Monday, January 27, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 1/26/2014 - 2/1/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Watched the Grammys last night, so no shows for me yet. Still never watched The Following so, I guess we may just record the 8:00 airing and if we miss some extra minutes so be it! lol

mj said...

Himym- yeswe did disccuss them possibly doing something like this. Will be a good ep I think.

Shameless - wow Fiona really does not know how to be happy -sleeping with boyfriends brother. And ew! Franks daughter is interested in him? Considering Fiand Jimmy's biggest issue was her devotion to those kids now shes not even paying any attention to them.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - I've enjoyed season 9 so far. Sure, it hasn't been the best season of HIMYM, but I wouldn't think many should expect it to being this late in the series. But, episodes like last night totally make it worth it for me. It was perfect. Loved all of the stuff they included....the naked man, Ted bumping into that girl (that many had theorized was the mother), McLaren's being Puzzles the one night that Ted and Barney ran it, and of course all of the near misses with Ted. The stuff with Rachel Bilson's character was great...and how the mother ranted off all of this stuff that Ted would love too. Love that she laughed at his awful joke in the class, that she thought she was in the wrong class and ran out. And of course, the guitar playing in the present day. I knew that the lobby guy would put her in a room near Ted and that he'd probably hear her singing that song, but it didn't make it any less sweet. It just made it perfect.

Of course the mother's story starting with the death of her boyfriend (Fiance?) was pretty rough, but that makes sense why she'd be single after all this time. Many are still getting a bad feeling that this doesn't bode well for the end of this story. i.e. she may not still be alive in the future. I think Future Ted said something like "your mother sang that song many times" not "sings". But, I really don't think a sitcom would end so drearily. In fact, I think the producers implied they wouldn't do something like that.

Anyway, I loved the episode and it gives me high hopes that the rest of this season will be great and that the finale will be legend....wait for it

True Detective - Another great episode. Of course, they are super slow which is intentional I know. But, I'm so tired when we get to watching it that I sometimes start dosing off. But, there is no doubt that Matthew and Woody are turning in some awesome performances. I thought Woody was gonna get caught so many times with his infidelity this episode....and I'm sure that's coming. As for the serial killer stuff...I have no idea what's going on and don't care to speculate but it is entertaining.

Didn't see Shameless yet.

Episodes - Funny as Better Off Ted's character in this.

Dary :)

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--every show has eps that are better than others. This one was not up to normally high standards until about last 10 minutes, then it was awesome again.

Fitch(Alan Alda) is obviously important. Glad to see the mole taken out, much bigger deal than I thought. Great to know that night is still so important to Red.

Liz at the beginning was making me gag, really she wants the baby--LOL. Great comparison of beginning to ending of ep with Tom/Liz.

Still need to catch up on Grimm.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Just watched this morning. I love how this show goes into mini/big hiatuses. We finally got the Blut/Fusch (not even gonna try to spell them) conflict with the parents. It was on Monroe's side. Rosallee not happy with the turn of events. The proposal was kind of strange....I guess she was expecting it at dinner, and then he did it at home with the clock. lol Her reaction was just bizarre...but eventually she was super excited. Anyway, the cliffhanger with Monroe's parents seeing that Nick is a grimm and they go after him.... loved the "OH $#!!!" title card. Very in line with other ones where they're like "To Be Continued......Sorry!!" lol The serial killer storyline I guess will lead into the next episode. And the Adalind stuff continues to bore for me.

MJ said...

HIMYM - what a great show last night. Had to re-watch the opening like 3 times to really
enjoy it all. My husband - who does not like the show but winds up watching many of them - of
course had to throw out there 'look, it only took 20 mins to tell HER story'. LOL Loved
naked man - your balls are on my couch. Got nervous - thought she'd say yes to Louis at first
and then we'd have that whole 'I made a mistake' thing. Very excellent episode. I know
some will be disappointed not to learn her name - and now thinking about it it's kinda silly
them keeping that a secret at this point - but whatever. Agree - was surprised it started
with the death of her boyfriend. Really ? People are thinking the mom is dead in future?
had not read that - but you know I avoid most comments. No way ! She is not dead, used the
past probably because she sang it to them when they were kids - hence the past tense.

Intelligence - have to look up who the show runners are cause they had yet another Lost alum
guest star on the show - the girl who played Ben's daughter Alex.

Episodes - OMG ! This new guy is a total psycho ! That's where I knew him from! Better
Off Ted. Loved that show so much.

True Detective - agree on pretty much all you said - even being too tired when watching. Acting
is very good and yes it's rather a slowly moving story.

I actually snoozed a bit during House of Lies.

Grimm - was surprised the blutbau/Fuchbau issue was on his side - thought it would be hers.
And I doubt I spelled either well ! Adalind story - had great potential but they need to
have movement on it.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--I feel like we're getting somewhere now. Adalind's birth will be VERY interesting. Nick's Mom still working on the big story. I really liked the Monroe/Rosalee stuff. The Blutbaud/Fuchsbau stuff was great combined with parental concerns. How would you like to be Rosalee? I wonder what their children would be like. I'm also wondering if Rosalee will hang in there. Of course the Grimm issue was great too.

Adalind's baby could be a game changer for her and the rebellion. It's sure growing quickly.


Mike V. said...

HIMYM - yeah ever since the "Time Travelers" episode last year where we see Ted running to her door and said he wants to spend every minute he can with her....people started theorizing that maybe Future Ted is telling the story because she died. But, the overwhelming thought is that it's a sitcom and they wouldn't do that. Plus, the kids are annoyed and bored during the telling of the story...there's no way they would be that way if their mom had just died.

Funny on your husband! I did think the same thing...but the reason it was so impactful was BECAUSE of the 8.5 seasons that preceded it. The episodes built up and tied into that. Wonderful stuff. Amazing that they made us care for her in 22 minutes plus her brief appearances beforehand.

Intel: I think I had read that Alex would be guesting on Intelligence. But, I don't think the showrunners have any LOST ties. Maybe??

Episodes - Yeah, I loved Better Off ted too...I don't think I ever finished the 2nd season but I never disliked any that I watched! I think he was on Desperate Housewives as a Susan love interest before that too.

True Detective - Glad I'm not the only one! lol

Grimm - I'm sure there's a happy ending for Monroe/Rosalee...they just need to throw SOME kind of tension there since they really haven't had any! lol But yeah, a mixed kid? That could be a fun route to eventually go with the show. lol As for Adalind...I'm sure everything they're doing with her is a gamechanger...but I agree with MJ. Way too drawn out. I feel like she's gone into labor like the past 4 or 5 episodes...but it's really just the child growing more and more. I'm just uninterested! I saw previews for when it returns and I think they revealed a spoiler in that storyline. But, I'll keep it to myself. :-)

Anonymous said...

Grimm--yea the show runners did a way too long deal with Juliette too. I agree the Adalind deal is too long as well.

Saw some great GoT footage on HBO a few days ago. They're trying to keep us interested since the drought is waaaaay too long.


Mike V. said...

So excited for GoT to return! I saw the trailer, but I haven't seen the additional footage. I know they are supposed to air some special before True Detective in a week or 2. Of course, From episode 3 or 4 on of Game of Thrones, I'm going to have a 2.5 year old and an infant to be dealing with! lol Maybe, I'll be able to squeeze in that hour on Sunday nights.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Yeah, I'm sure there's some intentional mirroring there with Fi and Jimmy's issues. Looks like they were going with Fiona identifying with her father's addiction at the end of the episode since she was called out as a different kind of addict. Still entertaining and still living up to the show's name! Yeah the Frank/daughter thing is pretty rough. At least Frank, for now, doesn't want to go there. Something tells me he'll do anything to get that liver. lol Poor Lip struggling at school is tough to watch, but at least he's sticking with it (for now). Not sure if he was happy with the 77 on his paper or not. Probably not. He probably felt like he did his best work.

Didn't get to Justified last night unfortunately. Still haven't watched ANY of The Following, though I did see ratings were down dramatically this past Monday....which we kind of saw coming due to the scheduling. I'm sure they'll tell a full season 2 story regardless, but don't know if it will come back if they keep going down. I also saw HIMYM had the best ratings in years. I guess people knew to tune in for this one! lol

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Good news! Noble and "Jenny" are promoted to series regulars! Looks like this was news from yesterday, but I missed it. lol

Leslie said...

Blacklist - Really didn't expect Red to take out the FBI lady! Love that he just calls in his "cleaner" to take care of the mess. Crazy story with the baby farm! I guess you would take a second look if you worked that case while in the process of doing your own adoption. Was that Red making sure Liz doesn't get more tied in with her husband who is still suspicious?

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--Yea, Red asked her to be certain before adopting. To me, she's just not ready to be a mother anyway. She's rarely home and doesn't even have time to have dinner with Tom. I would hate to have a job like that. Used to and quit to start my own gig. I've got over 3 million miles on airlines.

Intelligence--just watched last night and it was actually not a bad ep. Interesting back story. But it's hard for me to buy into the idea of the CIA girl going so rogue after being on the airplane and everyone OK with the events and the ex Pres there too. And she's still in the service w/o many repercussions--lol. Makes you wonder about our CIA--LOL.

Sleepy--OK, so I tried the last 2 eps now that they have Walter. At least they're making fun of the 200+ year old clothing--it would be falling apart. Even with Walter, hard for me to be a full time watcher--it occurs to me it can't make up it's mind if it wants to be a comedy or mystery. Loved that he was one of the horsemen and their son--lol. The wife being taken away was predictable. Is the wife Jenny, if so I guess she'll come back?


Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Richard, wife is not's something else and the wife was actually already a series regular. Jenny is Abby's sister. Glad you're watching again!

Just heard from MJ, she's blocked from this site at work now. Uh oh!! lol

Leslie said...

Uh oh is right for MJ! She will be experiencing withdrawals! lol

mj said...

Sleepy - wife is Katrina. Def this show does not take itself seriously - but it is great fun.

Got my connectivity issue fixed. Using visitor wireless. Not greatest but will do

Good luck with that Mike - squeezing in GofT with 2 kids. Lol

Intelligence - dont think she went rogue so much as her orders were never rescinded so she will follow them. still scary tho.

Blacklist - very shocked they killed that head fbi chick! Was surprised too by how many women were in that baby farm. Loved the twist of who was fathering them and why.

Anonymous said...

We got nailed with snow/ice here in the South and so I should have some time to watch some shows now.

Glad MJ's back in action


Mike V. said...

Welcome Back MJ! lol

Thanks on the luck with Game of Thrones! I'll need it. But, there's no way I won't be watching. lol Even if I'm watching on my ipad while rocking my daughter! Parker is on a much better sleep schedule since we converted his bed so hopefully that keeps up!

Enjoy catching up on TV Richard!

BTW, I recorded Klondike, and it ended up recording a 6.5 hour episode. Is that the entire mini-series? I fast-forwarded through to see if it was a mistake, but sure enough it was the same show throughout.

Americans - Forgot to update, I finished this the other day. Great stuff. Was actually surprised no one really died in the end. Margot Martindale's character just got reassigned. Keri Russel (SP) got shot and asked her husband to move back in. Even the double agent survived to fight another day. Crazy! And the daughter is starting to be suspicious of her mother. Liking this show!

Orphan Black - Finally watching the 2nd episode of this. Still good!

Anonymous said...

Klondike--6.5 hours sounds about right for all 3 eps together. It ends with a few notes on the real deal.


mj said...

Yes I would have had serious withdrawals !

AHS - very satisfied with finale. Delia making queenie exercise, Madison making Frankenstein kiss her and lick her boot - all very funny. Lovedthat Fiona wasn't dead, and loved her hell after she was.

Americans - did not want to say until u were done but rumor is Martindale might show up this season.

Oprphan Black - been awhile but gets more intriguing as it goes is my recollection.

mj said...

Meant to add - Vikings back in Feb too.

Mike V. said...

AHS - Yeah, we called it with Cordelia! Crazy how they just nonchallantly (SP) killed off 2 of the witches in the finale. But, when it's a new story each season you can do that! Fiona's hell was great! And apparently it was the Ax Man's heaven? Good times. lol All in all good season. I have to read Ryan Murphy's interview on EW to see if he mentioned what the next season will officially be.

Orphan Black - That's what I heard.

Americans - Nice sounds good!

And sounds good on Vikings!

Anonymous said...

Vikings BAAAACK!!!!! GREAT. Do you know when in Feb??

Finally some real competition for The Blacklist----lol.


mj said...

Vikings 2/27!

Ahs - have to read that too. They never said what happened to that baby!

mj said...

Bates Motel - a creepy good show - back in march and netflix gets s1 saturday

Mike V. said...

Bates - Really enjoyed that show last year. Looking forward to season 2. Definitely worth watching on Netflix if anyone can.

Afterall, it's Carlton Cuse from LOST running the show!

mj said...

Inside TWD next sat AMC 9:13 - 9:18. Look at season 4b

GofT Ice and Fire first Look next sunday 8:45 - 9

Getting excited - TWD a little over a week away

Mike V. said...

Thanks for the heads up MJ!

I heard about the "inside look" for GoT, not about TWD. I think I can make it for TWD until next week. But maybe I'll set the DVR for Game of Thrones!

I'm 3.5 episodes into Orphan Black. I know I got tons more new shows to watch, but I may get into Game of Thrones rewatch mode once I'm finished with that. I'm getting further and further removed from when I read the books and I need to keep my Westerosian mind trained! LOL

mj said...

Yes you do ! Cause i just saw on tv some pics of new season - and here we go again ! Red Viper/Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand ! Who? Lol. andbthey have a diff actor playing Daario now. I'll be all confused. lol

Mike V. said...

Don't worry, you should have no idea who the Martell Family is yet. (I think unless you know more of the history behind Robert's Rebellion) The Red Viper is holding one helluva grudge against someone under the King's command. And his character is AWESOME!!

As for Ellaria Sand, well you'll figure out who she is...but based on the last should be clear that she is not the product of a husband and wife and that the last name indicates geography. lol (Think John Snow)

Hmm, maybe I do remember some stuff!

But yeah Daario is definitely a new actor. Probably for the better but they look so different it'll be a tough adjustment. This guy was a love interest for Connie Britton on Nashville in season 1 and maybe some of season 2. (I'm so far behind I wouldn't know) But the books Daario had Blue Hair, so they didn't go with that again. :-) lol

Richard and I will try to keep you straight without spoiling too much!

Mike V. said...

ugh...I mean Jon (not John) Snow! Crazy GRRM and his name choices!

Anonymous said...

mj,thanks on GoT

I set my dvr on 2/9 I think the title is some....foreshadowing...

I believe I saw this last week or snipits of it? It may be online.

Red Viper--so excited this character is coming. Things will change once again--LOL.

I agree on Daario change. He's got an interesting future though--LOL.

When is the new book coming? AAGGHHHH!! I just have to know what's coming--LOL

MJ, one thing that helped me keep track is to have a pdf or similar of the houses.

Mike, if I worried about misspelling character names it would be bad, it's hard enough for me to just remember their names--Juliette--LOL.

Interesting to see these actors get work after being killed off. MIke, have you seen Klondike yet?

ps, I might get frustrated with Dany this season--LOL.


mj said...

Interesting about the houses! I do have cheatbsheet for characters. I will haveyo searchout the houses. thx Richard.

Lol on 'Sand' i did NOT pick up on that. Know what snow refers to tho so i get Sand now. So thx

Have good weekend all, and may theSuperbowl not be dull!

Mike V. said...

GoT - (So excited this talk is starting again!) New book...still no word. I saw a poll on one site. Most people are thinking 2015 definitely if not late this year. We'll see. I just have no idea how book 7 will get done in time for the series to cover it. And that kinda sucks. But we'll see!

I know, I'm crazy on misspelled names. But I do well not to try to correct others! It's my own obsession. (Like knowing Jack Shephard is an "a" in his last name instead of an "e" lol)

As for Klondike, no I haven't watched yet. I'm really not sure when I'll squeeze it in, but hopefully eventually!

As for Dany, yeah...I'm hoping the show finds more interesting stuff for her to do than the books did. It seems like they're going to have to start getting into book 5 territory with her. But, I think there's still some book 3 stuff left. Look up Strong Belwas (i think that's his name) if you need a reminder. But then the "Meereneese Knot" shall begin! (Which was referred to as a "sexual position" when Podrick was about to have his first time last season lol)

MJ, another tip (and I think you bought them) is to check out the Blu-Ray special features. They have great insight into the houses involved in the "game". Also, I refer to for a lot of book stuff. But you can set your spoiler levels to only having seen the TV show and how many seasons you've that might help you too. Of course, that won't give you any insight on the Martell family since they haven't really been in the show yet. Though, if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure Tyrion sent Cersei's daughter to Dorne which is where the Martell's reside. Dorne is further South of King's Landing and it is more "desert" like I guess you could say...hence SAND.

Mike V. said...

HIMY"D" Scoop - These are the characters and their BIOs. Ugh, I'm sure I'll watch the pilot but I just don't know about it. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh no, now I have to consider buying more BluRay disks--lol. Atleast with BD you get true HD, not the stuff cable/satellite companies sell us. I also get extras with my HBOGO account.

Is anyone else watching Helix?

Superbowl should be great. But 2 Western teams tends to draw less.


Mike V. said...

Not watching helix but I meant to. Maybe I'll check it out soon.

If it was San Fran vs Peyton that would be a huge draw. My wife is from Tennessee and they'll all be watching Peyton. Lol plus New York backdrop will be a draw too. We'll see! Enjoy the game everyone!

Mike V. said...

Soa - this obviously doesn't surprise me in the least! Lol