Monday, June 20, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 6/19/2016 - 6/25/2016

Hello everyone. This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows. See you in the comments!


MJ said...

Dumping Showtime for now and getting Cinemax so I can watch Outcast. Now that Penny/Veep/Silicon over have no need for Showtime. And heard today they cancelled Penny Dreadful - it was such a good show !

Wrecked - yeah - dumped that one.

Braindead - pretty silly but we shall see where it goes.

Last SHip - watched the finale from last season to catch myself up - haven't seen new ones yet.

Deadpool - OMG ! Best Marvel movie yet ! So funny. Ok - maybe not the best but so different from all the others.

10 Cloverfield - pretty good movie as well

Mike V. said...

Showtime - Keep in mind Shameless comes back this FALL instead of winter! :)

Wrecked - It's not great, but I'm going to still check in.

Deadpool - Just for clarification, it's a marvel movie but not in Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe. This one is owned by Fox and is a spinoff of the X-men franchise. lol I rented it a few weeks ago and we never finished it. But I was enjoying what I saw. I'll watch the rest when it's on HBO or whatever. lol

Cloverfield - Definitely still want to check that one out. Thanks for the reminder!

Outcast - Is that the new Robert Kirkman show? I've heard mixed things, but yeah I'm not dumping any channels to get Skinamax. lol I did hear THE KNICK (Or NICK?) is a great show though so as long as you have it you might want to check it out. Clive Owen is the main star.

Daredevil - Kingpin has returned!! Just finished the flashback scenes catching us up to what he's been doing in prison before Punisher arrived...and apparently he had gotten a message to him which is why he threw the case. And of course, girl from True Blood (can never remember her name) caught Matt with Stick and Elektra so they're done. And Elektra parted ways with Stick. All interesting developments!

Mike V. said...

MJ is having Captcha issues here are her comments she tried to post:

MJ Said

Shameless - did not know that. Thanks

Outcast - that is the one.

Daredevil - yup - very interesting.

Vikings - finally finished up this season - or half a season I should say.

Mike V. said...

Daredevil - 2 more eps down. The DA got gunned down and they were aiming for Karen (?? True Blood girl. Did I get it right? lol) too but Castle/Punisher is out and saved her. But not before he did Fisk's dirty work in the prison. Rosario Dawson has been back for some longer screen time.

I'm in the middle of the ninja attack on the hospital....oh right and there are resurrected ninja dudes. lol

OITNB - We didn't start yet. Might do it next week.

Mike V. said...

MJ Said:

Daredevil – yup – her name is Karen. LOL At first wasn’t happy to see Fisk again – and mad Punisher took that deal. But yes – he saved Karen again. These resurrected ninja’s are insane ! So many of them too.

Anonymous said...

Anybody watching Hell on Wheels or 12 Monkeys?


Mike V. said...

HoW, 12M - Nope. Just haven't had time. Never got into Hell on Wheels. Is it finally the last season? lol

Daredevil - I think I'm in the penultimate episode. Ninjas took Stick. Kelvin Inman (LOST reference) is Blacksmith?? Not sure if that was confirmation or not. But, Castle tipped Karen off by putting that cassette tape in the car and then he slammed into the car at least knocking out the Kelvin character. That's where I turned it off. I'm in D.C. tomorrow for a vacation day but then will probably wrap it all up Friday!

Anonymous said...

Last Ship--so is the doctor for sure dead?


Mike V. said...

More MJ comments from yesterday

MJ Said

Daredevil - I know - the Kelvin actor is a baddie again. He was Corbin on Sleepy and we found out he was shadey

Lucifer - Any one watch last season ? It's a little silly - but very fun and snarky and devilish (see what I did there ?). No one was more shocked then me when it got renewed. But NOW I am excited as Tricia Helfer is coming on the shoe (Six fr BSG).

Last Ship - they killed Scott ! WTH ! Figured when she was shot in the finale they would save her. Maybe I was not a good sailor but when inside the skin of the ship I could not determine if we were going east or north, etc. That was crap ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Daredevil - Finished! Elektra gonzo, but not (figured that 2nd part would happen). Karen knows!! Kinda thought that would happen too but not as a cliffhanger. I thought she might have recognized the injury location on the suit when Daredevil rescued her. But maybe that's what tipped him off to come clean...and also to bring his friends into his life. Nice crossover with Jessica Jones with Trinity too (i forget her name in the MCU lol)

As for Kelvin, yeah I knew he was in Sleepy Hollow too but he'll always be Kelvin to me! lol

So, now it's time to move onto another summer binge show. I thought about The Flash, but not sure I'm ready for it yet. There's always another LOST rewatch! I was starting to feel ready for that, but maybe not just yet. lol

Mike V. said...

MJ said

Daredevil - I was so happy they are finally clueing Karen in ! Though sad at the demise of the law practice. Foggy at the big swanky law firm will def have issues. Yeah - Elektra to be re-born as whatever. LOL on Trinity. I was surprised by the whole Punisher arc - but liked it. Never thought they'd catch him so fast - then stay with him thru trial - and end with them having grudging admiration for eachother. Sad when he burned down his house though.

Flash - you need to catch up on this one ! The most fun show of all the Marvel shows. Finale this season was quite the shocker !

I've been watching Underground - a WGN series that had alot of buzz. Been very good. Need to start either OITNB or House Cards or Bloodline. Def going to do Breaking Bad this year. Can't believe next week is July 4th !

Outcast - Love love love this so far. Watched the first 2 of 3 (fourth airs tonight). Kirkman is a sick man ! LOL Very creepy and kinda scary. Had a church that I swear is the church from TWD that they found Father Useless in. LOL Doubt this is filmed in Atlanta though.

Preacher - been watching this too. Veeeery strange show.

Xmen - will try to see in theaters. Last one kinda blew so I had no desire but having seen the trailers on Deadpool I think I might check it out.

Anonymous said...

When I've been on ships I've noticed turns, but couldn't tell direction of course. I think they were just saying that the ship was going around in circles. Of course to feel that you've got to have enough speed to generate at least some type of list.

I've got a friend that was on the Reagan when it went through trials including a 30 deg plus list. Can you imagine!! I have a pic with the tower leaning down quite a bit. I don't think anything was on the deck.


Mike V. said...

Daredevil - I figured this was a punisher origin story. I still haven't googled if there's going to be a series following him too. lol Yeah, they definitely could't have another season of Karen questioning where Matt is all the time. It'll be better that now she questions his heroics whilst knowing what's going on. But yeah...sad the law firm is gone. I guess Matt will still have a firm though? It's not like they spent much time on him trying cases this season. He was too busy with Elektra.

Flash - Nitpick but it's DC not Marvel! lol Yeah I've heard good things. I'll probably watch it. I have season 2 recorded but I think I missed a couple...guess I could spend a couple bucks to buy those. I don't have the super girl crossover ep too. I saw they cast Superman. I was pulling for Tom Welling but it makes sense they got a new guy.

Underground - Really haven't heard anything about it except from you. Not even sure I have WGN??? I'm sure I do lol

OITNB - We're gonna try next week (think I said that)

House of Cards - Still 2 seasons behind on this one but I heard it got better. I always had thought this was going to be a limited run series. (like 3 seasons) but doesn't look like it!

Outcast - I'll take your word for it! Not buying any more channels! lol

X-Men - The trailers have not given me any incentive to go see that one. I thought the last movie was decent. But Apocalypse? Naaaa...maybe cable. lol

Next time I go to the movies will probably be Jason Bourne. Though I may go with my Brother and Dad to see Independence Day. No one else has any interest! lol

MJ said...

ID$ -2 : Will def see it - don't know if in theaters though

HofC - liked season 1 and 2. 3 was ok. Four is good so far

OITNB - watched first 2. Piper is extra delusional. Was amusing.

Mike V. said...

ID - I think it opened this wknd but maybe it wasn't a wide release. I saw reviews were out and saw people on my Facebook that saw it. I'm so out of the loop lol

Oitnb - watched first one and enjoyed. Chopping up and planting the dead body was hilarious and disgusting lol. That lady being all into it was hysterical. "I'm bored" lol

MJ said...

OITNB - Lori Petty (girl who killed the guard) is expecially funny so far. Think I am on 4 or 5 now.

ID - it did open - and got killed at the box office by Finding Dory is what I read. LOL

Switched to Chrime - Captcha seems to work now. ;-D