Monday, October 14, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 10/13/2013 - 10/20/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.   See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

So im off today with the little guy. Had it all planned to write the walking dead recap last night but he decided it was a good night to start getting in his 2nd year molars. Lol whew. Rough night for all of us! I'll see if I can write something up during a nap :). Really loved the approach to this season with the new show runner.

MJ said...

Hi NIck ! That made me laugh! Rock Star Daryl was funny too. But hard-hearted Beth ? Yikes.

At least Parker kept you up on a night you had off the next day !

Finally caught up with all last weeks shows (Once, Revenge, etc) but now didn't watch them last night.

Leslie - finally got to Bones. Glad Pelant is gone - enjoyed him for a while but they made him ridiculously smart and sneaky. He could do things that no one else could - and that got old. But how gross was the way they tried to get him out of hiding?!? I sometimes am shocked this show gets away with what they do at an 8pm time slot.

Scandal - I don't think I ever realized that Huck did not know the face of the guy responsible for putting him in the hole. I figured he did not now it was Liv's dad - but thought for sure when dad walked in Huck would know immediately.

Mike V. said...

Who's Nick?? lol Was that a quote in the episode I missed? Anyway, the recap is up! Parker finally took that nap. lol Yeah, at least he was considerate about the day off. It's Columbus Day so daycare is closed. My office is NOT! lol

Haven't seen the past 2 Revenges (I'm worried about what that means! lol)

Scandal - I was thinking the same thing as you with Huck and Olivia's dad. I was questioning it the whole episode. But, it all made sense by the end. Still going strong. Even though I think it's strange that it was Olivia's Gladiators that leaked the name of the white house aid in the first place and now they were defending her. lol It's all good!

Caught up on ONCE too. Last night's wasn't too bad either except for one questionable plot line introduced. I'll wait until you're caught up to discuss!

Started to watch ep 2 of Sleepy Hollow...maybe I'll keep watching that until the little tyke wakes up for lunch. :-)

mj said...

Nick is the walker the kids were talking with

Sleepy is fun. Read its really gets big boost in ratings with plus 7.

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Okay I get it....Brody and Carrie are in their own prisons and both submitted to drugs in the end.

Quickest recap ever! :-) I get that we had to show the passage of time and where Brody has been, but this wasn't the greatest episode. I get the mirroring...I kinda missed Saul and Quinn. Did not miss the rest of the Brody family. This is an episode that wouldn't have been as annoying in a binge watch. So in the scheme of 13 episodes, I see it as possibly essential. And it set up that dude who is interested in getting Carrie out of the nuthouse. And it showed that Brody is very very stuck where he is.

Must be something about these 24 writers/producers that they think the main character always has to have a heroin addiction in season 3. LMAO. (That may have only been THAT funny in MY head. lol)

HIMYM - Much better episode than last week. The whole wedding gift/Thank you note thing was hysterical. Liked that they got Katie Holmes as the Slutty pumpkin in there in post production. Good use of the flashbacks to get a lot of their old sets in there. Still hoping for extended use of flashbacks/flashforwards in future episodes. Probably more when Jason Segal is on the same filming schedule as them.

The whole poker plotline was okay. It's good that they're spending time showing us Barney/Robin's growth over the weekend to attempt to prove to us that they're a good match. lol

Loved the final gift from Ted with the pizza in Chicago and then Future Ted complaining that he didn't get a thank you note for 4 months. Good times!

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--actually glad I'm watching, saw mostly MNF last night, but switched to it off and on, pretty good ep. Lizzy has no illusions that Red is a good guy.

Maybe we'll find out more about Tom next week?


Leslie said...

HIMYM - Also liked the glimpse of Barney after the honeymoon! lol

Blacklist - The whole setup with the killer this week reminded me of Dexter's kill room. That guy was weird! So, who was the girl in the photo that Red pulled out of the killer's album? Just after Red was looking at that photo, they switched to Lizzy and her head was in the same position. Don't know if that's significant or just a coincidence. I'm curious about her husband. Could he be a killer? The file on the classified homicide she was checking into had Angel Station, and they let us know they were there the same weekend. Things that make you go hmmmm.....

Hostages - So, I guess there's some connection with Duncan's wife and her illness and this plan, but what?? This one is still keeping me interested.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Ahh yes, good point Leslie. I meant to mention that this sort of confirmed that Barney and Robin actually do get married (granted, we didn't see Robin in that flash forward). Of course, when dedicating an entire season to their wedding, I would hope they would end up getting married. lol

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--I was thinking the same thing about Lizzy re the photo. I wish I had a way to check the photo against a still shot of lizzy then, but I agree they were similar. AND she has those scars, which looked a lot like the scars on the Stewmaker or could have been from the acid!!!

Yea, Tom the meek and mild is on the radar big time. She was definitely not liking her recollection of Angel Station.

OK, so are you thinking REd is Lizzy's Dad?

And who is the watcher guy and who/why is he watching??


Leslie said...

Richard - Forgot about her scars! Interesting! Yes, I have thought Red is maybe Lizzy's dad, but then I wonder if that's too easy. What watcher guy? Did I miss something???

Anonymous said...

Leslie, Yea, me too, that Red being Lizzy's Dad is too obvious, but he said, it's complicated. And she knew her Dad had/has a criminal background. We don't know if she knows who her Dad is, at least not that I can recall.

The watcher guy is the guy who has had some install people go into their apartment and put in cameras, etc. He eats the apples and keeps an eye on the apartment--maybe other people/places but haven't seen that happen. He seems focused on what's going on in the apartment. I think he's spying on Tom, but have no way of knowing? He had the spy eqpt installed when Lizzy was gone and Tom with his neighbor friend left for a while.

BTW, do you trust the neighbor friend--she seems awfully helpful and familiar for someone whom Lizzy does not seem to have a close relationship??

I really like the way the actor is portraying Lizzy--like a normal younger adult lady who's intelligent & strong and finding her place in this world. Not over the top ninja style or with some recently elevated cultural issue, etc


Leslie said...

Richard - Oh, I kinda thought maybe it was someone connected to Red that was watching their apartment. Then again, I also wondered if the FBI had something to do with that because they don't get why Red only wants to deal with this new profiler. Who knows?!? I wonder if the neighbor is connected to Tom and his past somehow. I tend to be suspicious of everyone on a show like this! I'm definitely intrigued!

MJ said...

Sleepy - man this show is good fun. Can't put my finger on it but I am loving it. Loved how they did the whole Roanoke thing. And seeing the comings they will be having John Noble as a recurring character. And those comings showed that they are really going to very interesting places when they come back from the annoying baseball break. Has hoped that MLB would not interfere since Sleepy was a monday show and that would be team travel days - oh well ! And I guess I can't remember - but how much exactly does this police captain know? And who set it up for Ichabod that if someone checks his credentials that they are good ?

HIMYM - an ok ep. Funny but I liked last weeks better. Enjoyable as usual but not too exciting. So is Segal doing a movie or something? Cause that road trip is getting old. Stuff with Robin and his bro/mom was pretty dumb actually - they are making Barney downright whiney. Was that slutty pumpkin though? Or another actress meant to look like her. Something looked not right, was it Katie or a look-alike? Ha - def feel opposite that it's dumb that they are showing Robin and Barney growing as a couple in the span of a long weekend. Leslie - post-honeymoon Barney was hysterical.

Homeland - watched from this past weekend. What? Love your quickest recap comment. So Carrie's network of people had Brody in Venezuela where he is a virtual prisoner, after having been shot in Columbia? I feel like I've missed something. I remember Carrie's plan was to Canada (Montreal maybe?) then up to New Foundland. I don't remember south america. I did feel for him though when he likened beeing held there to being held in Iraq.

SOA - still haven't watched that live thing from last week. Not found the time yet.

Hmm - saw alot of Blacklist and Hostages comments - hoping to get to them tonight.

Mike V. said...

Sleepy - Only was able to get one episode in yesterday (the 2nd one)...but I'll try to catch up! I did see Noble was going to be in the cast.

HIMYM - You're not sounds like a lot of people didn't love last night's ep. lol And my wife is getting tired of the "wedding weekend" format which I assumed a lot of people would. We need to get some extended flashbacks with just an intro (and maybe outtro) from the wedding wknd to keep the ticking clock going. I'm guessing that the mother will next show up on November 4th, since it's sweeps. There's probably a new ep next week and then a rerun the week before sweeps. As for your comments (I got on a tangent lol):

Segal is doing a movie. I thought we discussed this in previous weeks. I'm sure it's only for a few months of production. So, it should be wrapping up in the next few weeks.

I'm pretty sure it was Katie Holmes. Saw something on twitter. They just took footage they already had of her and put her into the scene.

For Barney/Robin - we can always use the excuse that a lot of this story is from Future Ted's perspective, so maybe he didn't want to focus on Barney/Robin falling in love. So, perhaps that falling in love really happened OFF CAMERA. I know...lame excuse as a lot of scenes Ted isn't present for so therefore can't be telling that story. lol I don't really mean them falling in love over the weekend as much as them proving to the audience that they ARE in love.

Homeland - Yeah...I'm confused by the logistics too. Doesn't look like he made it to Canada though (it's definitely what they said in the "previously on). Damian Lewis did some great work in the episode. And, I agree it was good mirroring to his time in Iraq.

SOA - I gave up on them after week 1. If it was on my tivo, I may scan through it in the morning or something. Speaking of which, probably won't be watching the 1.5 hour epic tonight. :-) (I'm keeping my mouth shut besides the sarcastic "epic" comment lol)

Anonymous said...

BlueBloods--am I the only one watching? I catch it using OnDemand since staying up past 10 is tough these days--lol

Shield--watched again, interesting comment on Coulson being different. May liking being a pilot since she has solitude--LOL--this is the ONLY show(ever) I can recall where a plane that large had one pilot.


Mike V. said...

Richard, I'm with you on after 10pm shows, but sorry I don't watch Blue Bloods! lol

SHIELD - This show has fallen into my "multi-task while I watch" category. Characters need a lot of work on an individual basis and chemistry with each other. It's interesting enough to keep watching but I'm certainly hoping for it to grow into something more interesting. Funny on the 1 pilot thing. lol I might suggest that the Serenity was as big of a ship on Firefly and it had one pilot. Of course, one is in a fictional future universe. And this is in a fictional superhero universe! Both shows have Whedon's hand in them. Of course, Whedon is not involved in the day to day operations of this new brainchild.

The Coulson mystery. If this just ends with him being a clone or a robot, it will most certainly be not worth the wait! lol

MJ - Didn't watch SOA yet, but I'm sure you assumed! lol

Watched Crazy Ones from last week, Brooklyn 99 and New Girl from last night. Loved all 3!

MJ said...

HIMYM - strangely the moms actress name was in the credits from this week so I thought we'd see her in this ep. Guess she's considered a regular so her name will appear each week. Segal - wasn't sure if you knew or it was conjecture. I've accepted it - but I've never been a fan of how much they have rushed the Barney/Robin relationship. It is what it is.

Shield - good point on one pilot - what if the woman gets sick or something. LOL As for Firely Mike - Mal also could fly the ship. Agree - very interesting that the woman who could diagnose a tumor in that lady can see Coulson is different. They'll drag that out all season I'm sure. I actually felt like last night showed some better chemistry for the chars too.

SOA - another good ep. Had some surprisingly good and kinda uplifting moments. I'll hold off commenting til you've seen it.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - Yeah she was announced as a series regular for the final season after last season ended. I think as long as you're in like 7 episodes you can be listed as a series regular. It could be more eps but it's something like that. I think she'll definitely be in sweeps episodes and maybe more as we approach the 2nd half of the season. Good call on Barney/Robin. Yeah...they never were going to have the same chemistry as Ted/Robin. The writers even said they regretted making Robin "Aunt Robin" in the pilot episode because she would've made the perfect mother. lol But, they found someone really good to be Ted's plus one. So, we'll just watch the season play out.

SHIELD - They'll definitely drag the Coulson mystery out all season. Maybe even if he is a "Life Model Decoy" which everyone assumes (even though I never heard of it before this show aired. lol), if the story around it is interesting enough, the answer to the mystery may not matter too much. Extreme example: LOST. I thought the journey was worth more than any satisfying answer that could've been provided. So, I'll take back some of my cynicism and just wait. As for the chemistry, I'm still not sure I see it, but these things take time! They're definitely going to force a love connection with the 2 leads. And I haven't seen anything worth rooting for there yet! lol

Leslie said...

In Texas, I'm lucky that prime time ENDS at 10 pm! Blue Bloods - Richard, yep I watch this one. I think I'm behind an episode.

NCIS - I think MJ watches this. I came to this show late and have always been a season behind, but I'm caught up now. After all the talk about giving Ziva a worthy send off, I thought it was kind of a let down. Gibbs is a master of the stare down!

MJ said...

SOA comments below - Don't read until you have watched !! I wanted to get them out while it was all fresh.

So sad to see the club all burned out, kinda moving when Chibs gives jax the

gavel though. But John tellers bike destroyed. You will probably complain that the scene was too long but i thought it was beautiful. I was NOT happy when Jax announced at the summit that he is not like his day. So sad - cause that's what I had admired

about him from the early days - that he could see his dad was right and that he wanted

to move the club from illegal things. So now he's saying he was to be more legit, but

not like his dad. Juice was surprising in the way he acted. Guess they just want to

give him some more screen time. Glad Bobby is back and that he's not patching out but

had been recruiting for Samcro. Does that mean kevin from Shameless will be on more? Nice to see some smiling going on too. Again I thought the Kings might turn on Gaelen for his lies when they realized Jax had not killed Connor - but i guess not. Don' t know why I keep thinking that Gaelen will get what's coming to him ! LOL Gemma was actually kinda sweet with Nero - she really does care about him deeper than I thought. But Nero seems tow ant out more and more now. Her face when Jax asked her to go see Clay was priceless ! This DA is really on the warpath - even after seeing Toric's room and what he was about she's going forward. But the very best part of the ep ?? Venus was back ! Walter Goggins was just fabulous again.

NCIS - didn't know you were watching live this year Leslie. yeah - the Ziva thing wasn't great but the actress didn't give them much room to do much. She wouldn't re-up and agreed to come back for 1 ep only I think.

Anonymous said...

BlueBloods, glad someone else is watching, it's not a bad show and has proven to hang in there for a few seasons. My wife loves Tom Selleck too, we just recently started watching now that we have OnDemand.

Shield, you expect Coulson and May to develop a thing?? Wow, they're both so stoic it'd be like 2 bricks rubbing each other--LOL.

Revolution should be good tonight, looking forward to it. Wait, did I just say that--LOL.


Leslie said...

Blue Bloods - yeah, I enjoy it. Your wife has good taste...Tom is why I started watching, much like Mark Harmon in NCIS! MJ can probably relate! lol

I also really like Criminal Minds. Don't know if you have ever watched it. Since it's about profilers, it goes heavy on the psychological aspect which is interesting to me.

Mike V. said...


SHIELD - I'm assuming you're joking! lol I meant Sky and whatever the agent dude's name is. Coulson sure, is the initial draw to the show since he's most familiar from the movies....but Agent dude and Sky are the "lead actor" and "lead actress" on this series. And they're trying to force a will they/won't they relationship there where there is absolutely zero chemistry with each other. lol

But yes supposed android Coulson and may as well be robotic May would be an interesting pairing! lol

Revolution - I'm as shocked as you are how much I'm looking forward to this show too. lol

Criminal Minds - I don't watch, never have. I know it used to beat LOST in the ratings when Mandy Patankin was the lead. (Cue all great grandparents to find Barney and Robin) I'm sure the show is good, but I'm just not up on my strictly procedural shows at this juncture! lol

Mike V. said...

Tom Selleck - His perfect mustache is worth celebrating. lol I just chose to do it on Magnum P.I. and Friends. :-) (And the 3 men and a baby/sequel movies!) So no Blue Bloods for me!

Mike V. said...

Good article on the state of the AMC network. It's kind of what I've been pondering and sometimes mentioning on the blog too.

Anonymous said...

Criminal MInds--definitely used to watch it. I really liked the guy from Dharma and Gregg. But, I thought it was done with. The older agent guy is on Homeland now. I just checked and it's still being aired--LOL. They must have moved it's broadcast slot and since it wasn't a main show for me I never bothered to check things out.

Shield, wow, no I wasn't kidding,I think of the leads as Coulson and May--LOL. The fact we can't even remember agent dude and rising tide girl's name(OK, you did) is somewhat my proof--LOL. Can you say--Green Lantern style--LOL!!!! It's the various comments about the show that make it worth watching--LOL!!!!

OK, on your link
1. HBO-GoT is financing Girls(I don't even know what that show is), ie lowbrow thrills financing high art--that's insulting--LOL. It's just his opinion thankfully.
2. Hell on Wheels is a great show! A lot of my friends watch it. It had great numbers for a Saturday night show with 2.5 million or so. It doubled AMCs Saturday night viewership!! So much I could, but won't say. I haven't heard it was canceled and did a quick google check and couldn't find it canceled, but maybe so.
3. This sounds like an obituary--a little early perhaps.

BTW, I'm really looking forward to GoT and Vikings returning!!


Mike V. said...

Andy Greenwald is a really good critic. I don't always agree with him but he's pretty smart. Love listening to his grantland pop culture Hollywood Prosectus Podcast with his boy Chris Ryan (also works for Grantland).

I figured the Hell on Wheels comment would get you all worked up! lol But traditionally, if Friday was considered a TV death slot, that doesn't leave much love for Saturdays! Those ratings aren't bad for a Saturday though.

I don't think he was giving an obituary though. I think he's sharing the real state of affairs at AMC. I tend to agree with most of what he says. The dude hates Walking Dead (always mentions that on the podcast, though he's liking this season so far)...but it's absolutely true that so far that is on a different playing field than BB and Mad Men. And his background on how AMC got started and where they are today is dead on and very interesting.

They came out of the gate with 2 of the greatest dramas of all time because other networks turned them down. And since then, they don't have that advantage. But they have a ratings smash with TWD and nothing else since then has come close. So greenlighting 2 spinoffs from their successes just seems like an act of desperation.

It's not necessarily an obituary, but on paper it looks really bad! lol I'm definitely intersted to see how they get out of this, if they do.

Mike V. said...

BTW - Damon Lindelof has quit Twitter not long after his article of coming to grips with people's hatred of the LOST finale. lol I've known for a couple days but EW finally posted an article about it (and of course I got pulled into defending lost again in the comments!)

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Yeah, I should say that Agent Dude and Sky would be the "Traditional Leads" on a show like this. The Good looking guy and the good looking girl fighting crme together. And are a bit of polar opposites (but not really). Coulson is definitely the leader of this squad, but he's usually on his own little missions while Agent Dude and Sky are getting in on the action. And then of course...May is the reluctant person on this journey who comes in at the last minute with her crazy skills to get them out of a jam. opinion is probably skewed because of the endless TV critic podcasts I listen to. They called Agent dude and Sky our leads because they're our "way" into this world. Whatever that means. It's basically an ensemble cast but they have bigger roles than Fitz Simmons and May.

Let's do this in Fringe comparisons.

Agent Dude = Peter
Sky = Olivia
Coulson = Walter
Fitz and/or Simmons = Astrid
I got nothing for May. lol

And for the record I never see myself comparing the quality of these shows on the same level! :-)

But yeah...I would agree that for now the unintentional comedy surrounding the episodes is more fun to discuss! Hence our Terra Nova and Event recaps of yesteryears! lol

Anonymous said...

Andy is a good wordsmith, I'm doubting critic, maybe just critical-LOL. There are obvious questions about AMC's future programming and they may fail. The Madmen point he made is valid, maybe rough with the terms, but valid. We've even discussed that here weeks ago.

Do you agree with his assessment of HBOs GoT vs Girls? He called us lowbrows afterall--LOL.

His statement on Hell on Wheels is absolutely wrong vs reality in terms of audience gains. The link I provided showed the reporting of it's success. He may have inside info on cancellation--the show does have a potential storyline problem as it must soon come back to reality and they've pushed the point a lot.

I've really never listened to podcasts much and in the last 10 years not read many "professional critics" assessments as over the years they've proven as a group to be questionable. It's often a joke that good critical reviews means not so great box office--LOL.

Still looking forward to Revolution, we're supposed to get a big reveal on the Patriots tonight!!


Anonymous said...

Leads--wow this could be a good discussion and I guess in the end, the ones with the bigger paychecks are thought of as the big leads. Particularly by the producers.

You will know more than I in terms of the TV officials. But here is my take re Revolution--I think Charlie was the big lead last year. The storyline was certainly told mostly from her perspective. Miles was a lead too, but in relation to Charlie a LOT of times. That didn't go so well. This year, there seems to be more and different "leads" I don't know how many leads you can have but there seems to be different more compelling storylines/perspectives re the "leads".

Sometimes, I think a particular audience member identifies with a subset of actors more than others and so they become that audience member's "leads" or way into a story. Since I'm middle aged, I identify with the Rachels and Miles vs Charlies and Jasons.

Of course some leads are just clear cut, such as Batman with Ben Afleck-LOL!!!


Mike V. said...

Richard - It's probably wise to avoid critics these days. I tend to disagree with them often as well. Though, I do always like to hear their reasoning for why something sucks. The problem with Andy is...most stuff is awful. lol He finds the faults in anything. And I guess that's what critics do. And I'm usually the opposite, trying to find the positives in things!

I'm not sure I caught the Game of Thrones quote. But, I do know he's a fan of the show. Though, he has no interest in what the readers of the show have to say. He made a conscious decision to consider the show a "tv show" first and foremost and judge it as such. Just went back and reread the line you're talking about. I think you read it wrong. He was calling Game of Thrones the ART. lol

LEADS - I would agree that Revolution skewed the show to focus more on Miles and Rachel (Han and Leia). They haven't abandoned their Luke Skywalker though (a la Charlie). Of course...with what's going on with Aaron maybe he's a Luke. lol Anyway, I need to go recap that!

(And good call with Affleck lol)

SOA - Probably my favorite episode of the season so far. I actually did comment on that scene being long in the beginning...but no I agreed it was necessary. lol I think he's still aligned with his father though. No, he doesn't want to be just like his father but he still wants to get them out of guns. That's always been his goal. Drugs was a means to an end, but it didn't work out that way.

I think Jax is plotting a slow revenge scheme on Gaelen. It seems like Clay might be in on the idea too. Afterall, that was his clubhouse too. They're going to get him on the inside and clean up business!

Summit was cool...maybe Kevin from Shameless will be around a little longer. But, we're fools to think there will be no more violence this season. So, he might be killed in time to return to his full time gig on Shameless! lol Did like that Bobby wasn't turning on the group. Though, that seemed like a potential "rewrite" in the writer's room. He seriously looked like he wanted out of the club last season with all of the dramatic music and de-patching. But then they probably carefully looked that the words that were delivered and found a loophole! Could be totally wrong on that! :-)

The whole plot with the dirty cops was hysterical and the best part of the episode. Having them apologize at the end was icing on the cake...and got back to the fun that this show always used to be. Seems like this was the episode last year (numbers-wise) where they brought in Walton Goggins to lighten the dark and dreary mood after a tragic event (Opie's death). I hope they keep the comedy coming though a little bit of the time. Of course they gave Walton a cameo this week again but in a more dramatic scene.

The DA taking her wig off and "getting her hood on" or whatever she said. Did not understand the point in that! lol She looked basically the same with dreads!

Probably more to discuss but I gotta go recap Rev!

AHS - Enjoyed it again. Obviously the veteran actresses are having the time of their lives trying to 1 up each other and it's fun to watch. Definitely an entertaining season so far...and we have our very own Frankenstein's Monster now. lol

Leslie said...

AHS – Good episode! Yeah, the 3 leads are playing off each other well! Not only is Kyle back with some new parts, but Misty is back. Did you think of “true love’s kiss” when Zoe kissed Kyle in the morgue? Loved when the crocodile came alive and got those guys! Didn’t expect Cordelia to be married and working on a having a baby. Guess if your grandma is the Supreme, you want to carry on that bloodline. And, if infertility treatments don’t work, just use a spell! lol Funny that they are using Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac music. Madam whatever cracked me up when she said she loved her girls, “even the ugly one with the face of a damn hippo.” These are definitely women and girls that you don’t want to piss off!

Modern Family – Funny as always! I laughed when Phil said if Luke was old enough to watch The Walking Dead with him that he could stay alone, then he shot Claire with the paint gun because she freaked him out. The whole outfit thing with Cam and Mitch was hysterical…..who wore it best! And, Phil’s skinny suit!

Mike V. said...

MF - Totally agree. They've been on a roll these past 2 episodes. Agree with everything you said. More specifically the Soda Can with Cam and Mitchell was fantastic. lol Everyone singing Midnight Train to Georgia was a good time too. Gloria having to make an entrance...good times. lol And Phil's suit!!!

AHS - I thought The Supreme was her mother!? Pretty sure anyway. Of course the baby's grandmother would be the supreme as well. I'm not sure what I was thinking during the whole Morgue scene! lol But maybe that crossed my mind. The Stevie Nicks stuff was great. Loved the hippo line you mentioned as well. Also, I guess Angela Basset gave the minotaur the immortality potion as well.

Leslie said...

AHS - Yeah, I worded that funny. I meant the new baby's grandma would be the supreme. I wondered about the minotaur. Bet he's not happy!

PJ Carz said...

BlueBloods, Yes.

Husband watches this, and I've decided that we should record it, since I don't watch 9 pm shows any longer, either. I'm going to start watching the recorded versions, since it seems to be a good program. (Yes, of course, I was gaga over Tom Selleck as Magnum.) Try to find a lady my age who wasn't! Anybody remember how Higgins called his Dobermans "Lads?" That's where I got the nickname for Sam & Dean of Supernatural. (Oops, I've started rambling.Sorry)

After I've watched Bluebloods some, I'll chime in. My beloved isn't keen on participating in blog stuff.

mj said...

PJ - yup I do remember them calling the dogs lads. Lol

Anonymous said...

Vikings--Wow, this is great, they're showing all the eps today, Saturday!!! Good time to catch it on History Channel

Sorry, but Clemson vs FSU is the only thing on tonight and I'm not even a Clemson fan.