Monday, March 11, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 13 - Arrow on the Doorpost

Hello fellow Walking Dead fanatics!  Wow, I've been really impressed with this show the past couple of weeks.  Sure, some may not enjoy the change of pace, but I'm a fan.  I long defended season 2 stating that the slower pace gave an opportunity for more character moments making any subsequent stakes/action even more intense.  I love the fact that we got to see characters on both sides bond a little bit and that we finally got interaction between Rick and the Governor.  It was a nail-biting hour of television and it sets the stage for the climactic battle to come.  Let's get to some of the discussion points.

  • Convenient how we were given time to bond with Michonne last week and now we know that's who the Governor wants.  Of course, we know it's all a lie and he'll kill them all anyway but it poses a dilemma for Rick in either case.  Of course, even if we didn't get to like Michonne more last week, I think we still would have known that they wouldn't be trying to kill off a fan favorite character from the comics any time soon!
  • Looks like Andrea finally got up to speed on the monster she's been playing house with.  She knows vaguely what happened to Maggie and she knows that she's being played by him.  Yet, for now, she's still on the inside.  Surely, that will come into play somehow.  Perhaps she'll start to spread the "anti-Governor virus" from within.  It's clear that she's not the only one that isn't on board with his tactics. 
  • Milton and Hershel had a nice moment this week.  It makes sense that both of them would get along since they share similar philosophical views on the "plague".   Loved the whole "not showing you my stump, buy me a drink first" exchange.  We found out that Milton has been recording every encounter they have had, and I'm sure other things as a means to capture the history for when they overcome the Zombie outbreak.  The fact that Milton sees that the "enemy" may not be so bad is probably a strong indication that his loyalty to the Governor may break.  Of course, the writers may be leading us down that path only to throw a twist our way. 
  • As they asked on the Talking Dead, and we were asking ourselves during the episode: Who let Merle near the guns!?!?  The dude was all about going after his brother in the episode to keep him safe and maybe getting a shot at taking down the Governor.  He make sense when he told Rick that he should have shot the Governor when he had the chance.  Of course, then we wouldn't have 3 more episodes of the season!  
  • Glenn had a take charge attitude at the prison while Rick was gone.  His strategy was to wait for Rick before making a next move.  This also gave him time to reconcile with Maggie and get some fun time going on.  Of course, did anyone else think that the fact that they weren't on watch during this would be leading to something bad?  
  • And then of course, Daryl and Governor Henchman bonded after trying to 1 up each other with their walker kills.  Loved them calling each other Dbags and Aholes and what not before they were able to get on the same page over a smoke.  
  • And of course, the end result of the conversation with Rick and the Governor seems to be moving them to war.  Rick did not mention the Michonne thing to the whole group, only Hershel.  And he wanted Hershel to talk him out out of turning her in.  The Governor told Milton that they will kill anyone that comes with Michonne.  There is no way for him and Rick to co-exist.  Have it your way Phillip!  You're going down!   Now, it'll be interesting to see how it all goes down.  Maybe Rick will let Michonne in on the Governor's demands as a means to seemingly play along, but while having a secret plan of their own.   Of course, I wouldn't even trust the Governor to wait his 2 days he gave Rick.  He still has Tyreese in his back pocket and the knowledge of the prison that they possess.  They may try for a sneak attack.  But, I'm also convinced that Tyreese will side with the right side in the end and hopefully before it's too late! 
In any case, we have some exciting hours of television ahead of us.  Looking forward to it.  That's all I have for this week.  Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week! 


Mike V. said...

Kirkman interview:

Plumbarius said...

I really believe that Andrea is going to be the one that determines the outcome (either good or bad) between the two factions. Milton certainly seems to be looking at his leader in a different light.
I also thought that something bad was going to happen when Glen and Maggie went "off watch" ;)

I have really enjoyed the last two episodes....lots of tension!

Leslie said...

Another great episode! As far as pace goes, shows have to change it up, or they get boring and predictable. I think this show has a good balance of action and character moments.

Yep, I think Andrea’s eyes are open, but now I think she will use being on the inside to her advantage. Definitely loved the moments between Milton and Hershel and Daryl and the other muscle! lol

I thought the same thing about Merle and the guns and about something bad happening while Glenn and Maggie were making up!

I think Andrea may try to do something on her own (or she may recruit Milton), or Rick and the gang will come up with some kind of plan to use Michonne as bait. I do agree with what they said on Talking Dead and hope that Maggie gets to be the one who takes the Governor out. Of course, I’m assuming this season will end on that note. Don’t know if that’s a right assumption on my part or not.

MJ said...

Michonne - like guy on Talk Dead last week said - he got nervous when she got so many lines and we got to know her a little. LOL

I don't mind the change of pace these last 2 eps with less action - it's the balance that we've all wanted. Unlike S2 where we spent 8 weeks or so sitting around whining. LOL (them and us)

No comment on anti gov virus - for once I watched the coming attractions and won't say anything.

I think we all def thought something bad would happen when maggie and Glen left their post.

Loved Daryl and ?Martinez? agreeing that these peace talks were a waster since they knew a fight was coming eventually.

Swamped today so haven't read Kirkman yet, will get to it eventually.

Mike V. said...

@Plumbarius - Agreed. I have no doubt Andrea will be very involved in the outcome. It's a tough call what would be the most satisfying way to take the Governor down. Maggie, Andrea, Michonne, Rick....who gets to do it? Does it happen (it has to, I would think!)? Even Glenn from a revenge standpoint. Should be a good time! (looks like Leslie went into that discussion as well. lol)

@Leslie - I agree with pretty much everything else you said! lol Though, I do think there was definitely a noticeable difference between the season 2 pace and season 3 pace. Season 3 seemed to be amped up action all the time. These past 2 episodes have been the first chance we have gotten to catch our breath...and the characters feel a little more human now. I've loved all versions of the show, but that's kinda what I was getting at. I liked the little attention to details that were showing up in last week's episode which makes me very optimistic for season 4 under the helm of Scott Gimple (who wrote last week's ep).

@MJ - Everyone but ME whining!! lol I agree it was slow... This season has been much better on that front. But, I think it can still improve (see comments to Leslie above lol)

I watched the previews no comment from me either (Except what I've suggested already lol)

And yes, Martinez is the Governor goon. Kirkman even said to keep that scene in the back of their mind when future episodes come up. Obviously, these scenes were meant to add to the stakes in the conflict to come. Of course, if somehow Martinez were to survive this outcome and join the group, I wouldn't complain! I could see some great Daryl/Martinez banter coming out in the future. But, we'll see what happens. I'm sure a lot of ideas of how things will go down will change over the next 3 weeks when people start getting taken out of the equation! lol

We should have done a pool at the beginning of the season of "survival odds" lol Trying to think who is expendable this season:

Beth (love how she shot a gun in the air to end the Merle/Glenn conflict lol No words! No singing)
Lil Ass Kicker - Surely they wouldn't go there. lol
Merle - I think there's a good bet he's a goner after this season.
Hershel - They planned on killing him last year. I still like him, but he's missing a damn foot! I liked that he got to go out on a run and is still useful, but I don't know.
Carol - I've definitely liked how that character has grown. I would hate for her to be killed off before she and Daryl can make a "connection" lol
Governor - Odds are definitely in favor of this happening!
Andrea - I hope not, but you never know.
Michonne - No way
Tyreese - I think he'll be part of the group for season 4.
Rest of Tyreese Crew - probably will die.
Carl - Doubt it
Morgan - I have a feeling he may show up again before the end of this season. As for dying? I don't know.
Maggie/Glenn - I just can't see either of them being taken out of the equation, but you never know I guess.
Rick - Obviously, will be with us for the long haul.
Daryl - No Way. Fan favorite.
Milton - Maybe, but I'd like to see him join the group next season too.
Martinez - Probably gonesville, but again would like to see him join the crew.

So to recap, I'm okay with Merle, Beth, Governor and Rest of Tyreese Crew getting killed. Seems like that would be a cop-out of a season 3 if that's all that happened. We already lost Lori and T-Dog this year, so it could be light on casualties, but I highly doubt it. There's probably going to be some losses that we're going to feel. If any of the "No Ways" or "Doubt its" are taken out...that would be crazy!

Leslie said...

I wasn't one of the complainers about season 2! That's what I like about this's not as predictable as some either in pace or in who lives or dies! I forgot about Beth shooting the gun. That was pretty funny!

Side note - I actually caught a commercial last night with Daryl in it (I think it was Time Warner). The mom told the teenager not to feed the walker that was tied up in her room, and there were dead walkers in the living room and Daryl was holding his crossbow, and the mom told Daryl to clean this mess up, and he said, "Yes ma'am." Made me chuckle!

mj said...

Commercial sounds funny. I will have to look for it online as Time Warner doesnt advertise around here.
Agree not too many safe. I'm pretty sure the prison will not be the locale for next season but don`t know if they move to woodbury or hit the road. Woodbury would be ok for baby and Hershel but big liabilities on the road. While they tried show Hershel with them as helpful he would not have been if anything crazy happened. i`d also enjoy Martinez or Milton staying but they seem to keep the Grimes gang small - probably budgetary reasons, so michonne or tyreese staying means not otoo many others. Unless they keep more and kill them early next season. lol

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I don't pretend to know anything about TV finances for cable networks (or any networks), but you'd think that with TWD performing the way it does (highest rated cable show, highest rated AMC show, etc...), they would give it more money. Instead all of their money is tied up in the critically acclaimed (and well deserved) Mad Men. Just seems like there would be a better way to divvy up the money!

Anyway, yeah, I could see any of those scenarios going down. I'm guessing Woodbury and Prison were for season 3 and we'll move onto something else next season. But no, I don't know where the comics go next and if that's where the show would go anyway! We shall see!

MJ said...

Read the EW recap – don’t agree that the the gov wanting Michonne didn’t make sense. While he is a long-term thinker he’s pissed that he let her in, somewhat welcomed her and then she wanted out, then came back and killed his daughter and took his eye. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s pride and anger leading him right now. Then he goes on to say that he will also kill whomever comes with her.

Mike V. said...

Yeah I didn't read the EW recap, but I thought the exact same thing that you did. Even when he said he wanted someone from Rick, my wife thought Judith (to replace his daughter..which I thought was a good thought), but my mind went straight to him wanting Michonne for revenge.

mj said...

Talking dead was lively this week - just watched last night. Eliza and other guy were funny - especially the clinton part. Husband joked that since actress plays Maggie grew her hair long she dies in finale!

Mike V. said...

Yeah it was pretty funny stuff. That other guy is from some sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. I watched it once...was pretty good actually. lol

Funny on your husband's prediction! Of course, they're only WRITING season 4 right now and she may be growing it out while she can! Or...there could be another time jump and her hair might grow over that time. lol

mj said...

Yup - thats what i said to him too!