Thursday, May 8, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 20 - Tomorrowland (Discussion)

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Revolution.  I've made it no secret that I'd be pretty busy during these final weeks of the traditional TV season and it was no lie!  Unfortunately, I was able to watch Revolution last night so I cannot provide a proper recap.  I plan on watching it some time this morning so I'm still up for a discussion in the comments below.  Next week I'll be out of town as well, so we'll probably only have a discussion thread too.  The finale is May 21st and I will try my best to get out one final recap.  (Let's be honest, chances of renewal are not good!)   Sorry again about this, but I'll see you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Well last night was good again. Too bad if not renewed. Neville's on a revenge track, Miles wants to actually lead on taking back the country and nannotech wants to change human nature. Thought the mustard attack was about time. I mean if you intend on killing and repopulating, then get with the program, if that's your program. There will be ramifications though.

Sorry but Neville not blaming Charlie for Jason being dead is crazy. She pulled the trigger and could have ran, ran, ran away. I get that the patriots reprogrammed him and deserve a lot of the blame too. Remember when he was told by the old GA leader that he would have to kill him due to reprogramming?


Mike V. said...

Agreed, I enjoyed the episode. Nice to see Monroe showing his true colors again right before the finale. lol Of course, they're all still fighting for the same cause (get rid of the Patriots!).

I don't think Neville is totally exempting Charlie from her involvement. But ultimately yes, it's the Patriots that are to blame. I still think the next time Tom sees Charlie, it would still be awkward. lol But yes, I remember when they said Jason would eventually have to be killed.

All the Nano stuff was crazy. They definitely are being set up as the ultimate villain. Unfortunately, we probably won't get a chance to see all of that play out.

There's always the hope that Netflix will give them a 3rd season short order to wrap up. Though, i've heard no word of that. And they are building a reputation for having critically acclaimed programming. So, it might not fit in there. MAYBE NBC would give it a short order since they don't have much else going for it right now. But, it's not like Fringe or Chuck that had a cult following and earned such a thing.

Mike V. said...

Revolution Canceled :(

Mike V. said...