Monday, October 7, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 10/6/2013 - 10/12/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.   See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Falling behind as expected. 2 behind on Homeland now, but hope to remedy that tonight with just HIMYM to watch. We'll see.

1 behind on Revenge.

Last week's Scandal - Intense as always! Glad we caught up on this one. Liked the twist that Fitz leaked the name. Loved the scene between Fitz, Olivia and the 1st Lady. Olivia's Dad is over the top intense which is fitting. So is Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) assumed to be dead at this point? Anyway, good stuff!

ONCE - Much better than the premiere. Less CGI and more focus on characters. Going back to the roots of the story about abandonment always helps sell the episode. So the fact that Pan is exposing all of the orphaning going on in the crazy Snow White/Charming Family tree is fitting. Using the realm of Neverland and the "lost boys" as a tale to explore their family issues makes a lot of sense. Of course, it's also Gold dealing with his father abandoning him just like he abandoned Baelfire (can't remember his Earth name lol) So, all in all good stuff.

Planning to watch Wonderland, just not sure if it will be Thursday. But I have to say that Naveen Andrews (Sayid) looks absolutely ridiculous as Jafar! lol

mj said...

BB - soooo missed watching that last night. Read that an Abq newspaper actually did an obit for Walter White.

Scandal - i also did not see it coming that Pres himself released Olivias name. Melly really does know him.

Mike V. said...

BB - Yeah, I must've seen it on twitter because I read the obituary. Definitely missed the show last night. I don't know if any of these Sunday shows will be able to fill that gaping hole for awhile. It was the same way I felt when LOST ended (which ironically was the summer I caught up on Breaking Bad).

But, there's no shortage of good shows on Sundays so it'll have to do! And there's always Game of Thrones to look forward to!

Mike V. said...

And duh....Walking Dead this Sunday! :)

Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but Revolution--lol, football and Hell On Wheels(season finale last weekend, I've heard it will be renewed for S4) are really what I am watching. With HOW gone for a while, I guess I'll have to catch something else, looking forward to checking out Almost Human. Sleepy is pretty good comedy--lol, but hey BBT is better--LOL! Shield--jury still out.


Leslie said...

I did a lot of catching up this weekend! I’m not having BB withdrawals like you guys, but can’t wait for TWD to start this Sunday…..and AHS to start on Wednesday.

ONCE – This week was better than last week, but I’m just not as into this show as much as I was the first season. Not sure why.

Revenge – The relationship with Victoria and Patrick is kinda creepy. And, now Aiden and Victoria are teaming up? Interesting that Emily actually felt a little bad that she took down the priest after seeing that he really was doing good in the world. Daniel didn’t take up Margot on her offer, but since he’ll be working for her, I’m sure that temptation will come up again.

Blacklist – I saw this got extended to a full season run. I hope that doesn’t kill the pace which has been good so far, but it’s still early.

New comedies – I enjoyed The Crazy Ones and The Millers the most so far. The competition with the two guys in the office and taking care of the ducks was pretty funny.

Mike V. said...

@Richard - LOL on Sleepy being a good Comedy. I still need to catch up on that one. May be something I binge watch when there's a bunch of them piled up.

I forget, are you a Walking Dead watcher? That might be one worth catching up on. We're on showrunner # 3 starting Sunday, but the episodes he was in charge of in season 3 were very promising. We'll see how it goes!

@Leslie -

Ahh yes, AHS! I'll have to make room for that one too. The Mrs. doesn't watch, so I can fit it in on my own time.

ONCE - I totally agree with you. First season was very focused and then it seems like they weren't sure where they wanted to go with the show. There really is no limit to what they can do with their approach right now, so it's probably going to be hit or miss. But, I like that they're focusing on abandonment themes to try and glue it all together. We'll see how it goes.

Comedies - Caught up on Crazy Ones. Still love it! Didn't watch Parks & Rec from last week or MJF Show yet. Tough to keep on top. BBT was funny but we discussed that already!

And of course, I'm behind on Revenge again! We're going to try to keep up this year. We'll see what happens.

Leslie said...

I don't watch Parks & Rec, and I watched the first couple of episodes of MJF, but it just didn't grab me. The humor with his Parkinson's didn't work for me.

AHS - They have done a good job with the promos, so I hope the show is just as good!

Anonymous said...

I saw a good preview of Almost Human, to me kind of like a Robocop meets iRobot meets Blade Runner. The lead actor I think was in Star Trek(McCoy), pretty good actor and along with JJAbrams hopefully means it could be good.


Mike V. said...

@Leslie - Yeah I know you don't watch P&R. Agree..the MJF Show isn't for everyone. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep up with it, but I did enjoy the first couple eps.

AHS - from what I've heard, the first episode does not disappoint. We'll see!

Homeland - Watched the first ep of season 3. Couldn't squeeze in 2. lol MJ, read "the rest" of your comments from last week. Yeah...the suicide story is definitely "been there done that" but of course they want to give that actress meaty stuff since she's good compared to ol Chris Brody! lol Did you notice her boyfriend is the guy from the final season of Dexter? (the kid in training) Showtime keeping it in the family!

As for Carrie off the meds...I think the whole point of it is to show that she's a better agent OFF her meds even if it makes her reckless too. At least, that was the point of last season "ON HER MEDS". She was a totally different character intentionally last year. We'll see where it goes from here. As for her bursting into the lunch scene..."no meds!" lol But yeah...crazy that Saul threw her under the bus. I'm sure he has a long term plan there, but maybe not. And Quinn killing the kid, surely there's repercussions coming from that. I'll try to squeeze in ep 2 tonight.

HIMYM - Okay episode. I liked the idea of it more than the execution. Some pretty bad jokes, but all aging shows usually have clunkers like this. I still liked the idea of FaceTime Marshall and how he froze in the first scene (so true to life!). I liked the Ted/Barney stuff just because an episode where they truly deal with it was needed. I really thought Robin might get introduced to the Mother as her friend when Lily is gone. Probably too early for that. And we don't know what's going to go down between Lily/Marshal with the judge thing. Not sure if the "wedding weekend" concept is wearing on me yet or not. In theory, I love the idea and I'm hoping there are more hits than misses. And, I'm hoping for more "extended flashbacks or flashforwards" to take us out of the Farhampton setting more. I'm thinking that will come eventually.

Mike V. said...

@Richard - Yes that's Karl Urban who is the lead in Almost Human. He was Bones in the recent Star Treks. He also was in LOTR: The Two Towers and Return of the King. (forget the character name but it was a decent role) And other thrillers like Bourne Supremacy. The guy is good and a lot of people were hoping he'd be cast as the new Batman, but alas, we're giving Batfleck a try! lol I'd like to see what he can do with a TV role. He's definitely in Abrams' circle of friends so we'll see what the Fringe crew can do with him.

MJ said...

From last week:

Middle age - yeah I'm well into the middle. LOL Figuring Middle is maybe 35 - 55 ?? That's my story and I'm sticking with it. LOL I actually just turned 50. I also watch Criminal Minds - though they have been keeping storylines these last few years so that I'm like - who are they talking about again? LOL

I'm not bothering with Originals or Wonderland - no time.

Millers - agree the shower scene was great. I liked it, we'll see where it goes. God help me I have watched the Goldbergs too - just the 80's references have me laughing never mind the actual show. Trohy Wife is better than I expected.

Boardwalk - theys erved up quite a surprise this past sunday - won't say what though as I am sure you are back-logged on this one Mike.

Yes - between TWD and AHS it's a good week ! LOL

Revenge - agree that Victoria and her son were creepy. LOL

Homeland - yes i noticed who her boyfriend was.

HIMYM - loved the all the Weekend at Bernies stuff. Wanted Robin to actually stay friends with the chick at the bar - LOL. They're perfect for eachother.

MJ said...

Sleepy - having both Mills sisters is like having two Buffys - twice the fun. And the Boston Tea Party was just a diversion? LOL Totally really LOL when it turned out he was talking to Onstar ! I was thinking the radio - onstart did not occur to me. Maybe because I don't have many expectations for this show but they keeps surprising me. Jenny was close with Sheriff Corbin? Hated that foster mom, secret Hessians living among them was fun though, and that music teachers basement was a hoot.

Mike V. said...

Middle Age - Why don't we say 36? I'm turning 35 this week. :-) lol Happy 50th btw!

We ruled out Originals. Wonderland I'll probably let pile up and see what peeps are saying. But, totally agree with no time!

Definitely behind on Boardwalk. This slow burn of Alias is really messing me up! :) I may have to take a break and catch up on the new stuff. It's not like i'm going to fall further behind on Alias! lol

HIMYM - Yeah the Wknd at Bernie's stuff was a rehash of a previous episode, but they do love that movie. lol So, it was still funny. As for bringing back Billy Zabka...I don't know about it! Especially now that he and Ted are gonna have a beef? But, I'm sure it will be okay. lol

Still have to watch the latest Revenge, the premiere of Millers...ugh! :-(

Mike V. said...

TWD - Interview with new showrunner Scott Gimple:

Leslie said...

OK, by that definition, I'm still middle age, but on the high end, too! And, Mike, you gotta suck it already can't stay awake for all your TV, so just accept it! It's okay! lol Happy 35 and 50 to both of you!!

HIMYM - Marshall freezing was funny, then Lily, too. Love that the guy is still handing her drinks.

I watched the first episode of The Goldbergs, but that was all for me! Trophy Wife is still a maybe. Pretty funny when she downed the vodka to cover for the daughter, and the first wife torturing her kids about the salsa spill. Of course, that reminded me of Penny and the paint gun on Sheldon's spot! Then, Joey taking the cushion away from Chandler...then the origination of the phrase "train of thought" I'm thinking about trains....oh, but I digress. (If you guys don't get all that, I'm gonna look crazy!) lol

Mike V. said...

Thanks Leslie! Hey...I could probably stay awake on my own, but I don't want to get ahead of my wife! lol That woman needs her beauty rest. :-) But yeah, point taken. lol

Didn't watch either of those new shows but I got all of your references except "Train of Thought!" Naturally, I'm going to have to google it. Ahhh BBT, of course! lol

"Sheldon: I've been thinking about Dr.Green's efforts to make science palatable for the masses.

Leonard: Yeah? What about it?

Sheldon: That's all. I've just been thinking about it. Now I'm thinking about fractal equations. Now I'm thinking about the origin of the phrase "train of thought." Now I'm thinking about trains.

Raj Koothrappali: Are you listening to this guy?

Howard Wolowitz: Hmm? Oh, I'm sorry, I was somewhere else.

Leonard: Lucky bastard!

Sheldon: Now I'm thinking about Jell-o.


Leslie said...

LOL! Yep, I went BBT, then Friends, then back to BBT! I crack myself up sometimes! lol Geez, I watch too much TV!

Leslie said...

I didn't remember the last line about Jell-o, but then that made me think of:

Joey: "What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, Goooooooood."

Mike V. said...

You're in good company Leslie!

Ahh The One When Ross Got High (season 6 Thanksgiving episode). One of my all time favorites.

Ross: It tastes like Feet!!

Judy Geller: Rachel, no you were not supposed to put meat in the trifle. It did not taste good. Phoebe, I'm sorry but I think Jacques Cousteau is dead!

LOL....nothing will ever top that show! :) I had The Last One on my DVR last night before bed, so I had it on. Couldn't resist!

mj said...

I got the friends references - but not BBT

Scandal - can't wait to find out what Rowan has in that file from Fritz/Jake's military time!

mj said...

Oh - and Norman Reedus has an interview on EW

Mike V. said...

Scandal - Yeah, I'm sure it's juicy stuff! Not sure if you responded earlier when I threw it out there. Should we be assuming Jake is dead? Or, we haven't seen a dead body so we have reason to question it!? lol Olivia's dad said he "took care of it" but that's all, right?

Oh wait...didn't they put him in that trap door thing at the end of last season? My memory is a little hazy.

mj said...

They did put him back in the box. Now that past coming up tjinking not dead

Mike V. said...

Scandal - right, agreed. And that's the box that Huck was in for awhile too, right? Great show!

MJ said...

yup ! LOL

Leslie said...

Mike - that hazy memory thing starts in middle age, so it's definitely 35 for you! Now you know what MJ and I deal with! lol

Mike V. said...

Hey hey hey...I'm still 34 for a few more days! :)

Leslie said...

That's even're starting early...wait till your 50+! I know, it's 6 years of LOST facts that are stuffed in your head. Maybe you need to add more RAM! lol

Leslie said...

*you're 50+

Mike V. said...

I was about to go all ROSS and correct "your" use of "you're"!! :-)

LOL on the RAM. Yeah, I still remember basically EVERYTHING from LOST and FRIENDS. Not much room for much else, but I try! lol

Leslie said...

LOL! Good one! Don't forget Red Ross either! I'm just a trouble maker today! I need a day off. Good thing I'm scheduled to go to the famous State Fair of Texas on Friday. Y'all just don't know what you're missing!

Mike V. said...

Ironically enough, I almost posted again and said "I should've said I almost went 'Red Ross'" lol

Is the Texas State Fair different than any other State Fair?? I'm sure that's a loaded question!!

Leslie said...

Since I know you're from Philly, I'm gonna give you a break on that question! Yes, the State Fair of Texas is the biggest and the best, of course! We have Big Tex, the biggest ferris wheel, Fletcher's corny dogs and the Cotton Bowl. And, each year they come up with new and unique things to fry...Twinkies, Oreos, Snickers, even Coke! It's become a thing. It is the south after all!

Mike V. said...

Fried coke?? Awesome. Lol we have fried Oreos and other crazy stuff at the south jersey shore points but that's a new one.

My uncle actually used to work in Dallas at the company "state fair" (that makes the corn dogs). Guess I should've made the connection that it's a big deal in Texas! :). Sounds like a good time, enjoy!

Leslie said...

No, no, no...."State Fair" corn dogs and "Fletcher's corny dogs" are two different things! Fletcher's is actually a family name and their special recipe that has been a mainstay at the Texas fair since the 40's (yes, before my time). If you're a Texan, you KNOW the difference! lol

Mike V. said...

Oh I figured!! Lol I wasn't trying to say they were the same. Was just saying I should've known by the context it was a big deal :)

Mike V. said...

Homeland - All caught up. Definitely a lot of focus on the Brody family. Chris Brody had some choice lines this week. And he even led to Dana escaping from the house. "leave her alone Mom. Seriously. It's okay" Nice. But, apparently doing the Dexter dude is her therapy. lol Saul is looking out for Carrie by committing her. I think we all figured that, but it's still messed up! Now there's a new CIA girl filling in for her on the analysis. And Mr. Brody is still MIA. I had heard he wasn't in the first 2. Not much else I can think to comment on. Quinn is still an awesome character. I'm enjoying the setup for this season, even if the critics are overly critical of the show's strategy of continuing to focus on the Brody's. We'll see where it goes!

New Girl - Hysterical again. They did a good job selling "The Captain" as some horrific stuff in the bedroom. "AHOY!!!" lol Winston missing an opportunity for some affection to get his cat laid was hysterical. And Schmidt was on top of his game...

Brooklyn 99 - Loving this show too. Loved all of the "can't read the Captain" stuff and his reactions to it all. And the coroner's fetishes were disturbing but funny in the hands of Andy Samberg.

SHIELD - I'm guessing we just saw the origin of some B or C Marvel character. I googled it and there is a character called "GRAVITY" (LOL).....episode was entertaining though. They are towing the line of "guilty pleasure" vs. "show to take seriously". We'll see which way they lean towards.

Naturally, SOA was 1.5 hours so we weren't getting to it. I'm thinking it's always going to be a Wednesday show for us. I might be able to get to AHS tonight though since the Mrs. doesn't watch! lol

MJ said...

SOA - wasn't aware that this was the second live-event ep until I started watching. Got pretty far into the ep before we found out why ! Wow. That's all I'll say til I know you watched.

Supernatural - hey PJ - your 'lads' were back and in fine form as always. Poor Castiel is all I'll say since I think you mentioned that you don't watch it the night it airs.

New Girl - yup, another great ep. I'm afraid to even guess what the Captain is.

TWD - I watched the pilot and ep 2 - wow the characters were so different then. Totally forgot how quickly things happened, but makes sense since it was orignally a 6 ep limited special series (a miniseries though they refuse to use that phrase). LOL

I'll probably not watch Scandal on time as I have to watch my suck-out-loud Giants lose to the Bears. Sigh !

Anonymous said...

Shield--thought the same thing last night when the hand came toward the screen from the gravity gunk--lol--a future special powers character. The May stuff on wanting to fight was really corny, certainly made me laugh--maybe she'll be the Shield super hero? As did the heavy bag work. May's comments on Coulson's death were interesting. Sorry, but Ward just looks lost and out of place in the show many times. But, with the plane's design and the flying Vette I think the show is meant to be a little comical. Comics have always had to walk a fine line between enough fantasy to make it interesting and too much that might make it laughable. This show is certainly not like the Ironman or Thor movies, maybe more like the Green Lantern--LOL.

Waiting on Thor's second movie.

Somebody said I should check out The Blacklist??


Mike V. said...

SOA - What do you mean by "LIVE Event"? lol

TWD - I don't think it was intended to be a mini-series. It ended with a cliffhanger afterall. They just did a small order for season 1. I'm assuming to gauge interest and they wanted to air it on Halloween..and running 13 eps straight through would've ran it into Christmas. Now they do the split season approach. But definitely was different. I loved the first season. I like that Scott Gimple is calling season 4 a "greatest hits" season...i.e. taking the best parts of each season. Of course, the best parts of last season and even season 2 were ones that he wrote! So we'll see how it goes.

Scandal - I'm sure we'll be lagging a day as well. you know..10pm and all! lol

SHIELD - Yeah with Joss Whedon behind this show (not day to day I don't think but part of inception), there is bound to be the quick witted banter. That's in all of his shows. Funny comparing it to Green Lantern. lol Maybe it's not THAT bad! But certainly on a different level than the Marvel movies. Thor 2 does look good. Alan Taylor directed it. He was the #1 director on Game of Thrones for seasons 1 and 2, but then left for this opportunity. So, we'll see how it goes!

Leslie said...

Richard - I like The Blacklist so far. James Spader is a good bad guy. I saw it was already picked up for a full season run.

MJ - Did you see Bones this week? They finally got Pelant! I was kinda expecting his eyes to open and that he wasn't really dead, but I guess he is! Now, we just have to find out who Red John is on The Mentalist! Should be a good reveal. Do you watch that one?

Mike V. said...

SOA - Okay, I think I know what you meant by Live Event now....but I'm pretty sure the Anarchy Afterword is after EVERY episode (online). Maybe they were just promoting it more this time. lol

Well, Jax is trying to avoid war, but it looks like it literally came to their doorstep. And while I always worry that one of those kids is going to end up in the line of fire, once again SOA delivered apparent emotional stakes without losing a main character or a relative to a main character. lol Don't get me wrong, blowing up the clubhouse is a big deal, but it's almost getting comical how invincible the main cast is! Still enjoy the show and am interested in the ride this will take us on.

And of course, Kurt Sutter was at his most disturbing with the "Conjugal" scenario. I'm thinking Nero ends up in prison with Clay and takes care of business. lol Maybe they even team up.

Also observed areas in which the episode could have been edited down including the 5 minute opening musical montage! Even LOST waited for every 4th episode for a montage! (and they were only in the first few seasons. lol) But whatever...just have to accept that Sutter won't edit these things. I'm guessing season 7 episodes will be ending a little after midnight! :-)

Modern Family - Forgot it was the 100th episode. No wonder they were all on top of their game! Best episode in awhile. The missing/not missing Luke's game, Cam/Sister feud, Gloria glasses plots were all hysterical. Phil's "GutterDone" killing the birds in the bird's nest and all of his reactions afterwards. Good times!

AHS - Not a bad opener. I think season 2 started off stronger, but it may be tough to top that season. So I guess witches are immortal in this story? It would seem so with Kathy Bates being alive underground for over 100 years. Like that they all have their own little skill. I was going to compare the story to Harry Potter until Jessica Lange did that herself. lol I'm sure we'll be going to some disturbing places this season. Looking forward to it, I think!

MJ said...

SOA - the minute they said well call at 8 and have all the boys there my husband said uh-oh ! And then when Tara left Abel alone in the bed - yikes. I was so sure they were killing the little kid - glad they did not. Actually caught myself saying 'get out' - like they can hear me ! LOL Naively I actually did think for a short time that the Irish Kings were gonna take out Galen. And the Gemma/Clay scene in the prison - I was actually cringing. Am thinking that Nero will have those guards taken out. So weird - feels like a final season with the way every thing is so out of control but far as I know that's next year. Loved Chibs finally saying to Jax - what the hell were you thinking ! Never occurred to me that Otto killing Toric would actually work against Tara cause of how it looks. And I wanted slap Wendy when she was starting to want to go back on her deal with Tara. Still not sure Tara should be trusting the old sheriff though, he's def always been team Gemma. I actually feel sorry for this sheriff - he's always being pushed into doing what he knows is not right by other law enforcement. The show, as always, has its funny moments (I'm letting you bone my mom, Another irishman brought down by the bottle, where's my 40 homes) but this show feels darker every week. I thought the 'afterward live' was just after premier, ep 6 or 8, and after the finale?

I wrote my comments yesterday so some might overlap yours. And quit whining about the lengthe of the show every week ! I saw nothing that needed to be edited out. LOL Guess now the promo before the season with them all exploding makes some sense now.

I am behind on everything now ! Got nothing watched last night at all. SIGH

Mike V. said...

SOA - Oh no, I will NOT quit complaining! Episodes should be extended when they are "special" episodes. Not editing EVERY episode to fit the standard length makes me think Sutter is pretentious enough to think that EVERY episode is special and deserving of the elongated treatment. They are letting scenes breathe for the sake of breathing when they could be dramatically cut down. And all the damn musical montages!! It was cool in previous seasons, now it's just something worth joking about (which I do every week, sometimes more than once. lol) I'm usually a fanboy and just love everything....but this is just absurd. You mention it feels like a final season....that's EXACTLY my point. Even my wife thought it was the last season because of them extending each episode. It's the penultimate season and they're doing this...hence my joke that next year's episodes will be 2 hours each! lol I know you're saying it's plot related that makes it feel like a final season....but part of that feeling comes from the dramatically serious and drawn out scenes giving us the auro of things coming to an end. And it's felt like that for 3 seasons now. I mean...COME ON!! Let's speed things up and get to the final season where you can do this BS. Maybe I have a minor opinion here to the masses of fans. Maybe I'm more aligned with the critics on this one.

As for the story going on...definitely engaging and I'm enjoying it. I just like to complain with this not so minor detail. Yeah...I'm not sure what Unser's end game is with Tara. Though, I would think he'd want what's best for the kids too. I still don't think Wendy is what's best for the kids though. Yeah, she cleaned up her act a bit, but she's got history. It's kind of like leaving your kid with another serial killer in Argentina while you go off to become a lumberjack. lol

Agreed the Jax/Nero stuff was pretty funny. Maybe you're right about afterword live....I thought it was every episode. But this was Episode 5, wasn't it?? It's tough to figure out since they've burned through 10 hours of footage already. :-) LOL (Come on, that was funny!)

Welcome to the club on being behind! Still didn't watch Revenge from Sunday, still have Nashville to watch from last night. I haven't even touched Boardwalk since episode 2. Probably going to just let TVD record all season and watch next summer. lol I know you gave up on it!

MJ said...

SOA - Oh lord Mike ! LOL Yes I meant the story feels like its the last season - so dark and some of the arcs seem like they are moving to closure. You are now obsessed with this. Too funny. My take is that he is giving the fans a little more of the show. Probably FX wouldn't give him more eps but they let him run longer some of the time. I'm good with it. And I'm not going to comment on this again if you're going to say it every week, I'll just roll my eyes at you. LOL Good comparison - leaving your kid to a reformed killer and reformed addict. And maybe a LITTLE funny with 5 eps and 10 hours of tv. ;-) Maybe.

Boardwalk - nuh uh ! I still watch it. Last sunday it had something pretty surprising. I gave up TVD.

Behind - my husband has been sick so been waiting to watch some together is part of my problem. And then just time.

Leslie - no Bones yet.

Mike V. said...

Whoops...posted this on the Revolution post. (see, even I do it!)

"ONCE in WONDERLAND: Interview with Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz on the genesis of the show and the limited series run (with a beginning, middle and end)....with potential for future seasons with different adventures if people like it.

Interesting ideas and I like the idea of completely contained seasons with no ongoing mythology from season to season (maybe just characters)...just not sure if it will pan out or people will make room for an extra hour of ONCE in their life. Especially on Thursday night.

I'll be recording, I'll say that much. lol


MJ, responding to you next!

Mike V. said...


Boardwalk - I didn't say you gave up on that...I said TVD! lol

Behind - Yep...that's usually my issue too. "watch with spouse" clause is somewhere in the marriage contract I think. :-) I'm still up until midnight every night, but I can't watch these shows by myself or else they'll never get watched by my wife!

SOA - But that's what I'm saying...even season 4 felt that way with them moving towards killing Clay (then they didn't). It would be funny if every season leading up to the last season felt like the final season...and then the final season feels like the last season of Dexter! lol

I am definitely obsessed with this. In those last 5 episodes last year, Kurt went on record saying that he just couldn't edit them down. The scenes were too powerful and he wanted the whole thing to just breathe and be there for the audience. So, in my opinion, this means he does not have the ability to edit his episodes anymore. Even Vince Gilligan apologized for not getting the final 2 episodes of Breaking Bad into his usual 44 minutes. But, you see, that's different. These were the LAST 2 EPISODES EVER! At that point, we want to see these scenes drawn out and there probably were additional moments that couldn't have squeezed into the 44 minutes. Same thing happened with LOST's 2.5 hour finale (or maybe hour and 45 minutes without commercials). They didn't want to edit any of those final moments. For SOA, this is season 5 and 6 of a 7 season show we're talking about here. Not EVERY episode needs the "very special extended" tag on it. It's even gotten to the point where they're not even putting "very special extended" on them because they're ALL that way.

Granted...Game of Thrones did the same thing in season 3 also. But they don't have commercials so it still fits in under the hour. every episode was extended 5 minutes so we basically got an 11th episode in season 3. But, I like that show more so I'm cool with it. lol Plus, it doesn't keep me up until 11:30 because it's pay cable.

That's fine if you don't want to comment on it any further...but I'll keep complaining about it. I think it's ridiculous! lol And glad you liked my comparison on Hannah vs. Wendy. lol

Mike V. said...

SOA: Okay...well at least there's an explanation out there. I didn't realize he came out and said something about it. I just thought it was happening. lol

"Sutter also revealed that nearly every episode of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 had come in between 15 and 30 minutes above the usual running time, something negotiated with FX in order for Sutter to fully flesh out character relationships in time for the predicted season 7 end to the series. “I have an idea of what the final shot is,” Sutter offered of the seventh season. “And I hold onto it loosely. If that’s what it ends up being, that’s what it ends up being.”"

I'll try to shut up about it, but I'm still not happy about it! :-)

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Full season order. No surprise!

MJ said...

LOL - too funny ! I totally did not see the TVD in that sentence.

Have some cheese with all the wine. ! ROFLMBO. How can you complain about getting more of a show you like ? Just saying. And now that's all I'm saying

Cool about Shield. Actully did watch that last night so am caught up on that one. Nothing to say about it though.

Heard second show got cancelled after only 2 eps. It was the one after HIMYM.

Mike V. said...

Yeah "we are men" got cancelled. I think we're good at picking the right shows to follow by now. At least the ones that'll last a season. lol

SOA - I'm gonna get off my soapbox. At least I know it was planned and negotiated from the beginning, so they were designed to be this wasn't his inability to edit. That was the case last season. It happens on other shows sometimes too. When they "supersize" just means they're keeping in "deleted scenes". It sometimes can mess with the flow of an episode. More is not always better! But...I'll concede on SOA. The episodes have been good. It's just frustrating that they're so long every week!

Anonymous said...

Shield--actually kind of surprises me. But, it's not bad family entertainment and in a good time slot for families. Kind of like the Batman TV series--LOL. Seriously though, I do watch Batman reruns as they are now being rebroadcast.

BBT-a lot of moving parts vs years ago. Leonard's mom issues still around-lol. Burnadette is a little tough vs Howard's mom.


Mike V. said...

BBT - I am very P.O.'d at the writers for ruining Indiana Jones for me!! lol Though it was funny..I just saw a movie that's out right now (don't want to spoil which one it is) and was thinking..."gee, if the main character did nothing in this movie it would've turned out the same way" lol But the ep was hysterical.

SHIELD - Quality is one thing...ratings and the potential for profit is another. The first week opened up as the biggest network series premiere in 4 or 5 years. Right then, I assumed it would at least get a full season order. Plus, with all of the movie tie-ins and cameos (leading to people checking out the next episode hoping for more cameos and easter eggs) could only benefit the profitability of the brand and the movies coming out. They can at least give it a year to see how much it improves their bottom line....and if the show sucks and it's not helping them...then they'll cancel it. As digesters of the show, we can only hope the quality improves! lol

Mike V. said...

Oh yeah..watched ONCE Upon a Time in Wonderland - Not sure if I should keep doing it since the ratings weren't anything to write home about. But, it actually was a pretty decent concept and I'm interested to see more!

Anonymous said...

Blacklist--saw the last several eps on OnDemand. Pretty good, glad I watched. They're really making it like there's a father/daughter thing going on--one of the key series plotlines. Spader is good in this role. Is Tom bad??? Will Liz figure it out or someone else?? Who's watching/bugging the house?? An increasingly common formula for shows now--eps centric plots and series plotlines both playing out. Or is it really an increasing way of running shows, or that I'm just noticing now?