Monday, March 27, 2017

TV Discussion: 3/26/2017 - 4/2/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Grimm--it was a surprise to see Wu and Hank go in this ep. It was sad too. And it blazes a trail for someone bigger to fall in the finale. Eve is likely. But, after the big Adalind/Nick, "I love you scene" I'm wondering if Nick is a goner too. That scene was front and center for a reason. I'm glad they keep this going back to Germany as that's where the Grimm story started. So, the stick is a piece of the staff. Interesting that the devil changed his looks in a reverse vogued way coming from their world to ours. Bullets don't work so that leaves magic. I wonder what he wants with Nick's son? I don't recall them talking about that being in the books.


Anonymous said...

Grimm=--Forgot to ask, do you think Eve is Juliette again since she's no longer wesen?


Mike V. said...

Grimm - ugh...I was about to say I have 5 minutes left of Grimm to watch (had to get to work) and then I accidentally read that top comment. lol Oh well...I figured there would be some losses. But yes...I think Eve is Juliette again. But considering they said they've been through a lot since then and Nick and Adalind did their "I love yous" I don't expect a reuniting between Nick/Juliette. I still think there might be some sacrifice...but that was before I knew 2 were offed in the penultimate episode!!!

Crazy info on the stick/ it's from Biblical times but not necessarily Jesus' cross. Your husband was close, MJ!

Nice that they brought things full circle to the cabin in the woods. (I'm all about the full circle and mirroring stuff in a final season, as you may recall!)

MJ said...

Grimm - Oh I'm sorry Mike. Didn't mean to spoil you. Was confused how the 'devil' was here but he didn't go thru the mirror with Nick and Eve. But just going with it. Was that a Terminator homage with him being stark naked ? LOL Interesting that Eve lost her inner hexenbiest though. yeah - I liked that they went back to that cabin. I don't think she is Juliette any more. She seemed to say last week that with all that had changed in her she doe snot feel like Juliette. Think it wasn't just being a hexenbiest though.

Mike V. said...

Grimm -'s my bad. I should've known better than to look. With only 5 minutes left I really wasn't expecting anything that shocking to happen! lol Well he went through that portal, he just ended up somewhere else I guess because the mirror broke, right? He showed up in that bathroom and impaled the dude. Might've been a terminator homage...but once I saw the dude wearing black I thought that was him so it was funny that he ended up with those clothes.

I thought the fact that she was 100% human now and the look she gave Nick was one of longing, but then she quickly followed it up with "we're not the same people we were" as in "I won't stand in the way of you and adalind" I dunno....just the vibe I got. But, it probably doesn't matter either way. I don't know if we'll get much more into it.

MJ said...

Sleepy - I was sleepy friday (no pun intended) so not sure I got everything. But it was clear that Henry is back and again wants to be horseman of war. What I am not sure about is how Henry is back ! Isn't he dead ?

Grimm - that would be a surprise if they killed Nick though. Trubel is there to carry on Grimming afterall

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I am thinking the only 2 who may survive are Rosalee and Monroe--maybe they end up with the kids? Without Wu and Hank the concentration will be on Nick moreso. Honestly, Juliette/Eve has never been a draw for me and so her going away could almost be met with a sigh of relief given she killed Nick's Mom.

Since this is a "fairy tale", "happily ever after" could happen for Nick, but I just don't see it.

Trubl is back and is a Grimm getting ready for the biggest fight she's ever had. Any bets on her?

Does anyone have any bets on Renard?

Maybe we should start our own "who lives" pool, LOL.

Speaking of pools, my bracket didn't include USC. Most of my wife's family went there and a lot of them on athletic scholarships. So, she's pumped. I asked her last night if she wanted to go to Phoenx.


Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Will watch tomorrow morning. lol

Grimm - Yeah I dunno about Nick. I could see it going down the way you say Richard. Rosalee and Monroe should definitely be safe. They will have earned their time to be away from the drama. Even if Nick survives it's not a "happily ever after" if he's lost Hank, his partner. Even Wu. He dragged them into this world and they died for it.

As for Trubel. I dunno. I never was a fan of hers. I knew she'd be back before the end. Interesting that they kinda just wrote off Black Claw (i.e. probably didn't have enough time to cover it in their final story arc).

I could actually see Renard doing a sacrifice instead of Juliette/Eve...and then Nick and Adalind get the daughter. I really don't know. I never would've expected Hank and Wu to get killed off so I don't know where they're going with the finale! lol

Nice on USC...I won my bracket last year picking Villanova over UNC to win it all. This year I have Gonzaga taking UNC but got my other 2 final 4 teams wrong. There's only 2 of us left in contention to win. The worst part about all of's a family pool for fun and no money. imagine if I had actually gambled the past 2 years!?!?

MJ said...

Deadpool spoof of Gaston. NSFW - very funny tho

Grimm - yeah i could see Renard sacrificing for his daughter. I had that thought too Richard - about this being a fairy tale of sorts and will they have a fairy tale ending.

Anonymous said...

POOls--I didn't do one this year. In watching USC you gain a lot of respect for their hussle and smart play. Not great shooters. They are old school BBall with defense.

I haven't seen anybody else play at their level of quickness for an entire game. It's like the other guys eventually wear out.

We'll see.


Mike V. said...

Deadpool/Gaston - lol...i'll have to check that out later.

Pools - I'm seeing lots of tweets about USC, but I haven't had a chance to watch the games. Sounds like it's a fun team to watch.

Mike V. said...

True Detective - Coming back for season 3. David Milch joining the team. (Knew name from him being Deadwood creator/showrunner. Never made the connection to NYPD Blue)

MJ said...

Saw that Laural is coming back to Arrow - as some Earth 2 person. Didn't know Arrow was now going to other universes ? LOL

CBS All Access - been meaning to say I see they gave Good Fight a second season - but only on the streaming site. Similar to new Star Trek. Boy they are trying all kinds of tricks to get people to join it. LOL. If people just hold off and do NOT subscribe to these little individual streaming sites then the nets will just stop doing it. Just saying

MJ said...

FTWD - heard they are losing their show runner after this season

Grimm - hey - could the stick heal Wu and Hank ?? Non- spoilery finale stuff : The ending is not ambiguous.

slightly spoilery finale info - not details but big picture

We will see the future and there are time jumps


Mike V. said...

CBS All Access - That's been my philosophy...don't subscribe and they'll cave. That said...I'll probably get access on PLEX lol

FTWD - saw that too. Still way behind.

Grimm - ahhh didn't think about that! I finally watched the end. That was a crazy way to go. Nice on time jumps.

Bates - - Well we are in parallel with movie time now and they Once Upon a timed it! It's not exactly the same as the movies. Norman fought the urge to kill Marion and killed Sam in the shower instead. lol Dylan and Emma should be enroute back to town too. I like that Norman/Norma will be fully aware of each other for the remainder of the show.

Sleepy - Henry came back through some jar of goo in the "library" that was put next to that magical dagger. I think they even called him "goo" a couple times in the episode. lol Interesting view of the alternate future. Very Fringe-ish. And the fact that Daniel Faraday was talking time travel again was fun. lol

MJ said...

Americans - did we discuss last week ? Paige sleeping on the floor in her closet ! But - biggest of all - who we saw in that market in Russia ! Martha. And this kid Tuan is really militant ! I think he worries even Phillip and elizabeth.

LOL on CBS/Plex

Sleepy - agree on the time travel fringe/Daniel Faraday.

Mike V. said...

Americans - nope don't think we discussed. But I think you covered it all! lol It was nice seeing the Martha cameo. Paige in the closet was really weird. She even used the "technique" when talking to the beaman kid. You know who I don't think we've seen too much? Their son. lol don't think we usually do, but it's even less of a presence this year.

Bates - weird...I wrote [SPOILERS] in my comment but I think because I used "greater than and less than" symbols instead of brackets it made it disappear. lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--MJ, that's a GREAT idea. That the healing stick could do just that for Wu and Hank.

That helps me get my fairy tale ending, lol.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - I forget does Nick have the stick with him?

MJ said...

Bates - wow - Norman just tearing apart that kitchen thinking he is watching him mom do it ! So nuts. And him just standing there all alone leaned in like he really is getting hugged by her. This show is off the charts good this year. I have no issue with the change of Sam getting killed in the shower instead of Marion. They have said all along their goal is not to mimic the movie. Liked his struggle to NOT kill her - he literally pushed her out the door. LOL Lindeloff might actually have a show that has an ending that the majority like. LOL And him saying to Dylan 'you didn't want to talk to us' shows just how in denial he is when he's not Norma. Love that he actually knows she is not real now and argues that he knows she is not there. Too funny. Have to say - I watched the comings ! Oh there are definitely some laughs coming. Norma is now insisting that Norman know all the truths and he has to act on them now cause they are partners. LOL I think Vera is going to have alot of fun these next few eps. No worries on spoilers - i knew not to read it yesterday ;-D

24 - have to admit - I gave it up. Realized had 6 on the DVR and not much interest in it.

Flash - so they start with the issue that this abra cadabra holds some info they need and want to make a deal. Half way thru the show they are in the same boat with him again. LOL Then they let him go any way. And now Barry is going to mess with time again. SIGH. This season has not thrilled me. They get rid of the interesting baddies all the time. And why does Caitlyn's Killer frost have to be bad just because she is a meta ? Crazy about that surgery though and that Malefoy was the one to rip that necklace off. Wasn't real clear why she did not go to a hospital. I know as Frost she attacked the police station - so does that mean she now lives in hiding ? Never leaving the lab ?

Supergirl - not much to say except evil Lois Lane totally killed Hercules. And WTH was that with Wonder Woman. LOL j/k. Teri Hatcher does evil pretty well. Only had seen her on Superman and Desperate Housewives. Was not shocked nor surprised she was behind the bounty and killed her husband.

Mike V. said...

Bates - Lindelof? I think you mean Cuse! lol But you might be right for Lindelof with Leftovers. So far the buzz of the final season is pretty positive. But yeah...Bates has been really good. I watched the preview for next week too. They added some "fun" music to suggest that there is some comedy coming. I do like where it's going. But I do wonder how it'll reach conclusion! lol I was fine too with them not doing the movie exactly. But they had some nice nods to it.

24 - Just caught up from Monday, but I don't blame you!

Flash - I love how Berlanti (Producer on CW Comic shows) is obsessed with Hamilton. They keep bringing it up in every show. lol I'd say Caitlin didn't go to the hospital for WRITING CONVENIENCES! lol Yeah this season isn't as strong as the past 2, I'd agree...but I'm still along for the ride. It was kinda weird that HR was gone the whole episode too. But it is funny how I didn't miss him when he wasn't there. I'm sure you didn't either! I think your husband might be right that Savitar is future flash. with him messing with the future and the fact that you observed he said "I AM THE FUTURE FLASH" might be literal....seems like it fits. He'll probably alter some futures and in one instance of those futures it will create the birth of Savitar out of that instance of Barry Allen. We'll see!

Supergirl - lol yep she definitely did! Yeah Hatcher did do evil pretty well. I mainly know her from Lois and Clark and DH as well, but I do recall her infamous Seinfeld episode "They're real and they're spectacular" and she happened to be a voice actress for one of my kids former favorite Disney Jr. shows "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" ....she played Sneaky LeBeak who was a female pirate that was Captain Hook's adversary. lol So, she has done some villain work before!!! :)

We're really branching out here on TV Addicts. Now covering Disney Jr.!

Speaking of Lindelof and Cuse...they both have their rebound shows from LOST ending in the same year. Time to reteam up and do something crazy!!! (oh how I wish)

MJ said...

Grimm - I think Eve told him to keep it with him as its the only thing that might allot him to defeat the Derstroyer.

New Girl - So - what is Schmidt's name ????

Cuse/lindeloff - i still always forget which is the short one and the tall one. LOL Not sure I could handle another joint show with them. Ha

Flash - yeah - wasn't til the end that I noticed HR wasn't there - and then he was.

Teri Hatcher - yes - also remember the Seinfeld ep. LOL on Disney Jr

Mike V. said...

Cuse/Lindelof - Lindelof is shorter one who co-created LOST with JJ Abrams. Cuse came in to help run the show 7 eps in. Cuse has had his hands in Bates Motel and The Strain since and Sawyer's new show (Colony). Lindelof went on to work on Star Trek reboots with JJ and gets blamed for Into Darkness, Prometheus among other things that the Internet hates due to the same internet folk's distaste for the end of LOST. It led him to quit twitter eventually and just churn out quality content! I'm not biased at all. :)

Grimm - That's what I thought...I knew there was some comment made about the stick. I'm sure it'll be used in the it wouldn't surprise me if they get resurrected.

New Girl - it's hilarious. It's Winston St. Marie Schmidt. lol They had a rule that there can't be 2 Winstons so Schmidt had to go by his last name (since his middle name is St. Marie lol) He wanted his name back by the end but when CeCe called him Winston after a "love" session....they called it off. Good stuff.

Mike V. said...

Thrones - Teaser trailer. Not much revealed and doesn't look like actual show footage just Jon, Dany and Cersei teasing what's to come. It looks like Dany is at Dragonstone. Where she was born! EXCITED!

MJ said...

Americans - why is Phillip all of a sudden so ambivilent about creating a source in kansas ? Not sure I got that

New Girl. - Another Winston! Too funny

Mike V. said...

Americans - Yeah I dunno. I thought he was just having issues making a connection with that woman. I was 100% sure that they were going to have Elizabeth go after the same source and the source would be into her. lol But that's not where they went.

Designated Survivor - This has taken the place of SIX on my Friday catchup. So maybe eventually I'll be caught up. I heard it has gotten better.

Scandal - I was very certain that Abbey was being controlled too. This season has actually been pretty good. Very LOSTian format with the way they're revealing stuff character by character through flashbacks.

MJ said...

Legion - guess I am not remembering the prior ep - why is kerry mad at Cary ? other then the Xmen movies I am not familiar with the comics - so the name Farouk and the Shadow King mean nothing. Just going with it. The actress Aubrey has been fantastic. Hamish (New Christine) was very good also. Creepy withthe implant in his eye though. Did not think they would have Syd take on the parasite - though makes sense given what her talent is. Def did not see it going into Oliver though. And I was enjoying how much sense this episode made - then the floatey little ball came along and sucked up David ! What ? LOL

Designated - yup - better.

iZombie is back next week ! So excited. I have the finale saved to rewatch

Grimm/Sleepy - finales tonight. I shall miss Grimm. Thinking Sleepy might be over too - we shall see.

Americans - still not believing we are making bugs to kill their grains. Think its research to make bug resistant grains.

Mike V. said...

Legion - I didn't remember why they are angry at each other either. I don't know much beyond the movies either. Aubrey Plaza is great. She was one of the best characters on Parks and Rec too. Well I guess the show had to make sense at some point right? Saved that for penultimate ep and the season finale. I think I missed the floaty ball sucking up David though or just don't remember! Enjoy the show enough to stick with it when it comes back.

iZombie - I just watched in December so should be pretty fresh. lol Excited to have back as well. CW comic shows are taking a break until end of april...guess that's why Zombie is coming in?

PRison break comes back next week so I'm not getting any reprieve on the hiatus shows! I know I shouldn't go back but I'm a glutton for punishment!

Grimm/Sleepy - I'll miss Grimm too. I'll have to be careful not to read comments here or next Monday if I'm not finished! :) lol Doubt I'll see it before MOnday. Sleepy...don't know if they'll come back or not. I don't even know how the ratings have been. But this will give me a reprieve in TV watching starting 2 weeks from now! LOL

Americans - Ahhhh...possibly!

MJ said...

Legion - Oops ! The ball thing was shortly into the credits.

Prison Break - LOL

Sleepy - rating have been pretty bad from what I hear.

Grimm - maybe i will wait to post comments. Cause I'll be watching tonight.

Have a great weekend every one

Mike V. said...

Legion - UGH....I deleted the ep too. Didn't even think about the credits. I'm sure it'll be on youtube.

sleepy - doesn't surprise me.

Grimm - naa don't worry. It's a series finale. If you want to talk about it you can. If I get an email that has your name or anonymous on it, I'll know not to open it! :)

Have a good weekend!