Sunday, March 24, 2019

TV Discussion: Week of 3/24/2019 - 3/30/2019

Hello fellow TV addicts! This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Supergirl - Lex was a much needed boost to the show. His backstory helped fill in some of the awful "political" plot this season. He's pulling the strings on everything. Doesn't improve that other storyline, but at least there's something more maniacal going on. I'm confused about the Clone Kara...didn't we see her last season? Wasn't she defeated? I guess they covered that in the flashback scenes and I just wasn't connecting the dots. Oh well...i'll roll with it. lol

MCU - Finished my rewatch! All set for End Game...i'm guessing tix go on sale this week...maybe today or tomorrow. Quantum Realm stuff in Antman and Wasp seemed to hold more significance in rewatch considering how they might use it in End Game. The suit that Hank Pym wears to go into the realm is very similar to the suits the Avengers are wearing in their group walk (which may not even be in the movie lol). Pretty sure they are Quantum suits. There was talk of Time vortexes too in the end credits scene where Ant-man is stuck in the quantum realm. It's either gonna be time based, parallel universe based or some combination of both. lol Looking forward to it!

I have heard that the Russo's may have stated that the trailers are lying to us. A friend told me, but it wouldn't surprise me if that's true. There was a shot of Hulk at Wakanda with the group in the Infinity War trailer and he was not there...just banner in the Hulkbuster suit. So things may be intentionally deceiving in the trailer. They just need to get people in seats and I don't think that will be a problem!

MJ said...

Have heard the same with the trailers.

Going to see Capt Marvel this week.

MJ said...

This is us - caught up to all but the one that dropped last night. Kevin and his water bottle of vodka. SIGH. And Madison had the right to be there Kevin ! Randall is really being a jerk - Beth is right - he gets to follow his dream but not her ? When I saw the title of the next ep - and heard Kate singing Don't take my sunshine away I have to admit I thought baby Jack was a goner. This was the one about the school dance - nothing to add about that. Knew somehow that Zoe would not want kids. But I was glad Sophie was firm with him. Randall - again a jerk. A dinner with his political peeps is more important then Beth hob-nobbing with her studio owner ? Ugh. I get he was mad when he left that VM but damn. Dying to see the fight - which aired last night. LOL

The Village - found the premier online. It's trying to be This is Us - but people who live in an apartment building instead of family. It was fine - but wasn't that impressed with twist. Probably not staying with it

Mike V. said...

This is us - "grow the hell up Beth" out of character. lol last night's episode was good and helps explain the issue between the 2...but I still stand by "you don't mess with a couple that is consistently entertaining and works!' mantra. Ross and Rachel were better apart and pining for each other. Randall and Beth work as a happy couple....same with Chandler and Monica. Don't mess with a winning formula to spice things up! lol But whatever, I'll go with it!

Village - Ahh, enduring the pain so I don't have to! lol appreciate it! :)

MJ said...

Village - LOL. You're welcome !

Capt Marvel - going tonight !

MJ said...

Captain Marvel - I liked it ! Head scratcher as to why this was not the first movie made - but my guess is that they didn't want to start out with a woman lead until they had estabished the audience size. I was confused that she was Kree and they were the good guys ? LOL But of course they weren't. So weird seeing Fury and Coulsen so young. LOL Almost eerie. But then again - Coulsen - after dying - is on Shield this season (won't spoil how much I know). Laughed at the name Carol Danvers - so close to Kara Danvers. Which one stole from which one I wonder. Loved the cat - can't remember what they called the actual creature - he looks like a smaller version of one of my very own cats. Those who have to pick over everything I am sure whined about why the Avengers waited so long to call for her assistance - that is a guess on my part. I did read complaints where they said she didn't smile enoug ? Really ? Misogyny at it's worst. Certainly no one ever complained that Maria Hill does't smile - nor Coulsen for that matter. I did not feel she needed to smile more. I'm assuming at some point she will have another movie - and I'm hoping she does. I stuck around for 1 post credits trailer - hope there wasn't more ut my bladder was about to explode ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Captain Marvel - I just read a lengthy interview with Chris Evans for Variety or something like that. It got into some stuff of how hard Kevin Feige had it trying to sell Iron Man, Captain America as movies. When Marvel Studios started they couldn’t make movies with the most well known Marvel characters. Hard to imagine since now The Avengers are staples in every household. I don’t think they had Captain Marvel on the brain yet when they first started the studio. Iron Man was how they launched it. Feige had to really convince executives that Captain America was something they could be successful with. They way they roped in Chris Evans was by telling him the idea for the whole trilogy up front. Captain Marvel’s comic book history is messy. It wasn’t always Carol Danvers. I think that’s a newer addition to the comic book lore. But the character Mar Vell was where it started think and it was a man. They made a nod to that with Annette Benning’s character.

I know Coulson is in the trailer for SHIELD even though he’s dead. I never watched the trailer though. Looking forward to the season though. The cat was actually named Chewie in the comics as a nod to Star Wars. In the movie he was called Goose as a nod to Top Gun. Lol. I can’t remember the name of the creature either.

Did you notice the line by the bar where Carol gets her Nine Inch Nails shirt and biker jacket? The biker guy asked her to SMILE. That line was actually in the movie before she started getting the feedback from the trailers/posters. It’s crazy. Brie also had fun with the feedback though. She redid all the Marvel Man posters putting smiles on RDJ and Evans and Thor. Hilarious. Definitely a double standard.

They definitely are going to do a Captain Marvel 2. She will be the face of MCU after End Game. Still afraid of what will happen to Cap. It seems so obvious that he’ll die that i’m Hoping maybe he won’t. Just will be out of the picture until he wants to make a cameo in a later film. Lol. Feige said that they’ll announce the future of the MCU film slate after Spider-Man Far From Home comes out in July. So Comic-Con is a safe bet. I’m guessing Black Panther 2 (already in production), Doctor Strange 2, Captain Marvel 2, Eternals (don’t know what it is but know it’s in the works), Guardians 3 (James Gunn back woo! And 2021) and Black Widow movie. We’ll see!

Glad you liked it! I’m hyped for End Game! Tickets rumored to go on sale 4/2.

MJ said...

Mar Vell - yes - I did hear the line. And I did see her posters she made too. Didn't know books were messy story - to be honest never heard of Capt Marvel til they announced the movie. Eternals ? Never heard of that one. Not sure I am that excited about Black Widow movie honestly - but I'll watch it.

Yeah - you know I won't see that for weeks after its out too. LOL I like a less crowded theater. Cause I'm only gonna pay once for any movie so like it less noisy. LOL

Mike V. said...

Captain Marvel - I didn’t know much about her either until I googled the stuff before and after the movie (that goes for any comic book character. only comic i read as a kid religiously was G.I. Joe lol). Carol Danvers has apparently been a character in Marvel since the beginning, but her as Captain Marvel was more recent. Eternals is another group of super powered people I think. But I don’t know anything about them either. I’m guessing this is another one of their blind swings for the fences like Guardians 1 or Ant-Man. Sure we look back now and know they were a good idea. When first announced, it was risky!

End Game — I know you’ll be waiting. I like to be in the thick of it with the hardcore fans. Watching Infinity War with the opening day crowd was crazy. You could hear the gasps when certain things happened. And the shock and awe of the ending. They were all there to comfort my son afterwards when he wasn’t taking it so well. Lol.