Monday, January 13, 2014

TV Discussion: Week of 1/12/2014 - 1/18/2014

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  Lots of new premieres this week plus all our normal shows we discuss.  See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Didn't watch anything yet because of the Golden Globes. I'm thinking True Detective might be first on our list, but Episodes may be easier/quicker to fit in. lol

Didn't watch Grimm yet either. Really making good progress on The Americans, but I may have to fit in the currently airing shows in the morning to get them in!


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Ended up watching this morning. I guess we know now why Nick didn't tell Juliette about her friend. lol It was a whole subplot to this episode! And where did Juliette learn to fight like that? Crazy stuff.

I like that the whole monster of the week was all tied into Hank's evolving love life. Seems like they're sorta taking a page out of the Fringe handbook here. Standalone stories but the stories tie into some serialization. Of course Frigne did it more thematically than with actual characters being tied to the main characters.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable episode!

Mike V. said...

24 (Live Another Day): Just seeing my tweets but no time to look for article. I guess FOX is doing their TCA conference right now. Looks like Yvonne Strahovski (Chuck/Dexter) will be joining the 24 mini-series as a CIA Agent. No arguments here!

Anonymous said...

Grimm was pretty good. Next week looks better.

Thanks for the link on GOT. Can't wait.

The Blacklist--WOW, GREAT eps. Loved the Johnny Cash and Red--so much there but couldn't keep up with the watchers and man with the apple--will need to watch again and maybe some back eps. Interesting he didn't kill the banker and wasn't worried about being caught for shooting him. Loved his many comments on dinner including--"..whichever is quicker, the police will be here soon.." The case of the week was kind of like torture.
I'm wondering if the next name on the Blacklist is Tom--who's at the airport? She's got to clean her house--LOL. Funny when she says all she wants is a normal life--LOL.
Is it possible Alan Alda could end up being bad and a target? He's obviously justified in questioning the director but they made it look like he's over the tops.


Mike V. said...

HIMYM - I thought it was a decent episode. Of course the internet is complaining again. Instead of trying to come up with my defense again, I'll just copy paste my comments on EW. lol

"EW Commenter: The Mother of all Filler episodes

Mike V: Yet if the final 2 slaps didn't happen in this season, people would complain about that. I don't see how paying off a long running gag since season 2 can be considered filler. Sure, the whole episode was a made-up story, but I look at it as the writers dedicating an entire final season episode to one of the elements that made the show unique and special. We're taking one last lap down memory lane with these characters we've enjoyed watching for 9 years (well, maybe less years for some people). Of course the episode was silly and ridiculous. It IS a situation comedy after all. We're going to get the "Mother" episodes. We were never going to get 22 of them.

And of course, no one was just relieved that all 5 core characters were being filmed together for the first time all season. Everyone just found something new to complain about and then continue to complain about the "wedding weekend" which this episode barely spent any time at.

I know that the wedding weekend idea, in general, probably sounded better in theory than in practice. But, I think they're making the best of it. And I still think there will be enough episodes when all is said and done to justify this final season. Even if not, we still got one more year to have fun with these characters and we'll still always remember the "golden years" of this comedy. (I don't believe that later years can tarnish the great experiences and memories that anyone had viewing the earlier years.)

It seems pretty clear at this point (well, it's been clear for years), that there are going to be complaints regardless of how HIMYM closes up shop. And I'm well aware that I'm in a slowly shrinking minority when it comes to this final season. Everyone I talk to is pretty much saying the same stuff I'm reading here. I'm sure they're prepared to face a LOST-like wrath once the finale airs. I just still sometimes can't believe a sitcom has been under this much scrutiny for so long.

EW Commenter Response: Point taken, Mike, and I agree with you on more than one thought. I loved the previous ep (Bass Player Wanted) and felt that it sowed in so many small payoffs (e.g. Mother wearing driving gloves) that it seemed like we'll rewatch this season down the road and appreciate it much more as a whole.

But the thing about this ep was that it *wasn't* a big payoff (never mind the fact that I don't particularly care about the ongoing slap gag)--it wasn't the last slap! As with many other things this season, it was Much Ado About Something Penultimate Rather Than Ultimate. I just hope that the last slap is a quick, hilarious payoff in an ep that is focused on other things.

Mike V. said...

Mike V: Oh yeah, I think the reason they spent so much time on THIS slap is because the final one will just randomly happen. I'm still fairly certain it's going to happen in the finale. I always thought it would be funny if it happened after Future Ted finishes his story. Future Marshall would somehow slap Future Barney. lol

So maybe "payoff" wasn't the right word choice for the episode. It was more "reflection" before the end game. One of the things LOST did in its final season that I loved was bringing things full circle. They revisited every major set piece over the course of those 18 episodes to essentially say one last goodbye. And with the Flash Sideways, they gave us a chance to revisit our characters mostly in the state they were BEFORE Flight 815 arrived to the mysterious island (ie we got to remember how they were when we first met them in season 1). This is how I see something like this Slap episode. They needed to do this slap regardless, but it was the last opportunity that they could dedicate an entire episode to it and honor one of HIMYM's grandest traditions.

Of course, it was also a January episode so I didn't expect much movement on the mother front. I can almost guarantee that there will be at least one huge February episode involving the mother (probably not during an Olympics week, but maybe! lol) due to saving the big stuff for sweeps. So, why not dedicate a non-sweeps episode to honoring the silly side of the show?

I do see your points, Molly and yes I agree that most of this season will probably play back better down the road when all is said and done. BTW, I know I responded to your post, but I was really directing my comments to all of the negative commentary in general. :-)

There were other comments too just talking about how the plot wasn't moving forward and how the whole episode we were meant to suspend our disbelief because it was outrageous. It was a STORY!! I thought it was pretty funny. It was supposed to be silly and ridiculous! I stand by my defense and still look forward to the Mother episodes when they happen. lol

Sleepy - Watched it this morning (Americans gets put off another day lol). Good stuff with Jenny and Abbie....I knew the punchline of that opening scene would be Crane wearing modern clothes. lol Still funny! Still enjoying this one.

True Detective - Watched last night. Very good opening to this 8 episode "anthology" series. It's tough not to love Harrelson and McConaughay (sp) doing their thing. So I guess Matt's character is a suspect in the present day (which still may be in the past? lol)? Interesting stuff. Look forward to watching this unfold.

Episodes: Still funny even 2 years after the end of last season.

Didn't get to Shameless yet. Maybe tonight.

MJ said...

GofT - oooh - Just looked at the trailer. Good-looking Jamie is back. LOL Wow on those dragons
too. Can't wait.

Grimm - yeah Ninja Juliette came from no where. LOL

Almost Human - Lost reference. Called him 'Mr. Friendly'. That was one hell of a bullet - very
scary if this ever came to be. Loved Kenex shooting that MX. This is really the first time
I could feel these eps are being shown out of order.

Intelligence - I'm liking it still. Still think more to the wife even though she is now
supposedly dead. She was only listed as guest star though - si maybe she is gone.

Sleepy - he wore skinny jeans ! LOL If only briefly. Funny with the dry cleaning.
But what an intense episode! The demon passing from person to person reminded me of an
old Denzel Washington movie that was filmed in philly - can't remember the name. Excellent
movie though. Abby committing a crime to protect her sister and Jenny doing many crimes to
protect Abby from herself. Was I the only one who thought the lanterns would be the ones
from Paul Revere's ride ?? I choose the think the salt thing was a nice shout out to
Supernatual who always use salt. I have to laugh when Abby actuall knows the data that
Washington died. Really ? LOL I could not have told you that for 1 million bucks. I guess
we're supposed to be feeling that GW writing Dec 18 when he died the 14th is supernatual in
some way? But really - he could have written that date long before he died. I sure am going
to miss this show.

HIMYM - well - that was different. It was so silly I was rolling laughing - the whole Marshall
took a year in Shanghai, the 3 steps to learn for the slap of a thousand/million suns. The
breaking Juke Box. And wow - the actor playing Marshall is really thin these days. Didn't
notice in earlier eps - guess cause he was mostly sitting in a car. i don't bother reading the
haters like you do Mike.

Episodes - rewatched the finale too - forget how much they squeeze into those 30 min shows.
Matt asking his lawyer if anal counts ! Then getting arrested for DUI!

Shameless - I can never unsee that huge jar of vaseline ! OMG. And Frank's alcohol enemas.

True Detective - that was interesting. Guess we'll see where they go with it. Could get
confusing with the two timelines so we shall see.

Mike V. said...

Almost Human - I think I'm 2 episodes behind and will try to catch up soon. I figured out the episode I never finished and finished that one (the one with 2 Dorians lol)

Sleepy - Hmm, don't remember that Denzel movie but I'm guessing it wasn't Philadelphia! lol I actually didn't even think about where the lanterns were from but that makes sense that you would go there. I'm sure there is some history behind the salt in supernatural lore (and even the show Supernatural), but I couldn't help thinking about the circle of Ash from LOST of course! And yeah, very convenient that Abby knew when Washington died. lol

HIMYM - Yeah, I thought the episode was hysterical in the most ridiculous and silly way. I couldn't stop laughing at the slapping tree. lol Humor is definitely subjective. But, it's not just internet comments that have been slamming this show. Even people I talk to in the real world are down on this season, including my wife. lol I try to justify everything that's been going on. I know the format/approach to this season isn't perfect, but I understand why they did it and can respect it. I just see it as spending a little more time with these characters even though the story has been essentially close to completion since the end of last year. There have been a few gems this season and I'm pretty certain there will be a few more.

Shameless - We just watched last night...yeah that was some pretty rough stuff! Love that Kevin and (forget her name) are having their own baby now....only on Shameless would they be having a legitimate baby and then a spawn of Kevin and his mother-in-law! lol Debbie is facing her awkward teenage years and they're capturing that pretty well. Looks like she has a "good" role model in her blonde friend. lol Lip doesn't seem to be fitting in well at college. Still no word on maybe they're not killing him off?? Or maybe they're just prolonging the announcement. But there's always a chance that he is not in this season but comes back by the end I guess. I thought the producers confirmed he was dead. We'll see I guess!

Unfortunately we couldn't get to Justified last night. I was worried about it once the Sunday shows started....and now we have Idol starting tonight....things are gonna get rough around here!

I'm almost caught up on AHS...think I have like 10 minutes left of the latest episode. Show is crazy as always!

Mike V. said...

Justified - to end after season 6, officially. This was pretty much already known but they announced it.

mj said...

Movie was Fallen - def filmed in Philly. Very good movie actually, nice trick in the end. Early Denzel, Tony Soprano and John Goodman. Few others as well.

Justified - heard a few weeks ago next year the end. Sigh. end for Soa and Justified and now Newsroom. True Blood too. Think Supernatural soon to go - they are creating a spinoff.

Mod Fam - loved last weeks references to Footloose, and Cam/Mitchell trying to get the BFFs together to steal their hall. And that Claire wasn't sure of Phil til after pregnant and livig together.

Anyone watch Helix ? Not bad

How about Bitten? Was ok - almost like CW fare though. We shall see.

Himym - I get some criticism - def dragging stuff out. Should have been 13 eps. But I get CBS wants the ratings and I choose to enjoy it while it lasts - as u say - spend more time with them.1

Mike V. said...

Ahh right Fallen...I do remember that movie, I just never saw it.

Justified - Yeah, it definitely was discussed as "most likely" a few weeks ago, but it was just officially announced by FX at the TCAs yesterday. Saw that about Newsroom too...I couldn't keep up with that show but I heard it was good. TB, I'm so thankful that that one is ending! lol Supernatural had a good run...definitely probably time for it to end even though I never saw one episode! Definitely a lot of shows are list of shows is slimming down, even though there's always new ones popping up!

I did NOT watch Helix, which I saw Ron Moore (BSG, DS9) was producing but not the showrunner. I did hear he's going to be showrunning this new Starz show based on some time travel novel. It's a period piece...and it definitely sounds interesting. Can't remember the name. Outlanders maybe? I might check that one out.

Did NOT see Bitten either. Didn't even hear about it.

Oh, did anyone see ABC IS making an American version of French show that aired on Sundance, The Returned? It's called Resurrection and it's starting in March. It'll be on Sundays at 9 of course. Rough timeslot considering all of the cable shows. But, I might want to check that one out. I like the concept of the show.

HIMYM - Yeah...they definitely didn't need a full season I agree. But yep, I'm all for spending time with these characters. Not every episode has to be the most meaningful piece of art ever put on a canvas. People's expectations are ridiculous. But, whatever! The internet is full of people who just like to complain...probably because if you like something, you're less inclined to comment! I'm glad that's not the case here! :-)

mj said...

Yes Outlanders. I dont get Starz.

Resurrection - i had not heard. orig was supposed to be good but I hate sub-titles.

By march most premiums should be done I think

MJ said...

Blacklist - another great ep. Show has def improved in my opinion. I wasn't in love with it
when the only mystery was who was watching her and is he her daddy ! It's gotten much deeper
as it has gone along. Loved Red traveling around getting his revenge. Was surprised Alan Alda
is a Senator too - very interesting. But - she has to be the worst profiler ever. Even after
Red tells her to look at the victims for why they are being tortured she acted like after she
realized that mom was an abuser then the others being abusers too was surprising. LOL Def
another show with total suspension of belief due to all the things that Red can do and know
- and I'm ok with that. ;-P but how funny when he was too impatient for the cigar to light
that guy up so he just shot him !?! And that whole dinner with the guy and wife thing was
right out of Taken - but done very well.

Justified - I missed our little Loretta ! Too bad it's her only appearance this year. Tho
I did read that the Harris brothers who also appeared last night will be back (one was on the
Wire the other on The Practice and many other shows). Some classis raylan - driving off in that
rich guys car - his stand off with the pot dealer who knew Arlo. We haven't seen Boyd all
desperate like this in years - and this cop is a real jerk !

Mike V. said...


I sometimes wonder why I still have Starz! But, I think that and Showtime came with the package I currently have. I paid extra for HBO. lol

Resurrection - Yeah I heard the French version was good too...But I probably wouldn't have watched with subtitles either. I could handle an episode a season of LOST in Korean, but maybe not the whole show! :-)

March - Yeah, there might be some overlap with Shameless....True Detective should be over. But Game of Thrones will start up in April, Mad Men (not premium but still a big show) will start in March or April (but that's still 10pm I think unless they move it to 9 like they moved Breaking Bad and Walking Dead), Walking Dead will probably still be airing in March. Just a lot of competition in that timeslot. Especially with Walking Dead being a ratings monster.

Unfortunately I haven't started watching Blacklist and I didn't watch Justified yet so I'll have to ignore your 2nd comment! :-)

Mike V. said...

HIMYM Scoop from TCAs - Good stuff

mj said...

Himym - do you believe allthe crap with saying it was racist?

Mike V. said...

present company excluded of course!

Leslie said...

Blacklist - Great episode this week! Red's revenge was too funny! MJ - I thought the same thing about her as a profiler. She needs to do some training with the BAU on Criminal Minds! lol Wasn't that killer the ME on The Closer? Guess he was already skilled with the medical instruments!

Intelligence - this episode was better than last week. Still good to see Josh on the TV again (and in just a towel)! Visually it gets really busy when the screens pop up with the info he is accessing.

mj said...

Twd - new trailer is out. Back 2\7 !

Mike V. said...

You beat me to it. lol Here's the link