Thursday, October 24, 2013

Revolution: Season 2 Episode 5 - One Riot, One Ranger

Welcome back to the Revolution!  Well, the gang is all back together and everyone is happy again!  Or, you know, completely miserable which is par for the course of this show.  But, it did make for some entertaining television to see our season 1 rivals forced to work together.  The show continues to exceed my expectations from what it showed us last year.  I'm not going so far as to put it on the same level as some of my all time favorites, but I definitely have started to anticipate it every week.  And that's always a good thing!  Let's dive into the recap.


Tom continued his ascent in this episode by accompanying Secretary Allen on a journey to DC.  She claims to not trust him, but is bringing him with her for protection.  We see a brief glimpse of people clamoring to get on a wagon to go to better living conditions and the Patriots promising that more wagons are coming.  

Long story short, Allen's convoy gets ambushed by OTHER Patriots and there is a big shoot-out.  Tom saves Allen, but not before she is shot.  Allen explains that they tried to "off her" because she protested what they're doing to the Savannah civilians.  Basically, the people being escorted off in the wagons are being sent to some unpleasant circumstances.  I couldn't make out what she was saying, but it sounded like "Repo Training Ground".   She mentioned LSD, PCP and not being able to imagine any place worse.   Tom, was about to bail on Allen saying he wants to support the Patriots not her.  (Almost as if he felt like he was being tested)  But, Allen then informed Tom that this is where they sent his son.  She offers to take him there if she helps her out.   This is all the motivation Tom needs to work on her wound.  Of course, I think we have to mention that there might be a bit of flirtation going on here between these 2 characters.  They don't make pretty people take their shirts off to remove bullets for nothing after all!  We shall see.  


Sidenote - I had no idea until I read an interview that production on Revolution moved from the Carolinas to Texas for this season.  They intentionally moved locations to bring a different feel to the show.  I guess it's working!  Anyway, lots going on in this story. 

Aaron is still coming to grips with what he has done.  He explains to Rachel and Miles what happened.  Rachel somewhat believes him but doesn't think the nano tech could possibly cause him to set fire to 2 people (we'll dive into more of the details on this below).  Miles did his best Sawyer/Han Solo impersonation and just requested them both dial back the crazy.  We see Aaron packing up his things and deciding to flee from the people he cares about fearing he might cause them danger.  He reflects on 5 and 6 months ago to when he met Cynthia.  He was applying to become a teacher and was insanely qualified for the job.  He needed to do something so he wouldn't go crazy after all he's been through.   Cynthia thought he was a miserable drunk, but of course this was the start of them growing a connection.   (Cue Chattering Teeth!)   But here's the rub, Cynthia was married to some jackass.  And of course, he was a cheating jackass.  Aaron caught him in the act with some other girl in one of the many abandoned cars.  The husband demanded Aaron to keep his mouth shut.  And as he was walking away angry, the car burst in to flames.  Everyone chalked it up to a lantern causing the fire, but now he knows differently.  He confessed this to Rachel, but Rachel seems to think that Aaron is only causing harm to people that deserve it, so maybe he'll be able to control it.  We'll talk more below! 

Also, the Texas Rangers came to town which has a whole new meaning in this new world we live in.  They are the law officers of this Texas province or whatever these new areas of the US are called.  John "Frye" Franklin, Secretary of the Interior of Texas (Jim Beaver most notably from his recent Justified run), is the guy in charge of these troops on a mission to charter peace with these Patriots.  Well, it didn't start that way but Truman and the Patriots stuck to their story of liberating these fine people of Willoughby from the Andover clan.  Miles, naturally, has history with Frye from his Monroe Republic days.   He tried to kill Frye, so there is no good blood there.   Anyway, Miles does his best to convince him the Patriots are no good.  But Frye needs proof.  He promises to get him proof and they were going to meet on some specific grounds away from the town. 

Meanwhile, Charlie and Monroe arrive to town, conveniently when the gates are open for the Texas Rangers visit.  Lots of hugs and smiles between Miles and Charlie, until he finds out who Charlie brought with her!  Good ol' Bass.  Lots of yelling, lots of "I should kill yous" but in the end, Monroe gets his way and they will work together to take down the Patriots.  Monroe wants revenge for what they're blaming him for, and the best way is them together.  They called a truce, for now.  Charlie thinks they should grab Rachel and go somewhere else, but Miles argues that the Pats are everywhere, so here is as good a place as any to "start a Revolution"!  Monroe's goal is to start a war between the Rangers and the Patriots. 

They head to the trainyard, which has been cleared of the Andover prisoners (again for the facade the Pats are putting on for the Rangers).  Monroe tries to act like they're all buddies again, and Miles is not biting.  Meanwhile Charlie finds a lead to where the Patriots moved the prisoners.  And of course a couple hidden Patriots recognize Miles and follow them.      One of the Pats is the guy that mangled Miles' hand.

They follow their lead and seemingly end up nowhere, but then do stumble upon a band of Patriots (most likely tipped off by the spies).  They are surrounded, and then Monroe says to Miles, "remember Southbend?"  and Miles responds, "That will work" and then they ask Charlie to cover for them and are off.   They split up and methodically take out all of the Patriots with swords and the guns they acquired from the Pats.  Though one was still alive, the dude that messed up Miles' hand.  Miles thinks this guy will work as proof.  If they can get him to talk he can explain how he is a Patriot AND worked with the Andover clan.   They tie him up and bring him to the Frye meeting point.  

Meanwhile, Aaron collapses with Rachel and has a vision of Charlie with Miles and maybe Monroe?  So, then Rachel and Aaron arrive at the same place. It's not long before Rachel has a gun in Monroe's face.  One big happy reunion.  Miles does his best to delay this conflict because of Frye's imminent arrival.  He sends Charlie, Aaron and Rachel upstairs and Monroe somewhere else.  Charlie and Rachel do not have a very happy family reunion.  Aaron mentioned how great it was to see Charlie in person (which gave Charlie the opportunity to make a new facial expression).  

Frye shows up and Miles brings him to the Patriot dude who is spitting out blood from the mouth and dead.  Who knew he'd have a cyanide tooth?  Anyway, Frye says he has nothing to go back to the boss with and the treaty will be signed.  Sure enough, Monroe comes and blasts a hole in Frye's back.  He says to frame it on the Patriots and they have their war.  Everyone looks justifiably p.o.'d at Monroe.  He says "This is what you wanted, isn't it?" and that's where we leave it for this week.   

Discussion Points
  • Well, Monroe didn't do any favors for fitting in with this group.  I guess we can now see how this is going to work.  Monroe will work with them but he's a bit of a wildcard in the mix and will do whatever he needs to do to get to their goal.  So, I'm guessing the friction won't die down any time soon.  I've seen the previews for next week (I won't spoil), but all I'm gonna say is that what they're teasing is probably not happening! 
  • Aaron and the Nano tech.  Rachel explained that for the Nano Tech to be responsible for what's happening they would have to network images to Aaron's head and obey orders.  And the nano tech is not designed for anything close to that.   Aaron's only defense is that it's happening so it must be true.   So what does it all mean?  I still wonder if this is part of the unforeseen side effects of turning on the power.  We did see the sky light up with crazy lightning when it happened, seemingly implying that nature is all screwed up.   It's either that or someone else was tampering with the nano technology since Rachel worked on it.   Of course, I guess it could be both of those things.  Whoever was in level 12 of the tower may have been involved, hence why they knew restoring power would have unknown impacts on the world.   It's interesting whatever is going on!  
  • Miles asked Rachel how well she buried Ken.  She explained how the whole crime scene was cleaned up as if it never happened.  Miles gave a surprising look to Rachel and mentioned how she's a complicated woman.  I just found it worth noting that she has this shady side to her.  We've seen it ever since her first flashbacks.
  • Miles may not want to admit it, but he did seem to have fun working with Monroe to pick off those Patriots.  I'm sure we can expect some fun action sequences with these 2 working in tandem.  
  • During discussions about Rachel being wanted by the Patriots, it was asked why they didn't just grab her up when they took over the town.  No answer was provided, but this may go to indicate that Truman and crew are not aware of the "wanted" nature of Rachel.  Or they're playing a long con.  
I'm sure there's more, but I'm going to open the floor up for discussion!  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Anonymous said...

Mike, again, thanks for the recap/review. I too am looking forward to these eps but this one let me down compared to the other priors this season. I don't know if it was because I was switching in with the World Series or if it was the show--LOL!
1. I saw so many shared traits among Monroe, Rachel and Charlie last night--they're all homicidal. The only difference is whether we identify with the character as being "bad" or "good". And of course Elizabeth has even said in interviews that Rachel has homicidal tendencies. No wonder they don't listen to Miles-lol. Did you notice how he said "please".
2. Yea, Neville and Allen could be an item. I think Neville was being honest when he told her that he hitched his wagon to the wrong star. Neville is also homicidal and seems to look out for himself. Although he did obey Monroe's orders. So, does he care about the reprogramming center beyond his son? I don't know but tend to think he's against the Patriots as long as it helps him rise in power vs doing this work to help the common people. We shall see. BTW,Allen showed she's not stupid when she said she would lead him to the site vs telling him where it is. Of course this provides time for romance-lol.
3. I am beginning to see that this outpost in TX for the Patriots is to grab as much land and people as possible and start the reprogramming. It seems consistent that the cyanide tooth was part of the reprogramming. It seems they don't really want to fight to take land, but to reprogram the populace.
4.We now know that Aaron had these powers before he was "killed".


Mike V. said...

No problem Richard, thanks for reading and for your commentary! I guess this episode could be considered a "moving pieces into place" type episode which might be why it let you down. Of course, there's always action and people dying every it's funny to call this episode that. But yeah...I'm sure regardless the World Series was more interesting, even if game 1 was a blowout!

1.) Yeah...they're all a little crazy. It's also crazy to think of Miles as a moral compass though! He's no saint either. I guess we have Aaron for that, but now he's thinking people to death. lol

2.) Yeah...I'm sure he was being honest with Allen, but still lying...he only wants to get to the top to dismantle them. Is that what it was "Reprogramming"?? LOL That's hysterical that I heard "Repo Training Ground" lol He's definitely against the Patriots. The "previously on" reminded us of that. What this episode did was show that Allen may not be in on the "master plan" of the she might be an ally. OR...she could be playing him to see what he's really up to. That would be quite the elaborate setup by the Patriots though to uncover one man's secret plan. lol

3.) Good point with the cyanide tooth being part of the reprogramming. And that theory makes sense. Reprogramming the population slowly but surely into the ideal United States of America. One our forefathers could be proud of. (if we're assuming that's what these Patriots' main goal is)

4.) Good point with Aaron...yeah so his miraculous resurrection has nothing to do with his powers.

MJ said...

Yeah - Miles and Bass were amusing. It was 're-programming' using the LSD and other drugs to re-program people. I felt Tom ws leaving her cause if they were willing to kill her to shut her up then he can not use her to move up to the right people. That's what he said any way. Wow - they really are fleshing out Aaron and giving him a purpose. And no - Jim Beaver is most noted for his years of work - and currently occasional work - on Supernatural. LOL Just had to say it. Crazy that Bass shot him - giving Miles the war he wants but not in the way he wanted. maybe the wanted posters were just to flush Monroe out ?

Mike V. said...

@MJ -

I think you misunderstood a few things I said (or I wasn't clear lol) First of all, it and thanks to you and Richard for setting me straight!! lol Not sure how I heard what I heard, but I figured some kind of brainwashing was going on.

2nd - as I mentioned to Richard, I agree that he probably was sincere with what he told Allen about putting his stock in the wrong person. I was just suggesting another way to look at it.

And with Jim Beaver i said "RECENTLY" Most notably for his stint on Justified. I did read that he is an Eric Kripke guy too and that he's been in stuff. But come on...I gotta give a recent reference! lol Of course Supernatural would've been the better reference since this is a Kripke show.

Interesting idea that the wanted posters may be to flush out Monroe. But still..isn't HE on a wanted poster too?

And agree on Aaron...I like what they're doing with his character.

MJ said...

Richard - good point on Aaron having the powers before his death. I didn't even go there mentally. Huh. agree - Tom only interested in gaining some upward mobility so he can extract his revenge - it was his whole goal. Now that could change but it's what he started with. Curious where they are going with Aaron and his abilities. It's bull if he has these abilities cause he is the 'father' of the code. They stole his code and changed the hell out of it according to the show. So hoping they don't choose that as the reason he has the abilities and not others.

Anonymous said...

Aaron as a moral compass, probably the best of a bad lot-lol. Yea, I think Aaron was resurrected because of a previous relationship with the fireflies. I'm not saying nanotech because it's not confirmed yet about the relationship between fireflies and nanotech--although hard not to see the probability.

Mike, yea, Allen could be trying to flush out Neville but a lot of people died and she got shot in the process so hard to see that as the primary? My bet is that she's going to join the resistance but whether as a legitimate part or spy will be interesting to find out??? Maybe accidental spy to get back in good graces of Patriot leadership? I actually kind of like her character so far. It could be that she really doesn't agree with what the Patriots are doing on reprogramming and chose Neville to be one of her guards because he was NOT reprogrammed.

Neville definitely wants revenge.


Mike V. said...

Well if anyone was tampered with the nano tech SINCE Rachel and crew....maybe they programmed it to somehow connect to Aaron. Weren't the people in level 12 kind of worshipping him when he showed up? I forget last season...but I know they knew him.

Mike V. said...

Richard - Yeah...that makes sense that Allen picked Tom because he was NOT reprogrammed. I figured this was a scenario where she knew she could trust him to save her. And he did. But based on this episode alone, I would agree that she will eventually join the resistance in some fashion and provide them a way in. But, you never know what twists are coming.

Anonymous said...

MJ, thanks for commenting, it makes it more fun to have more comments.

I don't know about worship, but they sure were in awe how he could have done something like this. It will be interesting to see what happened to those people.

Your line on him being the father of the code and therefore saved by the code is really thought provoking. If this really is nannotech that means there's power. Tech can't exist without power. I'm thinking there's a reason these are fireflies, maybe because of the fireflies abilities to glow.


Mike V. said...

The billions/trillions of nannites are what is "absorbing" the world's power. That's what we learned last season. So they are most certainly powered. What that means in the scheme of things? I have no idea. lol

mj said...

Pretty much agreewith all both of you have said.

Mike V. said...

Zeljko Ivanek has been cast in Revoltion as Dr. Horn. That's the guy that Truman sent the burnt corpses to. So, maybe he'll be investigating the core mythological mystery this season.

Anyway, this guy has been on LOST, Heroes, and the other shows mentioned in this article.

Basically, he's always on these type of shows at some point! lol

Anonymous said...

Great link, thanks MIke and yes it does look like are going to get elevated.

Interesting that the Patriot guys weren't crazy about him coming.

Really makes me want to see the next ep-lol.

BTW, I googled Willoughby and it doesn't exist. I lived in TX and keep looking for clues as to where they might be. At this point, I'm thinking one of those small towns in East TX. E TX has some tall pine trees not unlike Carolina--they are shorter though as best I can recall.


Mike V. said...

Yeah, I tried to find the town last week on Google Maps and couldn't either. I think they may have mentioned Austin on the show though not being far away.

And I just googled where exactly in TX they're's the Austin area. lol (first season was Wilmington, NC)

If this show ever were to get a 3rd season, I wonder if they'd plan to change up the location again.

Mike V. said...

Interesting article on the location change (from May 2013)

Leslie said...

And, don't forget that all of us here in Texas ride horses, wear cowboy hats and boots and go to the rodeo! We also all have guns and like executing people! lol (I love when I don't fit ANY of the Texas stereotypes!)

Mike V. said...

Leslie, you may fit that stereotype after 15 years without power!! Lol