Monday, June 13, 2016

TV Discussion: Week of 6/12/2016 - 6/18/2016

Hello everyone. This is our weekly place to discuss all non recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Last Ship--premiere got postponed to I don' tknow when, bummer. I actually wanted to watch it vs more news.

Hell on Wheels came back this weekend. A big death and about time.


Mike V. said...

Last Ship - I'm sure it'll just get pushed out a week. Maybe a double header next week best case. That said...I haven't watched since the pilot!

Americans - MJ, responding to your post on last week's thread. Yeah they're definitely not going back to Russia. And Philip's son will definitely be coming next season. I read an interview with the showrunners that they joked about him coming to the states and the Jennings moving to Russia at the same time. Obviously, there's no way that would happen! Yeah...I like Oleg too, I'm sure they're not writing him off the show. Stan was pretty funny...agreed. Season was really good, but I agree the finale was anti-climatic. Still excited for next season!

Tonys - Hamilton pretty much swept! I think they lost in one acting category. Excited for December 13th when I finally get to see it. Of course, I'm sure it won't be the original cast by that point. Booooo lol

MJ said...

Last Ship - it did not air last night ? Planned on watching today. Was it because of the Orlando shooting ?

Daredevil - still have 2 to go. Been different. Punisher went a way I did not expect is all I will say since don't know where you are

OITNB - out Friday midnight. Will probably wait a few weeks to check it out

Mike V. said...

Last Ship - yes because of Orlando.

Daredevil - Still on 2nd episode lol

OITNB - I'm sure we'll watch it because my wife is excited. After that finale I haven't been anticipating it too much. But I think I enjoyed most of last season.

Mike V. said...

Wrecked - the LOST parody on tbs starts Tuesday night at 10. Just a heads up! might be awful but of course I'm gonna check it out lol

MJ said...

Wrecked - too funny. I came here to post the same exact thing.

Americans - did I hear it got a 2 year renewal? But did they say it was the final two ?

Mike V. said...

Americans - Yeah I think we discussed it a few weeks's the final 2 seasons...I think a 13 and a 10 ep season.

Wrecked - Nice! lol There's 2 half hour episodes on tonight. Think I should recap them on the LOST blog? Naaaa lol

MJ said...

LOL on Wrecked.

Americans - wasn't sure. Confusing with Bates in my mind I think

Animal Kingdom - taped but not watched yet. Any one see it ?

Preacher - any one watching ? What a kooky show. Another comic book - but waaay out there. Seth Rogen is one of te names behind it - tells you something right there.

Daredevil - finished a few days ago.

Mike V. said...

Wrecked - It wasn't too bad. Some pretty funny ideas they're exploring. I could see them making a run with the show by lightly poking fun at some of the tropes in LOST.... i.e. people not knowing any numbers to call when they get a signal, one of the characters being haunted by his dad but explaining the point of it, etc....

I'm sure I'll keep watching. I think there's only 6 or 8 of them.

Americans/Bates - I think I did that too during our discussions lol

Preacher - I've heard about it, but I didn't look into it. I did know Seth Rogen was involved.

Daredevil - I'm in the 5th episode I think. Punisher is arrested, Elektra has shown up just as Matt was making the movies on whatserface from True Blood (which I thought for sure they were setting up a will they/won't they with Foggy lol)....I'm in the middle or near the end of the ep where in a flashback Matt is getting to beat down the guy that killed his father.

MJ said...

Daredevil - It was ep 5 or before but there was a great fight sequence that was a call back to last year's big hallway fight - but this time they added stairs too. I was surprised Punisher was arrested so fast - thought he'd be more season long problem. Will say no more yet.

Animal Kingdom - pretty meh ! for me. A bunch of bad boys - who are pretty - lead by a mom/grandmom who is not very motherly. Was ok for summer watching but I have other things to see. All they do is commit crimes and do drugs. Later!

Hulu/Mindy - so since was recuperating I 'borrowed' my nieces logon for hulu to watch Mindy. Ugh ! Don't know what the issue is but she has the non-ad-free version and every time the ads come up it takes me back to the beginning of the ep. So annoying. Doesn't do that to her though. Wonder if some weird Tivo/Hulu thing. She has Fios but not Tivo. Oh well. Was annoyed to watch ads too. LOL

Wayward - I gave this up but wondering how it's been. Any one watching ?

Mike V. said...

Orphan Black - Renewed for one final season. I'm probably ready for it to be over! lol It's been good this year though.

Daredevil - Hmmm..not sure I saw the stairs fight yet. Maybe I did! Well Punisher is a Marvel hero right? So they couldn't have him be at odds with Team Daredevil for too long. I wonder if this is a setup for yet another Netflix series? I'm into episode 7 or 8 now I think. I just started the episode where Elektra got sliced in the stomach (ARYA!!!) and they're at some big gaping hole in the ground. And the old guy from lots of other stuff came to help out.

Hulu - Yeah...I did a free trial of Hulu to watch revenge season 1 back in the day (never finished that series lol)....commercials were a pain! But TiVo's streaming apps aren't the greatest. They work really well on the TiVo Mini in our bedroom but everywhere else they're kinda clunky. I prefer Apple TV, a Playstation 3 or 4 or amazon streaming devices in my house. Definitely don't need them all but I do! lol

Wayward - I've been watching but not the latest episode. I was thinking of bailing. It's just OKAY. But it's basically a completely new batch of characters. They brought a few back from last season but for brief appearances. Definitely not as mysterious and interesting as the miniseries since everything is revealed now. lol I heard the ratings took a huge drop too. I'd rather focus on Daredevil for now!

MJ said...

Orphan - yeah I read that too. And agree. Ending at a good time.

Daredevil - was surprised they caught him so fast - then was surprised we wete staying with him for the trial. Matt has been extra jerky to his friends this year and with this trial that he insisted they take. Old guy is Stick - see lots of him this year.

Last Ship - Richard the premier is tonight now - still 2 eps.