Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 13 - Happy Endings

Hello and welcome back to the Revolution!  We had yet another enjoyable hour with our rag tag gang of rebels.  War is brewing, assassinations are being plotted, nanotech is playing God and mothers and daughters are getting all kinds of "happy endings".   Just another day in the life of Revolution!  Let's dive into our recap. 

Willoughby, Texas

The Antidote / Next Mission
  • Last week's cliffhanger was resolved pretty quickly.  Connor had the cure but was held by 3 soldiers at gunpoint.  Miles sniped one from outside and Connor escaped with all of the vials leaving none for Truman. 
  • Gene and the rest of the town are saved from typhus and they all escape.  But Truman is able to get some of the antidote as well.  Bottom line, nothing really changed in the past 3 episodes due to this except Truman is looked at as a hero for saving the town.
  • Monroe and Miles decide that it's time to get some mercenaries to help them take down the Patriots.  Monroe thinks he can recruit some in New Vegas, where we found him in the premiere this season.  He takes Connor with him, and Miles sends Charlie to keep an eye on them. 

  • Tom wasn't down on his luck for long.  He got a chance meeting with the President of the United States in the Oval Office!  Now, I guess all we can confirm is this is the shadowy guy introduced at the end of season 1.  But, what I don't think we necessarily can confirm is if he was President when the lights went out.  Tom Neville seemed to recognize him, but maybe he just made assumptions due to the office he was thrown into.   
  • Anyway, apparently Julia was tortured to the point of giving up all of her intel on Tom.  Since we didn't see any of this happen, it's tough to tell if it was the truth or not.  Julia doesn't seem to be someone who would cave.  But regardless, of course someone high up has use for Tom Neville even though the man plotted to kill said someone.  He is sending Tom on a mission to take down Monroe for real this time with Julia's life in the balance.  Tom asked for help from his son Jason and 5 days later (we assume via steam train?), they arrive in Willoughby, Texas!  Finally!
  • The President mentioned that the town of Willoughby is very important to him.  I don't think we really know why yet.  It can't be anything to do with the nano tech because they are everywhere and things are only happening around Aaron, Priscilla and Peter.  Did we ever find out what the dead rats were about?  Oh well, I guess we'll find out soon enough why the town is so important. 
  • Of course, Truman and the patriots don't trust Tom.  But who really does?  It doesn't take long for Tom and Jason to hunt down Rachel and Miles's hiding place.  Tom sticks to his original plan to get revenge for the death of his wife (who is still very much alive).  Jason sticks to the lie too and here we go.   Anyone want to bet Tom switches sides 10 times before the season is over? 
  • Miles decides it's time to take a breather from the non-stop drama and go see a fake movie at the drive-in.  Rachel opts for Evil Dead II instead of the Notebook then strips down saying 20 years of foreplay is plenty.  Hmmm, is she suggesting she never cheated on her husband with his brother?  I thought we were to assume that they did have relations.  Oh well, in either case they finally got it on. 
Lubbock, Texas
  • Aaron and Priscilla continue their weird venture that the nano tech are leading them on.  They run into their old MIT buddy Peter who also helped with the Nano tech DNA.  He has turned into a faith healer but is actually performing "miracle" cures. 
  • Aaron and Priscilla try to reason with Peter by telling him the truth of what is happening.  But, the man has found "God" and refuses to listen to reason.  Of course, there probably is some truth to the fact that he likes being worshipped himself.   
  • Anyway, they end up being held prisoner in some bedroom until the 3 of them can come to some resolution.  Peter calls them Prophets and they should embrace their "powers".  I guess we'll have to tune in after the Olympics to see if the Nannites reveal any more of their plan. 
New Vegas
  • Monroe seems to have a history with some girl named Duncan.  But she also owns the mercenaries that he is trying to buy.  They deal in diamonds in New Vegas, so they have to rob a casino to get the 30 diamonds for each of the 15 heads.  Monroe created a diversion going back to his fight club while Charlie and Connor pulled off the great heist. 
  • Leading up to this, Connor was putting some mad moves on Charlie starting back in Willoughby.  Charlie laughed at his cute attempts to brag about facing 3 guns as she is the ultimate Katniss Everdeen of the Revolution era.  Of course, she still found him cute and had her way with him.  Like mother like daughter!  
  • Of course, Monroe is furious about this when he ran into the aftermath and it was hysterical.  Monroe is still trying to groom his son for a Vader/Luke galaxy takeover.  But, based on Connor's discussion with Charlie he claims to be nothing like his father.  Maybe there is some good in him.  We shall see!  
  • Did I mention Brett Michaels was hanging out in New Vegas too?  15 years have passed since the not too distant future of our 2012 and the guy looks exactly the same.  Wait, were Brett and Aaron roommates at MIT or something?  Because, he must have some kind of deal with the nano gods! 
  • Anyway, the heist almost went off without a hitch.  Charlie carried the decoy safe of diamonds while fake drunk Connor stole the real one.  But, he got caught on his way out of town with Monroe.  And he faces yet more guns in his AND his father's face. 
To Be Continued after the Olympics!  Not much else to add to the episode.  It was pretty straight forward.  I'm glad that everyone is generally in the same area now.  We may not see much more of Julia this season as the actress has probably returned to the 24 set to start filming the mini-series that will air starting in May.  But, the fact that she's being held captive is enough motivation to keep Tom and Jason's true motivations in question.  It would seem to me that this Willoughby conflict will last the entire season at this point.  Anyway, discussion time!  Look forward to hearing your thoughts, enjoy the Olympics, hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you in a few weeks!   


Anonymous said...

Really good levity in those comments. I didn't know about Julia being on 24 or even about 24, oh well, TV can create any scenario.

You pointed out something that I missed--the obvious--both mother and daughter did the dirty deed in the same ep and yet haven't done so in forever--LOL. Seriously, I thought Miles and Juliette had done that a while ago, regardless it was surely suggested.

I don't like Charlie but when she said she did so based on boredom and this guy looking good--I laughed. BTW, why are there no real good looking/hot women on this show???

Yea I was thinking the same thing about Tom but ultimately he wants his wife back--he's truly dedicated to her. So what Tom does will depend on who he thinks can/will really deliver Julia to safety. Miles asking Jason if his Dad is telling the truth was crazy--but since Miles didn't laugh it made me wonder if the show was slipping back into badland.

The nannites aren't going to let anything happen to any of the 3 of the MIT gang. They want the 3 of them together for a reason in Lubbock, at least for now.

Maybe the rat thing is tied to "why Willoughby"--would be a tie between first few eps and finale???

Monroe and his son are captive so Charlie will have to come to the rescue---LOL. Something's up between Duncan and Monroe--I think he said she was crazy and she was sure pulling for him in the fight.

Thanks for the recap

For some reason, I'm really not excited about the olympics this year. Sochi situation looks ugly, kind of reminds me of Berlin with terrorists. And I don't know if we have anyone competing who's good.


Mike V. said...

Thanks Richard and no problem for the recap.

You didn't know 24: Live Another Day was starting May 5th? 12 episodes in real time over the course of a 24 hour day. I think it's a really good idea. The writers have had time to rest and come up with a good story and now it's go time! Anyway the actress that plays Julia played Audrey a Jack Bauer love interest on 24 back in the day. Her father was Secretary of Defense Heller. Now he'll be President.

I love that you called Rachel "Juliet". May have been intentional or may have been a slip. Either way, it's funny!

As for good looking women, I dunno I always thought Elizabeth Mitchell was pretty good looking. Of course, if you're talking about Super Model quality, then no maybe they're lacking in that department. lol Just makes the show more "REAL" right? lol

Yeah, I think there will be lots of twists and turns in the Tom story. If they get something on Truman, and they can avoid word getting back to the Prez, then he may side with the "rebels".

Agree on the MIT 3.

That's all I can think of with the rats too, hence why I brought it up in the same thought. lol We'll see!

Yeah, Charlie is really their only option right now unless they find a way out themselves. And they still need to get those diamonds! Maybe Duncan will help out because of her "soft spot" for Monroe.

Yeah...I don't envision watching much of the olympics this year. I'm sure my wife will want to watch figure skating but that's about all I see happening. lol Maybe the opening ceremonies because I'm a sucker for those!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I can't think of Elizabeth characters name in this show, but can almost always remember Juliette--especially since she was one of my favs in Lost. She does that homicidal tendency thing well....

No, I didn't know about Jack coming back. Thanks. Now that you say it, I do remember Julia now that you brought it up.

I was wondering about Duncan helping out too, esp since she's a little nuts--LOL. She and Rachel might have some fireworks--LOL. But, I'm getting ahead of things and could be WAY off.


mj said...

Wait til Charlie the Ho gets back and finds her life complicated by ex Jason being there. :-) toofunny with Brett Michaels - they said something funny too! Pres seems a different actor - or my memory sucks. Why is it on tv they always have these leaders/healers that seem good that always have guys to do their dirty work and yet no one ever figures it out? Yeah - in the script,I know. So cliche any more

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I forgot to mention the potential love triangle between Jason, Connor and Charlie. Of course, if Man Candy guy ever shows up again (doubt it), there could be 3 people battling for the constipator (or constipatress?) lol

I don't think we ever saw the Prez before. We just saw him from behind or shadowy in the season 1 finale.

Funny on the "healers" having henchmen. lol

Anonymous said...

mj, great catch on Charlie and her lovers. I can't recall Jason and her doing the deed, but I guess we're supposed to assume?? AFter Rachel saying they had fore play for 20 years though, not sure assuming is a good thing--LOL.

I don't recall that actor as the Prez.

YES, definitely a cliche to have the preacher doing terrible things. Ironic given that Aaron(as I recall anyway) was in a conversation where it was basically said "what's the difference between the nannites and god--they're everywhere and can do anything".


Mike V. said...

I'm telling you guys, there's no actor to recall as the Prez. We never saw him! lol There was a "voice" at the end of season 1 but I'm sure it's not the same voice as the guy cast.

Maybe ironic. I'd like to say intentional foreshadowing on the writers' part! lol