Monday, March 20, 2017

The Walking Dead: Season 7 Episode 14 - The Other Side

Hello friends and welcome back to our season 7 discussion of The Walking Dead!  We are closing in on home stretch here as we return to the Hilltop crew to check in on what's going on.  Don't think I'll have too many comments on this week's episode, but let's dive in and find out.  

Discussion Points

  • The episode opened up with a montage of scenes showing the Hilltop residents training and preparing for battle, forging weapons, Maggie's pregnancy progressing and getting ultrasounds with their dedicated Hilltop Doctor, Sasha and Jesus mapping out a layout of the Sanctuary, Maggie and Jesus working through inventory and plans, Maggie bringing Daryl food and silent consolation, etc...   Then we see Rosita walk in and want to talk to Sasha.  It turns out that this montage was a "catch up" montage to show us what's been going on in all the time we've been away before Rosita showed up.  
  • Jesus has a heart to heart with Maggie about how he didn't get too attached to people until Maggie and crew showed up.  He also let out news that he prefers dudes.  Anyone want to bet that Aaron's man gets killed in this upcoming battle and eventually Aaron and Jesus connect?  Maggie told Jesus that he should try out the "love" thing, even if it doesn't last forever, clearly an indication that she has no regrets for her time with Glenn.
  • Later, Enid and Jesus catch Sasha preparing for her departure with Rosita.  Jesus pieced together the clues pretty quickly.  They urge her to wait a little longer.  Sasha implies she is not changing her mind.  Then Jesus and Enid volunteer to go with, but that is not an option.  Enid and Sasha have a heart to heart about protecting Maggie and then Enid tells Sasha she's going to rat her out in a few minutes.  
  • Then all hell breaks loose.  The Saviors are coming!  We see that Hilltop developed a secret exit to get Maggie and Daryl out of the compound when the Saviors show up.  But, they were too late and ended up hiding in a storm cellar.  However, Enid and Rosita took advantage of the exit and began their journey to Sanctuary. 
  • Simon rolls into the main governing structure to talk to Gregory.  They have a discussion about how he now prefers tequila over gin.  Lots of suspense about why they're there, but then it becomes clear they came to seek out the doctor. (since Negan threw the Sanctuary doc in the fire)  I believe it was news in this episode that the 2 doctors were brothers.  It was hilarious that Simon offered Hilltop a consolation prize for losing their doc.  A crate full of aspirin.  
  • Gregory started hinting to Simon that there was an uprising in Hilltop, and losing their doctor will fuel the fire.  Simon provided Gregory with an address to go to to discuss these issues further.  By the end of the episode we see a more confident Gregory bossing around Jesus and threatening him if he doesn't cooperate with recruiting and scavenging plans.  The man has no backbone and is becoming a Savior through and through.  There's a chance that Maggie and crew could use this Simon connection to their advantage if they find out about it, but we'll see.  
  • There is a whole sequence with Enid trying to protect Maggie and Daryl's hiding space from a Savior, but the savior still makes his way into the storm cellar for a tense moment of him looking at produce.  Long story short, he doesn't find them.  Maggie an Daryl have a moment about the great big Negan introduction.  Daryl hadn't been speaking to Maggie since he showed up because he felt guilty for what happened to Glenn.  His actions led to Glenn's death, but Maggie does not blame him.  She told Daryl he's one of the good ones, which Glenn thought as well. 
  • Daryl caught Jesus leaving Gregory's office an asked where Rosita and Sasha were.  Guess where he probably went next?

  • And alas, the rest of the episode was the bonding tale of 2 ex-Abraham lovers.  Sasha kept throwing lifelines out there and Rosita kept slamming them down.  They got into walker shenanigans while looking for a running car.  Rosita saw that Sasha was wearing the necklace Rosita made for Abraham (and Abraham in turn give to Sasha).   Sasha kept asking questions to make conversation.  How did you learn to disarm bombs?  Hotwire cars?  Can you show me how to make those knots?  Gee, it's pretty impressive you know all this stuff!  Rosita was not in a talking mood unless it was the battle plan.  And of course, they had different opinions on that too. 
  • Sasha wanted to snipe from a building Jesus scouted, giving them a chance to escape.  Rosita wanted to ensure the job got done by going in.  
  • Eventually they got to the building and stated scouting there.  They saw Eugene in there giving orders.  Rosita, finally opened up to Sasha which turned out to be the first time she opened up at all.  She taught Sasha one of the knots she didn't know.  Then she explained how she learned everything.  They were all tricks from men in the Zombie apocalypse that wanted to "take care of/protect Rosita" and take advantage of some "benefits" on the side.  Rosita didn't mind since it was "end of the world" mentality.  She picked up the skills and eventually became better than all of them and would go to the next group of people until she fell in with Abraham.  That was different and she did actually fall for him.  But, she also was happy for him that he found love with Sasha and never got the chance to tell him.  Rosita thought she was made with Sasha, but was more mad at the fact that Sasha figured out Abraham's "issues" first.   Sasha indicated that she was happy with Abraham  too.  And alas, the 2 bonded over their ex love and became angrier at Negan for robbing Abraham from the death he deserves.  They both implied that they have each other's back.  
  • Sasha went back to scoping and saw Dr. Carson arrive.  There was no clean shot at Negan.  They turned on the radio and heard Eugene giving orders to collect more walkers or something.    They decided there is only way to do this.  Go inside as Rosita recommended originally.  
  • Sasha clips the wire fence open and gets in then tricks Rosita into staying outside while she clips it back together.  She tells Rosita to go and that the group still needs her.  Sasha smiles as she runs in for her suicide mission.  Rosita is not happy, but runs as the Saviors are coming out to see what's going on.  (Sasha/Rosita took out 2 of them) 
  • I forgot to mention they tried to break out Eugene and he cowered in shame and said he did not want to go with them.  He appears to be content living in comfortable quarters and bossing people around.  Doesn't seem like a long con at this point, but you never know? 
  • As Rosita is hightailing it out of there we see the silhouette of what appears to be Daryl.  Man, people are getting to that Sanctuary quickly these days! 
Looks like the pieces are coming into place here for a showdown.  Next week will probably be an Oceanside episode if I had to guess.  I'm still putting all the money down on a Sasha exit, but it does seem kind of too obvious at this point.  We'll find out in the next 2 weeks what's going to happen this season.  Until then, we have the comments to discuss.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Plumbarius said...

Why am I still watching this show??? I keep waiting for the STHTF and it looks like we will only get a tease of the coming war that will carry over to season 8. Then we will get interviews during the summer from the cast members that the upcoming season/episodes are the most intense ever. How many times have I read one of the cast members say that they read the script and had to put it down because it was so much to take in....whew
Rant over...back to our regular programming ;-)

At the end of the episode, I think that had to be Dwight, right? We saw the silhouette of a crossbow but he took Daryl's earlier in the season or last season.

Complete 180 the relationship between Rosita and Sasha...little hard to believe.

Looks like Eugene really did turn? Or is this still part of his master plan? What happened to him being the bullet making guy? Isn't that why he was taken from Alexandria in the first place?

MJ said...

Yeah - I think we will just get a skirmish or two but the 'war' will be next year. Or it will just start in the finale

Rosita/Sasha - def weird since they were cold. Then they seemed to make up. Then Rosita brused her off with 'we aren't friends' then went to her for help. But I think she at least acknowledged when she asked for her help that they haven't been tight. As for why Sasha thinks Rosita has 'more to do' and is needed to be around more - makes not sense. Other then the actress playing Sasha has another acting gig. LOL

Eugene - he only cares about himself being taken care of and surviving. So for him right now staying with Negen is safe. He knows what Negen can do and does not want to piss him off. It's messed up - but I get it. He really does not care about loyalty in the end is what we now know about him. Although - to be fair - he voluntarily admitted to being the bullet maker - thus saving Rosita. So he does know SOME loyalty.

MJ said...

Oops - meant to add - was sure that Gregory was going to rat them out.

And yes - I also think it is Dwight. At first I thought Daryl but he couldn't get there that fast I think.

Mike V. said...

Plumb - good point on Dwight. That's probably more likely than Daryl. I hear you on a lot of buildup with no payoff. We'll see if it's worth it by the end of the season. Though, MJ I did joke about the speed with which Daryl got there and we all know how shows like the yada yada travel eventually! (See: Game of Thrones seasons 5 and even more so with 6 and of course LOST seasons 4-6)

Rosita/Sasha - I figured Rosita is "needed" because of all the skills she brings to the group (which were only on display in this episode to prove the point lol) But yes...that's the main reason. Sasha's got a new bigger gig.

Eugene - Yeah it's tough to tell. He definitely is a coward, but he's content where he is for now I think. It could all be part of a master plan, but you'd think he would've told Rosita/Sasha that. Unless it was an all an act because he knew he was being watched.

Gregory - I think he may still rat them out. He played it off for now though.

MJ said...

And Fringe - can't forget how quickly they got places in Fringe !

Gregory - now I watched talking Dead and saw the comings with Gregory ! LOL

I know alot think it was a slow ep - and I guess it was - but as they pointed out ad nauseum on talking Dead it gave all the characters time to talk with eachother. Say things that had yet to be said. Now we know why Daryl left the kingdom - so he could finally chat with maggie about Glenn. Figuring the next 2 eps will be more actiony - but not the actual war.

Mike V. said...

Oh I'll never forget "FRINGE-Travel" lol Of course, that was part of the show since day 1. They just had unlimited funding, found out about these cases and traveled the country in minutes! lol

Ahh...I did not see the Talking Dead clip...but the fact that Simon wrote down an address made me think that this topic was not finished.

Oh yeah...there's a lot of puzzle pieces this season and all need dedicated time to feel earned in the end. But, I get the frustrations too. The show is feeling pretty formulaic these days. We know they're saving the ensemble pieces for the finale. There hasn't even been a lot of Rick vs. Negan in this 2nd half (if any??) Even the Governor and Rick had more face time throughout that season. Or maybe I'm remembering it incorrectly.

I still do enjoy the show...though recapping has become a bit of a chore. lol

MJ said...

Talking Dead clip - Sum of it - do not trust Gregory. LOL

It does seem like the Gov and Rick spent more time. But now maybe I wonder if I am wrong too? LOL

Did I say earlier - how did I not even consider that both doctors named Carson should point to a family connection ? LOL

Mike V. said...

Yep, I never did so we're good! :)

I remember they had that one episode where they met face to face for the entire episode. I think that's mostly what I'm remembering. Negan and Rick technically had that in the season premiere. But I just thought there would be more mind games between the 2 of them than no interaction at all.

I never even knew their names so I never thought to think they were related! (docs) But yeah...that's a pretty funny oversight.

Jason B. said...

On first watch I thought that was Daryl, but after thinking about it and then watching the scene again I definitely think it's Dwight. I think the writers put the scene with Daryl asking where Rosita and Sasha were to make us question which one it was. But then Daryl is in the preview for the next episode with Rick and the group, but Rosita isn't. Plus, for some more concrete evidence, I saw a picture where someone compared the end of the crossbows and it's definitely Daryl's old crossbow, the one that Dwight has now.

And Abraham actually didn't give the necklace to Sasha, he dropped it in the Hilltop without knowing. At some point Jesus picked it up and knew it was Abraham's, so he gave it to Sasha earlier this season.

I think this might have just been a typo haha, but Rosita didn't say she that thought she was mad that Sasha figured out Abraham's issues, she said she thought she was mad because Abraham figured out Abraham's issues haha. As in he figured out what he wanted in his life and went for it before Rosita figured that out for her own life.

I think Sasha's point that Rosita had more to do in helping the group came from what she said earlier - her comments on how useful Rosita is with her many skills and how lucky they are to have her. Now I see that Mike mentioned that too haha. Yeah, they were mostly shown in this episode as well as the dynamite defusal a few episodes ago.

Haha I knew about the doctors being brothers from the comics and I thought about saying it when the other Carson died, but I decided not to. Looking back at that thread, I kind of hinted at it in saying that Negan's "spare Doctor Carson" comment likely meant that he was going to get the Dr. Carson from the Hilltop haha. But I figured it would be brought up in the show somehow. They actually met up again in the comics, so I certainly wasn't expecting either of them to die.

This half Rick and Negan haven't met up face-to-face, but I still think they've had more time together than Rick and The Governor did. With them I think it was really just that one meeting episode and then their talk right before Hershel's death. I could be forgetting more too though.

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the correction Super J. I just am not able to remember things anymore with these shows! Probably an issue with only watching once. But, I don't have the capacity or willpower to watch TWD more than once! lol

Gotcha on Abraham's issues. Nope...not a typo. I just didn't hear it correctly. I actually thought that's what she said. lol

I do recall you mentioning the other doc. Didn't pick up on the "Spare dr. carson" though. lol Funny in hindsight!

You might be right with Rick and Governor. That's pretty crazy.

Jason B. said...

It's definitely not just you on the necklace thing, I've seen several people think that after watching this episode. And yeah, it's definitely understandable to forget because they were both small parts of bigger scenes and it's been awhile.

Ah okay, I wasn't sure if you just confused the order in your typing. Watching with subtitles recently has helped me to pick up those smaller details haha.

Mike V. said...

Yeah, we're always watching in the bedroom and don't put the volume up too high for fear of waking up the children. Some of the voices are always muffled and I'm too lazy to rewind. I always watch other stuff with subtitles/closed captions so I'm used to it, but it annoys the Mrs! lol