Monday, May 12, 2014

Game of Thrones: Season 4 Episode 6 - The Laws of Gods and Men (Discussion)

Hello all and welcome back to Game of Thrones!  As previously warned, I unfortunately am out of town this week showing off the new baby girl to family and friends.  So, I'm unable to recap Game of Thrones this week.  I hope you understand and will hopefully join you in the comments at some point this week.

Please stick to usual Book Spoiler standards and warn if you're going to discuss the book!

Thanks and see you next week!


Mike V. said...

Took me all night but finally got through the episode. Awesome!!! Trial was almost word for word from the book. All the emotion that was needed to be conveyed was. I'd love to say more but I'm on my phone.

Dany and theon plots are delving into book 5 territory. Scary for future seasons if grrm doesn't get a move on. Secretly hoping he's well more ahead than the world knows. Lol

The yara sack was not in the books and it ended the only way it could. Unsuccessfully. Lol but it was good at showing how far gone reek is. The whole part of Ramsay asking him to pretend to be theon is definitely in the books. Good stuff!!

I'll let you guys discuss and I'll jump back in when I can!

Mike V. said...

Little fun fact this is the first episode with no Starks represented.

Totally forgot about Stannis stuff too. That was really good and not really in the books. But definitely fits with where their story is going.

Mike V. said...

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Anonymous said...

I liked the ep. The stuff with Jaimee and Tywin about Tyrion. Then Shae still there in KL and betraying Tyrion. Trial by Combat!!! Can't wait. Poor Lanister legacy--lol.

I was so disappointed in the Yara/Ramsay "fight". But yea in the end it had to be that way. I was still hoping Ramsay would be offed, but the show needs someone to hate--a homicidal lunatic to replace Joffrey--say like Rachel--lol.

We finally see Bravos and the Iron Bank--loved the statue. Davos did well in pleading Stannis's case. The Tywin points are valid, especially with Tyrion being prosecuted.

Already 6th ep! Blacklist finale tonight. After this week it will be a little thin on the TV front for good shows.

MJ said...

Did not see it coming that Shae would take the stand - and be against Tyrion. And boy did Tywin play Jamie really well. It's like he knew what Jamie would try to help Tyrion and just jumped on it. Once again
Tywin gets exactly what he wants - get rid of the Imp and get his son to quit the Kings Guard. So will Tyrion have Jamie battle for him or Bronn ?? Wow - Theon really is lost to Ramsey Snow - not even recognizing his name any more. I'm almost afraid to see what Ramsey is having Theon do for him.

Rushed today so haven't read recap or others comments. Will be back soon.

Mike V. said...

Didn't even get a chance to read that there is no recap! Lol

All good thoughts and no comment on trial by combat!! :-)

Zainab Sher said...

What an episode. I was waiting for the trial since purple wedding episode and it DID NOT disappoint. I cried when tyrion asked shae to stop. Never saw him beg like that and when he back lashed, it was like the time stopped. Peter Dinklage killed it this episode and deserves all the accolades for his performance.

Apart from Tyrion mania ( :D ) This episode had 2 very crucial moments, Theon's fear and mental breakdown and Danny's finding out that ruling is much difficult than fight since there are grey areas to address and she is used to black and white only so far. Nice development there.

And lastly but most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS! May you daughter bring happiness and good luck to you and your family and be a source of continuous source of joy for all. ameen. :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that Dany is the first of "his" name too.