Monday, March 13, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 13 - Bury Me Here

Hello friends and welcome back to our season 7 coverage of The Walking Dead.  We are inching closer and closer to an all out war with the saviors.  Morgan takes center stage in this episode that we thought would be mostly a Carol-centric episode.  But, key developments happen for both of their characters and the Kingdom in general.  Let's discuss:

Discussion Points

  • So, Richard continued his quest to start something with the saviors and make it impossible to not join Alexandria and Hilltop in the fight.  He set up a roadblock for the Kingdom folk going on the drop and hid part of their drop to make it appear that they were short.  Tension had been brewing at these drops with the saviors.  The long haired dude had been itching to do something to someone.  He finally got his chance.  While Richard thought he was sacrificing himself for the greater good, they shot Benjamin instead. 
  • We should've seen something coming as they kept building up Benjamin in this episode.  His brother wanted to be like him and was training with Morgan, he brought a picture for Morgan to hang on his wall, and he was talking about some girl he might be seeing that Morgan kept asking about.  Oh and he went to see Carol and offered not to go on the drop to walk her back to her home and learn more about the crazy walker take down she did.  The odds were stacked against him.  Actually, I kinda figured they were going to shoot him when the gun was aimed at Richard.  But before this episode, I thought Richard and Benjamin were perfect candidates to fall in the season finale.  
  • Alas, we lost them both in this episode.  Morgan cracked the case whilst recalling a lot of the stuff that he has been through and suppressed within him.  He started losing it in this episode and figured out that Richard set them up.  Richard confessed to Morgan his goal with the whole thing.  He didn't want anyone but himself to get hurt, but now they could use this to their advantage.  Tell the saviors "THEY GET IT".  Build that trust and then take them down when they least expect it.  Morgan kind of goes with this except he also choked Richard to death in front of the Kingdom folk and the Saviors to get the point across.  
  • So, Morgan finally kills.  He is unleashed.  And he's not all right in the head.  In his mind he couldn't separate his son Duane from getting justice for Benjamin.  
  • Meanwhile, Carol is having restless sleeps and taking strolls to the Kingdom, nonchalantly taking down walkers in her path.  She went to Morgan asking about what really happened with Negan and the Saviors.  She asked why Jesus brought them all to the Kingdom.  She knew something didn't add up.  Morgan initially said that's a conversation between her and Daryl as he kept his promise to keep things quiet.  After Morgan's breakdown he came clean to Carol about everything.  Glenn, Abraham, Olivia, Spencer and Negan's control over Rick and everyone.  And of course, that Rick is ready to fight.  Morgan was going to go off on his own, but Carol begged him not to.  
  • In the end, we see Carol return to the Kingdom to tell Ezekiel it's time to fight.  Ezekiel agrees, but today he will replant his dying garden with Benjamin's brother.  And Carol helped.  We end on a clip of Morgan carving his stick, which he received back from the Saviors.  It felt like something might happen as the camera continuously zoomed in on him and he turned as if something was creeping up on him.  Then the credits rolled.   In hindsight, I'm assuming we're just meant to think this is Morgan prepping for war with no ulterior motives from the film crew/writers.  But, it was certainly a strange sequence of events to end the episode! 
3 more episodes to go.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for the Savior fight.  It's been a long build-up and I know there are still more pieces to put into place (Oceanside).  But, we'll just take it week by week.  I look forward to everyone's commentary.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


MJ said...

Hey - heard BBT also did some kind of Lucille thing last week. Per Talking Dead.

Ok - have to go read your recap.

Mike V. said...

Hmm...I'm sure I heard it, but I totally forget! lol

MJ said...

Jeez - my husband and I both agreed that the kid was going to die - but didn't think that very night! Damn you richard - but have to admit

his plan worked. Ezekial finally sees that he can't go on like this forever. Morgan losing it was brilliant - actor did great job. I get why Carol gave Morga the whole 'you can leave and still stay' thing - but their issues were opposite. She didn't want to be with people and to kill for people any more - he is now ready to go kill. But I'm fine with it. Chick with Shiba was funny. I was hoping the Savior in charge would drop the long haired guy with his gun rather then making him walk home. Morgan was sharpening that stick into a spear ! And yeah - it did seem like he felt something was creeping up on him.

Mike V. said...

Forgot about the chick with Shiva....yeah that was funny. Yeah...that long haired savior is definitely going to die in the finale. He has to. It'll probably be Morgan since the other 2 he had words with are dead.

Yeah...I meant to say Morgan was probably sharpening the stick. I tell you...I'm never awake when I'm writing these things in the morning. And this morning it felt like an hour earlier! :) lol

Agree...Richard's plan worked...but even he wasn't happy with how it went down.

Jason B. said...

Someone on reddit brought up the brilliant idea of the long haired guy - Jared - being torn apart by Shiva. I'm all for it haha!

Last night I was thinking about that and came up with an idea. The Kingdom has that truck that they've been using for the deliveries. Big doors that can't be seen through until you open them. What better thing to hide in there than Shiva? When they do decide to attack the Saviors, it should be at their meeting spot when they are supposed to be making a delivery. In place of whatever they are supposed to be bringing though, Shiva will jump out and attack! The Saviors have no idea that they have a tiger (they've never been in the walls and there is no reason for Ezekiel to have told them that he has a tiger), so the surprise and distraction will allow The Kingdom soldiers to start firing and hopefully take no casualties. Bonus points if the person Shiva leaps on is Jared haha.

We'll see, but they have everything set up perfectly for that or something similar to happen. My guess would be that it's not until season 8 though, if it does happen.

Mike V. said...

YESSS!!! Shiva definitely has to get some action by the end of the season. Funny...i'm always on Reddit...never go to the TWD sub. lol

Not a bad idea on the tiger in the truck gag. Though I guess I'd have to wonder what the next steps are. Or are they attacking on other fronts simultaneously? Because we know what happened when Rick and crew took out one of their outposts. They got owned!!!

Jason B. said...

Yeah, this would probably have to be their first step in a process of attacks. If they don't already know, they would first need to follow those Saviors and find out where their outpost is (Jesus, The Kingdom has a job for you! Haha). My thought was that there would be several Kingdom soldiers hidden in and around the parking lot that would help take those guys out. And then they would have to move and take down that outpost soon after killing that group. But yeah, in addition to that they would have to have other people attacking other outposts as well. I was thinking more that it would happen in season 8, especially if it's the start of several attacks. It's likely that it won't even happen exactly that way with Shiva haha, but it would be cool.

Also - I can't remember if I've said this before or if any of you have said it, but do you guys know that Henry (Benjamin's little brother at the Kingdom) is played by Madison Lintz's (played Sophia, Carol's daughter) little brother? I think it would be the best thing if Carol forms a bond with him haha. It's like he's so close to being her son in the weirdest way lol

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I think we'll see the start of the battle between Saviors and everyone else in the finale....and it would continue into next season.

Probably not with Shiva....but the point is the same. They have introduced a tiger. the tiger must be used! lol

That is pretty crazy on Henry. I had no idea. Nice off-screen tie in. And I could totally see Carol forming a bond with him. But she might be reluctant due everything she's been through with Sophia, Lizzie (and sis) oh and the other kid in Alexandria...Jessie's son. Yikes...

MJ said...

I would doubt that Ezekial would purposely put the Tiger at risk. Yeah - they introduced it so it has to be used could apply - but one could argue they introduced cause it was part of the character in the original boo. But - maybe the Tiger gets loose and attacks someone who is attacking Ezekial !

Mike V. said...

I have no doubt they created the tiger to stay true to the books. But you still need to stick to the "Checkov's gun" rule when making entertainment! lol As Shiva has been shown as nothing but loyal to his owner I'm sure that would be the perfect way to show him at work. Attacking to save Ezekiel.