Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 13 - Alone

Welcome back fellow walkers!  Live together, die alone is a mantra of one of our favorite TV Shows in recent memory.  At it was very much the theme of tonight's episode of The Walking Dead.  And, I'd say the show was better for it!  This episode benefitted from the slow character building of last week with Daryl and Beth, but also opened up the story for us to join in with fan-favorite Maggie and her crew as well.  Let's discuss some key moments from the episode!

Discussion Points
  • They threw us a curveball in the opening moments with a flashback to when our crew recruited Bob Stookey.  We found out he had been with several groups and always ended up on his own.  But Daryl and Glenn took him in after asking him the 3 questions that Rick mentioned earlier this season.  Turns out he killed one person upon their request.  I guess there could be more to this story eventually, but it's enough to go on to know what kind of a world he (really all of them) have been living in.  
  • It was clear in this episode, maybe earlier, that Bob had a little crush on Sasha.  It could have partially explained the smile he'd been walking around with.  But, he explained it further that he was not alone and that was something worth celebrating.  
  • Maggie was still hell-bent on finding Glenn.  They stumbled upon the Terminus sign and debated whether they should go for it.  Maggie was convinced Glenn would go there.  Sasha assumed Glenn was dead, something she confided in Bob and Maggie apparently overheard.  Maggie ran off without them leaving them a note to not follow.  Bus she also overheard Sasha's plan to find the first town and first high building and set up a life there.  Maggie left a path of dead walkers on her way to Terminus and hand wrote signs for Glenn to follow in their blood.  
  • Bob and Sasha followed the tracks as well and debated the whole way about whether to keep going after Maggie.  Bob was deduced that Sasha though her brother Tyreese was dead, because he assumed Ty would go towards Terminus as well (which we know he was).  Eventually, they found a town with a high building and Sasha stuck to her word.  But, she didn't get away without Bob going in for a kiss.  It was tough to tell if she reciprocated but she still was standing by her plan.  Of course, Maggie decided to stand by Sasha and save her from a miserable and short life alone in her high ground.  They had a pretty awesome girl on walker slashing scene, complete with No Parking sign and then things got all emotional.  They caught up to Bob and they all continued on together after a few hugs.  Awwww!  Onward to Terminus! 
  • Meanwhile, Daryl taught Beth to track.  She got cocky and got her foot caught in a trap.  Of course, this led to Daryl carrying her through a lot of the episode and their bond to grow closer.  They stumbled upon some chateau and decided to make camp there for the night.  Not sure if this place was a funeral parlor or they just got in the business of making up walkers to appear human after their brains were skewered.  Beth though it was a beautiful thing.  Naturally, we all thought it was just creepy.  Maybe not as creepy as Daryl chilling in a coffin though!  Beth got to do more singing and even playing the piano.  Daryl got to do some swooning.  
  • But, of course, there was always a looming threat of other residents to the house.  The shelves were recently stocked and they agreed just to take a little of it for nourishment.  I don't know if I could survive on pig's feet if the zombie apocalypse ever happened! 
  • Sure enough, after one scare of a stray dog checking out the place, someone drew a herd of walkers on the house.  While Daryl secured Beth's escape, his escape was a little more difficult.  He took on what seemed like dozens upon dozens of walkers and still made it out unscathed.  But, it was enough of a delay for him to watch Beth get kidnapped by a car with a cross on the rear windshield.  Naturally, I'm not a comic reader but I assumed this might have some significance for those that did read them.   My first thought would be it had some association to the stocked shelves and the coffins in the house.  But, that doesn't take any kind of genius to deduce! 
  • Anyway, Daryl ran for miles and miles until he could go no further and collapsed close to the train tracks.  Eventually he was surrounded by a man name Joe and his men.  This guy Joe we met before.  It was him and his men that came into the house Rick and crew were chilling in.  We knew he'd be back!  For now, they seem to have come to an agreement with Daryl.  Because well, it's the living vs. the dead!  And if you don't live together you will die alone and then come back to walk with the other dead!  I'm sure nothing but more drama will come from this! 
  • The final shot of the episode was Glenn stumbling upon a sign for Terminus.  We did not see if it was one marked with one of Maggie's little notes. 
  • Other notes from the episode:  It looks like Carol may have some competition for Daryl's affection.  Daryl became convinced that there were good people left in the world through the lovely optimism of the one and only Beth.  And in his own brooding way, he let her know this episode to her surprise.  It seemed like they were about to have a moment just as the walkers came knockin. 
  • It was noted that Terminus is pretty far away.  So, it seems clear to me with only 3 episodes left that we MIGHT get a glimpse of the place in the finale.  It sounds like a season 5 set piece.  It would appear there is plenty of drama on the way to Terminus to keep people busy.  
That's all I have for this week.  Good episode in my opinion!  It would appear that everyone is moving in the same direction.  Should be a crazy ride in the remaining episodes.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


mj said...

Liked seeing Bob join - and another visit to the 3 questions. Earlier on they had established he kept being left alone so agree with you Mike - part of reason for smile. Def an ick factor to Maggies notes - but on Talk Dead she told of cut scene that sounded awesome. Funny with the coffin being so comfy. Agree on pigs feet lol. We all knew the marauders would be back, didn't see the kidnapping coming though. Didn't mention it on Talk Dead either. Three eps left makes me sad

Mike V. said...

3 eps left just means we're that much closer to Game of Thrones! This is something I can cope with. :-) lol

I still need to watch Talking Dead. I'm surprised I watched as much as I did last night though. Day Light Savings put Parker out of commission early! lol (we made him skip his nap lol)

Leslie said...

I don't feel like we learned anything really new about Bob. We already knew he was with two other groups and ended up alone. Yes, it was a funeral home that Daryl and Beth went in. For some reason, I know you have it rough when a coffin is the most comfortable bed you’ve slept in! Pretty funny that Daryl encouraged Beth to keep singing. I had the same thought about the pig’s feet. lol

As each group have come across the signs for Terminus, I have wondered why they haven't left their own sign for the others....glad Maggie finally did, except it was gross how she went about it! lol

Really felt bad for Daryl running after Beth to the point he just fell down in the road. You know the last thing he wants is to be alone. Not good for any of them in this world much like that mysterious island! :)

Mike V. said...

If we had learned that about Bob, I think I forgot. But, it was more just seeing it play out gave more emotion to his journey in this episode so I thought it was a nice touch. Yeah...I thought the same about the coffin...but for some reason sleeping on the ground with a tarp over Sasha looked better to me than laying in that coffin! lol I could barely watch!'s a good point about leaving notes at the sign. It all goes back to the fact that why didn't they have an escape plan from the prison!?! lol I guess we have to accept they were TOO comfortable in their situation! But, it's tough to buy knowing the governor was still out there.

Agree on Daryl and nice LOST reference! (of course, there are no bad LOST references! lol)