Monday, October 17, 2011

Terra Nova: Season 1 Episode 5 - The Runaway

Hello Terra Novians!  We're back for another fun-filled adventure with those wacky prehistoric future people.  I must say while we're still not charting into "Legendary Show" territory, I do feel an improvement with each episode that airs.  In this one, we spend some much needed time with Terra Nova's arch-nemisis "Sixers" and we dive more into the question of "Who really are the good guys?" which pretty much drives all of these types of shows these days.  It's sad to say but the cheesy line factor was way down from last week (which was just about every line of the show).  But don't you fear, there definitely was some stuff to save for the final section of this recap.  Anyway, let's cut to the  Sorry.  (Admit it, along with those eye rolls, some of you may have let out a tiny chuckle)  Recap time!

The Runaway Sixer
So, this episode centers around a little girl, Lea Marcos (that's the spelling I'm going with).  She kind of resembled Cousin Eddie's daughter Ruby-Sue from Christmas Vacation if you think about it.  Anyway, she plays the part of a runaway from the Sixers group in order to gain access of a secret stash in Terra Nova.  The first half of the episode plays us for a fool and we grow to like little Lea and feel for her as she moves into the Shannon house temporarily.  We even cheer a bit when Josh is ejected from his room to make room for her!  

And we don't suspect a thing when Wash (Washington) and some Red-Shirt dude go after her bag in the jungle and get attacked by the Sixers.  We learned that Wash is quite the skilled sparring partner!  But in the end she is bested and taken captive by Mira.  The Sixers come up on Terra Nova for the 2nd time this season, displeasing Taylor.  But of course it's all part of the ruse.  Ruby-sue...Lea comes out and says that she ran away on purpose and doesn't want to return.  Mira pretends to be annoyed and says she doesn't care.  She lets her prisoners go and everyone in Terra Nova rejoices. 

Little did they know that Lea was on a mission to raid Mira's old house in Terra Nova and dig up some container.   The object has no seams or visible ways of opening it.  Lea told Taylor and Shannon that she had no idea what it was.  And we questioned whether to believe her when she told them that Mira threatened her brother Sam, forcing her to do what she had to do.   Jim was more of a believer than Taylor who ordered Jim to let it go.  We knew he wouldn't be able to.  He found a letter at home from Lea with a sad face and an "I'm sorry, had to" message.   Of course this would be enough to prove that she was telling the truth! 

Somehow Jim is able to to locate the area near the Sixers camp even though Lea (self-professed map lover) never got a chance to show them where their current camp is.  Jim got himself in a Return of the Jedi situation (or LOST if you prefer the term "Getting caught in a net")  and got caught in a rope trap thing.  If only he had an R2 Unit to saw him out of that trap.  And of course, a Jump-O-Saurus just happened to turn up to find Jim.  Because, an episode of Terra Nova can't at least have ONE dino appearance!  

The Sixers do show up and knock Jim out taking them to their hideout.  They're up in some canopy, and somehow this is how Taylor has never found them.  Didn't quite get that but whatever!  Mira makes her best case to Shannon that Taylor is an evil man, the dream of Terra Nova doesn't exist anymore, and Taylor has many enemies back in 2149.  Okay, I can buy that.   And now we have a mysterious "THEY" from the future as our TRUE nemesis.  Or true good guys depending on how you want to look at it.  Jim must have been persuaded a little bit by Mira because he does later withhold information from Taylor.   Maybe he is just going to make a decision for himself without getting pulled either way.  In any case, we also learn that Mira was never going to hurt Sam but she did tell Lea she was going to in order to motivate her to do what she was capable of.  Fascinating.  

Jim is also let loose but was given a hood very much like those that THE OTHERS had in order to protect the Sixers' whereabouts.   But he had a big surprise for Lea as he brought Sam with him.  And a family is reunited and allowed to stay in Terra Nova.  Awwww.   They'll stay with some lady from the 3rd Pilgrimage.  But, Lea has a soft spot for Jimbo now.  

Anyway, other key things to note in this storyline:
  • Taylor spent a lot of time trying to find their mole.  They thought that someone must've tipped off the Sixers but it turned out all to be a ruse.  But it didn't stop them from interrogating a fellow 6th Pilgrimage guy, Robert Stanley.  Robert was never questioned since he stayed at Terra Nova but now Taylor is suspicious.  Malcolm got all heated up when his fellow science nerd was questioned.  Possibly more to come on this story but for now Robbie is in the clear. 

  • I'm not sure, but are we to assume that the bartender dude is the mole?  He seems to only really supplies from the Sixers.  But, he did refer to Jim Shannon as "the enemy" so maybe this is supposed to be obvious.
  • Taylor also wanted to turn little girl Lea into a spy for them.  Kind of supports that maybe he isn't a very moral person.  But, what does that say about Mira who threatened Lea and turned HER into a thief? 

  • So, what's in that crazy box?  It's locked away with Malcolm right now who we also have to suspect might be in cahoots with the sixers, right?  I dunno, all of these shows have just trained me to not trust anyone, but everything could be very SURFACE LEVEL on this one!  Maybe whatever is in the box is some way to communicate, or possibly travel back to the future?  Hey, I'm just reaching here. 

  • Taylor apparently has a lot of knowledge about the earlier pilgrimages that came to Terra Nova.  He knew everyone's name.  He remembered Lea and her brother Sam.  
  • Elizabeth had some crazy finger gadget that could scan eyes, ears and mouth to give people a check-up.  I think even Dr. McCoy would have been impressed by that technology and he wouldn't be around for another century! (you know, if they didn't travel back in time)

  • Taylor said that if Mira returns a 3rd time threatening Terra Nova, there will be war.  Bring it on!! 
  • Oh and the biggest thing that I forgot to mention.  Mira has a daughter that was 4 when she left the future.  Apparently, this ominous "THEY" are not letting Mira see her daughter again until they take out Taylor.   She wants Jim on the "right" side of history.  And yes, Jim did not tell Taylor any of this. 
So, that's the meaty part of the story which is definitely more than we've usually seen.  Now back to life in Terra Nova. 

Life as Usual in Terra Nova
2 minor storylines here and both revolve around Maddy.  She has started an apprenticeship with her mother in doctor-land but got all squeamish at every site of blood or growths on bodies.  Hey, I don't blame her!  Looks like she won't be starting her medical career anytime soon. 

Meanwhile Reynolds was trying to go through all of the traditional steps of asking Maddy out.  And eventually by the end of the episode he does.  But, I can't tell you any of that in this section because ALL OF IT is featured in our Cheesy Lines of the Week! 

One more thing to note, there was no Skye in this episode.   I guess Josh was too busy being a babysitter to be fawning over his unrequited love! 

Cheesy Lines of The Week
  • Wheelchair Guy with No Legs

    "Little Lea Marcos.  You remember me?  I definitely remember you. I never forget a name or a face but somewhere along the line, I forgot my legs.  So if you happen to see them walking around without me could you tell them I'm looking for them?"  

    Whew....that was the most random scene ever!   But I'm sure this guy with his Olivia Dunham photographic memory will end up playing into some plot later on. 

  • Reynolds: As you know, I've begun the initial stages of courting Maddy and .....
    Jim: You are aware that I carry a gun, have a short temper and tend to hold grudges, right?

    All they needed was Rodney Atkins "Cleaning this Gun" playing behind it and it would have been complete.  And seriously....COURTING!?!?! 
  • At least Maddy called her out on the old fashioned stuff that Taylor apparently taught him.  I guess somewhere after 2011, it once again became hip to act like it is the 1800s again??

    Reynolds: I want to declare my intentions to you Maddy Shannon
    Maddy: You want to do what to me?
    Reynolds: To....court you.

    Reynolds: People used to do it this way.
    Maddy: Well technically they will do it this way in the future.  Then again they'll also wear corsets.

    Whew...I don't think I can take anymore! 
  • But I'll do one more.

    Maddy starts talking about her bad day but doesn't know where to start.

    Reynolds puts his arm out and says, "Start at the beginning, I have time."

    Bring me the Velveeta please!! 

And, well I'm sure I could say more about the episode but that's all I want to say!  It was another fun episode with a little more meat to the story we all want to know more about.  We'll see how things go from here.  I'm getting a nice break over the next week.  Both Fringe and Terra Nova will not have an episode until 2 weeks out due to the World Series.  But there will still be a Walking Dead to discuss after Sunday!  So, keep coming back to read and comment!  I hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you in a couple weeks! 

End Credits
  • This season I will be recapping FringeTerra Nova, The Walking Dead and Alcatraz. If one of these new shows ends up not doing well, I may bail on it quickly. This could make room for a show that DOES end up doing well!
  • The Walking Dead season 1 is a quick 6 episode watch.  It is now available on Netflix streaming, at Redbox. I highly recommend the view!
  • See trailers for the Mid-Season shows I'm looking forward to: AlcatrazAwake and Touch. I doubt I'll have time to recap them all but they will most likely be discussed on this blog!
  • As always, there are other shows that I watch as well and would be happy to discuss with all of you. For a complete list by day, you can check out my "FALL TV" post.


Kelly said...

I watched it again.. Despite my efforts to find something else to do, I wound up surfing the Terra Nova wave!
Can I start off by saying LMAO to the Ruby-Sue comparison?? I didn't think of that when I was watching, but very good catch there! I had to suppress my boisterous laughing since I'm at work right now ;)
This Wash character makes me long for Firefly.. that's the best Wash there ever was, IMO!
Since I didn't watch the premiere, I was wondering why these people were called Sixers.. now I get it, they came over on the 6th pilgrimage. So what makes the 6th pilgrimage different from the others? Did they come to Terra Nova as innocent believers in starting over? Or were they moles from the beginning? Did they get into that in the premiere or is that still a mystery?
This Mira lasy has EXCELLENT teeth for someone living in the jungle. I should ask her for tips!
"Getting caught in a net" and the Pther hoods- YAY! I heart Lost references! I don't care how long it's been off the air, I can't let go! :P
I hear you on not being able to trust anyone on shows anymore. That's what twists do to us as a society! We shift our eyes at even the most innocent-seeming people. Seems like there are two rules of life- 1)Trust no one, and 2)Don't believe a person is dead until you see their body AND bury it!
The no legs guy was definitely weird! I was half-paying attention at that point, I think I got a text or something, but the randomness of it made me a bit woozy for a second! So creepy..
Anyway, onto another tidbit not related to Terrra Nova you may want to know- I watched Hawaii 5-0 as usual last night, and you may have heard that Alex from Lost was going to be a guest on the show. Well she was on last night, AND so was what's-her-name.. Amy? Ethan's mother who we met when Sawyer and company went back in time? And Jin.. I mean CHIN.. is Amy's ex-fiance, they're starting to reconnect. LOST OVERLOAD! lol..
Anyway, tonight is my big TV night- 90210 (on the chopping block for me though), Ringer (YAY! Cliffhanger last week- one of those "someone-could-be-dead-but-we-haven't-seen-the-body-yet-so-she's-probably-not-dead" things), and Sons of Anarchy. Oh Clay, your stupid plan to whack Tara better not come to fruition!

Mike V. said...

@Kelly - Way to get sucked into this ridiculous concept of a show! lol You're not alone.

Thanks for the laughter on the Ruby-Sue comment! I couldn't get over the similarity for those first few minutes of the episode and had a bit of a minor laughing fit myself! :) (totally understand keeping that under wraps at work though. I have a tough time sometimes too. lol)

Ahh yes...good ole Firefly...I still have never seen the show! :( I tried to watch Serenity once but it really didn't make sense since I skipped the TV show. I know it's all on Netflix so I'll have to catch up one of these days. I know the whole cast from other shows...why not!? lol

Yep, you got it with the SIXERS. Basically, the ominous "THEM" that want Taylor out of the picture must have arranged for this group to be part of the 6th Pilgrimage. They defected from Terra Nova not long after they were there and are still trying to accomplish their goal. And it has something to do with changing the long-term plans for Terra Nova. But no, they weren't normal pilgrimage people. They were tapped PRIOR to coming over in the portal! The rest is still up for speculation.

Oh...I can't let go of LOST either. When I see a good reference, I'll make it! Still haven't been able to get myself to rewatch the best TV show of all time. But maybe one day I'll get back to it! :)

Surely, you're not referring to Mr. Bin Laden with that "see a body" comment? lol But seems like there is always a conspiracy afoot in real life and in fictional TV life! Tough to trust anything that anyone says.

I actually did know that Alex was going to be on H5-0...these crazy sites I go to, I learn much more information than I need to know. Plus all of the LOST people I follow on twitter. I see every casting update for anyone from LOST. Just like I know Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) is coming to Revenge. lol I know Amy did have her stint on LOST but she'll always be Michelle Dessler from 24 for me! Ironically, Daniel Dae Kim was on 24 as well at one point. lol I do love all of the LOST connections out there. Soon it will be like all of the people from Deadwood and Firefly popping up on other shows. The LOST crew is in high demand! Speaking of which, don't forget to watch Once Upon a Time this Sunday. It may take a few eps to get going but LOST writers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are the showrunners. There are reports that there are LOST references galore in the pilot.

Ahh TV tonight....I gave up on 90210 ages ago but every once in a while I'll catch a few minutes when my wife watches and be totally caught up. lol Ringer - I'm 3 episodes behind now and not sure I'll have time for it tonight either. I'm sure it's still entertaining but time is a problem for me (I'd rather catch up on Dexter!) But I'll never skip SOA!! Can't wait to see what happens with the Tara hit, but I have to imagine that arc is going to last quite a few episodes...maybe even until the end of the season. we'll see!

Thanks for the comments Kelly!

Kelly said...

Ah ok, thanks for clearing up the Sixer thing. I was a bit confused. But that's the only thing I was confused about, even though I miss the first 3 hours of the series, so that's good... depending on what you want in a show, at least!
That wasn't a Bin Laden reference, but that's funny that you mention that! I didn't even think about that, lol.
I didn't watch Firefly until they showed it recently on the Science Channel. But man, I wish I watched it when it was on! Great show, definitely put that one on your list. But since it's been over for years now, it's not like there's a mad rush to see it. Unless you want to watch good TV!! lol
I didn't watch 24, so I didn't know her from then.. or Daniel Dae Kim from then, either. Though I did know he was on Angel. And yes, I am totally watching Once Upon a Time on Sunday, my cousin's girlfriend and I promised to remind each other of that! And Grimm is on next week, CAN'T WAIT!
If you're watching Ringer, then I won't spoil it for you. My lips are sealed!
90210 is the vapid hour of television I need to get my Tuesdays going, lol. It sets me up for some good stuff later on for:
SOA! A-OK! Go Kill Clay! Looks like Unser is taking steps to undermine Clay, so that's good.. But I think he'll wind up dying instead of Tara. OOOOOH I can't believe it's halfway over already, NOOOO!

Kelly said...

oh, and Widmore's going to be on Revenge? SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!

Mike V. said... wife missed last week's episode and I kept telling her she had to watch it before watching this week's...and then we decided at 8:00...yeah you really don't have to! lol I filled her in in a few minutes what she missed.

Yeah, after I posted that comment, I figured you didn't mean Bin Laden...but yes...definitely a little fishy! (no pun intended with his supposed final resting place!)

I'm always up for good TV...but yeah usually I'm trying to catch up to shows that are currently airing. Though, I did love watching THE WIRE this past summer from start to finish. great show!

Well Daniel Dae Kim wasn't a series regular or anything on 24 but he was in a few episodes. I think it was in the season where they were up agaisnt some Chinese Bad guys. Jin was used as a translator or something. lol While we're recommending shows that are finished, if you ever have 8 full 24 hour days with nothing to do...look no further than 24! Seasons 1-5 are outstanding and you'll fly through them. 6 is pretty rough. 7 kinda rebounds but then falls flat...and 8...well I dunno about 8! lol But in any season, Jack Bauer is just about the coolest Action Hero television has ever seen! And you won't be able to stop watching once you start a season. And I believe it's all streaming on netflix. (if you have that)

Oh yeah...I'm sure I'll catch up eventually on Ringer. It's just been slow going these days. I'm falling behind on Person of Interest, American Horror Story, Homeland (still haven't started) and tons of other stuff too. Too much TV!

Well, if Unser dies protecting Tara/Jax/whatever...he's probably better off doing that than suffering from the cancer and dying anyway. Wow, it's really halfway through already? That's crazy...seems like we just got started!

Mike V. said... bad! It's DOGEN that's gonna be on Revenge. I thought for sure I had read about Widmore earlier. Maybe he's going to be on something else. lol

MJ said...

Widmore is gonna be on something - just can't remember what.

Just saw Dr Hanso on Castle too.

MJ said...

Crap - meant to also say - Holy s**t on SOA last night.

Won't say more unless I know you and Kelly have watched.

Mike V. said...

MJ - I watched SOA and Dexter and I'll just throw a little SPOILER WARNING for both right here so we can freely discuss!


Dexter - Solid episode! Agree with you that Lt. Deb is fantastic so far. Loved Angel's call to her when she was facing off with LaGuerta (I'd be perfectly fine if she fell off a cliff somewhere. I don't think I ever loved her character) The Adama/Hanks storyline is heating up....I really felt for that guy that was stuck in their basement. And to see what they did to him by the end of the episode? WTH??? Meanwhile, Dex taking out the Tooth Fairy was a fantastic storyline. Loved how he dumped the teeth in the water instead of the body. And the whole idea of "uncaught" serial killers reaching old age was a cool concept further evolving Dexter's character. And then the SLIDES....oh man...the whole collection is just a mess on the floor?? Doesn't really matter what order they're in in the long run. I'm sure DNA testing could figure out what order they died. lol I can't believe he was up to almost 50 kills...and that's his 2nd box of slides....I believe he lost the first one, right?? Anyway, loving the season and can't wait for more!

SOA - WOW...insane. My wife and I definitely saw the Juice moment coming, I just didn't realize it would be as soon as this episode. It is interesting that the episode ended before we saw a lifeless body though. Is there a chance that the tree branch may break with all of that weight on it? The vote for a new President - liked that call and definitely had to be coming. Clay is definitely in over his head on this one. Seemed like the new Sheriff is getting played a bit too...perhaps he will become a sympathetic ally to SAMCRO in the end?? Another great episode in a great season. Too much awesome TV on these days!

AHS - just an update, my wife finally watched the pilot...I think she's hooked! I'll try to force her to watch the 2nd one tonight so maybe we can watch the 3rd as well! lol

Still behind on Ringer (3), Revenge (never started), Homeland (never started), Person of Interest (2).....Just not enough time in a week! But maybe with the World Series and no Phillies involved...I might be able to catch up on a few things. We'll see!

MJ said...

I was shocked that Dex changed up his routine and left the guy dead and anonymous while getting rid of his evidnence (teeth) so that the son would never know. Just wonder if his own collection being in totaly disarray will put him over some edge. I think to him the order did matter. yes - I agree about this being the second box. And that whole parade I guess I'd call it. I have no idea on that one.

I was so sad about Juicy, but I think he is gone. And to do it right over the grave of the guy he killed. This show has no problems showing that the club does bad - but they never have an honest cop or agent. This ATF guy is a jerk, but so far not as bad as the chick from the last few seasons.

Agreed - Clay is soo out of control, but I was shocked by the call for a vote. Tara gave Gemma another nugget though I can't remember the actual wording.

Couldn't believe that hit on the Mayans though

MJ said...

Oh - and that was Katey Segal singing the song while Juicy was sewing the patch then hanging himself.

Mike V. said...

Oh I definitely think order matters to Dexter. I just meant that if he ever got caught, they could put it back in order for him! lol (assuming that it goes in numerical order of when they were killed)

As far as SOA - I don't even think I realized that he was over Miles' grave. That's pretty nuts. I wonder if he left a letter explaining what happened! BTW...I had to google "Men of Mayhem" to figure out the significance of the patch. I didn't realize only people that had killed for the club had the patch. I noticed that the old guy (Opie's Dad, drawing a blank on his name right now) does NOT have one of those patches. Fitting.

No, they never have had an honest cop/agent. This new bearded guy is ATF?? I don't think I caught that when he was introduced. But one was as bad as Stahl. That B was crazy!! lol Oh yeah, I didn't see the vote coming. Hmm...I wonder if they'll vote JAX in as prez and then he won't be able to leave the club?? Jax did go along with the Clay's plan so maybe not. I don't remember what Tara said to Gemma. There's a chance I may have been multi-tasking with my crazy phone during the episode. I know...there are some shows where that can be done...not SOA!! :-) And yes...totally forgot about the hit on the Mayans. That was nuts...and then the whole incident with the one guy's family....that was pretty rough stuff.

Nice on the tidbit of Katey singing the song. Gotta love the ol' SOA Musical Montage scenes! Almost rivals some of the classic LOST montages. lol (maybe tops a few)

Kelly said...

MJ, Do you mean when Tara said something like, "This isn't what I signed on for" or something like that?

I don't think Juice is dead.. call me optimistic, or dellusional, BUT- did you hear the sound of the tree branch breaking and a body falling onto the ground when the SOA logo come on the screen? Why would they have that unless he survived?

As for good ol' psycho Lincoln Potter- he's not ATF, he's US Distric Attorney.. but yeah, he's going the way of Stahl. I liked his quirkiness at first, but now he just seems like he has no soul! However, you're right- no one is as bad as Stahl, and the way she went out was BELLISSIMO!

I definitely caught the Katey Sagal singing part- she has a distinct voice! My friend is going to be dressed as Peg Bundy for Halloween. If I had known, I would've gone as Gemma and my other friend would've gone as Leela- we could've been the Katey triplets :D But alas, I shall be Zelda this year. Nerdy, huh? lol!

MJ said...

Yes - you remembered the line that I could not. It made Gemma just start thinking again about what Tara knows/doesn't know.

I hear you about the branch and all, and yes I heard it, but I'm more a pessimist. ;-D

Stahls death was too too cool - agree.

That would have been cool on the 3 Katey's. Zelda - that's a good one.

David S said...

Just watched the episode and while I agree with your cheesy comments, I hate to admit I thought it was kind of cute, too, in a quaint sort of way. I wouldn't be surprised if they show people square dancing one of these episodes. I thought the actor that plays Jim did a really bad job in his response to Reynolds. He stepped all over his lines and the timing was horrible. He should have studied Kyle Chandler's acting in the FNL finale in the scene where Matt asked for permission to marry Julie Taylor. Really hilarious.

Also, I loved Kelly's comment about Mira's teeth - I'm fascinated by how beautiful they are!

Mike V. said...

Ahhh, thanks for the refresher Kelly/MJ on the Tara/Gemma conversation. I remember that now. I did go back and hear that tree branch break too. You also hear something hitting the ground. That's probably what made me think that the branch could break in the first place. Eh...we'll see what happens!

Pretty funny on the Katey triplets. But, it's tough to top Zelda! lol

@David - Hey, just because the lines are cheesy doesn't mean I enjoy them! lol And to even think that this show could pull off a scene as emotionally charged as something on FNL, whew...I just don't know. Of course, they are 2 totally different types of shows so it probably wouldn't have fit in too well. But there's no denying that that scene along with almost every other seen in Friday Night Lights were amazing. Just an awesome television show that no one has seen! (present company excluded of course!)

Yeah it was a great point about Mira's teeth. They're shiny!

Watched episode 2 of AHS last night and it was uber creepy. So creepy that my wife refused to watch episode 3 right before we went to bed. So, we'll have to save it for another night. Watched another ep of Person of Interest (the one when he joined up with all of the ex-soldiers). Wasn't too impressed with that one. Hopefully last week's was better!

MJ said...

Yeah - I think everyone said something about Mira's teeth when they watched that one.

PoI is ok - but it's not great.

Anyone watching Ringer ? They just had a neat little twist that I did not see coming.

AHS was interesting this week. Won't say anymore until you watch it.

Haven't watched this week's Revenge - but it's been better than I thought it would be. Good guilty pleasure type of show.

Still haven't checked out Homeland - but will eventually.

Mike V. said...

Revenge and Homeland are on my "catchup" list as I haven't had a chance to start either. AHS, I'll hope to be caught up tonight but we'll see! No NBC comedies tonight so that helps.

Ringer - I'm way behind, but if you guys want to discuss feel free! I'll just avert my eyes! :-)

Leslie said...

Finally watched this week’s episode. When Lea first appeared, I thought she looked familiar, but couldn’t place her. Now I know! LOL! And, speaking of not trusting, I’m gonna throw out there that I’m not sure Reynolds can be trusted. His overly polite and old-fashioned way just makes me wonder if he has ulterior motives. Maybe I’m too paranoid. I’m still enjoying the episodes enough to keep watching.

As for other shows, I agree that Person of Interest isn’t that great. I had hopes for it, but I’m not sure it will keep my interest. Ringer was one of the first off my list this season, but I’m still watching Revenge. May fall into that guilty pleasure category. I really want AHS to be good! Haven’t seen this week’s episode yet. And, Modern Family is still at the top of the comedies for me. Always makes me laugh!

Mike V. said...

Leslie, glad I could help you place who Lea actually is! :-) lol That's actually a pretty interesting prediction on Reynolds. He's really the last person you'd expect to be a mole. And he's working his way into the Shannon family circle of trust. It could definitely work! We'll see what happens.

I'm going to keep checking on PoI and we'll see how it goes. I think I'm just too into my serialized drama fixation to get into a procedural. But, they do keep throwing in little tidbits that could grow into something bigger. We'll see! For the 2 episodes I've seen of AHS, it definitely has the potential to be awesome. And right now it is enjoyable and definitely disturbing. I'm going to keep tuning in! But yeah....Modern Family has been hysterical since its pilot episode and rarely has a mis-step! This week's episode was pretty hysterical, but last week's I was on the floor. (the whole "frozen assets" thing....those kids are crazy!) While I do love it, I think my favorite comedy airing right now is Community. But, that just goes to show that I have a tendency to love WEIRD shows! lol I don't even know how to explain how awesome it is but last week's "6 Timelines" episode was an instant classic for ANY sitcom. But from playing Dungeons and Dragons at their Study Group table, to all out Paintball Wars or homages to various films....there's just nothing else like it on TV. Love it! And of course, Parks and Rec isn't far behind. Ron Swanson may be one of the greatest sitcom characters of all time! I'm so sad that the NBC comedies are reruns this week, but I'll live. Might even fit in last night's AHS!

Thanks for commenting!

Kelly said...

MJ, I'm watching Ringer! MIKE V- AVERT YOUR EYES NOW! I'm still wondering if Gemma is really dead or if Siobhan had her kidnapped and possibly taken to Paris where she is... maybe they staged the scene of the crime. There have been a lot of twists, and it seems like they want you to believe that Gemma's dead.. which probably means that she's not! lol.. but who knows, right?
MIKE V YOU CAN CIOME BACK NOW! as for Person of Interest, I'm losing a bit of interest. It's a good show, but I'm much more intrigued by other shows on this season.
Saw Revenge last night, thought it was a nice break from the "target of the week" stuff, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season.
and LOL my captcha thingy here is telling my to type "uringe"! haha, we're just one G away...

Mike V. said...

I successfully averted my eyes!! :-) Thanks for the warning. One G away??? Looked like one F away from FRINGE! lol Not sure what word you were going for!

Anyway, I'm all caught up on AHS...woa...this show is nuts! And I do quite enjoy a crazy show! So what are our thoughts on Russel Edgington's character? (I know I used the true blood name) he a ghost?? And now we know why everyone sees the maid differently. Guys see a young hottie and girls see into the woman's soul for how old she "REALLY" is (or would have been)....crazy crazy stuff. Crazy twists with Jessica Lange's character and now the "1st residents" getting into the picture. So much history in that house....very reminiscent of a certain Island! OH yeah....and I guess the ghosts are trapped there if their bodies are buried there? I wonder how many bodies are buried in that backyard under the new gazebo? Anyway...I'm definitely up for a chat on American Horror Story! I'd probably be up for a blog about it...but I'm just too swamped right now!

Mike V. said...

Interview with Terra Nova folks. Apparently, it's going the way of getting more serializd for the rest of the season.

Kelly said...

LOL, I meant if you take the G away, you get... urine! lol, I'm a child :P
I watched the first episode of AHS, and I liked it very much. But I am such a baby, I get all scared. I'll probaby wind up watching it on the "Free on Demand" section of my DVR (that's how I saw the first episode).

Mike V. said...

OOOOHHHH My bad! I usually appreciate childish humor, I just totally missed that one. lol

My wife is the same way with AHS....she'll watch it but prefers it to be daylight and not the last thing we watch at night! We'll see how this progresses. It might turn into a MUST SEE Wednesday night show! :-)

MJ said...

Mike - avert your eyes !

Kelly - I def agree that Gemma can still be alive, but that guy who keeps calilng Sibhoan in Paris has so far told her all truths. But what took me by surprise was that Gemma's husband cleaned up thinking he was helping Fake-Sibhoan. That had not occurred to me until it happened. AND that fake Sibhoan then purposely put her real finger print on the vase knowing it would clear Gemma's husband and put the heat on someone she thinks the cops can't find, ie Bridget. Sheesh - that's confusing to write about.

Ok Mike -

AHS was great ! So much information shared in this ep. Love that they quickly explain Constance's comment from a week ago "I'll kill you again' to the maid.

So is tate one of Constance's kids - or is he just a teen spirit that she uses in place of her children. And why can Constance see all these spirits ?

The scene with the realtor was pretty good.

Mike V. said...

Don't know about Tate. He's definitely a ghost but I don't know if he's one of Constance's kids. That would make sense though. And might explain the waving as she walked by. As for why she can see the seems like EVERYONE can see them, doesn't it? Even that Detective could see the maid when he said "how do you get any work around here with that around?" or something like that. lol

The realtor scene was great...reminded me a bit of something Tami Taylor would have done just a little more intense due to the circumstances! lol

MJ said...

Oh - I know you don't watch Supernatural but Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters are both on tonight. Sweeeet !

MJ said...

Duh! Good point about everyone seeing ghosts, cause even the wife sees her as the old lady.

I couldnt help but laugh when the guy with the burned face killed the prego chick - that whole scene was a little comical. To me any way.

Mike V. said...

Yeah..I don't watch SUPE right now but it's coming to Netflix in January! I may start. lol They're both Buffy alums right? I've seen Marsters on tons of stuff...including Smallville and Torchwood.

Yeah the problem with the ghosts is...we still don't know who the ghosts are vs. who isn't! The burned face guy is the guy I was referring to as Russel Edington (sp) from True Blood. It's the same actor...I just can't think of his name and too lazy to look him up. Oh yeah...that scene was very comical. I think it was meant to be seen that way... but burying her and building a gazebo?? that was pretty nuts!

MJ said...

yeah - I knew who you meant by Russell Edington - I watch TB.

I think you and the wife would enjoy Supernatural, on year 7 now.

Mike V. said...

That's why I called him Russell, because I knew you watched TB! lol

I might move quicker on Supernatural if I watch myself. But yikes...7 seasons is so much!!