Monday, June 6, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 6/5/2016 - 6/12/2016

Hello everyone. This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

MJ - I'm responding to your comments from last week's thread.

Daredevil - This is next on my list. I'm like 1 or 2 eps in I think. I got sidetracked binging the latest season of Always Sunny which has been sitting on my DVR for months. lol

Veep - Still really need to watch this!

Silicon Valley - Still love this show and caught up.

Americans - I actually just binged 3 episodes back to back to catch up too. Yep, Paige is slowly learning more about her parents' ACTUAL job. They tried to protect her from it...but it can't stay concealed forever. Not sure what's going on between Elizabeth and Pastor Tim. It's probably a combination. She needs someone to talk to now that she had to distance herself from her friend....but she could totally be playing him too. They may not trust Paige to do it all by herself.

Finale is this week? Crazy...I thought we had a couple more. It certainly does fly!

MJ said...

Silicon - behind on that one

Vikings - finally started this up again. Lagertha has killed her groom and Opium-head Ragnar has just sailed into French waters and sees Rollo on the shore in French clothing.

Civil War - FINALLY saw it today ! ***Spoilers in case I am not the only person left on earth who has not seen it - did NOT see that twist coming that Bucky killed his parents. At all. And now poor Cap is on his own. Very sad - but good movie. Did not stay to see the trailer at the end - assuming there was one.

Mike V. said...

Civil War - we're on the same page, MJ that the movie was good! Cap is on his own, but I'm sure that won't be the case when Avengers: Infinity Wars comes around! lol Yeah I didn't see the twist coming either. It was perfectly paced for you to forget all about Stark's parents and tying it together to those Winter Soldier flashbacks. It was really well done. And loved how no superhero felt underutilized. Everyone served a purpose and was awesome! There was a mid-credits clip and a post credits clip. The mid-credits clip set up the Black Panther movie. And the post-credits clip set up the Spiderman: Homecoming movie. I forget the details of both! lol

Jason B. said...

TWD - just a rumor right now, but Harold Perrineau (Michael on LOST) may have been cast as an upcoming comic character for TWD. I hope it's true, it would be extremely awesome in my opinion!

Mike V. said...

TWD - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALT!! Thanks for the info SuperJ!

MJ said...

TWD - that would be so cool !

MJ said...

Limitless - saw this was cancelled. Was a fun show.

Americans - have not watched finale yet

Mike V. said...

Limitless - Yeah I think it happened a couple weeks ago. I deleted them off my DVR right after. lol You guys had me interested to watch. I'm sure it still would've been worth watching but I have too many other things I need to catch up on.

Americans - I'll stay quiet! :)

Daredevil - Getting into season 2 now.

Anonymous said...

LImitless---my wife and I are both not happy with its' cancellation


MJ said...

Limitless - Right ! I was disappointed

Last Ship - season 3 starts tomorrow.

Americans - was very tense - but kinda anti-climactic. We all know they are not going back to Russia ! And while it seemed the sick guy was going to reveal too much - he didn't. Stan was too funny when he caught Paige and his son (name eluding me at the moment). Very brave what William did though. They spent so much time on Philips son that we know that will be in play next year. Interesting that Arkady is going back and that poor woman Oleg likes got screwed out of her post to stay in DC. I like Oleg - hope he is back some how since he is now going to Russia too.