Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 17 - Why We Fight

Hello all and welcome back to the Revolution!  Not a terrible episode, but very little plot movement in the scheme of things.  We're just seeing things develop as we kinda assumed they would.  But, I'll do my due diligence and call out some of the key moments from the episode.  Though, my DVR seems to have cut off the final moments of the episode, so I'm not sure if I missed anything important.  You guys can fill me in.  Here we go!

Discussion Points
  • So there was a whole storyline of Gene wanting to recruit some good people from town.  So he and Miles risked their lives to go into town and convince them all to come out and fight the good fight.  Except, all they did was go see Gene's ex fling and try to convince her.  I guess if she ended up being convinced maybe that would have had a trickle down effect.  Naturally, Monroe ruined that.  Obviously we recognize the actress who played Marion from 24 and LOST fame.  And she's engaged to Truman further complicating the situation.  Long story short, she started to believe Miles and Gene that she's been lied to but due to Monroe's Massacre, she ratted them out to Truman.  Gene got shot but the bullet went straight through.  That guy has lasted much longer than I anticipated! 
  • Tom barely escaped death YET AGAIN as Doyle interrogated a brainwashed Jason for information.  But, of course, Monroe's Massacre gave Tom the leverage he needed to take out Doyle.  RIP Doyle?  Naaa he was as much of a doofus as Ted Beneke was on Breaking Bad!   And now Tom is spinning the story that Truman will tell to D.C. to keep Julia (still filming 24: Live Another Day) all in one piece.  Truman will save the town from being overthrown! 
  • Meanwhile on the outside, the dude that Rachel made Miles let go ratted their safehouse out to the Patriots.  They were running out of places to hide due to Rachel's mercy.  Monroe was fed up with the situation.  What great timing that more of Duncan's people found Monroe and were looking for some revenge!  Apparently Duncan was killed by the Patriots off screen.  So, Monroe wasted no time.  He had loyal soldiers and went on a hit to the Patriots.  I'll admit, I was half paying attention, but I am going to assume they took out the Reeducation Camp as they kept referring to killing children.   Charlie went too because her portion of the militia were going too.  Rachel, the hypocrite, was naturally beside herself!  In case we haven't picked up on it yet, this is what I've been referring to as Monroe's Massacre. 
  • Monroe was shown in the most negative light mercy killing a bunch of Patriots after they were already down.  Charlie made sure Connor was witnessing the brutality of his father.  Anyone else sense foreshadowing of a choice Connor will have to make eventually? 
  • There was a theme the whole night of WHY everyone is fighting.  Miles is trying to make up for the awful things he's done, but he sees no hope for the future of things.  He wants to keep the girls safe.  Rachel is fighting for Charlie, whose humanity seems beyond saving at this point.  Rachel even apologized for the bad example she and Miles have set for her.  Gene just is fighting for the hope of making things better.   And of course, Monroe is fighting for world domination!  Basically, we knew all of this already!   It may not go down as one of the greatest episodes of a TV show named "Why We Fight" (I would give that to Band of Brothers), but hey we'll go with it.
  • And the big cliffhanger at the end is where I'm a little sketchy.  There was a handbook written in arabic which was translated by an ex-gulf vet on Monroe's squad.  It would seem that the plan for these reeducated kids was to send them to Austin to overthrow the local government.  Again, we already knew the President wants Texas as a key cornerstone to taking the whole country back.   So, I missed if there was an extra nugget of info here. 
So yeah, basically everything we knew enhanced to a new but similar level!  I was still entertained but there's not much to discuss as far as I can tell.  But, I'm sure we'll find something to talk about in the comments.  So take it away!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Anonymous said...

I don't think you missed a lot. Maybe Miles' and others reaction to the Patriots plan to kill the TX President. That was personal for some. Miles was deciding about whether to go with Monroe and fight the Patriots. I bet he goes--lol. And Charlie too--lol. Seems like Tom is trying to set up a puppet Truman government, but it looks like Truman has Tom's number too.

lol on Charlie asking Connor about his Dad. It really points out the questionable writers. Mercy killings, but given Connor's background he may understand and look at Charlie as a little whacky. I guess she would just want them to die in pain since there's not nearly enough medical aid available. And really, what does she expect when she shoots or slices someone. To continue on Charlie, I thought she actually did have a good line though when speaking with Rachel. Pointing out that her Mom was the scariest person she knows--lol. At least at that point there was some consistency in the writing.

There were actually several good one liners in this ep and those made this a good ep to me. Even Gene had some.

This reprogramming is awful and Truman has done a masterful job of selling it to the people of Willoughby. The boy turning on the people that let him live should not be lost on our rebels, but with these writers just might be lost. This is coming down to kill or be killed with the Patriots. The townspeople will come along with the truth when they are shown the numbers in the eyelids, examples of autracities,etc--but I think I'm getting ahead of things--lol.

Evidently there isn't a show next week and on the shows return there will be a "key" character knocked off. At least that's on the trailer, more on the trailer but I don't want to be too spoilery. I was hoping for Charlie to be the one knocked off but Mike, you've deflated my hopes--lol. I think you're right in the set up of Connor's choices.

I bet we see the girlfriend again. Wonder if she'll take up arms--lol.


Anonymous said...

Oh and forgot to give you thanks and props. Props for pointing out the obvious about the motives. I should have caught onto that but was too busy with distractions last night.

I absolutely laughed about Rachel's motives--to keep Charlie from becoming like her basically--seriously doesn't she know that she should have been a caring Mom when Charlie was younger instead of abandoning her family.

And Miles's motives, he couldn't come up with one last ep, but in this ep we finally hear that hear one. Trying to make up for awful things he had done obviously runs contrary to his theory on people--lol.

One interesting thing about the Connor and Charlie relationship. A few eps back, it was Monroe pointing out to Connor asking him the same type of question when Charlie was going all crazy on people. His Dad was pointing out that Charlie is not a stable, kind, compassionate woman, that Connor could do better and find a woman that was normal. IDK, with these writers if they did that on purpose or just fell into the juxtaposition for Connor.


Mike V. said...

I figured you'd like that line that Charlie gave speaking to the inconsistency. lol

Thanks for the heads up on what I missed in the final moments!

The 1 liners were definitely good. I'm sure I came off like I didn't like the ep. Just from a discussion perspective, I didn't find much else to write about!

Ahh didn't realize there's no ep next week (missed the previews! lol) But yeah...I don't think Charlie is going anywhere unless they realize it's the final episodes when they're writing them.

Sorry, I'm breezing through these meetings all day but I'll try to read them and respond better later! lol

mj said...

Finally watched. Last week I thought we'd all discussed how Rachael can't pretend to be so good - guess the writers thought that way too and gave Charlie the honor of calling hef on it.