Monday, June 2, 2014

TV Discusion: Week of 6/1/2014 - 6/7/2014

Hello TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  Game of Thrones will have its own discussion area/mini recap.  After that show ends, I'll probably just post a Summer Discussion thread.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Orphan Black - WOAAAAAAA...right after I started talking about Leekie as the ultimate big bad they go and bring in that woman who worked for Oceanic in season 4 of LOST and was that awful villain of True Blood season 2. lol's crazy that Allison's husband ended up shooting and killing Leekie. Also interesting that he's an unintentional monitor. I'm sure there's more to discuss but I'll talk later.

Orange is the New Black - Available Friday! We just started up season 4 (or 5?? can't remember) of TVD...but I'm sure we'll put that on hold for OITNB! Need to know what happened to Pennsatucky! lol

Anyone see Halt and Catch Fire? I recorded, but not sure when I'll get to it as always.

Silicon Valley - Hysterical finale to a hysterical first season. Looking forward to more. I had no idea that the actor playing the main guy's funder/boss died of lung cancer. (awful I can't remember character names I know) They had a picture of him at the end of the episode. I wonder how that'll come into the story in season 2. But, it's probably why he wasn't in the finale. He died in December of 2013. That's a shame.

Anonymous said...

Halt and Catch Fire(HCF) I recorded it, but not seen it.

Next to nothing on now, so i'm sure I'll check it soon.


Anonymous said...

Longmire coming back for new season tonight, I will watch that!


Anonymous said...

24--still moving on, interesting with Kate or whatever her name is and reveal that her husband may have been set up. So, attack should be the show after next--if it happens. Yea, the Russian guy figured out that Bauer was being sent down the river without Prez's knowledge.

Obviously daughter is developing as Margot's weak link.


Mike V. said...

Halt and Catch Fire - Ratings weren't so good so not promising for its longevity. we'll see!

Longmire - Never watched it...not sure I ever will...but you never know! lol

24 - I thought this one was really good. I think I missed that Kate's husband may have been set up. Interesting. That whole Russian subplot would've been something that would've come up in like the 18th hour of a regular season. lol But with this only being 12 episodes here it comes!

Daughter definitely looks like a week link.

And is Benjamin Bratt (CIA Director) the Mole? It wouldn't make sense if he is because he wouldn't have escaped that building explosion last week unless Kate warned him it was a trap. That would just be some lousy writing. Seems like he has some other baggage going on.

6 of 12 hours down and no skipped hours yet. I don't know why I'm so interested in when the skips will happen and how they'll handle it! lol

Anonymous said...

24, Ben Bratt. I think his very likely betrayal lies somewhere other than with Margot. ie, not middle eastern terrorist stuff. I'm thinking something more related to good old fashioned greed--lol.

So, the attack is scheduled to take place in hour 8 of 12. Leaves some wiggle room for stuff like "bigger issues". The stuff with the Prez having Alzheimer's isn't done yet and could become a big deal. Certainly the MI-5 screwing things up will cause some discussion around the issue. But, seriously a HUGE hole in the plot is that the British aren't taking the lead on catching the bad guys in their own country. And the Americans have screwed up so far in several key areas. They have their own drone experts and don't forget that the largest aerospace show where most of the expertise comes together is at Farnburough--lol.


Mike V. said...

24 - Agreed on Bratt

Let me clarify....hour 8 of "24". As I mentioned, they are planning to skip hours. But yeah I don't think they'll be skipping before the next 2 hours.

Good point on UK...of course they seemed too concerned about thwarting Jack's efforts. lol

STAR WARS - So any thoughts on the new casting news? Lupita N'yongo (sp) has been rumored for awhile now but nice to see it came through. But good ol' Brienne of Tarth (best joke I've seen is Brienne of Darth) in Star Wars? LOVE IT!!

MJ said...

OITNB - think I'm gonna rewatch S1 before I hit number 2.

Orphan Black - crazy that Alison's husband didn't know why he was monitoring her. And yeah - she was an awful villian in TB - was also on Star Trek Next Gen.

Halt - not yet. recorded.

Missed 24 due to Tivo re-booting itself for no reason. Repeats friday so will catch it then.

Silicon - a little behind on that one.

Longmire - recorded but not yet watched.

Star Wars - saw that this morning.

Mike V. said...

OITNB - I'm sure they're rewatchable but those episodes seemed so long I couldn't even consider rewatching. lol Granted, I've rewatched Game of Thrones a few times now and they're fairly long! Anyway, I think I have a pretty good recollection of what happened. All I know is it ended with Piper and Pennsatucky!

Anonymous said...

Longmire--really god ep. Always liked the Indian stuff.

Star Wars--I googled her name, but really didn't read much, can't say I've seen her in anything. I'll be concerned until I see it--lol. For example, Star Wars didn't win audiences with special effects IMO. But with the dynamics of the actors and drawing us into their story. Otherwise why do so many like the earlier versions rather than the new more special effects movies? For a VERY similar reason, I didn't like the second Star Trek nearly as much as the first.


Mike V. said...

Star Wars - Lupita won an oscar for 12 Years a Slave this year. Apparently, Hollywood loves her. lol I haven't seen 12 Years a Slave but she seems like the real deal.

I think the effects of the original trilogy also were more impressive because they were based on real life models and not ALL CGI ALL GREEN SCREEN ALL THE TIME. That stuff hasn't held up too well from the Prequels. But yes...the characters were much more drawn out in the original trilogy.

Abrams is a huge original trilogy fan. The story of him meeting Damon Lindelof meeting for the first time to create LOST was that they bonded over the Star Wars Bantha Tracks t-shirt that Damon wore to the meeting. lol I really am optimistic this whole team is doing the best they can do to honor that original trilogy and put a fun and exciting adventure film together. We shall see though.

Anonymous said...

Oscar winners today kind of make me laugh. That is usually they have to be politically correct in their portrayal or different somehow basically resulting in a not too good movie. Anyway I haven't like most Oscar winning movies lately.

Brienne is not my favorite character or actor in GoT. She's stiff, maybe that's what she's supposed to be. But watch her walk, usually she has problems bending her knees. She's also kind of slow. Maybe picky.

I too hold out hope and anyone who takes on the job is going to be highly questioned in an almost no-win situation. The film will not please everyone no matter what he does.


Mike V. said...

Yeah oscar winning performances vs. oscar movies are 2 different things. Usually it's a pretty political game just to win Best Picture these days.

Of course, even good performers still need a good director and script and whatever other moving parts are needed. We saw what the Star Wars prequels made great actors look like. Portman even went on to win an Oscar herself after turning in some wooden performances in Star Wars.

But, I think this is where J.J. shines. From the "directed" films and shows that I've seen he definitely puts character first.

Absolutely, no one will ever be pleased with any future Star Wars films or pretty much any piece of pop culture media that is ever released from here to eternity. I choose to be on the optimistic side of things because there is already plenty of negative pre-criticism before a thing even exists. Someone has to represent the other end!! lol

mj said...

Longmire - agree was a good ep. I've missed them. Interesting with Deputy insisting he sawthe dead guy even knowing he was drugged

Orphan - glittered Vic was fun. Sarah being alison being Donny was hysterical. Donny accidently shooting Leekie was reminiscient of Pulp Fiction!

MJ said...

Silicon Valley - OMG ! That was hysterical. That whole white board and how Richard came up with the new compression.

Halt Catch Fire = watched it. Eh ! Will have to see where they go with it but not that impressed.

Any one check out Gang Related ? I recorded the first two then decided not to bother. Got too much other stuff - don't need more.

I loved FWBL - was crushed when they cancelled that one. New show Undatables was kinda unwatchable. LOL

Mike V. said...

Silicon Valley - Totally agree. I was cracking up for that finale. Can't believe Richard's funding guy died in real life though (can't think of his name but they showed his picture at the end of the credits). That's a shame.

Halt - Didn't watch...and saw it bombed in the ratings. Chances are it's not going to recover!

Gang Related - I recorded mainly because Terry O'Quinn was in it, but yeah I haven't watched either. Agreed. Too much to watch!

FWBL - I had them all recorded but once I saw it was canceled I deleted them all! Didn't hear of the other one. lol

I'm sure Boy Meets World was after everyone else's time...(it was kinda after mine too lol), but I have seen the pilot of Girl Meets World. Definitely "Disney Channel/ or ABC's TGIF cheesy" but it still was pretty good! I may have to watch a few more for nostalgic purposes. lol

Anonymous said...

Halt--OK, so maybe I'm AGAIN just not mainstream--lol. I liked it ok and not much else is out there--lol. I didn't like the blonde haired girl deal--actually none of it from the classroom, sex, hiring, etc. I watched with my son and told him the very second she sat down that she was going to be the key person in making the computer--lol. So, for me it depends on how much they have their "Charlie" front and center.

I remember those days and even Exxon made computers back then--lol. Of course IBM was going downhill making PCs before selling to become Lenovo. I find it crazy how we put up with so many computer pc problems and yet computers in automobiles are so solid.


MJ said...

Halt - Doubt its not that you aren't mainstream but its I watch more stuff then you I think. It just felt to me like pieces of other shows that are better. Lee Pace breaking the law and illegally forcing IBM to build this computer. (How is he not fired ?) Feels like the many back deals done on Scandal and House of Cards but with business instead of politics.

But I actually liked the girl. LOL The guy with the family - he just felt like every other schmoe on tv - had a hard time feeling sorry for him. But - depending on where it goes I will keep watching