Monday, March 25, 2013

TV Discussion: Week of 3/24/2013 - 3/30/2013

Hello TV Addicts!  Here's our weekly place to discuss the non-recapped shows.  See you in the comments!


Anonymous said...

Grimm, was great again. Adeline back in the thick of things. Juliette looks to be waking up.

Vikings--is anyone else watching?


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Enjoyed it. Anyone else's DVR cutting off the last minute every week? I've had to open up my NBC app on my iPad every week to finish. Annoying! Gotta set the DVR to record an extra minute. lol Agree that Juliette seems to be waking up. I wonder if the visions of Nick are her getting her memories back... Adeline definitely in the thick of things. I forgot she slept with both the child could be either of theirs. INterestin.g

Vikings - I have them all recorded now (set my dvr to record reruns). So, we'll see if I get around to it! lol

Watched ONCE too, but no time to discuss right now.

Revolution returns tonight! Saw a clip on Fallon Friday night. (Elizabeth Mitchell was on)....looks pretty good! Although initial reviews from EW says that not much has changed since the first 10 eps. I still thought it has improved with each episode. We'll see!

MJ said...

Grimm - that woman Adalind was confiding to sure was creepy. But the fly wesen this week - ewwwww! That tongue with the hairs on it - so gross. But the cure for Nick was even more gross - don't know how Monroe did it. But now Nick has a pretty cool new talent. Loved the dinner party though, and Juliette asking Rosalee what kind of spice shop is this ? Totally not getting what is happening to Juliette. Thought i got it with the black holes and sparks - but now seeing ghost Nick, have no clue. LOL No - my DVR is not cutting off Grimm.

Vikings - no I'm not. Sorry.

Revolution - I have faith in Kripke - only hoping NBC didn't kill all interest by keeping it off so long.

Anonymous said...

REvoluntion, I forgot it started again tonight, gives me something to look forward to--I hope.

Grimm, I think Juliette is seeing Nick's ghost since she drank the potion with his blood. Maybe, just maybe, he represents something that leaves her with holes in her life and a ghost--w/o him actually in it?? IDK, just a guess. And to add to that, when the Captain was having his "nightmare" in bed he saw Juliette and she turned into something gross--to take away the desire for her.

Nick's new fighting ability is pretty good. Reminded me of LUke Skywalker scene in Star Wars!

The Vikings-somewhat based on actual history.


Mike V. said...

Grimm - Yeah, I'm really thinking she's seeing her memories reenacted or something. But we'll see. combine that vision with her hearing "I just want you to know the truth" (which you mentioned was one of the last things Nick said to her before her coma. Yeah the bug dude was very crazy. And Nick getting the new talent is pretty cool too.

Revolution - I'm telling you, I think the fact that The Voice is coming back the same night as Revolution, it's not going to take as big of a hit as you would think. Yeah, they may be down a bit, but it shouldn't be too bad. The one thing Revolution had before its hiatus that other similar shows (The Event, Flashforward, etc...) didn't have was momentum. The problem is...NBC's ratings are down to an all-time low where it's getting beaten by even Univision. Its highest rated show is Saturday Night Live which got beat in the ratings by The Talking Dead. lol (yes, the talk show, not the actual show which also beats it) This was during February Sweeps where they foolishly didn't air The Voice OR Revolution.

The bizarre thing about all of this is that Revolution will air its season finale OUTSIDE of May's actually going to air on Memorial Day Monday...who the hell is going to watch that!?!? lol

Regardless of the ratings...because NBC is in dire straits, I think Revolution is in pretty good shape for a renewal, but we'll see.

Mike V. said...

The other thing I wanted to bring up...the last time ratings were this bad for a network was ABC in 2004. They got so desperate for ratings, they took some huge swings of the bat and huge risks to turn their network around. What came around the next season? LOST, Desperate Houswives, and mid-season got Grey's Anatomy. I doubt that means we'll get another LOST because of this...but it is an optimistic way of looking at things. lol

Mike V. said...


Grimm - Ahh yes...can't see anything with the blast shield! lol Your eyes betray you, don't trust them!

mj said...

Lol on Luke reference.

I read that about the ratings for TTD. U could be right about nbc, but they`ve been on bottom for so long. I thinktheyhave tried to be different - it just hasn`t worked . Do no harm had potential, Dark Skies, Event, etc

No Once or Revenge for me yet.

Mike V. said...

Do No Harm...yikes. That was the lowest rated premiere in modern history! Yeah, NBC is definitely in trouble. lol Awake also had potential. But the audiences in the masses just aren't there for these types of shows. The thing that made LOST so unique was the fact that it SEEMED like a show for the masses and started like one in the first season. It tricked people into wanting to follow the show on a weekly basis before letting its geek flag wave proudly. And of course, the characters were just so well written that you didn't mind when they started taking those weird turns. NBC definitely has tried to be different, I agree. But, there could be some show that gets a chance because of the situation they're in that normally wouldn't have. And you never know if it might turn around things.

Granted, times are different now and ratings are down in general. More channels, more programming on those channels, more ways to digest media. So, something like that may never be in the cards again.

I'm rambling and am going to shut up now! lol

Anonymous said...

The Following--Jacob turning the tide on Emma was interesting. Claire giving herself up was not surprising, she's done it before--thought she would have learned the first time, but these writers want it that way--I thought it was the weakest part of the series. She left Ti to die when she heard something. Not a woman you want to go to war with. To me, it overshadowed the whole love thing with Ryan. IN the real world, Ryan would be put into a very limited role after this failure.

Not to be too picky but when Ti killed the one bad guy, why didn't they get his gun--after stating they had limited ammo, etc it was just too obvious. Point being, there are many elements that to me, make this a weak ep, many better ways to reunite Claire and Joe.

The MOlly intro at the end was pretty shocking--great surprise.


Mike V. said...

Hey guys, just letting you know that I am working on a Revolution recap...late night with the kid last night. Wasn't feeling well. So, I didn't watch until this morning. lol I'll be late on my commentary for other shows on this posting too. But just so you know, I'm caught up on The Following, HIMYM (great ep, silly and weird, but great..and touching lol), and ONCE. No Shameless yet, but I'll try to get to it tonight.

I'm on ep 8 or 9 of Firefly too. They are in the middle of the Hospital Heist and Jayne "APPEARS" to be betraying the team for money. But, I'm sure that will change by the end. lol Also saw the one where the engine stopped working with all of the flashbacks to how the crew met and how Mal bought Serenity. Good stuff.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM: So, the future Ted and Barney stuff was really funny. Obviously, we knew the whole time that it wasn't very realistic so we knew something was up. I liked the twist that Ted was there alone.

But, the whole thing where he went to the mother's apartment begging for those extra 45 days, while sweet, was pretty weird. It was cool to see how close they were in proximity to each other and to hear she was dating another guy weeks before they met. But, I just read a comment that's making me think about this. What if in 2030, the mother isn't alive anymore, and that's why he's telling the kids the story? Of course, you'd think that they wouldn't have been so chipper the whole time the story was being told (or annoyed that he was taking too long telling the story). Also, I have a feeling that at some point Future Ted (Bob Saget) has mentioned the mother in the present tense. But maybe not. It definitely seemed like a bit of foreshadowing to where this story might end up. But, it could be that their love is like no other and he just wish he met her earlier. Anyway, something to think about. Of course...20 years from now Ted had his wedding ring on....and since the story is being told by 17 years from now'd think that's a safe sign. lol

The drink that Marshall invented and the Dance-off stuff was pretty hysterical...even if it happened 5 years ago! lol

The Following - I thought it was pretty much on par with the rest of the show, unrealistic as it may have been. Definitely knew Claire would give herself up. Ryan's buddy is Angel from that was interesting to see him on a different show. He was definitely going to leave him there to die too to go after Claire....pretty nuts. Yeah the twist with Molly is definitely interesting. Not much else to add, you did a good job summing up! lol

5 days until Game of Thrones!!!

MJ said...

I loved Awake ! Do No Harm def permiered bad - but it was going in interesting places. There was another one from a few years back - Journeyman - loved that one also.

Following: I so did not see it coming when Ryan's ex-girlfriend walks into Joe's office ! LOL How do they keep fooling me ? And Paul is now full-out psycho ! Loved that part. Not surprised Claire hopped in the car with them.

HIMYM - Great ep. Have to admit I was distracted. Got lost for a minute when he showed up at the future wife's apartment - but realized the deal then. This is what his real future self would have done differently - met her sooner. Loved all the future Barneys and Teds. SO - they said he'd meet her in 45 days, but he kept saying it was April already. I bet CBS screwed them up by airing this a week earlier then planned. Still not making sense, 45 days from last night is May 9th and a thursday. Future Coat Check chick was so harsh though - you're relationships never work well! Ouch. And then the realization that it's all in his head and he's all alone - ouch again. 'I'm Sparkles Bitch' Too too funny. Could only see their hand in the background but what the heck were Robin and Marshall doing on that dance floor ?!? And great rendition of Billy Joel's For the Longest Time.

Read yiour comment - they better not have her dead when he's telling those kids !

Firefly - no comment on Jane ! ;-D

Soooo not ready for GofT - have to rewatch some from last year and have not had the time. LOL

Mike V. said...

GofT - I'm beyond ready for it to come back. But, I understand the situation you're in. lol Like I said, if you have any questions, I'm definitely happy to remind you of what happened! (in the show and/or the book or the show vs. the book lol)

HIMYM - Yeah...I don't think we can do the math with the 45 days exactly from 3/25. It makes sense to want to do that. We did hear Ted mention the wedding date at one point (not sure if they agreed to that or not)...but it was May something. We also can assume it's going to be a Friday or Saturday, right? So you subtract 45 days from that date and then you can find out what date yesterday on the show was! lol

I don't think they'll go the "She's dead" route, but it definitely was interesting the way last night's episode went. But, it really could be just that once you meet your true love, you wish you had met them sooner to spend even more time with them. I could see it either way. Some people even suggested that Ted might be the one dying which is why he's telling the story. I don't think they'd end a comedy so morbidly though. Sure, sad moments along the way...and gut punches along the way (Marshall's Dad, Robin can't have children, Ted last night)....but happy ending. We need a happy ending for a comedy. lol

No idea what Marshall and Robin were doing on the dance floor, but it was hysterical! lol

Can't believe I didn't bring up the Billy Joel rendition. Someone on EW actually predicted they'd be doing that when a screenshot of them all sitting at the table was released before the episode. Great prediciton. lol

mj said...

Richard - syfy has just purchased airing rights to S2 of Continuum and it will start fridays 10pm june 7 ! So excited, thought we'd wait a long time

Mike V. said...

Maybe Netflix will get season 1 of Continuum and I can catch up. lol

mj said...

Its prob on demand on syfy

mj said...

Himym. agree must have happy ending

Mike V. said...

Yeah...I'm a TiVo guy though and they haven't figured out how to incorporate Cable services' "On Demand" features onto their cable cards yet. I do have a cable box in my kitchen on my tiny TV, but I don't see my sitting there and watching a whole season of television! :) lol

HIMYM - Happy ending AND a slap! :) lol

Leslie said...

The Following – I was also surprised with Molly’s appearance at the end. I think Claire going with Roderick is realistic. She’s making emotional decisions, not logical ones. She’s a mom who will do anything to get to her son. When they first got to Tyson’s house, I knew his voice, but it took me a minute to place the actor. I’m so used to seeing him with his hat on in Dexter! I didn’t realize Joey had bonded with Jacob so much. He was really happy to see him.

Mike V. said...

So, it's been a pretty rough week in our house. lol We got halfway through Justified but then Parker decided to wake up and not want to go back to sleep! lol So, who knows when we'll watch the other half!? It was good so far though! Nice to see Natalie Zea doing her double duty and getting a few scenes in on Justified even though she's a regular on The Following.

We did watch New Girl and Shameless though. Both fantastic episodes yet again!

Firefly - I'm on episode 11 now I think. So yeah...Jayne did betray them but he got betrayed as well. But Mal figured it out and threatened to throw him out the airlock. lol Now it looks like River knows Jayne betrayed them too. And Christina Hendricks is back and seemingly has conned them again to go on some historical heist. lol Liked the last episode I watched with Wash wanting to bond over war stories and ended up getting tortured with Mal. lol

Mike V. said...

OH yeah:

Shameless: I found the cure for comas!!!! LOL

MJ said...

Justified - ok don't read below or you'll be spoiled.

too funny what Winona said to Raylan about not knowing s**t about girls. Don't remember exactly but something like 'ain't that sweet that you think I'd be surprised by that' . So what do you think is the deal with chair? he put it together right in front of her so it can't be a bomb. Rachael sure was spunky in this ep. RIP Colt - you deserved your fate and Tim deserved to be the one to do it for his friend. Bur it sure was cool with the last cigarette and after he was shot smoke was still coming out of his mouth. I was surprised Limehouse released Ellen May though - figured it was all a trick. And glad Ava did not kill her.

HIMYM - yeah - and a slap ! LOL Oh my - the brunette from happy endings is in the finale !

Following - agree Leslie - Joey never seemed fond of either of the guys. Guess maybe it's just another familiar face, but seemed a bit much.

Firefly - Christina Hendricks has a good character. I always wished they did more with Shepard Book.

Shameless - this show never fails to make my jaw dropped. And Franks face when the lesbian comes in instead of the hooker he was expecting. Too funny.

Haven't watched New Girl - i'm not an Elvis fan so don't know how amusing I will find this ep.

Once - so who the heck is Tamara then and why does she know so much? Snow's constant statement to August was a little heavy handed about everyone can have redemption, we got it we got it. And how did a taser take down a wooden man - wood does not conduct electricity. And what a lame way to kill a 'dragon' . LOL Didn't see it coming that he comes back as a boy though, guess Henry has someone to play with now. Funny how no one thought it odd that there was only 1 child in the whole town. LOL. Was the episode of truth I guess - Gipetto admits to Snow that he sent his son with Emma, Snow admits to David that she went to see Regina, Pa Man admits to Regina that he knows her and why he's there. 3 weeks until a new ep.

Revenge - wow it got twisty with the foster brother. So after all this time Em/Amanda find out she did't even set that fire. Was surprised that he left so quickly - why have they had him on at all? But he def kept me guessing. Have to admit - was actually hoping Padma was killed - not fond of her and her story. At first I was l ike - no way they are putting her head in a box, and laughed when it was the whale (or whatever animal). LOL I feel like we've met the Falcon and just don't know it. Was laughing that dear ole mom is the one who sent the bullets to Daniel. Have to be honest - i totally can't remember what the little guy is in jail for. I vaguely remember Emily brilliantly got him to confess to something he didn't do - just can't remember who ! And Victoria has another son ! That makes 3 kids with different baby daddies ! If she wasn't rich we'd be calling her Trash! Too funny.

Mike V. said...

HIMYM - She was on SNL for a season too. I seriously doubt she's the mother!! lol

Firefly - Yeah she definitely was a good character. I finished that episode...nice to see they were playing her the whole time. And naked Mal was hysterical!

Shameless - Yes...the lesbian with Frank was hysterical. The whole Frank plot the past few episodes has been fantastic!

NEw Girl - Don't worry, there's not much Elvis. lol There's just enough.

Once - LOL on the taser vs. wood. Didn't even think about it. Yeah, I didn't see August coming back as Pinnochio the boy either. But, I guess it makes sense since now he can get a fresh start instead of the life Gepetto led him to lead. But, I'll miss the character of August. Maybe, they'll find a way to get him involved still. (BTW...for a TV show the animation/CGI they did on the Wooden August was pretty impressive!) Good call on the episode of truth. The promos were pretty hysterical since they're trying to make sure we don't lose track of the show. 3 weeks until the countdown to the episode that leads up to the finale! lol It was something bizarre like that.

Leslie said...

Once - I'm wondering who Tamara is also. Figured I missed something again! lol I'm glad we finally found out what happened to August, but guess he and Emma can't get together now that he's a boy. They had a spark before. I'm sure y'all noticed it was 8:15 when we first see August in 2011.

Haven't watched Revenge yet. I've got 2 episodes to watch.

Mike V. said...

ONCE: Definitely noticed the 8:15 right after I noticed they were in Thailand, which of course is infamous in LOST as well (for the worst episode ever!! lol) Yeah, forgot to talk about whatsherface. I'm sure they'll let us know who she is, if anyone. She could be just somebody who has seen magic in our world and is hungry for more. My first joking thought was that she was the princess from the Princess and the Frog movie. lol (Princess Tiara??) But, I seriously doubt it!

Leslie said...

Once - I actually thought of Princess and the Frog, too, although I never saw it. I just saw on TV Line that the "taser isn't what it seems".

LOST - is that the one about Jack's tattoos?

Mike V. said...

You got it! lol

And interesting about the taser!

Mike V. said...

Justified - Just saw it got renewed for a 5th season! Not a shocker, but good news either way! Finished the ep last night too. I forget what Winona said too but I think you're close. lol I think the deal with the chair is that they were letting us know that Nicky/Micky or whoever Mike O'Malley's name is...has leverage on Raylan. He's getting tired of Raylan getting up in his business and is going to take it to him where it hurts him the most. And it's pretty ironic that even when Winona is out of Raylan's life, she still finds a way to be right in the thick of things! Agreed on all of the Colt stuff. Very well done. And at least they revisited the "church" which we thought would be a main focal point this season. lol Limehouse releasing Ellen May was pretty surprising. Surprising because he was so honest with her. lol He had a soft spot for the did Drew Thompson. Good ep! can't wait to see the finale! I'm torn...I really would like to see Natalie Zea (Winona) back in a bigger role on this show...but it looks like The Following is probably going to get renewed. lol Oh well...we'll see what happens!

MF - Didn't have time to watch last night. Too busy terrorizing our child with a visit to the Easter Bunny. Seriously...funniest pic ever! lol We'll watch tonight.

Firefly - Another episode down. Their friend from the war was transporting organs within himself. Lots of Kaylie/Doctor romance issues....good stuff. I think there's 2 more episodes and the movie!

Game of Thrones - This Grantland podcast I listen to (Hollywood Prospectus)...they saw the premiere. They're usually so over critical of every single TV show they watch (They hate the Walking Anyway, they thought the premiere of Game of Thrones was fantastic and are so happy that it's back on television. That could be either a really really good thing, or totally a bad thing since we like everything they don't! lol Fun podcast to listen to though if anyone's ever looking for something to listen to. Once a week on the Grantland podcast feed.

mj said...

Once. good to know about the taser.

Justified - did not know about renewal, glad to hear it.

Firefly - think i will have to watch again, getting nostalgic for it

Tv has a few links with where we left them for GofT that has reminded me of a lot i'd forgotten

Anonymous said...

Went to Grantland, interesting Jon Snow's mother a key question by GRRM!!

When can we put out our guesses?


Mike V. said...

I was talking about the podcast, not the website! LOL But, looks like there's a video on there I need to watch later. But yeah, I would think Jon Snow's mother OBVIOUSLY is a key question of the books/show. If the answer is what we think it is...then it is the reason for a lot of the crap that has gone down in Westeros for the past who knows how many years? Probably since the Tournament of Harrenhal before Rob's War. (of course that is all BOOK stuff...Rob's war has been mentioned obviously, but not much else)

You can put your guesses whenever you want. It's not a spoiler since it hasn't been revealed in the books yet! lol

But obviously, I still think R+L = J. It makes too much sense not to be. And it totally redeems Ned Stark as a character. He really only had one strike to his honor, and this would remove that strike.

Of course there's more to the story. Why keep it a secret? What REALLY happened to Llyana Stark in that Tower of Joy? Were Rhaegar and Llyana in love? etc...

Anonymous said...

Jon and Daenerys are related as per the theory.

Have we seen Howland Reed in the TV show yet?

I wonder if we'll see some pre Robert's rebelion action?

I'm pulling for a Joffrey exit asap, BTW. That actor has done a great job in not being likable


Mike V. said...

Yes...they would be related.

We have not seen Howland Reed yet but we're going to meet his kids this season. They were in book 2 but they moved their introduction to the show to season 3.

I would love some flashbacks in the show...but there is a rumor that GRRM is working on a "prequel series" for HBO that might work as a companion piece to this series. Or it could be more in the "Dunk & Egg" timeline...(which I haven't read yet)

Yeah, he really plays the character well. I don't want to comment any further on it here in case we have non-readers perusing. And I know you are caught up on your cliff's notes of the series so you know if he's stil alive or not. lol Well I really really want to discuss. lol


Okay, so I think season 3 will house one of the major events of book goes by the initials RW. It will probably be episode 9. Joffrey will very much be with us through this whole season.

I think Season 4 will have the PW (Purple)....and probably Tyrion's little fun adventure in the Tower of the Hand at the end of book 3.

So from that, you can probably figure out the answer to your question at least for the next 2 seasons of Joffrey's involvement! lol (man, I can't even spoil in a spoiler section! lol)


Anonymous said...

GOT spoilers

I was wondering if the RW would be up front or later this season. I am ambivalent about the why's/therefores of the RW. And the "reawakening".

I was really hoping to have the PW this season(I didn't recall that at first--purple)

To some extent I've started marking time using the advances north of the wall and Daenerys.

But, the War of the 5 Kings I guess has to have some conclusion too. So, do you think we'll be down to 3 or 2 kings at the end of this season.

Given the title of this first ep, I was thinking Arya would start her "bravos adventure".


Anonymous said...

I just found out that GRRM wrote ep 7.


Mike V. said...

Yeah he does one ep per year. He got blackwater last year but he's not doing the big one this year. But I'm sure whatever he's doing will still be great!

Anonymous said...

Do you think there will be a new azor ahai and if so, is he/she alive now?

What did you think of A Feast for Crows? It seems like much of it is skipped in reading about the series.


Mike V. said...

On my phone so ill be brief.

I think we pretty much have a good idea who azor ahai is by the end of book 5. And I think it's a character we already know. (And I believe we discussed in an earlier post lol)

I thought affc was a good book. But I didn't have to wait 10 years to read the resolutions from a storm of swords which was most people's complaints. There are some important things that happen in there. I think seasons 5 and 6 (at least) will run books 4 and 5 parallel since 4 and the first half of 5 are chronologically at the same time.

MJ said...

GofT - what is the char name that Caitlyn promised Robb would marry one of his daughters please ??

Anonymous said...

My memory is failing some, you're right we did discuss before. OH well, we'll probably do that again too--LOL

MJ, I think it was Walder Frey of the Twin Towers.


mj said...

New Girl -u were right the elvis of it all wasn't too bad. Weird seeing a whole other Nick, a Nick people rely on. Thats my only issue with this show is that Nick is such a loser lol. I like him being weird and dorky but not a loser. Schmidt was funny re the dead body, i've been inWinstons shoes having to explain to a jewish person the christian funeral.

Mike V. said...

Sorry guys I'm off work today with the fam so it's tough to keep up!

But Richard is right on Frey being the guy lol

The whole nick thing on new girl is a work in progress. They've tweaked his character from season 1 into this crazy guy because it's more fun than playing the straight man. I'd explain more but I'm on phone right now lol maybe later!

Happy Easter all of you who celebrate!

mj said...

Thanks - Frey was it!

Happy easter.