Thursday, January 23, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 12 - Captain Trips

Hello and welcome back to the Revolution!  Last night, we had an entertaining hour of television that was basically a setup episode for future plot movements.  And they gave us one of dramatic television's infamous subplots to deal with in the meantime: The Outbreak!  Let's discuss briefly the key developments that happened in this episode. 


  • The gang was reunited plus 1 with Monroe's kid reluctantly helping out.   And, of course, they were thrown right into a messy situation with the typhus outbreak.  Rachel already had suspicious of foul play and discovered that the outbreak was created in a lab by the Patriots.  I think we all had our suspicions of that considering what Jason Neville discovered last week.  I know last week we thought we had concluded that the oranges were drugged with the "reprogramming" drugs, but now I'm suspecting that it was the virus.  Still, things don't add up.
  • Rachel also discovered that the Patriots are targeting people that don't meet up to certain standards of life.  People with disabilities, alcoholics, etc...  They are culling out the inferior to create a super race!?   Here's the thing, it seemed like they were drugging ALL of the oranges being handed out to people, so is that really how they spread the virus?   Maybe they were selectively injecting oranges, but I'm probably already looking way more into this than I need to be.  Probably more than the writers did! 
  • Gene also contracted the virus, so it would seem they are planning to eliminate their threat through this virus too.  But, of course, our heroes are going to fight back!  Monroe, Miles and Connor earlier went on a wild goose chase to find a cure, but the 2nd time around the injected Truman with the drug to force him to lead them to the antidote.  
  • They sent in Connor with Truman to retrieve the antidote.  When they got to the stash, Truman must've given someone a signal because the Patriots came in guns blazing.  This was our cliffhanger of the episode.  I think we're pretty certain that they'll get out, and Truman will probably allow it since he needs the cure. 
  • Another thing to note: Monroe and Connor had a chat about rebuilding the Republic.  It's something they both want, but they're going to have to deal with Rachel and her need to save her family because Miles loves her.  The point?  Monroe needs Miles to reform the Republic.  It'll be interesting to see how they coerce him into that.  Monroe might be playing the long con here to ease Miles back into his old ways.  Or, maybe Monroe has turned a leaf and wants to form a New Republic that is better for everyone.  I'm going to lean towards "long con" until proven otherwise! 

Spring City, OK

  • Aaron found out Grace ditched Spring City in order to remain in solitude.
  • He was later visited by Cynthia (aka the Nannites assuming her likeness).  Similar to how they sent him to Spring City, they are now telling Aaron he must go to Lubbock, Texas.  Lubbock, similar to Spring City with it's ball of twine, also had a defining trait.  It has the world's largest concrete cowboy.  Exciting!   Cynthia kept telling Aaron, "You have to face it" which could possibly take on more meaning in Lubbock.  It could be a Field of Dreams like thing with "Go the distance" or it could just mean he has to face the fact that he indirectly created the consciousness of the nanotech.   
  • Aaron kept asking the nano why they left and let Cynthia die.  I'd assume that the nano, like any child would want their parents to be together and would probably reject any obstacles that stood in that way.  It would explain why Priscilla's family left her too. 
  • The nano told Aaron all his questions would be answered in Lubbock and that he and his ex-wife Priscilla would be in danger if they didn't go.  
  • Priscilla was very reluctant to listen to any more voices and she tried to leave, but then we saw a tree fall and almost kill her, but Aaron was able to pull her out of the way.  Clearly, the nannites mean business here!   So, it would seem we're off to Lubbock!

Washington D.C.

  • We had some flashbacks to 2 years after the blackout when Tom and Julia were struggling to keep Jason fed and alive.  We learned that the 2 would go to any lengths to save their son.  Julia offered up her body to 2 guys who had hunted their food.  But while she was doing that, Tom sliced one guys throat and shot the other guy.  This was the start of their journey towards what they have become in the present day. 
  • Of course this mirrored the situation in the present day as well with them trying to find where Jason was captured.  They plotted the whole episode.  Julia was not so subtly asking her chief of staff husband about his whereabouts and status.  Of course, the veil was lifted at the end to find out he had been tailing Julia for a long time.  He knew about her meetings with Tom, her snooping around his office, and that they were plotting to take out a couple at their dinner party so that they'd force him to get Jason out of his confinements.  Tom walked into a room full of Patriots with guns pointing at him, and Chief of Staff dude (He'll always be Ted Beneke to me) with a gun on his wife.  Looks like Tom has faced his first true setback of the season! 
So, Aaron is enroute to his supposed destiny, Gene fights for his life while the cure is being held at gunpoint, and Tom is in a sticky situation.  How on earth will this all play out?  Tune in next week for what I'm sure will be the last episode before the Olympics.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!  


Anonymous said...

Yea, I liked the ending with the nannites making it clear--they are in control. Loved the tree falling. Crazy that they took the form of his old girlfriend and his ex wife just right there.

I had it at least half right about Tom and his wife--it was their plan to bust their sun out--maybe it will still happen. I had it nailed about having the info on the wife's whereabouts! Props please.... just kidding.

A few things about the typhus things that don't add up.
1. The Patriot guards have it--are they killing their own just to add to the cover, really..
2. How did Gene get it--they said it wasn't contagious--and yet his daughter and grand daughter don't
have it? And he knew to be careful of what to eat, etc.
3. Why do they show/speak about killing so many people--they make it sound like half the town and yet only be targeting those who are handicapped--normally a small % especially after 15 years of hard living after the lights went out with limited resources.

Things like the above make me loose interest quickly unless at least partially explained.

Overall decent ep. But explanation needed soon on Willoughby.


Mike V. said...

I did mean to give you props, Richard! lol You called it.

1.) Hmm, I didn't realize the Patriot guards had the typhus too, but it wouldn't surprise me if they were killing off their own.
2.) I just assumed the Patriots found a way to target Gene before he learned to be careful on what to eat. I agree though, it's a bit of stretch.
3.) Good points, I have no arguments against! lol

There definitely were some liberties taken in plausibility in this one.

I'm losing my interest in recapping this one. I still enjoy it and want to keep up with it...there just isn't much to discuss! lol I just have this built-in need to finish something that I've started! :)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the recaps and think there would be more with more people contributing. For example there are many different stories each with their own possible paths and then of course a coming together and then the grand overarching questions.

Obviously speculation is required. I am most excited about watching The Blacklist however--that show could win an emmy. The main lady character needs to step up her game however if it's to be a multiple emmy award winner.


Mike V. said...

Yeah, there just isn't enough interest in the show to generate those discussions unfortunately. But, I'm glad you appreciate them!

As for Blacklist, it's been a long time since a network television show took home the Emmy's top honor. But, if anything could to it I'm sure it would be a James Spader vehicle. lol Definitely need to catch up on this one...just haven't had time. But for September's Emmy's, I think it's already a foregone conclusion that Breaking Bad will win again for it's final 8 episodes, unless Mad Men has a stunning half season this year.

Mike V. said...

ugh..."its" :-)

MJ said...

Agree with you Mike - they were not being selective when they gave out those oranges.
And laughed when xxx's husband said 'did you really think you werent' being watched' cause
I thought the same thing all along when she kept meeting Tom and they kept giving all those
looks to eachother. Truman referenced that 'his' people were sick along with the town
folk too.

I'm still enjoying the show but it's not a priority. So much stuff on Sunday that trying
to watch them pushed everything else back. to me Truman will always be Rex fr Desperate
Housewives. LOL

Mike V. said... that you reminded me it's Rex from DH, he'll always be that to me too! Same with Ted Beneke. lol

Richard made similar observations about Tom and Julia. I guess in the back of my mind I thought there is no way that they wouldn't get caught, but then just figured they were superhumans who could do no wrong on this tv show! lol Nice to see a little realism in that sense.

Agree on Sunday night TV. It takes all week to get through it. I know The Following isn't normally Sunday, but we still haven't gotten to it yet. The only reason I'm staying on top of this one is because I'm still writing these recaps. And well, my wife doesn't watch anymore so I have more flexibility with getting it watched! lol