Monday, March 17, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 3/16/2014 - 3/22/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

LOST - I ended up watching the paleyfest panel on the web. It was a good time as always! I'll try to find a summary of it if anyone posts it and add a link here. One thing they were asked about was the outrigger...Damon said that they did write an answer to it but then decided it was better left unanswered because it didn't fit with the story they were telling. They joked about how someone would ask years later at a panel....but they still would have to refuse to answer. They said one day they'll auction off the answer for charity. lol But, in reflection of the show it was nice to hear them talk about it with some distance from it. But, they pretty much were saying the same kind of stuff they said back then too. And stuff that we assumed as well.

I'm about halfway through ONCE...will watch more in the morning. Whew it's been a long night! lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - This is a good summary of what went down.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--what's going to happen with Wu, is he going to be "informed" now? Adalind's baby having 2 heartbeats is kind of scary.

Looking forward to the return of Blacklist--still a bumber about last Monday.

LOST--yea, it's getting to the point that what could be said, has been said--lol. Any possible movie follow ups?? I do and don't care about Ben, but Hurley would be great to see.


Mike V. said...

LOST - Another article on EW. My commentary can be found in both links I've provided. Just can't resist! lol

But yeah...I agree. What's been said has been said, but I never mind revisiting! No plans for a movie follow-up that I know. ABC still owns the property though (i.e. Disney) you never know if they'll reboot it one day. Especially now where there are limited revival series happening like 24, could happen.

Grimm - Yeah MJ started this discussion on last week's thread with the same questions! lol I'm going to agree that I don't think Wu is necessarily "OKAY" now. And the 2 heartbeats thing is idea what it means yet either!

mj said...

Lost - not sure how they could revisit since most of them have 'crossed over'. Lol

Shameless was awesome

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Didn't see it yet...maybe tonight with HIMYM!

LOST - I would think any type of revisit would have to be a new cast. Possibly one that showed up when Hurley/Ben were running the show....possibly one that explored some of the earlier inhabitors of the island (i.e. the Egyptians)....or a complete reboot of the idea.

But yeah...they told the complete story of the characters we followed for the most part. Nothing left to tell there.

BTW...someone on EW said "I still didn't get the ending" naturally I felt obliged to respond with a plot synopsis of the show. If you're feeling reminiscent...apparently it's really long so I'll post it in the next post. lol

Mike V. said...

"Here's the synopsis of LOST for you. (Do I need a spoiler warning? lol) Jack Shephard's eye opens. He finds himself on an island with a bunch of other people who have been plucked from their miserable existence and placed on an island of powerful properties. An island that houses the source of Life, Death and Rebirth. A source that if men get their hands on could destroy everything that we hold dear in life. The details of this are up to our own interpretation and inconsequential. What matters is that it gave our characters purpose and they were able to start anew on this island. They were all flawed people seeking personal redemption. What they didn't know is they found themselves in a game between 2 god-like beings. Jacob and the Man in Black..who were both once mortal and flawed just like our survivors. The Man in Black was trying to prove that every man is corruptible (able?) while Jacob sought to prove that there were people who were inherently good people. Of course, the Man in Black was cursed as the smoke monster after killing their mother (who wasn't really their mother at all..but the previous protector of the island and possible smoke monster). Anyway, the only thing he wanted to do was leave the island he's been stuck on for thousands of years. But to do that, he needed to kill Jacob and his candidates that could replace him. In the background of our show, the smoke monster is running his long con to find a way to break the rule their 'mother' put in place forbidding Jacob or MIB to be able to kill each other. MIB found ways to kill various people along the way. Possibly ones that were never on Jacob's list or were crossed off (because he was homesick...EKO?? lol) He conned Locke into following fate which ultimately led to Ben killing him. And of course he ran a very long con on Ben which resulted in the death of Jacob. Jacob still left behind 6 candidates (minus Locke) that needed to be killed before MIB was finally free. He found a way to kill off 3 of them in one shot in a submarine but then were left with Jack, Sawyer, Hurley and the late offer to Kate. Jack was on his hero's quest from day 1. He had to reach the lowest of the lows before he could climb up and complete the conversion from Man of Science to Man of Faith. He believed it was his destiny to take the reigns and protect/save/fix the island. An epic showdown with the man in black ensues....resulting in Kate killing the MIB and Jack restoring the source of the island to its maximum electromagnetcal brightness. Of course...this resulted in the end of Jack's story arc...but Hurley was close by to take the reigns and usher in a new happier era for the Island with Ben as his 2nd in command ready to start his repentance for an awful life up to that point.

Of of the great mysteries of life is what happens when we die? The show did not shy away from this in the final season. We were treated to a parallel storyline showing what would happen if our passengers never crashed on that Island and landed safely in Los Angeles. Somehow all of the inhabitants of the island were still connected. It turns out that in fact, this was designed as their meeting place when each of them died in their own time. Some may have lived to a ripe old age, some died earlier, some may have lived as protector of the island for 2000 years....but everybody dies some time kiddo. But, for most of the heroes of LOST, their time on that island was the most meaningful of their lives and possibly through the source of the island, they established a way to find each other in the next realm before moving on. They each had to wake up and remember their lives and their death before moving on. Jack was our reluctant LAST recruit who was welcomed in open arms by his friends and ushered into a great bright light (possibly representing becoming one with the source). And the final shot we see is Jack on the island smiling as his eye closes and he moves on to the beyond.....

Oh and there was time travel.

Leslie said...

LOST - Haven't read the links yet, but had to read your post. Can't believe someone had the nerve to say you still didn't get the ending! Do they know who they were talking to???? LOVED your synopsis! As you say, good times! lol As much as I loved the show, LOST shouldn't be revisited. It should be left alone because nothing they could come up with would be satisfying.

Mike V. said...

LOST - Thanks Leslie! lol Oh no, they didn't say "I" didn't get the ending...the person was saying "THEY" didn't get the ending. So, I happily explained it to them. lol

I'm fine leaving LOST alone forever. But, if it ever was revisted especially by Damon/Carlton (maybe even JJ), it's because they must have a good I'd definitely be first in line to watch. But, I don't think Damon would do that to himself anywhere in the near future. lol

Leslie said...

LOST - Oh, didn't get the context. I thought someone said that directly to you based on one of YOUR comments. Also, loved your "Oh and there was time travel"! lol

Ha! Just got 42 as one of the things in the captcha! lol

Mike V. said...

LOST - Niiiice on the captcha! I just reread what I wrote that confused you...even with the quotes...I could see how you could misread it. My bad! lol

Mike V. said...

Oh and thanks on the time travel line. I won't lie...I laughed at my own joke on that one. :) LOL

Mike V. said...

LOST - In case anyone wanted to watch the Paleyfest it is!

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--don't you just love Swan Lake. Did you notice the program REd had was from 1987. Great with Dressler getting the head at the end. So sorry about his wife.
I could see the Cowboy getting taken out, but really thought it was going to be Jolene going all ninja--lol. The surprise was Tom going all ninja and killing the hardcase Jolene. This show has some great twists/surprises.

So, is anyone absolutely sure who the watchers were?? Lots of possibilities but now it doesn't seem like Tom's people, the Germans--whoever that is.


Anonymous said...

LOST--is there room for interpretations of events that differ?

Were/are the writers/show runners satisfied/mean for their to be one interpretation?


Mike V. said...

LOST - I'm pretty sure they left things sort of open to interpretation, within reason, at the end so that LOST could live on in discussion just like it did as it aired. They mentioned that a few times. But, I'm sure they had their own interpretation for what everything signified.

The "within reason" is the part I stress though. i.e. if someone thinks they were dead the whole time they're wrong. lol

HIMYM - Great great episode! Loved the ted/mother interactions a few days after they met. Loved the Gary Blauman stuff...and obviously the single long shot (reminiscent of the 2 minute date) at the end with all of the guest stars of years past was AWESOME. Even Hurley made the cut! err...Blitz! Loved that they kinda did an homage to the "Lurker" when FRIENDS went to Vegas too. lol

mj said...

Himym - agreed on all you said. Didn't remember one of themthough - and now can't remember his name! Towards the end of the guests

Crisis - any one watch? I liked it. kinda like Hostages with better acting.

Believe - capt fr Himym on as a baddie.

Resurrection -so far so good

Helix - you caught up Richard? Loved the BlackRain - very clever. And the sythe - very scary people. Was amused by thescene where all the secrets are flying -theres a bunker? You're her father? Lol

Anonymous said...

LOST--lol, "within reason"--LOL!!!, still laughing--LOL.

Yea, I recall Cuse and others saying that different people may interpret things differently. I kind of just didn't want you to get the BIG head--LOL. But there were some things we KNEW too--as you say. It was a love story. What happened, happened, etc. And btw, I think The Blacklist will turn out to be as well.


mj said...

Following - omg they had a good surprise last night! Did not see it coming.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Hmmm...Scooter maybe? Lily's ex or someone that always had a crush on Lily ended up with her doppleganger? lol Surely not the news anchor Sandy Rivers? lol Obviously Robin's ex "Kumar" was on there too. And Blah Blah got a name!

Crisis - No, didn't watch. I heard a review on my podcast I listen to though and they said it was actually WORSE than Hostages which was awful to begin with. But, they're pretty negative on everything. lol

Believe - Case in point, they hated this show too and I thought the pilot was decent. Anyway, yes the Captain is in it...of course I just know him as Kyle MacLachlan because he's been in so many things. Of course, most notably of what we've watched in recent past: Orson from DH.

Resurrection - Still haven't watched. But, I did hear that The Returned (French show based on different source material but similar concept) is finally on Netflix and we know that one had rave reviews. I may add it to my list, but no idea when I'll get to it.

LOST - lol...well I think everything I stated in my "synopsis" I would consider LOSTIAN FACT except everywhere I used the word "possibly"...that would be my interpretation of the end. lol But, no, no big head here...though almost 100 people have liked my comment on EW now. So, they're doing the job of inflating my ego for me! lol

Anonymous said...

Intelligence--I may be the only one watching, but it wasn't a bad ep. Finally got around to watching.

LOST--if they do another something, it will likely involve the island(or should) which means that the island is what ties all of these various stories of the multiple "Jacobs" over the centuries together. LIke Jacob and Jack, each island protector has their own story arc. Also, without the island's abilities I don't think our heroes could have created this "waiting place".
Didn't Jacob and his brother take over the island during a "pirate" era, probably 1600s when mother was killed? So far we know of 4 island protectors with Hurley being the last. Jack's reign was short.


Mike V. said...

LOST - I believe the common understanding is that Jacob was protector for around 2000 years. It was never explicitly stated in the show, but I've read it various credible places after their "across the sea" episode and it's on LOSTpedia. lol There were clues based on their primitive knowledge....i.e. the way MIB talked about magnetism and maybe what their actual mother was wearing. The Senet game too.

The only thing that goes against this is Jack's assessment of the Adam and Eve's body and the decomposition. I forget how many years he said...of course it has been now decided that the Island's crazy powers slowed down the decay. lol

I guess in some ways it doesn't really matter how long they were there besides that they were there for a LOOOONG time. Of course, if we start bringing ancient egypt into things and Jacob was protector during that time? Then we have to date things further back than the Pirate era.

But yeah...basically that's what they could do....unless they rebooted and did some twists to the original story. They could also do something in the present day with Hurley/Ben in charge. But I really don't expect to see anything any time soon!

BATES - Based on headlines I read, I figured there would be a crazy parental twist, but I thought maybe Norman would be their son. Nice twist that it was Caleb. Another entertaining episode!

Shameless - Yes it was awesome I agree! Fiona is on a downward spiral. Lip is having an adventurous college semester. That girl obsessing over him is nuts. As are Carl and Debbie! I'm starting to get the feeling that some how Frank is going to survive this season. It just seems too obvious he's going to die! lol Bringing the bar to him was great.

mj said...

Himym - maybe it was Scooter - def not the ones you said. I just read it was Scooter with stripper Lily! It was good that Zoey could visit too. Loved the tatoo line about saving Marshall fr seeing Sugar Ray on his bday.

Strangelyjust saw jennifef Morrison in Stir of Echoes when she was so much younger.

Shameless - speaking of that kind of line , TMI on how the dorm mates girl is saving herself for marriage! Also loved Teds insight that Blauman wanted him and not the girl.

The Returned - i hate subtitles so prob will never watch

Intelligence - I'm still watching. If they get another season I'd love to see the hacker come back

Bates - it really surprised me cause for some reason I thought Caleb was her step son! Lol. something has to be up with the chick who is introducing her around. Odd seeing Norma actually having fun and being amusing. Norman getting his leg squeezed by the gay was hysterical.

Shameless - someone at work told me about next weeks preview so no comnent on Frank living.

Episodes - their end surprised me.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - loved the bday line too! lol Never saw Stir of Echoes though! LOL on Blauman wanting Ted too! It was a good time.

Shameless - Yes definitely TMI. There was a LOT of TMI in that episode, well really all episodes. lol You can always assume I watch the previews for next week. And that may or may not have influenced my opinion further! lol

Episodes - Yeah..definitely didn't see Pucks getting renewed but that's pretty hysterical. A 6 episode return might be enough to convince Sean/Beverly to do the other show. Of course...once we did know the show was revealed, I had a feeling we'd fade to black on them in London without them picking up the phone! Hopefully it's not another 2 years between seasons.

Bates - Yeah..I agree the woman introducing Norma around is probably up to something shady. But nice to see Michael Vartaan (sp) doing some TV again. lol And of course the new lady interest in Norman's life seems to have an abusive father. Hmm..wonder if he'll end up dead by the end of this season? lol Yes...and the gay stuff was hysterical I agree!

mj said...

Blacklist - no one talking about this one? Seeing Tom kick a** was fun - but if he was willing to shoot the cowboy why not just shoot Jolene ? Curious that they work for Berlin.

Americans - last week - cant believe paige went all theway to that aunts house. And that they had someone in place! Mom def did right thing not giving kid the letter - he didn't need his world rocked by finding out his parents are russian spies.

Mike V. said...

Americans - Agreed. I think I made similar comments in last week's post! lol Loving this season so far.

Anonymous said...

MJ, Blacklist- See above, I love this show and this ep was fantastic. The Swan Lake stuff, the head in a box, Jolene vs Tom, etc.

I think this deal with Dressler is a big thing which shows Dressler just how connected/powerful Red is and that Red is on Dressler's side--particularly after Red saved Dressler's life.

Tom also is correct and knows that Red is onto him. This puts Liz's life in danger. Lots in play now.

And again, who was doing the watching, do we know for sure?

I thought Mike said he and his wife were going to watch this season, maybe the baby action is just too tight right now--LOL. I can laugh because mine are over that age now.

And I think it will end up being a lot like a love story. That scene with Red and the 1987 program was emotional. It sure makes me question about Liz being his daughter. Maybe he had more than 1 child?? Whether daughter or not, she sure means a lot to Red. And we now for sure now that Tom's passports/cash was for what it looked like--to get away. He was sure good at getting Liz to believe his story on that stuff.


mj said...

Blacklist - looked but did nyot notice ealier comments. Oops. Yeah - we stilldon't know who was watching. Berlin or maybe Red?? I hope she is not his daughter - i feel that would be kinda lame.

OMG - 4t and final GofT out! From 2 bits apparently Cersei will be up to no good for sure. Cannot wait!

Leslie said...

Bates - I'm usually surprised by the twists, but I saw this one coming, but I wasn't sure if Norma was telling the truth about what happened to her. Both actors even look like they could be related!

I figure this new friend is connected to the other drug family that runs the town. Wasn't the man she talked to outside the head of that family?

Haven't watched Blacklist or The Following yet.

mj said...

Blacklist - wasn't too surprised ex-fbi guy was the baddie since he stated needed Redlike 3 times. I didn't get why Ressler assumed his girlfriend needed protection - but I went with it - knowing that it meant she'd be put in danger. Ressler was heartbreaking with the ex-fbi guy when he's yellinghis friend got her killed. Vand loved the headin a box!

Once - speaking of crazy parental twist! Wicked witch is Reginas half sister? Can they make Henry's family tree more crazy? Robin hood with a kid? And considering they have always kept strangers away no one is curious about thisbred head they've never seen before? No one?

mj said...

Bates - yes older guy Norma spoke with is head of other drug family. At first her brother asa raper I thought would be a lie -but her reaction seemed too strong to be a lie I thought

Mike V. said...

Whew not much time to comment right now.

Game of Thrones - Yep new trailer is awesome! Also, EW's cover story this week will be GoT so expect lots of articles on There already is one now about D&D knowing the ending of the books and think it's 100% satisfying. Naturally, I'm getting into the comments section there with my thoughts! lol

Blacklist - I've been recording them...we just barely have any time to watch anything in addition to what we are watching! It's all when Parker goes to sleep and when my wife needs to go to sleep. We have like a 1.5 hour window where we can watch stuff. All the other things I watch on my own? I do it in the morning. lol We'll try to get to it this summer! :-)

Bates - Yeah..I recognized the drug guy too. Should be nuts!

ONCE - Crazy twist! In the end they're all going to be related! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--Decent promo trailer. It will be interesting to see how Jamie and Cersei get along now. Furhter, it will be interesting if Joffrey figures out if Jamie is his Dad.

Interesting line from Danny about people living in HER world--lol.


mj said...

Justified - don't read til you watch. OMG on Danny falling into the grave hole and stabbing himself! Where do they come up with this stuff?

Surprised to see Dickie - though the actor looks even thinner! Ava letting Boyd go was prety sad, though killing Judith can only bring trouble. Very surprised Boyd let that guard go - even after breaking up with Ava figured he'd want the recant to get her back to local jail. Thought it odd that Duffy wouldbring in this woman to help him decide who to run drugs with - but read she will be around next season. Wendy's beat down was hard to see.

Castle- all that ninja stuff was hysterical, if you have seen it Leslie.

Once - considering it's disney and story book characters - they are all ho's ! Lol

Leslie said...

The Following - Joe's wife is alive?!?! Didn't see that coming at all! Figured Joe would take over the cult and gain some new followers.

Blacklist - Who was watching is still a mystery. Nothing to add. You guys covered my thoughts already. Should only get more interesting from here.

Anonymous said...

GoT--OH NO, it's starting. I'm reading and remembering things, getting excited for April 6.

It's hard keeping up with all the characters and their relationships, family trees, etc. But if you do, it can add a lot to various scenes in the show.

Mike, you've at least got to put a tagline referencing GoT.

Anybody buying the EW issue which has a lot of GoT in it? I have NEVER even THOUGHT about buying one until now. Isn't that crazy--lol.


Mike V. said...

Richard you keep mentioning that I need to tag Game of Thrones...and it IS tagged! lol I'm pyched too. I'm still planning to post separate discussion posts for Game of Thrones. time permitting I'll post a few comments with it. We'll see!

I'm subscribed to I already downloaded it on my iPad/Phone....started reading the article but not finished!

Still didn't see Justified but I saw who is making a cameo based on your comment, MJ. That makes me excited! That's all I accidentally saw though. :) lol

Didn't watch the Americans yet either. ugh!

Mike V. said...

ONCE - Lol on the "ho's" comment!

mj said...

Following - Right! Shocked me too that shes still alive. I can't remember - does Ryan know?

Leslie said...

Following - I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

OK, saw the GoT tag, how'd that get in there??--lol.

Let us know if the EW article is worth it.

I've been looking at a few of the posts on the latest EW article--even saw one or two of yours. So many don't seem to have read the books or understand what's going on--lol.

One thing for sure, there's a LOT of passion with statements basically like, "if the Stark's don't end up ruling then I've wasted my time". Crazy posters out there. I'm passionate, but nearly that much--lol.

BTW, I don't see Dany as the long term single monarch in Westeros. Given that the series is just about a year into it, then long term of course is the key qualification--lol.

Interesting thoughts on the dragons not making it. Given the Ice and Fire title and that Winter is coming, I'm not sure. I am pretty certain that given the history of Westeros, Winter AND Summer will come and go as will the Nightwalkers,etc. Need more dragon eggs produced though.


Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - Well, it wouldn't be a very successful TV show if they didn't capture the interest of non-book readers too! lol Yes, there are many people who don't read the books, which makes it very risky for them to read comments sections on the internet. There are many book readers (yours truly) who try to shield the spoilers from TV only peeps, but others live for having knowledge others don't and ruining it for people. I was reading Game of Thrones (book 1) while season 1 was airing, trying to stay ahead of the show, which I did. But, I read a comment on there about Ned dying before I got to it in the books. That kind of annoyed me! So, I knew with my inability to stay away from comments and discussions about the show I had to read the books as quickly as I could before I got spoiled! Of course, that still took me 2 years. lol

The EW article is good. It's really behind the scenes stuff, but still entertaining. I did find out ONE thing that won't be in the show that was in the books. It has to do with "riding pigs" at Joffrey's wedding. lol Apparently that's cruel and not fair to the pig! Of course, that makes me wonder if they won't be introducing a certain character that came with that pig. Considering I've seen no casting for it, it wouldn't surprise me if they skip past that storyline.

That was another thing mentioned by James Hibberd (EW's Game of Thrones resident expert who was the journalist for the article and actually went to the set). There are a lot of storylines from Book 4 and 5 that probably won't be making it to the show. I think we kind of assumed this for awhile. They're going to want to trim the fat for the show, which means there may not even be 2 seasons worth of stuff here.....they also mentioned that book 6 may not be around until 2016, not 2015....ugh!! Of course, that's all speculation. GRRM still is being optimistic, but I just don't see how it's possible unless he's writing BOTH books right now. lol

As for who rules in the end? I really don't care. All I wanted for the Starks was for them to get their house built back up and to exact some kind of revenge. I'm sure any kind of reveal with Jon Snow will be pivotal in it all. But, I still think the bigger conflict to come will trivialize the "game of thrones".....and that would be the White Walkers and Winter coming to Westeros. And I would think Dany, Tyrion, maybe Jaime, Jon and the rest of the Starks will be pivotal in saving the continent.

I don't think I've read comments about the dragons not making it. I would think one thing that HAS to happen is that we see/read about a dragon taking out some White Walkers! lol

*********Okay, some of that may be spoilery even in speculation...but this is more spoilery so only book readers read the next!!! *********

In that extra disc that I got with Season 3 blu-rays, GRRM said he knows who will sit on the throne at the end of the series.....but he also hinted that it will probably be more than one person. That made me think maybe AT may take the throne first but he will prove to be inadequate to the task.

I also still wonder about Tyrion's history too based on what we learned in book 5 and also how they went about it in season 3 of the show. Tywin said stuff like "I can't prove you are not mine". And we learned that the Mad King lusted after Tywin's wife. I just don't know if making him a Targaryan AND making John snow the spawn of a Stark (Llyana) and a Targaryan (Rhaegar) is too much of the same thing. lol

BTW...there is also a Vanity Fair cover issue about Game of Thrones this month. Great photos by Annie Liebowitz (sp) and a great write-up too. I bought that issue on the ol' iPad. Couldn't resist!

Mike V. said...

Scandal - Dont't read if you haven't seen yet!

I figured it was James! They gave him a nice send-off in this episode and obviously was a great showcase for Cyrus. Lots of crazy insane stuff happened as always. And, we all knew Mellie was going to get her some as well. lol

Ugh, I'm falling behind this week. Still have to watch The Americans, Vikings, Justified.

BTW...did anyone watch The 100 on the CW? I heard about it at the last minute and recorded it. Obviously, it's still filled with teenage drama...but it's basically LOST with teens. lol And Henry Ian Cusick (DESMOND) is one of the Adult leads on the show. Actually it's BSG meets LOST with teens. lol There was some pretty awful acting, but I kind of like the premise. I may stick around for a few eps and see how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Vikings--another great ep. The Priest being crucified and his vision, wow. Lagertha coming to the rescue, where's her husband the earl. Great scene with Bjorn, Lagertha and Ragnar. Wife 2 meet wife 1 with army--lol. This could get complicated. Ecbert is great. What happened to the Horic with the Vikings being attacked. Inquiring minds want to know---lol.


Anonymous said...

GoT--***********book stuff**************

AT could be the real hero though. You're right about Tyrion and JS potentially both having reveals that are very significant. But if Tyrion turned out to be a T, then it could be him on the throne at the end. Maybe with Dany?? Of course AT could get together with Dany as those Ts are known to do--lol. I think most have assumed(including me) that it would be another T---JS.

Sad about the pigs. When I was young I rode a hog at a TX State Fair. I was more worried about getting trampled on then hurting a 300-400 pound hog.

END Book STuff*********************************

Yes, we need dragons vs whitewalkers!!!


Mike V. said...

GoT - LOL on riding a hog! That sounds like a good time!

*********BOOK STUFF***********

Yeah, many "shippers" have probably written fan fiction about a Jon Snow/Dany union incestual union. LOL I know there are many people out there that think that's true.

Of course, how does Jon ever "desert" the Night's Watch with his life? I know he's lord commander and everything....maybe if the prophecy is true and he is AA....that supercedes any previous OATHS??? lol Ugh...I just want to read more!! Come on george!! lol

BTW...there are chapters of Winds of Winter that have been released early. I never went ahead and read them though. He apparently reads chapters at book signings too. I read someone say he's on his 2nd rewrite which is a normal part of the process. Once that rewrite is done it gets sent out to a select few for proofreading...and then it will be published for the masses. He said targetting November of THIS year. I seriously doubt that. But, I always like reading optimistic comments by people that SEEM to know something. lol

mj said...

Scandal - i was sure that David was the dead one! I would not trust David to keep my secret forever. Won't miss James though. Def agree - Mellie saidno tobthis guy once, nowthat she knows Fitz is a cheater why shouldnt she? Huck and Quinn are getting hard to watch - both fr the ick factor and the yawn factor. Not liking Huck at all these days. Since when did Olivia become so good? She keeps talking about whitehats and being the good gut - how many murders and other things has she helped cover up?

PJ Carz said...

Watched The 100. DESMOND sounds funny without his accent, brutha. Will give the show some time to see if it gets better, because it may have promise depending on how it develops after the pilot.

mj said...

With your sched I'm surprised you get watched what you do.

100 - nah - I've sworn off the CW teen dramedies.Lol

Americans - another good ep. Won't say much else

No Vikings but accidently read something! Sorry I did too! Spoiled myself on fate of one character

Mike V. said...

SCANDAL - Well, that's was even stated in the pilot that at the end of the day she always wears the white hat. It's why she's always wearing white. Except last season, it was apparent that she stopped wearing white for a long time. But, yeah, now she's losing hope for any of this turning out good. Quinn/Huck - I's weird.

The 100 - Well, so far it's a lot different than other programming CW has put on. But there definitely is that "TEEN" vibe. So we'll see. lol Agreed PJ, I'll try to keep checking in on it. But, with all of my other priorities...I may fall behind.

SCHEDULE - Yeah, it's definitely a tough balance. AND we've still been watching Idol. lol I think the biggest culprit of not having enough time to watch TV is that I've fallen behind on Parks. And that's one that I do NOT want to be behind on. It's so consistently funny, and I'm 4 weeks behind now. Ugh.