Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 15 - Dreamcatcher

Hello and welcome back to the Revolution!  That was a pretty darned entertaining episode which all ended up being one giant ruse in the end.  But, still very interesting to see what the nano are capable of.  And, it was a nice twist to see our heroes our electronically dominated present, even if it was a fabricated "Matrix" developed in Aaron's mind.  Anyway, this episode has brought Aaron's current arc to a close and we'll move on to an elevated state of terror awaiting around the next corner.  But, let's discuss some things that happened in the episode.
Discussion Points
  • The Matrix was a great analogy (or rip-off/homage, depending on how you want to look at it) for Aaron's brain to tell him via Charlie what was going on.  The nano are microscopic computers that pretty much can network and exist anywhere.  
  • Aaron went through a very LOSTian Flash Sideways scenario where he had to be woken up and then had to wake everyone else up to help him.  At one point, I thought everyone was in a shared dream state, but it really was just people in Aaron's mind helping him fight off the AGENTS/Artificial Intelligence.  Of course, those Agents took the shape of Dr. Horn and the Patriots (possible name for a lame wedding Jazz Band?).  
  • I liked how Miles and Monroe both called him the same nickname (Beardy McGee) when they first saw him.  I like when he finally jumped off the building and thought he woke up he gave a sarcastic "yay".  Actually laughed out loud at that one.  
  • But, we were shown how smart this nano tech is with fooling Aaron after he went all Neo on them and stopped being afraid.  He referred to them as knock-off Skynet crap (Terminator reference for the youth of the world out there).  But, they seem to be a little smarter than Aaron gave them credit.  Aaron went back to Willoughby with Priscilla, lights flickering all around them because they thought the nano were dying.  And then the nano seemingly were attacking the Patriots and then Miles, Rachel, Aaron and Priscilla.  Rachel got nabbed by the crazy targeted lightning and Aaron popped open a computer and started writing code to fix the leak.  Of course, I was going to question the logistics of just opening a random computer and fixing code, but since it was all part of his nano infused dream, I didn't need to! 
  • So, in the end, Aaron got outsmarted and the nano thanked him and are moving on to bigger and better things.  The Nano in Dr. Horn's image gave a pretty evil grin and a "Oh you have absolutely no idea what's coming but time to wake up!" look to Aaron that it certainly has us speculating what's ahead for the world and our heroes.  
  • So, all of this stuff that has been happening to Aaron since the beginning of this season has seemingly been moving towards this end-goal.  Forcing him to fix them which will allow them to do whatever is next.  What is that?  I'm not sure I can even speculate but I'm sure it would raise the stakes to another level where it's more than just the rebels vs. the Patriots.
  • The last shot we have is of Aaron and Priscilla ACTUALLY leaving Lubbock and most likely heading to Willoughby, Texas.  And of course there we are still waiting for a stand-off between Miles/Rachel and the Nevilles to occur.  
And that's all I have for this episode!  Episodes like this make me a little more upset that we probably won't see a 3rd season of this one.  But, hopefully they'll get enough time to give a little closure at the end of this season.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap Mike.

Wow, so much to say about this ep. It was good and I agree that this show should be renewed. I offer the following
1. I loved the various lines/ideas taken from other shows, the timing was great.
2. Priscilla and Aaron looked so much better in the modern world.
3. The best scene of the show to me was when Charlie was taken out--I cheered and after reading your recap thought maybe that was the show's way of telling the powers that be--"we'll throw the anchor overboard"--lol. She was the only one of the group killed in Aaron's matrix state. Unfortunately I'm probably ranting as if I were in a matrix state--lol.
4. The twist in the electronic's shop(why there was a computer there) when Aaron was saving Rachel was unexpected, they did such a great job of setting that up.
5. We saw glimpses of what it would be like without the nano draining all the electricity. Maybe a foreshadowing of eps which will never be. From the events in Lubbock it appears the nanotech wants to be "worshipped", so maybe not bad for an individual(probably even great) unless that individual questions the nano's authority/position.
6. I hope they finish enough this year so we can get some closure.


Mike V. said...

No problem Richard! Thanks for reading!

1.) I agree. They placed them nicely...and the whole "How do you know about The Matrix?" to Charlie was pretty funny too because she never would've seen it...but because she was just an image in his head...pretty funny stuff.
2.) Of course they do! I guess that just goes to show how awful this world without power is.
3.) I figured they did it because it's the only time that they could really get away with it since she still is considered "the main character" in an ensemble show. (in the same way Jack Shephard was the main character on LOST...sure everyone else gets the spotlight too..but he was central guy) They made it very clear that she wasn't REALLY Charlie before they killed her! lol
4.)Definitely a nice bait-n-switch. I really thought he was out of his head.
5.) Yeah...I guess that could be the next conflict after the Patriots. Humans who worship the nano and will fight for its power. I still think it would be interesting to see a show where power has been gone for 15 years....the world powers have change...chessboard reset...and then power all of a sudden returns. What conflicts would that raise? It's not like the USA could just come back into existence. But adding power to the equation would certainly be interesting. Of course...I guess we'd have to assume that the power plants would still automatically be operational. lol
6.) I hope as well. You never know...this could be a show Netflix or some other streaming service picks up to keep it going. Depends on how strong its DVR/download/streaming statistics are.

Anonymous said...

I thought this season was a big change for Charlie--she started out S1 as central, but this season hasn't really been a big player. One reason I liked this season--lol. And an attempt to save the show,imho.

I wonder what % felt the way I did about her being taken out--lol. I also wonder how many more eps they have remaining to shoot for this season?

I watch almost everything now via dvr and skip the commercials. I don't know how advertisers/broadcast TV will continue if more and more people do what I do. And I'm finding more and more people much prefer watching on dvr and skipping commercials/promos. Back in the 50s/60s commercials/promos were about 10 minutes of an hour, today they're about 23 minutes of an hour. In essence you get about 37 minutes of the show you're watching out of an hour. And as I said yesterday, my attention span can be short--lol. Oh and btw, I'm noticing that the "commercial breaks"(which include endless promos now) can be 5 to7 minutes--it's crazy to expect someone to just sit there watching that stuff when they can go do XYZ--lol.


Mike V. said...

I knew you felt that way and to some extent it's true. But, I still think she kinda plays that role. I don't think they'd kill her off. She's a lot less painful than she used to be. But yeah she's not definitely not the most interesting character. lol

Last season had a shorter order than normal. It was like 18 or 20 episodes instead of 22. As far as filming...I'm not sure.

Pretty much EVERYONE does what you do, Richard! I've been doing it since 2004! And it's gotten worse every year as more people hopped on the DVR wagon. Of course, now DVRs are getting replaced by streaming devices. People are more willing to "cut the cord" and watch things via Hulu the next day to eliminate that cable bill. The Neilsen ratings have definitely started taking DVR statistics into consideration but the whole American Network Broadcasting system is antiquated and needs to be overhauled. Some of these shows airing are very big hits with the youngsters but they're watching them in different ways. They need to find new ways to make their money rather than depending on commericals...and basing the success of shows on how well they do during September, November, February and May. It just doesn't fit with where the industry his heading.

mj said...

I actually got got by this one. And after I wondered how! Seen the 'not really awake from nightmare' thing so many times. Great ep

Mike V. said...