Monday, March 4, 2013

The Walking Dead: Season 3 Episode 12 - Clear (Discussion)

Hello everyone!  As mentioned, I have been away and will be unable to recap The Walking Dead this week.  I will eventually catch up and watch the episode, but please feel free to start the discussion without me.  I'll join in as soon as possible.  Thanks for you understanding and see you in the comments!


MJ said...

What an awesome ep ! I had no idea Morgan would be back - and I learned during Lost not to look at the credits but I got an inkling when in the Previously On they showed Rick using the walkie ! LOL

Man - he really was bats**t crazy though. And I felt so bad for that hitchhiker. They need to start realizing that there are so few left remaining in this world any more and anyone you find should at least be given a chance !

Love that Michone has not started to bond with some of the folks - but weird that Rick now listend to Carl so much. Guess its part of him nowing he can't quite trust himself.

Cant remember now on Talking Dead but they had some great titles for if Glenn or Daryl would take over (ricktatorship, Glenopolis ? Darylocracy? - I just can't remember right now.

But Carl wanting to get a pic of mom for little Judith was sweet - though crazy. Didn't realize that in going to/from CDC and then the farm and to the prison that they had circled back so close to home. Makes little sense that they are really a road trip away since Rick is a cp and did not seem to know about the prison - but whatever - onvenient storytelling I guess.

Preview for next week looks fab.

MJ said...

meant cop and convenient !

Leslie said...

After all this time, we finally find out what happened to Morgan and his son! As rough as Rick has had it, Morgan’s journey has been tough. Was reminding me of the “live together, die alone” theme. I felt bad for Morgan when he was telling Rick that he kept turning on the walkie talkie, but Rick wasn’t there. We know Rick tried, but as he explained, he was getting pulled further out. For being by himself, Morgan has done pretty well setting up the traps for the walkers. I think Rick got a look in the mirror, and it was pretty ironic when he is telling Morgan that he’s not seeing things right and that he can come back from this. Maybe this will help Rick get focused again.

Loved Michonne and Carl interacting! She was looking out for him even though he didn’t want her help, but she won him over in the end. And, with Carl’s comment to Rick about Michonne being one of them now, and Michonne reaching out to Rick and telling him she understands about him seeing things, those 3 had a real bonding experience. Sweet that Carl wanted to get that picture of the family for Judith, but how did Michonne get it so quickly there at the end when she went back in alone?

Mike V. said...

You guys pretty much covered the gist of the episode! I loved it! It was great to focus on a small set of characters for an episode, slow things down and just let the episode breathe. I think they should do lots of episodes like this in the future, but of course keep the overall plot going forward in the process.

The one-liners from Michonne (when she came out with that crazy cat??), even Rick were classic. They just felt more human in this episode than usual. Morgan was great, it was tragic to hear how Duane met his end. (Morgan just couldn't put down his wife and she got him...ouch!)

The picture run - yes, it was sweet. I think we're meant to be shocked at how quickly Michonne got it out of that place. But, I also think it's because Carl was keeping them all busy by standing by the door.

As for the hiker...yes, maybe the message was that they need to start trusting people, but I just thought it was the opposite. They were showing even further that it's every man for themselves (or within their close circle of peeps). It was hysterical when they put the car in reverse to pick up the backpack. lol

MJ, good point about Rick not knowing about the prison yet them being in close proximity to their hometown. I guess there's a chance they went on a long drive for a supply run, but that seems like a waste of gas! I'll go with you on convenient storytelling. lol

Gonna take me all week to catch up on the rest of television! TWD was all I watched last night, so I have Sunday and Monday night shows still to watch. Good times!

Mike V. said...

Kirkman Interview -

Funny I mentioned I want more episodes like this. This episode was written by Scott Gimple who will be the new showrunner starting next season! Maybe they were onto something axing Glenn. But, he still did his job well while he was showrunner!

Mike V. said...

from that interview (which you may have already read lol)

EW: In your mind, how far is the prison from Rick’s home? Or is that something that we don’t want to concern ourselves with too much?

Kirkman: Well…details! I don’t know. Um, you know, less than a day’s drive. I imagine that King County is aways north of Atlanta and the prison is aways south of Atlanta. So, you’re looking at maybe a maximum four, five hour drive.

MJ said...

Morgan does state that he didn't check the walkie right away so that by the time he started checking Rick had moved further out.

You nailed it - they felt more human this ep, especially Mishone.

as for the hiker - you misunderstood me - I was not saying that the message was to trust more - I am saying they need to trust more. LOL So few people left and he was abviously a young and strong guy - they need people like that if they hope to keep surviving and maybe even thrive as a group.

Haven't read Krkman's thing yet - so thanks for sharing. Gonna try today.

MJ said...

oh meant to add that watching Talking dead they really highlighted stuff about Morgans area that I didn't just quite catch - they really built an intricate set there.