Thursday, May 1, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 19 - S##t Happens (Discussion)

Hello Revolution fans!  I'm scheduling this posting in advance anticipating that I'm not going to have time to recap this week's episode.  As you may or may not know, I am welcoming a new addition to my family this week.  I'm sure I'll be posting a little something to announce it with the usual stats for anyone who is interested!  But, this being child #2 I'm certainly going to have my hands full for the foreseeable future.  I will try to join the Revolution discussion at some point, but not sure what I'll be doing from a recapping perspective for the rest of the season.  Let's play each episode by ear!

Feel free to discuss this episode in the comments below!  Hopefully, I'll see you in there.


Anonymous said...


Good ep, definitely a lot of Miles centered stuff in it and theme of wanting to live. This ep almost felt like it could have been a first ep of next season with all the exploring of different themes.

I wasn't surprised and was disappointed about Neville's gun not firing--lol. It was like seriously, this guy has been in the service way to long to not know how many rounds he has left. Also, he should see by the slide position--lol. I laughed when he came up to her with the gun. It should not have had the hammer come down, doesn't work that way--lol. Did anyone really believe when the gun was fired earlier and our POV was from outside the house that Neville shot her--lol.

Why do directors/show runners even bother putting that unbelievable stuff in shows. It makes me question how good the upcoming Star Wars movie will be. It's so unbelievable it turns a dramatic scene into comedy, at least for me.

The nano tech with Priscilla is starting to get real creepy. Lots to come from there, if renewed.

It looks like Rachel/Monroe worked through some issues too.

There will be repercussions for killing 7 Rangers, or at least should be.

Any bets on whom ultimately gets blamed by Neville?

JJ Abrams doesn't want a cancelled show from 1st season on his record. But, with Star Wars coming up, maybe it would help him do a better job with SW, not being distracted with this? Again, he had better do better with SW than with this show. BTW, I think a good call having part of the old cast in VII and 30 years since VI will help our 3 look more age appropriate.


Mike V. said...

Snuck this episode in after midnight last night. Really good episode for Revolution. Totally agree on the fake out killing Charlie scenes. They love doing them. Of course, the big thing here is that Tom actually tried to kill Charlie. Yeah, he probably should've known the count of bullets left, but the point is Charlie has a new lease on life.

As for JJ Abrams...sure, he helped launch this show but Eric Kripke is the day to day guy. Abrams' name gets attached to things because he is the founder of Bad Robot and helps come up with the concepts. After they're up and running, I think he's pretty hands off. Plus, this show is in its 2nd season, not first! lol But yeah..I think he's certainly more concerned about the success of Star Wars right now. He wants to recapture the OT magic and help people forget the PT (I'm assuming).

I'm loving the cast for the new movie...of course without knowing who will play whom (Besides the returning characters). Seems like they're taking this very seriously. Can't wait! And my son will be just the right age. I've been already brainwashing him into liking star wars. He learned his ABCs, numbers and colors with Star Wars books!! lol And his sister is bringing home some star wars toys for him when she comes home tomorrow. lol

Mike V. said...

Oh and thanks for the congrats Richard!