Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 4 Episode 15 - Us

Hello and welcome back!  This was our penultimate episode of season 4 and it was pretty darn good!  While the episode certainly focused on Glenn's crew and Daryl's new crew for the most part, we certainly caught up with a lot of our other separated survivors.  Everyone seems to be enroute to the same place.  Let's dive in and discuss!

Discussion Points
  • We followed Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita as they marched towards Terminus.  Glenn started seeing Maggie's signs and he started quickening his pace.  Abraham's primary concern was keeping Eugene alive still so he had to negotiate along the way with an eager Glenn.  They kept pushing on until they got to a train tunnel which was just too risky for Abraham's crew.  Tara still felt like she owed Glenn so she went with.  If I feared for anyone's life in this episode it would be her.  I certainly knew Glenn wouldn't bite it in that cave!  But, we learned along the way that Eugene sort of developed a bit of a crush on the girl who only likes other girls.  And well, he kinda liked Glenn too.  He managed to redirect their vehicle to put them in a position where they could help Glenn and Tara.  And they happened to find Maggie, Sasha and Bob along the way.  Good thing, since Tara got caught under some rocks and Glenn refused to leave her!  
  • So, Glenn and Maggie were reunited and we all cried happy tears!  (okay, this show doesn't really move me to tears, but of course we were happy!)  Of course, they were all filled in on the fact that Eugene has some serious intel on the zombie plague and are all pretty much willing to go with them to Washington.  But, they all agree that it's in their best interest to go to Terminus first.  (Or the viewers would be kinda p.o.'d that we were moving towards it this whole half season for no reason!)  
  • Eugene had some decent one liners during the episode talking about video games and asking what type of gamer Tara was, and how he was well aware that Tara was into girls.  Abraham got some good zingers in there too.  
  • Meanwhile, Daryl was going through his initiation into Joe's group.  There was one dude who was not really on board with Daryl from the start.  Their other archer.  We basically followed a whole storyline about their rules on claiming things.  Daryl was refusing to take part in it, but he was still honest with Joe about everything.  There was the whole rabbit claiming business and annoying guy planted his half of the rabbit on Daryl's stuff.  Daryl told the truth and Joe like that.  The result?  They killed annoying dude.  Ouch!  
  • Anyway, by the end Daryl is claiming things just like everyone else and we find out Joe is looking for revenge on Rick for the whole house incident.  They picked up his trail enroute to Terminus so now they have a destination for that vengeance.  Uh oh!! 
  • Nice little character building scene with Rick, Carl and Michonne on the tracks as well.  It wasn't exactly Hurley and Ben sharing a candy bar outside of "Smokey Jacob's cabin" but it was still pretty sweet.  And Rick smiled!  We all know there must be bad news around the corner if Rick is getting comfortable enough to smile! 
  • Glenn, Maggie and crew finally reach Terminus to the sounds a welcoming and happy soundtrack and to the sight of unlocked gates with nerve calming signs.  They go in with their weapons lowered, see signs of civilized life around and run into a woman named Mary.  She welcomed them to Terminus in the most equally peaceful and creepy way possible!  Of course, maybe that was just me assuming that there must be more to this happy facade!  
But, we'll have to wait another week for the season finale where everything will probably go to hell!  I guess there is the chance that Terminus IS too good to be true, but even if that were so, it won't stay that way too long.  We just learned trouble is enroute!  I'm looking forward to see how this top notch season ends.  Until then, we can discuss in the comments.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


mj said...

Husband thinks its a cult. Lol. seems very hippyish so far. Was so happy to have Glenn and Maggie back together. This guy Joe hitting allthe wrong nerves for Daryl - not fitting in with other folk stuff.

mj said...

Also what I thought interesting was that Abraham not really in charge. Nerd guy kinda calling the shots it seems

Mike V. said...

Interesting idea with a cult. Could be! lol

Yeah, Daryl definitely isn't fitting in...I'm sure once he finds out it's Rick that they're targeting he'll be back on the right side. Unless there is some accidental death that happens while he's fighting with Joe and crew. Kinda like Ana Lucia shooting Shannon. lol

Yeah...I didn't think about it that way with Eugene calling the shots. But, it kinda makes sense. Of course, do we even know if Eugene ACTUALLY knows how to fix this thing? lol I'm not sure where the story goes in the comics. lol

mj said...

EW recap very strongly hinted at a spoiler! Very bad of them. I had already heard fr someone who spoiled me that in the books there was a certain group and what they are - but EW's statement would tip off any one. Very bad!

mj said...

Not sure they have said Eugene can fix - merely that he knows the cause.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, they mentioned he knew the cause, but I guess the implication is that they need to get him to Washington to help with the "fix". lol

Interesting on EW. Thanks for the tip in avoiding it!

mj said...

Small trailer on AMC for the finale

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Kirkman was interviewed about the finale on EW. He said it's going to be a rough summer in comparison to other hiatuses. So...maybe a more intense cliffhanger or a big character death.

The only death that would shock me would be Rick, Carl, Daryl, Glenn or Maggie. Maybe Michonne too.

Of course, I did think once Glenn and Maggie were reunited they might pull a Sun/Jin on us! lol

Leslie said...

The walker on the barbed wire was gross! Why isn’t anyone asking what the hell Eugene knows and how he can save the world by getting to Washington? Seems like you would want to know that if you’re gonna follow them or help get him there.

It was good to see Glenn and Maggie reunited finally. Rick watching Michonne & Carl was sweet, too. Think he may start having feelings for Michonne and make a nice little family?

Daryl – I think he was seeing this new group as the way he used to be, but now he’s more evolved than these guys.

Nothing about Beth??? Who has her?

Terminus – only signs of that one woman? Good description that she was equally peaceful and creepy! lol

Mike V. said...

Leslie - That's kind of what I was thinking with Eugene too. I'm sure Abraham knows the information, but they definitely aren't sharing with the audience (or the people on the show).. Of course, maybe no one knows and he will die before he can tell anyone. Maybe he kind of told Abraham but it was too complicated for him to ever relay the info. lol

I guess it's possible with Rick and Michonne. But like you said...EVENTUALLY! lol

Maybe the Terminus people have Beth? Would make sense to tie everything together in the finale. We shall see!

Good points on Daryl too!

mj said...

Huh - I felt that all that guys talk was reminding Daryl they come fr different places then those others - hence the wholw cat analogy with outside cats being sad if they think they can live inside. Kinda undoing all the positive changes we've seen in Daryl. But i hope Daryls loyalty will be in the forefront when the Rick/Joe confrontation happens.

I also read that article Mike. Apparently Rick to have a really rough time. Also wondrring about Glenn - he really does take chances he shouldn't. Did not get good vibe off him burning that picture. Also wondering if Rick will somehow be forced into some horrible decision between Judith and Carl - especially with what we suspect Terminus is all about. Or another Sophia-type situation

Mike V. said...

Yeah...splitting hairs with the Daryl stuff I guess. Basically, his loyalty is being put to the test (again!)...and we're all pretty sure he'll come through when Rick needs him!

Ugh...yeah I didn't even think about Rick having to make a decision like that. That could be pretty rough going. And of course, I have "some" knowledge from the comics (based on comments I've read...or stuff people have told me). Things that already have happened at this point in the story but have not happened on the show. I guess there's always a chance they just delayed them. It could possibly be similar to what EW may have spoiled for you. lol

mj said...

What EW spoiled is what is being almost said everywhere. I'm sure we ard talking about same thing. Lol. whats for dinner?

Article today is guesses on what finale will be - all of it frighteningly good.