Monday, May 5, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 5/4/2014 - 5/11/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!

Note: Game of Thrones discussions will be split into a separate post!


Anonymous said...

Bkacklist is 2 part finale that starts tonight. Producer had good article on tv went and rewatched that scene where Liz telks Red she's done with him.

24 had special sat - man this season looks good. 2 hr premier tonight

Grimm - gross vesen of the week. Funny when Trubel says vesen in front of Drew Wu. Love that name. I like it when Adalind is up to no good.

Bates - haven't watched last weeks - marathoning with finale tonight.

Vikings - rewatched from dinner thru to end again - so well done. So many looksback and forth that we thought meant one thing that meant another. Watching it again knowing how they are really faking out horic was amusing to see it happen

Leslie - you watch CSI? Made me miss an old fave Medium all over again.

mj said...

Oops - above is me!

Mike V. said...

24 - Watched special too. I'm psyched! Hopefully the kids and mother-in-law give the wife and I time to watch it!

Bates - I think I'm one behind too. Doubt I'll get to both tonight.

Americans - Started but didnt finish latest one.

Vikings - Agree...awesome finale and loved the fake-out plot that your husband totally called! lol

Mad Men - This short half season has been really good so far. Like the role reversal with Peggy running a campaign with Don working for her. His reaction to it all was priceless. You could see his great business chops at work with the Used IBM computer guy (or whatever you want to call the product lol) but of course he screwed that up with his drunken self. Love to see a computer coming into the office and that it requires construction.

Roger and his daughter stuff was pretty good too. Surely we'll be covering Woodstock in some way in the back half of the season (August '69). They already referred to the Moon Landing in this ep and I assume that will be in this mid-season finale. (July '69)

ONCE: Still watching, penultimate episode was pretty good! Rumple just couldn't leave things be could he!? Looks like all hell is about to be unleashed on Storybrooke yet again. And apparently, we'll get a preview of what realm we will get a taste of next. lol Fingers crossed for a galaxy far far away!!! (kidding, but you know...Disney! lol)

Anonymous said...

24==Not bad, interesting that Lady Stark is back! I do get tired of the best agent is the rebel agent, ie Kate or before her Bauer. A lot of predictable stuff, like the girl killing the device inventor.


Mike V. said...

24 - I liked it. Jack is back! Yeah, there are a lot of the usual plots at play, but I just like Jack Bauer in our lives. And of course we got a couple "Dammits" too. lol Interesting that Heller has the early signs of dimensia/Alzheimers and is the current sitting President. Glad they explained Audrey's recovery from the catatonic state. And of course, they're tying in a lot of current news events with Drone warfare and Wikileaks.

And yes...Lady Stark is the bad guy/gal, for now. There's always a bigger fish (in the words of Qui Gon Jin lol).

Anonymous said...

24---LOL on dammits, forgot about those, but yea. Audrey's new husband and Jack will go at it and Audrey will find out. Of course we were left with the notion that her new husband could be behind it--as you say someone always higher.

Blacklist--wow great ep. Liz brought some good acting again. This show could be another level up next year with her bringing an A game.
Watching Red being not that concerned about the police closing in around him was kind of strange, then when he spoke about the kiss on the cheek, it became a regular Red "knows all and is in control" moment--lol. For a while it was looking like he was going to jail, but at the very end of the ep, it looks like it will be ok for him. The stuff with Liz quiting and her seemingly not caring about the fallout on her co workers was selfish. She knew the force would be broken up, even if Ressler didn't want to tell her some specifics. Still no big reveal on REd/Liz relationship. But, she now knows something about Sam that wasn't good, at least per Red.

Looks like Berlin(btw, we now know it's not a girl/place, but a guy) will roll over into next season????? Wonder who it will be, hopefully another great actor? What were all of those other people on the plane and why was the pilot shooting those passengers. There is a part of me that just doesn't get Berlin flying in on an old C-47 like that which is so slow/uncomfortable. An old WWII vintage Army Air Corps plane, did that itself have meaning along with the name Berlin? OK, I'm probably over thinking now.


Mike V. said...

24 - Good point, didn't even consider Jimmy Cooper (OC reference. Referring to Audrey's Husband aka Tate Donovan) could be behind the whole thing. lol

One thing I can't remember from the series, someone mentioned that Jack almost assassinated a sitting President. I can't remember which one that was, but can only think of Logan as a possibility since he was caught up in the season 5 "bad guy" activities.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--OK, so the passengers were prisoners and the pilot shot the guards. But seriously a C-47 still in WWII colors. And prisoners of what country?


mj said...

24 - I couldn't remember whar prez he went after either. Or why he was considered a terrorist at the end. Mole hunt - def looking at Audreys hubby - he is son in law toprez but you dont talk to potus like that. His asst was also squirrely. Had to laugh - black guy whined 3 times in 2 hrs that the chick couldn't figure out hubby was a mole. We got it already! But it was fun to hang with Jack again

Mike V. said...

24 - All true and good points with Audrey's husband. I don't remember exactly why he was a fugitive but I certainly remember the final few minutes of the episode where he said goodbye to Chloe and fled the country because he was going to be considered a fugitive. And we found out now that Chloe served time for helping him escape.

Leslie said...

Mad Men – Agree with everything you said, Mike. Don was just a mess! Loved that the former drunk, Freddy, takes Don away from the office and is protecting him! I thought last week that he seemed to take too easily to this new role at the office with all these rules which was out of character for him. The computer room was pretty funny, but so was the episode way back when they got their first copier. lol

No Blacklist yet. Watched Bates, but will comment later.

MJ - Yes, I still watch CSI. Haven't seen the last episode yet, but saw that it had Patricia Arquette in it. I liked Medium too.

Anonymous said...

Madmen--just saw. It's so sad to watch. Burt telling Don, that he doesn't know why he's there either. Don could have had a much bigger job than working for Peggy. I'm not liking this show right now. Peggy is a mess. Joanne is I don't know what. Burt doesn't consider how much money Don made him. Almost everyone is a wreck or down.

It seems that so many people are out of their character. Except maybe Roger and Pete?

Don attacking the guy from Leasetech was strange and so maybe showed he wasn't ready to be in a working environment? He used to be able to drink and do some good things.

I don't look forward to the next ep as much as I used to.


Mike V. said...

Mad Men - I think the show is staying very true to the "downward spiral" theme that it's been on since the beginning. They have gradually showed the world changing around Don but he didn't change with it. He's still wearing those suits and playing the part of the "astronaut" that could walk into a room and make the winning pitch. We've seen over the last few years that he has lost his fastball. At the end of last season, he finally came at work and to his family about his past. He was done pretending....of course, it was bad timing at work and led to his "leave".

But, I think subconsciously he wants to prove he can still do this job and do it at SCP. But, he's going to have to be humbled along the way. The episodes we've seen so far were pretty much displaying him at rock bottom and starting his climb back up.

Though, I really have no idea what Matthew Weiner's plans are for Don's long arc. Will it be one of redemption or just overall failure? I don't think we'll find out in this half season. But, the fact that he turned down Neve Campbell's character's offer on the plane means there might be "SOME" kind of growth going on.

Many critics go into depper layers of things going on on this show, which I always enjoy hearing about but never really see when I'm watching the show. They have noticed that a running theme on this show has always been adults acting like children. That would be Don this week, Betty last week with her son trading her sandwich. (They also note that Betty is also a person stuck in a time with the way she dresses and acts) One critic said, "this is how people become your grandparents" lol

Not sure where I'm going with all of this, but I certainly still find the show entertaining. And I think there's always been that element of "sadness" to it. Only 3 episodes left this half season, I think you can make it Richard! lol

Mike V. said...

Bates - Finished the final 2 episodes. Pretty intense! So, Norman finally knows the truth about what happened to his father and Blaire Watson. And we see what voice is egging on his blackout self...good ol' Norma. So, I don't think we're meant to think that Norma actually killed Blaire, right? It was just what his inner voice was telling him so that he could pass the polygraph. Dude is creeeeepy!

Nice resolution to the Caleb stuff too....and they offed all of the drama they introduced this season with Ford and Zane. Wonder if this will make Caleb the big cheese in season 3?

Anyway, this has been an enjoyable show and I think that can be attributed to Carlton Cuse overseeing the thing. I see that he's going to be adapting the actual french version of THE RETURNED for US television (instead of the Ressurection show which was a similar theme but not based on that show). And he's also involved in Michael Crichton's The Strain miniseries. Seems like he's keeping busy.

Looks like I'm going to get further behind on Orphan Black before I get caught up. I'll be taking the newborn on her world tour starting Saturday through next blogging will be at a minimum as will TV watching I'm sure. lol

But, the good news is shows are wrapping up so I'll be able to get to this stuff quickly.

For you Revenge watchers - word is the show got really good again this season...any truth to those rumors? Have to figure out what shows we'll prioritize once the core TV season calms down. :)

Anonymous said...

Madmen--it's just that it used to be up and down. Now it's depressing and I don't need depressing entertainment. I will endure as so much already invested, thankfully I can fast forward--lol.

Grimm--Well we're getting Trubl involved now and even Grimm said he might need her (my words). Have you noticed how ALL the female Grimms are hardcases to the point of almost being unbalanced/strange? I can't blame Adalind for wanting her baby and she should think it strange that the police aren't doing more. That she is now working with the royals is pretty smart on her part, except she's being played by those who are lieing about having her baby.


Mike V. said...

Sleepy hollow - upped to 18 eps

Mike V. said...

Mad Men - I hear you, I guess I just always saw the depressing stuff coming. It's just a question on if they'll build him back up before the end or not. Surely there will be some kind of positives coming. But they have to pave the road to get there. This is only the first half of the final season! (though it won't seem like that with taking a year off in between lol)

mj said...

Bates - watched both as well. Def creepy with his other personality as Norma. No - we are notbto think Norma killed her. When Normans other personality internally appears as Norma. We saw it when he was with ms watson - then she was egging him on to kill. Its really his alter ego tha just looks like Norma. After hours was awful at times. Caleb? You mean Dylan? Real question is why Romero wants Dylan to take over? Has to be more than he knows the rules. We all knew of course that Norman would bnot kill self, but I wondered if he'd kill someone else by accident.

Shield - now we know how Ward hooked up with Garret. Obviously Fitz and Simmons not dead. Loved the'large file upload' bad when the empbwas set off accidentally but Skye's laptop still worked

Revenge -better than last year, notas good as first

Heard about re-do of Returned. We'll see. Toomany returnedfrdead/zombies now. Cw suposed to be doing a zombie show. Nets always over do it when a show is a hit. Also the new Hbo one coming too

Friends with Better Lives? Anyone watching? Not best showever but has some great lines

Sleepy. yay!

Mike V. said...

Bates - Yeah that's what I took from it too, just wanted to make sure everyone was thinking the same. I do mean Dylan (not sure why I said Caleb. I think there's a caleb on another show lol) Yeah...if there's anything we know it's that Norma and Norman are pretty safe from being killed, right? Norma Bates was in Psycho too wasn't she? It's been so long since I've watched.

Revenge - cool

Zombie shows - Well technocally The Leftovers is a show about "The Rapture" stage of the end of days (or at least it can be interpreted that way). These people disappear and we see who is left over and what happens to them. But yeah...they're probably all getting greenlit because of the popularity of Zombie themed movies/TV right now. But, I think Cuse is attaching his name to The Returned because that French show is pretty acclaimed. But of course, you're not going to get a large American audience to read subtitles as our small sampling here would tell you! lol

FWBL - Haven't watched it yet but have them all recorded. Good to know there are some redeeming qualities.

FRIENDS - I'm sure people saw that yesterday was the 10 year anniversary since the finale!? Where has the time gone? lol I'd say I miss it, but I probably watch at least one episode a night in syndication before I go to bed. lol Timeless classic!

MJ said...

Zombies - I said zombies/return from dead shows I thought. But yes - Leftovers is technically the ones left behind. Similar mysteries I'm guessing. think I heard that they don't know the Rapture has happened at first - just that 5% of population has disappeared. LOL on subtitles - exactly why I did not watch.

Ever see a show called Writers room ? They are doing SOA this week and will have Sutter on. Just FYI

leslie - Somehow I knew you'd be a fan of Medium ! LOL

Friends - did not read that - so thanks. Yes - hard to believe 10 years. I don't know how you all find time for the reruns (know others that do too) I can barely keep up with new stuff.

I still haven't watched S2 House of Cards on Netflix for goondess sake. Just no time. ;-D

Mike V. said...

Zombies - Yeah you did say that. That's what I meant though...Leftovers has nothing to do with that. They were completely wiped off the map. lol Right, it appears they don't know it's the rapture or they're not even going to call it the Rapture. But, I've seen in several interviews Lindelof is being very upfront that there is no mystery to solve. It's "a mysterious event happened" and the show deals with the fallout. They're not going to be trying to solve that mysterious event. I think he's covering himself after the LOST fiasco. lol

I really want to watch The Writer's Room...they did one on Breaking Bad last year. But, I don't get the channel that it airs on unfortunately. I could buy the episodes but that just goes against some non-existent principles I have! lol

Friends - Well...we always have the show set to record...and we always want something familiar and something we can tune out on the TV right before bed....FRIENDS always fits the bill! lol I put the sleep timer on and then put an episode of FRIENDS on. lol I usually fall asleep halfway through.

Ugh House of Cards...I still never watched season 1! But we'll make time for ORANGE in June! lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--great interview with show runner/writer.

They plan to find America before ending series.


Mike V. said...

Vikings - Thanks for the link! I'll check it out. Guess I gotta brush up on my "history". lol I didn't remember if the Vikings sailed West eventually.

Mike V. said...

Ahhh yes...good ol' Leif Ericson. lol

Sounds like the showrunner doesn't want to skip too much time too quickly, but if they want to end with America they're going to have to somehow skip some time at some point to get to that. lol

mj said...

So weird thar you don't get Sundance but I do. Its non HD though.

2 behind on Revolution now - maybe watch both tonight.

Resurrection - who knew Fred was such a jerk to his wife back in the day - though they did not tell us how. I wondered if immigration guy was the missing boy - but he's too young since they worked the mill in the owners grandfathers time! Maybe he's a descendent.
Creepy with Rachael looking at her own dead body. And whats with the bugs? Did that road just disappear?

Bates - meant to say eeeeeew on those bugs in the box! Lo,

Mike V. said...

Sundance - Hmmm...maybe I do get it and "unselected it" from the TiVo box by accident. lol I do de-select a lot of non HD channels because I don't want the TiVo accidentally recording the wrong channel!

Bates - Yes, pretty nasty!

TRAVELLING - FYI - we'll be taking the upgraded family on tour this coming week to visit out of town family. So, I'll be trying to squeeze in my favorite shows where I can, but I'm thinking recapping is a long shot. lol So, I'll post up our weekly discussion post, a GoT discussion post and a Revolution discussion post and call it a day! :)

Mike V. said...

Great interview on FOX's Gotham. Pretty sure I'll be giving this one a shot.

Mike V. said...

Renewals - abc lannounced a bunch yesterday. Once, revenge, shield all coming back. Modern family of course but that's no shocker! Lol

BBT - well we felt like an event had to happen this season and it finally did last night. Pretty fitting way for them to get engaged. Now I can see kinda how they might be able to do 3 more seasons. At least 2. Wedding next year, newlyweds season after. Maybe pregnancy somewhere in there for one or multiple couples. Still churning out the laughs though! Just watched the Star Wars day episode from last week too. Good times. Lol

mj said...

Blacklist - not only was her acting better, so was her hair. Didn't get the use of old plane either. And of course the plane flies right over Red as he's being arrested.

Americans - who knew their handler was a red shirt! And are we to believe the guy who killed her killed that couple/his handlers ? Love that she will let Paige go protest the gov't with the jesus freaks but dont go to summer camp with them. Very smart of Arkady to tell that russian so he could warn Nina.

Mike V. said...

Americans - You know I didn't piece that together but it probably is the same guy! It definitely is shaping up for a showdown with him by the end of the season, probably ending in his death. Good points on everything else! I just watched it last night, and I'll admit...I was a little sleepy. lol

Grimm - Just caught up on this too. Truble is a fun little sidekick. I wonder if the plan is for her to stick around. lol But yes...her saying Wessen in front of Wu was pretty funny. And looks like he had was having some flashback memories of his previous encounter. I expect that to be a factor in the season finale. Next season I'm sure all of them will know what Nick really does for a living. lol But it was cool for them to drag it out this long.

mj said...

Americans - I only just came to the tought that this guy killed his handlers. Guess killing this chick was revenge for the deaths on the base last week.

Blacklist - just how did they get the military to shoot at that plane by the way? It was a prison transport - no way that would happen. And the FBI never reallythought about allthe info and things Red got each week?

Mike V. said...

Revolution and Community canceled. I pretty much assumed Rev, but I figured they'd give Community its 6th season (i.e. #sixseasonsandamovie)


Mike V. said...