. Yeah - the singing and fart were hysterical. They are making her much more likable now.

Manson/SOa - agree - reserving judgement. Interesting that they are re-visiting the white supremecy thing though.

Leslie - you seen the Bones finale? WOW is all I can say