Thursday, January 9, 2014

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 10 - Three Amigos

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Revolution!  I'm suspecting there may not be many returning this week because I can't remember one single advertisement of the show's return.  Sure, it didn't take a long hiatus like last year, but still it wouldn't hurt to remind people that it's back.  Maybe they had something during the Saturday playoff games, but I must've missed it!  Anyway, the show continued it's pretty solid season 2 run.  Things heated up a little bit with 3 of the main characters venturing south of the border, and Aaron taking an hour walk to Oklahoma.  Let's get into the key discussion points of this episode.

Discussion Points
  • It didn't take long to resolve the cliffhangers from the mid-season finale.  Monroe and Charlie rescued gramps so that he could save Miles from infection with a thousand leeches.  Who needs modern medicine!?   
  • Of course, the only reason Monroe helped is because Miles knows the location of his son Connor Bennett.  Miles eventually agrees to take a 1 week hiatus from Willoughby to bring Monroe to Connor.   He also recruits Rachel for the trip.  Rachel is very reluctant, and why wouldn't she be?  She even brought up the irony that she has to go find Monroe's son when Monroe's forces killed her son.  Why would Miles even ask her to do this?   Well, because he's afraid of what he may become alone with Monroe.  I guess there weren't many other options, but I'm sure Charlie would've went.  She has no emotional center anymore! 
  • So, they find a way to get to Mexico.  I guess the joke here is that Americans are begging to get out of the USA to cross the border into Mexico.  Monroe even said after he kicked people off the wagon, "You made it. Go live the Mexican dream!"
  • Key dated pop culture reference.  Miles tells Monroe that his reunion with his son will not be Field of Dreams.  They won't have a catch.    Also we heard some Mexican guitarist singing the Spanish version of "Sweet Home Alabama". Good times.   There were also plenty of quotes thrown out there in the Mexico trip that could be considered quotes from Star Wars, but I'm sure I'd be told that they could have come from work of Pop Culture!  Yet, knowing these writers are fans of the Space Opera, when I hear people talking about having "delusions of grandeur" I'm thinking of C-3PO, thank you very much! 
  • When Miles last left Connor in Mexico, the town he lived in was in good shape.  But it wasn't anymore.  It was run down, filled with prostitution and governed by some crazy cartel.   Monroe was not happy about this turn of events.  They also discovered that Connor's adoptive parents (The Bennetts) had died.  They asked around at a bar to no success, but eventually Connor sought the strangers in their land out with his 30 people under him.  Turns out he's a rising star in the cartel.  And why wouldn't he be?  He's Monroe's son!  (Which Rachel was quick to point out.  It's in their DNA.)    Connor didn't warmly receive his father, especially when he found out his mother was killed.  And apparently, word traveled that far south about the Monroe Republic.  When Monroe told Connor his name, he found it a hard pill to swallow. 
  • Long story short, Monroe later tries to bond with Connor telling him he needs to reach higher than 30 people under him.  He needs 10s of thousands men at his command.  Together, they can bring back the Monroe Republic.  Connor didn't bite, and actually took his father captive to bring him to the Cartel boss.  
  • Miles and Rachel somehow caught wind of this and of course Miles wants to save him.  And Rachel cannot believe that he's going to ask her to help save Monroe.  And that's where we leave that story this week.
  • Charlie, Gene and Aaron were left to lay low in Willoughby during the Mexican detour.  But, Aaron was obsessed with finding out what was in Spring City, Oklahoma.  We'll get to that.   Charlie and Gene noticed his absence and split up to go look for him.   Apparently, Aaron got good at covering up his tracks because Charlie lost his trail by the river. 
  • Meanwhile, Gene discovered that the Patriots were bringing in shipments to the town.  He and Charlie hijacked the wagon running a day late.  Well, I should say that Charlie killed the 2 men on the wagon to Gene's shock.  What they uncovered in the crates was many many Oranges. 
  • Later on we see Truman and the Patriots handing out oranges to the good people of Willoughby.  This is another part of their ploy to gain the trust of the American citizens.  They're reopening trade with other parts of the country.  Oranges from florida, tobacco from North Carolina, etc...  He spoke to how life should be more about survival.  They want to return to enjoying life's luxuries, like families going on vacation.  
  • Of course, what the citizens didn't see are that these oranges were being injected with some kind of drug.  If I had to guess, it might be some of that stuff that Jason was drugged with in the reprogramming center.  But, maybe it's something else.   To Be Continued! 
Washington D.C.
  • So Tom, Jason and Julia moved up in the world to the White House in their respective roles.  Julia wants Tom to kill the Chief of Staff so that her current husband will be promoted to that role.  The goal is to work their way up to the President and then who knows what?  
  • They ran into some roadblocks along the way and Julia taunted her husband to get his killer instinct back.  When he showed it, you could see the gratification on her face.  Not long after, Tom worked his way into the Chief of Staff's bedroom and killed him with an undetectable poison.  Things are just going too smoothly for the Neville's! 
  • Everyone extended their apologies to Aaron for what happened to Cynthia.  But no one would listen to him about Spring City, OK.  Not even Rachel.  Only Cynthia believed that he was hearing these voices and seeing this kid (the voice of the nanites).  
  • Aaron wasted no time in leaving the group.  Once he saw his opportunity he left.  It's tough to gauge how much time is passing.  I mean, Miles and crew did travel to Mexico (on horseback).   But, we just see Aaron walking with a backpack and by the end of the episode he's in Oklahoma?  Spring City is apparently a made up town as is Willoughby, TX.  But, I think we heard that it was a suburb of Austin which is in the center of the largest state in the contiguous USA.  Even getting to the Texas/Oklahoma border would take forever on foot!  But, whatever.  He's there!  And guess who he ran into when he rolled into town?  It's Grace!
  • I guess Grace somehow got out of the Tower before things went to hell.  And it would appear that Aaron wasn't sent on a wild goose chase but we'll have to wait until next week to see what's in store! 
That's all I have for this week.  Hope everyone remembered to watch the show and hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always.  See you next week! 


Anonymous said...

I saw a couple of previews but I don't normally watch the broadcast networks, except for football and a few shows.

I missed the first 4 mins or so, basically just saw the after effects of the leaches. This ep made some progress on things. I was surprised to see Grace but it sure makes the nannites that much more interesting. For example, maybe she's healed from them?? Maybe she needs Aaron to heal something?? As you said, Grace was in the tower and so could possibly be tied to nannites somehow.

Monroe's son was funny about not respecting his father and his father tells not just his son but us what he wants to do. I'm not sure the Monroe Rep will be rebuilt, but I wouldn't count him out as a big factor. The Mexican trip I thought was going to be short--in and out--but now I'm wondering if more than 2 eps??? I wonder if an alliance can be built?

It was funny about the reverse flow across the border. If only.


Mike V. said...

lol if only.

Yeah, I was just surprised I didn't see any promos during the Saturday games. They both aired on NBC. Of course, I was multi-tasking that day too so they may have aired and I missed them.

Yeah...maybe Grace followed a similar calling that Aaron did to end up in Spring City. I saw the preview and know who else may be there, but I won't say anything for now. But surely being there will provide additional insight to what is happening with the nannites.

Yeah, I don't think the Monroe Republic will be rebuilt either. Unless it would be rebuilt for a good cause to take on the Patriots. Yeah, maybe an alliance could come out of the Mexico trip. But I agree, seems like this could be a longer story arc here. Maybe not too long, because I don't see Charlie and Gene being on their own for too long. We'll see.

MJ said...

Ugh ! You know I was grossed out by all those maggots. Really - was anyone surprised that
that guy was Monroe's kid besides Monroe? LOL Hmm - I didn't think the drug would have
been the stuff that Jason had gotten - thought that was only given to the ones that they want
for soldiers so thought this stuff just kinda made ya more compliant. But you are probbly
right. Man - had forgotten what a cold beeotch Tom's wife was. Was surprised to see Grace -
or is she the nannites now taking her shape?? I did not watch previews but didn't they say
there would be a big reveal next week? Or was that something else I was watching ? LOL

Mike V. said...

MJ - Didn't see your comment until now! lol

No I was not surprised that was Monroe's kid either and yes it probably only was Monroe. lol

Yeah...probably a stretch that it's the same drug, so you're probably right that it's just to make them more compliant. Maybe we can's probably a weaker version of the drug!

Hmm...I don't think they said there would be a big reveal, but they showed something in previews to indicate more of what's going on in Spring City. Not simply saying what it is makes it sound more significant than it really is. lol Interesting thought that it might be the nannites impersonating Grace. I'm gonna say it is Grace for now. But, I still forget what happened at the tower...we may never have found out.