Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 16 - Exposition Boulevard

Hello friends and welcome back to the Revolution!  This show is continuing its path to answering some of the questions we've been pondering for some time on this show and has managed to keep the action coming as well.  Another entertaining hour in the books.  Of course, I'm still pulling double recap duty tonight, so I'll continue with my brevity!  Let's dive into the discussion.

Discussion Points
  • We got some background on our fellow Patriots.  Specifically, Mr. President, Mr. Doyle and Mr. Truman.  Truman seems to have been stationed at Guantanamo Bay when the blackout occurred.  The Secretary of Defense Jack Davis arrived there with half of the US Government and gave a rousing speech about how they saw this blackout as an opportunity to recreate the country as they saw fit.  He mentioned how 70% of the nation would perish as part of this blackout and the remaining 30% would be the strong ones.  And, of course, if anyone stood in their way, they would just reeducate them.  That's where Doyle came in.  It turns out he is the man with the expertise in reeducating the population.  We learned that the REAL President went down with Air Force One, and the Vice President was the only person that stood in Jack's way.  We can assume that he took care of the VEEP and has risen to power.  Of course, they stayed camped out in Cuba for 15 years while people like Randall Flynn took care of things on the main continent.  It remains unclear if they intentionally caused the blackout for this personal gain or not, but that sure seems to be the case.  
  • We also learned that while we thought the reeducation camps were drugging the people to force them into subordination, it goes much deeper.  There is a number tatooed under their eyelid and once the number is read aloud it turns them into a killing machine.  We saw it first with one of the kids captured by our heroes when she shot her dad then sliced her own neck.  And then at the end, it APPEARED to have "awakened" Jason to either tell the truth about his father's intentions or maybe to perform violent acts on him.  Of course, you never know if Jason is faking the brainwashing or it actually is still in effect.  So we shall see! 
  • Lots of subplots with our heroes too as Rachel came to terms with Charlie and Connor "getting it on".  And of course, the whole "how far are we willing to take this war to win?" decision with having to kill these brainwashed kids.  In the end, Rachel won in stopping Miles from killing that young man.  It remains to be seen whether that will come back to haunt them.    This also spawned a conversation between Miles and Monroe about their intentions.  Miles pretty much figured out that Miles' goals were pretty much the same as they've always been, except his son will be by his side this time.  And of course Miles had no real answer to what his motivations are.  Oh I dunno, the greater good?  To do what's right?  Monroe doesn't think that is Miles at all.  And if it truly isn't, there wouldn't be much of a show here.   But alas, Miles still feels the conflict! 
  • Of course Aaron and Priscilla are on their weeklong 200 mile trek to Willoughby.  Aaron noticed Priscilla was acting quite strangely and suddenly happy.  She used the excuse that with all that has happened to them at least they're alive and together.  And of course, that led to them "getting together" if you know what I mean!  Of course, then Priscilla walked off into an open field with a large tree and summoned a bunch of fireflies around her.  Well, I guess it beats smoking a cigarette.  So what is going on there!?  One might suggest that it's not really Priscilla or that Priscilla is working with the nanites just like their buddy was in Lubbock.   Or, she's just being influenced by the nano and has no control.  Or something else.  Stay tuned! 
  • Of course I skipped over the whole giant battle scene with Tom and Truman taking the forces to Miles and Co.  It was a little cliche' to have the Fathers Tom and Monroe fight while the sons Connor and Jason fought.   But, it was fine!  And of course, Jason hesitated when he saw Charlie, so expect a love triangle!  And of course, the big thing is that nobody important died as always and Doyle is really irritated at both Tom AND Truman.  Stay tuned for more fireworks here as well! 
One might sum this episode up by saying there was a lot of Exposition!  What a coincidence, that word is in the title of the episode too!  Crazy.  Anyway, I was entertained and look forward to more.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!


Anonymous said...

Ambivalent--I think that describes my thoughts/feelings about this ep, some bad and good. Rachel being miss goody two shoes was CRAZY. Seriously, look at how she has gone nutso on people as she is a self described person with homicidal tendencies--LOL. Again, Miles does what Rachel says. Mike, there is little question as to who the lead character has been this year and she's taking charge of what our little rebel group does--with a smile and gun in hand--lol.

The Reeducation stuff is scary and Monroe seems to be the only one who gets it. We'll see if Tom was able to undo the conditioning of Jason--which he was told by "the Atlanta leader lady" was impossible.

Priscilla--yea you covered the MANY possibilities with her. But at least we know somethings up since beforehand Priscilla wasn't so keen on helping the nano.

Tom using Truman throughout the ep and particularly at the end was great. I think Tom wants Truman to take Doyle out--lol.

"Charlie's Angels", if I may were not involved much except for the black guy who I think will play some more important role later.


Mike V. said...

Ahh...but who is in charge of the hired guns? That would be Charlie! lol I still argue the LOST an ensemble cast where many were put front and center throughout, Jack was still the LEAD character.

Yes...Miles, Rachel, Monroe, Tom, Aaron are far more interesting to watch....but Charlie's "strength" if you want to call it growing in the background. I'm not any happier about it than you are! But if you want to talk about THIS season's lead?'s someone else. lol's not even something I am very passionate about debating can win this one! lol

As for Rachel being a hypocrite...well...there are kids involved this time. There are lines you don't cross. This is hers...and she has lost a son to provide weight to her reasoning.

Yeah...i'm drawing a blank on what "atlanta leader lady's" name was too. Justine was it??

Yeah...Tom was definitely doing some kind of manipulation...I agree. Maybe it's his goal to cause chaos where he doesn't have to do their bidding but still somehow protects his wife's life.

Yeah..."Charlie's Angels" lol ....they definitely focused on that guy a few times...not sure what that was about either. But I agree he will have a role to play.

Anonymous said...

There may not be a next season from what I think you said. I wonder if it will get wrapped up? Glad to see we're seeing the viels come off, including the nannites. Funny how the Patriots think they're in control or are gaining control when the nannites could crush them.


Mike V. said...

Yeah...the Nano thing seems to the long arc story here. Sure, maybe the Patriots were behind the blackout, but the Nano could potentially have the last word...of course we would expect our heroes to triumph in the end.

As for wrapping up the story? I don't know. Maybe they'll write a finale that COULD act as a finale if they were not to be renewed, but leaves room for a 3rd season if they do. If this show had a cult following (which I don't think it does..not like Community or Chuck or Parks or Fringe)...they probably would announce a 13 episode final season to wrap things up to alleviate fan concerns. But I think most people are just "ho hum" about the show. i.e. they watch it when it's on, but really wouldn't be too broken up if it went away either. I'm sure there are some hardcore fans out there but not nearly enough to cause a riot.

That would be nice if they got a chance to wrap up the story via the good graces of NBC or the saving grace of Netflix. We'll see!

mj said...

Watched during week but no chance to read/comment. Off the grid thu and most of friday.

I question the logic that the 30 % left would bethe strong ones - some are really just quite criminal. but I'll go with it. Lol

I knowRachael is supposed to be good - but saving that kid was kinda dumb. Agree Richard - Rachael is acting all good now and Miles like her lap dog. In this world no one can be just a good person now. Beter to have layers in these chars. Much better when Miles had a spine too.

Thinking she is not Priscilla but nanno now.

Can't believe you guys are still such Charlie haters. Lol. She did great when guesting on Episodes - so maybe its the lines and directing? Rachaels delivery is not always stellar either - which id why I lean toward directing.

I shouldn't go here - but the actor who pkayed Anakin Skywalker in II and III hadalot of haters for his whiney delivery and questionable acting. Have since seen the actor in other things (can't remember his name) and he was loads better. Just saying! Lol
Ok mike - know you wil prob disagree:-)
I guess I never disliked Charlie as much as you guys......

Mike V. said...

I don't think I've been coming down on Charlie too badly now. she's been a lot better this season and agree the actress was good on episodes. Lol Natalie Portman was also awful in Star Wars but won an oscar too. So there is something to the material and direction being good. Lol

I've really been just trying to sell that she is the main character of revolution.

mj said...

Lol - good point!

Anonymous said...

Charlie's not seemed so bad because there's been less of her--LOL!! The other actors are better, so hard for me to buy the director theory.

Priscilla could be nanno, but she sure didn't want the nanno fixed before??