Tuesday, September 20, 2016

TV Discussion: Fall 2016 September-October

Hello fellow TV Addicts!  The Fall shows have finally come back to us and we need a new thread to track and discuss them all.  That's what we'll be doing here until we get back into regular recapping mode.  Walking Dead will resume later next month, so then we'll get back into weekly recaps and discussion threads. 

See you in the comments! 


Mike V. said...

Responding to last posts on the summer thread:

Angie - If it's like Airplane, I'm not sure why I haven't watched it yet

Kevin James show - I've read really bad things about it. I mean it looks like a carbon copy of his last show!

Forgot about McGyver. Not sure about it. I did love the original though!

Prison Break - Oh I'll go back! I'm a glutton for punishment!

Good Place - Really funny show. The concept is way out in left field which works to its advantage. Loved the whole discussion in the beginning about "who got it right" and then this one dude that got 92% correct when he was high lol

Gotham - Who the hell was that in Lee's house? It looked like Jim. Is there another clone? Or are we to assume she's moved on? That seems too simple. Back in Gotham it's crazy business as usual. I saw they still had the same actress playing IVY but heard she was recast...so being dropped down that hole must be her origin story and upgrade to better acting! lol Fish - I'm so over her...can they just kill her off quickly?

BBT - Pretty funny wrap up to the wedding drama. Nice to meet Penny's family and to see Katy Sagal playing her mother one more time on a different show. But, I didn't buy Kenneth from 30 Rock as a drug dude. lol

SHIELD tonight, Designated Survivor Tomorrow! (really looking forward to that one)

This is Us and Westworld come in October.

MJ said...

Kevin James - I didn't watch King of Queens so can't say if like that or not. Typical sitcom. Fat guy with too good looking a wife. He's not as dumb as they make some of the husbands these days. But yeah - nothing to be excited about.

Last year a good comedy came out - not sure I ever mentioned it. Life in Pieces. It will be back at some point - not sure when - but great cast and pretty funny.

Gotham - yeah I heard that about ivy as well. I don't even know her backstory. LOL Never heard of her. I only watched the lame batman tv show in the 70's - never a comic book fan. Gotham is even more cartoonish then usual I thought. Not sure if a good thing or bad. Yeah - I could not tell if that another Gordon with Lee or just another guy with similar hair cut. She should move on though - as a boyfiends he sucks ! LOL Don't mind Fish - over the dopplegangers so not thrilled with alternate Bruce.

Good Place - visually reminded me of Pushing daisies - and even the tone too. I liked it. Is different. Don't know that they can sustain the wonderment of it all. And how long her trying to be good can be amusing. Loved the chick that won't stop talking (she seemed familiar) has a soulmate that won't talk. But surely she couldn't be his soulmate ? Like Janet the computer too. And that you can't curse - but again that will not stay cute for long.

Shield - didn't get to it.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--Ivy--played by Paltrow in the movies. I think we'll see her come back but different due to the chemicals. The doppleganger stuff is overly complicating things and dicing up a 1 hour show into pieces that become too small to enjoy. He kept Lee's pic, so we'll see if she comes back into the show with Gordon. What's up with the Barbera, Tabitha and Butch. Did Tabitha and Butch have a relationshiop I missed? That whole story line is just wierd.

Fish adds sex appeal to the show, they don't want to get rid of her too soon.

I liked the line --penguins eat fish.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - Uma Thurman played Ivy in Batman Forever. I think Tabitha and Butch had something last season, but I don't remember much of it either. Agree...weird. Fish adds sex appeal??? Really??? I'm not saying Jada Pinkett Smith is unattractive, but Fish Mooney isn't really! lol Agree....doppelgangers are a bit ridiculous!

Kevin James - I've only seen King of Queens in reruns but it's pretty funny. All the reviews I've seen of this new sitcom are pretty horrible though. lol

Good Place - Yeah maybe Kristen Bell is not the only "mistake" in the system. I was thinking it could be a twist and maybe it's not even "the good place" lol Agree...it'll be interesting to see how long they can keep it up. Good comparison with Pushing Daisies.

This is Us - REALLY GOOD. I won't say more until I know people have seen it!

B99 - Pretty funny return.

Good Girl - Hilarious and heartwarming as always.

Shield - Watched, but can't promised I processed the whole thing. lol Was kinda half paying attention. But yes...Ghostrider is in it. lol

Modern Family and Designated Survivor tonight! And have to catch up on Atlanta.

MJ said...

Good Place - read a review that said there are echos of park and Rec and Better off Ted. Not sure I saw Better off Ted in there - i loved that show! I froze the DVR just the read some of the point values for life actions - some were hysterical. And when he kicked the dog into the sun - I laughed out loud at that one. And the neighbor who never stops talking - does she seems like she's such a good person ? And if they are all so good - why is someone sending notes saying you don't belong here. I'm guessing they have some stuff up their sleeves.

Gotham - yeah tabitha and Butch very briefly had something - and it made no sense even then. I think it was when he was briefly in charge and she was rebelling against her brother. Mooney had sex appeal in season one - but not for quite awhile now. Yeah - I didn't see all the batman movies so missed all the Poison Ivy.

Good Girl ? Mean New Girl ? LOL I gave that one up.

This is us - heard it's the new Parenthood - which I enjoyed for a few seasons til it got old. I did record it though. Heard I'll need a kleenes. LOL

Atlanta - yeah I am now 3 behind I think. I only saw the 2 premier eps.

Van Helsing ? Any one going to watch ? On Sy Fy this friday and 10 and 11pm - supposedly she is the last descendent of Van Helsing. Husband wants to check out - could be good. Also Exorcist is on Friday.

Anonymous said...

That's right, I had the right girl in mind, wrong name. Her long legs and those marshal arts movies along with Travolta in Pulp Fiction

This link goes to an article that talks about Ivy and Gotham. I agree with almost all of it, including how the show can't figure out how to deal with the characters. At least I'm not the only one seeing inconsistencies.


Fish--well, she was swinging it and had on that skin tight outfit. Femme Fatales have to have some level of sex appeal in order to qualify. Given what's going to happen with Ivy and already happened with others I'd say Gotham is all over the femme fatale character--the more the better. Tabitha, Barbara, Lee(even she has a bad side),Fish. I think the show will maintain Salina Kyle and not age her too quickly though.

What is, This is US?


Mike V. said...

Good Place - Makes sense on parks and rec since it's a Mike Schur comedy (he did Parks and Rec and B99) Loved Better Off Ted. I meant to go back and freeze frame the point values. lol Yup...there's more behind the curtain than it seems. That's probably where this show has legs! I agree...the talky girl doesn't seem like a "good person" either.

Gotham - I agree on inconsistencies too. Of course, I'm not at a point where I'm over critical of what I'm watching. It passes 40 minutes on the treadmill for me. lol (you're thinking of Kill Bill btw)

I'd rank Tabitha and Barbara having more appeal than Fish on this show!

This is Us - I'll respond to MJ first then explain the concept Richard. Yeah I heard Parenthood comparisons too. My wife loved that show from start to finish (binged it on Netflix earlier this year). It's the same guy that did Friday Night Lights and About a Boy (loves adapting those films into emotional shows! lol) This is Us is not Jason Katims though. And there's a little more to the premise. I don't want to get into it too much.

Basically, it follows 4 different characters who were born on the same day. It's their 36th Bday. (missed me by 2 years lol) There's definitely some sappy drama stuff going on, but the way it's executed is pretty good and I can't wait to see more!

New Girl - YEP...that's what I meant! I knew you stopped...but it's still really good!

Atlanta - We're only one behind. I feel like we won't be able to keep up but it's really good when we watch!

Van Helsing - didn't even know it was coming on. Totally out on Exorcist too. lol

MJ said...

Yeah - i go a little more sci fi/horror then you do - while you go more comic book. LOL I think it's the age difference maybe.

This is Us - I did read about the birthday thing. I am intrigued.

Atlanta - hoping only like 8 or 10 eps so I will try to catch up and stay caught up. Husband hated it - he hates rap. LOL

Mod Fam - that means goldbergs and speechless on tonight too. LOL It's getting crazy 3 days in.

Mike V. said...

Sci-Fi/Horror vs Comic - It's not that...I'm just not too tuned into what's airing on SyFy. I love Sci-Fi stuff. I mean come on...I had a dedicated blog on LOST and every show that attempted to capture that wave after! I'd say I'm totally into Sci-Fi/Fantasy stuff. (see: thrones)

Horror...maybe not as much but I do watch AHS and Stranger Things lol Not sure if you can count Walking Dead, but it kinda fits. Trust me...I wish there was a lot less Comic Book stuff on TV and in Film! That's just what is selling these days. As long as they tell good stories with that as a backdrop I'm in.

Atlanta - Yeah...it's not my favorite genre, but it certainly has grown on me over the years (and of course, the HAMILTON musical is irresistible once you hear it!). But, I don't really think it's about that. It's more the backdrop of this very lived in environment. They get very into the minutiae (Like that word?) of this very specific world and that's what makes it entertaining. It's not like we're following a story about a guy trying to make it in the rap industry. It's really about Donald Glover's character being an average dude trying to stay afloat and has a cousin that happens to be a rapper. But, they're telling all kinds of stories based on these relationships.

But even with that said...it's not for everyone! lol

Goldbergs/Speechless - yep I think they all start. I really missed the boat on Goldbergs. I've heard great things! If only Netflix had it streaming. I've seen ads for Speechless, but other than Minnie Driver being in it..i'm not sure the premise.

MJ said...

SciFi - yeah but I don't think of Lost as true Sci-Fi. Not really. Just cause you throw in a little time travel and some mysticism doesn't necessarily make it sci fi in my book. SyFy channel has been putting some good stuff on the last few years. LOl Some of it any way.

Goldbergs - you could totally just start watching. Yeah - the kids are a couple of years older and they might reference some past stuff - but it's not like you wouldn't get the show. First ep is an homage to Breakfast Club. LOL It really is very sweet and funny.

Atlanta - got a pick up for season 2. As did Better Things - a funny show.

This is Us - heard there was a twist at the end - but luckily did not read what. i def am watching that tonight.

Mike V. said...

Sci Fi - Yeah, I know. But I'm a Trek/Star Wars guy. (of course Star wars isn't really sci fi either. I did look into some of that SyFy stuff in the past few years and couldn't get into it. But, I did love BSG. I know you tend to watch that stuff more than me...but I would fit it in if I had time!

Goldbergs - I'll think about it. I could at least set the season pass.

Atlanta - I saw! Didn't look into Better Things.

This is Us - Watch it as soon as you can to stay spoiler free. Don't try to figure out the twist. lol But, I don't really think you will.

Leslie said...

Hey gang! You're still here!

This is Us - I love the premise and the twist! They got me! I liked Parenthood, but frankly, I didn't think about it while watching this.

Kevin James - Seems like basically same character with a different wife and kids this time.

Designated Survivor - Will record, but probably won't be able to watch tonight.

Leslie said...

MJ - I haven't watched yet, but have NCIS and Bull recorded. Can hardly imagine NCIS without Michael Weatherly, but I'm curious about his new show. Have you watched either yet?

Mike V. said...

Hi Leslie! Good to hear from you. Hopefully, we'll discuss some shows you actually are watching too! :)

This is Us - I agree. It's not the same type of show. Similar. But I had other thoughts especially with the pilot. But I'll wait for MJ to finish before commenting.

Kevin James - yep!!

MJ said...

Hey Leslie ! Hope your summer was good. Yep - taped NCIS and Bull - but not watched yet. Agree on Ncis - but new characters could be interesting. Gibbs has been nicer to these newbies - he was/is nicer to the blonde (can't remember her name) then he ever was to Kate, DiNozzo and Tim. But I don't think the new characters are probies - just new to the team

This is Us - I loved it !! No - I did not put the twist together - but knowing there was a twist as soon as I saw the dude in the leisure suit I put it together. So perhaps knowing there was one did get me there sooner then others - but I didn't guess it. So are we done seeing Vilo and his wife - or are we going to see flashbacks? What really freaked me out was a fireman just lighting up in a hospital ! LOL Then the view of the leisure suit.

Goldbergs - they haven't missed a beat. Still great.

Speechless - very funny. We'll see if it remains funny after a few weeks of the same stuff or if they change it up some. Weird seeing the guy from Robot here. LOL

Shield - watched and will come back later for more as I have to go - but was that Chris from FTWD in that wheelchair ??

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Leslie.

Designated Survivor--the pilot was decent. I sincerely hope they don't go down the capital bomb was an inside job or similar storyline, ie the general did it(or is in with the group that did). The lone FBI investigator of course will be smarter than anyone else including the CIA in figuring this out. Which meshes with the CIA director being missing. Why is the CIA director missing--my guess which I hope I"m wrong is that he's in on it. Who's Scott btw?

I like the actor who plays the first lady. It seems well cast all around. This show has the potential to be very good.

Shield--Ghost Rider--I've loved this song forever. It's been around since the 40s. I'm not crazy about the actor playing the Ghost Rider and wish they had him on a motorcycle or horse but the car worked fine. The musical chairs of Shield was strange at best. So, the Ghost Rider could have killed Daisy but didn't--that will come into play later. The line that these mutants can't use their powers without repercussions seems all new. Like Daisy needing this special drug now. Interesting, importing another comic book character not usually associated with Shield.


Mike V. said...

Designated Survivor - My first theory was it was Tom/Keifer's chief of staff lady that so wanted to get in the white house. But I agree...I hope it's not that simple. And I doubt it would be. Keifer said he saw this as the next 10 years of his life. I guess that would be completing the current president's term and 2 elections?? lol 2 things off the bat that dismissed it from being 24. 1.) We saw Keifer in a bathroom. 2.) Something was in 3 hours and it happened not long after. lol Good times. 1st lady has been in stuff before (I looked it up and already forget). But yeah I like her too. That dude playing the Military general is so stereotypical for these crisis shows....But, I guess you need that conflict. It was good setting Tom up as someone that needs to prove himself. That could be the whole first season, if not more.

Who is scott?? Not sure...is that the deputy Chief of Staff dude that was assisting Tom and not wanting to let Tom's Chief of Staff in initially?

SHIELD - What song are you talking about? I guess this is telling us that they don't plan on making a Ghostrider movie as the TV shows have yet to really cross over to the big screen. (same with Punisher being on Daredevil...and eventually getting a show of his own on Netflix)

This is Us - Once the fireman lit the cigarette in the hospital we started saying "WTF" and then it all started coming together from there (by design of course)...definitely not done with Milo and Mandy Moore. There is still a lot unknown. Like...are they alive in the current day? I think we're going to follow 2 different timelines and have them be strung together through important themes per episode. It's following both generations at the same time in their respective lives. Pretty cool concept..... Now, I know the comparison was to Parenthood...but I kind of relate it to Modern Family's pilot. We followed 3 different families for the whole 1/2 hour only to find out at the end that they were all related. Similar structure in this...with a little hint of LOST in time trickery at play.

Speechless - Recorded, but wife and I agreed that we'd wait to see how it does. We read the premise and just weren't interested enough to hit play. But good to hear your review!

Modern Family - Still hilarious.

Lethal Weapon - We actually watched. I read some tweeted reviews that it was really good so I hit play at 11:20. I was nodding off by the end but it's entertaining. It's exactly what I thought it would be. Could take it or leave it, but my wife said, "I really liked it"....so guess I'm taking it! lol

Mr. Robot - So Tyrell was real?? And he shot Elliott?? And his friend was in on it??? (always forget her name..the blonde) And Daphne sees that they're on to the whole operation. Crazy stuff. Off until season 3! Oh wait...loved the meta commentary on USA network. "This isn't Burn notice. There are no Blue Skies here." lol

AHS - This might be the creepiest season of the show. I'm actually uncomfortable watching it! But, I'm still intrigued enough to continue!

Anonymous said...

Ghost Rider--the song came about 4 decades before the comic book character. It's what the comic book character is based on. I like the Outlaws and Johnny Cash versions. You should check out the Outlaws version for sure as it seems to be the best known.

Scott is who the FBI Psy ops investigator keeps calling. It appears he's dead? It would be intriguing if he were also the CIA director.

The portrayal of the General seemed dated, old, cliche, etc. You don't get 4 stars being that way, just doesn't happen. 4 stars means you're a political heavyweight.

I just read the original show runner quit due to creative differences after ABC picked the show up. I wonder what those were? Seems the show has been changed by ABC executives and that of course makes me wonder. ABC only ordered 13 episodes with this great cast and that also makes me wonder.

Was I the only one wondering why they sent in real people vs robots to deal with the bomb? That just doesn't happen any more, again, seemed dated/out of touch.

I'll bet there's lots of nuggets in that pilot episode but I don't think I'll rewatch.


MJ said...

This is Us - I've already told 3 people in my office who did not watch it that it is repeating saturday 10pm and that they need to look at it. The guy who plays Randall did a fabulous job! The scene where he is laughing/almost crying when he realizes he's kinda lost it by bringing dad home was just phenominal. Wait - you missed it by 2 years ? Your bday is 9/26 ? I read since my morning post that we will still see the parents timeline in various years. Sounds intriguing. That guy Toby was pretty funny - stupid girl whining about her 7 pounds in a room full of people with real weight issues. Randall seemed to hint that his adopted parents were not still around ? But also read today that Randall is on east coast where they were all born but the twins went west to Hollywood. So they don't now live near eachother.

Shield - Have to say I've been forced to see the Ghost Rider movies with Nick Cage cause the husband wanted to see them back in the day - hoping this version of Ghost Rider is better. Ok so far though. Fitz really should NOT have agreed to help the Scot. We all know this will not end well. Not sure I like the team so seperated and fractured. But the show was good overall. I like confident Gemma. Didn't really get the ghost thing. And the acronym humor 'SADIST' and I think the other was 'WEB" ? Read today that this Ghost Rider is not the same character from the movies. That's just confusing to me - kinda what Gotham keeps doing. LOL Just read Richards post - the guy from the movie who rode the bike ( and the deal with the devil to save his dad) is not the same as this guy in the car. Apparently at some point in the comic this guy was also there. Same power - but got it in a different way is what I read today. yeah - not getting the parenthood vibe at all - I guess with that they just meant touching family drama.

Speechless - funy how we were talking about Better Then Ted and there on speechless was one of the scientists from that show.

Robot finale - didn't watch but heard there was a post credit scene.

Designated Survivor - didn't watch yet. I'm going to have problems with 10pm shows this year - I get up at 5:20 am now - so hard to stay up these days. Comicly though - watching Shield last night and in bottom corner was promo that Designated Survivor premiered - in 24 hours. LOL Just saying.

Mike V. said...

Ghost Rider - Ahhh never realized it was based on a song. Interesting! I'm sure I've heard it before.

Designated Survivor - Scott.....ahh probably Maggie O's BF/Husband or something right? But yeah...it appears he's dead, but maybe that's too easy. Exactly on the General. It felt out of place...like from Independence Day in the 90s or something. 13 episode order doesn't concern me. There aren't many shows running the traditional 22 episode schedule anymore. It's too much. 13 provides a tighter plot thread. 24 was ridiculous at some points during a season. I love shorter seasons. But for showrunner changes...maybe that will be for the better and we'll see that incorporated After the pilot.

Yeah...sending in people for the bomb was kinda silly too. And I thought Maggie O's character was right there with them...but maybe she was watching on a screen.

SHIELD - Absolutely with Fitz...you can already tell that will lead to drama with Simmons. Ghost Rider is not same from movies...you mean the Nick cage movies or the MCU could still introduce Ghost Rider in their movie universe??? As for Gotham....they're hinting strongly that the kid from shameless might be back to resume his ascent to Joker. With all the resurrections at play last year, it wouldn't surprise me.

Robot - Yes there was!

This is us - Guy who played Randall...you mean Emmy Award winner from The People vs. OJ Simpson that you refused to watch?? lol BDAY is 10/12...but I'm almost 2 years older than this crew. lol Toby guy was pretty funny. And of course Justin Hartley was Arrow on Smallville. Interesting on the different years with the parents. I figured that would run concurrent to the current day plot. But maybe it would be more interesting if they got older along the way...or maybe even younger.

10pm shows - Funnily enough they work out better for me now. Kids may be asleep by 9:30 so we have time for maybe a couple sitcoms and a 10:00 show. lol But other solo (non Mrs.) shows I watch in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Ghost Rider--yea, I think there were 4 or so of them in the comics starting Johhny Blaze which was in the movies taking over for another rider(Sam Elliott) I thought the first movie was so good I bought the BD and love it. The second one stunk, very very badly. Yea, this new rider is also from the comics but how he got to be a rider has some controversy.

I am recording This is US going forward, we'll see.

Taking Fire--more of it, continuing the story. Lots of injuries that don't go away quickly or don't go away at all. It seems like we're doing one of the things we did in Vietnam--Patrol, come under fire, call in CAS/Fire Support. It seems an all out offensive to wipe the bad guys out makes sense vs this stuff they're doing now. We did it in Fallujah. And it was said by a lot of people it couldn't be done. I wish they would make a movie of Fallujah. One(although actually 2 battles) of the hardest battles we've fought that was said to be near impossible. Of course winning/keeping the peace, that's a whole different story.


Mike V. said...

Ghost Rider - I read the wiki page and apparently this character in SHIELD is a grandson of the original Ghost Rider. Here's the quote:
"James Taylor Slade / Hellfire, grandson of Marvel Comics' original Ghost Rider Carter Slade, featured in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season three as an Inhuman portrayed by Axle Whitehead."


This is Us - Make sure you get the Sunday rebroadcast of the pilot. Hopefully you didn't read our discussions about it spoiling the episode. :)

Leslie said...

AHS - I have it recorded, but now that I've seen your comment, Mike, it will go up the priority list! Lol!

10PM shows - So glad I'm in the Central time zone, so ours are 9 pm shows!

MJ said...

This is Us - yeah I read he got an Emmy - didn't know for what. LOL Good one! He was OJ I assume ?

This is us - Richard - the rebroadcast of the premier is Saturday 10pm. You should definitely see it

Mike V. said...

AHS - nice, Leslie! lol Seriously, this show never really scared me. This one is hitting the right "freak out" parts of my brain. lol

This is Us/OJ - No, he (Sterling K. Brown) played Chris Darden. He and Sarah Paulson as Marcia Clark knocked it out of the park. The whole cast was great, even Schwimmer as Rob Kardashian. You really should watch it if it ever becomes available on streaming or even on demand on FX. They did a fantastic job. But OJ was played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Honestly, probably the weakest role on the show. But, now Cuba is in the AHS wheelhouse of actors. lol

Mike V. said...

My bad on Saturday/vs Sunday on the rebroadcast of This is Us. Saturday makes more sense. :)

ugh...just thinking of Sunday...Once Upon a Time returns. I know many have quit, but I'm still chugging along. lol But I'm hearing positive reviews on Westworld come October...it looks amazing and totally out there.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist back tonight

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - I'm still out, but I'll happily read along with the discussion. lol

MJ said...

This is Us - clues we missed. I did notice the dates on the box and the steelers towel - just didn't think anything of them. I also noticed a man in the hall in all white and did think that medcal staff don't wear all white any more - and that he looked more like a sailor - but again did not think anything of it.

Sundays are brutal - and I don't even watch Once.

Westworld - I never saw the original movie but am looking forward to this one as well.

Blacklist - Probably watch tomorrow night. Not sure if I will watch the spinoff though.

AHS - I know alot of people didn't like the way it's being done (trying to to spoil for Leslie) but I liked it last week. Will watch tonight probably

Mike V. said...

This is Us - I heard about the Terrible Towel. That's back when the Steelers were the bees knees. My wife was annoyed by the Challenger discussion. They mentioned they were in 2nd or 3rd grade. We're 2 years older and were in 1st grade when it happened.

I'll check out the link, thanks! EW had interviews with the cast and showrunner about the twist too. Cast talked about when they figured it out.

Sundays - definitely brutal which is why I dread the thought of continuing to watch ONCE lol

AHS - I can see that. All I know is it's creepy!!

MJ said...

Challenger - Lord Mike ! I was in boot camp I think. LOL Or on my way to boot camp actually. Bees Knees - too too funny.

Sunday - actually 8pm isn't bad 9 gets tough but 10pm is like insane.

AHS - I am loving it. Def creepy. I like a good creepy and scary movie or show. And I am enjoying the show in a show layout - cause I've seen them and they are so hokey but AHS is doing it pretty well. And every scary movie you are like 'why would you go down that basement?" "why would you leave your kid alone in that room ?" They are really capturing both the horror and tv recreation show genres very well. Can't wait to see who Evan something (Lobster Boy) is playing this time around

Lethal Weapon - fluffy entertainment - not bad. They did it well enough. Perfect thing to watch later in the night when tired and don't want to concentrate. I know the actor playing Riggs and he's doing a great job. Prior to this he was in Rectify and played a very somber quiet kinda guy.

Modern - OMG I missed this show. People in Missouri must hate them. LOL Totally forgot the chick from B99 played her sister occasionally.

Gotta go - have a meeting. Back later

Mike V. said...

Challenger - lol...I figured that would date us all when I brought it up. :) Regardless, they got it wrong!!

Sunday - Just wait until Shameless returns next week! And then Westworld and then Walking Dead!

AHS - Agreed....love that of all the characters Evan Peters has played on the show you remember Lobster Boy! LOL But yeah I was wondering if he'd show up.

Lethal Weapon - pretty much exactly what we did...I fell asleep watching it! I knew that guy was in Rectify...never watched but heard good things.

MF - I think I forgot the B99 actress was ever on the show, but she was great. lol That episode was hilarious with the David Blaine connection for Luke/Phil...and the Missouri stuff (LET GO!!) Love that show.

Good Place- Of course someone else doesn't belong there either. And of course it's the "silent" dude....our TiVo cut off right when he was starting to talk and it was hilarious.

MJ said...

Robot - So Cisco died and Darlene is in custody. Tyrell really is alive - so why did Mr Robot convince Elliot that he'd killed him ? Fuzzy on that one. Laughed at Dom trying to get thru to her by saying we're the same - both Jersey girls. Too funny. But it does answer that Washington Twp IS in NJ like I thought earlier in the season. Probably the Wash Twp in central Jersey though - not the one down south. I didn't see Elliot on that map of the 5/9 attack that Dom showed her ? Tyrell's wife - well I just don't get her. She's too weird for me. Actually - blowing up the paper records makes sense as a part 2 to their cyber attack since all they wanted to do was bring down e-corp and cancel everyones debt. So Tyrell shot Elliot - or did he ? We can't trust anything Elliot thinks he sees or knows. I know they show him surviving it - but - we shall see. And how is Angela now getting calls from Tyrell ? LOL Crazy. But what could Trenton have found that can un-do it all ? Too bad White Rose has found them ! I liked that they had gotten away.

iZombie - not that you will have time but season 2 hits Netflix 10/6.

Designated Survivor - swear his kitchen is from the Madam Secretary set. Show was ok. Most annoying to me - any recap or review I have seen constantly compares this charater to Jack Bauer. Get over it people - he's not Jack Bauer any more. Who the heck was Scott that the FBI chick was looking for ? I liked it ok - will see where it is going. Never realized that every cabinet member gets a security detail though.

Ahs - read that the psychic in season 1 (Sarah Paulson) talked about 117 settlers spirits being trapped. That's when she yelled out croatoan.

Mike V. said...

Robot - Probably convinced him that he killed him so that the plan would carry forward without the liability of Elliott growing a conscience. Good point on connecting to Washington Twp. Elliot was most definitely on the board with all other key people in the attack. but Tyrell was the kingpin. Elliot was right beneath him. I don't understand Tyrell's wife either.

I figured Elliot was shot, but maybe not. But, we get confirmation that he's okay from Angela who has done a 180 since her meeting with White Rose. No idea what Trenton could have found. I'm sure the writers don't either at this point! LOL

iZombie - good to know thanks! I'll try to fit it in. But Luke Cage will be on there 9/30. ugh.

Designated Survivor - No he's not Jack...but it's a fair comparison. It was an iconic role and he'll always be known for it. But, I thought Kiefer did a good job portraying a different character. Richard kept asking about Scott too...I just assumed a boyfriend or husband but maybe not. The most annoying thing to me was the "let's nuke the world" General. We've seen that too much.

AHS - interesting....I think lol

MJ said...

Hamilton's America - didn't know if you knew about this upcoming show. Know you are very into Hamilton.

AHS - just read that Gaga was the one in the horned mask at the fire. I sure didn't recognize her. LOL

Designated - I assume we met him - just couldn't figure out who. Yeah - general was pretty formulaic. I also thought Kiefer did good job both as shell-shocked guy promted to President and tougher guy with iranian ambassador.

Mike V. said...

Hamilton - I did know, but I appreciate you remembering and giving me a heads up! :) Once I heard about it, I set a reminder on my phone to set the tivo in October once it's available. (might have been June or July when I heard about it lol) But the previews have been coming out this week. Going to see it 12/13!

AHS - Yep never would've known that!

Designated - I guess it's possible we met him, but not sure who it would be. Agree on Kiefer....definitely showed signs of the president he could be in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Designated--I don't think we saw Scott. I'm thinking boyfriend or husband too. There were 2 characters that were made known to us as important but that we didn't see. The CIA director and Scott. I'm wondering if and it would be intriguing if they were the same?

I"m still thinking the CIA director could be involved somehow or at least we're supposed to wonder about him.


Anonymous said...

This is Us--OK, saw the pilot. So, it seems we're going to follow the story of 3 people who share the same birthday. Maybe they'll introduce more who have the same birthday. I'm thinking we'll have 2 timelines going in each ep.

Is there supposed to be some kind of mystery to the show? It seemed pretty straight forward except for the twist. BTW, the fireman standing there talking about the baby he brought in was pretty good.


Mike V. said...

ONCE - I know no one watches anymore. But so weird...my TiVo didn't record the episode. I had to watch on the ABC app streaming. Decent start to the season. But, I just wonder how much longer they're going to keep this show going. lol

Last Man on Earth - Don't think anyone watches this one anymore either. But the opening celebrity cameo was hilarious. Episode was pretty good too.

Bloodline - We started this one on Netflix finally. Anyone ever watch them? I forget. We're 3 eps in. That's one messed up family! lol

Mike V. said...

This is Us - No, I don't think there's supposed to be a mystery. But, there might be more twists than just the one in the pilot. But, it was still a really well done pilot episode. Definitely 2 timelines per episode. But, while I originally thought they'd be following the parents at the same age as the 3 children in 2 different times it sounds like they're going to jump around through time with the parents' story. (Milo V/Mandy Moore) There certainly are questions raised by resolving that they're all related. We don't know if the parents are alive 36 years later for instance. What is the relationship between the 3 children? Do they still talk to Randall (I think that was his name)?

But no, we weren't recommending the show to fill in the LOST-size gap in our lives. But the twist did involve some LOST-ian techniques along with some Modern Family pilot episode twisting.

MJ said...

Bloodline - loved the first season. Danny is definitely a character. Season 2 wasn't quite as good have to tell you. Season 3 next year is supposed to be the last

This is US - richard it's not just people with the same birthday - its the 3 kids born on the same days as their dad's birthday. 2 twins and the baby they will adopt. Other then that twist I don't think there is a mystery

FTWD - we all knew there would be something bad from turning on that sign but if someone else had done it Madison would have had them tossed from the hotel.
Chris's take on 'it's kill or be killed' is not inaccurate - but he has chosen to not try to retain some of the old morality. This is nothing new - we've seen this issue explored on TWD several times. Last season alone Rick and company killed those people in their sleep - people that had done nothing to Rick and his people afterall. How cold though that they kill their own friend - the could have just left him with Travis. 2 eps left then TWD is back. Have I mentioned - i will be in London when TWD premiers ! I will miss it. I come home monday though so will watch asap so as not to get spoiled about who Lucille takes down.

Exorcist - this show was genuinely creepy. And had a bit of a twist that i did not see coming.

Blacklist - can't decide if I agree with Mr. Kaplan. She has done whatever has been asked of her all this time - but now she rebels ? Don't blame the israeli chick being pissed at the fake death - but she is wrong when she says Elizabeth brought it all on herself. Red did all this to her. And the real daddy - yeah kidnapping your daughter isn't exactly the way to get her to want o be in your life. Just saying - it's all pretty ridiculous.

Mike V. said...

Bloodline - I have heard the same about season 2. Good to know it's a short run series.

Tonight - Gotham and BBT I think. Then off to the debates! I don't expect to come away from this debate being any more educated on these 2 loons. lol

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--You're right MJ, the Israeli girl seemed to be the most reasonable. For one, why is it this particular FBI group's responsibility to find Keene. I thought their charter was to find bad guys.

I tend to think Liz has done some of this to herself. I mean she sure jerked Tom around in the beginning--to have a child or not for example. And she's known for 2 seasons now what REd's about and she's a trained experienced FBI profiler for goodness sake. Not a babe in the woods. She should know what's up. Her Dad kidnapping her is strange and her fighting him is strange. There's a lot of strange to go around--lol. Glad I don't watch this seriously any more.

I will also watch the debate. I'm hoping for something to happen that makes sense.


MJ said...

Last Night - yeah not a lot to watch. Got to catch up on a few things - nothing too exciting. Have to say - did not watch the debate. I already know who I'm voting for and they can't sway me at this point. I just want it all over - I'm tired of it. LOL

Blacklist - agreed.

Mike V. said...

Debates - Lucky you! I basically know who I'm not voting for but the other one hasn't convinced me to vote in their favor yet either. lol But yeah...I'm tired of it too.

Blacklist - your guys' commentary on this show continues to validate my decision to stop watching! :)

DVR Alert - Timeless and Westworld are available to set season passes for. They start up next week.

Gotham - OF COURSE Jim and Valerie Vale (is she supposed to be Vicki's mother or sister??) kissed right when Lee got back to town! lol Ivy hit her growth spurt as predicted in that river. Somehow her acting improved a bit too. :-) Fish lives to annoy another day because she somehow charmed Penguin. good times.

LOST - Michael Giacchino put on a LOST concert in Los Angeles on 9/23 (1 day after the 12th anniversary of Flight 815/aka series premiere). I watched a few clips on youtube. Carlton Cuse was there with the writers and there was a pre-packaged clip of Damon from Australia finishing up the final season of the Leftovers. Just made me miss the show and want to rewatch it!!

Damon/Carlton Intro - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hPEa4PAAU0

Life and Death - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Hq0tBaOLs8

Moving On (series finale) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RErl5QnBIQo

Q&A after concert (Ugh...I didn't see this! I'll have to watch this later) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPPH76X9cw0

Mike V. said...

Gotham - Found the answer. Valerie Vale is Vicki's aunt.

Anonymous said...

Gotham---- Bruce meet Bruce-lol. What if the long haired version is the REAL Bruce--lol.

This show is so funny sometimes.

Who thought Penguin would kill Fish--do I hear cricketts--lol.

Wow, Gordon has all these women after him and he's in essence unemployed. BTW, how does a person support himself when he won't take bounty as a bounty hunter and has no job.

Any predictions who Gordon ends up with? If canon has anything to say about it, Barbara. But, who knows.

Kind of strange to think we're looking at a generation older than Kim Basinger.

The debate went by very fast for me and my wife. Watched BBT first as a lead in.

I wonder if this guidance system storyline will become a bigger part of the show. It must since they changed offices. But no Rag in new digs.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - Wouldn't surprise me if long haired bruce was a twist waiting to happen, but it doesn't seem like it's going that way right now.

I didn't think Penguin would kill Fish, but there was a sliver of me wondering how long Jada Pinkett Smith is signed on for this season. I'm not sure if it's just a guest stint, recurring or season regular.

I thought Gordon insinuated he would've taken the million reward if Fish was dead. Maybe I misunderstood. But yeah...I don't think they're spending too much time thinking about Gordon's ability to support himself unemployed. lol Old Gordon seems like the type that would've saved his earnings. It's not like he spends too much time at home so I'm sure the bills aren't too bad. lol

Yeah...I don't know about who Gordon ends up with. You'd think Barbara...of course it could be another Barbara. And I don't know if Jim Gordon is always married to a Barbara or if it was just in the Dark Knight trilogy. I'd have to check the wikis. lol I'm sure he'll go back to Lee in the short term..... afterall, the 2 actors are dating. lol

Well Vicki Vale, who I have no doubt will now be introduced in the show, is probably around Bruce's age. So it makes sense that it would be her mother or aunt who was the central character at this point.

We actually watched BBT after the debate....you really couldn't go wrong either way. It was 2+ hours of comedy! Or maybe a bit of a horror film. I dunno. lol

BBT - I would agree that it seems the guidance system will be a running plot through this season.

MJ said...

DVR alert - thanks but did so over the weekend.

Gotham - meant to bring that up last week with Valerie instead of Vicki.

Strain - how gross was that ball of worms ! Ick. And the thousands in that pit/undergound tunnel.

FTWD - occured to me last night - Chris shot that farmer - but not in the head !! So how come he did not turn into a walker ?????

Mike V. said...

Strain - Just got renewed for 4th and final season. The end of this season will apparently bring it to the end of the 2nd of 3 books they're adapting form Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. (didn't realize del Toro wrote the book. Knew he was involved with the show though...along with Cuse) Yes the ball of worms was pretty gross!

DVR Alert - Yeah I figured, just a reminder that they're coming too...I was annoyed the past few weeks when I couldn't add them! lol

Gotham - I don't even think I heard last week when she introduced herself as Valerie Vale. lol Saw it on the "previously on" this week.

Anonymous said...

Shield--so are they changing it up for a longer run or just temporary changes.

Ghost Rider spin off? I could see a spin off with a latin lead.


MJ said...

Gotham - I officially quit watching after watching monday's ep. I was on the fence all last season truthfully. Just kinda over it.

Better Things - hope no one watched on my recommendation cause while the first ep was funny it's been going down hill since. Gave that up too.

Good Place - did not see it coming that she wrote the note to herself. Whole thing with his thesis was funny. Still think something up with the head guy (Ted Danson). Like he's testing them or something ?

Shield - didn't watch but thought I read they had no plans for a Ghostrider show which is why Shield was allowed to use him. But I could be wrong

This is Us - didn't watch - did the second ep live up to the first ?

Leslie - you watch NCIS yet ? New crew members are pretty good. But Gibbs is sure loosened up lately. Even last year with Bishop. I know the new woman from other shows - always liked her as an actress.

MJ said...

Strain - I didn't know last year was last. Thanks for the 411 - probably be about time.

Anonymous said...

Gotham--it's truly a comic book show. I mean people are dead and buried but wait--not really. Now they're even better. Lots of comic book stuff.

Which as I grew older I quit reading comic books for a lot of the same silliness.


Mike V. said...

SHIELD - I didn't get the vibe of a spinoff, but I really have no idea. But, leaning towards MJ's assessment. For the org structure in SHIELD it sounds like that was fallout from CIVIL WAR.

Gotham - Don't blame you MJ. It's still entertaining but not one of my top priorities.

Good Place - Yeah I would agree on Ted damson...either he's not a perfect guy (which it seems clear) or he's testing them. I think his name is Michael (for some reason that name always sticks out for me :))

This is Us - It's a good 2nd episode. I don't want to say any more than that. lol

Better Things - Don't worry...I didn't check it out lol

Strain - You mean next year? lol Yeah I agree it will be about time.

Anonymous said...

macgyver--anybody watching?


Mike V. said...

MacGyver - Was tempted to record it since I loved the original but decided against it. Heard it got good ratings (as anyone on CBS does), but I saw mixed reactions. Haven't really read any indepth reviews.

Leslie said...

This is Us - Haven't watched last night's episode yet, but I heard it got a pick up for 18 episodes which is what the showrunner had planned for the first season.

AHS - I watched the first two episodes. I'm not sure about the show within a show thing. We'll see how it goes. Definitely creepy so far!

NCIS - MJ, yeah, I watched the first two episodes. I never have really felt like Ellie had a great chemistry thing going, but I can see where the new girl might! Loved how show played with Ellie on not remembering her! I wonder if there could be some chemistry with her and Gibbs?

FTWD - Chris really went to the dark side! Couldn't believe when Madison turned the lights on! Of course, that allowed Travis to find her, but still. Looks like we're gonna have a showdown at the market for the finale!

Anonymous said...

MacGyver--It'll be a show I will investigate, saw premiere--not bad.

This is US--My wife and I were wondering about the parents then with the ending it was powerful but not surprising. Don't want to spoil

Designated--Still bothers me that this show could become a cliche. Again, don't want to say more due to spoil potential.


MJ said...

Modern Family - cute episode. Phil locked in the closet was hysterical.

This is Us - stop reading if you have not watched ! She's with his friend in the future ! Of course they don't say why. Did I miss it or do we not know what Jack does for a living ? Loved Brad Garrett as studio head and Katey Segal as the agent. Loved Randall's wife with the biological dad too.

Shield - have to confess I fell asleep once or twice. Not due to the show - just tired. LOL Was very surprised the new Director is an inhuman ! Last year Shield did not like or trust inhumans and the team was hiding them - now one is running the organization ? I'm confused. And as experienced an agent as May is - how does she not last week tell someone about what she is seeing ? I kinda dozed so don't know how ghost rider got there but did see him help Fitz and the big guy. So I have no idea but read on the web that new Director Jeffrey is from the comics (per Gregg Clark his character goes back to the 40's - and strangely he does mention Peggy Carter during that tour). Some are saying he is Jeffrey Mace who briefly moonlighted as Captain America

MacGuyver - only checked it cause my husband wanted to. Was ok. Nothing to be excited about

Strain - LOL on my saying last year.

FTWD - surprised this weekend is 2 hour finale. That leaves 2 weeks with no zombies on AMC. Figured the FTWD finale would be 10/9 ! WOnder what AMC is having on for those 2 sundays.

Anonymous said...

This is US**********spoilers**********************

--My wife and I believe because she still was wearing the necklace that it was not a divorce. When I saw grandma and grandpa I recalled the scene back at the bar between the 2 friends. Miguel(I think) had a thing for her back then. So, the Dad seems to have died before the birth of the grandchildren.

I don't get the guy saying he wants to to go NY and do theatre--from a earnings perspective. But when the 2 brothers talked it seemed a fait accompli. "...no whores...."

The fat girl could get lonely without her brother. Assuming he's going from LA to NY.

BTW, I'm on a diet and can relate.


Anonymous said...

Designated Survivor--7 Days in May coming to mind.


Mike V. said...

Wow...I don't remember the last time there were so many comments between Mike V. comments! :) lol Here I go!

This is Us – I saw they got the pickup as well! That was a no brainer.  Yeah it was a good follow-up episode and the familiar faces as potential recurring characters were great as you noted MJ. Interesting to be looking for the next twist Richard. That totally makes sense that that could be a future reveal. Maybe the dad died. They always quote him in the present day. That could be the way they remember him. I like it. Agreed that the brother (Green Arrow from Smallville..can’t remember his name on this) going to NY might cause a strain with his sister. But her boyfriend is hilarious.

As for dieting….I can always relate!! It’s a constant struggle….hence why I’m always talking about the damn treadmill for my morning TV watching. Lol Fortunately, I don’t think I’ve ever had to deal with it on the level these characters are. It was pretty funny when she went off on everyone in the support group. Of course….that’s a trope that is commonly used in shows. They did it on Mr. Robot this year…I will always remember Christopher’s intervention on the Sopranos. Great stuff.

Randal’s wife with the biological dad…that was great too..agree!

AHS – All caught up on this one. CROATOAN!!!! Well if I hadn’t heard the word before in this series I definitely have now. Lol Some weird stuff that only the mind of Ryan Murphy could come up with happening in those woods! And yes…I’m still freaked out by this show! Lol

FTWD – Am I missing anything by having quit in the first half of season 2? Lol

Modern Family – Phil was the best part of that episode. Granted, I think he usually is. But the closet stuff was great. The random thing with Joe wanting to live outside and bringing a suitcase down the stairs was hilarious. They cast some funny little kids on this show.

Designated Survivor – I’m caught up from last night. It could be a cliché’ but I’m getting my Kiefer fix on the show. I saw him getting irritated and I said to my wife, “I feel like he’s pretty close to saying ‘dammit’ soon!” After the next commercial break he was screaming he needed the other 25% certainty DAMMIT!!! Lol Love it. He’s not Jack Bauer, but it’s nice to see that fire pushing him. It seems like while the General was still a stereotype they must’ve retweaked his character after the pilot episode. He seemed a bit toned down which was relieving.

I don’t get the reference to 7 days in May. Will have to look that up.

Shield – Is that actor playing Jeffrey the guy who was in Terra Nova and a few other cult favorite shows? (I’m not saying Terra Nova was a cult favorite) I have to look him up. Interesting about the Captain America moonlighting. Most people are alluding to the fact that SOMEONE if not SOMEONES will probably not make it out of Avengers: Infinity War. Makes sense…this franchise has been going strong for almost 10 years. I’m going to say Iron Man may fall….maybe even Captain America. Still a ways away from that though.

I figured the Peggy Carter reference was to fill in the gaps from the cancelled show to explain that she established that locale with the founding of SHIELD. But yeah it may have been a reference to Jeffrey too.

As for all the other stuff going on with inhumans and Ghost Rider??? I’m not even questioning it..just going with it! Lol To refer back to my THIS IS US commentary…treadmill show!! Lol

Anonymous said...

Seven Days in May with Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas among other A listers--a classic for sure.



Mike V. said...

Thanks Richard. Yeah, definitely was not aware of that one. So if it's rehashing that plot it'll still be like new material to me. :)

Leslie said...

This is Us - Just two episodes in, but I'm really liking this show! Lots of interesting dynamics going on! I don't think we know yet what Jack does for a living. After the reveal at the end, I think Jack died too. It didn't have the feel of a divorce situation. Loving the sister's boyfriend! We all need that person who can makes us smile even when we don't feel like it!

Criminal Minds - MJ, do you watch? Good first episode! It'll be interesting to see how they explain why Hotch goes away. Garcia was cracking me up!

FTWD - I figure AMC will rerun all the old TWD episodes leading up to the season opener. Mike, I think this back half of the season has been pretty good getting more backstories on the characters.

MJ said...

This is US - contractually he can't work in tv or film - broadway is the only thing left to him. Or just suck it up and finish your 2 years on the contract which he doesn't want to do. Agree - he's probably dead. Am also really liking this show

Criminal Minds - no not yet. I too am curious how they are writing him off especially as they could not plan too far out for it. Probably will go away on assignment.

FTWD - it's not bad - but not TWD. But - as I said a few days ago - they killed a farmer and he didn't turn !

Shield - I think so on Terra Nova. Been in a few things - think name is Jason Mara. A good sciFi show that was a british show first - Life on Mars - comes to mind. Didn't last. Have read something about new Iron Man coming.

TWD - Amc has been airing them for several weeks now - think they are just starting last season.

Mike V. said...

This is us - Well the whole episode alluded to marital problems so they want you to think divorce. Especially with that other dude showing interest in Mandy Moore in the past. But yeah...now that it was brought up here...I can't think of any other scenario than he died. And seriously on the 2 years. Why not just wrap that up?

FTWD - hmmmm....what??? Are they changing the rules to the universe canon?

SHIELD - yes that's the name. Couldn't think of it! Life on Mars was the other show I couldn't think of. Wouldn't surprise me on Iron Man....the whole thing with this Marvel Cinematic Universe...they can't just reboot a character...they have to work it into the sotry!

TWD - Nice on the rebroadcast. That's just a show that I haven't been interested in rewatching. Love it when it's on, but never an interest in rewatching.

Anonymous said...

This is Us--Yea, that shot of the necklace with the moon was prominent in the final scene. And she had mere minutes before said when he gave it to her that she would never take it off. And that was when they made up.

MJ, that could be a good point on the contracts. I don't know how they're written. But, seriously for about $4 mill in a short time frame--to basically take your shirt off. I guess I would welcome the request--lol.

Lost 33 pounds since June btw.


Mike V. said...

Thrones/Winds of Winter/Ice and Fire news - They're rereleasing the books in month/2 month periods on iBooks with more interactive features. This goes out to March 2017. Am I the only one that thinks this might be a strategic way to build up anticipation to Winds of Winter? It could come out in April or May (when game of thrones usually premiers) and fill in the void until the summer when season 7 actually comes out.

I'm putting 51% probability on this! lol


Mike V. said...

This is us - Nice catch. I wasn't looking too closely.

Congrats on the 33 lbs! I'm down about 40 since last June (2015) and have been plateauing since maybe Aprilish this year. Trying to tweak a few things (Workout/diet) to get moving again.

Mike V. said...

CW Superhero shows crossover villains - The Dominators? Okay...never heard of them. lol Anyway they're all starting back next week. Flash is back next week, Supergirl the Monday after. Pretty soon I'll be overloaded with DVR material again! lol


Anonymous said...

ibook release re GoT. LOL on your 51%--that shows commitment to your theory.

I'm thinking it's a fill in the gap measure to keep people from being totally frustrated. And it could even be played as you suggest depending on when the book is actually ready. If the book isn't ready until say 2018 then it's a true fill in the gap measure. If it's ready when we hope, then yea it could be a way to build excitement.

So, really it's a great move as it can be played different ways.

This is US--my wife caught the necklace at the same time I did.


Mike V. said...

Got - yeah could go either way. Just seemed like a good strategy in the event he finishes in time. I downloaded the sample. It's a really nice format with interactive links to maps and additional info without losing your place in the book. That was the toughest part of reading the books. Flipping to a map or the appendix while reading to know who and what and where you're reading about. I may consider buying got since it's the only one I don't have as an ebook. I would prefer it to be kindle though since that's how I have the others. Lol

MJ said...

Had comments written but when I went to post it didn't. SIGH

AHS - WTH ! What's with the pigs? Love Cricket. Sister is being made to look suspicious with the leaving for 4 hours when husband is killed - so def not her.

GofT - yeah - now they are Lucas-ing and going to squeeze every last dime out of you guys that they can. More interactives ? Then they should have been included on the first purchase.

This is US - guess they are saying that he thinks he's too good for the material. Typical. LOL

Good Place - so apparently I missed the end of last weeks. Read that Monk sent the note and that Michael hired her as assistant ? Didn't watch this week yet

Designated -don't know the movie you guys were discussing. Can't think of the actress who is playing the other survivor but she will def be trouble. She always plays connivers.

Mike V. said...

AHS - Agreed on the sister. Cricket was good....surely I know that actor but I couldn't figure it out with the makeup/wig. lol

GoT - lol on the LUCAS-ing. They have done a bunch of re-releases, but I disagree with you on releasing this the first time around. This is new functionality being introduced. New technology that makes it possible so it wasn't available the first time around. That said, if you already purchased the book it would be nice if you could just download an update. But, in my case I bought it on Kindle...and this is an exclusive iBooks version. I doubt I'll buy them, but it's nice that it's an option.

This is Us - Agreed!

Good Place - You know I was wondering about that when you said it about the note. I thought I remembered it wrong. Yeah the final minute of the episode was the monk coming clean on who he really is. He doesn't belong there either and is filipino. lol Michael also hired her as an assistant. A lot happens in the final 2 minutes of an episode on the DVR...so definitely fast forward. Also, NBC is doing it's usual time trickery. I had to extend the episode recording an extra minute from now on to make sure I get the whole thing. It cut off on me again this week.

Designated - I wasn't discussing the movie, only Richard was! I'm sure it's a classic but I had never heard of it. :) Yeah, that actress definitely looks familiar. I absolutely agree she'll be causing trouble soon...especially since she probably has better credentials for the job.

Luke Cage - About 1.5 episodes in. It's aight so far. lol

MJ said...

AHS - oh he's been in tons of stuff.

Good Place - yeas I extended as well

Luke - doubt I will get to it before the holidays

Sunday - jeez - here we go. Now Westworld, Shameless and a show my husband loves Evil Dead are all on. I'm screwed the next time the NY Giants have a sunday night game

MJ said...

Dominators - never heard of them either. But article said Dominators were aliens ? From some thing called Invasion ? No clue

Yeah - I watch 3 out of those 4 shows - getting crazy. have to dump a few things before that. Figuring I'll be dumping Conviction once it starts. Probably Notorious too - it was merely ok. Also probably Bull. Not heard good things about Matt LeBlancs new show either.

Anonymous said...

I watch Ash vs Evil Dead too. I like that it doesn't take itself too seriously.

I'm only so so hopeful for WW. They say it's supposed to replace GoT. Honestly if it weren't for Hopkins I would give it less hope. But, he's good so we'll see.

Blacklist--lots of things learned last night. OK, so the plane landing on the water on it's pontoons is ridiculous. I've flown some and can tell you that the whole crash but not really thing was totally laughable! Red shooting Mr. Kaplan was so strong. I hated it but understood it. Not burying her was just stupid though as we saw at the end. SOO, what was a very strong scene became a joke to me.

Am I too hard on shows?

Congrats on 40 lost!


Mike V. said...

AHS - Yeah I gotta look him up.

Luke - I don't know if I'll keep up with it every week. My DVR load is still pretty light, but next week it multiples with authority!

Sunday - yep everything is coming and Walking dead in like 3 or 4 weeks.

Dumping Shows - yep, didn't even start Notorious or Conviction. Heard the same about the LeBlanc show.

Westworld - I'm hearing mixed reviews so far. People that like it love it...but pretty reputable critics are saying it's a "work in progress". Which shows like this need time to figure out what they are. I'm willing to give it that time. The footage looks awesome. And I like the concept. So I'm sure they'll figure it out. I fell off the "Person of Interest" wagon early, but I heard good things for those who stuck with it. This is the same show runner on Westworld.

Too Hard on Shows - Do you really want me to answer that? lol

Thanks on the weight loss. Wish it was more but I'm working on it!

Leslie said...

Designated - The actress is Virginia Madsen. She been around for awhile. She just starred in American Gothic, a limited series that we watched, and it was pretty good. She was a conniver on that one! The FBI woman has been in several things lately too.

Haven't watched AHS yet.

Mike V. said...

Designated - Ahhh yes Virginia Madsen. She's been in tons of stuff. She was also on The Event. I don't really remember who she played lol The FBI woman is Maggie Q. She's probably most well known for Nikita (I didn't watch), but she also was in Mission Impossible 3, Die Hard 4, and the Divergent series (haven't watched those either)

MJ said...

Designated - that's her ! LOL I checked out American Gothic bu gave it up. Hated that psycho kid. LOL. Yeah - Maggie Q is in alot. I watched some of Nikita

Evil Dead - YOU watch that Richard? LOL That is some seriously low brow humor for you. Good for you - we all need guilty pleasures. And that show def is supposed to just be a fun ride. My husband loves B movies and campy humor - and yes he owns those movies too. Of course this is the man that did not find Seinfeld, Friends or HIMYM humorous. And yea - you are very hard on shows Richard - and that is ok too. ;-D

Westworld - did not see the original with Yul Brenner - husband had to tell me what it was about. He is very excited for it. I will look at it. I'm always intrigued by just seeing something different. I doubt that it will ever get watched on Sundays with TWD coming - but we shall see.

Well - have a great weekend folks. Reminder - FTWD is 2 seperate hours rather then a 2 hour block - check your DVRs.

Mike V. said...

Westworld - Critics have seen the first 4. Jensen gave it an A-, Sepinwall said there's room for improvement. I think most reviews are positive. I didn't see the original either but got a brain dump of what it was about. Apparently there were multiple worlds at the amusement park but this one is focusing on the Western. (room for spinoffs! lol) Yeah...it'll be tough to watch this and TWD on the same night. TWD and Shameless are my wife's 2 favorite shows and they'll be on the same time of year. I love them too obviously...but even if I loved Westworld more, I don't win that battle! lol

Anonymous said...

Your husband's shows--I agree with him on what is not funny---Seinfeld, Friends or HIMYM -lol.

There were really 2 Westworld type movies, the second was Futureworld. I really liked the first with Brenner and so that's an attraction. I just expect this HBO thing to be too much sex, nudity, crude, politically correct, etc. But hey, it could turn out to be great?

Virginia Madsden--that's who I thought it was. Seriously, you guys have to get your geek on! She was in one of the all time great SciFi movies!!! Think about it for a second and I'll leave the answer below.

Dune, that's right the original Dune. She was the Princess--can't recall her name. I have a few different copies. Honestly Kyle didn't do nearly as well afterwards in other rolls but he was great in this. Francesca Annis was in it and she of course looked amazing(she almost made the stillsuit look sexy--lol). Patrick did some good stuff later. One of the strengths is with the shields and other special effects that have held up great.

The second movies were awful.


Jason B. said...

TWD - Two Sundays from now (Oct 16th, week before season 7 starts) there will be a recap of TWD so far with old and current cast members. The Talking Dead following the season 7 premiere will be a 90 minute episode with ALL of the cast members that were present at the Negan introduction scene. It will also take place at some special venue rather than the regular studio. And 2000 fans will be able to attend the live airing of the episode as well as the Talking Dead filming through this sweepstakes http://www.amc.com/shows/talking-dead/talk/2016/10/talkingdeadsweeps-comingsoon

Yeah Mike, in my opinion you should give FTWD another shot, maybe if you just have some time before season 3.

That being said, huge spoilers ahead about the season 2 finale, so don't read if you think that you will watch it!

FTWD - Man that was an amazing finale. I've enjoyed the show so far anyway, but I just felt super drawn in this episode and felt like there was some really great character development across the board. I was really surprised by Chris's death, I didn't think that it actually happened until the flashback confirmed it. But I love how tragic and real the whole thing was, and of course Travis going full Rick on Brandon and Derek was extremely gratifying. It's unfortunate that he accidentally killed Oscar too, he was definitely my favorite out of the hotel crew. And I can't believe how fast Elena and Hector turned on the family that united the groups and helped make the place livable. Andres actually lost his brother, so sure. But a few weeks ago Elena and Hector were enemies with that whole group, so why was Hector so angry? And honestly, Oscar shouldn't have been trying to be the first one to go in there, they don't even know each other. If anyone, Madison should have gone in. But I say let the man hash out his revenge haha. I totally understand Strand's decision to stay at the hotel, as unfortunate as it is. He and Oscar shared a very similar experience, and Andres saved his life. And he made a good but harsh point that he wouldn't even take his life for Thomas, so he's not gonna do it for them. I am super excited for season 3, more than I have been for any episode yet.

And MJ, with the farmer, I feel like Travis just stabbed his brain before burying him, there are some times on TWD that they don't show it but it's assumed.

Anonymous said...

Westworld--I didn't know Ed Harris was in it. He's great. Slap at the end killing the fly said a lot. Lots I could go into but maybe later.

The one thing that occurred to me when watching is how do they do anything new/different. The idea that there's a big corporate objective that is thus far unstated behind the scenes isn't really different. We ALL KNOW that the robots will develop feelings and become more human, etc, etc, etc very old shtick. I actually agree with the guy that said we should make the robots less humanlike for the many reasons he listed.

It makes zero sense that they keep a warehouse full of old robots that have had problems. It's just too predictible that this army just waiting to go to war. It's laughable that they are in storage vs being destroyed.

I'm giving it a 7 due to good acting and hope.

I liked the pilot providing good info.


Mike V. said...

ugh!! I wrote up something on West World and Shameless and TWD....copied it in case anything went wrong...then tried to post. something went wrong. Then I tried to paste it and it didn't work. (the copy didn't take!! COME ON!!!!)

Anyway...I'll rewrite it after a quick meeting.

Mike V. said...

Let's try this again

TWD - Thanks for the heads up on FTWD Super J! Good to know it's gotten better. I'll need to convince the MRS to add this to our "to do" list. It's still on the DVR so we'll see!

Westworld - There's no way I'll be able to write what I wrote last time again but I'll try. lol I'm interested to hear what you think about the fly slap. I think you're right about the old shtick. We all know the robots will become self aware, but I think it'll be in the execution that we see differences. Already off the bat, it seems like the show is gearing for us to be sympathetic to the AI vs. humanity. We'll be rooting for them in this world. As for the storage of faulty robots...yeah...that can probably be chalked up to the failure in humanity to observe the potential threat. Still see themselves as superior beings. Or...maybe someone has taken it upon themselves to stockpile them for a future coup against orders??? (I thought I recall the woman saying they need to be destroyed/dismantled. May have remembered it wrong)

But on premise, performances and cinematography, I was hooked after this pilot. There is so much potential for future stories. 7 isn't bad for a pilot rating. Hopefully it'll only improve. lol

My wife isn't as sold on it. She was confused. I explained it to her after it was over and I think she understood it more. She said she'd give it one more episode. It won't be for everyone!

Shameless - Ugh...I forget what I wrote!! Still a great show. Carl and his shenanigans...we all saw it coming, but did they have to show it? Deb and her stroller stealing was awesome. Kevin and his women is hilarious. Lip/Ian stalking Ian's BF paid dividends. Frank's antics were great as always. Can't walk, but still finding ways to drink and get around. lol

Mike V. said...

Forgot to respond to earlier comments.

DUNE/MADSEN - Fair point Richard. Unfortunately, I don't think I've actually seen Dune in its entirety. I know it's something I NEED to see. But, I was too young when it came out and just haven't gotten around to it yet. lol I may have seen bits and pieces.

Friends/Seinfeld - I'll give you a pass on HIMYM but really??? You don't find 2 of the greatest sitcoms of all time funny at all??? lol AND to top it off...you DO like Big Bang Theory? I'm lost on this one. Granted...I was the perfect age when FRIENDS came out to be all in on that show. I'm not ashamed to say that I met my wife because of that show so it holds a personal attachment to both of us. We still watch it every night. Never gets old in reruns.

Seinfeld though, I just assumed everyone loved that show.

Anyway...I just had to say something about this. Not attempting to change your mind, but it at least further solidifies our difference of opinion on how we consume entertainment in film and television. lol Which, as MJ has stated, is perfectly fine!

Anonymous said...

Westworld--If you recall in the beginning a fly was walking across her eye and it didn't even bother her. There were a few different scenes with flies walking on people. This could be a very complex meaning. I am laughing as I write this because I don't want to believe this show can be layered to that degree. But, consider the fly that lands on you. You feel it, it bothers you and then you swat at it trying to kill it. Maybe you swat at it to just make it leave vs trying to kill it. And there is just one of the potential points being made. Is killing a living fly something they are programmed to not do, ie value life. Or is it simply that she could feel the fly on her skin and it "bothered" her. Something she was not programmed for. This analysis could go on and on as you can see. The point that she is the oldest host with the most memories will come into play a lot more later too.

This show will bring up the usual questions that have no "correct" answers and manufactured moral delimas, etc. Like, can you have sex with a robot. Is it really sex,etc. Can you kill a robot. Those questions were being asked in the 70s, even 60s by some. So, I hope the show and media critics don't sound like this is new ground, profound, etc. I think the show would be better if it doesn't take itself too seriously on these issues(including moral). I certainly hope it doesn't try to provide "the" answer nor say that there isn't any "the" answer.

I don't want to be preached to. I want to be entertained.

I think this storyline is best served with a movie or short series vs multi year series. There's only so much to say.

Seinfeld and Friends among other shows.
1. I was out of the country most of the time building business.
2. I didn't like any of the Seinfeld actors and couldn't relate to the Friends storyline well.


Mike V. said...

Comedies - Understood. lol I was in high school and college when Friends and Seinfeld were in their prime. (well Seinfeld finished after my freshman year of college) So they were certainly for my generation. HIMYM too...since they basically were/are the same age as I am going through the same stuff I was at the time.

Westworld - Ahh...right. Forgot about the fly at the beginning. I'm sure the flies throughout the episode were meant to be thematic. And the things you bring up certainly could be at play in the writers room. Good observations! Oh yeah...obviously with it being an HBO show there will be sex with robots. lol I don't think anyone is trying to claim this is new ground. This is based on a Michael Crichton novel and movie from the 70s. I doubt the media will try to tackle these things as no issues.

I think we're all aware that the industry is not entertaining new ideas too much. But...you can take familiar concepts and vary the execution to make things new and interesting. New characters, new dynamics, new settings, etc...

Don't worry Maximus...I think we'll be entertained! Like most high concept shows...I too wonder how long they can sustain an idea. It really depends on the characters and the situations they put them in. Will we identify with them, want to know more about them, etc... That can make, break or determine the acceptable length of a series.

MJ said...

FTWD - when they showed madison in the past stating that any violence meant they were out of there I figured something would happen. But yeah - they did turn fast. I also was surprised they killed chris. Didn't think they would. Farmer - ah ok then. Strand - yeah i didn't blame him for originally saying he would not go.

Duen - never got into it so did not know she was in it.

Westworld - didn't watch yet as expected. Heard people are already making noise about some rape scene.

Shameless - also did not watch. Tonight NYG will be stinking up my tv so will still be behind tomorrow.

You met because of Friends ? Aww - how sweet.

Mike V. said...

Westworld - Really??? I mean, I assume a scene like that will be coming but I don't remember seeing one in the pilot. But, I did look down at my phone a couple times. lol

Friends - Yep! Long story of course :)

Anonymous said...

Westworld--I don't recall a rape scene. I expect one though. OH wait, there was a scene where Dolores was grabbed and taken away to I think a barn where we were to have thought she was raped. But, there was no actual rape scene, I don't think any clothes were ripped or taken off. I would call it a kidnapping scene where she was grabbed and she was yelling.

Ballers--I watched this for the first time this weekend. I'm not sure what to think. Has some reality to it. Mark Schlereth was in it a few eps along with some other players. I'm glad they have the NFLPA in it.


Leslie said...

Friends/Seinfeld - Love them both!! Mike, I knew you were a major Friends fan, but I don't think I've heard how you met Shanna because of Friends. Inquiring minds..... :)

FTWD - Wow! I agree that was an amazing finale! Action packed and intense! I admit that I haven't been as attached to FTWD as I was to TWD in the beginning. It's been a nice placeholder until TWD returns, but the finale really packed a punch! I was also surprised by Chris's death. I didn't believe it until they showed the scene. The guy who plays Travis did a great job! We also saw Alicia kill her first live person, so it seems this group has crossed that line much quicker than TWD group did. And, we get a tidbit from Madison that she crossed that line before the apocalypse. It seemed like she had some darkness to her, so it will be interesting to learn more about her story.

Mike V. said...

Westworld – Yeah she was taken, but no there was no implication of a rape scene. Critics have seen 2 episodes though so maybe something leaked early.

Ballers – Never got into that one.

Friends – Let’s just say Lost and Idol weren’t the first 2 shows I was investing in writing about.  Just my first 2 blogs. Lol There's certainly a story, but I don't know if it's something I want to divulge entirely on my blog! :)

Mike V. said...

Timeless - Not bad. I was really tired when we watched so I think I missed a few things but I got the gist. We're going to be following a "time travel of the week" case while chasing down the evil time travelers and will be unintentionally altering the present day. But of course the main girl (from Rectify which I never watched) will be probably trying to fix her personal storyline and figure out why things changed to where her mother is healthy and her sister no longer exists.

The lead guy looked so familiar and sounded so familiar. Yep...he was on the 90210 reboot...but more importantly, he voiced Anakin Skywalker in The Clone Wars. I'd know that voice anywhere. Totally redeemed the character for me after Hayden and Jake's portrayal in the prequels. lol

BBT - Nothing too exciting to report here...but Penny's geologist joke at the end and the guy's response was pretty solid.

Luke cage -finished the 2nd episode. I'll be just squeezing this in where I can. but in no rush.

Gotham - Wolf dude from Walking Dead was the main villain. He's just one creepy dude. Of COURSE Lee is engaged! And OF COURSE it's Carmine Falcone's "good guy" son! lol Episode was okay.

Anonymous said...

BBT--Yea the "party" had a few good one liners. I really expected the boys to get an extension.

Gotham--Lee engaged, that makes sense--lol. I was kind of half watching. It made zero, zero, I repeat zero sense for the captain to give Lee her job back. He's just a captain--lol. And it's not even the same department--police and forensic pathologist.


MJ said...

Westworld - still haven't seen it - or shameless. But here's an article about the questions left by episode 1. It was a headline I read - the actress stating that it will be dealth with. I dunno.

Mike V. said...

BBT - Yeah, the extension was a pretty foregone conclusion. But how he just shrugged it off was great. (That's Hank from Breaking Bad...also had a brief stint in a Miles Flashback in Lost season 4 lol)

Gotham - That's Gotham City for you..not doing things by the book! lol That's why they need a commish like Jim Gordon who lets the right people make those decisions! lol

Westworld - Thanks for the link MJ, I'll check it out!

MJ said...

Westworld - fin ally watched. We shall see - but liked it so far. i actually dozed off - not the shows fault but was pretty tired last night. I also dozed off during Lucifer which I like alot. SIGH. WIll go back and read comments later when I have time.

Blacklist - i was devastated for one minute after Red shot Mr Kaplan - then annoyed by the psych when her hand moved. Ugh. I find myslef caring less and less about Lizzy and her stupid dad and Red. And knowing Tom is leaving the show I can't even get invested in her trying to have her family together.

This is Us - was that not on last night due to the debate ? Crap - if it was on I don't think I taped it. I'm sure it was off.

Mike V. said...

This is Us - You are correct. Not on last night because of debate. And what a debate that was. I can't believe we watched the whole thing. Must've nodded off at least 5 times during it. lol

Westworld - Yep, I am mostly positive on it too. It has a lot of potential.

The Flash - So glad this is back! I didn't think he would be forced to fix the timeline so quickly, but it makes sense so it wouldn't have huge repercussions in the CW universe of other shows. But, of course, something is different. How could it not be? Things didn't play out exactly the same. And I joked about continuing to go back to that night of his mother's death and having so many versions of the flash there. I wasn't far off! Except it was Reverse Flash this time. lol Alternate timeline Cisco was pretty funny...and Caitlin being an ophthalmologist. So now something is different between AT LEAST Joe and Iris...I wonder what else??

MJ said...

Westworld - Read this in a review LOL. Like the best seasons of Lost, Westworld works so well on a macro level, the fact that the micro details don’t always

add up isn’t enough to spoil the fun.

Guess this was the rape alluded to - Gunslinger merrily spoils the evening of Westworld’s premiere robot couple, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Teddy (James

Marsden), by killing him and raping her.

I will probably rewatch the pilot - don't even remember the slap you guys talked about, though I do remember the flies going into the robots eyes. Ewwww. But for me it is a western and that has never been my favorite genre. We shall see. And how do the guests tell other guest from the 'hosts'? So - if you cheat on your spouse with a 'host' have you cheated ? LOL You bet your bippee you have !

On the run between meetings. Maybe back later.

Mike V. said...

Westworld - Interesting LOST comparison. I can imagine that will be similar but tough to tell after one episode!

I swear I don't remember there being any implication of rape but if it were to happen that would've been when.

The slap was the very final moment of the episode. Basically indicating that Dolores is becoming self aware. There was also references to flies in the whole episode. And one of the tech dudes said that the hosts "would never hurt a fly." So definitely symbolic to what they're capable of.

It certainly is a western...but a hybrid Sci-Fi Western.

I'm sure they're going to have "fun" with us trying to figure out who is a host vs. a guest. Like Man in Black (Ford?? I don't remember everyone's name yet...someone is Ford lol)....is he a VIP Guest or is he a host also? I'm sure they're going to examine the moral ground on cheating with robots and all of that stuff too....and overall..."what does it mean to exist" lol Of course, all of that has been tapped into on other shows as well. So it'll be interesting to see what direction they take this show.

Anonymous said...

WEstworld--MJ, you're right, for the guests in particular to figure out who is real or not makes this somewhat nonsense on it's sheer premise. I thought that but didn't say anything, glad you did. IN the originals, the guests absolutely knew because they all went into the simulation together already being prepped. Maybe they are here too but that has not been shown when the player piano starts or even before as it should be to make sense.

Even one of the people dealing with the robots said that guests liked robots that looked like robots better. But that Ford is always pushing for realism.

I maintain that we were supposed to have thought Dolores was raped, but it was NOT shown.

Any thoughts on the giant scenery mechanism in the middle of the HQ? It's almost a miniature of what's going on in Westworld. I was even wondering if it was Westworld, ie that they are miniaturized. I don't think so but the train shot seemed to convey it. When we were looking at the "full size" with characters then all of a sudden we see this miniature train streaking across the scene.

Ford is portrayed by Hopkins.

Again, I'm not sold on the show yet but will give it some more time. Like Mike said, a 7 isn't bad. I still think this material is better done using something more short term.

I think it got 2 million viewers. Not great but not awful.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - To be fair...the people IN the show probably know which is which. We, the viewers, may be in the dark for now. Granted...the hosts generally don't know they are robots, so there's that too.

Hmmm...I didn't think you were sure we were meant to take that implication either. I'd have to rewatch. I might have missed some dialogue.

Yeah...I figured the mechanism was a "game board" or "live map" of what's going on. with the establishing shot of the HQ out in the same environment as westworld...I don't think they are miniaturized either.

Thanks on Ford...that sounds right. I think man in black already has a name too (ed harris), but it hasn't been provided ON the show yet.

You have to keep in mind that HBO is a premium channel so ratings are already different than the networks/basic cable. 2 million viewers (3.something over the first 2 airings) is really good for the 1st episode. Game of Thrones started even lower I think. This is the most successful premiere since True Detective. Shows like this grow over time. And HBO provides so many opportunities for people to binge it too so overnight numbers aren't as important. But, it's still nice to see it did well.

Anonymous said...

Comic Book Heros--I thought you guys might find it interesting about Jacob Hall--the 6 year who was killed at school here. He loved comic book characters and so the batmobile came as did a batman. Adam West called his family, etc. Lots of people affected by this.

Designated Survivor--Aaron now Chief of Staff--I really thought it would have gone to the girl. So, the surviving congressman will have to come up with some answers now. ARe we supposed to think there's a romance coming between Aaron and Emily?


MJ said...

Frequency - any one going to watch ? The movie was a charming sleeper - Dennis Quaid and Jim Cavaziel (know I messed up that name) and Juliette from Lost - before her lost days. I will check it out.

Flash - I am painfully behind. NYG in prometime for a second week will not help but will catch up this weekend to Flash and Shameless. But will get behind again cause going to London in less then 2 weeks ! Yay !

Mike V. said...

Designated Survivor - They're definitely building up a potential romance between Aaron and Emily. They also were making it seem like she would be the chief of staff and gave it to shady Aaron. lol But, of course, he's already on a short leash. Of course, nothing is as it seems with the attack. What's up with the survivor who disappeared in 6 seconds? Is this a sci-fi show? lol

Frequency - I remember the movie...and the show looks pretty good, but I don't know if I have time for it. Maybe I'll schedule the DVR.

Being Behind - Don't worry MJ...I'll be on another road trip to Tennessee next week so I'll be behind too! We'll all catch up eventually. :)

AHS - Ugh...it just gets creepier and creepier. The pig man in the shower. Even though I knew it was coming it freaked me out! lol They got the girl back, but lost 2 living people during the blood moon. If I was them I'd just split town NOW. There's nothing holding them there unless the spirits will keep them surrounded.

Comic Book heroes - So sad. Is that close to where you live Richard? That was a sweet idea for the funeral though. But, just horrible circumstances of course.

Mike V. said...

Frequency - looks like it started last night. Oh well...I set the dvr to pick up repeats. It reairs NEXT Friday after episode 2 airs on Wednesday. I know...I could watch it online...but I won't remember! lol

MJ said...

Comic Book Heros - I did read about that. Such a shame - but such a great thing to do for him

AHS - ugh - think I forgot was even on. Sure I recorded it.

Anonymous said...

Comic book heroes. Yea it's a local story about Jacob. I saw it on the national news several times.

I liked the Frequency movie ok. Who's broadcasting and when.


MJ said...

Frequency - first one aired wednesday - one of the big 4 networks. Somewhere above Mike said when they repeat the first one. Was pretty good - I enjoyed it. They retained the charm of the movie. Changed minor stuff - like that it's a daughter and not a son.

Timeless - wasn't bad. Can see that they will have travel of the week - and that the main woman will be trying to figure out why her present changed. But they also might have put a little twist in there. Will stay with it for awhile and see

Conviction - didn't suck but wasn't that great either. Merely ok

MJ said...

Timeless - forgot to say Lem from Better off Ted is a prominent character. Took me a bit to figure out who he was. So funny since we saw the other scientist from BOT on another show a few weeks ago.

Mike V. said...

Frequency - another CW show!

Timeless - I'll have to pay more attention in the next episode for the Better off Ted actor. lol

Mike V. said...

Black Mirror - Season 3 Trailer. :) http://www.ew.com/article/2016/10/07/black-mirror-season-3-trailer

Anonymous said...

Westworld--so, they are introducing us to more of the characters and their backgrounds. INteresting about Bernard and Theresa relationship.

BTW when the black girl was running around the facilities and NO ONE was anywhere around on those escalaters or hallways it seemed so lame! All that infrastructure for no one.

I was ok with it and am enjoying Ed's storyline in pursuit of the maze. And the little girl was great when speaking with Ed! She went from one personality to another right away.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - Read interview with the showrunners....apparently the 2 characters we follow into Westworld are meant to mirror the 2 protagonists from the movie. I watched the trailer for the movie over the weekend. Definitely intriguing and might consider watching it one of these days.

I think we were meant to think that it was the middle of the night when probably the only people working were the people restoring all of the Hosts for the next day. It might be realistic to think the rest of the facility is abandoned. I'm surprised no cameras would be running though (or some kind of motion detector).

Ed's storyline was good...agreed. He's looking for easter eggs in a video game! Being a gamer (less these days than in the past) I can related to the analogy the showrunners are using. Especially the whole Grand Theft Auto comparison...things you would never do in real life, but can live out in this "virtual real life" existence.

Yeah the girl changing tones was great...it's like Man in Black cracked a code or something. Now what confuses me is does the game board reset daily??? So would that guy's wife be up and running the next day? But because Man in Black has him roped...will he NOT reset the next day?

Also, the chronology of what's going on is throwing me for a loop. We saw the man with the white hat (more symbolism) pick up Dolores' can in the first episode...now we saw his whole back story coming into the park up to that moment where he picks up the can. But when did all of Dolores' moments in this episode happen...i.e. with the gun? Same with the girl that woke up while being restored. Maybe it doesn't matter when everything happens. It felt like the Off-Game story just kept progressing while we may have been flashing back to the White Hat man's story.

Regardless of confusion...I'm loving this show. Really just interested to learn more about the world.....and now Ford has a new storyline he's been working on...that whole concept is pretty awesome too. Like Downloadable content or a "new mission" in an open world game. lol


DEBATE - Now this seemed more like a fiction than WestWorld! What a damn circus this has become. The worst part is, we still have another month!

No Shameless yet for me...will watch tonight. but I'm out of town starting Wednesday through Monday of next week. I'll watch what I can.

Strain - Caught up. Nothing much to report! Caught up with Fett's Dad in flashbacks...right?? Other than that..nothing too exciting.

ONCE - I know no one watches...but we got another Cinderella story flashback. If they didn't remind me in the episode I would've thought this was the first time we were getting the Cinderella story twist on Once Upon a time (I think they last visited her in season 1). But...it was okay.

Anonymous said...

WW--the narrative or story resets every cycle. Whether that cycle is a day or 2 days we don't yet know. From the sunrises I'm watching I'd say a 2 day cycle but I've not yet confirmed. Yea, the can falling being picked up is definitely to help us tie it together. The thing is in last nights ep Teddy was killed at the bar while in the pilot he was killed by Ed. So, they weren't the same events. Ed seems to be bridging from one cycle to another, at least that's how I see it now.

You wonder about the cameras and that's a good point when Maeve is running around. It also reinforces my seeing it lame that nobody came after her.


Anonymous said...

Westworld--the movie was broadcast this weekend. I didn't watch it all but seriously, Yul Brenner was awesome.

Looking forward to see what Bernard has set up for the board.


Mike V. said...

WW - Good clarification that a cycle may not be a day. So I guess if guests are on a multi-day visit the cycle probably lasts as long as they're there?

Yeah I feel like Ed is a VIP guest and they let him do whatever he wants. So he may just never leave. lol

Well with the cameras...there may not be 24/7 surveillance by a human. They may have never seen the need for it. So even if they did capture it on film...it may not have been caught in real time...UNLESS there were motion detectors. So maybe at some point it will all be exposed and they'll "go to the tape". Most likely though, it's a writing convenience and they'll never address it. lol

Poor Teddy/James Marsden...dude just gets killed all the time. I think we've seen 3 cycles so far and he's died every time. lol

Like the size scope of the whole world...I mean...Ed Harris pretty much left the West and went to Mexico. The one guy said he's traveled far and has never reached the end of the world. So much potential for different kinds of stories. I guess that sums up to great world building through the 1st 2 episodes.

Mike V. said...

WW - Yeah...agreed on Bernard (That's Jeffrey Wright's character, right?). They referred to Dolores as his daughter and he is definitely hiding some stuff from the rest of the board with her and what she's keeping stored.

MJ said...

TWD - holy crap ! Anyone see the new trailer that came out from NYC Comicon ? Ugh. It's Rick's first words after Negen kills someone. It is hard to watch - bu also you can't look away. No real spoilers - except he says 'he' so guess not Maggie or Michonne or Sasha. End was very interesting too. Hmm - wonder if we are going to see something that happened in the books a long time ago.

Shameless - watched last weeks finally. LOL - still love this show. Lip sooo reminded me of Frank with his plans on how to drink. Very sad that Ian's boyfriend is possibly with that girl. Deb is crazy - and surely going to get caught. Frank as usual was the best - nailing himself into Fiona's room.

Sadly I watched my NYG stick up prime time again. Luckily their last prime time game for a few weeks.

Debates - avoided that circus like the plague - especially as all I heard everywhere I went this weekend was Trump trump trump.

No Tomorrow - I wanted to hate this one - need less stuff to watch - but it was acutally quite charming. SIGH.

Caught up on my finales for Supernatural and Flash - and watched the new Flash.

Flash - nice to see happy Barry - if only for now. Hate it that Eobard is right. Miss the old Cisco too, but enjoyed new Wally. I also was surprised they ended the whole different timeline in the very first episode - though I guess not everything is still quite right. Never heard of Dr Alchemy - but I didn't read the comics so....

MJ said...

Timeless - meant to say - you really can't miss the guy who played Lem - He definitely stands out of the three that go back in time. If ya know what I mean ? LOL

Mike V. said...

TWD - I didn't see the NYCC trailer...if I remember to go back to this later I'll check it out. If not, I'll wait for the premiere! lol

Shameless - Not sure why I didn't pick up on the Lip/Frank likeness in his drinking. lol Good call.

Debates - Yep...pretty much unavoidable...then my facebook/twitter feeds were full of Pro Left and Pro Right wing agendas....I wanted to turn off the debate and watch Westworld and Shameless...but my daughter decided to stay awake for awhile with us. lol Granted....the subject matter of the debate would've fit right in on those shows this wknd. lol

No Tomorrow - Not sure I heard of that one??

Flash - Oh yeah...I don't know any of the villains if they're in the comics. lol But yeah...I think we're going to see subtle changes in the "fixed" timeline. Ugh...I'm going to be so behind next week when I get home unless I am able to watch some stuff on the iPad throughout the week. :)

Timeless - Ahhhh okay...I forgot the characters from Better Off Ted and which one was Lem. Now that I've put 2 and 2 together I know who he was!! duh. lol

MJ said...

yeah - I am away for 5 days coming up soon - so you won't be the only one !

No tomorrow - think on CW. I thought it was something else then it turned out to be. Not sure you're cup of tea - but I wasn't happy to not hate it. LOL

Mike V. said...

No Tomorrow - Just read the synopsis....not my "typical" cup of tea but I have certainly had a weak spot for sappy romantic dramas in the past. lol

Away trips - Well at least we're wrapping all that traveling up before Walking Dead! Or are you away for that? lol

Anonymous said...

Gotham--it occured to me when watching that their mayorial election has a few similarities to our Pres election.


Mike V. said...

Gotham - Yeah it was more than obvious. I was going to note the same thing. "Make Gotham Safe Again"??? Yeah...pretty obvious! lol Episode was okay....glad the Mad Hatter story is over. Lee/Jim talking again...I give it a half a season before they're "more than just friends" again. You know with her boyfriend/fiancé being tied to Falcone it's only a matter of time before that becomes an issue.

Supergirl - Not a bad start. You can tell Cat is thinking about a sabbatical (hence writing in her recurring status this season instead of regular). you can tell they moved filming to Vancouver (instead of LA) with the new DEO set. And they joked about how it's always been there. lol That's where they film all the CW shows. Superman was pretty cool....but how long can he just "stick around" without dealing with his own issues in Metropolis? I mean...I know he's Superman so he can get back there quickly... lol Just seems awfully convenient for Supergirl to have Superman just hanging out all the time. lol But...it's just a show...I can live with it!

Shameless - Carl watching Ted Cruz and picturing hairy balls (sorry..no other way to say it! lol). hilarious. Fiona using Tinder...of course! I'm sure that'll lead to another path of self destruction. Ian trying out women...hysterical. Kevin hiring the "maid" and then coming up with a new business plan. lol And of course FRANK....disaster! Love this show.

Timeless - They sure are messing with the timeline!! lol But, it's still a fun show. I've been pretty tired both times I watched...had to rewatch the end this morning. Now she's engaged?? lol

Not sure what I'll get to tonight with packing and road trip prepping. But I really want to watch The Flash! We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Timeless--I'll probably leave this in past--lol. The thing with time travel shows which are serials is that the writers will eventually pull some trickery. And I'm just not good with that. IE, I don't want to invest just to have a rug pulled out from under my feet. When the girl's sister wasn't there any more I knew it was asking me to keep up. And I don't want to keep up with a show that has a crazy future--lol.


Mike V. said...

Timeless - I feel the same way...how long can they keep these subtle changes happening without messing up continuity or demanding too much from the viewers? It's certainly not on the top of my viewing priorities so we'll see how long I keep up with it.

MJ said...

Away - nope - I come back the afternoon of 24th. Only good thing is that London does not air TWD til night of the 24th - so only have to worry about getting spoiled in the philly airport

True enough on sappy romantic dramas

Mike V. said...

Away - Nice on London. Good luck staying UNSPOILED!

MJ said...

Away - I will be internet silent that last night in London and when first landing in the US. I will go home - check on my kitty - and watch that premier. LOL

AHS - still creepy. Where is the Evans character ? Very unlike the show to give us so much information so early in the season - even though it is a shorter season. i lover the little medium - know him from so many places. Have to look that up. oh - read today that the story will have some major shift coming - guess that is why it feel almost over ?

Mike V. said...

Away - Sounds like a good plan! That's definitely one of the remaining "MUST WATCH WHEN IT AIRS" shows. So you gotta do what you gotta do!

AHS - I have no idea with Evan's character. Surely he'll be showing up soon. The little guy...I looked him up. He's definitely been around but I didn't recognize him from anything where he stood out. I'm sure I'd recognize him if I ever saw that stuff again. lol Interesting on the major shift. Want to put bets on the documentary ends and then we go OFF camera with the "real people"? Maybe Evan is filming the documentary.

MJ said...

AHS - good thinking on Evan

TWD - OMG - have you watched that trailer yet ? I've seen it like 4 times. So - the title fo the new up is a shout out to season 1 finale. It's a line the used in a scene with Rick/CDC guy (Stan from the americans). Also - the end of the trailer has a shot of a bloody mess on the ground and people have blown it up and see something in it. SIGH.

Supergirl - wasn't suire about adding Superman - afterall she is Supergirl - she don't need no mans help ! LOL But it worked pretty well. Loved her line about changing his diapers.

Off to meetings - will write more later.

Oh - Kim Dickens - of FTWD - heard she was in both Sons of Anarchy and Lost. HUH ? Don't remember either. Know she was in deadwood though but that is it

Anonymous said...

Channel Zero--
New SyFy show that I thought MJ was going to watch. Seems a lot like True Detective. But, the main actor isn't someone I like.

Shield--Did anyone think May was going to die--lol?
Shield is back press conference. I couldn't help but think when I saw that something is going to make them regret it, but don't know.


Anonymous said...

Taking Fire--Saw the finale. Wow, I heard about the Pech river valley. That was seriously tough duty.


MJ said...

Criminal Minds - Leslie I just watched last weeks. Ugh - that was heart breaking for JJ. Hadn't seen her hubby for quite some time.

Supergirl - what did I miss by the way ? Started ep where James and Kara were going to go on a date and then they aren't going to date at all ? What happened there ? Did we believe Lena Lutor isn't bad ? Of course not ! LOL She may have been the target in this one but we all know she will be a bad guy. Loved the new DEO - is that due to the re-location and new sets ? Not sure I like Kara doing the 'reporter' thing like her cousin - but I'm sure it will work.

Channel Zero - I recorded it but not yet watched. Hmmm.

Leslie said...

TWD - Holy crap is right, MJ!! When he says, "What did he have", that could be interpreted as what did Rick have as a weapon, not necessarily whoever Negan just killed. Just a thought....
Mike, you gotta watch!!


Leslie said...

Criminal Minds - MJ, yeah, that was a tough episode! I guess the next episode we'll find out how they write Hotch out, and Emily coming back full time. Hotch will be missed, but I remember thinking that about Gideon too. They have really good writing, so no matter who goes away, they don't seem to miss a beat.

Mike V. said...

Haven't watched twd trailer yet. Trying to be strong and just wait for premiere! Been on the road all day today. No tv last night. Was too late after packing. Saw new girl/b99 was the crossover ep so we couldn't commit last night. Lol

Will comment when I can and try to watch stuff.

Anonymous said...

Designated Survivor--kind of strange but I thought that guy was acting as press secretary to begin with. General firing--will miss him. There could be repercussions for arresting the governor--could get ugly.


MJ said...

TWD - watch it Mike ! NOt spoilery but OMG is it heart breaking just thinking about what they might be saying. I love JDM as an actor - trying really hard to see how this character is going to be considered charming. However - do NOT find on the wed the close ups of the last shot.

New Girl - taped it only due to the cross over. Lord knows when I will watch them.

Supergirl - well since writing yesterday I've heard all about the Guardian. Sigh. Don't know about this. I liked James as he was. But have you seen his costume ? LOL While cool looking - it's like seriously beyond what some guy who decided to be a vigilante would have. It's better then Daredevils ! Beyond silly really. Maybe DEO will make it for him - but how could they since they couldn't condone a vililante ?

Flash - couldn't get to it last night. Sigh. Nor AHS

This is Us - another good ep. No that it was hard to guess but as soon as him mom acted the way she did - then said I want to talk to him alone - I knew there was some 'deal' and that the parents knew eachother. And I want to meet the doctor that's gonna sit for you while you go take a nap in his office. LOL But they walked a fine line with Kevin - he was jsut about to cross the line to being a jerk when he got a clue that his sister should have a life. I don't think randall should be telling those girls that this man is his grand dad knowing he's dying soon. And Toby - as usual - is just awesome. I want to learn more about his back story.

Timeless - I felt kinda sad with the whole 'we can't save Lincoln'. Also th soldier guys 'so it's ok my wife is dead but not your sister'. ugh. Still say that Er doc is not the bad guy - he's from the future and is trying to put something right.

Westworld - still not sure on this show. I am truly not a fan of westerns or fantasy so having a hard time with this one. they already stated that the 'wipes' are half-assed so we all know that these fragments the non-humans are remembering are past incarnations of themselves. Oddly even knowing they are not real it is hard to watch Ed Harris just killing without remorse - and the way these workers treat them too. And I hope that they don't expect us to be surprised when we learn that Ed Harris is not really human but some form of these non-humans too. And to be honest I'm not sure I like the whole point of it - that people want to go into a fantasy world where they can be all bad and do horrible things and that that is a vacation. Or as the visitor this week said - find out who you really are ! Lots of shows investigate how dark a person can be - but this is different - this is for pleasure. We shall see.

Anonymous said...

WEstworld--The original was not just about killing and maiming people. It had a lot to do with the sex of course but also the whole wild west action with riding horses and handling cattle, etc. As I said, I question how this storyline can be more than a limited series. But, it is good so far carried by good acting, at least to me. Gunfights you can't loose with a robot just has to be fun though! I'm with the worker who said making the robots too real could become a turnoff. So, watching a robot I shot bleed would be over the top for me. Ed being a robot would be an interesting take on things. In a way it kind of makes sense as he seems like he's always there. We'll find out if he gets in a gunfight with a guest.

This is US--yea another good solid ep. Interesting that we keep going back and forth within and between eps. My wife had to point out to me that Kurt was the name they had picked out for the baby who died. I missed that but once she pointed it out to me things made since with Randall. I agree, Randall should not tell the girls. Maybe when they're much much older.


MJ said...

This is Us - yeah I guess til this week I really didn't have the character names down yet - cause I don't think I'd retained that his name was Randall. So when they said they'd name the baby Kyle i thought nothing of it. LOL

Westworld - we shall see. right now it's just different enough then most stuff on tv that I will stay with it for a while.

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--so it seems they're setting up for Tom to go his own way. One thing that bugs me about this show is how someone like Samar is overtly put into the FBI task force by Red as a requirement of Red to the FBI forcing them to take her. THEN, it's like lately all of that never happened. Aram basically telling Samar he was glad she was leaving was a really big deal. It's like he's gained confidence.


Leslie said...

This Is Us - I'm really enjoying this show! I agree about Kevin! I was surprised he was acting so helpless and needy and calling Kate so many times, but then he came around. Loving Toby and want to know more about him! I love Gerald McRaney who plays the doctor! He's been in tons of stuff, but I remember him way back when on Major Dad, and he played a very endearing character then too. And, it's hard for me to watch Jack and not think of Jess from Gilmore Girls!

AHS - Creepy! Seems like they wrapped up that story, so are we on to something else now?

Designated Survivor - Loved when he fired the general and arrested the governor! And, the speech writer turning into the press secretary.....looks like he's a good fit for that job!

TWD - Getting so excited for this to start up again! MJ, I understand what you're saying about JDM. I think he will be a "love to hate him" kind of character. If nothing else, he's nice to look at with that smile! Looking forward to the retrospective this Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Westworld--lots of foundational work for the uprising. So, Dolores must be the girl on the horse in the opening credits shooting the gun. The security guy sleeping with this gun made lots of sense. One line of code away from taking over. I guess Dolores is the Yul Brenner? So, has Bernard done something crazy with Dolores by himself or is it a combination of Arnold, Ford and him that is going to cause the uprising.


Mike V. said...

Just a heads up I'm on my way home today. TV catch-up will commence shortly after. lol didn't watch anything while we were gone as I expected. Am caught up on Star Wars rebels though lol

Anonymous said...

Strain--So, the "ancients" are dead, at least the new ones? It is funny to think about new ancient ones, isn't it--lol. Eph on what's her name being a porn tease was funny.


Jason B. said...

MJ - yeah, Kim Dickens played Cassidy (http://lostpedia.wikia.com/wiki/Cassidy_Phillips), whom Sawyer conned/had a baby with, and Kate later ran into her. I had already seen season 1 of FTWD when I was watching LOST, so I realized it pretty quickly haha. Michael Cudlitz (Abraham) was also in it, he was Ana Lucia's partner. I noticed a few other smaller TWD actors on LOST as well.

TWD - Yeah, when Negan asks "what did he have?" he's talking about Rick, not whoever he killed. So that doesn't rule anyone out except Rick. Really sounds like Aaron crying at then end though, maybe Eugene I suppose. I can't believe we're only less than a week out now, although it's kind of hard for me to be super excited given what we know is going to occur in the premiere.

Mike V. said...

LOST characters in other shows - Yep, Kim Dickens first well known role I'm pretty sure was Deadwood...then she started showing up everywhere after that (including LOST as mentioned). Cudlitz...first time I remember seeing him was in Band of Brothers...but yeah I remember him being in LOST too....he was on that cop show with Ryan Atwood errrr...Ben McKenzie too. lol One of the dudes on FTWD also played young Tom Riddle in one of the Harry Potter movies too...(I think Half Blood Prince)

In process of catching up on TV. Watched FLASH, Shield and AHS from last week. West World and Shameless will probably first on my night time catch up list. I'll be behind 2 on This is Us...but we'll get there eventually!

MJ said...

Kim Dickens - OMG - Sawyers lady. Could not place her on Lost - so thanks. I did remember Cudlitz though.

TWD - yeah I originally thought they meant the guy I just killed - what did he have? But in the retrospective I saw Rick with the axe. Wow - I am Super excited. Dying to know who dies - no pun intended. Heard the second ep, as well as the first, will be longer then usual. LOl - probably to squeeze more commercials in both since it will have such high audiences. They ain't fooling me ! Watched half of the 2 hour stroll down memory lane. They were all so young looking in the early days. LOL

I'm in trip mode so pretty much have watched nothing.

Mike V. said...

TWD - Still didn't watch the trailer! But I have updates on theories. So my wife is convinced it's Michonne because Rick started a relationship with her and the show loves treating his life like S*&^ lol I've been thinking Maggie because it's Glenn in the comics and we already had the fake-out death last season. My sister in law (from my TN trip) is convinced it's Abraham because he/she bounced back up after getting hit and he's probably one of the only ones that could take that hit and get back up. He also was having visions of settling down and starting a family so it would make sense. I think that would have the least emotional punch for me though.

I may have mentioned this at the end of last season, but my theory for this premiere is that we don't find out who met Lucille's bat until the end of the episode. I think we'll have an episode following Negan's crew from some point in the past up through when they start keeping tabs on Rick and his crew. Makes sense based on things they've done in the past...as well as shows like this. They never just answer the damn question right away! lol

Jason B. said...

TWD - some interviews with the writers actually convinced me that the death will be earlier in the episode. I just hope it's not too early, they really need to build the tension back up. I do plan to watch the season 6 finale again right before the premiere, so hopefully that will do it a bit. But I really hope that they take some time to get us back in the moment somehow.

Also, right before that 2 hour retrospective special they announced that TWD was renewed for season 8, not that that's a surprise haha. But I had always thought that they at least gauged the first few episodes of a season before ordering the next one.

Mike V. said...

Strain - Eph and Dutch were inevitably going to happen. lol But yes it was comical! I zoned out during the extermination of the ancients... Only one more episode this season. Did I read that right? Flew by.

Westworld - Slog of a 3rd episode, but still fun to watch. Just gonna share some theories I see going around. One, I actually was thinking too. The actual location of this place....some, as well as I, think it might be on another planet. And maybe that reveal will come later on this season. Another...I didn't really consider...Bernard is most likely a host (That's Jeffrey Wright, right?). Some say the way people treat him is different than other people....and the way Ford was talking to him was almost like he was manipulating the program...like the way he reminded him of his dead son, Charlie and the way that woman told him she doesn't care about his dreams. Also...it would be interesting that he's trying to manipulate Dolores' programming while he himself is manipulating his own possibly??

Got more backstory on the James Marsden character...designed to die over and over again...and never get the girl.

Still all in on this show...but I agree with some of the critiques that it could use a little loosening up and have fun with the concept rather than being so serious all the time. If you think back to all of the shows we obsessed over/and obsess over...they were fun to watch and we enjoyed spending time with the characters. Hopefully, that's coming because I love the concept of the show.

TWD - I hear you Super J....too early and there won't be enough build-up..especially if it's someone like Abraham. They'll have to convince me to be emotionally invested in that one. lol Makes sense to rewatch the finale...I doubt I'll have time before Sunday. Ugh...I just remembered with TWD coming back I'm back on recapping duty! LOL It's been a nice break since Game of Thrones ended! I'll probably still keep them brief. Life is too busy these days! :)

As for renewals...yeah they usually wait but with TWD it's pretty much a no-brainer! I just wonder how long they'll keep the show going! With Negan as an adversary...it could breathe new life into the show for seasons to come. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Westworld--you know me, I don't read much from others really. So, interesting on your theory reporting. I've been prepared from the very beginning for them all to be some type of android, including Ford and that would fit the other planet theory as well. I think the location is definitely part of the mystery. That's why I brought up the scaled replica that transforms in the middle of the big room a few weeks ago.

I think the points brought up on how Ford and Theresa treat Bernard are interesting. Interesting that you didn't read about Ed Harris's character being a robot.

One thing that keeps bugging me is William's lack of interest in the narrative that's unfolding. He doesn't like women the way all others do who have paid $40K per day to be there does(is he gay?) He doesn't want to gunfight or fight. I watch him and wonder why he's even there. Which makes me wonder if he's a spy of some type. Maybe he's just gay and is there because of LOgan, simple as that?

1. There's supposed to be the "launching" of a some thing new and a big deal for the board soon, perhaps this upcoming episode.
2.there's Ford's new narrative theme park.
3.There's the board's desire for another new narrative which dould conflict with Ford's new narrative.
4.We've seen how the new updates have caused problems.
5.We've seen how in addition to the updates, the reveries are causing problems.
6.We've seen how Bernard is working with Dolores "off the grid" and in a way against Ford's wishes. Maybe Bernard wants her to accomplish what Bernard accomplished??
7.We've seen the maze diagram in a few places.

The above points to a lot of foundational work where any one individually could cause some problems/chaus.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - I actually haven't done much reading. Just things that come up on podcasts I listen to (which may be stuff they are reading. I did notice the westworld subreddit is pretty active). But, I was already theorizing about the location.

I didn't bring up the man in black, but there is a multiple timeline theory also which I think may be a little far fetched. Basically that William is Ed Harris' character years ago when he first came to the park and then his other storyline is happening in the present day. I don't think he's gay though...I guess he might be but he did say he had someone special "back home"....so that could be a guy or a girl. I did assume his friend was the one that brought him. But yeah maybe he does have motivations...as for his point to the story...he's our "way in" to the story....he's getting introduced to the world along with us. He's the guy we can identify with. Most shows have a character like that. Usually it's the protagonist...not so sure there is a protagonist or main character to follow in this ensemble cast. lol

Man in Black could definitely be a robot...but I thought it was already confirmed that he's a VIP guest and is human.

1. Are you referring to Ford's new storyline idea? when he looked at that black church? I was wondering if those hooded people were part of that new story or if they were just humans.

2. Ahh nevermind...this is what I was referring to in #1.

3. True

4. right...but is someone doing it intentionally?

5. are the reveries not related to the updates?

6. possibly. It's possible Bernard is the realization of Arnold's top tier of the pyramid...and yes...maybe he's trying to wake more up. At one point Dolores was also referred to as Bernard's daughter wasn't she?

7. yes and now of course the constellation orion.

Anonymous said...

Westworld. The reveries came before the latest update which they then backdated or similar. Still leaving some of the previous updates which had the reveries. I don't know if they tried to get all the reveries but the net effect is they didn't.

Man in Black(MIB--kind of LOSTish isn't it--lol) is supposed to be human as far as we know but again, I'm not sure anyone is totally 100% human--lol.

William is definitely not my way into the story. I don't really see a single protagonist yet. I suspect it may become Dolores officially. I don't really identify with any of them. But, then again I've come to learn I am not like most viewers. Anthony Hopkins is by far the biggest reason I watch. I also like Ed Harris a lot. I like the guy who plays Teddy and I like the girl who plays Dolores. Actually I like most of the actors. Bernard is just cool and I don't think I've ever seen that actor before. Another actress I don't recall before who's doing a great job is Theresa. I like her non BS approach.

I don't like William or Logan however, not at all, neither one of them. Maybe that's intentional btw. Maybe the show runners want us to like the robots more than the humans?? I have heard they want to portray the guests as hedonestic and the robots as the good guys. And of course the park creators/bosses as misguided scientists or greedy capitalists--lol.


Mike V. said...

Westworld - gotcha on the reveries.

MIB - yeah....very much lost-like...of course before LOST there was the Princess Bride. lol And they actually never refer to either of these guys as "man in black" on the shows. It's only what we call them because we didn't get a name. Though, I think Ed Harris' character was named offscreen. But yeah...he's supposed to be human, but I agree you never know what twists are coming.

Not necessarily identify with William's beliefs or actions...but at least his learning about the park. He is the viewer's way in to learning about the story. I know you don't watch Walking Dead...but another example is the main guy Rick...he was knocked out into a 3 month coma...when he woke up he was in the middle of a zombie apocalypse...and we learned about the rules of this new world along with Rick. He's our WAY IN to the story. It has nothing to do with being YOUR way in or Joe Schmoe's way in. It's EVERY VIEWER'S WAY in.

Yeah...Hopkins can do no wrong. He's the man. Ed Harris is awesome. Bernard has been in lots of stuff (Jeffrey Wright)....Casino Royale as Felix Lighter, Hunger Games sequels, Boardwalk empire later seasons....I'm sure there's more. Yeah...they definitely have done some great casting. no doubt about that.

Not sure if you noticed but Logan is Paulo from LOST lol So that might contribute to you not liking him. William has been in other stuff too. I want to say he was a recurring character on Always Sunny in Philadelphia but not sure. I've definitely seen him before.

Mike V. said...

Corrections on WestWorld -

Paulo (Rodrigo Santoro) is in it but he's Hector (a host I think...he was in ep 2 or 1)

Logan is played by Ben Barnes who was Prince Caspian in the Narnia movies. Don't know him from much else.

William is played by Jimmi Simpson and was in 7 episodes of Always Sunny...but also is/was in House of Cards among many other things.


Anonymous said...

Bernard actor in Casino Royale as Felix--I remember that now. Yea, he was good in that role
I obviously forget most actors--lol.

Good point on Williams being a mode of info dump. Now, let's see what I recall from those dumps that wasn't from other sources.

1. $40K per day.
2. Background info on him and Logan, which I can't recall the specifics--lol. Seems like there's some kind of in law relationship some how. Logan's been there before.
3. Some additional narrative sub routines if you will--I believe the bounty hunter narrative for example
4. It can hurt when you get shot, even as a guest--lol.


Mike V. said...

WW - William - we followed him through the whole process of entering the park and prepping. They took some kind of futuristic vehicle there. He was seduced by the bot and was offered services immediately upon getting off the train. He had to choose his attire...including choosing the White Hat over the Black which kind of symbolized the role he'll at least initially be playing in the show. And we're following his first time through the park and observing what he observes on the first time in....helping a guy. Then with him is the experienced guy who is trying to tell him to "not be a newb" lol You need that newcomer perspective to have a fresh set of eyes...someone who is experiencing it for the first time right with us. I guess you don't need it...but it helps to level set people.

Anonymous said...

WW--William--I'm not saying I don't need the download on info. Forgot about the hat and even the girl giving him the hat, etc. Such as him wondering if the people he saw in getting prepped were real or robots. That was interesting. It's just that I'd say he's more of an info agent in that regard. I guess one thing is that the prep area and other info is a lot like the movie which I saw about 3 times.

It would be crazy if he becomes the MIB. White hat to black hat.


Mike V. said...

WW - indeed it would...white to black. Not sure if they'll go that route but it certainly would be crazy to pull it off. We also don't know how long this park has been in business. Like would it even be possible for Ed Harris to have been going for that many years?

Anonymous said...

WW, we don't know, but have an idea from Ford's age how long the park has been open. I'm thinking anywhere from 5 to 25 years--lol--I know, a big range. They mentioned how the hosts have changed from basic robotic types to a more human type over the years. So, my guess is somewhere in between.

We also don't know who has the last say, ie really who's in charge. Is it the board, can they over ride Ford? Is he the Chairman of the board? Is he the largest stockholder? Those types of questions which could lead to conflicting objectives/strategies for their corp.

I'm still processing Bernard as a robot and possibly helping Dolores with some level of empathy and/or hope. There's a reason Ford brought up his now dead son.

I find the park runners/behind the scenes if you will--Ford, etc--that whole storyline as the most interesting. A lot because we almost know what's going to happen with the robots becoming human like and having some sort of rebellion. Also, seeing robots shot up and the sex stuff gets boring/repetitive after a while. Even the questions surrounding the good and bad of killing a robot, is it killing, etc gets old after a while. I don't need a show debating the morals of it. Plus, it's where Anthony Hopkins does his thing. Now if he were out in the park, I might change my opinion-lol.


Mike V. said...

WW - good point on Ford's age. We also know Dolores is the original host too. Of course that right there...if we're looking at the same cast of characters in William story and MIB story...then you'd think it's all during the same time. But maybe not?? Maybe there are different characters in each and just a few of the same.

All good questions on who is in charge. And yes definitely a reason on bringing up the dead son...though it may have just been a horrible way to bring up exposition. lol But hopefully there was more to it.

Yeah it's all interesting to me...the shots of them making the hosts are really cool...the creation of the eyeball was a nice touch. But yes...if we were in the park it would be a whole different story! lol

Anonymous said...

WW--I kind of recall the MIB saying he has been coming to this park for 30 years. He also has said he was born in the park. I don't know if that means literally or figuratively however since he's looking more like a 50 something.


Mike V. said...

WW - 30 year comment sounds familiar....don't remember the "born in park" line. FYI Ed Harris is 66, born in 50. Now whether the character is 50 something I dunno lol

Mike V. said...

AHS - Totally called the next level of this show! (not that it was hard to figure it out) Well...I called that we'd go past the events of the show within the show and start following the actual characters....but I didn't think about them revisiting it within another documentary. Now where getting into found footage horror genre territory. It's working pretty well though. Having the actors mingle with the real life people...seeing the fallout from the show. Pretty interesting stuff. I might rank this season higher on my list than most if they can stick the landing. lol

Flash - Caught up, but with MJ out of country I can just wait until she's caught up to discuss. lol

Supergirl - Caught up...Cat has split town...but she did say she'd be back. Maybe they'll renegotiate that contract for season 3 and bring her back near the end of 2.

Gotham/Shield - Still need to catch up.

Luke Cage - somewhere around episode 6

Black Mirror - Launches on Netflix tomorrow!! Reviews are mixed. I'll judge for myself. lol