Monday, March 20, 2017

TV Discussion: Week of 3/19/2017 - 3/25/2017

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  This is our weekly place to discuss all non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


MJ said...

This is Us - finally found time to watch online. That whole poker game/rob a bar seemed odd. LOL But I know they were just trying to show that Jack was tired of being the good guy and meeting her stopped him from breaking bad. Did we know that Jack was in Nam - I don't think we did. Knew the blind date would no be Rebecca - that was too obvious. Strange way to end a season - breaking up the big romantic couple at the heart of it all. But I doubt his break up lasts when we come back next year. And hey - they actually remembered that Kate had gotten a job that she never goes to - but now she's giving it up to do music ? Ok then. And didn't get Randall's sudden desire to adopt a kid.

Americans - did we discuss ? I had watched it last week but never got around to commenting. Feeling bad for Stan that they are going to force Oleg into being a double agent. He has become quite disillusioned. This means Oleg probably will die this season. Weird hearing Phillip tlak about 'they' when he means the US. Would we really harm an enemy's food supply ? I'd like to think not.

Humans - can't believe the finale is this week - still recording and not watching.

Work crazy again. Back later. LOL

Mike V. said...

This is us - I don't think we knew Jack was in Nam before the finale. I dunno...the breakup may last. We have to see why Rebecca ends up with Miguel afterall, right? Maybe he plays a role during their separation... Randal's desire to adopt a kid. HE was adopted. He's paying it forward. Sure, it came out of nowhere, but I could see the motivation in his character.

Americans - I doubt we discussed. We're getting closer to the end so it wouldn't surprise me if people start getting killed off. Though, I will say, I don't even think I picked up that Oleg was going to be a double agent. I feel like I pay attention to the episodes, but I know I don't see all the Russian translations because I'm on the treadmill. lol I do remember the techniques they were teaching Paige.

Humans - wow...I didn't know we were close to the final either. Guess they're shorter seasons. I'm all caught up.

Grimm - Actually watched on Saturday! lol Figured I'll try and stay on top until the end. But no comments right now. I'm busy at work too. :)

Star Wars Rebels - Good episode this week. Old Ben Kenobi comes into the story for one more face-off with Maul. (Of course, you need to have watched Clone Wars and Rebels to know why Maul is even part of the story still lol) But it was good stuff. Season finale next week! Grand Admiral Thrawn being brought into Canon this season has been awesome. (He was in the legacy expanded universe Timothy Zahn books that pretty much kicked off the expanded universe. Now he's officially canon)

MJ said...

Americans - no Oleg doesn't know it yet ! LOL The FBI informed Stan that since Oleg helped them that one time they were going to force him to become a double agent. Stan was not happy - tried to say that it was a one time thing and that this will get Oleg killed - and the FBI did not care. So Stan is feeling unhappy and probably a little guilty.

Sleepy - Don't know why but I totally did not see it coming that the girl was future Molly until right before she said it ! LOL

Grimm - about time Adalind tell Nick some of what Diana is capable of ! Was not surprised the stick could not go to that place. Stones immediately reminded me of Stonehenge. laughed at the primitve Wesen and I guess primitive man - good times. I wasnt to see Nick confess to Monroe that he ate Blutbat - that would be fun ! So according to the russian chick this is like an afterlife and this thing is like the devil ? OK! LOL. Enjoying the ride ! Two more eps.

Legion - watched over the weekend - that show is just getting trippy. Maybe too trippy.

Designated Surv - SPOILERS ! WTH!?! MacLeish's crazy wife shot her husband and then herself - just so Hannah could not take them in ? Holy crap ! I did not see that coming at all. That is just nuts. Now I want to know all about this organization they were working for. I'd said since 2 eps ago - the wife is some kind of zealot but this is a whole new level. This is worse then the Cabals on Blacklist and Alias - and many other shows. Whew !

Anonymous said...

Grimm--When Adalind was telling Nick about the people Diana had killed it seemed so strange. For example, he's a cop and she just told him this little girl murdered 2 people and his response was like--"ok, no big deal" LOL x many. So, the devil seems to be fighting everybody? Humans and Wesen alike? They made it very clear that Eve is not Juliette, especially with her wesen coming out more often. REally makes you think she's not going to make it.

DesSurv--Yes, the wife was much more a "true believer" than the VP. That shooting will allow for a more forthright investigation. And the black FBI agent who's son was killed is going to be on the rampage--and I'm there with him. I think that was a huge mistake for that org to kill his son.



Mike V. said...

American - ohhhh okay. I actually remember that now. I swear...I'm watching so much TV I'm just forgetting things now. lol

Sleepy - I'll do you one better. I heard her say she was from the future and I still didn't make the connection that it's Future Molly. LOL I'm really losing my TV edge! That's crazy and makes total sense that someone from the future was there now. Though, I should say I watched the last 15 minutes last night and was playing Zelda on my Nintendo Switch at the same time. :) That game is all consuming!

Legion - Very trippy...I kinda got taken out of Beauty and the Beast over the weekend when the Beast turned into Legion. lol (never made the connection that it's the same dude playing both. And apparently he was on downton abbey)

Grimm - lol on Nick eating the Blutbat. He just went to town on that! Yeah...they actually came in contact with the Devil. Pretty nuts. Maybe that's tying into your husband's theory that the stick is part of Jesus' cross. I might be upset if it isn't at this point. Yeah...Nick's a cop but how many murders has he covered up at this point in his career?? lol And right...I'm still sticking to the Eve/Juliette sacrifice theory.

Bates - So, did you notice who the Sheriff was that pulled over Marion? I knew right away. Carlton Cuse!! lol Good times. Everyone is finding out stuff left and right. Emma knows about Norma, Caleb confessed what he knew to Emma, Norman is realizing that Norma might be dead and that he has been Norma. I figured when he went home we were going to see him go to the basement...but instead Marion pulled over into Bates Motel. niiiiice

Humans - Not spoiling just commenting on the fact that it's the finale. I forgot last week aired 2 episodes. This week did the same. So it was 8 episodes total. I only watched 1 of the 2 hours so far.

MJ said...

Flash - Got to stream this one too this past weekend. Glad the speed force finally called Barry on his selfishness in saving his mom. Knew Snart and Eddie were returning at some point - just wasn't sure how. LOL Was good - but sad when Garrick took Wally's place - and then Jessie going to E3 to take Garricks place.

Trial/Error - never found time to stream this. Will check it out this week - sure not a big deal to miss the first 2 eps since is a comdey.

Design Surv - yeah - that was horrible to kill the son. He did as you asked - so give the kid back.

Legion - the guy in B&B is the lead in Legion ? I watched Cordens B&B crosswalk - he wasn't on it ! LOL

Grimm - well she might not be totally Jules any more - but she's a lot less eve ! Yup - shes a goner - and I agree a sacrifice for Nick Adalind and the kids.

Bates - not seen yet. Same sherriff as last week ? Cause we talked about who she was.

Humans - knew last night was 2 eps. Didn't know last week.

Mike V. said...

Bates - nope..I shouldn't have said Sheriff. I'll just say traffic cop. lol

Grimm - Yeah she's definitely feeling more emotions than Eve felt and remembers being Juliette I think.

Legion - Yep, Dan Stevens or Stevenson. He is the beast. Did not see Cordens thing. lol Luke Evans is probably more billed as the lead as Gaston since he's CGI/or masked most of the movie. (I really couldn't tell which it was!) Pretty good live action interpretation of the film I must say. Added more to the story than just carbon copy. Lots of bringing to life of the animated though too.

Trial/Error - Yeah probably not. I never got back to the 2nd ep yet. And I probably don't see me getting to it.

Flash - So, my theory last week before that episode was that Future Wally is Savitar. Now I move that theory to it being Jay Garrick of Earth 3. He is in the speed force seeing his worst memory over and over again. It can change a person.

Supergirl/Flash Crossover - Best watch Supergirl before tonight's Flash Musical. There is a bit of a crossover moment leading into tonight.

MJ said...

Bates - LOL I watched last night. Gave himself an cameo ! Too funny. Pulling a Stan Lee. Well - really a Hitchcock who also appeared in his films. And Nestor Carbonell actually directed it. Wow - surprised that they already have Norman knowing he is Norma. And thank god Dylan and Emma finally know Norma is gone - and it's good that emma now knows that something bad happened to her mom. What happened to her dad by the way ? I think this shrink is gonna die soon. Thae bar scene was a hoot ! So he goes there dressed as Norma regularly - and people even know her/him !

Watched SuperG and Flash - but no time right now. Will comment tomorrow. But my husband and are thinking Savitar is a future evil Barry. He keeps saying Barry 'created' him. LOL

Mike V. said...

Bates - Ahh good point with the Hitchcock cameos. Makes sense that Carlton would do that. Nice on Nestor. Didn't see that. Did I call Dylan Caleb earlier? For some reason I think I did. My bad. lol I don't think Dylan knows yet, but I'm sure Emma will tell him next week. Good point on Emma's Dad. I think he's just not important to the story at this point. I'm sure he still exists! Interesting on the shrink. Didn't think he would be killed, but I guess that's possible. Yeah the bar scene was nuts...and he's even "done things" while he was Norma that "Norman" would probably not be interested in. If that doesn't make someone go over the edge, I don't know what would! lol

SuperG/Flash - Hmmmm that's a pretty good theory too. Seems like your husband is a good theory generator over there between his Grimm and Flash theories. lol For fun and competition purposes I'll just stick with my Savitar theory, but I could totally see the other theory happening too. lol Musical stuff was good. I thought there wasn't that much music for being a musical, but they were fun when they did them. I knew that Joe would have a singing part since he was part of the original broadway cast of RENT (which I've brought up before). And, I just recently realized/read that Supergirl and The Flash are both alums from Glee. I watched the show for a few seasons but never would've placed them because they weren't the main characters. Then of course they add Darrin Chris as the "bad" guy for a big Glee reunion. And brought back some old faves with John Barrowman, Victor Garber and really stacked the deck with some singers. Even the tech dues on both shows were showing off some skills. Good stuff.

MJ said...

Between being slammed at work and taking a sick cat to the vet several times I am behind on shows - and commenting on shows

Supergirl - don't think any of us were surprised that Mon El is a Prince from Daxim, right ? LOL Fun having Hercules and Lois Lane on though.

Flash - Not bad shows. I know they wanted Stein for his stage talents. Didn't know Barrowman could sing though. But Cisco and Winn really surprised me - both have great voices. Why a gangster would kidnap 2 singers to have them find his daughter is beyone me - but I went with it. And why would - in their own minds - they make Joe and Stein gangsters that are married to each other ? What ? Too funny. While Barry's singing was not impressive - his dancing surely was. Heard the Meister was on Glee - did not know the others were though.

Mike V. said...

Sorry to hear about your cat, MJ. Hopefully it's all working out. I'm actually on top of my shows this week for once. Might be able to close out SIX tomorrow. lol (probably not)

Supergirl - Nope not surprised there was something else going on there. lol

Flash - Well since it was a dream that both Kara and Barry formed in their own crazy heads that's the only reason they were kidnapped and asked to follow Iris. No reason for the plot to make logical sense! lol

The Meister is Darrin Chris and yes he was quite the phenomenon on Glee. But he got his rise to fame through a viral video of his Harry Potter musical he put together in college. I actually watched a lot of it pre-Glee and it was really good.

A Very Potter Musical -

Both Barry and Kara had minor roles on Glee. Barry was in the same vocal group as Darrin before he moved to the main group. I really don't remember Kara.

Iron Fist - Didn't start this yet but checked episode ratings on IMDB. They're decent after the 1st couple eps. Forgot it's Ser Loras from Game of Thrones playing him. I'm sure I'll check it out once I clean up a few of these shows off my weekly list. (Humans - almost done, Grimm - not too long left)

Legion - Things starting to come together.

Mike V. said...

Leftovers (sorta) - Damon Lindelof being silly again sent 7 of the final 8 episodes to critics with a funny note attached. Doesn't really spoil anything from the show (seasons 1-3) but is an entertaining read. You may find out one actor/actress who might still be on the show 3 years in. lol

MJ said...

Hah ! I just came here to send a link to you for that letter ! Too funny.

Six - it had quite the ending !

Iron Fist - did not know is Loras playing him at all. LOL Will watch after regular tv is done.

Cat - he is doing well thanks. Will be home today I hope.

Mike V. said...

Six - I'm in the final episode. Will try to wrap up today as I WFH

Nice on Lindel-letter lol

Good to hear on the cat!

Scandal - you caught up on this one? I won't say anything if not.

Humans - finished that today. Interesting finale! I know you haven't watched yet so I'll withhold comments.

Mike V. said...

Six - Quite the ending indeed! Gotta run but wanted to let you guys know I finished! Can write more later.