Monday, October 21, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 10/20/2013 - 10/27/2013

Hello TV Addicts! Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows. See you in the comments!


Mike V. said...

Interesting stats on DVR increases. Blacklist, New Girl breaking records. Revolution got a nice bump which is good to know.

ONCE - Not a bad episode. Flashback greenscreen effects too me out of it once again, but most of the neverland stuff is good. I can't tell if the kid playing Peter Pan is a good actor or just good at making pompous faces. lol Henry was unconscious for most of the episode which worked to the episode's advantage. lol

The cave of Neal's (didn't realize his name is spelled with an a lol) drawings and star map reminded me of both LOST season 6 and BSG when they discovered the map to Earth.

I'm guessing this whole neverland plot will be for the first 10 or 11 episodes...then they'll go on hiatus until winter/spring and run another group of episodes with a new plot back in Storybrooke for the 2nd half. Will make it feel like 2 seasons in 1. But may reduce the anger of a long hiatus vs. reruns every other week.

SCANDAL - Pretty intense episode! (which is par for the course) The whole bomb threat was nuts...and then Olivia ended up lying to the mother about her son to protect the assets overseas. And she blew herself up. OUCH! Then there's the Huck/Olivia/Olivia's Dad drama....he's got one crazy mental game going on with them! I guess we can lump Jake in there too. Mellie/Fitz scene with the vodka was a great one too.

Leslie said...

ONCE - Definitely not the Disney Peter Pan! This kid is mean! I'm tired of the action all being on Neverland right now. Interesting use for giant squid ink! Surely Charming isn't really gonna die, is he?

Mike V. said...

I doubt it Leslie! Lol I'll comment more later. Just wanted to post this link

Almost human premiere changed to a 2 night premiere 11/17 and 11/18. Exciting but I have too much stuff on Sundays! Lol. Gotta cash in on football audience.

mj said...

Almost Human -damn! Did not realize 2 nights now. Def a problem. Now I am really screwed as Giants play that su nite too. OMG. Back in the day they actually programmed fri and sat to. Wish they'd spread it out again. Why don't they realize that 24 to 34 yrolds - who they care about - are actually home on fri and sat oncethey have kids !?! Lol

Scandal- was crazy good ep. I'm not sure Liv can forgive herself for the lie. I get why the world has to think he was a terrorist- but can't they tell the families something? And at least help get him buried? The Huck thing shocked me - Command only has to hint that he wants someone dead and Huck just does it? Yikes

mj said...

Scandal - forgot to say - did we know that Mellie comes fr a background where they make cases of hooch? Lol

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist--wow a great ep, but I missed the first 1/3rd due to MNF. I wanted to see the Giants do well and they did. I saw a few clips from a movie of the 80s with Spader, wow he was skinny and honestly looks better in some ways today. Liz and Red know about Tom and they are sitting on the couch with a drink--and she's not sure why--LOL. That actress does a good job of being real and the lines are good too. I don't know if his statements of setting up Liz/FBI for using them in the long run is true or not, ie was he saying that for the guy or for real? Liked that Tom found the box moved and that we see a little more of the watchers.

That line where he basically says, "there's a private jet waiting to take you to safety" is VERY powerful and used the last 2 eps.

LIke to know what he said to the leaker guy. Has to be at least collecting IOUs.

Glad to see this series doing well. It should, it's pretty good stuff.


Mike V. said...

ONCE - Leslie, it's not the Disney Peter Pan...but if you rewatch that movie and you watch his cameos on Jake and the Neverland Pirates (Parker's favorite show), you quickly learn that he is a pompous little D-Bag (excuse my American slang! lol) So, the ONCE interpretation is not too far off...he's just more of a villain. But we still don't know his true might be justified in the end. That's how these shows usually work. lol

Almost Human - MJ, I think you can afford to miss a Giants game this year. :-) lol Kidding!! Actually the demo they care about is a wider span...18-49 I think. But, I agree. I was happy to watch Fringe on Fridays those past couple years. It did interfere with several social events though (even when Parker arrived. lol). Anyway, the regular airdate will be Mondays and it will be paired with Sleepy Hollow and eventually The Following.

Scandal - I think we did know that about Mellie...she's a small town southern girl. But it never hurts to be reminded! Yeah...I didn't get why Olivia couldn't tell the mother and then tell her "don't tell anyone"....I guess she may have let something slip. I dunno. that point she was going to jail, so who knows what she would've done. Yeah..the Huck stuff was nuts! And I don't know who watched SCRUBS around here but any time I hear the word Hooch...I just think of "HOOCH IS CRAZY!" lol

HIMYM - An "okay" episode last night. There were still some great moments. The Indiana Jones stuff was great, but Barney as the actual HERO in his vision? A little inconsistent to him liking the bad guys. But, I chalk this up to George Lucas. He also loved the Ewoks, so maybe GL is an exception to the rule. lol The "chose poorly" bit was a little rough but totally worth it for the "She Chose Wesley" line at the end. lol My wife is starting to hate what they've done to Robin, and I'm sure you would agree MJ. I guess I kind do too. I chalk it up a bit to the exaggeration of Robin in Ted's imagination since future Ted is telling this story. And once again, them trying to show how compatible these 2 are. If anything, at least we know why Ted is dateless to the wedding and open for love in the end. And that's the ultimate goal of this season. To put Ted in a place where he is ready for the mother.

Homeland - CRAZY. They pulled a 24 season 3 on us again!! The first few episodes were an elaborate hoax on the audience. Carrie was in on it the whole time and was going into deep cover to figure out the people responsible for the bombing. I like it. I thought there were some plot Carrie flipping out when Saul confessed in the hearing. And then her saying "F You SAUL" after being drugged...but Alex Ganza was ready to explain all of that in his Q&A with EW. he even said to rewatch those scenes and you can see it in a whole new way. I'll have to do that at some point. He promises the ante and intensity will be raised now. Looking forward to it.

Alias - Almost done Season 4. Arvin Clone storyline is going on right now (so bizarre lol). Jack had radiation exposure but they thwarted that too. Still no car accident! I'm thinking I missed it, but we can just reconvene after I'm finished the show. lol

mj said...

Homeland - well ok then ! LOL I was very surprised that Saul would throw Carrie under the bus in the senate hearing - but did not see this coming. And I'd love to know how the DOJ can put a hold on someone in a hsp but this law firm with foreign ties and money can get her a 24 hour pass ? Really ? LOL And still could care less about Dana and her killer boyfriend. And suddenly Saul and the analyst are talking about Venezueala - what a funny coincidence ! LOL

Meant to comment on last weeks ep but watched it so much later than everyone else - but I was a little appalled by the way Saul yelled at that iranian analyst and what he said. So that really just fed into the the whole Saul has lost him mind type of feeling. Telling that woman it was disrespectful to wear that head scarf ! Not true - and not like Saul to think that way.

Alias - LOl on car crash

HIMYM - I actually liked this ep. LOl Loved the Indy stuff. yeah - agree with your wife - not liking what they are giving Robin for 2 seasons now - but not hating. Girl that Ted chose was hysterical. But - the cliffhanger ! Yikes. Likely is gonna find out via text that marshall took the Judgeship ? Amusing that they killed the priest though.

Mike V. said...

Homeland - Was that last week on Homeland? I thought that was 2 weeks ago. lol But you could be right. And I agree, definitely off putting and intentional by the writers. Yeah, the Dana subplot is awful but reading Ganza's interview, I can see why they're doing it. Once Brody is back into the equation, that backstory may be helpful.

HIMYM - Yeah, I didn't hate the episode...but didn't love it either. There were a lot of great moments. "What the Damn Hell?" running gag was hysterical. Marshall rehearsing his speech to Lily....the "how we met" story that Barney and Robin stole. All good stuff. And of course the running Wedding at Barney's (Wknd at Bernie's) gag. lol I'm not so sure what's her face actually told Lily about the judgeship...she may be messing with Marshall...we'll see! lol

Leslie said...

Blacklist – I didn’t recognize either of the guys watching their apartment. Who are they??? I think Red got the classified file for Liz from the NSA guy instead of some bigger payoff from him right now, but then he said again that this was far more complex than we could imagine. Red obviously knows that Tom is hiding stuff, but does he know the whole story and is just feeding it to Liz, or is Red finding out stuff as we go along? When Red thanked Liz for being honest with him, I got that Hannibal and Clarice vibe again that was so heavy in the first episode.

That courier guy was a trip! Not able to feel pain and hiding objects inside his body!

Should be an interesting conversation with Liz and Tom next week. Hopefully we’ll get some pieces to the puzzle as a result.

Hostages – Anyone watching? This one is keeping my interest. The son was totally stupid to call the house from a pay phone! Interesting to find out about Ellen’s deal with killing a rapist when she was a resident and that’s why they picked her, but we still don’t know why the president “deserves” to be killed as Duncan said.

HIMYM – Funny with the Indiana Jones stuff since they just used that movie on BBT.

Anonymous said...

Hostages -i totally love this show. So disappointing that the ratings are bad

Homeland - oh yeah - might have been2 weeks. Lol. i'm so behind that i'm watching some 2 at a time sothey run together

Mike V. said...

Yeah...i feel like i'm missing out on hostages and blacklist. I have all of hostages recorded. Blacklist, I dunno...maybe netflix next summer! :)

Once I'm done Alias, I'll have time to catch up on a lot of stuff. This has been a long catch-up project! lol

HIMYM - Yes...Dr. Jones is getting a pop culture resurgence! lol

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist, yea the watchers are a key to figuring out the mystery of who's doing what. But, I did recognize one of the actors last night from other shows. So, maybe he's important??? The way I see the watchers is so wide open. They could be
1. CIA
2. NSA
3. Foreign Country
4. FBI
5. Red's people
6. Protective as yet unknown Friends
7. IRS--LOL.
8. Who knows????

Hannibal and Clarice--I didn't think of that but could see why you say so now that you have.

Interesting call on the file coming from tonight's NSA guy. Maybe so and with the whispers can make sense, but I thought Red already knew this stuff at the show's beginning from how he was seeming so knowledge of Tom's background??


Anonymous said...

The Blacklist, saw the rest with ONDemand along with the Xtras and Hannibal/Clarice is definitely an option.

Wonder what that stuff was they were drinking--LOL?

Shield--I don't think anybody believed the girl wasn't going to come back into the group. Great to see some special powers in the ep.


Leslie said...

Blacklist - Richard, I also thought Red has known all along about whatever Tom is hiding. I figure he got the file for Liz because he knew that is the only way she would believe her husband was involved. She wouldn't take Red's word for it.

As for the guys watching, my first thought was either Red's people or the FBI, but now that we know a Russian guy was the one killed, that definitely expands the possibilities, and like you said, who knows?

Bones - MJ, can't believe they finally got married! Loved how they were all in an office pool on the wedding being cancelled and at the same time, all the squints came in to assist. Classic Bones explaining why she didn't invite them in the first place. lol

Mike V. said...

SHIELD - Yeah, I don't think we were meant to think Skye wouldn't come back. lol I did like them throwing in a little romantic wrinkle to her and pretty boy agent dude. I thought the episode was an improvement on previous ones. Always gotta give these shows time to grow. It's far from a perfect show but still entertaining enough to watch. I did google "Scorcher" with "Marvel" and it does appear to have been a character in the Marvel universe...I guess there are a lot of them out there to warrant a TV show! lol

Looks like it's not on next week and the week after it will be a November Sweeps episode just in time for the release of Thor. I wonder if they'll work in any tie-ins or just heavily promote the movie during the hour.

Brooklyn 99 - Hysterical.

New Girl - Hysterical.

There were things I wanted to remember to discuss while watching them but I forget it all now! :-) lol Will watch Sons tonight.

MJ said...

Blacklist - you might not like it that much Mike - kinda a procedural which is not your favorite thing. It reminds me of a combo of Criminal Minds because of the profiling angle and a bit of the Silence of the Lambs vibe in that this guy knows more than everyone else type thing. Ha ! Just say that Leslie mentioned a Hannibal/Clarice vibe. Tbag from Prison Break just guested - he was good an creepy.

They keep trying to build on the why has Red chose her but I'm already over that part. We are all pretty much guessing that she's some long lost daughter of his or the daughter of someone important to him. Agree Leslie - Red got the file for her instead of getting some big time secrets for himself. Can't believe she waited so long to confront her hubby - I'd have been all over that immediately !! Just saying ! LOL

Mike/Richard - yeah - been a very painful season for a Giants fan. Sigh! But gotta watch any way. Richard - don't know that they played well as opposed to Vikes played worse. Love my ginats but gotta be real about it. But with a win under their belt and if the can keep the same guys in on offense for more than 1 week then maybe we can make some stuff happen.

I was thinking the 'watchers' are whomever the husband works for.

Shield - yeah knew sh'ed be back in but she still has secrets other than searching for her parents. Didn't we see her earlier telling some rich/foreign dude that she'd be getting him info or something ?

Bones - haven't watched yet so will get back to your comments when I do. Know they got married though of course. LOL

Castle - don't know if any watches but this week's was hysterical with the time traveler. Senator Beckett and three kids ! And the time traveler was Morgan from Chuck!

SOA: Whew this show just keeps piling on ! Don't read til you have watched

SOA - we all guessed Tara was faking the pregnancy, or certainly considered it - but it was hard to watch. As much as I love watching the character Gemma - she certainly has done some bad stuff in her time and does deserve what she gets. But Wendy will cave on the whole thing. Poor jax! When he finds out him and Tara will be over.

Walter Goggins is just so fabulous ! Love that man. I could not believe that Venus channeled her inner Vincent and pulled that gun twice - but when Jax shot that guy?!! Holy crap. And the look on the actors face (pain anger regret) when Grandma was going on and on about what your son would think of you - such a great actor Hunam (sp?) is !! Guess Kevin from Shameless didn't join the club afterall - last week they did say 1 guy bolted after the explosion - guess it was him. I don't trust that cop though that was there to help them out and clean it up (the one they are going into business with on the new escort club). But Tig - he jsut cracks me up with his weird fixation he has with Venus.

Beacause they are making it look like Nero will turn on the club I'm thinking that he won't. And what happened to the fact that they put all the guns at the nazi place? WOuld not that then point to the guys who were selling them? Gues noot - why would skin heads sell to latinos.

Mike V. said...

MJ - It's not like I HATE procedurals. I just don't prefer them! I heard they add a little serialization to it in the first 5 minutes and last 5 minutes. I've certainly watched shows (and continue to watch shows) like that where it's a case of the week but there is an ongoing story as well. My main problem is just having time!

I'll stay away from the SOA comments as advised! :-)

Leslie said...

Castle - I do watch, MJ, but haven't seen this week's episode yet. Like Criminal Minds, too. We have a lot of shows in common!

Blacklist - MJ, was the creepy courier guy also the creepy guy on Cult? I didn't watch Prison Break.

Anonymous said...

The Blacklist, as with most shows the writing and acting can really make a show and I think this one has some good of both.

I also like the mysteries.

Yea, the watchers could be Tom's people. We should find out pretty soon if they are since she's going to confront him next ep.

AGain, I'm looking forward to REvolution tonight. Except that we might see too much of Charlie--LOL. She's better but still grates on my nerves.

Also looking forward to Grimm coming back.


Mike V. said...

Ugh...didn't get to SOA last night or AHS. My son decided he NEVER wanted to go to sleep and was up until 10! We had to bring him in bed, and he stayed up with us to watch Modern Family, and then I snuck downstairs to watch Revolution. lol Crazy crazy kid. Cute though! So, maybe tonight.

Alias - Almost done season 4. Irina is still alive! I had mentioned I accidentally stumbled upon that on Google, but now I know for sure. They're going after her and Elena Derevko and some Rambaldi stuff going on. I think I'm in the final 2 eps and then 17 episodes in season 5 and I'll be done!

MJ said...

Blacklist - yes ! He was the guy on Cult. totally forgot that. LOL. My biggest issue with Blacklist - and it's a small one - is what they let him keep getting away with. Like how do you let him be alone with that NSA guy? And that he's able to profit either monitarily or by getting info while helping the FBI.

Bones - it was kinda sweet ! Though why the show had to put all the squints in period clothes I do not know. Yes - loved her explaining to them all why they were not oroginally invited. I love Bones the most when she is her prickly logical awkward old self.

Grimm - yay ! Me too. Will check out Dracula too but have no high hopes. Though I do remember saying a few years ago - 'eh, zombies. So been there done that, how good can it be'? LOL

Didn't get to AHS either. ;-(

Modern Family - actually watched last week and this week last night. Loved from last week the end at the taco truck. The wedding planners were great, also the hooker. The manny was ok. Really cracked me up Mitchell and Cams reactions to the younger wedding planners ideas and how well those actors do in in sync.

Mike V. said...

Grimm - I am excited for it to return too, but I read a bad review about the premiere...well I just saw the letter grade on EW. I'm sure it has to do with "zombie Nick" (is that his name?? lol) maybe it's just resolving last year's cliffhanger and then it will be okay again.

Dracula - Not planning to watch, but I actually heard the premiere is pretty decent. lol

MF - Yeah last week and the week before were the funniest eps I've seen in awhile from the show. This week was decent. The wedding planning was stuff, agree was really funny. Manny thing was okay. But Ros (Roz?) from Frasier as a hooker? Hysterical. lol

Leslie said...

Modern Family - Good episode. One of the little quick lines from Cam that cracked me up was when Mitch said, "You've been through the mill, Pepper, OK yep, I heard it." His delivery and expression were great as always! Also liked Lily at the very end reacting to all the wedding talk and banging her head, etc. She's all about the drama just like Cam! lol

Good Wife - Does anyone watch this? It's in an intense period right now and is really good!

AHS - I watched this, but won't say anything until you guys have watched except that it had some very disturbing moments.

Mike V. said...

MF - loved the Mill, pepper line too. lol

Never watched the Good Wife, but it was always one we knew we missed out on! lol

mj said...

Sorry no - no good wife here either.

MF - yes Lily was funny. Last week too when the dads had the same outfits on

Mike V. said...

Alias - Just finished season 4. And guess what? There was a car accident!!!!!! LOL I just had to laugh when it happened. He's not Michael Vaughn??? And he comes clean after they're engaged? Yikes...That's definitely something they tacked on to the story and not some preconceived plot from the beginning of the series. But hey, if it's a way to try and wrap up the series and make it all come together, then maybe it'll be worth it. Irina has gone back into hiding, but I get the feeling that may have been the last time we'll see her. She left her daughters on good terms. Of course Nadia was zombified...but they're going to try and find a cure. Not sure if that will lead into season 5 too. But since it ended in a crazy car accident after Vaughn starts to confess....well who knows how it'll start!? lol Good stuff.

SOA - Well that was just some wacky stuff going on there! lol Clearly they brought back Walton Goggins because of the popularity of that episode last year...and it really doesn't tie into anything going on with the club this season. But hey, 1-off stories are a good time sometimes. And that is one messed up family. I had a feeling Jax was going to kill the mother, but it was still shocking!! And a lot of fun to watch....and when he/she started shooting the car chasing them...I was cracking up. lol "No more Vincent" LOL

Then the whole Tara business finally was revealed. There are so many holes in her plan that I can point out, but it looks like the show is going to do that themselves. lol But she faked the pregnancy?? That's cray cray. And yes, we did discuss it as a possibility. I agree...there may be no redemption for Tara if Jax finds out what she's done.

I don't think Nero will turn on the club either, but se shall see!

Oh and Robocop (the cop helping them clean it up...aka Peter Weller)....yeah it was strange that he didn't tell Jax that Miss "Hood" came to see I would agree, probably not good to trust him right now.

Still need to watch AHS. Working from home today so I may be able to sneak it in. Didn't watch BBT last night, because we watched SOA! lol

MJ said...

Scandal - wow when Jake was trying to talk to Olivia about her dad - he has Liv kinda programmed too. Be a good girl, go to dinner on sunday, look straight ahead. Yikes. And if Cy's lackey was too green to know how good the dirt was that he dug up on Kudrow then he shouldn't have been the one digging. Because I'm 10 yrs old apparently i was just giggling when they had that scene with James sitting on Cy and Cy saying - get that out of my mouth ! LOL David sooooo needs to get over Abby and stay away from her. LOL But I loved Harrison's little dance ! So Operations Remington is about Fitz piloting a secret recsue op in Iran during the Golf war ? Huh ? I'm sure all will be revealed soon. Does Fitz know that Eli is Olivias dad ? I don't think so.

Leslie said...

BBT - Won't say anything since you haven't watched except the last scene with Amy in the zone was the best! lol

The Millers and Crazy Ones - still enjoying these new comedies.

The Mentalist - MJ, do I remember that you watch this? I'm glad we're down to 5 suspects and that we will soon know who Red John is.

mj said...

Alias - my only point about them getting t-boned was that Alias was the first time I can remember where the car comes fr nowhere and slams into them. I don't remember now but 2 different shows had the blindside t-bone recently so wanted to make point that Alias was the first.

Didn't get to AHS either.

Mike V. said...

Alias - Interesting, surely the car out of nowhere has happened before that episode of Alias! Even in movies?? I definitely have seen it in other shows. But, wouldn't be able to figure out who was first! lol

Mike V. said...

ALIAS - Well, instead of AHS I couldn't resist watching the premiere of Season 5. Holy Sh**t! I can't believe they killed Vaughn! Maybe it was a contractual thing, and he wanted off the show. But, that's insane! I saw it coming in that hospital scene and if he recovered from being shot a zillion times, that would've been ridiculous. But, wow. Crazy. Of course, nothing is necessarily permanent in the world of ALIAS. So, I'll wait until Sydney uncovers whatever Vaughn was after to see if he's REALLY dead. lol And she's preggars and it's 4 months later now? Should be an interesting season of pregnant Sydney kicking butt! lol

Anonymous said...

Grimm--season premiere tonight, can't wait. Will be interesting to see how long Nick is in zombie land.

Looks like action may move overseas?


mj said...

Alias - sure felt at the time like it was the first. Maybe the way it was done, like seeing it at last second. Lol on Vaughn. Been a long time but think maybe actor wanted off

Happy Grimm friday. Happened to see that next weeks ep is called PTZD. lol

Have a good weekend all

Mike V. said...

Grimm - LOL...that's awesome. Yeah, I'm sure I'll enjoy tonight's ep anyway regardless of the review.

BTW...I saw another review of Dracula on TV Guide from a critic I respect (Matt Roush)....he says it's awful. lol I'll take his word for it!

Anonymous said...

BBT-So Penny mentioned that she kept one of her pregnancy tests. Makes me wonder.

Grimm--pretty good, certainly better than bad-lol. Adalind getting her powers back was almost funny with her being girlie and yet the stuff she had to do.


Mike V. said...

BBT - It was a funny joke, but I'm thinking that's all it was! lol But, I guess they need to start moving that couple towards the next stage of their commitment at some point.

Grimm - I can tell why the critics weren't impressed. And also, the conflict was finished by the end of the episode. There was certainly enough to enjoy in the ep though. And agree the Adalind stuff was funny. I'm sure this conversation will continue in the new weekly thread.