Monday, October 28, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 10/27/2013 - 11/2/2013

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Leslie said...

ONCE - So, Charming was saved from the poison, but will he be able to leave Neverland? I think they are dragging out this time on Neverland too much.

Good Wife - I know no one here watches, but CRAZY good episode last night!

The Mentalist - don't know if MJ watches this one, but we got a major clue on Red John last night.

Mike V. said...

ONCE - I think I said this before as speculation, but then read that it's true. The season has been split into 2 non-stop segments. The first 11 episodes will air back to back and are all taking place in this Neverland story arc. Then they go on winter hiatus and will come back with a new story in the spring. I'm sure Charming will find a way to leave at some point. lol This episode wasn't too bad. Hook's backstory was interesting. I figured they would build up a Hook/Emma "hook" up only to find out Neal was still alive. lol

HIMYM - Okay, we're finally up to November sweeps next a probably mother appearance! But this week's episode was pretty funny with the whole "No Questions Asked" stuff. Night Raven??? Wonder if we'll get a backstory there to why Robin thinks she has a super hero alter ego. lol I loved when Marshall opened his arms saying how big the fish was and she just fell into his arms. lol Ted mailing that awful letter and then getting locked in the mailbox was pretty funny too. Once again they tried to convince us on Barney and Robin. At this point they're beating us over the head with it. And they finally addressed the elephant in the room with the Juror job.

Watched Grimm and Scandal too. I know Richard already commented on Grimm in the last post (which is technically accurate, we usually just don't get to discussing until the next week! lol)

Still no Homeland. We're entering a new phase in Parker stubbornness at bedtime! :-)

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--watched via OnDemand due to baseball/football--mixed feelings about this ep. We thought we were going to get the truth on Tom, but somehow I feel like we may or may not have. Which in a way is one reason this show is so great with the mystery of who, what, when where, etc. BTW, esp after hearing the wathchers, I don't think Tom is the goodie, goodie teacher guy. But, he doesn't work for Red, which we doubted anyway. Interesting that Gena survived and I think we'll see her again. Since she got immunity I'm thinking her confession of killing the Russian agent is no big deal so could have been to protect Tom or did I must miss something where she's going to jail.

Red and Liz are bound to have ups and downs in their relationship, this obviously ended on a downer. This ep sure made it seem like he's just using her. Noticed that the painting was never sent at the end of the ep. I'm thinking there's an actual link between him and her and that he may use their relationship to further his agendas. I guess some of both there.

Grimm--Yea, watch on Friday, post on Saturday a lot of times. Interesting that so many people survived that plane wreck. I guess we're supposed to believe the zombie maker was killed before impact.


Leslie said...

Blacklist – Yeah, I still don’t about Tom. I kinda feel like Liz when she said she doesn’t know who to believe. Clearly Red has his own agenda and is a master manipulator, but since we are still in the dark about what that’s all about, I’m just not sure about any of this. If the watchers said the only thing that was clear to them was that Tom didn’t work for Red, does that confirm that they are, in fact, watching Tom?

The whole car as a bomb thing on the dock was kinda unreal. It was Liz and not the bomb squad who had the idea of putting it in the water to contain the radiations since they were out of time??? I’m also leery of the agent who got in the car to drive it. He seems suspicious to me. I also haven’t locked in on his name. Not sure we can trust anything Gina said.

Hostages – Felt bad for Ellen’s sister, but hopefully all will be forgiven when she finds out they sent her back to the psych hospital to save her life. I guess if you’re a pregnant teenager, you kinda get a pass if your parents find out when the family is being held hostage. They obviously have bigger things to worry about. lol

Anonymous said...

Leslie, that's a good point about the watchers--who they are watching. Probably is Tom, but I'm not for sure--maybe both.

I do like the complexity of the show.

YOU are also right about the car bomb, I thought the same thing--really a profiler is the bomb expert. And how about the fish/water--aren't they going to be effected by the dirty nuke. This was the weakest part of the show so far to me.


MJ said...

AHS - OMG! I do not even know what to say about last weeks ep. I don't even know if you commented last week. Just - wow, and maybe not in a good way ! LOL

HIMYM - her name is in the credits all the time now so there's no telling. LOL What are you saying about the Juror job?

By the way - Simpsons House of Horrors - which I finally just watched - ended with the line 'And kids that's how I met you mother'. Too funny.

Mike V. said...

AHS - I don't think I did comment...but I totally agree it was disturbing! lol

HIMYM - Judge Job...I meant JUDGE. lol They finally addressing it. The mother is a series regular which means she will be in at least 7 or 8 episodes of the season (I forget what the actual number is). I think I've been hearing that episode 8 is going to be a big one from interviews I read (that's the next one). So, we'll see!

lol...funny on Simpsons...I don't think I've watched that show in years. I may have watched the 500th episode..or whatever milestone they recently had.

MJ said...

So - I have to catch up on all your comments ! Been slammed at work. prob need to look at last weeks too. Ugh !

Hostages - man this guy is harsh ! Having her sister re-committed just to get her out of the way. Better than killing her but damn ! I thought the surgeon was gonna crap herself both when he found the gun and when he walked into her interview with the FBI.

Supernatural - what a great ep. Loved the whole Wizard of Oz thing. Next weeks looks off-the-chart funny. I don't normally look at whats coming but for some reason I did and Jensen Ackles is at his best when he's acting out of character and crazy. Jared Padelicki has been great as Ezekial by the way.

Castle - it was a fun episode. Very National Treasure/DaVinci code - which is what they intended.

SOA - Another Whoa ! ep. It's so hard to remember that as much as I love these characters they are - some of them - just not good people. Gemma deserves what she gets - but not (as Unser stated) the possibility of going away for manslaughter. I do NOT want to be there when Jax finds all this out. But he Jax/Gemma scene was great. And Wendy - she is just a hot mess, and screwed no matter what. Girl needs to leave Charming and find a life away from them all - including her son. But what is up with Juice ? He totally didn't even move or flinch when that car was coming at him. I'd have said these past few weeks that he was having some anger issues or just getting tough - now I think he has a death wish. Can't beleve Nero was going to take the fall to save the MC and his son. So sad about that guy who ran over the Biz Lat though, killing himself like that.

Homeland - sucks how they treated Saul - but he was never political enough to have that type of position. But maybe is just once Saul punished someone for disobeying his direct orders - LOL - ya never know. j/k. Glad the Dana on the Run thing is done. Though Jessica needs to slap that girl silly ! LOL Seeing that terrorist Javadi so enjoying his american burger somehow really filled me with disgust somehow though. And that woman he was watchig - was it me or did her child look middle-eastern ?

Blacklist - I really thought they'd go somewhere with Tom and the box - not the usual 'I'm being set up' - cause I don't think he is innocent. Interesting if its true that the guy he thought he interviewed with was a different guy though. And really - Liz just keeps believing every thing that Red says, including that now her double-agent husband is a cheater too? And the super assassin leaves the cop alive in the elevator AND drops her cell? LOL

MJ said...

HIMYM - Oh ! Judge job. If I hadn't been hurrying I'd have figured that out.

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Yeah, the terrorist guy watching the woman was interesting. Seems like there's more of a story there. Agreed. Didn't get a good look at the kid though. Agree that Saul is not a great politician...just tells it how it is. How about the "affair" that his wife is most likely having though? I love how he just ignored it and went back to his business. The Dana thing ending was definitely a plus. The Jess coming to Carrie angle may have been a bit of a stretch, but it was nice to see those characters interact more. Critics are bashing this show again. I try to ignore it as I do enjoy the characters and what the show is trying to do. They are obsessed with the fact that this isn't the show they thought they signed up for. Sure...I'm sure there is some contractual issue with Showtime that forces them to keep Damien Lewis on the show....but he is an interesting character and there is certainly more they can do with him. But, yes...having his family still on the show may be a weak point. Chris Brody for President!!! :-) lol

Didn't watch SOA yet (obviously) but we'll try tonight. Helps that this is the Pre-Sweeps period so lots of reruns.

Mike V. said...

Himym - oh boy lol

Mike V. said...

Himym - oh boy lol

MJ said...

Grimm - Adalind once again a Hexenbiest - seems almost too easy. Not that what she did wasn't gross, but there has to be something else there - magic comes with a price. Oh - wrong show ! LOL

Once - Finally watched. I'm not feeling the magic of this show this year somehow. Don't know what it is. Thought that since Hooks last name ws Jones that his brother would turn out to be Davey Jones - guess not. I've never found Charming very Charming either - but really - you are soon to die and you won't tell the love of your life and your daughter so they can say good buy ? Yish !

Revenge - they seriously need to start putting some red X's down ! Though damh - Charlotte really is mommies little girl. Great performance by actress playing Emily when she talked from her heart to Daniel. But - he was ready to cancel the whole engagement and she confesses a secret and it's all back on ? LOL Very thin. Also - knowing that Victoria is you sworn enemy when she comes over and says Jack is getting the blame you do the one thing she wants you to - run and see him ? Emily is smarter than that !

HIMYM - oh no ! talk of spin off with it being a How I Met your Dad told with another group of friends and a girl looking for her guy. SIGH. I really don't want them to do this.

Homeland - funny I never thought about any thing contractual - figured they just didn't want to let him go yet. And disagree if they think this is not the show they signed up for. I have my complaints about the show but apparently they are different from what you are reading.

Mike V. said...

SOA - Agree with everything you said. Didn't even put 2 and 2 together with Juice's behavior this week vs. previous weeks. There's definitely something different about him this season. And yes, said about the father of the kid killed in the shooting. Jax/Gemma scene was great. From the previews of next week I guessed it would be a 1.5 hour episode. I was not disappointed! lol

Homeland - Most critics I read/listen to have wanted this show to focus on Saul and Carrie's spy missions and move onto a new client or mission after Brody. But, they argue that Showtime is forcing them to keep Damien Lewis on the show because of his prestige and draw as an actor. And by keeping him on the show, they have to keep his family on the show too. I look at it from a different angle. I like to see how they can write themselves into a corner with the characters they have and find creative ways out of it. Oh well...whatevs!

HIMYM - Spinoff....totally agree. Not up for it. I originally thought a How I met Your Father from the Mother's perspective would be a fun story...but not for 9 seasons! I think 1 episode in this final season ought to do it. So, I think they're proposing new characters...maybe slightly tied to one of the main characters. I thought that maybe Ted's daughter would be old enough to be the star...but then the show would have to take place in the future. lol So it would have to be totally different characters. But the concept has been need to repeat it again!

mj said...

Boardwalk -I really can't tell where they are going - but its been boring getting there. I like the actress whobpaysthe chick from Florida but there is zero chemistry with Nuck. Nephew thing gotten dull. And they are going to have Ely turn on his brother yet again? Only reason I can see going to Fla is I think in real life Myer Lansky got big there.

Mike V. said...

Boardwalk - Whew..I'm way behind on that one. I think I am through 2 episodes. I've heard it's not very good though.

Been meaning to catch up on Sleepy Hollow during it's couple week hiatus as well. Just haven't had a chance!

Which reminds me, I still need to watch AHS from last night.

Leslie said...

AHS - Last week was disturbingly cringe worthy, and this week was just normal disturbing for this show! It's a Halloween episode after all! Won't say anything until I know others have watched.

mj said...

New show on Sundance channel. Thinkthey bought the US rights - supposed to be scary. Called the return and starts tonight

I've been trying to set upAlmosr Human. didn't realize that when they decided to do 2 nite premier the alsobpostponedbits start 2 weeks!

Mike V. said...

Yeah I heard about the returned. We don't get sundance here though. Bummer.

As for almost human yeah I shared the link last week or the week before. They decided on the 2 night premiere taking advantage of a football lead in. 24 style. We'll see if it works! Looking forward to it!

Will try to watch ahs tonight or tomorrow

MJ said...

Scandal - so i just can't decide of Fitz knows Command is Olivia's dad! I'm sure he def does NOT know he killed her mom in that place crash. What the what - as Liz Lemon would say. That is some crazy s**t ! And Mellie asking Liv to come back and run the campaign - did not see that coming. Loved how they bested Cy in Montana though. What did he say - We've been Poped !

AHS - ok - all those dolls were creepy enough but a tea party with dead Madison ? Yikes. And the guy cut out his own tongue ? Didn't realize this char was Russell Edgington from TB - and the fire bug from season 1 til this ep somehow.

leslie - with AHS it does not matter it's Halloween - this show is always way out there and creepy

Homeland - yeah leave it to Saul to just take the fact that his wife may be cheating and put it on the back burner for work.

Boardwalk - only 4 more left so I'm assuming thing will heat up fast.

Almost Human - I saw the link but somehow never noted the change in date. ;-P

Sundance - I didn't used to but somehow now I do. Like Fios opened it up or something. It's a french show - but if theres subtitles I'm out ! It's not like I need another show to watch

Mike V. said...

AHS - Watched this morning. Definitely a crazy show. And yep...that sure is Russell Edgington (sp) and season 1 dude. lol I read reports that Connie Britton wants to return to do more AHS too. I wonder if that's a sign that Nashville isn't going to make it much longer. lol I think i totally missed the guy having tea with MAdison. I just noticed the dolls. But I was a little preoccupied while watching. lol

Sundance - SO bizarre. I have fios too. Maybe we're on different TV plans. I did look for it last night though. But yeah...I don't need another show to watch! This one is only 8 eps though. It may show up on Netflix eventually.

I'm 4 or 5 episodes into Alias's final that will free up some time to catch up on Boardwalk, Sleepy and other stuff. (Still haven't watched The Americans since ep 2 or Orphan Black either)

Haven't watched Scandal yet...probably tonight or tomorrow.

Leslie said...

AHS - out there, creepy, crazy disburbing - it's ALL those things! Mike, the scene where they showed dead Madison was right at the end. So, Madison couldn't be the new supreme, so who is it??? Were the 3 zombies at the door actually Madame's daughters? And, what's up with Cordelia's husband all of a sudden shooting the women he just slept with?? I suspect Connie could do both since AHS is short. I like Nashville.

Returned - I recorded it, so we'll see how it is.

Mike V. said...

AHS - That would explain why I missed it. Thanks! lol I had to rewind just to see that the zombies were approaching the house. Hmm...3 specific zombies at door? Missed that too. LOL Yikes..maybe I should watch the last 5 minutes. But, I'd have no idea who they were anyway. :) As for the husband killing that woman? No idea...that was pretty crazy! Connie - yeah she could do both, especially if she's not a series regular in AHS. I don't know when the filming schedules for Nashville vs. AHS are so wouldn't know if she could fit in both or not. lol We caught up on Nashville season 1 over the summer and may have watched the first 2 or 3 this season. It's piling up again. We enjoy it, but not sure if it's going to last past this season. I think ratings are down quite a bit.

Leslie said...

AHS - the reason I wondered that about the 3 zombies at the door is because they showed a picture right then of who I thought was one of her daughters which would explain her reaction. So, did you see someone throw something in Cordelia's face right at the end, like acid maybe?

mj said...

Ahs - yes but not sure if acid. Thought if acid they'd show some skin burning or scarring right away. But I saw none. Def seemeed her kids at the door. Also no idea why a guy who has a witch for a wifeis cheating at all, nevermind killing her after. And were they/he a little too enthusiastic? Like whatwas upwith him? possessed or something?