Monday, May 19, 2014

Game of Thrones: Season 4 Episode 7 - Mockingbird

Hello fellow Westerosians and welcome back to our Game of Thrones discussion!  We had another fantastic episode last night.  Most of the episode was setting up some major plot developments for the final 3 episodes, which I've heard are nothing short of amazing.  It may get tiresome to hear, but having read the books, I'm a little bit "in-the-know" of how much is left to cover in those 3 episodes and can pretty much figure out how they're going to sparse it out.  Normally there is a 9th episode to look forward to every season where something crazy is going to happen.  I'd go ahead and expect excitement in 8, 9 and 10 this year!   Of course, that doesn't exclude the 7th episode that we just watched.  Many speculated the ending sequence in this episode would have been the final moment we would see this season.  I can think of several others that can/will surpass it.  Anyway, enough preamble.

Spoiler Warning: As always, I will compare the TV Show to the Books for material that has been covered by the TV show.  I will indicate "SPOILERS" very clearly when I want to talk about upcoming book stuff.  The trend has been that I won't do this until the comments section!  But, if I feel like it's worth bringing something up in the recap, I will label it.

 Let's dive in!

Links and Notes

  • Here is James Hibberd's recap
  • Just wanted to note that there will be no episode next Sunday due to Memorial Day.  They took off last year too.  The year before they aired the Blackwater episode on Memorial Day and ratings took a hit! (duh) 
Discussion Points
  • Tyrion's Search for a Champion - Great moments this week for Tyrion as he fell more and more into hopelessness.  Jaime's sword training proved that he is incapable of standing for Tyrion.  Bronn is marrying a noblewoman and will become a lord of a castle thanks to Cersei's manipulation.  He also made a good case of how he loves himself just a little bit more than Tyrion.   And of course, we found out who Cersei's champion will be.  THE MOUNTAIN!  Anyone keeping track, this is the 3rd actor who has played the mountain.  This guy looks more like the one that The Hound fought at the Hand's Tournament in season 1.  The guy they had in season 2 at Harrenhall was slim and very tall.  In any case, his reputation has always been a foreboding presence in the show.  (PS: I like how the show tied in The Hound's experiences with his brother in this episode)   Anyway, Oberyn "The Red Viper" Martell came to see Tyrion in this episode and spoke about how he met Tyrion when he was born.  He explained even further Cersei's hatred of her little "monster" brother and how she always wanted him dead.  While, Oberyn's main goal isn't to right wrongs of the past for Tyrion, he certainly wants justice for his dead sister and her dead children.  And he shall be Tyrion's champion!  I remember being blown away by this twist in the book.  Everything seemed hopeless for Tyrion and this came out of nowhere (but of course, not really as Martin had been planting the seeds all along).   Can't wait for the next episode! 
  • Arya/Hound - Arya and Sandor Clegane had some great moments this week, starting with the mercy kill of some injured guy in the Riverlands.  Last week Tywin Lannister put a price on The Hound's head for killing the soldiers in that tavern (including Polliver, who was really killed by Arya).  The 2 guys that were heading to The Wall in chains with Jaquen Hgar in season 2 were looking to cash in on that ransom.  One of them took a bite out of The Hound's neck while the other got a name and ended up on Arya's list for a short second before she killed him.  Note, this did not happen in the books, but it all works towards Arya's growth.  It's probably safe to mention now that this injury to The Hound does happen in the books, but it happened in the tavern fight rather than later down the road.  It gave the 2 a little more bonding time on the TV show prior to their extra special bonding time with Arya treating the injury.  It was a great scene where The Hound has a full confessional about his life with his brother Gregor "The Mountain" Clegane.  He was upset over Sandor playing with a toy and burned his face.  Of course, we know The Hound is afraid of fire, and this results in him not allowing Arya to fry his wound to try and prevent infection.  But he eventually let her clean the wound and sew it up.  
  • The Wall Defense - Poor Jon Snow can't catch a break!  Crazy Alliser Thorne and Janos Slint have it out for the bastard and refused to listen to his ideas for preparing Castle Black for the invasion of Mance Raydar and 100,000 wildlings.  He suggested sealing off the tunnel to the North beyond the Wall.  Inevitably it was up to the builders of the Night's Watch to agree with the recommendation.  It looked like the guy may have agreed but sided with his fellow elders.  Further insult to injury was Thorne requesting Ghost be caged up.  Something tells me that everyone should be listening to Jon Snow and his youthful wisdom!  And, I sure would be surprised if those wildlings didn't show up before the end of this season!  As I've mentioned before, the Night's Watch plotline has been stretched out a bit this season as the majority of the Storm of Swords story was told last year.  But, overall, I think what they have done has been worth it to build up Jon Snow's character.   We'll see if it pays off! 
  • Dany - Daario returns with more wildflowers!  Still not sure if I'm onboard with New Daario this year.  I know the recasting was because the other guy got a movie role (replacing Jason Statham in the Transporter series.  I would've stuck with Thrones dude), but the difference in the appearances is so jarring it's tough to get on board.  The acting is fine.  Anyway, he climbed an 800 foot pyramid to get into Dany's bed chamber and put the moves on her.  And it would appear that he got what he came for.  Some nakedness with the Queen of Dragons!  Naturally, we needed some soap opera drama with Jorah walking in on Daario's exit.  Dany informed Jorah that Daario and the Second Sons were going to retake Yunkai and kill all of the masters.  Jorah suggested this might not be a great idea and spoke to how there are ambiguous points of view on both sides of the battlefield (Clearly an allusion to the entire Game of Thrones saga!).  Jorah spoke to how he once sold slaves and Ned Stark wanted his head for it.  Somewhere in this discussion Dany heeded some advice and requested Hizdar (the man we met last week who wanted to bury his father) be sent as an ambassador to Yunkai to warn the masters what has been done in Mereen and help them avoid a similar fate.  She concluded with telling Jorah to tell Daario that Jorah changed her mind.    
  • Brienne/Podrick - Still loving this pairing which is still a little funny since it is what most book fans complained about in A Feast for Crows (book 4).  But, I think the complaints were more towards how the storylines were split over 10 years with the eventual release book 5.  Anyway, I don't recall this from the book but they ran into Hot Pie at a tavern who eventually tipped them off that Arya Stark is still alive.  I agree his wolf bread looked a little better this time!  Anyway, this triggered Podrick's memory of some of his invaluable training from Tyrion that possibly Sansa and Arya are heading towards the Vale.  While he's not confident it would seem that Brienne trusted his judgement enough to check it out. 
  • Mellisandree - I agree with James Hibberd's recap on this.  The only thing memorable about this scene was Mellisandre's boobs.  We were back at Dragonstone and she was talking with Sellyse about how some of her magic isn't real, just influence.  But, eventually she spoke to the importance of Shireen and how she must accompany them on their voyage as the Lord of Light needs her.  Where is their destination?  I'd rather not say, but I think there have been enough clues on the show to figure it out if you really want to know.  My recommendation would be just to wait and see!   
  • The Vale - It's snowing in the Vale! Sansa took this opportunity to make a snow castle of Winterfell.  Robin shows up and we see how unstable he is just like his mother.  He ruined the castle, and Sansa got angry.  Robin flipped out and then Sansa slapped him.  Littlefinger showed up and spoke to how Robin had it coming for a long time and needs to be disciplined.  Then he spoke to how much he loved Catelyn Stark and how it motivated his killing of Joffrey.  Not sure I would buy that but it's certainly what he is telling Sansa.  He then spoke to how Sansa is even more beautiful than Catelyn and kissed the 14 year old in plain view of Lysa Tully Arryn.  She calls Sansa over to the Moon Door to check out the view and talk about how the fall breaks apart men in interesting ways.  She then spoke to seeing Sansa.  Sansa of course thought it was her slapping Robin, but Lysa spoke of the kiss with Littlefinger.  Of course, this was all part of Littlefinger's little plan, we can assume.  He was able to get Sansa separated from Lysa and then told her there is only one woman he has EVER loved.  Lysa got a smile upon hearing this.  But, it was then followed by the 2 words she could not bear, "Your Sister".  Petyr Baelish then pushed Lysa out the moon door to her ultimate demise! 
Roll credits!  I remember being dumbfounded when reading this in the books.  I got the feeling that it looked more inevitable in the TV Show.  This actually was the final moment in the final chapter in A Storm of Swords before one awesome epilogue (which I'm still hoping we'll see at the end of this season).  This is why many speculated it would be near the end of this season.  So coming in episode 7 is a bit surprising.  Then again, Lysa Tully didn't get much screen time, so this is definitely not the most shocking of events in the television show.  Of course, the impacts to the story certainly are important!  Petyr Baelish sure made sure he consummated their marriage before killing her.   He is now Lord of the Vale and Harrenhall, and he possesses the key to the North (well, as long as Bran, Rickon and Arya are presumed dead).  The ol' self-proclaimed "Mockingbird" is doing pretty well for himself in this Game of Thrones!

Well, I think I've babbled on enough here.  Looking forward to our discussions in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you in 2 weeks!    


Anonymous said...

MIke, surely you knew what was going to happen at the Vale given the title? Yea, the titles this year are really applicable as opposed to random. Sansa sure looks older than 14 and Arya seriously looks older than in the books, similar to Tommen. Peter is very good at the game, so far you would have to say the best, given where he started. Robin and Sansa, hmmm??

Yea, the Hound got bit and given what happened earlier and Arya saying it will get infected, it doesn't take too much imagination to figure out what is likely to happen. AS he said, she's learning.

Bronn was sporting some noble clothes there, NO sword made a statement.

Interesting that Cersei's reputation is catching up to her, at least to a few.

The Mountain looks kind of short maybe, given the camera angles, not sure? Nobody wants to fight him for a reason. Quick, big and strong--deadly combination.

I really found the nudity to be gratuitous AGAIN,including Daarios backside. I think the meeting with Melissandra was very important to understand what's happening behind the curtain with her "magic". You know about it due to reading books, but this was the best explanation for TV viewers. And emphasis on Shireen's presence needed. Of course we're all wondering why such an all powerful god needs the fake smoke,etc.

The Brienne/Podrick stuff is boring to me because I really don't like the actors or characters. Don't dislike them, but they're taking up screen time. Seriously, compare those 2 with Hound and Arya.

Wonder what Theon/Reek is up to? it will be interesting to see if that poor kid ever recovers.

The next 3 eps will have some great stuff. Surely we will see CH soon and can't wait for LS.

BTW, I laughed when Tywin told Bronn that a Lannister always pays his debts. He was master of coin and he knows they're broke.


MJ said...

Damn - only 3 left ! I've been in denial I think. LOL Thanks for the reminder about Memorial Weekend - think I had forgot that. Would have been awesome if Jamie was the champion - a public defiance and all - but figured it would not happen. Sad that Bronn said no too - but very exciting that Oberon volunteered. Was shocking to hear that Cerseie was so full of hate even as a child/teenager (don't know how much older than Tyrion she actually is ). Knew Oberon would be thrilled to have Mountain in town but did not think of him actually doing the challange for Tyrion so that he could fight him. Didn't follow how Bronn's marrying a noblewoman was blamed on Cersei - but figured it's book stuff so I just went with it. Loved Tyrion's and Jamie's conversation again.

Mountain - ha ! My husband and I both said who the heck is this guy when we did not recognise the actor. And what is with that bite of the Hound ? Really ? LOL And that was a pretty pitiful cleaning of that wound - a small trickle of water - but I'll just roll with that I guess. Guessing we might be seeing the ground work to the Hounds death by infection ? LOL Don't want to know - but that's what I was thinking.

New Daario - I thought I had read that he saw where the character was going and wanted out ? Guess I missed the part where Dany had Hizdar sent as ambassador - laughed at her telling Jorah to state that he had changed her mind to Daario though.

Pleasant surprise to see Hotpie again. Not sure how finding out that Arya was alive not long ago made Podrick remember the Stark's aunt at the Vale - but ok then. Haven't read EW yet - but yeah - that was alot of scene just to find out that Shireen has to go with them. Although - for non bookies it was interesting to hear her admit that all the smoke and mirrors are just that - and that once people 'see the light' they understand that and are not upset they were fooled.

Littlefinger - I swear his voice is different these days. He's creepy every time he talks about Catelyn while staring at Sansa though. I knew he would not put up with Lysa and her crazyness for long - but damn ! Didn't think he'd kill her this quickly after the wedding. This show wedding = death. LOL

Are we going to see Rickon get to those friends of Ned Starks at some point ??

Richard - I'd assumed that Bronn not having his sword was because he was visiting a prisoner.

Mike V. said...


I said "MANY" theorized, not me! lol Yes we discussed the title of the episode and assumed it would happen in this episode. But before that I would've thought maybe the 9th or 10th episode for this. Makes me think we might dive into some book 5 stuff with Littlefinger and "Allaine". lol Sansa said she was 14 last season after she and Tyrion got married. That actually makes her older than she is in the books. lol But yes..the actress playing her is now probably in her 20s.

They mentioned robin and sansa in the last episode with them too. What are you hmmm'ing? lol But yes Littlefinger is quite good at the game. I'd say Tywin ranks up there too. But I fear to say much more.

Agreed on Bronn. Looked strange for him! lol

Well Oberyn and Tyrion share a similar distaste for Cersei. It was nice that Oberyn made reference to "nice Cersei" and how he read what she was really doing there. She was playing all 3 judges in that episode.

No idea about the Mountain's height, but he's definitely shorter than season 2's tall skinny mountain. lol

I figured you in particular would enjoy the Mellisandre scene. lol I'm not saying the scene wasn't important but it was easily the least interesting of the episode (mainly because the fantasy elements are still on the outskirts of the central plots to the show right now). And honestly, if I read it in the books, I forget about the "behind the curtain" emphasis on the magic.

Brienne/Podrick - I disagree! Obviously the Hound/arya is more interesting but I think their journey is also important. You and I know where it's headed eventually...and they need to build up to that.

Theon/Reek - it certainly will. lol

I'm thinking both of those are coming too....but there's so many other things to look forward to as well!

Does Tyrion know the Lannisters are broke? He knows that Kings Landing is in massive debt but I don't think he knows about Casterly Rock's mines being empty. Tywin told Cersei that I think.


Cersei is pretty much shutting down every chance Tyrion has for getting out of this she somehow set up Bronn with a noble woman and gave him titles and all of that fun stuff that apparently is important in that world. It was a good enough offer that Bronn would refuse to help his friend..and even Tyrion understood and couldn't match it.

The Hound - My lips and neck are sealed. :-) LOL

New Daario - But Transporter 4? Come on dude! lol

Yeah...if you didn't remember Hizdar's name you might have just blown it off. Dany told Jorah to send Hizdar as the ambassador instead of just killing the masters right away.

Yeah..i guess it's a stretch with Podrick thinking of the Vale. He probably could've figured it out by guessing where Sansa went. Or maybe just knowing Arya was in the Riverlands with The Hound and assuming where they might go. Good to hear from a non-bookie on the Smoke and Mirrors. Though I really don't know how the Shadow death of Renly was smoke and mirrors! lol

LOL on Wedding = true. Though Sansa and Tyrion are still ticking! lol do I not spoil when you ask about Rickon?? lol I think I even mentioned last season that once Rickon parted ways with Bran in the books we never heard from him again. Though..that's not to say that he won't appear in book 6 or 7 or the show again. I'm sure the character exists for a reason. But, it's all speculation for now! lol

Anonymous said...

Sansa and Tyrion didn't have their wedding consumated, so MJ still has a point--LOL. Actually, now that I think about it, I can't think of a noble high ranking couple where they just both died of old age. Even going back to just before show timeline.

Tyrion knew that the Lannisters needed the Tyrells due to needing funds. Came up around wedding prep time. Regardless about explicitly stating of the mines, he was running around trying to round up enough money to pay for the wedding. He knew about the crown debt too. Cersei and he mentioned that the Lannister's can't keep supporting the crown and so need Tyrell's help. That plus the debt is an easy cypher for Tyrion.

I don't think ANYONE missed the telegraph on the Hound's future--LOL.

I'm glad I could find something for us to disagree on--LOL! Brienne/Pod. I'm not saying the storyline is boring. I just don't like the actors or characters. Again, I don't dislike them either(I know I get an F for grammar here--LOL). It's just that it's screen time that could be with those that I actually like. BTW, I was good with Pod knowing about the royal house stuff, since Tyrion did fill him in on some of the houses and their relationships,etc. It was part of Tyrion's bag of tricks vs sword play.

I really think the Melissandra scene is setting us up for smoke and mirror stuff as well, maybe even next season. BUT, don't forget EP 10. This lays the groundwork for lots of stuff as to who is real or not real, what is real vs not real. I will never forget the Lightbringer ep where Davos saw it to not be true.


Mike V. said...

Well...I thought of that with Tyrion/Sansa, but then Joffrey didn't consumate either! lol But yes it's quite true that there are some rough pairings on the show for love and not for love and they mostly end badly!

Still disagree on Tyrion with the debt. I think it's pretty clear (at least in the books)that Tywin Lannister has no intention to forgive the crown's debt with his own money. Of course, knowing that there is no money might lend a hand to that. But THE CROWN is in debt, and Tyrion was master of coin for THE CROWN. The Lannisters were not funding the Royal Wedding, the CROWN was just like it was funding The Hand's tournament when it was already in massive debt. Plus, we must remember that Joffrey was technically a Baratheon, so why would the Lannisters be expected to pay anyway?

I agree though that Tyrion saying the line was still funny now that we have knowledge that their popular motto lives on without the proper backing. lol

I know what you're saying about Brienne/Pod....and screentime. Of course, we must always realize that sometimes too much of a good thing may be "TOO MUCH" indeed. So wishing for more screen time for Tyrion or Arya/Hound could be disastrous. Just seeing the fine line they walked with Bran and Jon Snow this season stepping away from source material makes me question spending extra time with characters than needed! lol I think the scenes worked, but I'm glad they do the balancing act they do at the same time. Yeah Pod knowing his stuff makes sense...I think the question more is why did knowing Arya was live trigger it instead of figuring out where Sansa might be headed anyway? I have to rewatch the scene, but it may have been because of the location and The Hound's involvement.

I also forgot to mention in the recap that Arya/Hound just found out Joffrey was dead in this episode too. Crazy no cell phones in Westeros! lol

Good points on Mellisandre and upcoming stuff. As I said...I wasn't saying the scene wasn't needed, plus I liked Hibberd's joke and wanted to reference it. lol I still question how she gave birth to a shadow that killed Renly if she's all smoke and mirrors. Unless she's just "MOSTLY" smoke and mirrors. lol

mj said...

I remembered who Hiznor was when they discussed but did not hesr or have forgotten that he was to go with them. Good point on Renly shadow death. So then what the heck was she talking about? Lol. Understood on Rickon.

Mike V. said...

******Book stuff spoilers **********

Richard have you heard of the gravedigger theory? I just saw someone in th comments bring it up in the weekly ew book vs tv column. It suggests sc (th) is still alive and took on another persona ie a gravedigger that brienne pod and Harley come across. If this is true I wonder how the show will handle it since GRRM hasn't revealed yet.

Btw here's the weekly article.

Google that gravedigger theory. It comes up on a couple of the big wiki pages.

Anonymous said...

Book Stuff*****************************************
I have not heard about the theory on SC. I knew about Stranger, which I wish they had more on his devotion to SC. Interesting that SC and his brother GC may end up continuing in the story. Although GC in a strange magical way. Certainly much has been made about Arya learning, but SC may have been changing/learning too.

I wonder if we'll see some hints on the GC transition this season?

It's interesting that this season they've introduced the notion of smoke and mirrors while not so much dragon action.

Speaking of action, the wheel spinning wall stuff is getting frustrating, we all know what happens with Jon. Even non book readers could start to get bored by now with the obvious outcomes.


Anonymous said...

Book Stuff************************************************

In which ep do you think we'll see CH? You think ep 10 will be TLs last? I will miss him, great actor.

BTW you had a good point on Joffrey/Margery not being consummated. But I don't think you can name a couple where both grew old together?


Mike V. said...

BOOK STUFF ************** kinda makes a sense that both C's would go on in altered states rather than just one. It's a good question on GC in this season. I have a feeling we'll see Qyburn again and he'll take an interest in GC.

Wall stuff - I agree, but it's all just stretching the plot until episode 9. We know in book 3 that the battle happened right when Jon got back. But, it's good to build up more animosity with Slynt and Thorne if they follow the books on what he does to them eventually.

As for the dragons - I'm sure it's a budget issue that they can't be around all of the time. But they always say when they do appear they want to make it count. That shot last episode of Drogon rising up and frying the lambs was pretty awesome.

CH - I have no idea what ep...Maybe if Bran is in the next episode he'll meet him and then in episode 10 he'll get Bran to the'll be interesting to see what they do from there. Or maybe they'll stretch things out and have bran meet CH in ep 10...and do the tree next season. But with the name of that episode it's tough to imagine it not happening. Of course..that title could be referring to many different children who do interesting things in that ep. (A going to B, T taking out T...yes I think it'll be the final episode this season, etc....) I will miss TL as well.

*****************************NON BOOK STUFF BELOW***************************************************************************************

No, I cannot think of a couple in this story that has made it to old age together. I never disagreed with that! lol

MJ - Forgot to comment on your comment about Littlefinger's voice. Apparently it has been the talk of the town this week. He certainly has his mustache twirling evil maniacal voice this year. Some have even compared his voice to Bane in the Dark Knight Rises. lol

mj said...

Lol on voice

Anonymous said...

Book Stuff************************************

Looks like we're getting into book 5 ADWD territory next week with Theon. I was doing some reading on book 6 and I can see how GRRM has released some stuff on "Theon's arc". Makes me wonder if the small partial release on book 6 was to cover for the TV show. Maybe that's how he's going to deal with the TV show until the book comes out? I hope he's doing book 7 and we just don't know about it--lol.

I'm not sure about how the timelines are working with the books and POV style. That is, how can anyone be sure of where the characters are vis a vis each other on a timeline when several of them have no interaction. Books 4 and 5 in particular seem to have covered mostly different areas/story arcs around the same time frame, but I'm not sure?

Can't wait for the big fight Sunday night. I think the Hound will buy it too.

Intersting note, on the wiki page for GoT Season 4 they have a title/theme for this season of "All Men Must Die"



Mike V. said...

****************BOOK STUFF***************

Yeah, we were already into book 5 territory 2 weeks ago when Ramsay asked Reek to pretend to be Theon Greyjoy. lol There have been several chapters released from Winds of Winter. I've read a couple of them (Arya and a Barristan chapter I think. The Arya chapter was awesome)...this is something GRRM has always done. He previews a few chapters before the release of the book. He even reads chapters at various book signings. Sometimes text is changed in the final version though.

Yeah...I secretly hope he's working on both books as well, but I just don't see that based on his track record. The guy just takes forever to write and is very busy with other projects too. But...the benefit he has is that he does not announce dates anymore until the book(s) are ready. He got in trouble in the past on promising a release date and missing it by YEARS. lol

GRRM had to put a disclaimer in the beginning of A Storm of Swords to say that some of the early chapters of the book happen at the same time as the Battle of Blackwater. So yes the timing of things is always questionable. He writes for one character for awhile, then when he's feeling a different character, he'll write them....then he chops it up into chapters and books and so forth. But, yes events in AFFC and the first half of ADWD happen in parallel. He uses weather patterns sometimes to kind of indicate what time everything is happening. There was a massive rain storm the day of and night of The Red Wedding. It began to snow at the end of AFFC in the Riverlands...and in someone's chapter in ADWD it started to snow letting us know that we had caught up to that time. But any given time someone's character arc may be moving head further than another. The show has shown the chronology the best up till this season...where they are intentionally stalling with some events and moving ahead with others.

Yeah...that's the promotional poster for season 4. The season 3 was the dragon shadow...i forget the slogan. Season 1 was Winter is Coming...season 2...i forget the slogan as well but it had a hand grasping for a crown.

Anonymous said...

What new characters are you most excited about seeing going forward?


Mike V. said...

**********BOOK STUFF (SPOILERS!!!)**************
Getting tired of abbreviations and it might get confusing so I'm going full out spoilers here lol

New Characters - hmm...tough call because after this season all bets are pretty much off on what they'll actually cover. Given all the investment they have put in DORNE over the past few seasons, I'm hoping we get to meet some of those characters next year, more of the Martell family and their involvement with Myrcella. I'm thinking if they cut anything it will be a lot of the iron born stuff....we don't know how much that'll play into the big story yet but right now it seems like extraneous stuff that maybe the TV show doesn't need to explore.

Obviously, there is a tie to the Martell drama with introducing Aegon II (or whatever "roman" (westerosian? lol) numeral goes there lol) I'm sure Tyrion will end up across the narrow sea on his voyage to Mereen. I still wonder if Jorah will be exposed and excommunicated for his run in with Sam or Arya in Braavos and eventually Tyrion. Also interested to see if Jon still sends Sam, Gilly and Aemon on their trip to the Citadel...because Sam eventually runs into Jaquen Hgar (or whatever his current face is).

Looking forward to seeing more Mance next year and some of those wildling characters.

Cersei trying to run King's Landing was comical in the I hope they keep that up in the show.

Really don't know...I've always been so focused on seeing book 3 completed on the show that anything past that has kinda scared me in TV terms. lol I think they can still make a good show, but I'm guessing it will differ mostly from the books.

Anything you're looking forward to?

COME ON Winds of Winter...get here already! lol

Anonymous said...

Book Stuff**********Serious Spoilers**********************

I'm looking forward to Robert STrong, Cold Hands and Cersei running naked--LOL. SEriously, her downfall is to me a great thing. And BTW, Lena Headey hasn't done a nude scene--lol. And her relatives giving her a non supportive time. And yes the involvement of the Martells.

I'm looking forward to see how Stannis deals with his work up North and how seriously Jon takes Melissandre's advise. The Theon stuff will go on. And of course we get to see LS dealing with the brotherhood, Briene and Pod. Ramsey having some tough times would be good to see.

Arya in Bravos will be some fun. As will Tyrion's travels.

But, I'm forgetting of any major battles, which makes me sad. So, yea books 4 and 5 may be harder to make interesting. If you look at the viewership, it's stuff like the major battles, red wedding, Joffrey's wedding murder, etc that attract. They will HAVE to pull in some book 6 stuff to make it better than prior seasons, IMO--LOL.

Don't you think 4 and 5 will be done together. I mean they've alrady gone into books 4 and 5 somewhat--lol.

I will miss the Hound!


Mike V. said...

BOOK STUFF***************SPOILERS****************

Totally agree on Cersei's downfall....I was almost laughing the whole time. lol

There aren't really any major battles...basically the end of book 5 had cliffhangers for "The battle in the snow" with Stannis vs. Ramsay....and The Battle of Mereen with Dany and her Dragons vs who knows what? I know the Iron Born were heading that way and I'm sure Yunkai and Astapor where heading that way. I know a battle certainly was brewing but I can't remember exactly what it was. lol But Barristan was front and center for it. I wouldn't be surprised if they end next season preparing for those battles. Or hell maybe they'll even have one of them. Surely we're going to get some kind of information on Winds of Winter before the end of next season! lol

I don't think there has ever been any doubt that 4 and 5 will run in parallel next season. It was always GRRM's intent to release it as one book but the stories got too big for one volume. In fact, I'm fairly certain we've already discussed it as a certainty. lol Now whether they slim it down and do it all next season...that remains to be seen. This is where things are going to get interesting to see where the show goes vs. the books.

Mike V. said...

Seems pretty obvious why they're scouting Spain but I guess it would be spoilery to say. Lol

Anonymous said...

Some for fun interesting GoT speculation:

It would be interesting if the next generation end up the winners.


Mike V. said...

Interesting read indeed. The most interesting thing is the mention of a horn that controls the dragons?? I don't remember reading that. I know the horn of winter is rumored and could tear down the wall (which makes me think that might actually happen in one of these books). But don't remember the dragon one.