Monday, December 2, 2013

TV Discussion: December 2013 / Early January 2014

Hello TV Addicts!  We're entering "Winter Holiday Hiatus" Time for television shows.  So, let's keep this post up for all of December for any non-recapped show discussions that will come up.


Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Almost caught up. Last week threw a wrench in my plans. I am 1 behind now, and probably will be 2 behind tonight. But I'll try to watch them this week.

Homeland - Still behind. We watched the one where Saul went to get Brody, and Carrie got shot by Quinn. Crazy stuff. I heard last week's was really good (started but didn't finish) and so was this week's apparently. We'll probably make it a priority to catch up on this this week.

ONCE - Watched last night's episode. It was pretty good. At least they wrapped up the Neverland story (Sort-of). It's kind of coming with them! lol The flashbacks were good, but I feel like it covered information we already knew. Maybe except the fact that Regina knew about who Henry was until she took a "forgetting" potion (and Wendy's brothers have been looking for Henry since birth) The weird thing about that was...I thought magic was gone for everyone, including her until Emma broke the curse at the end of season 1?? If that timeline is true, she should not have been able to make that potion, right?

So now Pan and Henry have switched? Oh's bad enough to endure Henry as Henry, now we have to see him as the bad guy? LOL

Anonymous said...

Almost Human--Another solid ep, but not a lot of movement on overall story. Except for the concepts around friends--making them, helping them, etc.

The Blacklist--WOW! what a great finale! Watchers exposed, seem to be working for Alan Alda. And Alan Alda is obviously a big time new character in the show--some type of black ops, cia, DOD,Umbrella Corp--lol??? Also, not that we will see him a lot but to me it shows commitment on the part of the producers,etc.
The FBI being watched was great. Love that Red got away. Alda's group seems to know about Liz and Red?? But if that's true why is his group not able to figure out REd wanting to spend time with Liz--on their own??


mj said...

Almost Human - last weeks ep - def caught the Stars Wars boring conversation too

Did my annual LOTR exteded editions marathon for the long weekend. Whew!

himym - very good ep. They even called out a previous flashback to Ted not giving Lily/Marshall a wedding gift

Mike V. said...

Almost Human - I actually thought this week's ep was kinda boring. lol Still interesting enough for me to stay on board. I thought some of the jokes were getting into Season 1 Revolution territory. lol And how many times did they need to have Kenex specify that the victim was HIS FRIEND?! Definitely needs a jolt of mythology development soon.

LOTR/Hobbit - That's a pretty impressive feat to get through that extended trilogy in one weekend! I actually got the extendeds on Blu-Ray last Christmas (I think, maybe the year before) and I went through them earlier this year on my morning runs. lol Still didn't pick up the Hobbit Extended. Figured I'd get that for Christmas. But, I do intend on seeing Smaug next week!

HIMYM - I was actually going to bring that up with Ted talking about being a great wedding gift giver. lol That was a good time. I did enjoy the episode a lot too. Although,I was going to have a different opinion on Barney's storyline if it didn't turn out the way it did. It would've been ridiculous if he really thought he was going to have a Laser Tag Rehearsal Dinner! But, I like that they have been playing that up over the season and paid it off. Of course, now I'm interested to see if there will be a "Ring Bear" lol

Sleepy - Didn't realize there was no new episode last night. I watched last week's episode this morning so I'm all caught up! Nice that Abbie (Abby/Abbey?) and Crane's fates are more intwined than they thought. And nice reveal that Crane has a son, though his whereabouts are questionable. If he did survive and live out his days in the past, then Crane could have living family in the present. Or his son may be trapped in some similar state as his wife and maybe there is a chance for a reunion eventually. Interesting they were building up a potential romance between the Chief (Orlando Jones) and Abbie's sister. And they gave him a little background story with his ex-wife and daughter in a wheel chair. Glad I caught up on this one. It is entertaining!

Still an episode behind on SHIELD. Last week really threw me off.

HOMELAND - Still have one ep to go. Last night we watched Brody getting back into Marine shape with Sayid's friend from a season 1 LOST Flashback. lol And then the whole Dana thing. Yeah...I guess I can feel bad for Dana too, but the fact that Carrie just took Brody off site twice and he's the most wanted fugitive in America??? I don't know if I buy that! And of course, she hasn't dropped the bomb yet that she's pregnant. Maybe that happened in this Sunday's episode. But I dunno.

No New Girl tonight and we're behind on Brookyln 99 so probably will catch up on Homeland. And Sons?? well, who knows!? lol

mj said...

Again - haven't read much here though tried earlier. Will try tomorrow

HIMYM - was good to see some of our old Canadian friends too. And while the whole
bit with Barney was tied to the pole went too long - the pay out was worth it.

Almost Human - whatever Dorian had him eat in that restaurant was gross ! Was anyone
surprised that the undercover cops boss was really the dirty cop? No - especially
when it's Aceveda from The Shield ! LOL

Sleepy was a repeat.

Ugh - still have to talk last friday's Grimm too

Mike V. said...

Almost Human - No wasn't surprised at all, and that's even with me not having seen past a few episodes into season 1 of The Shield. lol

Grimm - Still didn't watch but will try to watch tomorrow morning. I can't believe they snuck one in on Black Friday!

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Speaking of Alias, Victor Garber has been cast as Crane's father. Good times...

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Great episode last week with the Boogie "Man". lol Loved their faces when they realized it was the old lady. The marine guy was pretty annoying the whole episode, and figured it was too obvious that he would be the guy. Hitting myself over the head how obvious it should have been that email was from Nick's Mom. Good call MJ. I blame falling asleep during that episode when they revealed the email. lol Favorite scene was them tossing around pictures of the homicide as part of their dinner conversation.

Monroe and Rosalie are going to tell their parents....funny stuff. Juliette is getting happily involved in Nick's Grimm life. Wu is still on the outside looking in. Oh and then Renard got the email with the ultrasound?? I forget, is there a chance that he's the father? Or is it definitely his brother's?

Almost Human - Was listening to a podcast today and found out they've been airing episodes out of order (i.e. to get to the "more exciting ones first") Apparently, after the 2 pilot eps, they're airing 6, 7 and 8. Or something like that. December 16th, we'll get episode 3. Here's the problem I see with that. It means the show is very procedural. The episodes could be rearranged with little impact to any ongoing story. And of course 12/16 the characters will probably regress to having less chemistry. lol Maybe it's just for the opening pod of episodes. But, if this becomes strictly a police procedural with no ongoing story, it loses its "must see" aspect for me. Also, if this past Monday's episode was considered one of the "more exciting" episodes, that kind of scares me! lol

Homeland - Caught up! Okay, I get that the critics have given up on this (well, at least a few of them that I follow), but I thought this past Sunday's episode was pretty solid. The hour definitely flew by faster than the previous 9 episodes. lol And now they have Brody inserted into an interesting situation. We'll see how it goes from here!

No Sons yet, but I'm sure that's no surprise!

Leslie said...

Blacklist - interesting episode with the reveal of Alan Alda's character. Obviously, he and Red have a history. I guess they have all been watching each other! Plus, Red says he is not Liz's father, but adding that she should be careful of her husband.

It comes back in January and has also been renewed for a second season.

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--I'm glad to hear about the 2nd season. I just couldn't imagine having Alda and Spader on a show that wasn't going to go at least 2 season. Especially with Alda just now introduced. I think in Jan things will get even better.

When did Red say he is not Liz's father? He has always said "it's complicated"

Yea, when she called Tom and he found out she was in danger I would like to have seen more of what he did in response. Creepy shot of him looking through the window watching Liz drive away.

Maybe this show skews more to the adult side? But, for me it's the best show in the last couple of months, certainly last couple of weeks, by a pretty good margin. Although Revolution to me was good too, so maybe a top 2?


MJ said...

Blacklikst - read it got a second season pick up already. Also read it's NBCs highest
rated drama in almost 20 years. LOL I believe that. yeah - we all knew Red would
open that box when Lizzie was threatened. And I still say this show is too good to do
a lame 'she is my daughter'. Nice that her husband seemed genuinely shocked they were
being watched and filmed - and seemed genuine with wanted her to quit and they should
move away. But no - not trusting him still. But Alan Alda a shady character?
Not Hawkeye ! LOL But that was interesting - that Red has something on him and that
is why Red is being allowed to live. I def did not see it coming that Anslo was just
hired help though. I'm not buying the guy in charge is the mole -
he answered the phone and knew who was on the other end but I think that is a red
herring. Loved the clean up lady - she makes Olivia Pope look slow.

Hostages - so we stopped the shooting of the Pres, but who grabbed Duncan in the end?
And did she really want to kiss Duncan or is she working an angle. I know she was
pissed to find out her hubby's lover said Tom said their marriage wasn't real but
damn ! I was def not surprised that Grandpa was going to kill Duncan's mother-in-law
if she was going public.

SOA - Oh Juice - thought you were surely dying in this ep. Of course I had to look
away at a whole bunch of his scenes. LOL But how intense was Nero
at the end there, wanting to punch Jax but also trying to comfort him. I did think that
Tara was going to take that deal for awhile during the ep - but you could see that
these guys do mean something to her and she didn't want to rat on them. Was frightened
for the future when Nero's guy basicly laid it out as white and black against yellow and
brown! And then the MC goes and lets the chinese get slaughtered. Yikes. Nero is
pretty much screwed. I'm beginning to think that Jax's solutions to getting out of
guns are way more violent then anything Clay ever did to get them in the guns. Certainly
was some great humor (helping Bobby to he bathroom, Tig and his hair) but a very
tense episode leading to what has got to be one hell of a finale.

Homeland - getting a little better every week. Knew that guy with Brody would
not survive but it was brutal to see. I thought the faulty drone was really going to
be the cause of issues but I guess not. But - how did an entire small army of Iranians
sneak up on them? They had people watching on satellite to warn them !! WTH ?
I was sure that we were going to actually attempt to kill our own team though. Don't
know if I believe Carries statement yet that the kid is not Brodys - but I have said from
the beginning that I didn't think it was.

Leslie said...

Blacklist - Richard, right at the end of the episode when Red called Liz, she asked him straight out if he was her father and he said no. That's also when he told her to be careful of her husband.

Hostages - haven't watched this week's episode yet.

mj said...

Himym - feel the same with the bear. Maybe instead of the pillow the ring bearer will bring the rings in on a stuffed bear

Sleepy - yeah the son thing was surprising.

Grimm - lol with that dinner conversation and pics too. And granny boogieman was fun. So are rosalie/Monroe nervousof parents due to living togetheror due to diff races? Or both. lol. Seem to remember that their races are not normally friends.

Almost human - i was not bored. Lab guy was funny. I read about them airing out of order but heard it will mess up the story some.

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Yeah, they definitely faked us out with the faulty drone. lol No idea on the army of Iranians not showing up on heat signatures. Definitely back to 24 writing conveniences there. lol I don't know if I bought Carrie's statement either on the baby. My wife brought up the timeline again of the explosion vs. how long it's been since....seems like it was longer than 16 weeks ago. But then why would Quinn be even considering it to be a possibility too? But 16 weeks vs. everything Brody has been through since the explosion? seems like a short period of time. I dunno.

HIMYM - I did consider a stuffed bear too. lol

Grimm - Good point on Monroe/Rosalie races. That could be the cause for concern. I was just taking it at face value that they were acting like teenagers afraid to tell their parents about who they were dating and then even living together (hopefully not acting like teenagers there!)

Almost Human - Lab guy (i.e. Gareth from British Office, and one of the Pirates of the Carribean) was definitely funny and the episode had moments. But, it mostly just fell flat for me. Interesting that the rearranging might mess up the story. Doesn't seem like it will be too significant so far! So I guess maybe the transition from episode 8 to episode 3 and 4 may be confusing. Of course maybe this will be a case where they'll just drop an episode all together. Kind of like when Fringe "unearthed" a season 1 episode in the middle of season 2. lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--things will likely pick up this next ep.

The Blacklist--I will rewatch end of ep on DVR. Glad to see it's NBCs top drama show--I love the show.


Mike V. said...

SOA - Pretty crazy episode! I had a feeling Tara ran and didn't rat. Of course, the damage is done and they think she did. And regardless, she took the kids. Yeah, I really thought Nero might deck Jax but it wasn't the time. Seems like they kind of laid out what season 7 might be about. Back to basics. Gangs vs. Gangs. lol They may have gotten out of guns, but they created a whole slew of problems in the process! And yes, totally agree that Jax has been doing some very violent things that there can possibly be no justification for. He's just been focused on that single goal of getting out of guns that he'd do anything to do it. I'm sure that's not what his father's vision was.

Yes...the Bobby bathroom thing was fantastic!

We got excited with the little Justified scene they showed during one of the commercial breaks. We miss us some Raylan! lol

AHS - Caught up on the last episode (not last night's). Crazy stuff. I'll probably be totally caught up tomorrow morning.

MJ said...

Sleepy - not really spoilery

Any one watch Mob City ? I taped it - haven't looked at it yet

Almost Human - Thats where I know the lab guy ! Pirates ! LOL

Justified - yeah I'm looking forward to it's coming back.

AHS - I didn't watch last night either. Spent our evening catching up on some
of our procedurals.

Sound of Music - anyone watching ? I have to admit I grew up watching this movie every
year so I will tape and watch over the holiday. Carrie Underwood has such a great
voice - and Vampire Bill singing and dancing should be worth a look-see

Leslie said...

Sound of Music - I'm definitely recording this! One of my all time favs. I saw the "making of" show they did last week, and it looks great! Had no idea that Vampire Bill was a singer, and like you said, Carrie has an amazing voice.

I'm so behind on all my other shows. We are expecting some ice overnight here in Texas, so I'm hoping for a day in tomorrow to catch up! :)

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Thanks for the link! I think I saw that yesterday but I'll check it out again.

Mob City - Didn't record it, but I know it's Frank Darabount's new show that he started up after he was kicked off of TWD. He says he's not out to prove any points. lol I haven't heard much positive or negative about it.

Almost Human - Glad I could help! :)

Sound of Music - We have Carrie on our TiVo wishlist, being a fan since her Idol Season 4 victory. lol So it'll be recording. Watched some of the making-of last week and it has me intrigued. I'm sure I'll check out some if not all. Really depends on our child's sleep habits. They have NOT been fact have been getting worse! lol

Mike V. said...

@Leslie, hope you keep your power in that Ice Storm so you can catch up! Be safe!

Leslie said...

Thanks Mike!

MJ said...

Scandal - I cannot believe this show! Man - when Huck was threatening Lyndsey ! Can't
believe he was actually apologising cause he was going to enjoy it. Thought he was
just messing with her at first - but he actually pulled her tooth out ! Jeez. Wasn't
so surprised that mom is the bad guy - her dad pretty much said last ep that it was
her own fault that she'd been locked up and missed Olivia growing up. I figured then
that she was some sort of spy or traitor to the country. Don't know how hearing some
guy on the phone ask for May (I think it was May) immediately clued Olivia into her
mom is the bad guy. Nice switch at the end though - she goes to command and says she
will work for them but is really not.

Leslie - Ice storm? You in northern Texas? I know they are famous for their ice storms. They are predicting snow here for sunday - but I doubt it. Maybe flakes then probably sleet and rain.

MJ said...

Darabont - yeah I read some comment that he made how the TNT network is such a great place to work as they don't interfere with the creative process - or some such thing. LOL

Mike V. said...

Ugh, didn't watch Scandal yet (10pm show and all. lol) I'll try to watch tonight, but we're taking the tyke to see Santa so we'll see!

AHS - I'm Caught up. Turns out EW spoiled a turn of events coming on the show before it happened! The cover a couple weeks ago had Kathy Bates head on a platter....which we now know the immortal witch has been beheaded. Pretty crazy that they were allowed to do that. Anyway, the show is still entertaining! Feels like we're getting close to the end but I think only 8 episodes have aired. So there's like 5 more. lol

Orphan Black - I'm starting it! I'm like halfway into the first episode. Not too bad so far! Ironically, the first time I've seen Tatiana Maslany was on Parks and Rec. But she got that gig BECAUSE of Orphan Black. lol

Sound of Music - We watched 45 minutes of it so far. Not too bad of a production. Carrie will get slammed for her acting, but I don't think any rational person would expect her to be an amazing actor. But her singing voice is amazing as expected.

MJ said...

Sound of Music - Boy were you right Mike. And they sure are slamming her.
Taped it but have not watched. Heard Carrie was great singing - not so
much acting. Peeps were brutal on Twitter. "Carrie can't act her way out of a paper
bag tied up with string' 'the hills were alive - til Carrie started acting' kinda brutal.

Orphan Black - it gets pretty intriguing. First eps were all just setting some stuff up. i adore her friend Phi - short for Phillip I think I remember.

mj said...

Scandal - and the funniest thing is Cy getting empathy from Mellie ! LOL
And James double-entendres were fab. I don't know why I keep calling Quinn
Lindsey ! And the name was Marie and not May (fr my earlier post).

Mike V. said...

Sound of Music - Based on interviews I read with her, she knew she wasn't an actress so she kind of expected the backlash. But, twitter doesn't care about that! lol Nor do most comments sections! Oh well...still an overall success for NBC. If it leads to more event type broadcasts like that, I'm all for it.

Orphan Black - Well so far she only has one friend, so I'm guessing that's him. lol He's gay and got a date when identifying the body in the morgue? that guy? He seems like he could be some nice comic relief.

Mike V. said...

Scandal - Was AWESOME as always! Really love that show. Agreed with everything you said, MJ. Yeah, maybe it was a little plot convenience for Olivia to remember "Marie" from childhood at that exact moment. lol But, it's TV so whatever! Nice that Quinn is still working for the right team...but bad that she's about to kill Liv's father. Ahh...the show is just. so. Scandalous!!

ONCE - Things are getting interesting with the return to Storybrooke! Is it bad that I hope Henry stays as the Peter pan actor instead of the other guy? lol Sorry, just can't help myself. I can't believe the blue fairy is dead forever. She just needs her shadow back, right? I have no idea with this crazy show. But, it's an interesting concept to turn Storybrooke into "the new neverland" by resetting the curse. I have a feeling Pan will succeed in this winter finale. Storybrooke has needed a new twist in it since everyone got their memories back and magic as well. Good stuff.

Homeland - Ugh...I thought with TWD done, I'd get to this but I didn't. I'll blame the snow even though that has nothing to do with it! lol

Leslie said...

Yep, ice storm in and around Dallas. Was stuck inside for 3 days! Tree limbs broken all around. Lost power at my house for only about 7 hours on Friday, thank goodness!

Orphan Black - I watched all but the last 2 episodes this weekend! I've enjoyed it. Good job by this actress.

Sound of Music - haven't watched yet either, but heard some of the Carrie backlash. Why do people have to be so mean?

MJ said...

HIMYM - article a little spoilerish of what we will or will not see before the end

Scandal - what got me with the marie thing is that how does someone calling the house asking for marie make her bad? Huh? Obvioulsy they will show us something more to make that some sort of realistic

Mike V. said...


7 hours of no power is still rough but better than 3 days! lol Not sure if you saw any of the Eagles game yesterday, but our 1 inch of snow prediction turned into quite a bit more! lol

Orphan Black - I'm still where I was last Friday. But, I'll get through it eventually!

Sound of Music - Wife watched without me (there's a first for everything!) so I don't know when I'll be catching the rest of it. I don't think people realize how ridiculous they can get on Social Media these days as far as meanness goes. It's the downside of the anonymous nature of website comments sections (excluding this one!), Twitter and whatever else. But, it also is a venue for some great unintentional comedy too. And that's something that provides endless entertainment to me!


HIMYM - You know...I thought that was the case with the Pineapple Incident, but I could've sworn they said they were going to solve it anyway! lol

Scandal - I said it's a stretch, but I think the trigger was that her name is actually Maria not Marie. So, the day that she left to get on that plane, someone was calling her house looking for Marie. So, while Olivia was remembering the last time she ever saw her Mom with the new information she had in her head, it made her realize that this terrorist "Marie whoseewhatzit" was actually her Mother. Now, why someone would call her house and use that name???? I have no idea. And if the Mom was really trying to hide under a different name...would she really use Maria and Marie as her 2 aliases?? lol Good times.

mj said...

Orphan Black - yup that is him.

I stayed around the Dallas area once on business with McKesson. Can't remember the town - had outlet shopping though lol. 7hours is rough.

I got 6.5 inches of snow - heard Medford got like 10. South of me in Greenwich got 9.

Sleepy's fall finale tonight. Soa finale tomm - 2 hour and starting at 10. Ugh.

Mike V. said...

SOA - 2 hours!?!?!? Oh've lost your mind!! I've really enjoyed this season, but I will not miss that it's over! And I have no doubt next season will be the same way even though he said the extended episodes were to get people in place for the final season.

Sleepy - So glad I finally caught up to be able to discuss! lol I'll try to watch tonight or in the morning worst case.

Grimm - Forgot to mention I started this but still need to finish

Snow - Ahhh Medford, that's where I grew up! :-)

Anonymous said...

Almost Human--only saw about half the show toward the end due to MNF. Did I miss anything? Looked like the show is maintaining it's exploration of emotions,etc.


Mike V. said...

I opted for Homeland and Sleepy Hollow. But, because of the snow I'm working from home so I may sneak in Almost Human. But, until it amps up the serialization aspect, it's fallen onto the backburner for me. Sounds like that may not happen until the 8 out of order episodes have aired. (there may be some minor continuity issues supposedly lol)

Homeland - Once that senator said that he thought Brody was going to blow the whole operation, I knew Brody would kill the Republican Guard dude. They did give us our annual dosage of Brody ambiguity though! It was a good episode. I'm still wondering if this is Brody's final season or not. If the writers will cave to the critics' demands of 2 years. Of course, outside of him potentially becoming a father to Carrie's child, I don't know what else they could possibly have in store for his character. lol The season improved though, I will say that. We'll see if they can stick the landing.

Sleepy Hollow - So, the son was killed by the coven? (Jeremy) Hmmm...their words were pretty cryptic about "stopping his heart". Something tells me that story isn't quite over yet. As always they were on fire with their Crane jokes with modern technology and customs. Awful Intercourse, Embroidered Extra Large Hosiery, etc.... And can't complain with a little John Noble added to the mix. I'm wondering if Crane's wife will ever leave the purgatory realm for the present day and if that might mess up the good chemistry they have going for the show. She is a regular cast member, so it seems like it's entirely possible that she'd make it out of there at some point.

Mike V. said...

Almost Human - Decent episode. Of course, now we're to believe that Ghosts exist in this universe since the psychic/medium's predictions came true?? lol Yikes. But definitely good character development with Kennex, Dorian, and even the Friday Night Lights girl. lol (I'll never remember her name on this show) Of course the funniest moments were in the beginning revolving around the "Ken Doll" androids vs. Dorian's generous anatomy. lol

Anonymous said...

Masters of Sex--anyone watching on HBO?

Thanks for the "review" Mike. I didn't think I missed much.


Mike V. said...

Masters - I had been recording it but never watched. Heard it started slow but got better as the season progressed. But, I think it's on Showtime, not HBO. If it was HBO, I could catch up on HBO Go! lol I think Showtime has something similar though.

Anonymous said...

Masters--yea it's on Showtime,but they have an online sign on too. It has picked up, of course based on true events.

Shield--Mae/Grant-they really tried to make it look like this is a relationship that shouldn't happen--LOL, but seems to be moving ahead. Mae is so moody. Coulson being kidnapped for a mid term finale, not bad. Sad to see Mike die but good to know what stabilized his condition. I almost LOL everytime I see that plane with the added engines on the rear. The rescue op for Coulson will likely be made by the group vs the overall org. It's almost a hole in the plot that the overall org isn't involved on something this big. Sending one super soldier when they knew they were facing a group that had several really seemed dumb--they knew they had atleast 3 to face. I have to just laugh some of this stuff off.
Skye will find out who dropped her off at the orphanage-any bets on whether it was her mother?? I'm thinking not, that maybe it was an agent that killed her mom????


Mike V. said...

Shield - Has fallen to the backburner for me. I'm 2 behind now and every time I see it on the DVR, I just have no interest in watching. lol Maybe I'll catch up one of these days. I read your comments anyway...sounds like I didn't miss much!

SOA - Didn't watch obviously...but I saw reactions on Facebook. sounds like I need to stay away from entertainment websites today! lol

MJ said...

Following - see that scheduling change ? I think they are making a mistake. Was
supposed to premier on sunday anfter NFL playoffs then have the next ep the very
next night. Now instead they are giving us 2 Sleepy's and making Following wait 8
days to premier in regular slot. Following would have done better being with Sleepy
for a week. Just saying.

Sleepy - another great ep. Looks like some really great stuff coming in January.
I guess we are just supposed to go with it when in those times a black couple is
raising a white baby ? To me the biggest reveal was that her own coven banished her
to purgatory ! Golem was interesting - seen it before on other shows. But those 4
women Yikes ! So are we supposed to be thinking that Jeremy is actually still alive
and buried ? Like Cathy Bates on AHS ??? I do love John Noble ! But that end - I
don't get how Moloch brought Ichabod to him but he's saying Ichabod will deliver
Abby's soul to him !!

Shield - good ep. Comings for next year look great ! Heard the ratings just keep
going down though. I got that whatever Fitz and Simmons shot Mike with stabilized
him - but how does that translate to Centipede needing Coulsen? Obviously we will
have to wait to find out. LOL

SOA - non spoilerer comment - OMG! LOL FYI - not a full 2 hours - they show the
first few minutes of Kurt Sutter live.

SOA - DONT READ. I felt they might kill Tara - but not with a meat fork to the head!
Damn Gemma. I thought Juice was gonna make it look like he did it and then kill
himself, so was surprised that he just cleaned up. So Jax is going to jail - are
they now going to try to say he killed Tara ?? They did have me wondering if Gemma
was gonna crash and be badly hurt when Unser brought up her accident of 2 years ago.
But iw as sorry to see the cop get killed too. I liked him. And now Juice has even
more guilt on him.

In a Sutter interview he says that losing Opie and Tara now will have Jax with no
moral center. So it was fitting that they opened with Jax sitting at Opie's grave.
Didn't realize until seeing the grave that his name wasn't Opie. And they state that
Gemma snapped - that it was not really pre-meditated as she did not expect Tara to
be at the house. Not sure what that means - why did she go to the house to begin
with then ?

Jax's scene with Bobby and Chib was so well done too - him handing the gavel to Bobby
and them all saying good bye to him. A little frighteneing earlier when they were
talking about looking for Tara and what they should do with her when they find her.

And Jimmy Smits was just so good - you could see the pain he was in by being pulled
back into that old life.

So holy crap ! Grandma killed mom and dad is going to jail. those poor kids.

Anonymous said...

Shield--they want Coulson since he was dead and came back to life--figuring he's somehow got something they need.


MJ said...

Homeland: Loved Saul talking to that Mossad agent like that ! I was confused by why so many
were talking French when they were in Tehran ? I know this cannot go well for Farah's
uncle - Carrie was a little shameless guilting her into this. Was a pretty good ep. I
was totally confused at first when that guy who Brody was to kill turned and left - and did
not figure out at first who that woman was. What is tiring to me is the Saul/Carrie show.
She never does what she is told - she'd have been fired a long time ago. And now Brody is
acting just like her LOL

Almost Human - Ken doll thing was hysterical. You see Kenex just look over at Dorian and
you know he's wondering. But Dorian apparently whipping it out was too funny

Masters of Sex - I am trying to watch. Am very behind - have only seen pilot and 1 ep. Is
it worth it to keep going ?

Shield - I guess so (on why they want Coulson) but it would make more sense to want the gun
they shot Mike with that stabilized him. Eh ! What do I know ! LOL

Am hoping to watch all the Harry Potters over holiday, but also maybe finally watch Orange
is the New Black. Heard that Lilyhammer season 2 is coming - never saw 1. Any one watch
it ?

Leslie said...

MJ - watch Orange if you can. I think you will really like it.

mj said...

Thanks Leslie

Mike V. said...

Hey guys. Home with my son today so probably won't post much. I did watch soa. Holy cow! Definitely assumed who would be gone but how it happened was crazy! Will write more later.

Definitely watch orange is new black. I haven't heard great things on lilyhammer but don't know for sure. Lol welcome to Netflix! You'll love it!

And have fun with Harry potter marathon! I haven't done that in awhile. Lol. Hobbit: smaug this weekend hopefully!

Will write more later or tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Shield--Centipede doesn't know about the gun--Shield didn't until he told them.

Masters--Since it's based on real events you know the overall story going in. But, it's well acted and there are some short term story lines that are fun to watch. I watch it when I have extra time and right now almost nothing is on I'm truly excited about.

I switched to ATT UVerse a couple of weeks ago and have found it fantastic for lots of reasons including the PIP searching, PIP macros to watch football or whatever, Search function, Included 2 DVRs, included wireless internet and wireless TV--on and on. I'm recording so many old shows now like Farscape, The Unit, Star Trek Next Gen, etc--lots of space and lots of ability to record. It's made watching live TV with the WAY too much commercial time (like 30+% now) something I don't do nearly as much, except for football of course.


mj said...

Shield - good point Richard

Netflix - had since end of summer. Watched Kevin Spacey show but no time for others

Tivo - been really acting up lately. Since they added that extra crap to maon page the updates are awful. twice now I've searched for stuff that says not found yet there it is in the guide. And. suddenly it is not recording wishlist searches.

Mike V. said...

Okay, I'm at a computer so I can write some stuff. :-)

Following - Yes, saw the schedule change. I knew it was to give Sleepy a 2 hour finale, but I see your point. That strategy with the Sunday/Monday combo always worked for 24. The problem with giving The Following a Sleepy lead-in is that their normal timeslot is the same. Almost Human is planned to be the lead in for The Following. So, if you had a 1 hour finale for Sleepy, people would expect it to be at 9, not 8. And Fox only has 2 hours of primetime a night to work with. I'm sure they could've come up with something else but oh well! I don't know if I've mentioned, but I'm NOT looking forward to the return of The Following. lol I was bored with it by the end, but my wife loved it! We'll see if she's still on board this time.

Sleepy - Yeah, I was suggesting that Jeremy may still be alive too. lol Nice comparison to AHS. Could be similar. Except they said they stopped his heart. So, I'm thinking they sort of "preserved" him at his current age somehow...but once awoken, he would begin aging again. If that's the sort of thing they're going for. Yes, the fact that the wife was banished by her own coven was a big reveal. I'm not even going to try and figure out HOW anything happens on this show....(with the Moloch thing)...they clearly want us to invest in characters set in this crazy world rather than how things happen. lol This podcast I looked to refer to this as the "GOOD FRINGE Spinoff" whereas Homeland is the "Bad Fringe Spinoff". The people behind both of these shows were involved with Fringe. Sleepy got the great "family-like character rich drama with freaky stuff going on"...i.e. the best parts of Fringe. Almost Human - I still think it's enjoyable, but these critics say they got all the bad parts of Fringe...mainly season 5's dystopian future. I will agree that Sleepy does feel like Fringe's successor more than AH does. I'll give them that.

Shield - I started catching up yesterday. I still enjoy the show so I was probably a little harsh on it in my last post. But, it's definitely a lower priority for me.

SOA - Whew...what can I say? I always had a feeling Ophelia...errrr Tara was going to bite it this season. I know I keep referring to Hamlet, but it was a basic outline for the show. Hamlet finally snapped when Ophelia killed herself. Of course, Gertrude (Gemma) didn't kill Ophelia in Hamlet!! And Claudius (Clay) made it to the final act too (even if Ron P. thinks he died in act 4...funniest interview ever because even the interviewer didn't bother to correct him and just believed him!) Anyway, enough Hamlet for today. It was a crazy episode. I thought Unser just going to Gemma and just assuming Tara ratted was a bit of a plot convenience. But, I guess it wasn't out of the realm of possibilities since he's not in the inner circle of the club and he does have connections with the police force.

You know...I assumed Jax wouldn't turn himself in now that Tara was dead. Unless that deal was already done and he has no choice?? Maybe Kurt said something on the after show, but I guess we'll find out next season. I don't imagine him being in prison for the entire final season though.

Agreed on the scenes with Bobby and Chib, and Smits being awesome. Just great episode all around. Did you get a weird vibe in the Unser and Adrianna (Can't remember her SOA name, so had to go Sopranos lol) scene? I don't see them going there, but at one point I thought they might have some sort of "moment" out of desperation and loneliness. lol

Anyway, can't wait for the 3 hour episodes next season and 10 hour finale with 9 hours being a musical montage!!

Mike V. said...

@Richard - Yes, the DVR changes TV viewing forever!! I haven't watched a show live in years. For some idiotic reason, I did watch the LOST series finale live because I wanted to see everything as it happened. too. many. commercials!! lol Still watch sports live, but when I have to record's great because you can fast forward through all the non play stuff too! Football games do not last very long when you do that. lol

Netflix - Hmm...I think i forgot you got it MJ. Anyway, enjoy getting into some other shows on there!

TiVo - So weird that you're having so many TiVo issues. Do you have an iPhone or iPad? If you have that and a wireless network (which I'm assuming you do) can just do all of your scheduling and all of that from the TiVo app and not even have to deal with the TiVo box menus. That's really weird with wish list searches. You may want to check your wish list settings for each wish list to make sure it's set to auto-record.

Also you can schedule shows from and manage your season passes and stuff. But sometimes if the show isn't on the TiVo's 12 day out schedule (guessing on the 12) you won't be able to find it. If it's available on Hulu or Netflix or something it may still come up though.

Anyway, sorry you're having so many issues. I don't know what I'd do WITHOUT my TiVo setup! Now I have out of home streaming on my devices for when I'm traveling. I'll be able to watch my tivo'd shows on my iPad when I'm traveling to my in-laws over the holidays! lol

MJ said...

Scandal - seriously harsh words Command had for the Prez. Then he tells Olivia - I will never
tell you what you want to know. Damn. What confused me was that the Prez is not even supposed
to know that Command existed - so how can he install Jake as head of it ? Also confusing -
Maya made Eli think there was a bomb on the plane so he brought it down killing hundreds
rather than more - but how did she get off ? Only Mellie can pay a sympathy visit to someone
and make sure they know who owns them and tells them what to do in such a kind way. LOL
David sure can't say no to Abby (but it gave poor Harrison at least 1 line. - hey what happened
to his story about some guy he doesn't want back in the country?) but at least David was smart
enough to say no to James.

Following - no you didn't say you were bored with it. I don't remember feeling that way so I
think I liked it as well.

AHS - Too funny "the council is not seeing anybody right now".

SOA - LOL on your 3hr/10hr.

Tivo - it's like their last 2 updates messed stuff up. And hate the 2 new additions to the
main menu. Oh well.

Mike V. said...

I'll catch up on Scandal tonight, hopefully!

Following - Maybe bored wasn't the right word. But, I dunno, I was not very attached to it and never really looking forward to watching it. lol I'm sure I'll keep watching though, pending we find the time. And on the off chance that it may have improved.

AHS - lol this past episode was crazy. I'm guessing that might be the one where they killed someone off that may have potentially been in a spinoff. Maybe not. Ryan Murphy was talking about spinning off Coven, and they realized it defeats the whole purpose of this show where stakes matter from season to season because it's a complete story each year. But, he says he's really going to miss these characters.

TiVo - I guess I'm just so used to my shortcuts with the remote that new features that I don't use don't really bother me. And I didn't even really notice them! The wish list thing sounds a little buggy though. That shouldn't just stop working.

mj said...

Grimm- heard ratings were down for fridays double eps. Hopefully its just the holidays .

Sunday shows - I did not watch any of them. Lol

Watched movie Faceoff - Chibs fr SOA was in it - so young! If not for scars on face I would not have recognize him

Mike V. said...

Grimm - Probably the holidays. I still haven't been able to watch all of it. It was weird to air that all in one shot.

Chibbs - I forgot he was in that. I always remember him from Gladiator. He was one of Maximus's soldiers in the army.

Scandal - Watched on Friday! Great as always. Of course, I usually forgot many of the talking points by Monday. But as for Maya getting off the plane...I think she never got on it. But, I could be wrong about that. With everything else, I agree! And no idea how Fitz put Jake has head of Command. lol

ONCE - Crazy ending for the mid-season! It's almost like a reboot. Storybrooke is gone!?! While I do enjoy them putting a new spin on the show, I did think the goodbyes went on for like half of the episode. It probably could have been slimmed down to the final 10 minutes or something. And RIP Gold/Rumple? Surely, he's not gone that easily. But, I haven't been on the sites to see if there were interviews with him. Good episode though.

Baby V 2 Status - In case anyone wanted to know....we're having a girl!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Grimm--not a bad double ep. Really liked the Christmas stuff with Monroe. Was disappointed we didn't get further with Adalind, but liked that we got somewhere with Renard in Europe. Good show. Nick is growing in maturity as a real Grimm fighter.

Rewatching some Farscape,other. Mostly old movies.

Just saw the latest Superman on BluRay--I think it's the best Superman ever done. Family agrees.

Miss The Blacklist and really getting impatient for some more GoT


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Still didn't watch. I'll get to it.

Homeland - Well, it's finally over! lol SPOILERS AHEAD!

RIP Brody. Critics finally get their way and the Brody arc is finished. No sight of Dana, Chris or Mom in the final set of episodes. I saw an article saying which series regulars will not return. I'm guessing Damian Lewis is one of them. Surely, the rest of his family wouldn't return either. Interesting that the pregnancy stems back from their time at the Lake. They didn't return to the lake in season 2 did they? So, is it really going back to the season 1 episode? That's crazy. Not sure I'm interested for what show this becomes next, but I'll reserve judgement for when it returns.

HIMYM - Great episode! MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER! She was wearing driving gloves, she met Marshall, Marvin said "Skunk Junk", Lily and Marshall said "PAUSE", Mother got the Kennedy Special! Karma came back to the band leader and the Mother bought Ted a drink! Loved it. And the SLAP is coming!! Would've been even better if instead of "to be continued" it just said "wait for it" lol And most importantly, Marshall is back with the crew from here on out! (i.e. Jason Segel will be filming with them...hopefully) Definitely looking forward to the final stretch of episodes. I think there will be less filler and more of the stuff we've been waiting for. We'll see.

Mike V. said...

Man of Steel - Richard, I still haven't seen it but it's on my Christmas Wish list. lol So, I'll be watching soon. Looking forward to it. I've heard mixed things about it, but I'm happy to hear your very positive review. Can't imagine anything topping Christopher Reeve's Superman I and II.

Mike V. said...

brief glimpses of Season 4 GoT and Damon Lindelof's The Leftovers in HBO's year end summary.

MJ said...

HIMYM - bit of a stretch that cause Lily told Mom about Marshall that she'd know immediately that the guy walking down the road was him - but I'll go with it. Especially as it was already a stretch that he'd walk all that way instead of calling someone to come and get him and Marvin.
Yay - they finally got some of the scotch any way. And all their talking to eachother without talking was fun - esp when
Lily outright admits she wants to try sex with Robin. LOL And damn them for leaving us
on the edge of a SLAP! Skunk junk was funny too.

Homeland - so they finally killed Brody ! Was messed up that he did as he was asked and they
left him out there, but that character has ran it's course. So Carrie will be a station chief?
Really? LOL The chick who can't follow an order is in charge ?!? Wonder if she'll bring in
Saul since they went out of their way to say she can build her team. Seeing Saul and his wife
happy was almost odd. LOL read same article about who will be back

Almost Human - two Dorians are better then one! LOL

Revenge - had two to watch last night. No surprises really - knew her whole plan would get
messed up. Interesting cliffhanger - does she really have amnesia? Could be just me but feels like this show needs to plot out it's end and then go off the air.

Funny - just this am I was reading about movies of 2013 and Superman reboot was not on the good list. What do reviewer know !

Leslie said...

Mike - Congrats on having a girl! The perfect family! How is Parker dealing with the news? Is he looking forward to being a big brother?

AHS - got caught up this weekend! This show is crazy! Didn't see it coming that Cordelia's husband is a witch hunter. The whole scene with getting her new eyes with the melon baller was great! Not to mention Delphine's talking head in the box and Queenie making her watch Roots! Too funny!

Still behind on other shows. A new man in my life is causing some distractions....not that I'm complaining! lol

mj said...

Leslie -good for you!

Mike - meant to say congrats earlier and forgot.

Mike V. said...

Thanks on the congrats!! We're so excited!

HIMYM - Yeah, i guess it's a stretch with Marshall, but I'm okay with it! The edge of a slap lol...yeah...I think the next episode is the 3rd part of the Slapsgiving trilogy. But, it looks like it won't happen at Thanksgiving since it's May when Marshall is mid-slap. But, who knows with this crazy show? I still think the final slap will happen in the finale!

Homeland - Yeah, the things I've read/listened discuss how ridiculous the logic is on this show anymore. Carrie pretty much committed treason but she's moving up the ranks! And agree, Brody's character was at its end, probably way past his expiration date. I really just assumed he'd die and didn't think they were going to come in and stop it at the last minute. But, I also didn't care....which is crazy. They were killing off a co-lead character, and it was just expected at this point. lol Oh well, here's hoping a rebooted season 4 will spark new life into the show.

AH - Forgot it was on, didn't watch. But, I'll get to it eventually. Along with 1.5 shields (unless there's a new one tonight)....and those Orphan Blacks! Ahh the Holidays. lol

AHS - Agree, it's just nuts and agree with all the scenes you mentioned. Congrats on the new man Leslie! New additions definitely complicate TV viewings as I can attest to (for different reasons obviously! lol)

Mike V. said...

Oh duh...forgot to answer the Parker question. He's really not processing it yet I don't think! He knows there's a baby in mommy's belly, but he probably doesn't know to the full extent what that means! And we told him he's going to have a little sister, but he just wants to "pirate rock" and watch Toy Story. lol

MJ said...

Kids - yeah my 5 yr old great niece was excited about getting a sister - then not so much after she came. LOL

AHS - what an evil way Luke's mom killed her husband too. Mom are really the bad guys this season.

Mike V. said...

AHS - Yeah it was brutal. Then she killed Luke too, right?

Kids - Oh yeah...hopefully, Parker will adjust quickly! lol It's going to be even tougher because my brother/sister-in-law are having their first kid too...due 3 weeks after ours! Poor Parker :-( Rough times ahead! lol

Mike V. said...

Himym series finale is 3/31!! They must've known our due date was during May sweeps! Lol

mj said...

You caught a break there.

Hope everyone had a great holiday! Family xmas was 21st so then we marathoned 7 HP movies

Mike V. said...

Hope everyone had a great holiday and Happy New Year to all!

It's been nice having a little TV hiatus. But, we'll be back in full swing next week with Revolution! And lots of Cable Dramas starting.

Anyone going to watch True Detective with Woody H and Matthew M? (not getting into the spelling game here lol) It's a 1 season thing, and then next year might have different leads. But, the names attached alone have people's attention.

Shameless and Episodes return soon!


Intelligence with Josh Holloway. Probably a pure procedural (sounds like Chuck but more drama than comedy). I'll check it out but doubt i'll watch religiously.

Community returns with Dan Harmon back at the helm tonight!! Excited about that.

MJ, sounds like a fun time with your HP marathon! I finally got my Hobbit Extended edition and have been devouring the movie and its extras (just as good as the LOTR Extended edition extras.)

I'll post a new WEEKLY discussion post starting next week.

mj said...

Yay for Justified. And Episodes and Shameless.

Yes - will look at True Detective.

Watched Hobbit extended too - but not extras yet. Have to say I liked it better this time. Fantasy not really my genre so was surprising I loved Lotr so much. Thought Hobbit only ok first time, but its grown on me.

Some other new shows I'm looking at too - Killer Women, Assets. And yes Intelligence

Mike V. said...

Hobbit - I'm enjoying it better the 2nd time too. I liked the 2nd movie better than the 1st, but now going back to watch the first and being more familiar with the characters it's more enjoyable. Same thing happened with LOTR with me. Repeat viewings and then I was hooked. But yeah, the appendices (extras) stuff is just great.

I've seen lots of previews over the past week or so for Killer Women and The Assets. Not sure if I'll watch them or not. But, maybe I'll set the TiVo in case they become breakout hits.

Episodes - Can you believe it's been basically 2 years since season 2? I never looked up what happened there. lol

Leslie said...

Hey everyone! Definitely checking out Intelligence. I watched the first half of last season of Shameless and hope to finish it this weekend. Don't have Showtime, so I wait for the DVDs on Netflix. This show is appropriately titled. I cringed when Frank was giving Valium to the baby and then stuck him with a pin to fake taking him for his vaccines! And, then we have the mother acting as surrogate for the friends. Wow!

Revenge - finally caught up on this. Didn't expect that Daniel would be the one to shoot Emily. And, Lydia came back??? Crazy!

How are you guys doing with the winter storm up there?

Mike V. said...

@Leslie - We say the same thing about Shameless. There is no boundary they won't cross! That sucks that you're always a season behind but it makes sense since you don't have Showtime! Great show.

We're still stockpiling Revenge eps...probably for the summer (so same concept as you with Shameless, we just don't have time! lol)

mj said...

shameless - omg. totally forgot Kevin and Veronica using her mom as surrogate.

Revenge. totally did not think would be daniel either. Every part of that plan went bad.

Weather ok. Friday tough with 7 in of snow and then brutal cold. Tonight brutal cold too, but rain last night got rif of alot of snow

Nfl - some weekend! KC Colts gamewasoff the charts good. I'm ok with eagles loss. Congrats on yr team moving on Mike. Did not want chargers to win tho. Oh well

Grimm was really good friday - tho Juliette in dark hair threw me off. Surprised he did not tell her that her friend a vesen

Mike V. said...

Weather - cold out there today! That is all. lol

NFL - Gotta love Andy Reid still blowing games with time management in KC! I mean, that was theirs for the taking. Eagles...well...they impressed just winning the division. Thanks on the congrats with the Niners! Anyone is going to have a tough time facing Seattle in Seattle, so we'll see what happens!

Grimm - Just watched this morning. Didn't notice the hair change on Yeah...interesting Nick didn't mention anything about the friend to her. But how about his morning run? I think we were supposed to take note how creepy he was running past the woman (aka "little red riding hood"...felt like a call back to the pilot lol) and then when he came in he wasn't sweating or out of breath. Probably more side effects of this whole zombie storyline. lol He just isn't himself all of the time. So, maybe that's part of why he didn't tell Juliette anything. Nice little humor with Hank, Nick and Wu's clothes being incinerated and them having to walk into the department in scrums and booties.

Almost Human - Honestly, I forget what episode I'm on. I almost just watched last night's episode anyway but then I realized I didn't feel like it. I think I'm at that point now where my free hours are too precious to waste on TV shows that may more may not be going anywhere interesting! lol But, I'll keep them on the TiVo in case things start heating up

Besides..I need to start freeing up hours for Justified and the premium cable shows!

Americans - Finally getting back to this. I decided to shelf Orphan Black since Americans is coming back first. I'm 5 episodes in with 8 to go. FBI has a Russian mole who it seems our lead FBI guy (Roland Emmerich's character) has a crush on which is taking a toll on his marriage. She also is "servicing" her Russian boss for intel. Entertaining show! Fills my "Spy show" gaping hole nicely that I opened up with finishing Alias. lol If I keep to my 2014 workout regimen I should be done with the Americans by next Friday. lol

In case no one noticed, I decided to extend this discussion post a little longer. We have Revolution on Wednesday so I'll post something for that and then Sunday/Monday I'll post a new weekly discussion post to discuss the new onslaught of TV!

mj said...

Almost Human - i'm really enjoying this one. Dorian finally had tjose personality quirks we heard aboug - was funny. Mr Gaeda fr BSG was guest

Grimm - def got a creepy and Little red ridinghood on the jog too. And yes - caught him not sweating or breathing hard.

Americans - hate those wigs they put on the husband. lol. They are just awful.

Justified - just watched the last 2 fr last season. Always forget how much I love this show!

Mike V. said...

Almost Human - I'll try to make time to catch up. It just keeps falling on the backburner! That and SHIELD. lol

Americans - Yeah the wigs are hysterical.

Justified - Hope the recap is enough to go on for me. But's a great show! Maybe we can watch tonight, but I doubt it. lol

Leslie said...

Hostages - It finished up last night. I thought they did a good job wrapping the story up. Duncan turning himself in was really the only thing I was surprised by. I kinda liked having a limited run series to watch knowing that it wouldn't leave the story open and that it would end. I think they should have done that with Under the Dome.

Shameless - finished up last season. Too bad I have to wait to see how things play out.

ONCE - finally caught up on this. The season ended on a more interesting note than the seemingly endless time in Neverland.

Anonymous said...

Grimm--good ep.

Shield--finally some reveal.

INtelligence--My wife thought she would like this and she still might. I'm not that crazy about it given the basic premise of him needing a protector and he can remotely unlock doors yet not turn off alarm systems. Too much picking and choosing by the writers for me. But, hey the red head and Josh are pretty good actors.


PJ Carz said...

Justified - I was disappointed, and I had been looking forward to seeing "Sawyer" back in the saddle. He's good, but the show isn't, for reasons expressed above; door locks but not alarms, lady boss to keep him in line, case of the week structure. Besides which, when they move it to Monday it will conflict with Castle and Blacklist. I can't tape 2 and watch a third, so bye bye Justified.

Mike V. said...

Shameless - Leslie, well if you're up for spoilers I'm sure MJ and I will discuss each episode here. lol BTW...I can already tell you how one thing plays out based on casting (who is/isn't coming back).

ONCE - Yeah...I forget where I posted my comments but I was pleased with the mid-season finale except for the 20 minute "goodbye sequence" lol Can't believe they totally blew away Storybrooke. Should make for an interesting 2nd half with tons of possibilities. I think we already know we're getting some OZ stuff finally. Rebecca Mader (Charlotte on LOST) is playing the Wicked Witch of the West.

Grimm - agreed.

Shield - Didn't watch but I couldn't resist reading about what was revealed (that's where I am with this show now lol). From what I read they still didn't reveal much. Just that he did actually die and Samuel Jackson's character (forget his name for a brief second) used some crazy possibly alien tech to revive him...and they brainwashed Coulson from remembering in the process. That sounds like some writers' room debate compromises if I ever heard one! lol

Intelligence - Watched the first 15 minutes or so and just couldn't get into it. Big supporter of Holloway, but CBS Procedurals just aren't my jam. lol And casting Red Riding Hood from ONCE as the female love interest (I'm guessing) wasn't a way to win me over either. I thought her acting on ONCE was atrocious! lol That said, I'll keep tabs on this pilot episodes are hard to judge a show's full potential.

Justified - But believe it or not...I actually did watch this last night (extra 15 minutes and all)!! Can I say I'm so glad to have Raylan Givens and Co. back in my life? The show is so good at not taking itself seriously and makes for some lighter 10pm fare. (I can't help but compare it to SOA since we couldn't get through that on the night it airs. Still love that show though.) Ironically, with not taking itself seriously I was shocked at the death toll from the first episode. They were building up characters that seemed like they'd be season long players, and boom...gone in an instant. Obviously, Michael Rappaport will be in it for the long haul. But I can't believe the prison break dude just came and went that quickly. Loved the Raylan/Dewey scenes...and that he bought a pool with at least part of his $300,000 lol Though, I'm thinking Boyd might be coming for that money soon considering he said he could get the same amount pretty quickly. Boyd's adventure was pretty nuts too. And, seeing Natalie Zea's name in the credits made me optimistic that Raylan would indeed visit her and their child by the end of the episode...but no...dumb Web Video chat. Poor Raylan doesn't want to get attached. Great start to a hopefully great season of a great show. I will also say that things seemed less confusing than the crazy plot they had going on last year. But, we'll see how that goes over the course of 13 episodes.

Mike V. said...

PJ, are you talking about Intelligence or Justified?? lol Justified is the FX show with Timothy Olyphant...Intelligence is the show with "Sawyer".

Speaking of Blacklist, I think I've heard from enough people that my wife and I should be watching this show. So, I set the DVR to pick up reruns. Monday was a marathon of 3 episodes (Pilot and the latest 2). Maybe I can rent a few in between. I know it's a procedural, but everyone's acting like it's a can't miss show. If we make time for it, we'll see ourselves! lol

But PJ...I don't think Blacklist is on the same night as Intelligence. Blacklist is Mondays isn't it?

BTW...Revolution returns tonight! I'm going to guess to even lower ratings as I haven't seen much promotion for it. lol

Mike V. said...

Justified - Post Mortem with Graham Yost is up. MJ, I know you read these things anyway, but I figured I'd post the link.

Anonymous said...

They're moving Intelligence to Mondays. I feel sorry for Josh and the red head lady as they're both decent and deserve better.

Very Glad, listen to your wife about The Blacklist. I think it's the only show my wife watches with me. The acting and writing are really good and character development somewhat realistic--and if it wasn't, you know me, I'd hammer it. I can't say it's a procedural any more than say Lost. The real point of The Blacklist are the long story archs. MJ or Leslie turned me onto this show and she was RIGHT.

I used to watch Justified-loved it, but some of the story got old/repetitive. It's been over a year since I've watched so the fact it's still around tells me something must be there--maybe I should check in again.


Mike V. said...

Richard - my wife isn't the one trying to convince me to watch...we've both just heard from enough people that WE should be watching. lol Ironically, MJ told me that I wouldn't enjoy it. I'm all about the long story arcs....mostly I'm just up for a show that keeps me glued to the set. This sounds like it fits the bill. bad on Intelligence moving to Mondays...I didn't realize that.

Justified - yeah, I don't think the show really ever had a down point. Season 2 was it's HIGH point, no doubt. Season 3 may have been where you suffered fatigue. lol Last season was a really good long arc, but it was confusing at times. But the characters always remained entertaining. So far season 5 is off to a good start.

MJ said...

Blacklist - if that's the show that you are referring to me saying don't watch - it's gotten better. LOL

Have to read all comments - no time right now though

Saw Lost 10th anniversary will be at PaleyFest this year . 10 years ! wow - that sure went
fast. Also doing Shield, HIMYM and Mindy !

Intelligence - I liked it. Decent action/adventure.

Justified - Great ep. So disappointed Raylan did not go to see his baby while in Florida !
And Boyd - I think he had blood spatter on his face 3 different times. That rich guy sure was
as ass though - even last season. Rappaport does good trashy hill billy. And when Dewey thought
he was only getting 300 dollars ! Priceless. And Dilly's eplanation of why he want to the
Res Casino - cause he lost his money on the dogs. Dewey Dilly and Daryl was reminding me
of newhart's Larry Daryl and Daryl. HA. Raylan shooting the pool and the boat were great
too. Did not see Sammy getting executed coming though. Nor that Daryl had Dilly killed.

Mike V. said...

Blacklist - Yep, that's the one MJ! LOL Okay, I'll look into it. :-)

Don't have time to comment on much right now. But yeah..10 years. There's some trip being planned to Hawaii for LOST fans too. I'm following a twitter account about it. But Paleyfest makes sense since it's in September.

Want to feel even older? It'll be 20 years since Friends started...and 10 years this May since it ended!

I'll comment on the rest later!

Leslie said...

Intelligence - was really hopeful for this especially with Josh and Marg (the red head lady, as Richard says) lol. I'm with you guys that it wasn't that impressive or believable for the reasons you already said. I'll watch again just because it's hard to judge off a pilot, but we'll see.

Shameless - Mike, yeah, I usually do read your comments and MJ's on this one. Not a big deal on spoilers for me on this one.

Blacklist - I have enjoyed this one. It's a perfect role for James Spader!

MJ said...

Once - I too only recently caught up on this Leslie. was very surprised how it ended for the
mid-season break also. Wonder where they are going from there. Emma/Henry no memory of the
past and the town all gone.

Shield - wasn't that much of a reveal to my mind. Probably not even the whole story of what
truly happened. I was more interested in Mike - is he growing body parts back ?

Intelligence - i think another Lostie was on it - the chick who Jacob recruited to go to the
island to get his body. I think she was Josh Holloway's wife on Intelligence. Red from Once
wasn't too bad on intelligence I thought

Justified - loved how Raylon shot twice at the pool but there were 3 holes. Yeah - great having
it back. Am hoping for less complicated this year too.

20 years since Friends ?!? Yikes. Don't think I ever realized that Friends ended the year
Lost started. ha.

Blacklist - at first I did not think it your kind of show Mike - very procedural
though very well done. Acting is very good. They do have some running threads
and a few mysteries going on. But the writing and acting is great. Like every other show you
do have to sometimes roll your eyes and suspend belief in reality - but thats par for the
course any more - I don't let that bother me if I enjoy the show.

Revolution - wow back tonight ? Indeed - not much promotion. But I watch NBC so rarely that
I could just be missing it.

PJ Carz said...

I will plead a case of "brain freeze" for calling Intelligence "Justified." I have never seen Justified, so don't know where that came from. I'll just go sit by the fire and be quiet for a while...

PJ Carz said...

MJ - Good catch on Gabriel's wife having been on Lost. Here's a link, I think

I don't know how to make it blue.

Mike V. said...

Justified - Rich guy?? Hmm...I don't think I recognized him from last season. But that makes sense...seems like they had dealt with each other before (if we're talking about the same guy). Yeah...we should have some fun with the Crowe family this year. Yost said he'll look for ways of making it different than the Bennetts...but I like the "family focus" approach to a season.

Whew...Sammy? I'm lost on names...I just know a lot of people got killed. lol But yeah I didn't see Dilly getting killed that quickly.

Intelligence - I did recognize Illana from LOST actually...I think I had read she was cast in the show.

Blacklist - Someone told my wife that they haven't been this excited about a show since 24. I think my wife and I are that way about Scandal right now. It's just so good. But we'll try to check this one out when we have some time. The DVR is set at least I'll get most of them recorded

Friends/LOST - Yep...when Friends ended, I had no idea what was going to occupy my life after that. And I saw promos for LOST and just rolled my eyes thinking I'd never get into that. Then of course a day before it airs, I set the VCR (3 months before I got my first TiVo lol)....and I was hooked pretty soon after. I actually was watching Smallville with higher priority for those first couple weeks. That quickly changed! And my new obsession (and considering the blog...worse obsession!) began! lol Granted...I did used to flood the Friends message boards with commentary back in the day too. lol

Revolution - I do watch NBC on occassion, including playoff games this past weekend and don't remember seeing a promo. Should be interesting.

PJ - It's all good! No need to go into hiding. :-) lol

Mike V. said...

Ugh, I didn't realize Paleyfest is in March!!! I need to book a flight! lol

I know it already has been brought up but here's an article link.

MJ said...

Hostages - agree Leslie - should have been what Dome did. Think bringing that back will be a
mistake. LOL Weird how all the OR staff disappeared when they rolled the pres back in - but
thats tv for ya.

Justified - yeah the rich guy - Shane had wanted to buy Ava that house in the nice town. He
tried to get over on all the rich guys - it didn't work. LOL I watched the finale fr last
year so the names weren't so hard for me. Sammy Tonin was the big guys son from Detroit. He
was kinda dumb but in the finale he killed the guy fr Detroit who was in the limo. Raylan
just walked away and let it happen. It was his second in command who then killed him in
the premier.

Mike V. said...

MJ - Thanks for the Justified refresher. It's all coming back to me! lol

mj said...

Himym -see mondays ep name ? Slapsgiving 3 : Slappointment in Slapmarra. Lol

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Yeah, I've been looking forward to this episode for awhile! lol I saw the countdown on a couple months ago and I think I read the name on EW at some point. lol

I think we even talked about it here because we thought it was weird that they'd have a slapsgiving episode in January. lol But we know there was a To Be Continued once Marshall showed up and was about to layeth the smackdown on Barney! lol

mj said...

I knew we knew it was coming fr the cliff hanger, remember you seeing slap count down. Guess forgot slapsgiving talk

Mike V. said...

Yeah, well I sometimes remember things that never it could be me! lol

Still, hilarious title!

MJ said...

AHS - those writers def smoke that wacky tobaccy ! That whole curse with the mice and all the
men scurrying around the Witch Hunters corp was fabulous. And Fiona and VooDoo queen as
frenemies was awesome. There isn't much of a coven left - they are dropping like flies. Misty
is buried in the coffin, Nan is dead. Stranger is back from dead. Course this year no one stays
dead for long.

Castle - You up to date Leslie? Have to admit - I got awfully teary ! Javier Ryan would have
been very funny.

NCIS - always love it when Jethro's exes show up.

Behind on the half hour shows somehow.