Monday, March 10, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 3/9/2014 - 3/15/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

New GofT Trailer -

True Detective - Watched it, will comment more tomorrow. I need to go to bed!

After I finish the last 10 minutes of ONCE. :-) lol

Mike V. said...

Game of Thrones - I hadn't watched that trailer before I posted the link. It's phenomenal. So excited for this season!

True Detective - Well, it was an entertaining story for 8 episodes. I'm sure there are layers and layers of things to analyze here but a purely surface was a great, creepy and suspenseful finale. That final set piece for the grand showdown was every bit as creepy (and more) that you would expect it to be. I really didn't think Rust was going to make it after he suffered that stab wound. But, I guess the more important emphasis in the finale was his character's metaphorhosis over the 8 episodes complete with his revelation right before his stabbing. I'm not sure I grasped everything he was saying in that final conversation with Hart, but I felt like he was finally at peace with the loss of his daughter, believing one day he would be with her again. Good stuff.

ONCE - Ahh they fooled us into thinking Storybrooke was gone forever! But, I like the twist in how they brought it back. The Evil queen is no longer our villain that we need to focus on....we will focus on the ol' Wicked Witch of the West (played by Rebecca Mader of LOST Charlotte fame). We know our lost writers love a good Wizard of Oz reference...but here they finally get to go all OZ crazy on us! Of course, they hinted to us that Oz was coming way back in season 1's mad hatter episode when we saw a bunch of different doors to different realms. One was a door to Oz. And of course the marketing campaign for this half season definitely teased that WICKED is indeed coming. lol Anyway, I like that our flashbacks will show the 1 year of time lost to all characters in the present as they tale on the Wicked Witch. And in the present day presumably she will be in Storybrooke, this time under a curse set by her instead of Regina. Emma has her knowledge back but Henry doesn't. And of course, the passage of time allows Snow (and the actress playing her) to be very very pregnant. And of course she's married to David/Prince charming in real life too. What are the odds that their actual child will play the baby on the show too? lol So, I'm sure they wrote this lapse in time into the script to cover that pregnancy, but at the same time it has sparked new life into the show. Looking forward to this half season!

Shameless - Finally watched the ep from 2 weeks ago...but now we have to still watch this week's!

Anonymous said...

TD--A great finale, loved the carcosa and it was so hidden from the air. The blue swirling light I haven't figured out yet. Not going back to the fire in the opening of ep 1--I will have to deal with the whole idea of how you have a fire and no signs of fire the next day?? So much that could be said, but the show runners kept true to what the said the story was about while we kept wanting more/different. It was layered/complex enough. A couple of key lines to help wrap up the show for me. Errol had a very different brand than Reggie, I saw antlers, not swirls.

1. When discussing the Tuttle's denial of their involvement--Marty response was basically--that's not our job, we got our man.
2. Rust toward the end said that while the universe may have started out all black, there are stars/light now---basically.

Will need to rewatch. But some of those scenes with the scar faced dude and his cousin were just gross. And how he could speak so eloquently blew me away, made me realize there's more to this man that what we see today.


Mike V. said...

TD - Yeah, they definitely didn't resolve the "WHOLE CASE"...I guess we never know how this anthology series will work. I imagine it will be brand new topic, new setting, new characters....but you never know if Tuttle could be the "glue" that holds all seasons together and the guy they eventually try to get. I doubt it..but just throwing stuff out there. lol

The blue swirling light...I thought they kinda explained in Rust's final conversation with Hart. It was his "experience" he was having where he thought he was at the end of his life. It's what he saw that made him feel at peace. That was my interpretation anyway. I don't think that happened in the "physical world"....they spoke earlier in the episode about him seeing I think we were in his head. It's up to each person's interpretation to decide if it actually happened.

Didn't they mention that the "cousin" may have been a half sister? lol In any case, it was definitely gross. Yeah...a rewatch probably wouldn't hurt...but not sure when I'd get around to it!

mj said...

Resurrection - was pretty good. Will see where they gowith it.

Read Tru Det crashed hbo go ! Haven't watched yet.

Mike V. said...

Res - Didn't see the episode yet but I heard the ratings were strong. I also heard this is NOT a remake of the French show called "The Returned" but it ironically is based off of a Novel called "The Returned" which basically covers the same subject. lol crazy.

I also think it's funny that they're doing a show where people that died are coming back...and Damon Lindelof is working on a show about The Rapture for HBO (also based on a book) where people are disappearing. And BOTH shows are making it clear they're focusing on the "WHAT IF" and not the "WHY". They want to be very clear about their objectives in this POST LOST world. Sucks though, because pondering the WHY is half of the fun...even if the answer isn't as fun!

True Detective - Interview with Pizzolato

I also heard about HBO Go going down. I never really thought about it...but I guess if I was in College...I'd totally be using my parents' subscription to HBO to access all of these shows on the night they air. I always look at HBO Go as a useful thing to catch up or rewatch HBO shows whenever...or watch Game of Thrones when I'm away from home (which always seems to happen at least once a season lol)....I never thought about all of the people illegally using it because they don't subscribe to HBO as well as kids using their parent's subscription when they're away from home. I can see why this could totally break down HBO Go since I'm sure this show was a hit with the college folk and young tech friendly "cord cutters" with access to cable subscription logins. lol Crazy stuff.

Grimm - I watched this too. Nice one-off episode, but not much to write about. I think Adalind had the baby, right? And the baby has some crazy powers. Other than was mainly procedural. I can't even remember the case!

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - A little reassurance. :-) Not that we "REALLY" needed it. lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I liked the ep. Adalind had the baby and she got her powers back. BAby will have some too.

HBO Go/Showtime, etc. My daughter uses it in college. But they share too.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - I thought from what they showed it was the baby that showed off the powers in this episode. I forget exactly what he/she did though. lol

HBO Go/Showtime/Streaming - Yeah, I'm sure one day they're going to impose device limits like Netflix used to (I don't think they do anymore). But surely they know that everyone is just borrowing logons. I know I gave a friend my HBO go logon too in exchange for access to his NFL Sunday ticket logon. A fair exchange I think! Of course, maybe they just prefer the eyeballs on their shows. Maybe there's some way to monetize it somewhere down the road.

HIMYM - Great episode once again! Of course, I've been defending the show on EW again to those crazy commenters that will complain about anything for the sake of complaining. Someone said the jokes fell flat and the huge reveal was trying to make up for that. I seriously doubt that. The comedy was hysterical to me. All of the Billy Zabka lines landed perfectly for me. Dirt Biking at 3am? Classic Johnny!! Loved it. He offered up Karate as an option for something too and also asked if you could smoke a pregnancy test. Maybe that's not everyone's brand of funny but I sure laughed!

I look at it like this. Sure, the jokes are corny. But they're being told by characters we've been following for 9 years and those emotional moments are HUGE payoffs for people we've grown to care about. Comedy always goes a little stale for aging sitcoms, but you're invested at this point and if you let it emotionally manipulate you it will! And the huge twist with Lily, it was great....and yes...I cried! Obviously, I knew right away it was a girl and they'd name her Daisy but it didn't take away from the emotional highs. And they're going to Rome? Good times. At least we know that Marshal one day will still become a Supreme Court Justice of Gotham City. Ted and his Mosby boys stuff was great. The Captain being engaged to Boats Boats Boats his hysterical! We found out Lily's story of getting into that car at 3am. And of course the Linus thing was all a big hoax....some argue that she was clearly acting drunk. But, I'm thinking upon a rewatch we may notice it being a little different. I wouldn't think the writers would have just come up with her being pregnant on the spot. I feel like they've had that twist ready to go for awhile.

I also liked the self-aware jokes about how much happened in 1.5 days. lol

And of course, people are now still having this huge conspiracy theory with the end that Robin is considering Ted again. People think the mother will be dead and Ted will be with Robin in 2030. It's all just ridiculous at this point. Of course, I point out that we kind of knew Robin was going to have doubts before the wedding because we already saw it in flash forwards from previous seasons. We also know Barney is going to be climbing at the window. We're catching up to those moments now in these final they're just going right into the story they've already set up. Yes, we all know Robin/Barney are not the greatest couple in the history of the TV universe, but it's what's going to happen on this show. While the writers are capable of massive twists, like the Lily/Daisy connection...I just don't see them pulling one that big on us in the end. And end we've expected for 9 years. They're going to get backlash regardless of how they end it...but if they want the whole "I've wasted 9 years of my life on this show" backlash...then they'll go with the crazy "mother is dead" theory. If they want the majority satisfied...then they'll do what's actually going to happen! :-)

And I know...I'm the only one in this little community that gets bogged down by comments sections...but I always feel the need to share what's being said there! lol

Anonymous said...

NO Blacklist last night!! How do these guys expect loyalty to their shows. OH well, there's plenty of fish in the sea.

Grimm--Yea Adalind even transformed into her wessen version for a few secs. And that was her deal with her baby.

TD--Thanks for the post. Yea, he has always been about not over thinking the show. The next one coming up doesn't sound great, but we'll see--Occult and the transportation system. Hard women and bad men almost sounds like a tag line--lol. Mathew and Marty are both exec producers of this season. It's going to be hard to have a S2 that can match. I mean who could you get, it'll likely be 2 women as the lead--shades of Thelma and Louise/Cagney & Lacy--lol.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Ahhh yes now I remember. lol Thanks!

TD - Yeah, it's a crazy thing when these shows become TV phenomenons. I'll include LOST in the list. Sure, they probably expected some speculation while people watched...but once they become cultural takes over the virtual landscape and ideas come up that were never pondered by the writers. Overthinking can be fun...but expectations have to be kept in check too! lol Yeah, sounds like season 2 will focus on 2 female detectives. We'll see!

Mike V. said...

Bates motel - Another quality episode. I wonder how long Bradley will be out of the picture for this season now that they've shipped her off? Surely, things will resurface. They are putting doubt into me once again that Norman actually killed the teacher. I mean, yeah all evidence points to the fact that he did it with the blackout and all. But, it sounds like something "twistier" could've happened when he blacked out. I'm guessing the cashier at the grocery store will become a new love interest for ol' Norman. Musical stuff was awkward, but Vera Farmiga brought it! lol

mj said...

Grimm - you forgot the creature sucking out emniotic fluids? Lol. and Wu now has a name - drew. Creepy baby! Def has powers. Moved moms hair or something

Himym - Lily was never drunk! Too funny. Wish I had time to go back and watch again to see if there were clues. Reassurance - she didn't reassure me. Little Daisy was nice surprise. Loved how Robins dad was seeming so much like Barney, and seeing capt one more time. Very surprised by Rome - and that they took their parents!

Bates - loved the musical stuff ! What a talented family the Farmigas are - they should try to get her real sister on (Zoe fr AHS). New drug boss looks to be trouble? See the comings? Bdon't want to spoil but new actor coming is always killed off! Lol

No Following, or T D yet. Or Shameless. Sun thru tue is just nuts - then spend rest of week catching up. Didn't look at Believe yet either

mj said...

Revenge - you still watch Leslie? Blackout Emily is crazy! You just know shes gonna tell something she souldn't. And now Jack has a surprise baby momma?! Yikes. And now Victorias illegitimate kid has been involved in 2 murders - within weeks/months of eachother.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Ahhhh i totally remember wanting to comment that Wu's name is Drew Wu! lol Good times. Yeah, now that you bring it up it's all coming back to me. So crazy how I forget a lot of this show over the weekend. lol

HIMYM - Yeah...i did a rewatch back in the day when they were on season 6 or something. With Netflix it makes it easier. lol I may do it again when it's all over eventually. But, I said the same about BB and I haven't gotten to that yet either! Yeah the Robin's Dad stuff was pretty hysterical.

Bates - Yeah...I didn't mean I hated the musical stuff...I just thought it was awkward from Norman's perspective! lol And agree...they should get Tessa or Vera on each of their respective shows. lol You can rest assured I almost always watch the previews for next week. I just try not to comment on them because I know you usually don't and others don't either. lol But wasn't the guy in the end of the episode too? The brother? The last thing I remember him on was Sons of Anarchy. lol And yes...he was killed off!

I hear you on catching up. I didn't watch Ressurection, Believe or Shameless yet. Maybe Shameless tonight.

I did watch Episodes though. Can't believe it's already going to be over next week...but it looks pretty obvious what's going to happen. lol I just wonder how Matt LeBlanc will fit into this plan. Maybe they'll cast him in this sitcom when things fall through on the drama he wants to do? Maybe this one will be more successful than Pucks. lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--saw the special last night for S3 review. Actually helps.

Intelligence--Good ep last night. The premise is not all bad. But the writing can be crazy predictable. I'm not crazy about the actress playing the protector but sometimes she's better then the one playing Lilian--lol. The supporting cast seems better many times.


mj said...

Eps - i have same thoughts. How is Matt fitting in to new show? Carol was extra funny - imitating Bev's accent, making those faces when Bev kept denying the meeting

Bates - brother guy was also on Shield, and several guest star parts in stuff I watch.

GofT - damn - meant to watch that!

TrueDetective - finally watched. Have to go catch up on all yr comments now. Pretty powerful performances by both of them

Shameless - new daughter a nut but she's sweet to Deb. Glad Lip finally letting up on Fiona. Kevin going all survivalist now? Lol. did not see that coming - but down to 2 kids now. Only Lip can somehow get laid due to being a good brother. lol. There is no way frank is surviving this - been waiting for some miracle fix but surely he is too far along now

Mike V. said...

GofT - I heard about the special, but I had just rewatched the whole series so I'm ready! lol

Eps - Yeah Bev/Carol dynamic was a good time. Agreed! The boss off the meds was pretty funny too. lol

Bates - Riiight...SHIELD. Never watched it but I heard that. Probably from you. lol

TD - I agree! Of course, there are complainers by those who looked way too much into it. Based on the interview with the showrunner, he admitted even he didn't look that much into it...but that's the price you pay for a cultural phenomenon! i.e. LOST too. I still don't think there's harm in looking into the show on that level, but as long as you're grounded when that finale comes about and doesn't answer the questions the fanbase fabricated out of thin air!

Shameless - New daughter definitely nuts...I think she gave bad advice to Deb considering the age of her "boyfriend" lol...but yes she is sweet to her. The Lip/Fiona stuff has been pretty intense and I agree it's time for that to subside. Lip is also starting to "fit in" in college....some hysterical shenanigans there agreed! I agree...I think Frank is done for this season...but the question will be if the family will come to him before the end. I'm assuming yes in some capacity. Frank's speech at the school was hysterical! I've been missing those rants. lol

Believe - Watched this one...some questionable acting from the lead "Tate"....but overall a pretty fun concept. I can see how this will probably be a procedural type show with a running mythology. But, I like it. I noticed MULAN is one of the "good guys" too. lol

Still didn't get to Resurrection...the reason? My wife wants to watch too! LOL

mj said...

GofT - sure u read by now - ends after 7 seasons.

BBT - wow - THREE season renewal.

mj said...

True Det - holy hoarders! Childress sure was creepy, as was the wife/half sister. So glad that all those who thought one of our leads was the killer were wrong. Loved that they really had a sniper on stand by! No way Marty would have really survived that gutting - but I'll go with it. Totally did not get Marty seeing that sky/vortex thing bef getting stabbed though.

Still haven't gotten to all your comments. busy morning

Hey - isn't Childress the name of the guy at the mental ward on Hannibal?

mj said...

Himyn farewell site = lame. Thought they were giving us something. Ball I saw was they want us to post/tweet about the end.

Anonymous said...

TD--I never thought either Rust or Marty were guilty. I am still curious about Maggie knowing but not speaking. As Marty said, they did their job so we'll likely never find out.

BBT--wow on renewal. We just watched the ep where Leonard bought Penny a car. IN the next 3 years some significant changes are likely. My wife thinks Penny/Leonard will get married, even though Leonard turned down Penny's proposal and likely have a baby. Could you imagine Burnadette with a baby--she'd probably choke the poor thing.


Mike V. said...

GofT - Yep...well HBO might push for 8...but the EW article did say 7. There's a Vanity Fair article coming out tomorrow where they discussed 7 or 8 feels right. I agree from TV show standards it does. The problem is, there is no way George will be done with the books by then. But they've been meeting with him and know the broad strokes of how it ends just not the details because it's not written yet. So...I worry about key character reveals that may not be able to happen because George wants them revealed in the book first. I got into some discussions in that EW post that we said maybe they finish off with wherever book 6 leaves off then do a movie to wrap it up. Maybe even a a couple movies for HBO.'d need everyone locked in contractually to do that...and the kids are already much older than they're supposed to be. What a mess...but it's a self-fulfilling mess because the writers knew full well going into this that this could be an issue!! lol All they wanted to do was get to the Red Wedding! lol

BBT - That is crazy...surely it will end after those 3 years but who knows! But yes...I think we're getting into Babies and Marriage area and maybe Sheldon getting to 2nd base. lol

TD - Agree on most of what you said. As for the stars..I think that's what he was explaining in his final talk with Hart. He saw/felt something...he felt at peace with his daughter and was ready to die or something like that. He kept saying "i shouldn't be here"....So his character definitely changed at that moment. And he might be able to embrace different ideas now. I dunno...that's how I interpreted it. lol

Mike V. said...

Americans - this season has been great so far and it continued last night! Love that the daughter's suspicions is going to be a major plotline this season. Of course, protection of the kids in general is the theme and they have set it up great. I was wondering if Elizabeth was really going to give the son of the family that died that letter. There was way too much risk in that...and he would've probably made him feel worse or angry at his parents...and question is own existence. Probably good that she burned it! Beamon is just getting into deeper and deeper s#!t with his affair. He doesn't even suspect he's getting played.

Still have to watch Justified and Modern Family. And I'm 2 behind (soon to be 3) on Parks & Rec. Which is a shame because I love that show!

COSMOS - Meant to ask...did anyone check out Cosmos on Sunday night? I recorded it and watched later. It was pretty awesome! I forgot how much I loved exploring science....hopefully, this show will be a sign that there is a thirst for it out there....

Leslie said...

BBT - LOL on Sheldon getting to 2nd base! Such great chemistry on this show....see what I did there? lol I wonder if they all negotiated together like they used to on Friends???

Revenge - MJ, yes, I do still watch, but haven't seen this week's episode yet.

I'm behind on all my viewing this week! Saw TWD Sunday, but life has just gotten in the way this week! Meant to record Cosmos, but forgot. Did record Resurrection and Believe, but haven't watched those yet either. Maybe I should take a day off to catch up. Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

GoT--EVERYONE knew the slow speed of GRRM was going to be a problem and his health possibly. So, they got their deal to include the finale stuff. I really think HBO will do what they can to respect GRRM, but there are always money issues particularly with a big budget like this. And the TV show is already so slow that the actors are aging out(agree with Mike) but this is NOT a GRRM issue, this is an HBO issue on the actors. I am a big believer in back planning, ie if you need a 20 year old for your last and 7th season you should start with someone about 13---lol--it's not rocket science.

ONe or 2 movies could wrap it up, I don't know if you're thinking a movie per season if you will. But, I think they want 7 seasons and really want to get all the hours of programming. This means there are 3 more after this season which will be 2017 as the likely earliest finish. Maybe they could shoot a lot of footage quickly and have the last season in the can before the actors age out too much, ie have 2017 completed by say end of 2015??--maybe a crazy idea but they did something similar for Star Wars and James Earl Jones.

If they finish the show before the books, he can always have more of his "rabbit trails" with significant plot intertwinement. Which could then be made into another movie--lol.

Another thing, is that the show runners will not likely know how certain key storylines end. Obviously several they will, but I suspect GRRM has held back on some as well. Which given how he writes his chapters could provide an ending for a character not otherwise presented in the show?


Mike V. said...

BBT - Leslie, if it's anything like last renewal, Leonard/Sheldon/Penny get paid as the leads and everyone else gets less. I'm sure they all got a decent raise though! Schwimmer was key in getting the deal for the 6 friends though. They firmly believed they were all equal stars of the show and it paid big dividends for them!

lol on the day off! I could use one of those for TV catchup too! But, if I took a day off, it would be to prep the house for the new addition. lol

GoT - lol on the back planning. The problem with Martin's books are that only really a YEAR has gone by since the beginning of the there was really NO way to keep Arya, Bran and Sansa the same age. Even Dany was 13 in the books, but they made her older for the show because of that "marital rape" scene. lol

No..I meant 7 seasons with a cliffhanger and then MOVIES after book 7 comes out. lol I'm confused on the James Earl Jones comment. What did they record his Revenge of the Sith lines early or something? lol

I think GRRM pretty much told them where he expects each character to end up. As for the "who is JS's mother" thing...I think the DB and DW definitely know the answer to that. I just think GRRM isn't going to let them answer that on the show if it hasn't been revealed in the books yet. And I really don't expect that reveal until book 7. But yeah...I'm sure GRRM held back on ideas he may have for the plot too in case they don't work out.

But...there has to be some legal documents somewhere about what cannot show up on the TV show prior to the books. I'm confident of that! lol

Anonymous said...

GoT--only 1 year has gone by, that's interesting and so the show gives a totally different feel of the story then as the actors grow old. They really needed to have shot quickly then. Yes, Jones shot footage in advance so that they could have that voice. And it was a key as to the next movie coming.

Vikings--another good ep. Lagertha is the kind of woman who could stab you in the night. That Earl is probably a dead man walking. She and Bjorn obviously miss Ragnar. Bjorn probably wishes he'd stayed with his Dad. Bjorn--now we see one of the absolutely factually based successful Vikings. I loved the Charlemagne references, but I think that is ahead of itself since as I recall Bjorn was the first to take boats and raid in that area(I won't say for sure which). Charlemagne was busy dealing with Muslims, consolidating and generally leading an empire(trying to bring civilization back from the depths of the collapse of the Roman Empire). But,I recall Northmen coming via land down to that area.

Glad to see Jarl take it to Ragnar. Again, Horic was really behind this. Great lessons for life with this retribution. Ragnar was sent to do the King's dirty work and gets the blowback while the King is all good.

OMG, the Bishop on being bait.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to say and the Bishop trying to get on the horse--LOL.

Mike V. said...

GoT - Yeah, except there was no way to shoot that quickly and keep the production levels as high as they were. And, they also would've caught up to Martin A LOT more quickly. lol But yeah..this is just a case where the TV Show and Book HAVE to be different entities. I don't think it changes much that the actors get older. Except that it suggests that this war has been raging on for years. Martin's original idea though was for a 5 year gap between Storm of Swords and book 4. (i.e. to allow time for the Dragons to get bigger)...but then he thought that was cheating the readers from the fallout from the Red Wedding and other events that followed in book 3 (i.e. season 4 of Game of Thrones) So, instead we follow things in real time. But...surely it has to be longer than a year...because even in the show we're seeing those dragons grow...just like they do in the books. Dragons don't become full size in a year! lol

I think there's just some suspension of disbelief here on the timing of everything! lol '

Vikings - Yeah it was a good episode. Good observations on King Horic causing all of the drama on the homefront. And good information on the actual history of'll be interesting to see where his story goes. And yeah...this new husband is obviously a dead man! lol

Anonymous said...

TD - he saw the vortex thing before he was stabbed I thought. So when he's talking about his kid and all I assumed that was as e was laying thre waiting for the ambulance and police.

GofT - yeah it was all expected to have this issue. And the reason they did not start with a 13 year old was all the stuff that happens to these kids in the stories they felt was too much for an actual child to portray or have done to them at a young age. They said that right out of the gate. I knew the show would end long before the books. Some are mad about it - like they are not seeing the end after investing 7 years but im ok with it.

No Americans or Vikings yet.

This sounds bad but with that plane missing my husband said the other night - hey, plane probably went down over an island, people are missing, maybe they are LOST ! I was craccking up. Then saw today that they think the plane could have gone down on some islands Yikes

MJ said...

That is me above. LOL

Anonymous said...

TD--MJ, that's what I thought about the swirling vortex. It was definitely before he was stabbed and seemed like a distraction which allowed him to be stabbed. I was thinking it was caused by Errol or some weird light reflection given where they were down a chimney kind of????

GoT--Yea it's hard to have your cake and eat it too--LOL. And good point on dragons. It looks like they are different sizes in some of the previews or could be just a camera angle thing??


Mike V. said...

Missing Plane - I think it would be wrong for any obsessed LOST fan not to make the connection there, no matter how wrong it is!

GoT - I always thought there might be a chance Martin could finish in time but that it would be close. But that we're on year 3 of him writing book's probably not looking very good. Though, I think there's a good chance book 6 will come out next year. The age thing...yeah I mentioned that as well. They had to make them older. Well at least Dany. Sansa said she was 14 after she and Tyrion got married. lol She totally doesn't look 14! But Rob was like 16 in the books...definitely older in the show. Same with Snow. But, I'm sure I'll come to terms with the show going in a different direction to end things....Walking Dead is probably going to have to do the same thing as well. Of course, I have them on 2 different levels of quality! lol

TWD - BTW, Kirkman is teasing that this Sunday will be a big one! There's an interview on EW but don't have the link right now.

TD - Well Kohl was talking about how he has visions and stuff, right? When they were in the car. I figured he was having a premonition right before he was about to be attacked....and it was this vision that gave him peace with the idea of it was meant to me. That's how I interpreted it.

Mike V. said...

TD - And I'm not saying this "vision" was a real thing and I don't think the show was may have been...but to Rust, it was real and it opened his mind to other possibilities. "the light is winning"

Mike V. said...

TD - 3rd post, more thought. lol I guess it could've been caused by Errol, but I just didn't see anything in that room that could've created that kind of effect. It certainly was "choreographed?" in a way where it looked like a distraction. But, Errol may have been watching Rust, and Rust may have looked temporarily distracted (in his own head) which gave Errol his opportunity to take him out. I dunno...I just felt like Rust was talking about that moment in the final scene...but it very well could've been when he was unconscious after the stabbing too.

mj said...

Grimm - pretty good with all the Anubus stuff. And creepy baby. So did the kid make the poor guy just think he was holding a baby - or are they leaning towards a second baby ? Cause they showed back when 2 heartbeats were heard. Lol - maybe the kid has some ventriloqy talent and can throw sound of its heart. Weird story either way. Not believing Wu is ok yet though

Mike V. said...

Didn't get a chance to watch Grimm yet.

But my wife and I had a really intense True Detective conversation last night basically dismissing all of the complainers of not getting every answer and higher expectations. So naturally I brought up the blue swirly light thing that we discussed here. For the record, she had the same interpretation I did. It was all explained in Rust's speech at the end. Life changing moment prior to almost being killed. Seeing visions as explained earlier in episode etc... This is shocking they we agree on this btw. I've been defending the himym final season all year and she still isn't a convert! Lol

mj said...

Lol on agreeing

Cosmos - saw someone post about it - husband loves it. But fyi - depending on which channel you chose to tape it on they re now not airing rest of eps same night or channel. Thought I'd lost my mind when not on shed sunday this week. Lol

Mike V. said...

Cosmos - I think it's still on Fox every Sunday and Nat geo every Monday. Mine is still scheduled for fox. But there are so many shows on Sunday you might want to check your season pass priority. Lol I think believe resurrection walking dead and maybe cosmos are all on at the same time.

Mike V. said...

Himym paleyfest panel was last night. No big spoilers but good read.

LOST paleyfest is tonight. I'm sure I'll be catching the live tweets lol. Doubt I'll be creating a new lost addicts blog entry but we'll see what happens!

mj said...

They are on same time - as well as Shameless. Aargh.

Vikings - yeah this probably happened a lot - lands vulnerable whenvyou go off to steal and rape others.

Scandal - holy crap! Can't believe Jake did thebkilling himself. Sure we all thought itbwas Quinn going. Not even sure it was Quinn getting the indoctrination - they made it seem like her so makes me think not. So who did Jake shoot? Had to be David! Can't leave David behind to talk - James is controllable. Loved Jake telling Cyrus off though, and crazy veep is fun!