Monday, June 27, 2016

TV Discussion: Summer of 2016

Hello everyone.  This is our regular place to discuss non-recapped shows.  For the summer I usually just put one post up.  If the comments get high, I will start another one.  See you in the comments!


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Mike V. said...

MJ from last week's thread

OITNB - Lori Petty (girl who killed the guard) is expecially funny so far. Think I am on 4 or 5 now.

ID - it did open - and got killed at the box office by Finding Dory is what I read. LOL

Switched to Chrime - Captcha seems to work now. ;-D

Mike V. said...


OITNB - I'm 2 in now and agreed on Lori Petty. Once I finally caved and hit play I was glad I did. The show is really entertaining. lol Not sure why I always dread watching it!

ID - Yep, I read the same. In its defense Finding Dory is pretty awesome! The kids loved it. lol

Chrome vs. IE - Didn't know you had that option or I would've suggested it! We only of IE at work and we were having issues until we upgraded versions. Chrome is definitely the better choice! lol Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Ship--I may drop this. I know I must seem like a debbie downer on TV shows now. But, it's just become really so dumb. I mean a CNO going out on field ops. Even when he knows it could hurt the services overall. Just one of many things.

I also miss Tex.


MJ said...

IE vs Chrome - yeah at work I am tied by what version of IE they let us have - and websense. Don't know which is interfering with the pic in the Captcha. So asked for them to upgrade IE and instead they gave me chrome. LOL Whatever - works now.

OITNB - last season wasnot so great - this one so far is good. Still just finished ep 4.

Mike V. said...

IE - That's our issue too. We have whatever we get. That's nice that you can request that though!

OITNB - I think we're tied on this one. We just finished 4 last night I think. Lori Petty met with Healy and thinks she's imagining that they killed someone. lol I was falling asleep a little on ep 4 not because it was bad but because I was exhausted but I got the gist of it. lol Like Tasty as an admin too. lol

Flash - Watched Pilot ep this morning...still have the last 4 minutes to go. I get the sense Barry Allen had a cameo on Arrow PRE-EVOLUTION lol Pretty good though. Like that the original flash plays his dad and Tom Collins from Rent (I know he was in Law and Order too lol) is his adoptive father. And I think the dude in the wheelchair was JD's brother on Scrubs. But I'm gonna have to look him up.

The Night Of - Hearing good things about this limited series on HBO. The pilot is up for viewing on HBO GO/NOW, but it premieres July 10th I think. One of the dudes that will be in Rogue One and Jason Bourne is the main star. Apparently this is a reworking of the Criminal Justice show that James Gandolfini was going to do with HBO, but then sadly passed away. (John Turturro -sp- is playing that role now)

MJ said...

Night Of - also heard good things. Read they are going to give Gandolfini a producing credit.

Flash - LOL last week on calling it Marvel. Marvel has taken over so didn't even think when I wrote that. Flash still the most fun hero show out there. Jessie Martin's been on alot of things - some broadway work too. Season 2 he sings in one episode. Dude in wheelchair - took me a minute to remember (you'll understand later why) is Wells - he was in that stupid show set in the bowling alley that was a critical darling many years ago. Think called Ed. And yes - was Zach Braff's brother on Scrubs. He is very good in this show.

MJ said...

OITNB - meant to add - Tastee has been great. Taking phone messages and forgetting to write down the names ! Too funny. Spending alot of time with Pusey this year - can't be good. Alos the visit room vocal sex - that now replaces the fake orgasm in Harry met Sally for me. LOL. Sophia - wow - she is a hot mess.

Mike V. said...

Night Of - That makes sense.

Flash - "some broadway work" i.e. TOM COLLINS from the original broadway cast of RENT! lol That's where he got his start I think. But yeah Jessie Martin's been in a lot. Yep...he was on Ed too. Guess he doesn't last in the wheelchair too long! :)

OITNB - Yeah the forgetting names was fantastic. Oh geez...the visiting room "vocal sex" was hysterical. lol The kids watching. the guard laughing. too much. Pusey...yeah she is getting a big focus. I have read some spoilerish headlines here or there but they've been pretty vague so I don't know who they may apply to.

Leslie said...

OITNB - Hey guys! Haven't been on for awhile, but checked in to see if y'all had watched Orange yet. We finished it this weekend, and it was a great season! Agree with you guys about Lori Petty's character and Tastee as the admin! Lots of good stuff and some more backstories. Keep watching!

Finding Dory - I really want to see it! :)

Mike V. said...

OITNB - Hi Leslie! Good to hear from you. Hope all is well. Good to hear the rest of the season holds up. We'll get there eventually! :)

MJ said...

OITNB - yeah - I accidently know something about the finale. Oh well.

Flash - I didn't say that about the wheelchair. LOL Jessie Martin - not a broadway fan so his fame came from Law and Order for me.

Hi Leslie ! Hope all is well

Mike V. said...

OITNB - binge's rough out there! lol Media sites have to be the first to report stuff. I mean people would've had to watch the show in 13 hours from release not to get spoiled!

Flash - Fair enough! I assumed out of wheelchair or dead! lol But I'll just keep watching. :) Yeah...I figured my Rent/Tom Collins reference wouldn't connect. But, I wanted to drop my knowledge!

Mike V. said...

Flash - yeah had those last 4 minutes of pilot to watch. He was already out of wheelchair looking at news from the future. Lol nice.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Almost done episode 6 "The Flash is Born". I'm guessing by the end he will no longer be THE STREAK in Iris's blog. There was a crossover ep with Felicity from Arrow. Funnily enough I just heard people at work talking about felicity the other day and I said, "Keri Russel?" LOL Good times. I feel like I'm going to have to watch Arrow eventually to get all the references. But, they did a good job giving enough information for me not to be too confused. I heard the latest season wasn't as good of arrow. And now there's DC Legends of Tomorrow? Wentworth Miller was in an ep of The Flash too and I know he's on that show too. Same character?

OITNB - Didn't get to this last night so we're still on ep 4.

MJ said...

Flash - LOL - didn't want to spoil about Wells. This show def pulls out some surprises. Yes - Wentworth is same character on Legends. Legends was so-so. Hit and miss. Will see what they do with S2 - they def have improvements to make. Arrow actually bled into Legends too. Arrow - stopped watching after like first 4 eps - you don't need Arrow to follow Flash. They did have 2 crossovers but it will be ok. Also ha a crossover with Supergirl - that was awesome actually.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Yeah I knew about the Supergirl crossover. I'm sure I'll survive just watching the one. If Supergirl comes to Netflix I may catch up on that one. I enjoyed it when I watched just ran out of time.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Watched the first crossover with the Arrow team - Arrow vs. The all was going fine until Arrow ran into a woman he knew previously and there was some sort of reveal that she has a child. Makes me think they were revealing an Arrow plot in The Flash which is bizarre. lol

I'm on the Christmas episode of season 1 now...not far into it. But I think the man in yellow (reverse flash) is going to be prominent.

MJ said...

Flash - oh yeah ! Reverse Flash is def important.

OITNB - watched 4th. Poor Sophia ! She is making my heart break - though she is being very foolish.Almost did not recognize her at first. Did that guard seriously NOT think he'd raped Doggett ? Healy's little flash back was also pretty sad. Over the whole Judy King thing though. Lolly has been hysterical though. But seriously - how had no staff noticed a guard not showing up for work ? Was he not an actual guard ?

OITNB - ep 5 - Loved the spanish girls (Maritza ?) past story and the car con. Too funny. I was impressed by Caputo's take down of the rent-a-cop actually. Think Correcticon is a thing? LOL . Best part of the ep - Piper accidently starts a white supremecy group! Love it.

MJ said...

Flash - yeah - was very weird to drop such a big Arrow thing during the Flash.

Mike V. said...

Flash - I figured Reverse Flash is important since he's "allegedly" involved in Barry's mother's death! lol Agreed on the Arrow drop. I don't know what nights of the week these things air, but maybe it was like a 2 hour crossover episode where Flash went onto the Arrow episode right after and they continued that plot? Oh well..minor nitpick. I'm sure it won't really bother me too much if I just stick with The Flash story. lol

OITNB - EP 4: I think we discussed the 4th one already didn't we? (I may have confused things by saying I was still on 4. I meant I was ready for 5 lol) I think he was an actual guard..he said last season "they'll pretty much hire anyone"....but didn't some guard walk out too? And then they had the overstaffing issues. It was probably the perfect storm to not know what happened to the guy.

EP 5 - I really don't know any of their names. If you say it's Maritza I'm on board! lol I enjoyed the story too. Caputo's story has been pretty good this season (and last season actually). Tastee had some great scenes again. Figuring out Caputo's password: sideboobrulez LOL fantastic! Don't know about Correcticon. There might be things like it but surely this is a fictionalized version of it, right? Piper starting the white supremacy group was hysterical. And of course we found out BRAM (new head of security guard that I always call by his LOST name) is into dudes.

Maybe we'll squeeze in another ep tonight. Last night was rough getting in 1 episode. Our daughter kept waking up every 10 minutes! lol

Mike V. said...

Flash - Okay, so Wells is Reverse Flash. Or at least one version of him. We definitely saw him sitting in the chair while RF was caught. So, I'm gonna throw the crazy theories out there that I'm sure were already out there last year.

TIME TRAVEL - Flash and RV have found ways to manipulate time in the future and Barry races through time to try and prevent RF from killing his mother and....they had another incident in the present day where Cisco caught the red and yellow streams.

Multiple Dimensions - Unfortunately, I don't live under a rock and do know that EARTH 2 is coming at some point. So there is a chance that there are multiple versions of Barry and Wells.

Guess I'll see if either of these or both or neither come to pass!

Also saw the Prison Break Brothers as Fire and Ice in a Flash episode and I know they're both in LEGENDS too.

MJ said...

Flash - LOL! You are not wrong on any of it - but you don't quite have it all yet either. This show is good at surprising.

Flash def went on to the Arrow show. I watched that one. Arrow was on Wednesday right before my much loved Supernatural I think. But CW is changing up the schedule for this year. The crossover with Supergirl took place over both shows as well.

OITNB - wasn't sure we talked Ep 4 cause you were not yet caught up ? Piscatello was on lost ? I don't remember that - but hysterical when he was gay on here.

Don't remember what show now but had an asian guy who I think was on Lost - can't remember character name - was the weird guy at that pool that brought people back to life. LOL I am describing this very poorly.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Mike V. said...

Flash - Good to know I'm on the right track but still will probably be surprised! lol

Crossovers - ugh....oh well i'm sure i'll survive not seeing those. But like i said i might catch up on super girl if it comes to netflix. Given the trend with CW shows I'm sure it might. (as long as it wasn't hurt by being on CBS in season 1. I know it's the same company that owns both channels)

OITNB - Yeah I had finished 4...but it was cool to talk about it more lol We only got through half of 5 last night. We just got too tired. lol The eps are really long. Like I know the finale of thrones was 69 minutes but they're usually 50! And I'm definitely more into that show and could watch a 2 hour episode of it without realizing time has passed. lol Piscatello was Bram in season 5/6 of LOST. He was with Illana's crew...I guess we eventually found out they were working for Jacob. Smokey took him out in the season 1 premiere when it was revealed that Flocke was the Smoke Monster/Man in Black. He put a circle of ash around him but smokey still found a way to get him. The beard definitely makes him look different.

Other Lost guy - I think you mean Dogen right? Looks like he was on The Last Ship this season.

Happy 4th to you and everyone as well!

MJ said...

Dogen ! - yes that is him ! LOL

OITNB - I finished the season. OMG ! my heart is broken. That is all I can say. I am very sad for several of them. And I cannot wait til next season !

Mike V. said...

OITNB - I think we finished episode 7 or 8 last night. Piper's bunk mate turned on her and she got a beating. She knew she was in more than she could handle and there was no getting out of that! Lots of other stuff going on too of course, but we can discuss more when I finish.

Flash - Cisco figured out that Barry's adult blood was at his mother's crime I at least got that part right. lol Now whether it's this barry from the future or another barry I don't know! I can tell the girl at Star Labs is eventually going to start crushing on barry if she hasn't yet. They had a night out and did karaoke where Barry met a girl who just happens to be a journalist at the same place iris works. So, of course, stuff like that gets me suspicious and makes me wonder if she has a different agenda than just liking Barry lol She came on pretty strong to him! Barry's real Dad figured out that he's the flash but they both pretended that the other didn't know.

Pretty good show. I'm flying through at like 2.5 episodes a day during the week. lol

MJ said...

Flash - girl at Star Labs - nope - Caitlyn does not get with Barry. Surprise ! But at the time I think I remember dreading that they would create a weird triangle of Barry Caitlyn Iris. And Iris gets better with time. This show did have issues with what to do with Iris at times - especially season 1.

OITNB - so you saw the puppet show ? LOL They are really making her a cross of Paula Deen and Martha Stewart! Piper got a beating ? Hmmm - keeping quiet for now. Lolly is getting very sad though. Maria getting extra years for the panty business seemed harsh - but love their logic that now they go legit and sell drugs ! Ugh.

Mike V. said...

Flash - lol nice on Caitlyn. Well doesn't get with him "YET"! lol They definitely put it out there as a possibility. Maybe they wanted to gauge fan reaction to it. Iris doesn't bug me too much. She serves her role in the story. But she has become a journalist now and snagged a picture of the Flash. I'm sure now that Barry is "unavailable" it's making him more desirable to her. Throwing the relationships/love triangles into these shows has just become expected for me. But, I guess it would be a breath of fresh air if they didn't. The 100 is a CW show and has avoided that for the most part. There always seems to be hints of stuff that could happen but they focus on more mature subject matter. There was one love triangle but it was short lived and not the central focus of the story. Have I recommended The 100 enough?? lol

OITNB - The puppet show...yes I heard about the show and they showed a little bit of it. She definitely is a Paula Deen/Martha Stuart combo lol Not sure if she got a beating or not. OOOOH she got branded. It was late...I had to jog my memory! Just like Chucky's tattoo in Shameless! lol Maybe Piper will turn hers into 4 squares too. lol It was Lolly's backstory in that ep too. Yeah...I had a feeling when that story started that she is basically an innocent person in prison. So definitely a sad story there. Yeah....Maria's logic there was a little bizarre. lol

MJ said...

OITNB - didn't want to say about the branding til I knew you saw it ! How horrid ! I knew Piper would have some comeuppance - but never saw that coming.

Mike V. said...

OITNB - Yeah it was pretty rough. Interested to see where it goes from here!

Netflix/CW - Speaking of CW. This is a cool deal for the future. Starting with the next season the most recent seasons will be available 8 days after the finale. It's a shame it doesn't count for this season as I am missing 3 episodes of The Flash season 2 on my TiVo! lol That's gonna cost me basically a month's subscription to Netflix to get those 3 eps!

MJ said...

Flash - if you know what eps you are missing they are probably airing this summer as repeats. Season 2 spent a little too much time setting up Legends but once that was done it was all good. Doesn't CW have episodes to watch ? Or just go to EW or Vulture and read the recaps of the 3 eps that you missed. ;-D

Mike V. said...

Flash - Naaaa...I'm a completest...I'll need to watch them all! :) I forget if I have my TiVo set to record reruns with the flash. That might help me get the ones I missed. It's weird...they are random eps throughout the season that are missing. (not like the 1st 3) You're right...I could check the CW app. they usually only have like the last 5 or so though.

So I watched a couple this morning. Ronnie and Victor Garber were split up but then ended up having to leave town to figure out their super power. lol The next episode I watched felt like a may sweeps ep.....We got more info on Wells...he's from the future and trying to get back to his time. He killed Cisco, Barry revealed he was the Flash to Iris and then when trying to save the city from a tsunami he time traveled a day into the past and prevented the whole thing from happening. So now we know time can be altered...which is probably creating alternate they alluded to (Back to the Future-style).

So we definitely know it's Reverse Flash and Flash going back in time to Barry's mother's death. Barry will know he has the opportunity to save her. And Reverse Flash is trying to make sure things happen as they did so he can get home. Good stuff. I started the episode where Barry prevented that future from happening but still need to finish it.

Kelvin Inman was on this show too and Wells had him killed by the big ape thing. lol

OITNB - Watched another episode. 8 down. 5 to go. As predicted Piper opted for the Chucky completion tattoo...4 squares...a window. lol Of course Chucky's was just a sharpee I think. lol This was a good one with them all confessing while smoking crack. And piper apologizing to Alex. (Felt a little That 70's show with them passing the drugs lol)

Mike V. said...

Flash - I'm missing 9, 12 and 13 from season 2. My TiVo is set to record reruns. Episode 7 is airing soon so maybe eventually these 3 will record. It'll just depend on if they air before I get there. Considering ep 13 is called "Welcome to Earth 2" I'm guessing I'll want to watch that one. :)

MJ said...

Flash - ep 13 sounds like the mid season finale - they are usually good. Wells - yes from the future - but did they say more then that yet ? Hmmm. I was so mad when they finally told Iris - then erased the whole thing. LOL Think the alternates already exist - they are not creating them.

OITNB - yeah - both of Chucky's were permanent marker. I actually felt sorry for Piper - branded twice in two days. LOL on the 70's Show reference - it was very much like that !

Mike V. said...

Flash - Well now it's been revealed that Wells is not actually Wells..but some other dude that took is likeness and has been him since he killed Barry's mom. I'm assuming the actual wells is dead? And Cisco had a flash back to the original timeline before Barry changed that's interesting. lol

OITNB - Watched another one last night. don't remember much. Maritza had a gun to her head to play some weird game with one of the guards. Piper and Alex wanted Shake Shack and ended up with spam and ez cheese. lol

MJ said...

Flash - Yes ! Wells is Eobard Thorne. I was so shocked by that. Hmm - have they explained who Eobard is yet ?

OITNB - that was so gross what that guard did. I hate that guy.

Supergirl - CW is airing the whole first season if you are interested. It's a light and fluffy show - ike Flash with less twists. Starts 8/1 and 2 eps will air each monday rest of month. The Supergirl/Flash episode was a lot of fun. They were so cute together

SYFy - they are planning some 3 day event around comiccon - haven't read too much info about it yet

Mike V. said...

Flash - I don't think they've explained who he is yet. He's the descendent of another Thorne though right? I think Cisco referred to it in the alternate past.

OITNB - I still don't understand what I was looking at in that scene. What was that little creature? lol

Supergirl - I did see that and have a reminder to set my TiVo to rerecord them. I watched the first 4 I think.


MJ said...

OITNB - a baby mouse. That guard Humphries (I only remember his name cause they start referring to him as the hump) overheard Flacca and Maritza doing their stupid game of 'if a gun to your head would you rather..' and one of those was eat a baby mouse or 10 dead flies.

Flash - don't wan to say much - but yes he is a Thorn and related to a Thorn already on the show. LOL

The Night Of - hearing good things. On HBO and listed as limited run series. Starts Sunday

Star Wars - doing a movie marathon - watchd episodes 1 and 2 last night.

hae to finished house of cards on Netflix, and watch Bloodline season 2. Then I will be starting my Breaking Bad marathon.

Mike V. said...

OITNB - oohhhhh thanks for the explanation. I totally forgot about that. That's pretty sick!

Flash - Appreciate you not saying much. Didn't get to watch as much this morning...but I'll watch more soon!

Night of - Yeah we discussed this in this thread or the last. I set the TiVo! It was supposed to be Gandofini's next project.

SW - Nice! or should I say, "YIPPPIEEEEE!!!!!" or "I don't like sand. It's rough, coarse, irritating and it gets everywhere! Not like here. Everything is soft....smoooooth" Yeah reaaaal smooth Anakin! Get ready to wish you could just wish your feelings away in episode III! lol That said...I still watch them over and over again. :)

MJ said...

Star Wars - got the original six watched. Only the new one left. Yeah - there are definitely cringe-worthy moments in 1 thru 3 but over many rewatches I also see some of Lucas's horrible directing/hokey writing in the originals (4-6) as well. Cause I've seen Hayden Christiansen in other things and he is not bad or that wooden in his delivery. LOL But love them any way.

Night of - oh yeah ! Forgot we discussed Gandolfini getting a producing credit for this. Recorded last night - have not watched yet

Mike V. said...

SW - Absolutely. I see it too and many fans do. There's also a difference with growing up with the originals vs. the prequels. Kids don't see the flaws in the movies. Now I see Ewoks, Power Converters....I've seen deleted scenes and see where people that worked with George were able to "tame the lucas" and churn out good films. He has great ideas, but it wasn't a one man show. But yes...they're still star wars and I still love them for that.

Night Of - We focused on finishing OITNB so maybe tonight!

OITNB - Finished! So, I kind of figured Pusey wasn't going to make it after seeing countless headlines, pictures, etc.... BUt the way it all went down. Yikes. That was nuts. Obviously we knew Checkov's Gun was in play in the finale but I didn't see it going down like that at all. I just figured humps would shoot someone or create some chaos leading to his death. Some pretty powerful moments in those last 3 episodes. I fell asleep in the Crazy Eyes episode and my wife filled me in on what I missed. That was pretty nuts too. All in all a pretty good season!

Flash - Almost done season 1. Iris knows! Wells is a descendent of Eddie's! (I guess I should've put that together in the time travel eps but I totally didn't. We had the name Eobard Thawne...but I never connected it to Eddie. Probably because I didn't remember Eddie's last name was Thawne lol) Everyone knows who Wells is now and Wells has been following their every move the whole time. Barry knows he marries Iris in the future. Eddie is planning to propose but also knows Barry marries Iris in the future. Iris found the ring. Kelvin Inman isn't dead and returned with a psychic connection to Grood. lol I think there are 23 episodes in the season and I'm like 15 minutes into 22. I'll probably finish tomorrow morning. Glad I picked this one up!

MJ said...

OITNB - yeah - that was kinda spoiled for me too. Most sites weren't too bad and thought I was being careful - but TV blew it. Yeah - Crazy Eyes is always so sad really. OMG - was totally nuts when the only decent guard (except maybe the one with Tiffany) was just so paniced at Crazy Eyes beating on him that he truly did not realize what was happening to Pussey. Love that the tv chick is stuck with them. Hate that Daya is the one with the gun. Can't remember - is Humphries the one stuck there with the female officer at gun point ? Caputo means well - but he always screws it up. How about Healy checking himself into a psych ward ? And poor Lolly - thought her going to psych would be good - til they showed it.

Flash - yeah - didn't feel you put together that Eobard was Eddie's like great great grandfather so I kept quiet. Loved the whole Wells thing - but poor Barry. He really felt Wells was a mentor. Crazy with that future headline of him and Iris being married. LOL All I can say for now

Mike V. said...

OITNB - Yeah all those guards are messed up. The guard with Tiffany?? Not sure which one that is. The female guard doesn't seem too bad even though she's with Piscatelli's group. Yeah....I guess we should've known daya was being set up to do something with her "wanting to be with the young crowd". Hump is definitely there and I'm pretty sure it's the female officer too.

What did Caputo screw up? At least he didn't go along with the lawyers' plan at the end there and screw the other guard. But're right..that incited rage with the prisoners. lol Nevermind. Took me a second to type out and process! Yeah Healy is all kinds of messed up. Did we see Lolly in the psych ward?

Flash - Well Barry and Wells...they both have admitted while they're a means to an end they were truly feeling attachments in the meantime. So, it wouldn't surprise me if they're working together next season as well. But now I know what you mean about forgetting about the wheelchair. I seriously doubt he'll be in it again next season. lol Even though that chair had some tech in it charging him up to be faster than the flash!

Mike V. said...

The Night Of - Pretty good start for this one! Really good suspenseful episode from start to finish. Seeing him make each mistake was painful, but in the moment for him it's easy to see why he would. Seeing the surveillance footage at every place he was is a reminder of the evidence stacked against him. But, do we think he is capable of doing it? Doesn't seem like he has enough blood on him for it to have been him. There was the guy that stared him down before he went in, but that seems too obvious. The is the eye witness watching him break back in. There could be a character we haven't met yet. In any case, it makes for a pretty great limited series to watch it unfold.

Fun Fact: Rhys Ahmed (sp) who plays Naz will be in 2 blockbusters this year so he's going to be pretty well known after all of this. Jason Bourne and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Flash - Finished season 1 and started season 2! Eddie killed himself therby making Eobard non-existent! This caused a singularity which the Flash and Friends prevented with casualties. I gotta say, I have a tough time buying the logic of this one. If Reverse Flash never existed, he never went back to kill Barry's mother so none of the events that happened should've happened. I get that the singularity is what should've pretty much wiped up everything from existence and Barry prevented that...but it's still a little weird! lol So far Tom Cavanaugh has still been present in season 2 so I think we may see more of him. His living will was a confession to get Barry's Dad out of jail (and he split town like immediately) and the singularity opened a door to Earth 2. I met Jason Garrick(sp?) who was the flash on the other earth.

How about Barry traveling back in time to just watch his mother die but to also tell her they're fine? Seems like a pretty risky move given the high probability of death....and of course it did lead to repercussions. But, still was an emotionally satisfying moment in the finale to the first season.

I think the episode I'm watching now is being advertised as a "crossover" episode event with arrow. Hopefully I won't miss half the story by not watching arrow! With Supergirl...i'll probably watch the Flash side of it now and then just catch the other side when I finally binge (or watch as it reairs) supergirl. lol

Mr. Robot - Returns this week! The first hour of the premiere was released via social media platforms temporarily on Sunday to hype up the premiere. Andy Greenwald from my podcasts and from After the Thrones will be hosting an aftershow called Hacking Robot interviewing the whole cast. (His praise for the show last year on the podcast earned him exclusive interviews with Sam Esmail and Rami Malick.....Sam was a listener to their podcast anyway lol)

Veep - Rewatched the pilot last night. Think we're going to try and binge this one finally.

MJ said...

OITNB - Guard with Tiffany (pennsatucky) is the one who raped her but she has forgiven him. Caputo - never should have left Piscattelo that night despite corporate wanting him to come there, and should have gone back and not listened to Purchasing Linda. Also - sure he went off book by not blaming the guard and that was good - but he didn't even mention Pussey or say what a model inmate she'd been. And that was the last straw for those inmates. Female guard - I think she is a decent person but too afraid to speak up against what she knows is wrong with her fellow guards - but that is a tough position to be in.

Flash - ugh ! Yeah - was hard to follow the logic. LOL I decided to just go with the flow on it. LOL YOu know how I love time travel any way. I spent that whole summer bummed that Wells was gone ! Advantages of marathoning LOL Hated that the dad left to fast too. Hmmm - didn't someone else die too ? You've not mentioned this character so I am not sure he is in season one or not now. I never read Flash nor watched the show years ago so I don't know a lot of history but everyone was very excited about Jay Garrick. THen disappointed. In the books he was a great role model for Barry - and that did not play out here - but you will see why eventually. LOL I just know fans were bitching up a storm all season 2. For me it was ok though since I did not know.

Mr Robot - yup - am taping the after show.

Veep - it's not always great but when it is - oh boy ! It definitely gets better as you go - but is always good.

Mike V. said...

OITNB - I thought that's who you meant with Tiffany...I just remember her as Pennsatucky. Yeah that guy is hardly the model citizen, but I guess he's better than the others. lol All good points on Caputo. Maybe there is room for character development with the female guard. Seems like this event in the season finale/premiere may change her.

Flash - Someone else died too yeah...I forgot the name but just remembered. Ronnie...half of the Firestorm dude. And I guess Victor Garber is a series regular now. I think I remember seeing him added as a regular before season 2 aired. I could tell by his intro that comic fans would've been excited by Jay. I don't know anything about the comics either so I'm just going with it too!

Veep - yeah I've heard there were some really great moments in the show's run. Looking forward to it if we can ever get motivated to watch a few at a time! lol

MJ said...

Flash - yes Ronnie ! LOL Caitlyn's love ! I was laughing to myself when you were convinced her and Barry would get together. Garber does become a regular - for awhile. Part of season 2 is spent setting up Legends of Tomorrow so Garber is on but then leaves to be on Legends.

Now we have to get you onto iZombie ! LOL Snarkiest show since Buffy and lots of fun.

Night of - husband thinks the motor cycle guy did it. Cause we did not see his face and they just sort of lingered on him. Yeah - kid did not do it ! Agree - he would have had alot more blood on him. And he def made so many mistakes - but so did the cops. Female cop wrote his name wrong on the report - cause she was on OT - which they said like 4 times. The desk sarge thought he was a witness or something - he could have just gone to the bathroom and washed his hands and got rid if the knife. Idiot! LOL Guess the point of this show is going to be who killed her and to skewer the system ? Odd to show/linger on Turtorro supposedly having excema - is there a purpose for that ? Or did the actor have it so they wrote it in ? LOL I dunno - but strange.

Mike V. said...

Flash - I wasn't convinced about Barry and Caitlyn! lol Just seemed like they were setting it up as a potential. I still don't think it's off the table in the future. But for now they're setting up Nancy Spivot as a love interest for Barry.

Ahh that makes sense with Garber. There's been a lot of Wentworth Miller so far. lol And of course Colonel Jester from Top Gun as his father. (I know he's been in lots of stuff...but "yee haa Jester's dead" is all I ever think about when I see him lol) Granted he only lasted an episode until Snart killed him.

I'm seeing promos for izombie during these recorded Flash episodes. Looks like they reaired a lot of season 2 during the holiday season because I'm seeing a bunch of Christmas commercials and promos for its return in the middle of January. lol

Night Of - Ahhh yeah forgot about the motorcycle guy. That one was subtle. They definitely hit us over the head with the overtime on the beat cops. Don't know about the excema but these detectives all need to have a quirk these days. Can't just be straight detectives. He has dry skin! lol

Wife is starting to watch Game of Thrones from the of course I got sucked in again. Probably won't watch everyone, but I'm excited she's getting into it! lol Anyway...Veep is probably on hold again. ugh. lol

MJ said...

LOl - too funny that she is now just looking at GofT.

Robot - watched an online recap of season 1 - jeez I forgot alot. Yeah - premier is 90 minute and 2 eps - heard they 'accidently released' the first half/ ep 1 only. Still making you watch tonight. LOL Don't know I will get to it tonight though.

Mike V. said...

GofT - I guess the fact that everyone she knows is watching it now has convinced her to finally give it a shot. She's watched key episodes through the years with me (i.e. the episode 9s from the first few seasons) so she kinda knows some of the big twists. But, we know there's more to it than that!

Robot - I know you put it in quotes, but it wasn't accidental on the release. It was a targeted social media release of the first half (episode 1). (I think I mentioned it above lol) The guy hosting the after show talked about it on the Hollywood Prospectus podcast. Yeah I'm hoping the previously on will remind me of everything I need to know. I have some pretty clear images in my head on what happened. I'll probably be watching in the morning which will slow down my flash watching! :)

MJ said...

Robot - I know. But I read they made it look like Fsociety leaked it. You should find that catchup link - might have been on Tv line or yahoo tv. Jogged alot of memory.

Mike V. said...

Robot - ahhhh nice...I didn't realize they did that. lol nice. I'll look for video thanks!

Mike V. said...

Robot - Never found that video but the previously on helped me remember a couple things. Premiere was pretty good! I turned off Hacking Robot after 15 minutes. It's certainly interesting stuff for the hardcore fans that want to chat more, but I wanted to watch The Flash! lol Craziest scene was setting that money on fire and of course the old boss getting whacked at the end. Didn't really see that coming. But the struggle between Elliott and Mr. Robot was pretty engaging stuff. We all wondered what the relationship would be going forward. This is a good indication. Elliott trying to suppress him, but it's not working too well! Nice to see Darryl from the Office is still getting work. lol

So what I did learn on Hacking Robot was that Sam Esmail is not only the creator/showrunner of the series, but he's also directing EVERY episode this season. That's insane. A true "auteur". It makes sense though...he wanted it originally to be a movie and has a distinct vision for how the story should go...but that's a lot of work!

Flash - Firestorm is rebuilt and skipped town. Wells from earth 2 is now with the crew but they're of course suspicious of him. Cisco's superpower/dreams are getting more frequent and intense. Sharkman was a real thing and Spivot saved the Flash when he was about to ask her out. Iris's mother is back in town and is terminally ill, but apparently she had a child and is the reason she left town in the first place. We don't know if it's Joe's son or not. All good stuff!

MJ said...

Flash - Love how Tom Cavanaugh kinda changes his voice and mannerisms to not be the fauc-wells this season. Loved Sharkman. Iris's brother - you will meet him soon. Read lots of stuff around him from the comics - won't say anything. Spivot is that cop right ? I like her.

FYI - all the BB comments are on Gof T. WHen you click 'comment' for game of throne it takes you here.

Mike V. said...

BB - We were talking about Breaking Bad in relation to Game of Thrones and how they're splitting up the final episodes. I thought it was a good comparison and the BB info I dug up reenforces my opinion "in my opinion" lol

Flash - I figured we'd meet him (the son/brother). Spivot is the cop...yeah I like her too. I'm fine with Barry going for her instead of Iris for now lol

MJ said...

BB/GofT - oh yeah ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Flash - Zoom arrived...there were 2 Linda Parks and they used Earth 1 Linda to play "light" and bait Zoom to earth 1. And now Barry can't feel his legs. That's where I'm at! Cisco is now VIBE. Barry is dating Spivot.

MJ said...

Rogot - here is recap - but doubt you need it now[]

Flash - ah Zoom! LOL All I can say

Mike V. said...

Robot - Thanks MJ! Did you watch? Surprised I didn't read your reaction. I thought Richard watched this one too. lol

Flash - I'm going to assume Zoom is Flash from Earth 2 (Jay). I don't think we've seen them both at the same time. But, if that's true I can't take too much credit since I already know he ends up not being a good mentor for Barry. :) lol

MJ said...

Robot - have not watched yet. Was busy last night.

Flash - you are not wrong - and are not right. LOL All I can say.

Mike V. said...

Flash - lol sounds about right. :) I didn't get to watch any more yet. Doing some basement renovations so I had to go outside for a run this morning. lol If only there could be a way to watch TV while doing that!! :)

Night Of - Still pretty good stuff. New suspect in the step father. I guess we can always go with a somehow suicide/staged murder theory too. But I don't know how that would work. Nice layering of the detective playing "good cop" but sounding truly genuine so it's difficult to tell his true motive. Same with Tuturro (need to remember his character's name) getting his big break by being in the right place/right time. Does he truly care if he wins the case or if his client is innocent or is he just happy to be called up to the big leagues. The judge gave a knowing and approving gesture to him. Anyway...the hour was slow and grueling but I was totally sucked in!

Vice Principals - Couldn't help but check it out. Totally stupid, but totally love it. lol

MJ said...

VP - taped it and will check it out.

BB - started it Friday. Part way into season 2 already. Did not recall that S1 was only 7 eps. Also did not remember how much happens so quickly. Already met and killed Tucco. S1 he became Heisenberg - thought that was later. Already had the tub come thru the floor. Jessie is living next door to Krysten Ritter already and we know how that ends. Walt was just told in remission and tumor shrunk 80%. And we met Saul ! In an episode called Better Call Saul. LOL Loved it !

Bklyn 99 - has been hanging on the DVR since Feb. Actress who plays Amy very obviously pregnant in real life. Don't remember noticing that before started to let it linger.

Mike V. said...

BB - Writers strike happened in season 1 which is why it was so short. If I recall first he only Heisenberg "in his head," but eventually he gained infamy with the name and actually "BECAME" Heisenberg later. I remember the tub going through the floor! Ahh such a good show.

B99 - Hmmm...I never realized she was pregnant. We let them pile up on the DVR too and caught up a couple months ago.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching a show with a "bad robot" ending, ie, you're friend JJ. Roadies. Not bad but sometimes too dramatic as JJ does I think. I wouldn't be watching it if it were bad!


Mike V. said...

Richard I seriously doubt jj is involved in that very much at all. Cameron Crowe is the man behind that. It's an extension of his own life that he put into the movie almost famous too. I am recording but haven't had a chance to watch yet.

Anonymous said...

LOL, LOL So what is JJ involved with, what does he do?

Mike V. said...

I have no idea but bad robot is his production company so he gets a producer credit and they can use his name in the promos and credits. I'm sure he sits in meetings but he's not the writer. That's all I'm saying.

Mike V. said...

I'm sure he gets a say in what projects they green light too lol

MJ said...

BB - I was surprised too but when he meets Tuco for the first time he says his name is Heisenberg - and it's the first time we see the hat. Man ! Totally forgot about that writers strike. But yes - he was not truly H-berg yet.

Roadies - I skipped this one. Heard it was a Russell Crowe thing- not that fond of the guy.

Agree about Abrams - Bad Robot is just the production company and does not equal him being involved day to day.

Mike V. said...

Roadies - MJ, CAMERON Crowe, not Russell Crowe lol The guy that wrote and directed Almost Famous. (awesome movie) Luke Wilson is the star of the show.

BB - No I remember he said Heisenberg really early. He was creating a persona. But, it was all an act in the beginning. He didn't truly believe he was that man. But the more successful he got the bigger his ego got. Which led to his eventual good person to "BREAKING BAD" evolution/devolution lol

Flash - So cisco's girlfriend is/was Hawk Girl. I only had the Flash episode and not the Arrow episode that finished the story so I guess I'll just deal with that. lol I'm up to the first episode I have to purchase! (episode 9 of s2) Guess I'll do that tomorrow!

Mike V. said...

Roadies - Another Cameron Crowe film I forgot to mention -> Jerry Maguire! Classic. But Almost famous is the go to example here due to the similar theme of the show vs. film.

Mike V. said...

New Star Trek series - Ugh...Netflix will release the new episodes as they air in 188 countries excluding US and Canada. So the rest of the world doesn't have to pay extra to watch just US. (subscribing to CBS)

MJ said...

LOL on mixing up my Crowes ! My bad ! Thought it was strange that Russell would know anything about being a roadie. Ha!

Flash - ah Hawkgirl ! She is also introduced as part of the launch of Legends of Tomorrow.

Star Trek - I'm sure the die hard trekies will pay NBC to see it - I will not. Sucks that the rest of the world gets it on Netflix and we don't though. Goes to show you how much CBS cares about it's US audience.

BB - was sick yesterday so got a lot watched. In season 3 now. Walt just saw the new lab under the dry cleaners. Hank has been shot by the 'cousins'.

Mike V. said...

Crowes - Well Russell does have a band! lol

Flash - I figured. I missed the 2nd half of that story since it was on Arrow but it seems that Flash and crew ended up with the staff until some dude took it.

So I finally had to purchase my first episode. It was the Christmas episode where Wally shows up for the first time...and Mark Hamill returns with Mardon and Snort. Anyway, I started to develop a theory on Zoom that it's somehow related to the Thawnes...Eobard or Eddie...and then by the end of one of the episodes Eobard showed up as Reverse Flash and knows what timeline the Flash is from.

So, now I really think that Zoom is another version of Eddie Thawne and he has Wells forced to work with him...but it's somehow related to Jay's sickness and getting his speed back. That's my loose theory and I'm sticking to it!

Oh and Nancy Spivot is taking a new job...but she's still in town for now. Barry has yet to reveal he is the flash. Not sure if he will or not.

Star Trek - CBS cares more about its business model taking off than the US audience! They want people to sign up for their application. Most people on reddit are annoyed though and said they're willing to sacrifice this one for CBS to get rid of an awful business model!

BB - Sorry to hear you were sick! But good news on the should be coming up on the most polarizing episode of BB "The Fly"....I loved it but most call it the worst episode of BB ever. Just happened to be directed by Rian Johnson who also directed Ozymandius (The BEST episode of BB ever)...and he's writing/directing Star Wars Ep VIII.

Stranger Things - This is a new Netflix show that blew up. Everyone is talking about it and seems to be the surprise hit of the summer. Lots of 80s nostalgia vibes and it's like an homage to 80s horror too. Wynona Rider is the one name I recognize but I think it primarily focuses on the teenagers riding bikes (classic 80s movies style) and getting into stuff.

MJ said...

Flash - interesting theory with Eddie. Ah Wally. Unfortunately I read some stuff about his comic book character that did not come to pass. But just might next season. I felt sorry for joe - not knowing you had a son all those years. By now you've met Wells's daughter too - she also had history in the books that never bore out in the show. For now. I liked Spivot ! Missed her when she was gone.

Star Trek - scary thing is that if this is successful then other nets will follow suit.

BB - watched The Fly last night. LOL Was ok - I didn't hate it - but it was an odd one. Most interesting is that Walk almost revealed he let Jane die. Ended the night with Walk running over those 2 dealers to stop Jessie from killing them. They were the ones who had the kid kill Jessie's friend and then killed the kid who killed his friend. And Schyler is now breaking b ad - she has suggested buying the car wash. The Hank part is about to become dull - he's all sory for himself cause he can't yet walk.

Stranger things - already on my radar ! Yes - suppossed to be like the good old 80's horror flicks. LOL I like horror as a genre to begin with and was def going to check this out.

So - behind on other things. Now 2 Robots that I have not watched. Nor the second Night Of either. Hooked on BB - pun intended - again. LOL

MJ said...

Oops - meant to say - TWD season 7 posters for Comicon. They are so bad - such teases. LOL

Mike V. said...

Flash - lol on Eddie. I can't tell if you're being vague to not spoil or it's the most ridiculous theory you've ever heard! (Obviously you don't have to respond to this!) Well's daughter. Yep I have met her too. Spivot figured out Barry was the flash but stayed on that train at the end. So yeah I guess she's gone for now.

Star Trek - yeah, I think that's what people are afraid of. But, it's basically what cord cutters wanted. A la carte service and no cable bill. Well...this is what it looks like. The problem'll be paying those fees and still be forced to watch commercials. And people are used to not watching commercials now!

BB - Exactly...that's what I remember most about the Fly. It was never mentioned but I just had a feeling Walt was going to confess the Jane thing. And it finally happened near the end of the series. I remember walt running over those guys too. Ahhh...hearing all this stuff makes me want to watch again!

Stranger Things - Watched 1st episode last night. It's good! Definitely has the ol' 80s vibe. Not too scary yet but it's certainly a thriller.

Robot/Night Of - All caught up but I'll hold off on commenting until you catch up! lol on the BB pun.

Mike V. said...

TWD - Ahh yeah I saw those posters too. Comic con starts today!! I'm sure I'll be posting updates for the stuff we're interested in. lol

MJ said...

Flash - I loved that train scene. LOL Though I wanted her to stay. Yyp - she is gone for at least rest of season.

BB - does he confess about Jane ? Thought he confessed something else - to do with that plant at his house. We shall see.

Mike V. said...

Flash - Ahh...she seems like the type of character that could resurface. Probably right when he's about to get with Iris or something like that. lol

BB - Oh yeah he confesses. I was so happy when he did it. It's in those final 8 episodes of the series. I forget how he does it, but he does it.

MJ said...

TWD - well we know Rick and Daryl are safe and are still filming - Reedus glitter bombed Lincoln's car on set recently. LOL

BB - RIP Gayle.

Mike V. said...

TWD - lol...Carl is safe too because of what Negan said in the final seconds of the episode. I forget the exact line but we knew Rick and Carl were safe. I did see the glitter bomb as well. lol

Flash - Okay, i got through all the episodes I needed to purchase! I'm on Earth 2. All the dopplegangers were a good time. Reverb/Ice Storm (or whatever) being Cisco and Caitlyn among others. Joe-2 died while Barry was pretending to be Barry-2. Jay is filling in for the Flash on Earth 1 but some dude in the prison just spelled out Jay on earth-2. I know Jay showed us his doppleganger on earth 1. But maybe he was projecting an image kind of like Reverse Flash did last season. Maybe Jay-1 is Zoom??? I know I said Eddie because that was an off the wall idea that would've made people's jaws drop....and with Eobard still being in play....i thought...maybe. But that Eobard Thawne was apparently still the same dimension it was just before he went back to kill Barry's mother. or something...

i'm in the middle of the "escape from Earth-2" episode now so I'm guessing I'll get the reveal of who Zoom is by the end.

Stranger Things - started episode 2 but only got halfway through. There were entertaining LIVE events going on in Cleveland last night. lol

Mike V. said...

BB - Ahh you've finished season 3. Season 4 is a good one!! I AM THE ONE WHO KNOCKS!!! I AM THE DANGER!!!!

MJ said...

BB - LOL Haven't gotten there yet - but yes - it is coming

Jason B. said...

TWD - Season 7 trailer! Harold Perrineau is unfortunately not the person that was cast in the comic book role that I mentioned awhile back (Ezekiel), but still cool nonetheless! I know you might make your own post for this but I figured that I'll post it here for now.

Mike V. said...

Thanks super J! Trailer looks good. And they did well not spoiling who is on the other end of Lucille.

Vikings - new trailer. I didn't watch.

Got - not much coming out of the sdcc panel. Blooper reel is funny. Season 7 is in production. I'll link to a recap later.

MJ said...

Flash - hope you didn't watch/read any comicon stuff that would spoil season 2 for you !

BB - I got to 'I am Danger' the very night that you typed it here. LOL Ready to start final split-season 5 ! Just watched Face Off last night. Forgot how much I loved this show.

TVD - heard they are finally ending this - you will be free after this last season. LOL

TWD - I did watch that ! So excited for it. I'd already known about Ezekial and that he has a pet tiger. Also that he is an ally of the Hilltop people.

Vikings - did not see that trailer ! Have to go look at it.

Robot - Finally watch the 2 episode premier. Will be back later to comment - but basicly it is obvious the guy who he was eating with daily and watching Bball with is not even real. Interesting that 'dad' is taking over and Elliot does not know it.

Anonymous said...

Hell on Wheels finale was this weekend. I will miss it.

Star Trek--so the family went this weekend. Not bad, better than Star Wars, at least that's the opinions I heard at the theatre. I think we'll see Jaymar again. My wife and I thought it was way too dark. Too many scenes without enough lighting to see what was going on. I get that the lights were out, but it was difficult to see the action many times. And we saw it on a HUGE screen. There were a couple of plot pot holes too.


Anonymous said...

Vikings--loved the trailer. And yea Ivar coming to the forefront. Bjorn sailing.


Mike V. said...

Star Trek - Not sure when I'm gonna see that one, but I have heard very mixed things.

Flash - I didn't really. Just saw a couple shots of the cast. So I guess I know who will still be around. lol Didn't read anything. I did finally get confirmation that Zoom is some version of Jay and it sounds like my most recent theory is close to the truth. Cisco vibed on the helmet and they said he might have been projecting himself. But we also saw 2 Jays too. So who knows. I'm sure I'll find out soon!

BB - I love season 4! Face Off was a great finale. You're flying through it!

TVD - I'm already free. I never even finished the season that Elena "left/died/whatever" lol. I have no doubts she'll return for the finale though regadless of what state they left her.

TWD - Yes I knew about Ezekiel and the pet tiger as well. Trailer was good!

Vikings - I don't think I even watched the trailer...I've been busy! lol

Robot - What who isn't real? The Seinfeld guy or the guy from the Office? (funny I referenced 2 NBC comedies to get my point across. I think his name is Ray on this show.

Comic-con - Pretty ho hum for the stuff I would be most interested in...Thrones/Star Wars....but Star Wars will be back big next year. They just had their Celebration where Rogue One got the royal their SDCC presence was light. Next year I'm pretty sure come April we'll start getting blasted with Ep 8 information. (Celebration in April in Anaheim...I'll guess teaser trailer. Comic-Con in July - sizzle reel, Fall - full trailer) Anything earlier than April will be gravy. lol

Anyway...past 2 days were huge for movie trailers. Dr. Strange looks awesome, Fantastic Beasts looks solid, Justice maybe more of the same with a little more comedy (Funny to see their version of The Flash in that now that I know more from the TV show). I'll obviously see it. Wonder Woman looks really good.

Mike V. said...

GoT - Not sure if I should post this here or on the GOT post. But I said I'd post it. Here's the ComicCon Thrones panel recap -

Mike V. said...

Thrones - from the recap...the actor who plays hodor gives his opinion on who will sit on the throne in the end. (I don't think any of the answers were too serious)

"I think Westeros deserves someone with honor and integrity so I think Brienne (actress Gwendoline Christie) would be good.” [crowd cheers, people stand]"

LOL I'm sure you'll like that part Richard! The fans united and standing for their girl Brienne!

Anonymous said...

He also said this.

Kristian Nairn (Hodor): “I think the Throne’s probably not going to be important by the end
of the show

Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark): “I think I’d want Littlefinger on the throne

Above makes some sense


Mike V. said...

I knew you'd call that out if I put it there. lol My point is the fandom stood and cheered in their mutual love for the character, Brienne.

But, I also agree that the throne may not be that important by the end.

It wouldn't surprise me if Littlefinger ends up on the throne...temporarily at least.

GRRM has even hinted that multiple people will be on the throne in the books before the end.

Mike V. said...

MJ is having browser issues again. Here's her post:

MJ Said

Robot - they guy without the dog - who talked about Seinfeld, the one he was eating with all the time.

BB - yeah - and way behind on stuff because of it. LOL

Star Trek - also heard mixed things. Like they tried turning it into a total action movie and left out the heart and character personal interractions. Whatever that means.

Mike V. said...

Robot - That's who I thought you meant. I didn't even pick up that he might not be real. There are some theories that Elliot is in prison and Ray is the warden. But I seriously doubt it. lol

BB - one of the greatest dramas of all time again or something new? It's a tough call to make! I'm still on episode 2 of Stranger Things. Hope to get back to it tonight.

Star Trek - Yeah well it was directed by Fast and Furious's Justin Lin. lol People were concerned ever since the movie trailer was blasting out Beastie Boys "Sabatogue" (which was played when young kirk drove the car off the cliff in Star Trek 2009) It just doesn't look like your typical star trek film. Granted JJ's "reboot" was all about making it a bigger budget spectacle and making it more like Star Wars (which was never what Star Trek was supposed to be). That said...I loved the '09 flick and I really liked Into Darkness (while reviews were solid, the after effect of internet discussions really brought the movie down into one of the worst things ever put on the screen. Sometimes I hate the internet! lol)

I really want to see Beyond. Some people are saying it's great...others are saying it's awful. I'm trying not to read too many details because I want to make up my own mind eventually. But, I'm sure one thing I won't be saying when I come out of the movie is "it's better than Star Wars" :) But, I'm already biased on that and I'm still way more invested in the SW universe/canon. (The mere mention of me saying "canon" probably will have Richard wanting to say something!! lol)

Hell on Wheels - I just read something on Reddit of people saying it's one of the most underrated shows of recent memory. Not sure that'll get me to watch it any time sooner, but to have been on so long it had to have been doing something somewhat right! My condolences to losing one of your favorite shows, Richard!

Anonymous said...

HoW--It really was one of the best shows ever. I'm not saying top 2 or 3, but likely top 10. We'll see how it stands the test of time. One thing I like better about episodic TV over serialized TV are the reruns. Since they're not tied together watching one doesn't bring back too many memories for another.

Keep in mind that at this point, I'd have to put Perry Mason in the top 10-lol.

LOL, at least Star Trek stays within it's canon. Although I have no idea what they will do to it on CBS online. BTW, netflix isn't doing so well. Star Wars canon--I'd say it has a cracked barrell--lol.


Mike V. said...

HoW - That is the positives of procedural/episodic TV. Better for syndication. Of course, besides Friends I don't see my self watching too many reruns anymore. Those episodes just never get old for me! lol And if I'm rewatching a show, I'm all in for the series!

I did notice Quantum Leap's entire series is now on Netflix (they were missing a few before) so I may go back and revisit the series finale.

Star Trek/Wars - Well...kinda. They totally created a new timeline with the new movies which gave them the freedom to create a new canon (so to speak). Star Wars is continuing the story....and from all the TV series I watch and the books I read they are pretty good at keeping to canon. I know you want to talk about Rey and "force" Canon and I'll just keep saying let's wait for episode 8 before we cry foul. lol

Anonymous said...

AMC had HoW divide it's last season. An interesting point is that the second part of the final season were the lowest rated. I think MJ and myself are part of the majority who don't like being jerked around.

there's a fall off for Mad Men too, but not as much. The finale was good for mad men.

I think as this tactic expands more will grow to dislike.


Anonymous said...

The Star Trek movies still use the Enterprise and NCC-1701

Mike V. said...

Finale break ups - You're generalizing based on my thoughts with Game of Thrones. I was pissed about Mad Men breaking their season up. Breaking Bad it worked out in their favor and they pretty much filmed it as 2 different seasons that worked thematically as one. (they filmed half one year and half the next...mad men filmed it all at one time and then released part of it a year later) Game of Thrones I believe will take the breaking bad approach and I think it will work well with the cost of production.

I'm not a fan in general of splitting up the final season for monetary profit. I just think it's not the worst idea for Game of Thrones.

Trek/Wars - I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. Is the millennium falcon not in episode 7? They had brand new ships in the prequels and you loved those. Lucas actually would've wanted to create new creatures and new vehicles for the sequels if he was running the show. Disney wanted to give the fans what they wanted and give us more Falcon, X-wings but with putting JJ at the helm they got some great new characters to move the story forward too.

Mike V. said...

By the way I don't know if you saw it but I wrote a whole big thing about my thoughts on the split seasons and used Mad Men and Breaking Bad examples in the Game of Thrones finale comments. So no sense in regurgitating my thoughts here. Vince Gilligan was actually the one who asked for more time to complete the 16 episodes with Breaking Bad. It was all part of a negotiation with AMC.

Anonymous said...

My comments about splitting up the final season as a tactic was not meant to be a condemnation of your viewpoint. It was just stating some facts then an observation of which I figured you'd agree in part.

The Enterprise comment was meant to convey that the new movies have a direct tie in through Spock and others. The old canon was rolled into the continuing story. It's a continuation much like Star Wars and it is really played up in the newest movie. I don't want to give spoilers.

Mike V. said...

Gotcha. I thought by you saying you and MJ share the opinion you were suggesting I do not! :) In general I think you're right that fans are not happy with the split seasons. I really think there is more to it with Thrones but obviously there are similar benefits for HBO.

Oh I totally know that Star Trek is not a reboot. It essentially is but in a way that does not destroy original canon. It actually continues it. I assumed it would still play into the 3rd movie as well. But I thought you were comparing it against Star Wars in that they broke canon with the new movie (based on previous discussions)

Working on plans to see the movie over the next couple weeks. I think Bourne will take priority if I can get out to the theater! lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, new SW movie breaks a critical part of the SW canon. As we have previously discussed. And I think there is no way to repair it. I don't think JJ cares about breaking it. He's making it with his image. I of course don't like it.
I wonder if JJ will ever make anything nearly as great as Lucas or even Roddenberry. He seems content to change or tear down the original works of great men.


Mike V. said...

I still don't see how it breaks canon until we see how the rest of the trilogy plays out. There is a mysterious past to Rey that we aren't privy to yet. And the Star Wars Story Group that Kathleen Kennedy put together ensures canon across all media they are releasing. It's really not up to JJ to break canon. He has to answer to the story group.

JJ didn't get in the business seeking to become the "remake guy"'s actually why he originally turned down Star Wars. But then Kathleen Kennedy and Spielberg convinced him to do it.

He created Alias and co-created LOST. Maybe he'll never make a movie as great as them but I'd put LOST up there as one of the great works....then again it's mostly Lindelof/Cuse's vision after JJ's original ideas. He is a great IDEA guy though.

Mike V. said...

I should clarify...I know what you THINK is breaking canon. My point is that Rey may have already been strong in the force and just doesn't remember. And now the force is "awakening". You know...kinda like the name of the movie. :) If I had to guess episode 8 may fill in some of the gaps of her past.

Anonymous said...

Alias was obviously not a big deal compared to what we're talking about.

LOST--of course a big deal. I would say in the top 5 TV shows of all time. AS big as what Lucas did, obviously not, but nonetheless a pretty big deal. Lindelof/Cuse really did LOST--they were the show runners and wrote or oversaw the writing.

In order for JJ to be anywhere near the level of Lucas, he needs to be solely/mostly responsible including:
1. Idea
2. Writing and overseeing writing
3. Producing
4. Final say in casting.
5. Final say in directing
6. Final say in editing.

IE, be responsible for the whole thing.

As you say, he seems to be more an idea guy. But, the critics of a movie really look at 2 thru 6 and some others I'm sure I've missed.

I come from a business/engineering perspective and so taking responsibility for what you do is important. I've just noticed that you say he's not really responsible for this or that. I don't really know anywhere near as much as you about what JJ does or doens't do. I notice the Bad Robot at the end and figure he's had a big hand in it. You've pointed out that's not the case and I take your word for it since you know a lot more about TV/movie behind the scenes stuff than I.

Therefore, at this point it looks like he puts in some money for some credit on producing and is mostly hands off?


Mike V. said...

LOST - I agree and said the same thing, but they did work off of some of the ideas that JJ and Lindelof came up with together. So he was involved in the beginning. JJ is basically a good idea guy with a good director's eye. I'm sure he has original ideas...but in this current market of rehashing old ideas there's probably no room for it. Maybe one day. I don't have any idea how good they'd be. So that's a mystery to both of us.

Lucas - I don't have a lot of time right now but I will say this. Original Trilogy - He had people helping him make decisions which is why we got the classic films we did. Prequels - Everyone trusted in Lucas and he oversaw EVERYTHING with yes men surrounding him. And we got what we got. I know you loved them. I like them and appreciate them as canon but I don't hold them to the same level as the originals. Everyone can use another set of eyes and opinions.

JJ - I don't want to say he didn't do a lot of those 6 things in Star Wars TFA. I just know when it comes to canon, they put a group in place to make sure they didn't break canon.

JJ I'm sure is very involved in all of his company's projects...but he can't be involved day to day on all of them. He runs a production company and directs movies. That's the point I'm usually trying to make.

Mike V. said...

MJ's posts

MJ said...

BB - Half way thru the last season. Schyler's lost her mind and walked into the pool to get the kids out of the house. Todd has killed the kid and Jessies wants out as well as Mike. Walt finally does his 'SSay my name' bit. RIP Mike. Walt has seen the pile of money in the storage and says he is getting out. I just ended last night with Hank sitting on the can and finding the Walt Whitman book signed by Gayle to Walt. LOL. Probably be done tonight or thursday.

Will catch up on dvr then - Robot, Zoo, Night of, etc for a few days. Then on to Stranger things and maybe Bloodline.

Vice Principals - any one check this yet ? Taping it - had to since Walter Goggins in it - loved him since The Shield. That's a how worth watching - in it's time it was the first truly shocking/harsh drama shows. NOthing on tv like that then.

Mike V. said...

BB – you’re plowing right along! Wow you think you can watch all 8 tonight? That would be crazy!

Stranger things – 3 episodes in. We’re going pretty slow. Don’t think the Mrs. is enjoying but I’m liking it!

I’m a glutton for punishment with these Republican/Democratic Conventions. Lol

Vice Principals – Yep we’re watching and we love it. It’s absolutely ridiculous improv comedy with a silly premise but they have 2 great actors doing it. And you just can’t help but laugh at the ridiculousness. Lol SHIELD – I watched part of the first season but could never get into it. I’m sure if I tried now I would enjoy it. I’ve heard nothing but good things.

Flash – 3 episodes left! Barry lost his speed and now he’s trying to get it back and he’s “IN THE SPEED FORCE”. Lol Iris has confessed her love for him. Wally and Jesse were impacted by the particle accelerator but not sure to what extent. Jay explained his zoom antics with the time remnant Jay sacrifice. And his whole backstory as whatshisname Zolomon. So apparently that was his name in both Earths and he just changed it on earth 2. So does the Supergirl crossover happen in these final 3 episodes??? I guess potentially it could be part of this Speed Force episode and I just don’t know it yet. Or was the flash only on Supergirl’s episode? Anyway, doesn’t matter I’ll find out soon enouh! Lol

MJ said...

BB - yes - flying through. No - LOL - won't get them all done tonight. I wish !

It really IS punishment with the politics this year. That is all I will say. And glad I don't work in Philly LOL

Flash - well I can say since it never comes to fruition - read that both Wally and Jesse are speedsters in the books. So was surprised that did not happen. Not season 2 any way. LOL Yeah - the whole Jan/Zoloman thing was like - huh ? LOL I had to read about it after to quite understand it. As for Suergirl - huh ! I did not think that happened in the end of the season. Dand - I wonder if Flash visited Supergirl but she did not reciprocate ? They were on different networks. Hmm - I think that is the case - think it was really all about her and he was a visitor.

Got my chrome back ! ;-D

Mike V. said...

Welcome back MJ! Glad you got Chrome!

BB - It certainly would. Enjoy the final run. They are the best eps! And of course, enjoy Ozymandius and just think of how great episode 8 of Star Wars is going to be when you watch it. lol

Politics - Yep agreed! Commentary to the Left/Right, diagonal, sideways whatever are best left off the internet! Especially TV Addicts Blog! :) And yes...I wouldn't want to be anywhere near Philly this week!

Flash - Maybe they don't want too many speedsters on the show. It would get too messy! lol But yeah...who knows what season 3. I think I accidentally read something about the end of season 2 but I don't know exactly what it means. lol

Yeah that makes sense since they were on different networks. So I'll catch The Flash when I start watching Supergirl next week. I forget how far I got. I thought like 4 episodes, but it might have been 2.

This has been a fun show though. I need to start thinking about my next binge. I still have august and half of September to watch something. Not enough time to rewatch LOST :) Not interested enough in Arrow. I guess Supergirl as it is piecemealed out and Mr. Robot on Wednesdays. I'll figure something out!

MJ said...

Binge - didn't you start Veep ? You could finish that.

Flash - yeah the finale changes everything. I alread accidently found out something about S3 - not a big deal - but still would have been better as a surprise.

TVD - meant to say - thought you still watched it for some reason.

BB - watched 4 of them. Jessie was going to burn down Walt's house. Then went with Hank. Evil Schyler is back - talked Walt into not turning himself in, and now into taking out Jessie. Totally forgot about that tape he makes blaming Hank for making him cook meth. Love this show !

Silicon - still haven't watched the last 2. LOL I need to do DVR clean up in August. Still have like 8 Brooklyn 99's too. And all the Odd Couples

Mike V. said...

Binge - I have to do that one with the wife! I need to watch something I know she's not interested in. lol

Flash - 2 episodes left! Flash is back with his power and he healed Jesse. The scene with his mother/speed force was pretty touching. reading that dinosaur/mother book.

TVD - probably because we were watching way longer than we should have! lol

BB - Wow...I forgot about the tape too. It's one of the best shows ever!

Silicon - Love that show! B99 we binged those after the season was over too.

Robot - I know you're not caught up. Just wanted to say I loved the lullaby version of Green Day's Basket Case in this episode. Very effective for the point they were going for. lol And it reminded me of the lullaby Billy Joel CD I bought to play for my son when he was born. He doesn't like Billy Joel any better now that I tried the subliminal messaging. lol But, whatever I did with Star Wars training was effective! lol

Mike V. said...

I guess the TCAs started and Netflix had a panel. Couple highlights

- No Jessica Jones or Daredevil until 2018 (probably because of Luke Cage and The Defenders which should include JJ and Daredevil I think??)
- Black Mirror season 3 released October!! Everyone needs to watch these. But even if you don't catch up it doesn't matter. Each episode is a standalone thing. But they're all fantastic.

MJ said...

Robot - LOl on Billy joel/Star Wars training.

Netfix - What ? damn - long wait til 2018. Cage better be good. KNow Defenders is coming - not much about it though.

Black Mirror - hmm - I watched some but thought were season 1. Did I miss 2 ? Maybe I watched 1 and 2 together - have to check that.

MJ said...

Robot - meant to say - those first 2 eps - they dropped the Fbomb twice in the first and once in the second one on USA ! Wow.

Mike V. said...

Netflix - Defenders is like the mini Avengers for Netflix. So Daredevil, Jessica jones, Luke Cage and possibly others will be involved. Outside of that I know about as much as you. lol

Black Mirror - I think each season was 3 episodes and then there was a holiday special with Jon Ham (which is also now on Netflix). So there should be 7 on there. Season 3 will be 6 episodes.

Robot - They've been dropping f bombs every episode! Sometimes muted other times not. It's been pretty good!

MJ said...

Robot - just can't believe USA is ok with that. LOL

Black Mirror - cool. I think I saw them all then. Probably not watch the new season for quite a bit though. October will have way too many other things to watch

BB - well we finished it last night ! LOL Still such a great show. Been meaning to say - I had forgotten about Marie's obsession with all things purple. LOL It was everywhere ! I always wish that at the end Schyler had at least given him a hug or told him she loved him - but that's me. And Jessie at the end always breaks my heart just a little. Watching this has made me see a few more callbacks from Better Call Saul too. LOL

Weren't you going to do Quantam leap ? I might squeeze in my 5 season of Babylon 5. I still love that old show. First one to have a 5 year plan and for the most part stick to it. One of the actors just died - made me think of it. We shall see.

Mike V. said...

Robot - Mr. Robot was the start of them trying to change their image as the "blue skies TV" network. lol So, F bombs give them street cred! But yes I'm surprised too. Even AMC allowed 2 F words per season on breaking bad. lol but this is more than 2!

Black Mirror - agreed. Though I may try to make time for these. But come October I know I'll be swamped!

BB - Good job running through that! lol on Marie's purple obsession. Yeah don't remember if I was upset about the Sky ending or not. (didn't feel like spelling it out though this took longer to type lol) I still need to watch season 2 of Saul. I've heard mostly positive things the more distance we've been from the season. Maybe I'll do that. Don't think my wife is interested in that! lol

QL - Naaa...I just said maybe I'll watch the series finale again. Not sure I could do the grueling rewatch of that, even though I'm sure it would bring back great memories! There's a few episodes that I'd like to watch again. The Don Quixote ep, the one when he prayed to God for rain (was always my favorite Mike Post tune from the show), the one when he switched places with Al and went home.....maybe i'll think about it!

Flash - I'm finished!!!! Man in the mask was real Jay and real Jay was Henry from Earth 3! I'll bet that made fans happy and old Flash TV show fans happy too. Good stuff. RIP Henry though. But does it matter? And is he really gone? Barry went back and saved his mother and erased the old timeline!! WHAAAAT?? (I had heard from fans that he completely reset things...I just didn't know how) Great 2 seasons though and can't wait for season 3! Thanks for the constant recommendations MJ! (at least I think you recommended it lol)

MJ said...

BB - you haven't finished Saul ? Ah man - that is a great show.

Flash - Hey - congrats on finishing ! Wasn't all that crazy with Jay being Henry from Earth 3 ! LOl My head spun from that. Yes - they really did reset it all - and that is something that also happened in the comics apparently.

Hey - I also recommended iZombie ! If you liked Buffie you will love this one. I promise. Just saying ;-)

Have a great weekend.

Mike V. said...

Saul - Nope we never started season 2. But it's all on my DVR. It's probably what I'll do next.

Buffy - never watched. :( I know I would've loved it...probably still would but never did.

iZombie - I'm sure I'd like iZombie too. lol If I have time I'll check it out.

Flash - Yep...So I was seeing FLASHPOINT all over social media and now that I'm caught up I looked it up. Apparently, it was a major part of the comics with an alternate timeline. But based on what I read about that timeline there is no way they could keep things like that. lol And I doubt they will do it exactly like the comics since Batman, Wonderwoman and Cyborg are in it too. I'm gonna check out what they said at comic con this year. Jay being Henry....I guess they did hint at it with the whole maiden name thing....but something is trippy about the logic that would lead to that happening. lol I'm cool with it!

Oh and Iris said to Barry to do what he has to do and she'll be waiting for him when he's ready. So I'm sure somehow he'll return to that original timeline. I could see by the series finale there will be 30 Flashes in that one moment saving and not saving his mother. lol

Have a good weekend to you too!

Mike V. said...

Flash - Okay from my googling. You may have already seen this stuff.

Trailer for season 3 in this link -

Interview with Ausiello at TV Line -

Looks good! But yeah, there's no way Barry will stay there. lol

Mike V. said...

HBO at tcas- "Season 8 of #GameofThrones episode count is not locked in. HBO will take as many as they can get though. #TCA16"

I think I recall saying something similar. 2 separate seasons. They'll make as many episodes as the story requires.

Mike V. said...

HBO tca updates. They may be still updating it.

Mike V. said...

More tca info.

Mike V. said...

BCS - Well, I finally started season 2. lol Not sure why I hesitated so much, I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes! The con they pulled on the stoke broker in the bar was fantastic...and then Jimmy coming up with the Squat Cobbler cover-up for the idiot with the Hummer and baseball cards. Classic. lol Obviously there's more going on than that, but those were the standouts. We revisited cinnabon at the beginning of the season and he locked himself in the dumpster area...but enough time went by for us to realize he still identifies himself as Saul Goodman in the future.

One question I might have to google. The Vietnamese Salon where his office was...that stripmall looks that eventually where his law office ends up during the Breaking Bad era? Gonna have to check that!

I should be close to done or finished Saul by the end of the week. 2 per day...except Thursday because of Mr. Robot. Maybe I can squeeze in one more at some point.

POTTER - Anyone out there a Harry Potter Book/Film-head? I've finished Act One and am a couple scenes into Act 2 of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script. It's pretty good. Obviously, I'm sure it translates to the stage better than reading it, but I'm following along what they're doing. Tough to consider this canon with JK Rowling not writing the script but she did contribute (provide?) the story and says this is the 8th and final Harry Potter story. I'll reserve judgment until I see the whole picture!

Anonymous said...

I saw JK say this was the final and laughed at her. She has no cred really. She's already said the prior were the last. I'm a fan due to kids being a fan of the movies.

When it comes to these things I find the notion of canon to be kind of questionable. The thing with canon is it really requires sticking to a set of principles/rules and people in the arts just have a hard time with that. I have found canon is best defined when the "shows over" if you will. When nobody can come in later and change things up with their "new visio". SW, ST, Thor--the list could go on and on with changes.

GoT--LOL on S8. Yea and 6 eps. Missing the Emmys

I saw where Longmire has an Emmy nod. I wish I could watch it, great show it was.


Mike V. said...

Potter - She actually always hinted she might revisit potter throughout the years. And from what I've read so far of this play, it's a different take. It's a potter story (Kinda), but it's not an 8th novel. She wrote 7 potter novels.

Everything else coming out takes place in the Wizarding World she created, but it is not exactly about Harry Potter. That's how she gets around her words. And all authors that built these worlds end up flushing out their universe even more. (Or in George's case, get others to flush it out for him with expanded universe novels and now ongoing movies). GRRM is doing it with his Dunk and Egg stories and possible spinoff shows on HBO.

I wouldn't past Rowling to eventually write prequel stories about Harry's parents and Voldemort's first reign of terror. It's not directly a Harry Potter story. So you can look at it with a cynical eye or you can see that she really hasn't lied.

Plus..if you've lived with these characters for a large portion of time there must be an undying need to continue telling stories. She has the pottermore website to fill in more backstory of other characters and events as well.

This also is the age of franchising everything as you noted with SW, ST, Marvel, etc.... So any opportunity to monetize Intellectual Property and create more content, it's going to happen.

Longmire - Did the final season go straight to Netflix? You could always subscribe for a month....or usually these shows end up on DVD/Blu-ray for those who don't subscribe. So that's another option.

Mike V. said...

hasn't lied

meant to say hasn't "technically" lied. :) lol And whatever she said at the end of the potter books was probably the truth after fatigue from writing that 7 book opus. It was a complete story and she was finished. If, after years, she has found a new story to tell and/or contribute to...who's going to stop her? It's like any band that says they're going to "retire" only to have a big money comeback tour in a couple years. lol

The only one that truly ever retired is the one that I hoped would come OUT of retirement. Billy Joel! He hasn't written a new pop/rock album since he retired in 1993 and I still keep hoping he does one more!

MJ said...

BCS - Oh man - forgot all about the squat cobbler. LOL. Wondered too. Also - at one point in BB Saul takes Jessie to a nail salon to look at buying for laundering money - not sure if same one as Saul had his office at.

Flash - Def trippy. And read some stuff about next year. Know the changes due to Flashpoint will have some affect on other DC shows - and that surprised me.

Potter - I've heard of it - and it's supposed to be Harry's kid that is in it right ?

GofT - thought i read that season 8 was definitely 8 eps ? I could be confused. I figure I will watch whatever they throw out at us.

Longmire - glad it got a nod from Ms Emmy. It is a great show. Waiting for the next season to land on Netflix.

Mike V. said...

BCS - Ahhh I remember that in BB. nice. I'm 2 more eps in and started the 5th episode. He created a video ad and ran it without permission. And Mike avoided killing Tuco by instead getting the crap beat out of him. Good stuff.

Flash - Yeah...I read that too about other shows...I guess it has to, but I'm not sure how they pull that off without confusing the hell out of people.

Potter - It is about Harry's kid but Harry is prominently involved in the story. I'm 2/3rds done now. Should finish it tonight. Still reserving judgment. I will say it IS a page turner, but I'm not sure what I think of it. lol I'm sure seeing it on stage is a totally different experience.

I will say this...I have no idea how they'd make a movie out of it. Can't really explain that without spoiling! I'm sure where there's money there's a way. But I don't really see this one being worth adapting to the screen. Granted..I'd still see it. lol

GofT - No set amount for season 8 yet. The rumor has been 7 for 7 and 6 for 8, but if they need more HBO is not going to deny them. I think they'll probably end up needing at least one more. But who knows. I'm not in the writers room!

Mike V. said...

BCS - Started the 7th episode now. So Mike is getting in deeper with the Salamancas which I assume will eventually lead to his meeting with Gus. But based on the BB flashback and Tio still walking around in Saul, I don't think Gus is in power yet. But it was creepy to see those crazy twins again.

Jimmy is getting oversupervised at his job after airing that video, his girlfriend has been in doc review, landed a good case, but still on the outs with Hamlin....she got a job offer with a rival firm and then she did another con with Jimmy at a bar.

Last thing I have seen is Jimmy has decided to stay at Davis and Main because he doesn't want to lose the signing bonus...but he's acting up...wearing the traditional Saul suits and acting like a buffoon in the office. All in all it has been entertaining, but I'm glad I'm binging through at the same time!

Potter - Finished the 8th story. The script was decent. You can tell it wasn't Rowling that wrote it the actual script, even if she contributed to the story. I think if Rowling came up with the idea herself they wouldn't have chosen to do everything that was done (From what I have read the story was proposed to her and then she decided to get involved). That said, I don't think it takes away from anything the 7 books provided and it does add some layers to the story that while not necessary can be/were emotionally rewarding. I think the production of the play would reflect that more than what's on the page. (I've heard it's a spectacle that must be seen)

Regardless...I was inspired enough to dust off the movies and binge through them. I'd really like to read all the books again, but I just can't bring myself to do it yet! lol

Mike V. said...

MJ having posting issues again.

MJ said...
BCS - Sal is so self-destructive. He really had it good there and he blew it on purpose. Loved when he was getting baby sat - and his acting up. His water saving ways were hysterical. Funny how my rewatch of BB reminded me that Mike was with Saul - but not until after we meet Gus do realize that Mike was really Gus's guy. The whole Chuck and Jimmy dynamic is very interesting. It changes a few times. I kept feeling like Jimmy was really going to screw up his girlfriend's career - can't remember her name.

Potter - never got to finish the books the first time I tried. LOL Not enough time.

Robot - still behind - but watched the one with the vomiting and him eating the Adderall out of the vomit. And the FBI chick finding 'fun society'. Though how that flyer lead her there was a mystery to me. The flyer was for the End of World party and was not at their little hide out. Also the blonde got a cd with proof of the cover up in the death of her dad. Have to say - not enjoying this as much as the first season.

Mike V. said...

BCS - Yeah I do remember Mike had ties with Saul and Gus (and they are revealed in that order on BB). But, it is fun to see them explain how it all came to be. BTW, Jimmy and Mike's stories barely intersect this season so far. They did have a couple meetings where Jimmy was doing Mike a favor. But they could basically be 2 separate spinoffs. lol

I can't remember the girlfriend's name either. lol But yeah the Jimmy/Chuck dynamic is certainly interesting. It's tough not to sympathize with his desire to sabotage his brother, based on how we see Jimmy acting. And it might not necessarily be sabotage, but just legitimate concerns for his company.

Potter - I know this is something everyone says about reading the books but in Potter's case it's really true. They're so much better than the movies! (especially books 3-7) I think I cried my way through those novels. lol You get really emotionally invested. But the movies are pretty solid too. I guess I might argue that Game of Thrones does a good job at trimming the fat on GRRM's massive novels and they're better for it. You do miss some of the good stuff from the books, but they get right to the point which can be good. It's a fantastic adaptation.

Robot - That seems to be the general consensus on season 2. I'm enjoying it for what it is, but yeah season 1 may have been better. The ol' Sophomore Slump after a breakout first season. I'm sure they can right the ship eventually!

MJ said...

Robot - thing is - I read that Sam Esmail has said that S1 was basicly the progogue that meant to get us to this - and this is the story. But so far all this year is about is him fighting with his inner person. I can only take so much of the mental illness and drug drama. LOL But we shall see. Now that it is thursday I am 2 behind again. Will catch up this weekend.

BCS - yeah - they make you hate Chuck, then realize he's not so bad, then hate him. LOL McKeon does a great job. He's def a littl jealous of Chuck - but really he strongly feels the law is everything and that Jimmy does not deserve the title of lawyer. What is sad is Jimmy's need to have his brother be proud of him. Meet Chuck's wife yet ?

Mike V. said...

Robot – Sam has said that he envisioned this originally as a movie, but then was able to get it made as a TV show. So it’s really a 5 part movie turned into 5 seasons. Now, listening to the podcast with Andy Greenwald (who did the Talking Robot episode also)…he’s theorizing that USA is trying to milk the show for more than 5 seasons which means they really might be slowing down to do more than Sam’s original 5 season vision. I say theorizing, but he probably has some insider knowledge too since he talks regularly to Sam, Rami and crew. This week’s episode wasn’t too bad though (not spoiling). Things seem to be progressing a bit. Of course, it might only be getting even more disturbing. Lol

BCS – Okay so now Jimmy has gone and done it again. Girl (KIM! I remembered! Kim Wexler) has quit her job to go into business with Jimmy (though they are running their own businesses jointly). She lost the Mesa Verde case to HHM…and Jimmy forged some application documents for Chuck to fall. And Chuck called him on it. I’m in the middle of episode 9 where Chuck is confronting Jimmy and Kim. So I don’t know exactly how it’ll turn out but I’m guessing Kim will have finally had enough of his antics. Meanwhile Mike is getting in deeper with the Salamancas…he made a spiked hose to stop a delivery and has the driver at gunpoint…don’t know what for yet.

Yes I met Chuck’s wife in a flashback where she and Jimmy traded awesome lawyer jokes…lol

So I’ll definitely be done with Saul tomorrow. I think I’ll binge this LOST parody show I’ve been letting pile up on the DVR…it was funny enough. Then I should have 4 Supergirls to watch next week. Lol I’ve already seen 2 or 3 of them.

MJ said...

Robot - avoided some headlines but something big/interesting must have happened. LOL

BCS - oh yeah - the spiked hose ! LOL I couldn't believe Chuck figured out what Jimmy had done. He does now himself and knows he would not do that. And all cause Jimmy is positive Chuck is responsible for Kim not getting out of trouble with her bosses. Won't say more. And she is NUTS for sharing a business office with him - she knows what he is like. Jimmy nd Kim will go out to celebrate - it's a spot Jessie went a few times in BB - FYI. Wife was so normal compared with Chuck.

Supergirl - heard it just started airing S1 on CW - it's new home. i was nervous - word is that Calista Flockhart might not come back since production moved to Canada - lover her in the show. But now they are saying she will be back part time.

One word for you - iZombie !!!!!!

Mike V. said...

iZombie - okay okay! I added it to my Netflix list. But that's only season 1. I'll have to see when season 3 premieres so I know when season 2 would show up. lol

Robot - I didn't even read one article, but yeah I guess you could say that. lol I was kinda fading by the end of the episode but I did observe some interesting developments. lol

BCS - Right...Jimmy is putting all the blame on Chuck and it doesn't seem like he was involved with the Kim decisions. Chuck definitely played a part in keeping Mesa Verde though. I agree...I would not have done the deal if I were Kim. Interesting on the BB connection. I can't even imagine Jimmy and Kim would go out to celebrate after Chuck outing him but I'll keep watching!

Supergirl - Yeah 1st 2 eps recorded. I've already seen those...but 2 more will air on Monday. I read that about Calista too. Good ol' Calista...Canada is a long way from Medford, NJ her hometown and mine. Just knowing that it's possible Han Solo has visited my hometown is pretty damn cool! lol

Jason B. said...

Wrecked - Has anyone else been watching Wrecked still? I remember seeing that Mike watched the first few episodes at least. I've actually enjoyed it quite a bit, the Lost references are fun and it's pretty humorous for the most part. Season 1 finished the other night with two episodes that I just watched, and they are at least doing a second season.

Mike V. said...

Wrecked - Funny you should mention it...I actually just wrote about finishing it yesterday. Though I called it "that LOST parody show" because I temporarily forgot the name. Anyway, I finished Better Call Saul so I'm back on Wrecked. I think I watched 5 episodes. I'll finish these quick. But I just watched the one where they had an election and the doofus won. lol I think his name was Steve? The fake cop now has the nickname Chumba. It's a funny show. I like the one where they debated which movie they should watch with the battery power left. Selma or Dumb and Dumber To lol

BCS - Finished! I totally suspected that Chuck was playing Jimmy in that final scene. Guess all of the space blankets was to allow him to have that tape recorder recording Jimmy. Mike was out sniping but ended up not killing anyone and had a message on his car "don't". I don't know who could've gotten out there so quickly. Maybe it was Gus? I don't remember them celebrating at a Bar like you mentioned. Maybe it was earlier in the season. Anyway, that was a nice weeklong binge. I don't know if I would've been as invested if I watched it week to week but it's still a really well made show. Just so much competition now it's hard to keep up with everything real time.

Once I'm done Wrecked maybe I'll give iZombie a shot (while I let Supergirl build up on the dvr lol)

MJ said...

Calista - didn't realize she was a Jersey girl. I think now they live in LA and Montana

LOL on iZombie ! I won't say any more. Think it does not come back until 2017 though.

BCS - It wasn't a bar but a restaurant. Don't remember the name but it was a hot dog place - saving money for purchasing their new offices. Not a big deal - but just saw it on BB and remembered it on Saul.

Mike V. said...

Calista - Yep, went to Shawnee High School. Oh yeah I'm sure she doesn't live there anymore, but maybe she has family there. And just maybe she dragged Harrison to that wonderful town! lol That's my 2 claims to fame. Calista is from my hometown and Oscar Winning composer and LOST composer Michael Giacchino went to my high school and probably was in the same music program I was. lol

iZomobie - ugh...January...that means season 2 won't be up on Netflix until December. But that might be good timing since everything else will be off the air for the holidays!

BCS - Ohhhh right...I did see the hot dog place. Now that you mention it I vaguely remember it from BB. Speaking of Jersey, that place kinda reminded me of Maui Dog in North Wildwood. At 3am when the bars closed we'd walk back to my friend's house and always stop for a couple hot dogs in a giant dog bowl. lol

Anonymous said...

Haven't posted in a while mostly due to I don't watch what is being written about. But, I did check out Wrecked for 1 1/2 eps. I mean, it's a LOST parody, so I had to, right. I found it crass and many other things which made it not worth completing Ep 2. I've never liked that type of humor, reminds me of junior high--lol. Won't belabor the points.

Roadies--So, rotten tomatoes doesn't like this show, EXCEPT for the audience score. I find this show has complexities most just don't get. Maybe because some of them require a memory-lol.


Mike V. said...

Wrecked - Finished it today. Was a pretty easy binge at 20 minutes per ep minus commercials. Yes, it was vulgar but there was some funny stuff. It did get better past the first 2 episodes. Loved them trying to figure out Billy Zane in the one ep. The minute they didn't resolve it in that episode I thought to myself, "I'll bet they'll bring it back for a throwaway line in the finale." ....totally called it! lol

Roadies - It's definitely something I've been meaning to check out...mainly because I like Cameron Crowe's work. But just haven't gotten to it yet.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Started it today! still have 5 minutes left of the first episode but yeah it's pretty entertaining. I forgot it was a Rob Thomas show (i.e. Veronica Mars which I never watched either). I might have to stop watching to let my wife know. This feels like one she'd enjoy too. lol Or I could just keep watching and let her know after!!

Anonymous said...

Roadies--one of the things I think that got me to watching Roadies was that I did Security for the Grateful Dead. Paid great and saw a lot, learned a lot about people.

I think one thing that this show gets right is the "chill" element. I think most are expecting more blow ups and they happen. BUT, people who are chill and pursue chill are appreciated in this environment. Enough energy eating drama from the artists for example. And yet, a lot of them aren't as drama filled as you might expect.


MJ said...

LOL on Maui Bowl !

Sadly my claim to fame is that Bernie Sanders apparently went to my high school many many many years ago. Might be someone else too - not sure any more. Scott Baio went to my friends HS ! LOL

iZombie - you did ?!? LOL A few Mars actors do show up at some point - didn't watch. But can tell you her dad from Mars does visit I think. It's silly at first but it really does build a mythology as it goes

Mike V. said...

Roadies - That's pretty cool. Did you travel with the band? I'm a music guy and know all about roadies and the integral need for them. I'm sure I'd really enjoy the show. Yeah, I really wasn't expecting an adrenaline fueled show and a more "chill" thing is probably the best approach for something like that. Maybe I'll get to it eventually.

CLAIM TO FAME - lol on Bernie and Scott. Well you then are a couple degrees away from people that were at each of the party conventions this campaign season! lol

iZombie - Yeah first thing I did was look at IMDB episode ratings. I saw that stuff near the end of season 1 and 2 were in the 9.x range. Always a good sign. It certainly is an interesting concept. And looking at zombies from a comedic angle is a fun take. lol I'll probably burn through the 13 ep 1st season then will have to wait for s2 later this year.

CW Superheroes - So apparently the guy that plays Green Arrow put a picture of all of the superheroes' feet on instagram which led to speculation that a 4 way crossover event will be happening sooner than expected. I'm already overwhelmed with the thought that I'll have to watch all 4 shows on a crossover week! lol

Supergirl - 4 episodes on the DVR now. Maybe after I'm done iZombie I'll have a few to burn through.

mj said...

Yeah. The 2 times I had to watch arrow were tough. Already watched supergirl so...

Am caught up on The Night of. Interesting. And sad. Cause all probably somewhat close to truth. But Omar from Wireless! And Janice fr Sopranos.

Mike V. said...

CW Supes - Yeah I'll be caught up on Supergirl...but I have no intentions of starting Legends or Arrow. lol

Night of - I'm an episode behind now. Waiting for my wife to get back from visiting family. But yeah...they definitely went into the HBO All Stars Cast Bench for this show! lol Mas Cassella (Sp) also made an appearance. He was in Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire....and of course Vinnie Delpino from Doogie Howser!

Mike V. said...

Just saw a tweet and throught I'd share from TCAs. FX shared it in their presentation. Here are the number of original series (I'd assume this includes existing shows and new shows) for the coming year. Or maybe it is just a stat in general and not indicative of the coming year. lol

Broadcast: 150
Pay Cable: 50
Basic Cable: 180
Online Services: 130+

That's insane.

Anonymous said...

So, that's like over 500 "new" programs, crazy.

Roadies--I was asked to. But, with football I had a better gig--lol. Anyway, I would be called for security by various bands as they came into town. INcluding many I can't recall. Stones was one too. Many different bands including some CW types.

But, seriously the Dead had unbelievable fans. I worked their concerts I think 3 times.

I always had the backstage area to the keep the artists/talent safe. So, I met the talent and saw their interactions with the fans. Kind of tough knowing how to play things sometimes. I mean some guys want the fans right there and some don't. Some fans get drunk and obnoxious and so ruin it for all. Lots and lots of grey areas, so having a good gut feeling for what the artists wanted was important. But, you know me, I don't like drama and so shut that stuff down right away.

I could have made so much money faking autographs. I took things back for the artists to sign and sometimes they told me to sign it. Lots of stories. Bras and T Shirts were not uncommon-lol.

AND, you wouldn't believe what the girls would offer!!!! It's just nuts after the concert.

I think the reason the different bands kept requesting me was I kept a lid on things while having a good time. I had a crew of several helping of course and they had their own security for travel which I had to coordinate with. Those poor guys needed some sleep too.

2AM plus departures seemed to be the norm for the roadies. They'd pay us extra to stay around for them and help out. They really had their own culture that was similar between bands but also different for some.

I could go on and on.


Mike V. said...

Shows - I think that's all content, not necessarily just new shows. But it's still a crazy amount of content. I think we could all come up with a TV show idea and get funding if we wanted. Now, if people would watch it? That's a whole different ballgame. lol

Roadies - Yeah...that has to be a grey area. Security with bands. Mix in the alcohol and the crazies you gotta have some good judgment and a little bit of luck. lol Yeah...I could see you being cut out well for the job and avoiding the drama for the most part.

Those sound like some great stories to have in your arsenal with the autographs and working with the roadies and all of that. Really cool stuff. That's a crazy schedule for the roadies, but I can only imagine with the elaborate stage setups. I guess they catch a break sometimes with multi-night shows as long as they're consecutive and there are no sporting events in between. lol

Awesome stuff...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Roadies. The bigger the band, the bigger the production, the bigger the volume of STUFF!!!
Production money is the key for all of this. The major bands with big time laser lights, smoke, animation, etc have multiple tractor trailers. That part is missed in the Roadies show. The big rigs. The big time band talent flies--helicopters or limos to/from the arenas, the poorer ones ride a seperate bus. But, I saw the buses and big rigs arriving and leaving together. Most of the shows I worked were multiple days, bigger productions.

You'd be surprised with the very complicated productions that they have actual electrical engineers and computer engineers on hand. Many many things can and do break.


Mike V. said...

Roadies - I don’t know the premise of Roadies beyond the fact that it’s about roadies. So not sure how successful the band they’re working with is, but maybe it’s possible the show could evolve into something like that tracking the success of the band? It might not really be about that so I have no idea. But yeah, that could be an interesting show too. I think Cameron Crew based it on his own experiences kinda like Almost Famous and that was pre-superstardom. But yeah, I can imagine all of that stuff would be nuts. I know there are lots involved in those big concert productions and have always been curious to how it all works. How everything is perfectly synched to live music and all of that. Videos, lights, pyrotechnics….lots of moving parts. I’m sure some of it is automated, but you need someone to be taking cues from the band or someone to be directing the production and the band. Lol I can imagine if one thing goes wrong the whole thing could fall apart!

MJ said...

Night of - Casella ! I recognized him but did not know his name.

Stranger Things - watched the first 3 or 4 - been enjoying it alot. I have to look up that sherriff - he is very familiar.

Robot - still not caught up. Have 2 on the DVR and probably 3 after tonight. LOL

Mike V. said...

Stranger Things - My wife is back so maybe we'll get back to this after we catch up on Night Of. I think we're still ahead of you. On like ep 7 or something. Yeah the sheriff has been in stuff but never as a lead I don't think. I can't remember what he was in.

iZombie - On ep 3 or 4 I think. Don't know all the names but the morgue guy is going to become roommates with Major and they bonded over 4K HDTV and Zombie video games. lol Good stuff.

MJ said...

Stranger Things - finished. Great show.

iZombie - Ravi ! I adore Ravi. Major kinda reminds me of Awesome from Chuck. LOL At least in the part that you are up to now. I also like the man who is the cop - Babinow. Something about the way he talks. LOL Can't remember back to when things are occurring. Has Liv had to eat brains yet ? I can ask that without spoiling !

Mike V. said...

Stranger Things - damn that was fast! We still haven't watched any more or caught up on The Night Of. Mother in law in town and Olympics on all night. lol

iZombie - I got the exact same vibe of Major and Captain Awesome. lol Of course, he did just get the crap beat out of him looking for his friend Jerome. Liv has been eating brains since the first episode! But we know that the brain she eats gives her that personality along with visions.

I didn't pick up on her name being "LIV MORE" until this other zombie dude she met called it out. It was in the skydiving episode. He's been dying his hair and wearing makeup or whatever.....kind of like the David Anders character.

I could see this being a show that handles the "beginning" of a zombie apocalypse better than Fear The Walking Dead has. lol The cop Babineaux (or however you spell it) is also good, yeah. It's a fun show. I just started episode 6 of 13.

Mr. Robot - Watched last night's ep. Those first 19 minutes were hilariously disturbing. lol The episode as a whole was good too.

MJ said...

iZombie - I couldn't remember how fast they pulled the trigger on the brains changing her personality. Some of them are hysterical. And Babinew's reactions get pretty funny too. Anders is such a great villian - loved him in Alias as well. Thee will also be another villian - who I don't think you might have met yet, but maybe have - and he is really good. It's the guy who is behind Max Rager

Stranger Things - yeah - 4 each night. We were obsessed.

Robot - I swear I will get caught up to that this weekend. Heard it's been better then they early eps.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Candyman? I think he's the guy that beat up Major...unless they just thought he was the main guy. Yeah, Anders is great. He's been in lots of stuff, but I loved him on alias too.

Stranger Things - I would've finished it by now, but waiting on the Mrs. And she's not that into it!!

Robot - Yeah it's been better. They had to establish stuff to build up to the crazier stuff.

MJ said...

iZombie - nope not Candyman. I won't spoil it.

Mike V. said...

Flash/Supergirl - At TCAs apparently they announced there is going to be a musical crossover episode. lol I laugh, but usually musical episodes of shows end up being fantastic. At least it was for Scrubs! Plus they have Tom Collins (Jesse Martin) from Rent on the flash!! I did notice they let him sing in the season 2 EARTH 2 episode. Why not!??!

Mike V. said...

Flash/Supergirl Musical - Link

iZombie - I appreciate that! :)

Mike V. said...

iZombie - Well Lowell didn't last very long (Liv's zombie boyfriend). She chickened out on taking out Anders and he tried to do it for her. Ravi has asked out her roommate...not sure how that's going since lots of drama happened since. He got bit by a zombie rat, Major shot candyman but he walked away.....and now Max Rager conspiracy is starting. Looks like Steven Weber is going to play a major role. Maybe he's the other bad guy??? If not...I forgot to mention I know the police chief is a zombie as well. I think I have 3 episodes left for season 1.

Night Of - 2 behind now, but we may catch up since my mother-in-law returns home today. lol

Robot - caught up.

Mike V. said...

MJ having issues again. I know, it's just us discussing this stuff but it's tradition to post! lol

MJ Said
iZombie - yup - Stephen Weber is the next big bad. And he's really good at it ! LOL I know that I was very upset about that rat bite. Yeah - forget the roomies name - in early days thought it was her sister for some reason. Yeah - Lowell was not long for this show. LOL

Night of - just 1 behind from last night now.

Robot - SIGH. Still not caught up.

Mike V. said...

iZombie - I've always liked Weber since the Wings days. too bad I'll have to wait until season 2 is on Netflix to see more of his antics! (I did set my dvr to record reruns just in case that happens first) I don't remember the roommate's name either...but I knew she looked familiar. This is embarrassing, but I'll blame my wife. I found out I recognized her from the show Hellcats. LOL I think that was also a CW show.

Anonymous said...

Night Manager--OK, so I said AMC couldn't do anything great again. Well, this was really good. I don't know how much AMC had to do with it's production, but it was really good.

AND, AND, AND I find out later that the critics like it. I am surprised that the critics really liked something I liked--lol.

6 ep miniseries.


Mike V. said...

Night Manager - I had heard about that one. Tom Hiddleston right? (loki) I had heard critical raves about it as well. Did you find it on demand? I'm sure it already aired the entire run awhile ago.

Anonymous said...

It was being rebroadcast so I dvr'd it.


MJ said...

iZombie - Hellcats ? LOL Never heard of that one !

Night manager - I watched that one when it first aired Richard. I did enjoy it. Yes - AMC re-ran them as a marathon. Hiddleston and the guy from House. He made for a great bad guy.

Robot - so watched the one from 3 weeks ago finally. 1.5 hours - ugh. But it was a good ep. Loved the 70s/80's music after the intro where we see Elliot and Darlene first have the idea to take down Evil Corp. And in present Elliot is helping the black guy - can't remember his name.

Last Ship - you been watching Richard ? So now the conspiracy is within the new government in Missouri ! Wow. Pretty ambitious story for a TNT show. LOL Knew immediately it was the blonde since they made Nestor Serrano look so guilty.

Anonymous said...

Last Ship--I've been recording and watching a little and FF some. I've kind of lost interest with the Capt not taking promotion and wanting his ship back. Then of course putting himself in harms way given his position to the overall gov seemed stupid just from a command and control viewpoint--at least what I was taught. The blonde has always been on my radar, given something had to be wrong back on the homefront.

Also, one of my favorite characters--TEx is no longer on the show. He and the lady Dr really helped the show a lot.


Mike V. said...

iZombie – Oh yeah, it was a tv show about cheerleaders I think. They may have been in dance competitions kinda like Bring it On, but I think there was an “edge” to the show if I recall. I totally forget. But it was my wife that watched!! Anyway, iZombie I’m in the 12th episode of season 1. She at the brain of a high schooler and is being hilarious the whole episode. The episode before she was seeing things and thought she confessed to Major about being a zombie. But nope…he’s going to hunt them down! Should be about 1.5 episodes left then I’ll be on hold. I have about 6 episodes of Supergirl recorded to fall back on. Lol

Night Manager – I set the dvr and it’s going to record eps 4-6 so I’ll just have to wait until it picks up 1-3. Hugh Laurie is the guy from House….but everyone knows he’s the guy from the London episode of Friends! 

Robot – Elliot helping Ray? (i.e. Darryl from The Office?) Yeah…that was so long ago I almost forget the episode! The last 2 have been pretty good. Keep watching!

Night Of – Finally watched last week’s episode. Still have to watch this past Sunday’s ep. Nas is getting in deep in prison. Gotta love stories where the Criminal Justice system turns you into more of a criminal than when you walked in. Soooo Shawshank!

FTWD – I see that’s coming back soon….I never finished the first half of season 2! Lol Oh well. I think I deleted them.

Mike V. said...

Jack Ryan Drama for Amazon - Another case of no original ideas! lol But this one may have potential. Carlton Cuse is behind it starring John Kraskinski in the title role. I'll definitely check it out.

Anonymous said...

Last Ship and Star Trek. BTW, when the Capt didn't take the promotion on Ship it reminded me of Star Trek when Kirk wouldn't take but later kind of did and then we all knew he would go back to his ship. After going through the Kirk will he or won't he it was almost too predictable about Ship--lol.


MJ said...

Last SHip - who didn't take the promotion ? Ex-Capt is now CNO and XO is now the capt.

Jack Ryan - I don't think so ! LOL To go from Alec Baldwin then to Harrison Ford was ok. But Kraskinski ? Nah !

Anonymous said...

Ship--Exactly a CNO with a bird vs star or multiple stars. He was offered his star. He's been running the ship and putting himself in harms way and refused to come back as the Prez requested due to what are normal command and control considerations. Kirk turned in his Admiral position as well. There were other Commanders on board who could have taken over. But, he didn't trust them.


Mike V. said...

Jack Ryan - Don't forget Chris Pine lol....I like Krasinski and I think he has range. Sure, he's no Ford or Baldwin but I'll see how the thing looks.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Pine version and the Ford, Baldwin maybe 3rd.

But, no Amazon for me.


MJ said...

Jack Ryan - Pine was ok. And we all forgot Affleck. LOL Baldwin is my fave cause he was the very first one. And I loved Ford. Pine - I barely remember the movie so I guess I wasn't that impressed. Krasinski - only saw him briefly in The Office - which I only watched a few eps - but he does not come across as leading man material in a drama to me.

Mike V. said...

Jack Ryan - I knew there was someone I was forgetting! I honestly only ever saw Baldwin and Ford so can't comment on the others. He was lead in the movie 13 Hours...which I'll admit I never saw...and another slam against it is that it's a Michael Bay movie lol....but I heard he did a pretty good job in it.

Reading his IMDB...oh right he also was in Jarhead...I remember that. He was solid in that too. Everyone has to start somewhere. Tom Hanks was on Bosom Buddies...Robin Williams on Mork and Mindy! I'll give it a chance.

iZombie - Finished season 1....her brother was in that explosion and they want her to give blood! She supposedly cured Blaine....Steven Weber is getting more involved.....Major is a zombie!! Or is he not? I think she cured him too. lol Guess I'll have to wait until season 2 is on Netflix to see more!

MJ said...

Jack ryan - well I don't have Amazon so the point is really moot - but doubt I would watch it.

Stranger Things - you finish that yet ?

iZombie - ah the Meat Cute ! LOL Yeah - the not giving blood really gets her in trouble with the family. Cracks me up that the family just goes along with the fact that her hair is white and she is so pale and it's 'a look'. I was devastated with Major but then not cause that mean they could date again. Will NOT say if that lasts or not. LOL Thought I'd hate a cured Blaine - but didn't. He is a bad guy that you just kind of like somehow.

Mike V. said...

Stranger Things - Still 3 left. I know there is an alternate dimension type place or "upside down world". And I think the girl that looks like Fiona from Shameless was now taken over there....I forget. We're caught up on Night Of so maybe we'll get to that now.

iZombie - Yeah the Meat cute was a pretty funny name. I'm a little annoyed I can't keep watching. But, I held out with The 100 until the new season was available. I can do this! lol

Anonymous said...

The Jack Ryan character really is under franchised. The single best thing that 007 had going for it was Ian Fleming and his maintenance of control and consistency on many details as well as the big stuff. He had more than creative rights and maintained it and so does his family today. I think the Ryan franchise would be outstanding if it had been controlled by Tom Clancy in the mode of Fleming. It's really a shame in a way to be reduced to the small screen. I get the excitement by those who are amazon subscribers. I think there are 10 books some written by others.

BTW, I was going to rewatch SW this weekend but decided not to, particularly EP 5. It just sucks what Ep 7 did to Ep5. In a way though after reading the wiki on EP 5 it's not surprising that few get it. I mean it, just read it--not much there.

I remember the build up to this ep. Particularly how important Yoda was(past tense--lol)to the Jedi nights. The whole notion of being a padawan,etc--done for.

"Luke, meanwhile, escapes with R2-D2 in his X-wing fighter and crash-lands on the swamp planet Dagobah. He meets a diminutive creature who is revealed to be Yoda; after conferring with Obi-Wan's spirit, Yoda reluctantly accepts Luke as his pupil."


Mike V. said...

You have the power to pretend episode 7 doesn't exist. I still maintain that episode 8 will clarify your disappointment in 7 with the force training. Episode 5 is still the best Star Wars and is unaffected by 7. Luke will train Rey in 8 and she will understand how to control the force and not just get lucky. Plus she may have had prior training and doesn't remember. Her past is a mystery.

Mike V. said...

Also Luke used the force to destroy the Death Star in 4 and picked a light saber out of the snow before his yoda training. Just saying.

MJ said...

iZombie - well glad you have enjoyed it. Always risky when you not only recommend a show but then highly recommend it. LOL

Stranger - The minute she turned that board over I called it that it was another dimension. Not that I called it the upside down - but I knew where they were going. As I'm sure many did too. Funny - I thought the girl looked like Mia Sara from Risky Business - but yeah - a young Fiona. LOL - the idiot went into a hole in a tree ! Like who would do that ?!?

Night of - so this is really becoming the story of how a somewhat innocent goes into the system and then what he becomes I guess ?

SW - jeez - I didn't hate 7 at all ! nor did I hate 5. I think 7 was to get everyone back into the spirit of it all and introduce new characters while allowing older ones to close out their stories if they wanted to (Ford). Also - there are poeple who never saw the original three or the follow up 3 eps - so this also folded them into the universe. If anything I'd have to say Ep 1 was the lamest. And what I hated about 1 thru 3 was the Jedi were like useless. LOL Not one of them could really sense the darkness that was really growing ? Oh well.

Mike V. said...

SW - The dark side clouds everything! lol I thought the prequel story was fine...though I would've started it later in Anakin's life...focused more on the clone wars and/or Vader/Emperor hunting down the jedi.....and would've executed the whole production much differently! But, it was what Lucas wanted to do.

Debating episode 7 is getting tiresome for me. The majority of the world enjoyed the film. There is a very vocal minority on the internet bringing up rehashes of episode IV-VI which were purely intentional to bring back a familiar feel while introducing new characters..... And of course, talking about how Rey was "too perfect" a character and got strong in the force too quickly. I maintain that there's a reason for this and it's not intended to break canon. If anything, Lucasfilm has shown they are dedicated to being religiously faithful to the canon throughout all media outlets. I think Richard's point on episode 5 is that he can't even enjoy the great film that it was anymore because episode 7 destroyed the canon for him. I personally think that's a ridiculous thing to say, but opinions are opinions! lol

Night of - Yep, the ol' Shawshank Redemption! lol I think in the end it's just going to be a very familiar story but where the show excelled was getting into the minute details of the criminal justice system. It definitely has me glued to the screen.

Stranger - We finished. Watched 3 last night! Great stuff. I think I knew it was another dimension the moment we saw her friend get taken at the pool. We saw her on the other side in a pool. But yeah by the end we got the name. Wow...Mia Sara was in Risky Business??? I always thought she was a one hit wonder with Ferris Bueller's Day Off! lol Anyway, great nostalgia TV....and looks like they're going to do another season. Lots of debate on whether they should do an anthology series or continue to follow these kids. Obviously Will has the beast or some part of the beast inside him. And can switch worlds at will. I didn't read the article but I saw a headline that an exec compared this to Harry Potter. Like each season would be a book/movie and maybe a year in these kids' lives. That would make sense to factor in the aging.

iZombie - lol...touche'! I appreciate the recommendation! And you usually have a good gauge on what I will like!

Mike V. said...

Mr. Robot - Not sure if you're caught up but don't read if you are!!!! (SPOILERS!!!)!

So, that theory I mentioned after the first episode of this season (I didn't come up with it but it was pretty popular) ended up being true. Pretty crazy. lol

MJ said...

Stranger - Damnit ! LOL Meant Ferris Bueller. LOL Ugh on that worm that he coughs up. Loved leaving the waffle in the box for El. Though why did the sherriff go with them ? obviously more to the deal with them than we know. I hope the stay with this cast. Loved the Rings call out when the all go running into his hospital room when Will wakes up. Also the line - that would be like sending R2D2 up against Darth Vadar. Too funny

Robot - still behind but have been reading that evryone thinks Elliot is in a psych ward or half way house. Like I said - 3 behind so that theory might already be blown. ;-P

SW - pretty much agree with you

Richard - The Strain will be back next week !

Mike V. said...

Strain - Hey, I'm caught up on that one too! lol Good I need more stuff to watch again. I'll be watching the Supergirls, this and Robot.

Robot - I'll just wait until you catch up!

Stranger - Yeah I figured Sheriff went with them as part of the deal he made for him and winona ryder to be released. He must have more insight on the upside down now and maybe knew that El was okay. Didn't even make the connection to LOTR...obviously any star wars reference I'll immediately recognize...of course that one was pretty blatant! LOL on Ferris Bueller.

Anonymous said...

SW--I wouldn't say those who agree with me make up a tiny group. Probably small, but in reality to be a serious fan and look into the details as major fans, well, that's a small group to begin with.

So, Ep 8 is going to show all of her Jedi training background. Keep in mind how she was unstopable, etc and as far as is SHOWN on the film so far has had zero training. I'm looking forward to see if EP 8 gives us some Jedi training background.

BTW, it's not just EP5. I mean look at the prequels and how it took years to train a Jedi and each started out with a "master". It's the whole/entire series really that's been thrown under the bus. It's just that EP 5 was such a great movie.

My additional point in the above post was that even in the wiki on it they don't go into the necessity for training.

What was the purpose of Qui gon and Obi wan, Yoda and the council with the training center?


Mike V. said...


SW - In the grand scheme of the massive amount of fans Star Wars has...yes it's a smaller group of nitpickers. But let's not get into the serious fan debate. I definitely am in the higher percentile of serious fans. I have examined these details just as you have and have just found them to be a non-issue.

rey's training - we were given key points during the show to see that she has learned how to defend herself. She was attacked by people on Jakku...Finn was going to save her, but then she handled herself just fine with her staff. The Force AWOKE in her (hence the name of the episode) during the movie and she tapped into it...she mind melded with kylo ren when he was interrogating her. Kylo even told Snoke that she is untrained in the force but she is getting stronger the more she experiments with it. (Some even theorize that she may even be part of another prophecy just like Anakin maybe the midichlorians conceived an anti-vader....I don't subscribe to this but just saying there are other ways to look at this)

She didn't have any force training, but she pretty much had the same amount of training that Luke had in A New Hope. One little lesson from little lesson from 1000 year old Maz Kanata who, while not a Jedi, is knowledgeable in the force.

Don't forget Kylo's training was not complete either (Snoke mentioned it was time to complete his training...he's not a fully fledged bad-ass like Vader was just yet....we are seeing the origins of a Dark Lord just as much as a Jedi here).

Mike V. said...

Episode 8 will surely give her the training background...the teases on instagram from Mark Hamill alone let us know that. (picture of Hamill on Ridley's back like Yoda was with Luke lol) But, I think we're going to explore Rey's past more too. There's a reason she was dropped off at Jakku....someone knows who she is and what experience she may already have had.

You brought up 5 as an example which is why I responded to it. The series has not been thrown under the bus. I understand your complaints...I've understood them since December 17th. (before you even mentioned them because I knew you would! lol) I'm just patient and wait and see.

Rey is not fully trained. Kylo was not fully trained....Kylo was injured. A planet was imploding around them. Lots of factors went into Rey's victory in that battle. Now, she did use a Jedi Mind trick pretty easily...( was after her mind meld with she may have learned something in that exchange....she still had no idea what was happening to her.) Of course...some point to this being evidence that she might be an Obi-Wan descendent. (If you watch the clone wars there was a love interest for Obi-Wan that could potentially lend to this idea)

There is still a purpose for Jedi training in the prequels...Nothing has been told to Rey about controlling her anger yet either. That's a big thing in jedi training. She could be seduced by the dark side just like Luke was and she'll have to be prepared to deal with that. The fact that Kylo was seduced makes me think Luke will stress this in his training and may even be reluctant to train her at first....(that is, unless she had already begun her training before she was carted off to Jakku....even still Luke may be distraught and may still not want to train her)

There's more story to be told. Sure, you can argue that this movie should've been a stand-alone story that built out these characters enough to not leave us with such mysteries. The problem is...that's not the world we live in anymore. We live in franchised movie world where every movie is a building block towards the next one. (except maybe this trilogy where episode 9 should conclude this story at least) They had the fortune of knowing there would be a sequel so they left some stuff open for the next episodes to fill in. Original Star Wars could've been a one off with no sequels so it was a simple story of a boy saves princess and defeats an empire. Layers were added in in future episodes.

I don't really know what else to say about this that I haven't already. But, I'm always willing to try! lol

MJ said...

Strain - jeez I forgot that you started watching that. LOL

SW - moving on now. LOL

Sundance has a show coming out that got raves overseas - Gomorrah. But subtitled - hate that. Is an italian mob show. Already got 2nd season over then and more to come from what I hear. they liken it to Sopranos. Starts 8/24

Anonymous said...

SW--yea that shows how dead TV is right now-lol. Making up stuff to talk about.


Mike V. said...

Touché! Lol I've found lots to watch this summer just not stuff we are all watching. Lol

Out of town for the wknd. Have a good one everyone!

Anonymous said...

A great interview re Game of Thones. The part about Dany really makes you wonder.

Benioff & Weiss: We don’t think of The Night King as a villain as much as Death.


MJ said...

Swamped at work today ! SIGH

Robot - all caught up. Will write more later.

FTWD - not a bad ep - but reminded me of the All Beth ep from TWD. Too much Nick maybe. Especially as he is not my fave character. Hate that AMC tacked on 1 hr special of crap to Talking Dead.

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