Monday, March 13, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 3/12/2017 - 3/18/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Grimm--Juliette reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I'm still having trouble swallowing Nick having no problem with the woman who killed his Mom.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Yes but she wasn't herself when it happened. lol (I'm saying that sarcastically) Now she's more like Juliette than ever but they still are calling her Eve. So weird. Anyway...I still say she's on the path of self-sacrifice. now more than ever. Episode's case was interesting. Never had an inkling of a thought that we'd be eventually dealing with Wessen Dementia issues. lol

Sleepy - Watched it, not much to comment. Still enjoy. 4 horsemen comin!

Thrones - Rewatched the teaser. I did not see the Targaryans on top...the end of that teaser the whole sculpture shattered and formed the White Walker symbol on the ground. (Right as Dany was saying she wants to break the wheel and Jon was saying we all have the same enemy)

Anonymous said...

Thrones--The symbol at the end I think has more to it though than just a White Walker symbol alone.
I think it's meant to represent the broken wheel too. This article relates it to the wierwood tree and ancient times.
It certainly points to destruction given what it's components are. But, I am also wondering if in forming this symbol out of that waste it is showing a kind of rebirth? A kind of phoenix if you will.


Mike V. said...

Thrones - Yeah I thought it meant both. I was just referring to your comment last week about the Targaryans being on top at the end of the teaser. Maybe I misread, but I didn't see it that way at all.

I thought the symbolism was meant to imply that all of these family squabbles don't mean anything with the larger threat coming. So breaking the wheel and fighting the Walkers will essentially go hand in hand.

Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

MJ said...

Grimm - nice going Eve - convince Adiland that not helping you behind Nicks back could hurt Diana. LOL Then sh dials up the magic while being a guest in someone's home ! LOL As for the case of the week - always with the bugs ! Yuck. But interesting twist that the bug is actually an angel of Mercy used by Wesen.

Six - have watched all but the finale (had 3 on DVR). Got really good. Surprised when head guy turned on Michael - kept thinking was a ruse. Wanted to do the finale too but it was ziombie time. Not sure happy it is getting second season.

Sleepy - off the top of my head I cannot remember the ep. SIGH. Sure it was fine.

MJ said...

Working from home tomm so hoping to have more time

Paley NBC - I watched Leslie. Was really good. So many shows I've forgotten - always adored Mad about You ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Abby's sister (why am I drawing a blank) got a job offer, but the 4 horseman thing might put that on hold. Lab girl has crush on lab guy but he has a girlfriend. Case of the week was not memorable. lol

Paley - ugh...really wish I recorded it. I'll have to try and find.

WFH tomorrow too. SNOWMAGEDDON!! Guarantee VPN will not be working well. lol

Leslie said...

Paley NBC - It was good to go back and remember! Mad About You was also one of my favorites!

Anonymous said...

Colony--I forget if anyone is watching. Now our hero is out in the open as a bad guy--lol. I am glad I can FF through this at times. I'm really disappointed in Carlton with this show.


MJ said...

Colony - watching but not up to date. 1 behind

Sleepy - Oh yeah. ANd it's Jenny

No power last night so did not get Flash or This is Us. SIGH Have to try to catch them elsewhere. Lost power 7pm and did not come back on til 2am. Not much snow here but lots of sleet and ice.

Mike V. said...

Colony - not too far behind. Never caught up.

Sleepy - ahhh right...duh :)

Power outage - That sucks! We got snow and ice...power stayed on. Watched both of those. But will refrain from commenting for now.

24 - Tony Almeida returns!! I still never bought him being resurrected, so him being on this season is still weird. lol Now he has history with Miranda Otto? (Wanted to use her LOTR name, but I forget it! lol) The show is still entertaining enough to watch though.

Trial and Error - Ended up watching the pilot (may have fallen asleep for the end), but it's a pretty hilarious show. 2 episodes aired last night.

MJ said...

24 - very behind but knew Tony was coming. You forget the name of the chick that tried to steal Aragorn from Arwen ? Eowin !

Yeah - so missed Legends and Trial & Error too. Heard it was funny. Also missed Americans. SIGH

Mike V. said...

24 - Nice, I almost said AOWIN (combining Arwen and Eowin lol). I knew I was close! :) Regardless, I still don't know her name on 24! lol

I'm sure you'll find a way to catch up on everything. With online streaming everything is so readily available. CW even offers the stuff without a cable subscription.

Americans - I started it but didn't finish yet.

MJ said...

Cw - yes they have an app to download that works pretty well. LOL

Six - what a surprising ending ! I did not see that coming until right as she walked up - and still didn't think she had a gun. Not sure I want a second season but we are getting one any way.

Eowin - first time I wastched these movies I hated her ! LOL trying to steal Aragorn. My husband always laughed at me. But then I liked her once she stopped flirting and wanted to actually do something. And I liked that her and Faromir hooked up in the end. (almost said Eomir - but that's her brother. LOL)

Designated Surv - watched last weeks - not this week - what a shock - he survived th bullet. LOL But wow - the new VP's wife is some piece of work.

Anonymous said...

D Surv--A big shocker this week. VERY big. I'm back to glad I'm watching. It's a huge twist that actually makes sense because the set up was done well over several eps. Nothing like a fanatic.


Anonymous said...

Six--At first when she asked for his name I thought it someone who liked what he did like the guys at the diner. But then I kind of recognized her from the online recruiting. Wasn't sure but when she killed him it came into focus. Sure sets up a second season. I'll be all good with a second season depending on who comes in as a main actor. Bear and his wife stuff is frustrating to watch. Again, seeking marital advise from a divorcee seems strange to me even though all too real. Sometimes I think it's not seeking advise but confirmation of a desire.


MJ said...

Six - yeah forst surprise was recognizing her without the scarf. But when she pulled the gun I was really surprised. I read Michael and Bear def back. No one knows if Rip is back yet.

Bates - did we talk about this ? This week has been very chaotic for me - sorry. How the heck can you do a viking funeral and no one see it ? LOL So bizarre. I felt like I knew the actress playing the new sherriff - had to look that up - she was the kidnapped girl in Silence of the lambs that was in the hole and getting the lotion from the basket. Creepy. Most probably know her from Grey Anatomy though. But how creepy to give the paint store chick your mothers clothes ! Ewwww. But awesome. Did you catch the line about how the hotel goes thru so many shower curtains ? Very cute ! Not sure I understood what happened at the car - how can he jump on Norma holding her mouth closed to then see her dead and cold - when she is not there at all ? Whaaat ? But what really got me was the end - he sees his mother slit the girls throat but then he forces the vision of his mother away and he stays himself.

Iron Fist - heard getting really bad reviews. Show runners are saying - wasn't made for reviewers. Normally I'd agree - but critics loved the other Netflix Marvel shows. Just saying. lOL I will still look at it.

Ugh - hearing about several medical dramas signing on stars for next year. So over all the medical dramas. Maybe less to watch on tv next year then. LOL

Goldbergs - you still catching up on this ?

Mike V. said...

Six - finally got back to this today. I think I have 3 eps left. Watched the one where one of the main trio was sleeping with the dead guy's wife and it was caught on video. Same ep where RIP was forced to make the video condemning America. Maybe I'll finish these 3 one day. lol

LOTR - lol...yeah I had the same reactions throughout the progression of the movies. Maybe HATE is a strong word. lol Yes...lots of similar names in that Middle Earth.

Legion - caught up on this one. So wacky, but definitely engaging. I had no idea what was going on this entire episode, but figured it was another head case. On my commute home I'll probably be listening to a podcast with Andy Greenwald (writer on show and podcaster dude I listen to) talking to Noah Hawley (showrunner) about it.

Americans, Flash - caught up. Ready for musical episode next week. lol

Mike V. said...

We posted at same time so just saw your new comments MJ

Iron Fist - heard the same. Yeah if I'm gonna watch Defenders I'll have to check it out. But I don't know when.

medical dramas - I guess Grey's has finally gotten too old?? lol

Bates - I don't think we did talk about it. The Viking funeral was hilarious. lol Yep, I recognized the sheriff as Erica Hahn from Greys. lol I saw Silence of the Lambs but I definitely don't remember who the little girl was! I did catch the shower curtain line but didn't even give a second thought to it other than the fact that he's running a motel. DUH. lol YEP, I've been saying the same thing about Norman all season. How can he know about his mother's corpse but still talk to her thinking she's alive? It makes no sense to me. And yes...then he has a vision of his mother. Maybe he's piecing it together that she's actually dead?? Maybe by the end he'll be in full realization that he has a multiple personality disorder, but be fully content as a murderer? Or will this show replicate the movie as well and finish in the same place? (I really don't remember how Psycho ends)

Goldbergs - Yep, we're progressing along. We just saw the one where Adam and his mom go to the dance in matching parachute pants and denim jackets. it actually ended up being one of the best episodes so far. I looked on IMDB to check the ratings and saw that most people agreed. I think it was the same ep where Dad Goldberg has to have the talk with Older Brother Goldberg and he actually already knew the details and was messing with him. lol Obviously, I still need to learn all of their names. Good show though!

Timeless - paused on this but still planning to finish the season.